Sjostrom signing ties up another loose end


Update, 9:30 a.m.: While we’re linking to Newsday blogs, the addictive “Watchdog”: (by way of “this blog”: mentions the possibility of former Ranger Matthew Barnaby taking over for Barry Melrose as lead hockey analyst at ESPN. Which brings up my post below regarding Brendan Shanahan. Was one of the media jobs turned down by Shanahan the fairly high profile ESPN gig?

Earlier: Zipay chimes in that Fred Sjostrom has “officially accepted the Rangers’ one-year qualifying offer of $840,000”:

I’m on record saying Sjostrom’s game has a lot of upside, and the Rangers obviously feel the same way. At one point last season Tom Renney said he had to resist the temptation to use Sjostrom in a more prominent role because he wanted to bring in the new acquisition slowly. And yet by the playoffs, Sjostrom was tested out on the Rangers’ second line.

Ideally, the Rangers would still start Sjostrom on an up-tempo third line next season, but they also have the flexibility to move him around.


In other news, reader Nathan has passed along “this link”: to his feed of Rangers-related updates. I would say this is great news, but I’m in the dark ages when it comes to mobile updates. I’m one of the few remaining journalists who doesn’t use a Blackberry or IPhone (but I do have a birthday coming up…hint, hint), making me one step removed from a quill pen and a carrier pigeon.

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  1. Bargain Rangers.

    These players all make under $1mil, and could each see large raises in the near future.

    Dubi @ 635k
    Dawes @ 615k
    Cally @ 600k
    Orr @ 550k
    Staal @765k (one more year at same)
    Vally @725k

    $3.89mil total

  2. Sam, you are the best Ranger blogger around but dropping hints on here for birthday gifts won’t get you anywhere. Unless, of course, your wife is also reading the blog.

    Sjostrom signing pretty much takes care of the roster movement for the summer. Shanny looks like the odd man out and I can’t really say that I’m upset about that.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, the only players on that list likely to get a large raise are Dubsinky, Staal, and Dawes. Orr is lucky to be in the NHL. Valliquette will take nothing and like it. Callahan will get a raise, but with his whopping 13 pts in 52 games, it won’t be much. He provides a spark, and will likely be used more as a PK now that Straks and Shanny are gone, so there will be a raise. But unless the numbers go up, he won’t be on the level with the other guys.

    Same goes for Sjostrom. In fact, if he doesn’t show them something this year, I don’t expect him to return.

  4. agreed doodie. Can you tell I’m hurtin for something to talk about here?! haha

    On Barnaby…I think he’d make a great TV analyst. I always liked him. And he’s got the personality to fit on tv.

  5. Doodie Machetto July 28th, 2008 at 8:46 am

    “Orr is lucky to be in the NHL.”
    I respectfully disagree…I think Orr would have a spot on most NHL teams looking for an enforcer, and compared to when he arrived in NY his skating has improved.

    I’m not saying he isn’t replacable but he would have a spot and he isn’t a useless player just filling a roster spot…

  6. a casual observer on

    Orr is actually a good deal at 550k doodey. I don’t think you understand all that he brings to the table. Look for A healthy Callahan to at least double his stats this year.(he also brings alot to the game other than scoring doodey).

  7. Beer Me ????

    I’d swear that was my moniker…..

    I have been wondering how Matt was since his injury. He was always good to us ay Hockeybird over the years, I’d love to see him get a TV gig.

    Sam, the Blackberry will cause more problems for you… becomes addictive. They don’t call ’em “Crackberries” for nothing!

    —-}- Bird

  8. I loved Barnaby’s public description of Lyle Odeline when he was a Ranger and Odeline was a devil. He called him “Cornelius” form the Planet of the Apes character-the ape, of course.

  9. bird – You know…someone mentioned to me last year that they saw that somewhere and thought it was me. It’s just a coincidence though.

    anywho… a random thought. Of all the changes we’ll see this season, I think one of the things I’m looking forward to the most hasn’t changed. Marc Staal. I’m anxious to see how much he’s learned from a years experience in the NHL. I’m confident he’ll come back to camp in shape and ready to compete for a spot in the top pair. A couple lbs wouldn’t hurt, but didn’t look like a problem. A little more confidence in this kid could put him on track to be an elite dman in the league.

    Other than that…I’m looking forward to seeing if Hank can put together another (healthy) season, and keep his consistency throughout. It’s not a stretch to see him win 40 games and finally take home some hardware.

    and…. Zherdev’s shootout attempts will be enjoyable I’m sure.

  10. Beer me,

    I don’t own the rights…..use it in good health.

    I also look forward to watching Staal. Girardi as well.

    I have to admit though, my passion is not at the same level it once was. I can’t say if it’s because of the cap or because I’m out of NY….or something else. Hockeybird has been on the net for eleven years now….perhaps I’m just tired.

    —-}- Bird

  11. “Orr is lucky to be in the NHL.”

    WRONG. Lacrackrock is lucky to be in the NHL. Orr is good.

  12. I am most curious to see if Staal has worked on his shot at all. That really was his biggest weakness last year. Based on what Girardi did during last summer with his shot, I have no doubt Marc has been walking on improving both his accuracy and power of his slapper. I am more excited now for this team than I have been in the last 3…no more czech-whirls at the blueline.

  13. no more czech-whirls at the blueline.


    Amen to that Ian. Not just the blueline, but we’ve become more of a north/south team all-around. The puck control game we played after the lockout was such a good fit was because of our lack-luster D. Now, I believe our D is exponentially better than it was coming out of the lockout. Thus allowing the offense to take some more chances perhaps.

    While that may go against the 5 men in the picture plan, I’m sure there’s a middle ground.

  14. Hey, Happy Arbitration week!!
    Boy this exciting or what?

    Beer Me!! I’m Most looking forward to maturation process of the coach Professor Renney….without him evolving into a better coach none of the other maturation processes will help

  15. ehh….I think the plan in place works. You just need the right players. Slats decided he like the plan/system, and brought in the players to play it. As opposed to sticking with the czechs, and playing THEIR style, he stuck with his coach. 3 years is a long time to be a Rangers coach!

    I think they’re all maturing at a relatively successful rate. I think they may have finally figured out how to make a ‘long-term’ winner. I hope so at least.

  16. i’m looking forward most to the sophmore seasons of marc staal and brandon dubinsky. looking forward to watching zherdev outside of those compilations of his best moments. looking forward to seeing if renney actually coaches the team now that jagr and company aren’t there to tell him what to do. looking forward to a better power play cuz i can’t imagine it being any worse than last year (please perry pearn don’t prove me wrong). looking forward to seeing wether sather is a genious by signing some seemingly “past their prime players that could benefit from a change of scenery” or if he has returned to the jack ass who signs players simply, past their primes. and on a selfish note, looking forward to adam graves’s jersey retirement, because he is my all time favorite ranger.

  17. Good point by all…

    Staal’s maturation…
    Callahan healthy…
    Good D opening up the offense…
    Renney and Co. not having to defer to Jags…
    A healthy and CONSITENT HANK…
    Zherdev and his moves…

    ALL great reasons to be excited about the upcoming season.

  18. onecupin67years on

    Beer Me – Low salaries mean good trade bait, I wouldn’t trade Stall, but the others ,in the right package can bring a big time player. Oh and if they trade ,please throw in Prucha ,and pay a portion of his salary.Prucha’s days as a ranger are numbered.98,97,96,…

  19. “throw in Prucha ,and pay a portion of his salary” i think this is against current CBA-politburo rules

  20. onecup – agreed on that. You hate to see some guys go. But that’s part of the building process.

  21. Let’s also hope that by Jagr leaving it doesn’t stunt Dubinskys growth. His ice time is probably going to be significantly reduced this season. He’s goes from #1 center to 3rd line center unless he or Drury is switched to wing.

  22. I’m sure the Oil die-hards can spot the differences.

    I’d like to see what the rangers next 3rd jersey looks like. I was never really a fan of the Lady Liberty jersey.

  23. I see Buttman’s “Thermablade” experiment is back for more testing. Right, Shanahan and Knuble should be embarrassed that they were not skating 5-10 MPH faster when they collided. That is what the game needs, more high-speed wrecks like the Interstate following “Happy Hour.”

  24. FWIW, Scott Burnside picks the Rangers to be 4th in the conference behind the Pens, Habs, and Flygirls.

    He says, “A different look, not necessarily a better one….”

  25. I think Philthies success will depend on Biron. Goaltending is always suspect in Philthy for some reason….since Hextall!

    Biron is a good goaltender, don’t get me wrong. But I DON’T think he’s strong enough to carry a team all the way. Plus…they need to shed some players to get under the cap. Hatcher MAY be eligible to make the ‘Malakov list’…whatever they call it. As unfit physically to play. I believe that gets them under. If not, the rumor I saw was that they’d try to move Knuble.

  26. Doodie Machetto on


    Ha, classic Kaspar.

    And you’re right, it is against the rules.

  27. Nice to have Freddy back. Shanny must be getting a little more worried. I feel bad for they guy.

    If Nyr doesn’t sign him, i really hope he doesn’t consider playing for the Devs. As slow as some of you say he is, he still has a great shot, and i wouldn’t like him anywhere on the east. He should go back to the Wings.

    Last thing a guy like Parise needs is to have a guy like Shanny showing him the ways, Eliass can do that for him. But they do have Rolston, which sucks.

    I hope the Devs, and Isles miss the playoffs by 1 point. That would be sweet.

  28. a casual observer on

    This is truly Renney’s team now. Let’s see how his coaching differs from the Jagr era. I am curious to see what he will do differently(especially the powerplay).


    Very true. I haven’t thought aboot that yet. If he’s the great coach he is, THEN THAN this will be the year to prove it. 05-06 had aboot 3 stars, and a bunch of nobodies, rookies, and washed up players given a 2nd or 3rd chance, and they had a great year, but terrible playoff run. This year is a similar team, minus the washed up players. Its a young team, aboot 3 or 4 stars, i wanna see how Renney does, if he coaches this team to a top 4 or 5 spot in the conference, THEN THAN maybe i might just have to hitch a ride on the Renney bandwagon, but thats a big maybe.

  30. Saw on TSN and confirmed by Newday that Mats Sundin is flying in later this week, and is supposedely meeting with Bob Gainey…AND Glen Sather. Verrry Interesting!

  31. Beer me!
    i read Proteau’s article…Its official there is absolutley nothing to talk about unless New Newman’s post is for real….Sundin meets with Sather?…what do we do? Can’t buy anyone out…start sending guys to AHL?

  32. SeamusORiley on

    I think Shoestrum may end up surprising people. He may be one of these guys that teams give up on and with a fresh start, really do well. A solid 4th liner that may end up moving on up…..good signing, methinks. upside is there.

  33. SeamusORiley on

    a casual observer
    July 28th, 2008 at 2:09 pm
    This is truly Renney’s team now. Let’s see how his coaching differs from the Jagr era. I am curious to see what he will do differently(especially the powerplay).

    Excellent post.

  34. Why does everyone assume that Renney somehow didn’t coach the team? Jagr never played a lick of defense up until he became a Ranger. Not to say that he was good at it but he did buy into a five man defensive system.

  35. Seamus
    I thought Freddy Sjo played with a lot of speed, very up-tempo ( he was trapped on a line with guys who play with skates tied together)
    I was suprised to read he scored 12 goals in a total of 69 games….he only scored 2 for us but see his line-mates… to hear some people talk I thought he scored 2 goals all year!!!

    12 goals in 69 games is nothing to write home to Scandanavia about but some guys in this town score 15 goals and have chix following them around and guys writing that they are “the spark”…..

    I thought, and said out lout to rest of Kasper family after his first game….”this guy replaces Avery”….Of course they all reply “yeah right Kaspar” and went back to crossword puzzles and sleeping

  36. SeamusORiley on

    sjostrum could end up being our Mike Knuble. 800K, others give up on you…

    we had Knuble for 800K at 28 years old. Blue collar, two way hard worker (not exactly what we wanted back then). We gave up on him. He went on for the next 5 seasons to average about 30 goals per year with plenty of defense and has had a solid NHL career. Sjostrum could end up like that. Our russian kid could end up being the steal of the year: given up by one team, he may end up being a prolific goal scorer (not expecting much defense) having found his niche in the league. It would be about time for us to “find” a steal, like a knuble, rather than giving up on him. Once upon a time, we thought that Hossa would be that player….and a few others who did not work out. Alexander Daigle is another name that comes to mind….even with a fresh start, did not work out. Sjostrum showed some stuff last year…..I think he may do well with us and Lundqvst.

  37. SeamusORiley on

    July 28th, 2008 at 2:51 pm
    Why does everyone assume that Renney somehow didn’t coach the team? Jagr never played a lick of defense up until he became a Ranger. Not to say that he was good at it but he did buy into a five man defensive system.

    Jagr played defense? Don’t tell that to Lundqvst!

    When your Captain bails out of a shootout; or when he is pressured into it by the fans and press; or when his Czech buddies all get contracts and you see Malik getting ice time over ANY DEAD BODY, you KNEW that Jagr was running the team.

    I had given up on Renney but he gets a second chance this year. We were a divided team with Jagr and company on one side, playing keep away with fancy offense and no d, and Gomez/Drury/Shanny playing tough, dumpandchase hockey on the other. We are one team this year.

    Renney’s system will not be seen for what it is: seen clearly…

    whatever it may be.

    Jags on d? Remember that time he blew the shut out for Lundqvst and the King yelled at him? I do.

    Sjostrum Shoestrum: even though he only scored a few, I think that THE WAY he scored impressed me, as well as his puckhandling and skating. He played with linemates that thought it was better to dance in underwear in the lockeroom than to score goals. ugh. This guy is talented and maturing may have helped him a lot. I think he may surprise us.

    by the way, Avery may go back to his “norm” before NY. His BEST games were in our sweater. His norm is not quite so productive. I don’t think he was well liked in the lockeroom (drury) except for the time he clocked Malikenstein, who had almost 11″ on him.

  38. Alright guys….now it’s official, this posing as someone else and posting stupid $hit has gotten out of hand. Someone has duplicated me. The person who posted as me at 2:21pm (blogtime, not real time) and spelled “Newsday” as “Newday” and spelled “Very” as “Verry” or whatever is can go E S and D.

    Someone clue me in as to why people want to appear to be someone else on this blog and then make some stupid comment about Sundin meeting both Gainey and Sather. Sounds so believable!! Maybe it’s Prucha27 trying to ruin my credibility……But even he wouldn’t be so lame.

    I hope you guys can recognize that this is the real New Newman because of the reference to Prucha27. I know Kaspar, Doodie, Beer Me!, Salty, Orr, True Fans, Tony from AZ will realize it.

    All you other little snot nosed punks copying people’s blognames and then typing stupid $hit, go back to Long Island or Newark or wherever that f-ing rock is that you crawled out from under. You losers!

  39. And the f-ing imbecile spelled “supposedly” wrong. People, assume any blog entry with my name on it that has more than maybe one typo, spelling mistake, or grammar mistake is more than likely not me.

    Now I am pi$$ed.

  40. Newman
    I thought something was up with that post about Sundin, couldn’t find any back-up on TSN……

    re:people using other peoples names:
    unfortunatley for me, if there is more than one typo its probably me…the real fake Kaspar…Ha!

  41. I’m going with my gut on this one. Sign Shanahan. Cut his 5 on 5 time down and turn him loose on the PP. with all the speed we have all we need to do is have him in the slot and fire away. Ya gotta think 20 goals at LEAST. We all know there is no way he can keep pace with those guys, I’d love to them give it a try. 20-25 goals from a part time player teaching these kids,ya gotta give it a try. Hey if it sucks he sits no big deal,well worth the try.
    Besides it’s Shanny come’on…………….

  42. By the way on an entirely seperate front;

    I want Doodie coaching the powerplay this year…Time to get rid of Pearn and let Doodie run it?

    lets start a write in campaign…(I’m the Campaign manager and I get 10% gratz)

    What do you say?

    he’d be next in line to replace Professor Renney if the nuetral zone isn’t “appropriatley defended” and the defensive zone isn’t “responsibly played” and the offense “doesn’t generate scoring chances while being defensively aware of their surroundings”

  43. Hey Doodie
    I tried man…

    Nobody seconded my opinion….you known why? cause they heard you shouting “pass the puck” at my boy Shanny at the garden last year………Ha!

  44. Sam….You know me. You know my brother. Come on man, there has got to be a way to assign blognames and enjoin them to email addresses. Like my name should be linked to my email address and therefore “New Newman” cannot be duped on this blog without my email address.

    You guys keep the email addresses for some sort of purpose….

  45. ORR...The Talented Pop Sensation Known As KOlton Douglas Orr !! (He Likes Beating Up Bad Guys, Wrestling With A Bear, Eating French Fries, And Cooking Steaks Cooked Medium Rare) on

    I cant believe this reject Power Surge hasn’t posted as me. That sucks. But THEN THAN again nobody can handle the power of the ORR. Its to wild of a power. Nobody can handle the responsibility of golf ball knuckles.

    Anyway, hopefully Mats ends up with the Nucks, and not the Habs.

  46. Does anyone know when the first game of Pre Season starts ??

    Hopefully we have another line brawl like we had against the Isles. That was awesome, even though Wiikman blew a 4-1 lead and lost it in OT. Orr kicked asses in that game, he beat up Sutton, Simon, good stuff.

    Don’t forget that pre season game against the Philly Flowers, when Orr knocked out Boulerice, mwahaha awesome !!!

  47. onecupin67years on

    The way Sather has built this team gives him a wide birth to make moves,right now he’s hoping that speed and Skill? (where’s the skill?) will make the rangers a contender, without The Marquee names they had in the past, messier, Lindros, Jagr etc,they need another big name ,Iginla comes to mind for the players and cash- dawes- dubi another body 2nd rounder and cash

  48. Are you kidding me? on

    Newman: can you be any more of a loser? You’re crying over someone using your handle on an anonymous internet blog. Get over yourself and get a life while you are at it.

  49. SeamusORiley on

    New Newman
    July 28th, 2008 at 3:05 pm
    And the f-ing imbecile spelled “supposedly” wrong. People, assume any blog entry with my name on it that has more than maybe one typo, spelling mistake, or grammar mistake is more than likely not me.

    Now I am pi$$ed.

    The REAL newman would have written: “urinated”, not “pi$$ed”. We caught you!

  50. Are you kidding me? on

    Newman probably likes drinking urine, maybe a lack of urine is what has his panties in a bunch. You should fix that. If i wanna use you’re handle, im gonna use it. Do something about it.

  51. Lol, there’s no way in the world the Flames would give up Iginla, i don’t even think they would give him up for Staal, Dubinsky, Cherepanov, Anisimov, and Orr in a package.

    Cheechoo seems like the only semi-big name available to get, along with Marleau. But Patty is a center,and were locked and loaded down the middle, from Nyr, right down to the Pack of Wolves. Id love to have Cheech though, for sure.

    Who knows, maybe Slats is still shopping some players. Imagine he trades Dubi for a draft pick, id cry like an Isles fan after there series against the Sabs in 07. Or just cry like a Ranger fan after game 5 against the Sabs in 07.

  52. SUNDIN – Just reading that BS rumor made me chortle. The Rangers have four centers, two of which are inked to multi-year multi-million dollar contracts; one of which is the power forward of the future, and another that has anchored fourth line for the past three years. They have NO cap space and too many forwards…and somehow slats is still talking with Sundin?


    In truth, I can’t see this team making anymore major deals, other than ones that might move a forward for draft picks. Logically, the team would wait until training camp to do something like that in order to clear up space for a promising rookie or to rid the team of someone who clearly doesn’t have a future with the organization. And in the latter category, the only name that comes to mind is PRUCHA.

  53. Shanny can say what he wants, but he isn’t about to give up Melrose’s ESPN gig just to get a few minutes a game. Don’t sign him. He doesn’t have the discipline not to take minutes when there is even the slightest hint of trouble — which there will be.

    Let’s move on, it’s not as if he won us the Cup after 40 years. That, and only that, should earn you a chance to ruin your reputation and squander the fans’ goodwill.

  54. Are their roster limits in the AHL?

    I ask because a guy named “Colorado Mark” on BB had a very interesting post where he totaled up NYR forwards (14) and Hartford forwards (16)-these included Korpi, Ansimov and Barnes who played in ECHL last year-this according to CM; he suggested that unless a trade is made that the Rangers would be limited in the amount of moves they could make internally ( up and down to Hartford I guess)

    After reading it, and taking into account the Cap$$$ you cant really take seriously the Sundin thing ( or even the Shanny thing for that matter)

  55. onecupin67years on

    Another birthday for Sam? Let me guess, this is only the fourth time you will be “31.” LOL

  56. onecupin67years on

    The Real “One cup” did not make the last statement,Sam.But ,is that true?

  57. Sam must be in his 40’s im guessing. Oh well, its not as bad as Newman being in his grumpy 60’s.

    If Slats had any brains he would trade Girardi, and Dubinsky for Marleau, and Setoguchi. Or Cheechoo and Seto. Throw in Prucha for a 1st round pick while he’s at it.

  58. Speed Ranger on

    New Newman —

    Right on, I think regular readers know which you is you, this happened to me yesterday, a doppelganger poster who could not spell “legitimate”… makes me think it must be an Islander fan, they have so little experience with that word.

  59. ORR...The Pop Sensation Known As KOlton !!! He Likes Perry Pearn's Ties, He Loves Drinking A Beer With The Guys, He Wants To Take Megan Fox Out For Some Burgers, Shakes, And Fries !!! on

    Just a question, but if Selanne wanted to come to Nyr, and Slats was able to free up some cap space, who would want to see him sign here ???

    I haven’t heard his name at all. Supposedly Burke is pissed at him, and doesn’t know what he’s gonna do.

  60. Love it, Ranger, just like most of us have trouble spelling “One Cup since 1941”, when your half Jap mother was confined in a Detention Camp cooking flied lice.

  61. Speed Ranger on

    Wow, Selanne? What’s the drama w/ Burke? Sure if he fit I’d take a personality (I get bashed for thinking that way but oh well)… but October to June, not February to June.

    Not that this will ever really happen…..

  62. I cant see any major moves going on, unless its for someone like Cheechoo or unless Sundin or Shanny are going to take a massive paycut. Players like Prucha do not free up nearly enough salary to take on any of the likes of Iginla(a $7m a year man), we don’t have any space under the cap so would have to move millions in salary to get them – we’d have to give away Prucha and lose salary some other way (ie demotion to Hartford or trade for draft picks).
    Cheechoo will always get a mention because he is a top 6 forward and has a manageable $3m a year contract (ie Prucha plus 2 cheap contracts).
    I can’t see how Slats thinks Sundin fits in, unless he is planning on playing him on Gomer’s wing or playing Centre with Drury on his wing?

  63. Re: Moves. I hope that Slats has something in the works to round out the roster before camp. Cheechoo is as big mistake IMO. Unless its a complete lopsided deal where we send them Greg Moore and a 5th rndr. I wouldn’t even give up Prucha for Cheechoo.

    We’re set in the crease and set on D, with youthful depth as well.

    Up front is a different story. We have NOOO problem getting a SOLID 4th line out there, that’s for sure. And depth carries you a long long way. Especially since Renney likes to roll 4 lines. Now…he can do it with no problem. We also have one of the best, if not THE best 1,2,3-punch down the middle in the East.

    Our wings are the question marks…obviously. More than enough wings to fill out a roster, but who’s the odd man out? Forget about the combos…we likely won’t know that until Opening Night.

    Last year was a scramble off the start b/c the team kept prospects in camp a little too long. This year, with the early trip to Sweden and then Prague, we’ll have the same problem. I don’t expect any miracles to come out of October. Nor do I expect any big moves. I DO expect some serious juggling to figure this puzzle out.

  64. Jagr played defense? Don’t tell that to Lundqvst!

    When your Captain bails out of a shootout; or when he is pressured into it by the fans and press; or when his Czech buddies all get contracts and you see Malik getting ice time over ANY DEAD BODY, you KNEW that Jagr was running the team.


    Your comments aren’t very astute. Did you actually read what I wrote? Jagr didn’t play good defense but relative to the rest of his career he actually made some effort to do so as a Ranger. I think its safe to say you can credit Renney with that.

    Last I checked the GM signs players to contracts, not the coach. Malik wasn’t good but he did show some streaks of solid play and the alternatives (Strudwick, Hartford) weren’t any better.

    Honestly, I think coaches get way too much blame and credit for teams. As a coach you can only work with the team the GM has assembled for you. Maybe Renney wanted to call players up or bench them and Sather put the kabash on it for cap reasons or so he could make a trade, who knows. A lot of coaching decisions are no-brainers, hence the fact that guys who barely finished high school while playing major junior are NHL coaches.

  65. For those that missed it(which includes me), the Tom Renney interview from WFAN w/ Boomer on Friday is available on their site. It’s, and go to the Boomer & Carton page at the bottom.

    Not much was said, it was only like 5min. The ONLY piece I found the least bit interesting or informative was when asked about the dmen, he mentioned only 1 prospect of making the team. Corey Potter.

  66. onecupin67years on

    Sam is in his early 30’s,he used cover H.S. hockey for the JN about 6-7 yrs ago.He’s under a long term contract “for better and worse .til death …” so he aint going nowhere,unless he’ declares free agency.

  67. Now someone is using my made up “Kaspar” name?

    Why would someone do that?

    I mean I got nothing to do so I use my boy Kaspars name and chat hockey…this guy is one step below my pathetic life

    Hey there’s always someone more unfortunate right…

    any insults to Doodie, Beer Me, new Newman, Sam , Orr or the rest of the people here I apologize and now….I’m stepping out for summer until this day care is cleaned out and only us adult losers are left….

  68. Kaspar…it’s pretty annoying isn’t it. Someone posted as me last night at 10:42pm and acted like a total racist. Perfect. That is so me. And then the same joker poses as me and promotes some website. Again, just like me to do that.


    Beer Me!, Kaspar, Salty, Doodie, Tony, UK, etc….see you guys in a few weeks. I am taking a break. You will know when I return, it won’t be for a while though.

    Oh and by the way, the guys with the random blog names who then chide me for defending myself….let me guess, it just might be you creating the whole mess? Maybe? Just maybe?

  69. Not sure if anyone saw this yet, but on NYR nhl shop they have Naslund’s jersey for sale, and list his number as #91

    Wasnt he #19 in Vancouver?

  70. My man Newman made an excellent point, first, I hate to see anyone go because of some moron. However, in dealing with trolls in the past, what strike meas interesting is they usually stay on and ramble, then disappear. I think “Our” problem comes from within.

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