Shanahan still hanging around


Like a crafty goal scorer who refuses to be budged from the front of the net, Brendan Shanahan still hasn’t abandoned his hope of playing for the Rangers next season. This is according to “SI’s Michael Farber”:, who also notes that Shanahan has already declined job offers from various media outlets.

But wait, has he heard my offer about being a guest blogger here? Do you think that will help change his mind at all? We don’t pay in “money” per se, but it looks great on a resume.

And besides, the women!

OK, I made that last part up.  You’ll have to excuse me. My wife is calling….

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  1. This site blows away Weiner blows away Dubi.

    I cant believe i actually considered subscribing to BB+. That idiot Dubi is charging $3 a month, $30 a year to give his opinion on Zherdev, and how he might have a breakout year, lol are you friggin kidding me ?!?! I could do that while taking a shower, and drinking a root beer, all for free. Damn i hate that guy, what a thief, i feel bad for anyone who subscribes.

    Weiner has gotten al the up to date signings and re signings waaay before Dubi, and the other writers got bettter material THEN THAN him, just like the Staal interview from Zipper i think it was. Ugh, don’t pay for anything you can say yourself. Ridiculous !!

    Anyway, Slats needs to make up his mind already, sign him or don’t sign him. I want him back, but if he doesn’t come back, who gives a flying fudge cookie. No big deal.

  2. wow, you just beat me to posting that! haha

    Well, I’ll tell you one thing about shanny. I don’t think there’s a player on our roster or any other roster that wants to play for the NYR more than Brendan Shanahan. The guy obviously will play for peanuts. But we don’t seem to have enough room under the cap to pay said peanuts.

  3. hockeymanrangers on

    Hey Men I am totaly enjoying Blue Shirt+ his look into Nausland was really pretty good. I bet Sam would not appreciate anyone bashing Blue shirt on his blog. Yes Sam is probably the number 1 sorce but Blue shirt does a excelent job as well. I really like Shanny A LOT but we can do so much better with oour younger players we all know this is where the league is now. Maybe we can find a place for Shanny other than out on the ice.

  4. hockeymanrangers on

    PP coach works for me, beings how Renny can’t seem to get that going for us. Unfortunatly it sounds like Shanny got it in his head he wants to PLAY. Which I can respect if he actually make a difference, he would have to look a lot better than he did for us last seasin. He couldn’t get out of his own way. Again though a love the guy but we just have so much other talent I am really looking forward to seeing what they can do for us. Again younger and quicker is where the league is. Agreed???

  5. ORR man don’t bash the great work Dubi and Mitch do over at BB. Like Sam, they put alot of time and effort into giving great NYR and Wolfpack info. They are not “charging” you to get BB+ info. They are more or less giving their Suscribers (to their magazine) a blog that’s not riddled with trashy posters and BS Islander fans. Not taking anything from Sam, they do a great job over there. I am a suscriber and for a few bucks a month you get a “RANGER” publication. Good Stuff.

    That said- I really hope Shanny decides to stay on but needs to be behind the bench – He’s had a great career!


    Dubi is pretty much the Eklund of the Rangers blogs. I never seen him report something before anyone else. Im not bashing Mitch, im bashing Dubi, and his lackey Jess.


    I could talk aboot Naslund in my sleep and get it for free while watching Seinfeld season 7 on dvd, while eating a Sunday Cone flavored Ice Cream Cone.

    As for Shanny, i think its pathetic some people think he cant play in the NHL, id take anyone who can put up 25-30 goals in a season, the only injuries he had were freak injuries, thats it, you had the Knuble thing, and the Penner thing, and he couldn’t recover from that. Guys like Roberts, Nolan, or any 38-40 year old vet who can only score 10 goals, shouldn’t play, but Shanny has gas left in the tank, and its not from those bean burritos he likes so much. As far as playing for Nyr, who knows. We’ll know soon enough.

  7. I’d like to see Shanny return. I think he can still contribute in a reduced / specialist role.

  8. hockeymanrangers on

    ORR I could talk aboot Naslund in my sleep and get it for free while watching Seinfeld season 7 on dvd, while eating a Sunday Cone flavored Ice Cream Cone.

    Wow if you can do all that you better get your own blog going.

  9. orr-you’re a total idiot for blasting dubi and his site. it was fine for all that time we had to read your incoherent posts with your ever-changing nametag, but now i guess your mom wouldn’t up your allowance to pay for it, eh?

    sam, ban him before he really gets out of hand.

  10. and please stop this talk of shanny being back. for what he would cost us in player development and money, him playing on the PK which would be the only place he’s worth anything, and only against a team that can’t move the puck quickly, is a total waste. 25-30 goals a year? absurd. never will happen.

    thanks for the memories, shanny. i’d love to see him remain a ranger, though, behind the bench, in street clothes.

  11. UGH!! That’s all I could say when I read the headline. Shanny, PLEASE go away.

  12. There’s a very long Q&A with LA defenseman Jack Johnson conducted by Don Fulton on the Inside the Kings blog for the LA Daily News. He has a number of interesting thoughts about developing confidence in the NHL and life during his first season and his relationship with ex-teammate Rob Blake, his mentor who is now with the Sharks.
    At the end, he was asked “What’s your call on the worst NHL hockey city?
    “Johnson: (Laughs). Oh, I’d have to say the Islanders’ rink and the area just around there was the worst. (laughs)
    “Question: Okay, how about the best?
    “Johnson: I think the best place was New York City, Madison Square Garden.”

  13. “orr-you’re a total idiot for blasting dubi and his site. it was fine for all that time we had to read your incoherent posts with your ever-changing nametag, but now i guess your mom wouldn’t up your allowance to pay for it, eh?”


    Lol, im an idiot ?? Im smart for not wasting money on something i can get on this blog, and from someone who is way faster, and better. Dubi is a cry baby, after his Cherry article, i cant believe anyone is actually interested in giving this moron any money. $30 bucks these days sure as hell aint alot of money, but its still enough to get some pretty cool things, like dvd’s, etc. If im gonna give my $30 to anyone, id give it to a homeless Ranger fan, cause his opinion on Zherdev and other Rangers sure as shit is just as valuable as Dubi’s, and he can use the money alot more THEN THAN him. What just cause Dubi has his own blog, he thinks he’s a smarter Ranger fan THEN THAN all of us, so w have to pay him for his amazing knowledge, loooool yeah right, take a walk, go back to BB+ you sucker. Like i said $30 isn’t alot, but i have to much pride to just give it away to someone who only needs it for his own greed. If i was rich i wouldn’t even pay Dubi.

    My best advise to you Alan “The Sucker” , is go give your $30 bucks to charity, its alot more useful.


    You idiot, everyone changes there name tags, the whole (The Girls) thing and everyone else, they got it from me, i started it, if you have a problem with it THEN THAN go cry to your BB+ suckers, they all do it. I always will be ORR, what ever comes after it, who knows.

  14. Jack Johnson is the man, hopefully someday he’ll realize he was meant to play here in New York. Hopefully he realizes this in his 20’s, and not his late 30’s. Mwahaha.

    I like the Kings though, there my fav team out west. I hope Bernier is the real deal for them, id like to see a Kings vs Rangers cup finals sometime soon. I like Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Brown, Boyle, Johnson, and all the great youth they got. It sucks they couldn’t get Stamkos, they would be set.

  15. Just found your site, we at Wise Motors at 180th and Jamaica Avenue at (718)262 0044 have the best used cars in town. Just a one time plug for my new business. Go Rangers.

  16. czechthemout!!!!! on

    While it is true that BB does a pretty good job covering Ranger prospects,their team coverage is a piece of garbage.the comments section is patrolled by polyana fans,rennyade drinking lackies,and thought police hosts like Dubi, it is for the most part a junk site that was once provacative and challenging,Now it’s just a shit site that is not worth even visiting anymore never mind about the subcription.What’s more,I could give two shits about Dubi’s opinion on anything Rangers,he is no longer a credible person to me as far a news and even less credible in terms of his objectivity towrds Renney,Sather and the rest of the team.

  17. Thank you Czech, couldn’t agree more.

    BB+ is for suckers !!!

    You want a real deal, i pay $80 a year, or something like that, for’s shipping charges. Its shipping for $2.00 for 1 day shipping, and free shipping for 2 day shipping. Thats a deal that ill pay $80 bucks for.

    As for Shanny, once again….Beer Me has it right, he wants to be a Ranger more THEN THAN anyone in the league. I love that unless its an act, cause he doesn’t wanna move, THEN THAN id be pissed.

  18. Kopitar is the man! He’s reminds me so much of Jagr with his size and the way he can just dominate the ice. He’s gonna be dynamite. I hope we can one day see him come to NY under the right circumstances and do great things here.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I would love for the Isles to get Torts. The guy can’t teach kids. He’ll ruin the development of every kid on the Fishsticks, thus ensuring their poor play for years to come.

  20. Alan your an idiot

    Shanny has never scored less than 20 goals a season FOR 20 YEARS STRAIGHT? hmm yeah he’s totoally washed up

    Bring Shanny back

  21. He is washed up. He just still has a wicked shot. He can’t skate, is afraid to hit because of his injury on that hit with knuble two years ago, and can’t keep up with our other players. If he’s playing limited minutes for not much money, OK, but outside of that I don’t want him back since he won’t be able to keep up.

  22. You put Eklund and Dubi in the same sentence???? your lucky Sam still let’s you post!

  23. I used to like BB until they began to clamp down on me…, even though I love NYR, I am not one of those “Shiney happy Ranger fans” who thinks that everything Renney does is positive….personally I think he’s a 1990’s nuetral zone trap professor who inspires “0” offensive energy and “0” energy……..
    The Avery debate is a perfect example…if he really was “the key”, as some say, then why were all these other guys playing half-asleep until he got here? Could it be that the genius Renney with his “appropriate defensive zones” and “responsible nuetral zones” couldn’t inspire? Couldn’t coach an up-beat winning game?

  24. A guy who can’t sustain the lie that he is 18 years old probably shouldn’t be critical of another’s philosophy.

  25. I never wrote that last post at 11:40..guess someone wants to imitate me now…..sweet, imitation is the best form of flattery.

    P.S.-I’ve been out of HS now for 9 years…so imitating people on message boards; 1999 called and wants its losers back.

  26. I personally wouldn’t mind another year of Shanny IF and only if he took a greatly diminished role. At his age, he can’t be skating nearly 20 minutes a game. Among forwards, only Jagr, Gomez and Drury skated more each game on average. When a 39 year old guy is skating longer than a 21 year old guy, something’s amiss…

    …The only problem I have with those guys over at the Bulletin is that they don’t have thick skin. Both Dubi and Jess get real reactionary when fans disagree with them. Often times, there’s a ‘holier than thou’ attitude over there, which is really unwarranted. Sure they may know more than the average fan, but there’s no need to be haughty about it, especially when you’re trying to attract readers.

  27. Here is my worst case scenario for Rangers training camp…

    1. Sanguinetti actually plays well enough to make the team, outperforming the Mara’s of the world by daylight, but gets dispatched to Hartford, anyway. In other words, camp results means nothing, the club has a “pre-set” roster.

    2. Shanahan is invited to camp, skates in sand like a washed-up/banged up 45-year old, but makes the team, anyway, owing to his “leadership” and clubhouse “mentoring” ability, so his spot on the roster was “pre-set,” too.

    The key to the Rangers, and any organization’s success, I believe, is FLEXIBLITY – going by today’s reality – not going, in the above two cases, by the unpolished Sanguinetti of 2006, or by the productive Shanahan of 2005. This is 2008 – 2009 (!), and the sooner the Rangers update and turn the calendar page, the better for them and all of us.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    “1. Sanguinetti actually plays well enough to make the team, outperforming the Mara’s of the world by daylight, but gets dispatched to Hartford, anyway. In other words, camp results means nothing, the club has a “pre-set” roster.”

    Won’t happen. He can’t play defense worth a lick. Defensively, he makes Rozsival look like Nick Lidstrom.

    “2. Shanahan is invited to camp, skates in sand like a washed-up/banged up 45-year old, but makes the team, anyway, owing to his “leadership” and clubhouse “mentoring” ability, so his spot on the roster was “pre-set,” too.”

    That is actually a legitimate fear. I really hope they don’t bring him back. Sure, he had 20 goals last season, but he also took 263 shots, for an 8.7 shooting percentage. Imagine if he had passed it to someone else on the team instead of shooting the puck everytime it touched his stick. Also, Shanny scored 15 of them in the first 40 games. He went almost all of January without scoring (2 goals on Jan 2, no goals until Jan 29, 8 games, 26 shots, no points of any kind). Finally, he had one goal in the playoffs, in the opening game against the Devs. He took 30 shots in the playoffs, and scored once, 3.3%, by far the lowest of any Ranger who scored in the playoffs.

    He’s finished for any team that is looking forward. the guy can still play for any tema with no hope of making the playoffs that just needs to flesh out its roster (LA, Florida, etc.). We are looking forward. So long Shanny.

    PS, I still haven’t been able to find out Fritsche’s terms. I know his salary for the upcoming season, but I am looking for the term of years and cap hit.

  29. Doodie, Bobby Sags really isn’t as bad as everyone says he is on D. I’ve seen him play for Hartford a few times and while he’s not Beuke with the physical play, he definitely held his own in those games. I purposely watched the games eyeing him in those areas.

  30. Shanahan is a tough call in my book. I would like to think he played the whole 2nd half injured and that accounted for his sluggish skating. If that was the case, he’s healed, and willing to take less money and a smaller role than I am in favor of bringing him back. Otherwise, no.

    Unfortunately no one played well enough to supplant Shanahan in the lineup last year (Prucha, Straka, Dawes, Callihan). Nor did we sign anyone that can clearly take his spot. I’m for signing him on the right terms.

  31. bonfire 10:42 Am

    Sanguinetti’s and the organizations best interests are both served long term with 1 yr or most of 1 year at least in the AHL. You want to see him Hartford or Bridgeport for a road game are not that far away.

    can’t disagree about Shanny. although I won’t throw a fit if he signs i prefer that he not.

    but you can’t stay away despite previous promises can you.

  32. Expressen reports RFA winger Fredrik Sjostrom has re-signed a one-year contract with the NY Rangers worth $840K.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: My thanks to everyone who sent in the Murray link and to “Swedish Viking” for the Sjostrom link and translation.

  33. If Shanahan is brought back, who would we expect to see on the 1st PP unit, him or Zherdev? If they’re both on the team next season Shanny, imo, will get the spot.

    That would be totally wrong. No?

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    ” I’ve seen him play for Hartford a few times and while he’s not Beuke with the physical play, he definitely held his own in those games.”

    Dude, Hartford is NOT the NHL. The pace, the size, the skill, it’s like comparing the AHL to the ECHL. He would be a -20 in the NHL. His positioning is terrible. His coverage is bad. His mentality is bad, *always* looking for the breakout instead of thinking responsible defense. In the NHL, you get burned 99 times out of 100 if you make that mistake. The guys in the A aren’t good enough to burn you that often, especially on minor mistakes.

    Drafting Del Zotto really speaks volumes about what the Rangers think Sang’s chances are.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Thumbs up on the Sjostrom signing. I’d like to see him given some opportunity away from the 4th line; see what he can do.

  36. Its not even training camp yet, how can we know what Sang’s will bring. Staal sucked his first two years in camp, THEN THAN he had a good show last year, and now he’s on the team and is a top 4 D man. Im not saying Sang’s is Staal, but i wouldn’t be so quick to think he wont be able to make the team. Obviously it took Staal 2 camps to get it right, so give Sang’s a year or two before we all think of Del Zotto as his replacement. I hate busts, so im hoping Sang’s, and Zots will be the future of the team. In a perfect world, Redden will go back to his great ways, and Danny, Staalsy, Sangs, Zotts, Mikey S, and Potter will all be part of a great defensive future, one can hope.

  37. MikeA, hitting is probably the least important part of defense. Especially in todays NHL. Guys like beukeboom would stand no chance because they were slow and relied on hooking and holding guys. They could be out position and mo get burned because of what they could do to get back.

    Sangs can hold his own physically no problem. It’s his positioning and decision making that is really lacking. He’s great with the puck, but off the puck in his own end he needs a lot more work, especially his positioning. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Del Zotto actually made it before him only because of how much better he is in his own end (he too still needs work, but not as much). I’m not saying it will happen, but if it did I wouldn’t be shocked.

  38. Orr, staal had a great camp his first year actually. It was the 2nd year that he didn’t have a good camp. Also everyone knew about staal because of eric and he was a high level prospect for awhile. Sangs kinda came out of nowhere and jumped onto the radar screen last minute.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal had an excellent first camp. His second camp wasn’t bad either, it just definitely wasn’t good enough for a regular roster spot. It was the perfect “AHL material” camp, but unfortunately, the choice was the bigs or juniors.

    Sanguinetti should consider switching to the wing and becoming a power forward who can QB a PP.

    I’m only half-kidding.

  40. del zotto is two years away at least based on his age alone so no real reason to worry about him yet, he’ll be in juniors this year for sure.

    and jjp,

    nobody supplanted shanny on the team b/c no one was allowed to. you honestly cant tell me the rangers wouldnt have been better off playing prucha in shannys place on the 2nd line and the pp in the playoffs. renney kept using shanny and he will as along as he is on the team, so no kid will have a chance. hell prucha scores 30 goals as a rw his rookie year and then he is instantly relegated below shanny by the start of next year. good dude, but his time has come to move on unless he is a coach.

  41. ORR Strikes Back ( He Knocks Out Bad Guys, Eats To Many Fries, and And Looks At Hollweg And Sigh's on


    That isn’t a bad idea. That kid on the Hawks, Bufylen, (I know i destroyed his name) he was a D , but they switched him to forward, he scored aboot 15+ goals or something. If Sang’s is up for it, its not a bad idea, but THEN THAN again, we don’t have many forward spots available, with guys like Artie, Korpedo, Cherry and all the others wanting a spot, so who knows.

  42. i think we should bring shanny back, i truely dont think he ever recovered from the knee to knee hit. I dont care who you are, you will not play as well on a bum knee. he still had 23 goals, not even including all of the shootouts, why not take him back for the low amount he would take.


    I agree completely. Im really getting sick of these whiny Nyr fans now, they keep crying that something is missing on this team, well apparently we don’t have enough room for Sundin, and there doesn’t seem to be any trade rumors surrounding Nyr, so what ?? What is that missing piece ?? Shanny is the only player out there, Dru’s leadership isn’t good enough, Gomer’s isn’t, Redden’s isn’t, and on and on, Shanny is a true leader, and if he can put up 20+ goals again, id take him back. Im just getting tired of everyone making him out to be this old man who cant get anything done, he was good for us last year, and injuries, NO freak injuries !!!! is what slowed him down. Shanny really hasn’t been the playoff god in the playoffs throughout his career, but so what. Who’s gonna be that missing piece, Moore, Korpedo, Artie, PA Par ?? Id like to think that but i don’t see any of those players scoring 20 goals. Shanny is the only piece that can fill that spot up. Like ive been saying on and on, if he comes back, awesome, if not THEN THAN no big deal.

    I just don’t like the idea of trading Pruchs to free up some cap space to bring him back for one year, and watch Pruch’s potentially score 30 goals again with some other team.

    Im still hoping for a trade for Cheechoo, but it wont happen. This is the team were most likely going into the season with, if some retard Nyr fans are crying that scoring will be an issue, THEN THAN is it so bad to sign Shanny for another year. I sure as shit don’t mind having him back to score 20+ and kill penalties.

    My only problem with having him back is the whole 5 on 3 PP, i hated how it was only Jags, and Shanny shooting from the point and missing the net. I wanna see Gomer working down low, and Redden ripping shots, and Shanny in the slot and Dru creeping around for garbage, with Nicky or Nazzy on the point with Redden.

    Anyway, is Freddy actually signed ?? I don’t see it anywhere

  44. Ohhhh im gonna go crazy, and snap !!!

    MSG+ or what ever its called, is airing a stupid “Islanders Illustrated” BS thing, and they talk to the new Isles, and have specials with some stupid Bruno kid golfing.

    MSG SUCKS !!! What the hell are they doing ?? There to busy talking aboot stupid boring WNBA, and dumb movies, and not doing anything Ranger related, except trying to depress us with “Fans Most Wanted”

    This is really starting to piss me off more and more. Fuggin Boomer is gonna have some stupid Knicks special this week, he beeeetter have a Rangers special, if he’s an actual Ranger fan he’ll get on that A-SAP !!

    Im tired of the waiting, i need press conferences, i need to see the new blueshirts in blue shirts, or jerseys, which ever, as long as it says Rangers on the front.

    Im off to watch Seinfeld and eat this Salsa Chicken, with Root Beer on the side, THEN THAN im gonna annihilate this chocolate cake out of pure anger !!

  45. Oh, Sam. When you’re a sure bet for the Hall of Fame as a writer and not quite ready to retire, would you like to be described as “hanging around”? You make Shanny sound like he’s slumped over the bar, waiting for last call. A little respect please, young’un.

  46. This has nothing to do with past heroics like 600 goals or 3 Stanley cups….outside of Drury and Gomez there is not a Ranger on the current who had the kind of year Shanny had LAST YEAR! And that playing injured, missing games and being so very OLD….
    And everyone who the hell cares about shooting percentage??? Marty Strakas back passes to the blue line (that actually would wind up being headman passes for the opposition) kept his shooting percentage high…
    And…I have never heard one fan at MSG yelling “PASS THE PUCK!!”

  47. It’s tough with shanny…

    I mean listen – the korpedo had a great game with us but it was ONE game. There are no guarantees that he’s ready to go for us… he was a last minute call-up that scored. Right now its: Naslund, Zherdev, Prucha, Callahan, Dawes, Orr –> pretty much the guaranteed wingers. We still have 2 winger slots open… i say let shanny sign. He had 20+ goals last year…and if u can sign a guy for that cheap why the hell not? Yeah ok he skates slow…so did half of last year’s roster. I’d take shanny’s slow speed over Jagr’s traditional “Let me take the puck deep into the corner, skate in a circle, throw it at the net and hope for the best” move… shanny still has a great shot.

    I say, take him back – but don’t make him captain because he has just about a year left of gas left in his tank. Let Dru take the C, and shanny and gomer take the A’s and there u go. Let him play a 3rd or 4th line winger role and let him take care of the 2nd powerplay unit.

    A little leadership thrown in can’t hurt…. we’re a very young team now.

  48. No, don’t give anyone the Captaincy this year. Shanny shouldn’t get it cause he’s a year away from officially retiring. I don’t wanna see anyone have the C this year. If anything Gomer should be Capo cause he has an extra 2 years on his contract over Dru, or what aboot Redden who has 6 years like Gomer. Let those 3 show what they got next season, who ever deserves it will get it, but they have to earn it. Enough of this, oldest player, most points, highest paid, or fan favorite, let them friggin fuggin earn it !!!

  49. Colton Orrscomments are getting moreand more repititious and self serving, maybe a fuck you, loudmouth is in order.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    “I have never heard one fan at MSG yelling “PASS THE PUCK!!” ”

    You’ve never sat near me then! And since when are the fans at MSG the authority on the subject? Shanahan had 23 goals because he led the team in shots. Imagine if he weren’t there, and our kids were taking those shots instead. I bet they would’ve had more than Shanny’s 23 between them.

    Also, Shanny’s bigest selling point to me last season was the shootout. But Dawes is the man, plus we picked up Zherdev and Naslund, so I’d say his need there is diminished.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    And let’s be realistic. Shanahan or not, this team is NO WHERE near a Cup winning team. So why waste a roster spot on Shanahan instead of letting our youth take over the team and start getting pro experience so we can make a legit run in a couple of years?

  52. Speed Ranger on

    Been thinking about Shanny and the Rangers. I’ve been on the side of Shanny moving on to BIGGER things than just playing for one team, even my team.

    Looking at the characters we’ve got coming into this season, we’re shy on, well, character. So I’m changing my tune. 1 yr contract for Brendan. He’ll move up on the all-time scoring roster and can retire among the elite in goals and AGE — longevity is increasingly rare.

    And in the end who knows what could happen? Shanny’s a proven great one. If the Rangers cut him loose we’ll never know what we lost.

  53. “…this team is NO WHERE near a Cup winning team.”


    Come on man, try and be a little positive. How many teams make it to the Cup finals based on what they look like in July. Maybe Detroit last year but thats probably it.

    Aren’t you one of the guys who wanted Jagr and Shanahan gone? You got it, so how is this not a better team in your mind?

  54. Speed Ranger

    Essentially what you are saying, Shanahan’s personality and individual achievements are more important than the long term strength of the New York Rangers. Funny, I imagine that’s exactly how he feels.

    Sorry to say but I’ll be shaking my head for days over that post.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    “Aren’t you one of the guys who wanted Jagr and Shanahan gone? ”

    I was on the fence about Jagr. I would’ve taken him at the right contract amount, largely for Dubinsky’s sake. With Jagr in town, Dubinsky gets first line minutes, and MASSIVE amounts of confidence. With Jagr gone, he’ll likely be stuck in third line duties with a couple of dregs for wingers.

    The other part about Jagr was that he literally carried the team during the playoffs; he was by FAR the best skater on the team. I honestly think that the team is worse off without him, especially in the playoffs. And really the playoffs is the number one reason not to bring Shanny back. Both years that he has been here, he was finished by the time the playoffs rolled around and did nothing in them but take up a roster spot and watch everyone skate circles around his old, tired legs.

    If they had better coaching to run the PP instead of just giving it all to Jagr, then the team would be best off. But I understood that there was some bad with the good, which is why I didn’t mind seeing him go (especially if the contract wasn’t going to be right).

    So, why do I think that this team is worse than last year? I don’t actually. The players we have this year are better than the players we had last year. The problem is, they are all new players. Too many new faces at once hurts a team. The other side of the coin is that we saw last year that we can’t compete with elite teams. Sure, our defense is better, even just by subtraction, but also by addition. However, we still lack a shut down defenseman, thus still exposing us to being decimated by a dynamic player or line. We also still lack an elite goalscorer. Most of all, we lack consistency, and instead of finding consistent players, we went out and got a bunch of inconsistent players who may or may not have good seasons.

    But I digress. The point is that this season is clearly transitional. Who knows if we’ll have Zherdev for more than one season. Naslund is signed up for two years and definitely isn’t coming back after that: clearly a temporarily filler. The idea when they signed Drury and Gomez was clearly to make a run around the third or fourth year of Drury’s contract. We’re still on pace to do that. There also seems to be an intent to go for another run in the year or two after Drury’s contract expires, near the end of Gomez’s contract.

    So, I guess my point is, why inhibit future progress by giving a roster spot to a diminished Shanahan, when it serves us much better in the long run by giving it to a kid? We aren’t going anywhere this season, period. And Shanahan certainly wouldn’t help us get any further.

  56. Doodie is right re putting newer / younger peices in place, and I say if Shanahan is still a Ranger in camp it is no better than 50-50 he even makes the team.

    He played hurt last year = he will play MORE HURT this year. He looked slow last year = he will look like a donkey in the Kentucky Derby this year. His shooting percentage was low (8+ per cent) last year = what (?) you think it will pop back up to 15 this year before it fades to under 5%? Really? Can we just move on to 2008 – 2009 and leave memory lane nostalgia to Islander fans?

  57. Speed Ranger on

    Hi Blurt.

    I don’t see a 1-yr contract for Brendan as being mutually exclusive to the long-term future success of the Rangers. If I did, I wouldn’t hold the opinion I posted.

  58. Sorry I offended so many los, er fans here. After looking at the total picture, age DOES become a factor in the salary cap era. Just was remembering a time where loyalty counted for something, (sniff).

  59. Man, you fellas make a point and never let it go, Let it Go. Shanny here or not here for a year, who cares, when NAMBLA22RULES@AOL.COM needs new members drive isstarting tomorrow. So far, only fifty two of you have signed up.

  60. Seriously i love coming in here causing chaos, you are all so gullible its embarrassing. Not only that your think im an Islander fan ? Lol, no im not, i actually like a team that has more fans, but its not the one all of you pathetic shits like. You all suck donkey’s for $5.00. Good luck with the juice.

  61. Surge, can you provide your name..address, e mail, any way I can get my hands around you(r) throat.

  62. Speed Ranger on

    My mom and an elephant have their differences,…50 pounds less and a black dress. My father, Pinetto Pizzaria tried to get into a legitamate business…through the roof.

  63. Just fyi….I was away all weekend. So the only post here before this one that is mine was on friday 25th, “2:54pm”. Which in ‘other than lohud’ time, is really 3:54pm.

    Anyway…looks like the trolls will hang around as long as the I.T. folks at lohud will let them.

    I’m really starting to hate the summer. I love the warm weather, and I ALWAYS love to talk Rangers, but we’ve been talking about shanny returning since last February.

    Sam….can we get anything dude?

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