Jessiman re-signed


At yet another crucial crossroads in his his young career, Hugh Jessiman was re-signed by the Rangers.

I have a hard time seeing Jessiman as a serious candidate for an NHL job this year, but one would think he might be a possible call-up during the season. Of course, it all depends on how he fares in camp and beyond.

On an unrelated note, we are venturing into dangerous territory again in the comments section, with a small group of you crossing WAY over the line. I’m of the belief there’s too much good, productive conversation here to allow it to be ruined by a few misguided souls. So if it reaches the point where I need to ban someone, I’ll do so.

Back to Jessiman, here’s parts of the official release below:

Jessiman, 24, skated in 71 games with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL) this past season, registering 18 goals and 24 assists for 42 points, along with 154 penalty minutes and a plus-10 rating. He established career-highs in goals, assists, points, penalty minutes, and plus/minus rating. Among all Wolf Pack skaters, he ranked third in penalty minutes (154), eighth in points (42), and tied for fifth in goals (18) and eighth in assists (24). He also posted nine multiple-point games, including one three-point effort on March 29 vs. Springfield (one goal and two assists). Jessiman recorded a career-high, six-game scoring streak from March 15 to March 29, collecting nine points (three goals and six assists) over the span. In addition, Jessiman appeared in five playoff games with Hartford, registering one assist and a team-leading, 21 penalty minutes.

The 6-6, 230-pounder has skated in 166 career AHL games in three seasons with Hartford, registering 32 goals and 42 assists for 74 points, along with 299 penalty minutes. In 2006-07, Jessiman notched his first career multiple-goal game on March 4 at Hershey (two goals), and recorded a three-game, goal-streak from February 24 to February 28 (three goals). On January 21, 2006, he tallied his first career AHL points with a two-point effort vs. Providence (one goal and one assist). In 14 career AHL playoff games with the Wolf Pack, Jessiman has collected one goal and one assist for two points, along with 30 penalty minutes. Additionally, he has also appeared in 45 career games with the Charlotte Checkers of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), registering 25 goals and 20 assists for 45 points, along with 108 penalty minutes.

In college, Jessiman skated in 80 career contests with Dartmouth College of the East College Athletic Conference Hockey League (ECAC), collecting 40 goals and 42 assists for 82 points, along with 137 penalty minutes. In 2002-03, he set the Dartmouth record for freshman scoring with 47 points (23 goals and 24 assists), capturing the ECAC, Ivy League and New England Hockey Writer’s Association Rookie of the Year honors

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  1. What’s the prognosis on Jessiman at this point? I’m not exactly up on the Wolf Pack too much, and I know at one point he was considered a huge bust, but I think I remember hearing he had a very good year, so is he still a bust or what?

  2. The only way Jessiman makes the Rangers is as a 4th liner and for a 1st round draft choice that is the definition of a bust. I believe he is the only 1st round draft pick from 2003 that has not played at least 1 NHL game.

    It turns out to be a real bad draft for the Rangers as Zach Parise and Ryan Getzlaf were picked after him.

  3. Jessiman is an easy target given his draft postion and his class’s NHL debut rate. But if he continues to improve, he may just make it as an NHL regular. He’s only 24 – how many of us were ‘all we can be’ at 23…

  4. Dan,

    Hugh has come a long way from where he was two years ago, but still not far enough to warrant his selection in the first round. He’ll make the NHL one day, but not as the top-line power forward he was projected as…my prediction is that he becomes a fourth liner, marginal third liner…sort of like a younger AARON VOROS. The fact that they signed him likely means they have future plans for him somewhere in the lineup…either that or they can’t bring themselves to cast away a hometown kid standing a towering 6’6.

  5. At 6’6″ 230, you should only need minimal NHL talent to make a roster. At least the guy’s improving. I wonder just how much of his injury while at Dartmouth hindered his progress. I know it was a pretty bad injury. I think it was an ankle. I remember cause I had tix to go see him play at Princeton but he was hurt….I never went to the game.

  6. hey…anyone that saw the post that was deleted….who’s name did the troll use? not mine I hope.

  7. Cut the BS Beer Me! It was you making the comment and claiming that someone else was using your blogname. I know it……

  8. And btw if I was 6’6″ and 230lbs, I would be in the NHL….unfortunately I am about 8″ and 60lbs away from the NHL and my prime has past. Don’t think I am getting there….

  9. beer me – someone used your name and stated that a writer for lohud was killed in an accident. that was the misguided post that was taken down a few hours later.

  10. Marek Malik is 6’6″ also. Being tall doesn’t always equate to an NHL caliber player.

  11. It’s possible they are signing Jessiman to include him as trade bait. We all know there is no room for yet another 3/4 liner so he has no chance of making the team. Maybe a nice package of him, Prucha and Pock for a 2nd liner (Cheechoo). The only thing I pray for is to get rid of Prucha, I’d rather watch paint dry they watch him play another game.

  12. Sather will never admit he made a mistake drafting Jessiman. He’ll figure out some way to blame the player for not living up to his potential.

  13. It would be awesome if they could trade Prucha but along with Jessimen, but who would take on Prucha’s contract? Isn’t he getting 3 million a year or something insane like that?

  14. That figures. SAM…that was not be dude. I have the utmost respect for this blog and would NEVER do/say something like that. I’m sure you can see what email address is used to post also, so you already know it was someone else I guess….I hope. There’s gotta be a way to prevent that, no? Live blogs, but can’t stop duplicate ‘screennames’?

    Anyway….Drafting Jessiman wasn’t a mistake. Drafting him that high, that’s the mistake.

  15. Blue404Seats on

    what if everyone on this site had to log-in before being able to comment after posts… (similar to AIM) That would eliminate duplicate screen names, and hopefully deter some of the morons

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    “At 6’6” 230, you should only need minimal NHL talent to make a roster”

    The guy can’t skate. He was picked for the old NHL, where hooking and grabbing was OK. Who is gonna hook down someone who is 6’6″ 230? But now that you can’t do that, the fact that he can’t skate is a big problem. Meanwhile, a shrimp like Gionta would never have stood a chance. I’m not saying it was a good pick, but it wasn’t like it was completely without merit.

    Also, look at Getzlaf’s numbers form juniors in his draft year. Nothing to write home about. That same draft, we got Dawes in the 5th round, even though he had 47 goals and 45 assists. In other words, it’s hard to predict who will do well and who will not.

    BTW, the leading scorer on Getzlaf’s team that year was Freddy Sjostrom.

  17. Anyone want to place a wager on Jessiman playing his 1st NHL game for the ‘Yotes?

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Does anyone have terms on Fritsche yet? I am more concerned with term than money.

  19. For everybody else that is! That was like shooting fish in a barrel to get a full-time NHL’er…and slats fuggin missed!

  20. Blue404Seats on

    Hugh Jessiman should be chalked up as a loss and a lesson to be learned. However, just because you draft someone high doesn’t mean they will end up good. Its a lottery system, the higher the pick, the higher the odds of getting a good player. nothing guaranteed…

    Just for Sh*ts and Giggles-

    Guys picked after him:

    Dustin Brown: 33G, 27A, 60PTS
    Steve Bernier: 16G, 16A, 32PTS
    Zach Parise: 32G, 33A, 65PTS
    Ryan Getzlaf: 24G, 58A, 82PTS
    Mike Richards: 28G, 47A, 75PTS
    Corey Perry: 29G, 25A, 54PTS
    Patrice Bergeron: 22G, 48A, 70PTS (06-07)

    The List Goes on….

  21. noonan:
    “It would be awesome if they could trade Prucha but along with Jessimen, but who would take on Prucha’s contract? Isn’t he getting 3 million a year or something insane like that?”

    This is why your posts are the best. Not only are they flat out wrong, they’re also flat out dumb.

    Do you remember Columbus wanting to trade Vyborny for Prucha? Some teams, believe it or not, actually see some worth in a winger who’s scored 52 goals in two seasons ESPECIALLY when his cap hit is only $1.6million.

  22. About JOSH? what?! haha. You know…if we don’t stop this troll, that means the terrorists are winning.

  23. True-
    Are you being condescending again to people? Didn’t I straighten you out enough yesterday? Can’t you just respect other peoples opinions for what they are-opinions? I hate to tell you but you are not an authority on hockey matters, you are just a fan with internet access and a whole lota opinions! If you were you wouldn’t be posting on the Rangers blog. Be cool bro!

    And not to mention the fact that you stand on the fact that he scored 52 goals in 2 years yet couldn’t even earn ice time in the last 2. Past performance does not necessarily predict future performance. It’s possible to have a good year or two and still be a dud. and that is why me and Noonan agree, he is a waste and should be moved.

  24. Re: the 2003 draft, we can feel better about it now, guys. We ended up with the 4th overall pick, and we only gave up a 2nd round pick in ’01.

  25. It sounded like Beer Me! also. Also checked this name Binkie on Google, and Beer says he used to be called that name earlier, yet denied it here. Hmmm.

  26. Doodie: has 2008-2009 Salary, nothing more. has nothing at all listed. I believe had him for $875k for one year.

    To Noonan and the Prucha haters: If indeed the Power Play is revamped this year, he could put up numbers.

    He’s just frail………….

  27. There’s a real easy way to tell if you’re talking to the real Beer Me! or not. There’s a few questions that could be asked by some regulars here that do NOT pertain solely to the Rangers that would ID myself.

  28. onecupin67years on

    Oh Sam , the boys were just testing to see if you actually read what they post. Maybe an IQ test or is order.They suffer from Rangeritis and need to get a life!

  29. Coming from someone who actually takes the time to post on an opposing team’s blogs.

    Geeze, what a sad life you must lead. What a pity.

  30. The Bloomberg machine at work has Shanahan on the ’08-’09 Roster… thought this was weird considering they are usually pretty accurate. There is no info anywhere else suggesting that he signed

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    July 22nd, 2008 at 1:00 pm
    “It would be awesome if they could trade Prucha but along with Jessimen, but who would take on Prucha’s contract? Isn’t he getting 3 million a year or something insane like that?”

    This is why your posts are the best. Not only are they flat out wrong, they’re also flat out dumb.

    Do you remember Columbus wanting to trade Vyborny for Prucha? Some teams, believe it or not, actually see some worth in a winger who’s scored 52 goals in two seasons ESPECIALLY when his cap hit is only $1.6million.

    Someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I posed his salary as a question because I did not know. A website listed him at 3, but I guess the hit was only $1.6. My bad I’ll never make a dumb mistake like that again.

    I still think that’s a little much to play in the AHL, and it looks like that could be where he is headed if he doesn’t pick it up this season (should he make the team).

    Nice fudged statistics there. Yea he scored 52 goals in two seasons. How many goals did he score in 3 seasons? That’s what I thought, chump. Rmant is right you are not the hockey authority. You sure act like it, though.

    PS I’m all about giving your little man-crush Prucha another shot. And/or trading him.

  32. “At least use Salty’s name next time!”


    eaaasy brah…. I take a week off and return to find this!?!

  33. Salty, nice to see you. Trolls and Drury love are taking over. It’s terrible.

    Noonan and Rmant – i’m sorry you guys disagree about Prucha and I understand your POV. Mine is this, when Prucha saw powerplay time and played with decent centers and wingers, he produced…flat out. He had goals when he was given time with offensive players. Perhaps he’s not big and he’s not a setup guy but he’s proven valuable as a player who, when given mixed with the right components, flourished!

  34. When it comes to Prucha, those who are big fans of his always mention the powerplay. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Jagr the main force on the powerplay during that time when he was scoring goals.

    And he’s gone. Say what you want about Jagr’s effort, contract, leadership, etc – there’s no one on the current roster who holds a candle to him offensive skill wise and Prucha benefited from it.

    Prucha flourished on the same style of powerplay that most on this blog felt needed to be completely revamped…..

  35. Has up-to-date real time news as well, thats why i thought it was strange because I doubt this is true

  36. I don’t think that Prucha is soft yet I do think Prucha has a big target on his back and takes a lot of big and sometimes dirty hits because of his size.

  37. JJP, solid points about Jags, Prucha, and the powerplay. I think the missing piece of the puzzle was actually Nylander, or the chemistry between Jagr and Nylander. Them two handling the puck allowed Prucha to get open ice for garbage goals or to one-time shots. Prucha’s shot was definitely better his first 2 seasons, but his play on the PP was definitely diminished and cut to almost zero just as his offensive role while even strength was cut down.

    To be honest, for everyone defending Chris Drury’s production and his “team leading 25 goals,” how were those 25 different from the 52 Prucha scored his first two season? Mostly PP. Mostly garbage goals. A lot of them benefitting from Jagr’s skills. I’m not sure I see Prucha as a first line wing, but he may ONLY be effective as a second liner.

    And if Renney or Sather already decided he’s not playing more than 14 minutes a night, then might as well trade him because some team will want him.

  38. It’s OK trufans; we disagree about Prucha you just seemed a little steamed off the bat. Is he your son or something?

    And JJP is right, Prucha ‘flourished’ under Jagr’s pp. The big bad selfish Jagr who never tried or did anything for anyone but himself.

    If Prucha doesn’t produce this season, I’d try to trade him for something. (And I’d try and throw in Jessimen–teehee!)

  39. Noonan.

    Throwing in Jessiman is a great idea in a trade, but who the hell is gonna want a guy who is the only 1st rounder of the 03 draft to never play in an NHL game nor are the signs there that he is going to. The only reason Sather signed him was to try to save face and give the guy another chance that he is the only player of 30 not to play in the NHL. I highly doubt anyone else in the league would give him anything more than a $475k, 10% 2 way contract.

  40. If Prucha doesn’t produce this season, I’d try to trade him for something.

    If Prucha DOES do something production-wise this year, I probably trade him because he’s a UFA next year.

  41. jason: we need to find a team stupid enough to think they need and can change Jessimen.

    truefans: xactly he’s on his way out anyways so may as well get something > a used bag of nothing for him.

  42. onecupin67years on

    If you look through Beers previous comments via google, he says different things, than denies them later. People are actually easy to catch if you pay attention. I saved yesterdays comment…trust me, it wasnt a Troll.

  43. dude. The moderator, sam, lohud, can all see what email address is used to post comments. I’m not really worried about it.

  44. JJp and noonan, great points. Prucha’s success is simply a bi-product of Jagr’s insane year. Once he was asked to carry his own weight (which is about 150pds) he was completely inept and continuously taking big shots. I applaud his toughness and desire, but that’s not enough in this sport. You have to be able to produce. Not to mention that it is embarassing to watch him get plastered time and time again. It makes the whole team look like p*ssies and gives the other team (and their fans)momentum. I have nothing against him personaly but I just don’t see him fitting in, and he could be great trade bait.

  45. Something seriously needs to be done about the trolls. I don’t even enjoy coming to the blog anymore.. and I love this blog for all my Rangers news.

  46. Jessiman was one of those draft picks (like Cherepanov) whom many thought was going to be an impact player or even a star. The fact that he is the only player in the entire first round to never play an NHL game makes me want to vomit. I have other choice words for him, but I will keep them to myself.

  47. Does the Nasty 1 need to come in here and make sure everyone is playing nice? Quick question folks, when do tickets go on sale to the public?

  48. onecupin67years on

    NOW NOW –Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. Some of you are really big fish who can’t resist a juicy worm.. If you take time to hi jack a name — A reminder, get a LIFE!!

  49. My apologies for starting wars in here, but to bad. I hate the Rangers, i hate people with no life. Id like to meet you all in a dark alley and show you what i have in my pocket.

  50. Responding tocomment at 3:10, Me too! Now what? East Side Club at 227 E56st…(212)753-2222.

  51. Never seen him skate, but some said he almost made the team out of camp last year. Now I hear he will be in the best shape ever.Hope he just hangs around the nets for rebound shots or to pass out to a teammate. With his size that is not too much to ask.
    If he has a good camp they may be forced to keep him up. What with all those comments about being a high number 1 pick.

  52. Beer Me!

    I’m not sure I’d agree with your size assessment. Maybe in the old NHL. But guys of Jessiman’s size actually need to have a fair degree of talent, otherwise they’re pylons in this league(see: Steve McKenna, Krzysztof Oliwa, neither of whom ever skated in the NHL after the lockout).

    About Jessiman’s injury, I don’t think that held him back as much as not finishing out his college career at Dartmouth. He needed to go back to a league where he could dominate and get his confidence up, not get blown out of the water at the AHL level. I have no doubt Hugh would have had a season like he did last year a year earlier had he stayed in college.

  53. prucha had 59 goals in his 3 seasons. zherdev had 50 in his first 3. so a guy has 2 decent years and its a fluke but he has one bad year (not all his fault either) and it means his career is over? and maybe our pp wouldnt have been so bad this year if prucha was allowed to play with jagr again, that argument cuts both ways.

    and while jessiman never should have been picked that high, he could/should have gotten a chance on this team over someone like ryan hollweig and id say over sjsostrom as well.

  54. sjostrom is 100x better than jessiman just based on offensive potential.

    And you can’t compare Zherdev and prucha. Prucha is a garbage goal guy while zherdev is a guy that had nobody around him (he didn’t play with Nash) and has the ability to take over a game by himself.

    He’s definately matured and is getting accustomed to the NHL game and the American lifestyle, which is a problem that hurt him early in his career because he was a loner that missed his girlfriend and family. Jackets players said last year he was always hanging out with teammates for a change and getting involved in team activities. We got him at the right time.

  55. dude. The moderator, sam, lohud, can all see what email address is used to post comments. I’m not really worried about it.


    Not to mention IP addys… I *highly* doubt Beer Me said anything RE: accidents or whatever it was.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jonny, how the heck do you know who Zherdev did and didn’t play with during his first 3 seasons? How do you know it wasn’t Nash during any of those 3, are you actually a Jackets fan because that would represent an incredible wealth of knowledge??

  57. a casual observer on

    I can’t wait for training camp! I want to see who earns 3rd and 4th line spots.

  58. I guess my post with the link didn’t go through:

    Didn’t someone ask about *Fedor Fedorov* the other day? We may be seeing him next year! He signed with the Devils!

    As Fanball put it, “Federov has been far from a dynamo in his 18 career NHL games (two points), and he won’t have any fantasy value for 2008-09.”

    And on Jessiman with us, “The team has previously been disappointed by his progress, and he isn’t likely to hold any fantasy value next season.”

  59. I watch just about every team when I’m at school in boston, but especially when the rangers don’t have games (I have season tickets so I obviously can’t watch the other games live when I’m at the garden). I’m also a huge zherdev fan so I’ve watched him for awhile now. He did play a little with Nash over the years, but mostly on the powerplay. Last year he clicked pretty well with Jiri Novotny (former buffalo prospect) and also spent time playing with vborny, malhotra, and mostly Jason Chimera.

    Trust me, I watch the guys play before I make my comments.

  60. Also, its the same reason why I think sjostrom is a lot better than we give him credit for. When he was playing 2nd line in Phoenix with guys like Mueller and others, he was playing great offensively. We had no room for him so we stuck him on the 4th line and his offensive game declined a bit just due to lack of chances. You put him with better skilled guys and he’ll produce.

  61. onecupin76years on

    Robby Bonfire is back, and we know had something to do with yesterdays comment. As far as whats in your pocket, maybe your daddys condom he should have used the moment you were conceived. He spanked you, then turned around and said skippy…’Now Do Me”. A moment from your local mental health facility.

  62. a casual observer on

    Wonder if anyone knows of a site, organization etc. that is for fans trying to get some type of limits on baseball spending, so ALL teams can be competitive one day. Would appreciate anything on this topic.

  63. don’t compare Nik the kid to Prucha. Have you seen that lil phenom play on the Blue Jax?! He’s NASTY! Not a garbage goal scorer.

  64. OK, I’ll be very upfront here – I went to school with Hugh for two years, I think he’s a great guy, and I want very badly to see him succeed in the NHL. If that biases me somewhat on this subject then so be it.

    It is my observation that the ankle injury Hugh suffered in his junior year at Dartmouth was a major setback, which was exacerbated by the decision to have him start his pro career the following season (I’ve never asked how much of that decision was Hugh’s, and how much was the team’s). He was still trying to recover as he started in the pros, and the combination had him busted down to Charlotte.

    This year, he spent the full year in Hartford, and appears to have gotten himself back on track. In my opinion, Hugh’s pro career to this point has been a sometimes-ugly detour on the road of his career, and it has rejoined the main highway. Wherever it leads from here, I’m not sure, but I think we need to take into account what’s happened, not to mention the amount of work that Hugh’s had to put in to get to this point. Hopefully, that work will pay off with Hugh in a Rangers sweater before too long.

  65. i suggested registering our names during the playoffs last season when the trolling really started picking up

    and are we really that desperate for bodies in the ahl that we brought hugh back cause i dont think we are.

  66. Speed Ranger on

    DEJA: great idea, register our names.

    BEER ME: if you mean the post about Josh that was deleted, unfortunately it was indeed your name he used. Glad it was neither true, nor you :)

    SAM: thanks for taking care of us!

  67. In the “turnabout is fair play” quote department, the following quote is from

    A. Glen Sather
    B. Bob Gainey
    C. Lou Lamoriello

    “Without question, we feel he has the ability to play in the NHL. It’s up to him, though,” (he) said of Sergei Fedorov’s brother.

    If you said C, you’d be correct. I mean, doesn’t the fact that the guy never did anything here automatically disqualify him from Lou’s list of possible players? It sure used to.

  68. Looking at Zherdev last season the majority was either on a line with Peca & Nash, or Peca & Chimera. He did spend some other time with Novotny, Malhotra, Vyborny. Naslund is a bit clearer – he played nearly every even-strength shift with the Sedin twins.

    This is a good website for researching last years line combos and production etc..

  69. i bleed rangers blue on

    the best way to get rid of fake posters with duplicate names is to make us register for the site and have to log in

  70. Lou Bega

    Jessiman would need to play a game in the NHL to become the new Ryan Hollweg.

  71. Lou Bega
    Jessiman would need to board one person from every NHL team to have the potential of becoming the next Ryan Hollweg, that means he has to play at least 29 games this season.

  72. Wow, virtually ever player picked after Jessiman is a star or has atleast made a significant impact on their team.

    Gotta rank up there with some of our worst picks to date (i.e. Pavel Brendl)

  73. beth,

    I know I’ve seen it twice (I saw it at midnight when it came out and again yesterday) I will be seeing it again, just don’t know when, hopefully another matinee so its some bit cheaper…

  74. Dark Knight was the bomb.

    Was a little tipsd last time I saw it so going to see it again after work.

  75. Rangers picked Brendl and Lundmark in one draft early…both busts, and just to show you how BAD the Jessiman pick was, Anaheim had two picks in the First Round after us, and took Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, their foundation for the next ten years. Sather sucks, and yea,

  76. I was coming home from the beach on Sunday and was listening to NHL on XM radio. I don’t know who these guys were, they were not anyone I recognized, like Hradek or Clement. They were giving grades for teams’ offseason moves. I only heard one of the guys’ grades for Sather’s off-season moves, and he gave Slats a C-.

    He mentioned the following:

    The length of the contracts for Rozival and Redden. The loss of a bonafide scorer in Jagr and mentioned that Del Zotto will never be a NHL player. Called Zherdev a headcase and said the loss of Avery was a huge blunder. (as he louded Dallas for getting him and louded Columbus for acquiring Backman and Tyutin.) He also gave Lou a B- for the signings of Salvador, Holik, ROlston and there other dman.

    What I think these “experts” fail to see is the role that Redden and Rozival will play as over the course of the next three seasons Sanguetti, Del Zotto, Staal and Girardi become the face of the Rangers defense, and will need veterans to help them become better.

    These “experts” obviously are not aware of the goalie we have or aware of the emergence of Dubinsky and Dawes as bonafide future stars in New York. Nor are they aware that with Naslund, Gomez and Drury the Rangers have an a very solid forward nucleus.

    Nor are they aware that once you remove Jagr from the room, Renney should have much more control of things, like it is difficult to do when you have a Messier or Jagr on the ice.

    It just fractures me how some “experts” can give “B” grades to GM’s for trading or signing for guys like Salvador, ROlston, Tyutin and Backman, but give C’s for signing Naslund, Redden and Rozival.

    Which i why I rarely listen to so-called “experts”.

  77. yea the first time I saw it the theatres air conditioning didn’t work… they told us it would come on when the movie started but it never did. We were all feeling sick of heat (500 people in each theatre with three theatres showing it) My Mom and sister had to leave the theatre. I saw it with Jo yesterday, now I just need to find a time when My Mom wants to go back. I sat through the midnight show but it was real hard to be in that room, and I had bought all of our tickets so I wasn’t going anywhere!

    My Mom wants to rewatch Batman begins before she sees Dark Knight now

  78. hey guys serious question….

    ok my house has always had people calling and hanging up when we answer… but for the last few days its happened more and more often… by that i mean at least every day… now this is the secon time today that I answered the phone and no one answered me when I said hello… any ideas on how I can find out who is calling me when *69 doesn’t work?

  79. bklyn – not me man. There’s no point in my changing my name at this point. Just waiting for the troll to have something better to do with his/her time.

  80. Beer, how someone could not possibly have something better to do with their time other than troll a Rangers blog is beyond me.

  81. vogs i dont think u can call dawes a bonafide future star at all. lets see him score 20+ goals in a season before we even say he has an offensive future in the nhl.

    and while i cant comment on del zotto as he is so young, i think only sather and a few delusional ranger fans (i guess u included) liked the redden and roszival signings in terms of contract length and price. del zotto is probably at least two years away from the nhl and will most likely need time in the ahl.
    not to mention that say bobby and del zotto are both up in the nhl in 3 years. our defense would be equally as soft if not softer than it is now with del zotto, bobby, roszival and redden, and all those guys offensive minded.

    avery im not really upset about as if he really wanted to be a ranger he could have taken 800k less, but i still wouldnt have liked having avery locked up for the next 4 years.

    time will tell with zherdev


    I saw it as well, total sweetness !! As for the calling thingy, you should just get Caller ID, thats what my mom got.

    Im gonna miss that Marty, he was cool, he got all the chicks after he dumped his model wife. I remember seeing a pic of him at a bar with Straks, and Jags piss drunk. It was hilarious, Pruchs must have been the driver for them, poor kid.

    The czech posse looks just aboot done, Marty, Straks, Jags, Harry doesn’t even sound like he’ll get signed, Rozi, and Pruchs aren’t leaving the NHL. Ill actually miss them, but eh, no big deal.

  83. Glen Murray was put on waivers by Boston today.

    35yrs old, due $4.15m this season. Last year on his contract.

  84. Zipay has some quotes from Staal on the new aquistions over at his Newsday blog. (sorry sam).

  85. Pete:

    My point is how come Lou Lam gets a “B” grade for signing the 37yr old Holik, Rolston, Salvador, Martin, Federov, Brookbank and Mottau but Slats gets a “C” for signing Redden, Rozival, Naslund, Zherdev, Voros, Rissmiller and Mara?

    The point is this. These so-called “experts” are clueless.

    You say Sanguetti, Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, Rozival, Redden is a “soft” defense? How do you know? As far as I am concerned Girardi, Staal, Redden and even Del Zotto can play a physical game or can learn to. Are they Dion Phaneuf? Are they Brooks Orpik? No, but they are by no means soft.

    It would be nice for each team to have one punisher like Pronger, Komiserek, Orpik, Kronwall, but at this point we don’t. But it doesn’t mean Staal or Girardi don’t add that to part of their game and it certainly doesn’t mean the Rangers can’t obtain one via free agency or trade. TO pass judgement on our youth this early is being a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?

    To add, the way the NHL is headed, with hitting all but becoming extinct in the game, the Rangers can afford to have more offensive defenseman and trade one of them for a hitter if need be down the road.

    I will say to hear this “expert” tell us that Del Zotto might not be a legit NHL prospect does worry me. I’m already worried about Sanguetti.

  86. A smart defensman with potential offensive ability and good speed is priceless in the new NHL. I’m hoping Staal becomes that. Girardi, I believe, has peaked. Rozsival has gotten worse by the year since we acquired him. Redden, I can only hope plays his size and up to the expectations established by his paycheck. Mara’s solid. Kalinen, i’m concerned about. In the end I think our defense improved a little but not alot. I think it’s a little bit more physical, by not a lot. If anyone of these defensman drafts can turn into a mini-hybrid version of Phaneuf, that would be amazing.

    In the end, I think it will be another season playing defense by committee, leaving Henke out to dry one breakaway, one penalty shot and one odd-man rush at a time. “5th best defense,” also known as “1st best offense backchecking to play defense” and “1st worse defense when facing opponents on the rush” will probably stick again. The Rangers gave up so few shots because of Renney’s “5 in the picture” strategy. Our defense on its own was horrid last year and I’m afraid they’re only slightly improved since then.

  87. one of those guys will have to be traded and i hope its roszival or redden in a couple years as all four of those guys besides staal and girardi (who i am not entirely sold on) are far too similar.

    i think lou got that b.c. none of those contracts are terrible like the redden contract and while our d will prob be better than theirs, their team has less question marks than us. they needed another scorer and got rolston who can also help their pp and while he may have a deal that is a year two long, its not 2-3 years too long and 2-3 million too much like reddens and roszivals. our signings may have more upside potential but theirs seem to be the safer signings on the whole, thats the reason for the B- grade in my opinion. also redden, roszival and kalinin all had bad years last year, but sather did not at all take that into account in the contracts, so that also is a reason for a low mark.

    id be more likely to call in to question this guys expertise if he said the redden and roszival deals were good ones. and with naslund i think the rangers are less likely to get burned by that deal since it is only a two year contract

  88. Maybe the Rangers re-signed Jessiman because they knew if they didn’t Maloney would grab him.

    I have a hard time seeing how Jessiman has any chance of grabbing a 4th line role on the big club with Rissmiller, Voros, Orr, Moore, Byers, and others above him in skill and salary.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t say Orr is above Jessiman in skill, but he is a MUCH, MUCH better fighter.

  90. SAM whoever is putting up this nambla thing should be blocked. Let them call the aclu .

  91. Tony from AZ on

    bklynblue, the more you respond to the troller the more he/she/it will post.
    Don’t pay any attention & he/she/it will go play with themselves.
    We all know who’s who here.
    There are Ranger fans & those who want to be !

  92. “Oh Johnny Boy, the piper’s calling!

    He said that according to:

    Zherdev played numerous shifts with Nash, Chimera, Nvotny, and even Fedorov before he was traded. So much for Zherdev playing bottom line feeder time with other bottom liners?”

    Haha like I said he played with Novotny and Chimera most of the time. Maybe at the start of the year he was with Nash a bit, but I know when I watched him, especially towards the end of the year he was with Novotny and Chimera (I actually forgot he played with Peca too), who aren’t bottome feeders, but aren’t exactly top line studs either. Most of the time I did see him with Nash, he was on the powerplay. Look I know what I saw when I watched the games and I know most of the time he wasn’t with Nash.

  93. Also I’d like to know the accuracy of that. Example is does it take into account how some guys just start a game on the same shift but split up after that or bad timed line changes and stuff? Or maybe after a PP if guys stay on together? Thats really my only questions about that.

  94. Why all the fuss about a word? Gary Glitter is a National Hero, Rock N Roll with me, baby.

  95. Sorry to hear one of our L Hud family met with an untimely death. Our prayers are with the family.

  96. Jonny, Being a techie myself I imagine the person uploaded the time on ice charts into a database, so thats why Zherdev had so many line combinations, unless you put some sort of filter on the data to say it has to be more than 10 seconds together to count you’ll get the lot. Where line changes are done on the fly there may well be a few stray entries – which is why its better to ignore the lower numbers.

    I put in Jagr’s name for even strength – he scored 20 points with Dubi and 15 with Gomez.

  97. SAM you have kids taking posters names because they think they’re funny. It’s way past time to block anyone who does it.

  98. it warms my heart a little bit how i can not post on here for a few days and someone uses my name. it makes me feel like a true core member of the blog.

  99. We could really use some type of Ranger-specific news today. An update on anything? Dates of camp?

  100. just read a piece on Yahoo sports about the St Louis/Shanahan rumors being just that, rumors.

    He has no other team he wants to play for except for NY. Until he gets a definite YES or NO, he’s not making any inquiries to other teams.

    The Article also said ALOT of teams would be very interested in his 20+ goals a year, powerplay ability and leadership on and off the ice.

    Again, I hope we can squeeze SHanny back for one more year

  101. Let’s say we do sign Shanny….(I am against this btw, he cannot play 80g and then play the playoffs…love the guy, classic 1st ballot HoFer, but when it’s time, it’s time).

    Then we have Gomer, Naz, Zherdev, Drury, Dubi, Cally, Dawes, Shanny, Prucha, Betts, Orr, Sjostrom, Voros, Rismiller, Fritsche….15….not to mention Korpi, Anisimov, Jamtin, Moore, and anyone else you want to throw in there.

    What the heck are we doing with 15 guys with real NHL experience plus at least 4-5 others who could be viable….

    Given the dearth of new info on this site, maybe some of you can speculate on what to do with that crop of players. I mean 15 guys? At this rate, I gotta think the Wolfpack is the team to beat in the AHL.

  102. Give Shanahan the PP coach job, and then maybe bring him back for the 2nd half along with Sundin to go for The Cup. ( if they’re in contention)

  103. Newman:
    Obviously not all of them are making the team, 3 must go, but who?
    I would assume this gets decided in camp, with probably some decision coming before them (obviously Gomer, Naslund, Dubi, Drury,etc.)

  104. With or without shanny, the teams avg age is going to be around 26. That’s awesome.

  105. new newman – i think the Pack is really shallow on d and in goal as well. as for the forwards if any of the “vets” gets sent to the AHL they will stay there because the team can not afford the 1/2 cap hit. vets means guys like rissmiller, etc.

  106. yea i dont see the wolfpack improving that much at all, most of these guys aren’t scorers regardless of their level. maybe u throw sjostrom down there he gets 20 goals, but as we all know we have a glut of 3rd/4th line nhl talent and a glut of prospects that project to that ability. sather has only partially replenished our system, we still need scorers

  107. “Jonny, Being a techie myself I imagine the person uploaded the time on ice charts into a database, so thats why Zherdev had so many line combinations, unless you put some sort of filter on the data to say it has to be more than 10 seconds together to count you’ll get the lot. Where line changes are done on the fly there may well be a few stray entries – which is why its better to ignore the lower numbers.

    I put in Jagr’s name for even strength – he scored 20 points with Dubi and 15 with Gomez.”

    Thanks. I was just wondering because its really tough to keep track of that stuff.

    And I honestly think if we are doing into camp with 14 forwards, we’ll probably keep all 14 and just run one extra D. That’ll give us the 23 we need. We are fine with players, however it depends on if Jamtin makes the club. If he does, then you can probably say bye bye to prucha or expect to see Callahan down in the AHL again.

    Pete, Sjostrom is an NHL player. We gotta give him a chance with a scoring line. In Phoenix he did fine when he was playing on the 2nd or 3rd line. I think if we can get him 2nd or 3rd line minutes here, he can score 15-20 goals (he was on pace for that before he got traded).

  108. Guys…You gotta take my post with a grain of salt…(or maybe I have to be clearer)….I don’t give a frog’s fat ass about the Wolfpack. I am just wondering about other people’s concerns (which I have) that we have a glut of so-so forwards alongside Gomer, Dru, Zherdev, Naz, etc. Add Shanny to the mix and we have a bunch of forwards for 12-13 slots. What will happen? Cuz like someone else just pointed out, I don’t think you want 4 or 5 guys earning $500k each (or whatever their avg salaries are) down in Hartford.

  109. Brandon Dubinsky may indeed be a future “star”. Nigel Dawes will never even be a first line player and you can’t be a “star” second and third line guy.

    Nice player in Dawes? Yes. Star? 100 percent no.

  110. new newman – re the Pack. you might not care about their record but should care about development. so if they are losing a lot of games it might hurt development of someone like Sanguinetti. and if we have very little nhl caliber dmen down there (for this season not down the road) what do we do if a dman gets hurt on the Rangers.

    so looking at what you are talking about it would seem like the Rangers should trade a forward for a young dman with options so he can be brought up if needed.

  111. I say we give Dawes a full year before we start setting limits on what the kid can do.

    When I said star, I should have said “star” for the NEw York Rangers.

    That being said, Montreal, Washington, Philadelphia all have better rosters than we do. Might not have the best goalie, but have tougher, harder hitting, harder skating players than the Rangers roster.

    I think we upgraded this summer, not that there were many options, but those rosters are still better than ours.

    Philly with Lopul, Carter, Richards, Briere and we all know about MOntreal and Washington… Rangers will be hard-pressed to make it to the eastern finals. Of course if Henrik stands on his head, anything can happen. But we’ll just have to see if he has that in him.

  112. Guys:

    Liffiton, Sauer, Potter, Sanguetti should be a pretty decent D corps in Hartford. They will be young upfront and indeed might have a tough season, but at least they’ll be skating and developing.

  113. watching Big Liff play hurts your eyes. He’s so bad. haha. Ok maybe not so bad, but he should never see anymore time in the NHL.

  114. Liffitons first NHL game was one of the best games of 06-07 , i think it was St Patricks Day, Cally scored his first NHL goal, along with his second, Cullen scored 2 goals, Aves had a goal, Pruchs, i think we shut them out 7-0, i hope we can go back to bitching the B’s, we swept themtwo seasons in a row, THEN THAN they nearly swept us last season, but managed to beat them in the shootout.

    Liffiton kicked someones ass in that game as well.

  115. That was one of my favorite games (to attend) all-time. It ranks up there with richter night, messier night, leetch night. As an irishman on st patty’s day with my irish brothers and their wives, we hopped on a train around 10am, hit the blarney…and the rest…is the rest.

    Somehow I spent $300 and went home with nada.

  116. Nope. But speaking of Prague. I know Nasty knows the show…but on MOJO(cablevisionHD) there’s a show called Three Sheets. This dude just travels the world getting smashed. So he went to Prague once. And the first play he goes is Plzen(straka’s hometown). Goes to the brewery there and the guy that he met’s last name was Prucha. Looked just like peter too. Then as he goes through the place, there’s another prucha I think, again, look-alike. It was amusing, at least to me.

  117. Dont want to cause panic, but I was on another Rangers site before, and it says Cherapanov was in a “mild’ car accident this morning, yet I see no news source about it. Please confirm. deja.

  118. Beer, I am going to party with Zane from Three Sheets in two weeks. I will be attending Zanecrawl Boston Aug 8-10th

  119. at best sjsostrom should be on our 3rd line and even thats questionable. i mean there is a reason phoenix a team with a weak offense gave up on him for marcel hossa and al montoya. my point re hartford was not that i care if they are a good team in terms of winning games but kind of player is being developed and how they are developing. i just feel as i think most would concur that a majority of our forwards in hartford are in the callahan role where itd be a big surprise if they are productive second line players. time we start drafting some guys with real offensive ability (guess thats easier said than done tho) but it just bothers me that we keep signing/trading for guys that are just like our kids in hartford before we give those very kids a real chance. and letting moore or byers play one game is not a chance. people say they have to make the best of that opportunity even if its only one game, but plenty of the guys we have brought in have been bad for more than just one game yet they are still around and some even get raises

  120. Pete, You didn’t see ANY offensive flashes from Sjoestrom last year? None at all? Wow, i’m surprised. Even on the fourth line, many plays, I saw Freddy Shjoes make something out of nothing and it ain’t like he’s got such talented linemates helping out (offensively, I take nothing away from Betts defenisvely and Orr fighting).

    Thank Goodness Hollweg’s gone. Now that I’m thinking about it, it was nice to have someone who could run around like a wrecking ball but when it came down to it he was a terrible fighter and sorta’ a panzy when the gloves were off.

  121. Did someone say Three Sheets? MMMMMMMMM, my favorite TV show. If you don’t have the network, do yourself a favor and buy the season 1 and season 2 DVDs. You will not regret it.

  122. Tony from AZ on

    Sjoestrom was very popular in Phx. He always made a scoring chance out of nothing. I watched him play often. I hope he gets his chance with the Rangers.
    I think he left Phx because Maloney wanted Montoya/Hossa, not because he sucked in Phx !

  123. Hey Beer…. I hit up the Blarney before every game… we’ll have to grab a pint of Smithwicks before a game this year !!
    Actually I may have a bit of a drinking affliction… I am usually at the Blarney after the games as well !!!!

  124. We better beat Melrose in Prague…seriously…I won’t be able to stand losing to that guy. Forget about fashion sense, of which he has none, I’m not sure how anyone would hire him…still this is pretty funny in a “hey barry, how’s your foot taste?” sort of way:

  125. vogs

    Sauer had acl injury at end of last season so how much he’ll play this yr is up in the air. I thought Liffiton was hurt a lot last yr as well. and as of now someone from Hartford will have to be in our top 7 dmen on the Rangers so that could be Potter or Pock.

  126. Three Sheets is amazing and I can’t wait to go drinking with Zane because maaaann…. he seems like one hell of a party

  127. Please tell Beer Me to stop posting NMABLA information on a hockey site, as my two sons visit here. Also, fould a great site for psospects and past drafts called

  128. ok sam, can you please have registration, the very thought of someone making a holocaust joke under my name is disgusting

  129. Tony from AZ on

    Hey Pete, e mail Sam he’s pretty good about removing offensive remarks.
    OR maybe Sam can just give us the assholes e mail address & we’ll do the rest !
    Some people are just scumbags

  130. Sam, trust me, these comments are being made by someone that wants policy changes, and are making these stupid comments to serve their purpose, trust me, Now I know,

  131. back to the purpose of the blog

    Tom Renney will be on Boomer and carton this morning on 660 wfan

  132. that last one wasn’t me. It’s getting worse. You’ll never see me post at that time. I’m fast asleep by then.

  133. Beer, I am going to party with Zane from Three Sheets in two weeks. I will be attending Zanecrawl Boston Aug 8-10th


    That’s F’n sweet!! I wish I knew about it, I’d so be there.

    btw…I really hope you guys can tell who is who.

  134. Yeah Beer that wasn’t me… I know it’s not you posting that stuff.. just like I don’t have two sons

  135. Love all the frustrated Islander trolls, here. From New York Islanders to either Las Vegas Blue Chips or Kansas City Cow Chips = can’t wait to get them and their “fan base” relocated.

  136. Sam, enough of this. This is the internet and you require people to post their email addresses. I cannot believe some of the crap I am reading here. We know who the real posters are, you can tell. If you have been on this site longer than a few months, you know who the regulars are. You also know who the d-bags are who are trying to F with people. You have their email addresses. Just block them. Referencing people’s demise, calling people Auschwitz survivors, etc., it’s all getting to be a bit out-of-bounds.

    Do something about it please…

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    It is Islander fans going through Kaspar withdrawal.

    I expect Penguin fans will follow in about 4 years. Everyone gets the Kaspar 10 year itch. Ha, that sounds so dirty.

  138. I Bleed Rangers Blue on

    does sam or anyone know when the 1st day of training camp is? i havnt even heard a date for what day it might be

  139. I know a lot must have been written about him when we signed him, but I seemed t have missed it. Can anyone give me the heads up on Kalinin’s game? Thanks.

  140. Just read an article on Prospect park blogs.
    To sum up, was all about Chemistry and how goign into this season the only line that has histoy and success was the Drury, Dawes, Cally line.
    Druy, the scorer, Dawes the play maker, Cally the dirtyman looking for the garbage goals and loose pucks
    MAde a strong point for keeping them together as a line and for Renney to STOP JUGGLIng!!
    Went on to say that one of Renneys biggest critiques from last year was he never kep anyone together long enough for chemistry to build on its own. Which I agree he was way too quick to throw people around.

    I like the idea of keeping them together at the beginning of this season, any thoughts?

  141. I like the idea of keeping them together at the beginning of this season, any thoughts?


    No more #68. Problem solved.

  142. Tony from AZ on

    The only two posters from here that I ever see on a Newsay site are myself and Deja. I am no longer posting there, as one of us may have triggered some angry fans there. Keep up the great work fellows. We have the best game in Town.

  143. Cindy Crosby on

    TSN says Shanahan wants to come back another year with the Rangers… Shocker!! Didn’t we know this months ago? It also says Sather wants to bring him back.. Did he not say the same with Jagr?

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