More than a decade later, are the Rangers headed down a familiar path?


Update, 10:30 a.m.: The Rangers have re-signed Greg Moore, ensuring more trips on the Greg Moore Highway. No word yet on terms…

Earlier: One of the side effects of a job covering the Rangers is that when you go to a barbecue or the beach or even a golf tournament, people are likely to ask you about the team’s prospects for the season ahead. Which is fine. I like talking about the Rangers, otherwise writing about them in a blog and a newspaper would become painfully tedious.

But at least a half dozen times this weekend when people asked me what I thought about the team’s offseason moves, I struggled to articulate what exactly they’ve done.

Obviously, I know what they’ve done. I can give you the full list of trades, signings, and departures. But when it comes to assessing whether those moves helped or hurt the team, that’s when things get trickier

So usually I spew something about how they’re expecting to be a little quicker and a little more cohesive without some of their high-maintenance components from last season, and that they’re counting on a handful of new acquisitions to thrive under the spotlight in New York. And right about then is when the red flag should go up in all of your heads.

Look, this could work. There is a very good chance that Nikolai Zherdev delivers on his explosive potential. There is a chance that Markus Naslund looks more like a perennial All-Star than the aging wing he resembled last year in Vancouver; just as there is the good chance Wade Redden flourishes upon leaving what had become a negative atmosphere in Ottawa. All of those things, along with an increased comfort level for the likes of Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Henrik Lundqvist, and another year of seasoning for Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Nigel Dawes could make the Rangers a scrappier, more dangerous team in 2008-09.

But (and you knew this was coming)…….

What’s also to say these Rangers don’t turn out to be something like the 1997-98 Rangers? Think about it: a team loses a charismatic legendary captain and is forced to rely on players who either a) haven’t shouldered such a hefty responsibility before, or b) are past the point of being able to do so. A team that brings in some free agent signings as either a false tonic or a stop-gap solution, only to see those players are out of their depth playing in New York (or when it comes to Pat LaFontaine, riddled by injury).

Granted, every year is different, and they all contain extenuating circumstances that don’t apply anywhere else. But if there’s one note of caution, it is this: when you’ve had a reasonably effective formula for success, you put yourself at much greater risk when you decide to abandon that formula and begin anew.

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  1. I think we still lack a nasty, physical d-man. Should’ve signed Orpik instead of giving so much money to Redden, IMO.. I don’t know much about Kalinin.. the Buffalo fans seemed to love him as much as St. Louis fans loved Backman. I hope Redden’s contract doesn’t bite us (2 years too long IMO).

  2. Sam,
    I can see your point but at the same time, I think this team still has very good leaders…
    Drury, Gomez, and Naslund was a Captain.
    I never thought that Jagr was a great or even a good Captain…to me he seemed somewhat like Leetch. Maybe that is not exactly accurate…but when you’ve had “The Captain” everything else falls somewhat short.
    I think Gomez and Drury bring alot to the table and I also think last year they both realized it was JJ’s team. I think this year we will all see alot more of their leadership qualities.

  3. With all due respect, I’d say this year could play out more like the 2003-2004 season in terms of the players he’s assembled. That year, there was Kovalev, Anson Carter, Rucinsky, Simon, and Devries joining the core of Holik, Lindros, Nedved, Messier, Barnaby, Leetch, Malakhov and Kasparitis. On paper and even before the season began, it looked like an all-star squad. But the result was 27 wins and 48 losses.

    Now, I’m not saying this team is anything like the pathetic excuse 2003-2004 was(one of THE worst Ranger teams IMO). They’re clearly younger and have a very good farm system behind them in the event of a collapse. But it seems as though this squad has again tried to place square pegs into round holes.

    They needed a big, physical defensemen and a powerplay quarterback, they got Wade Redden. They needed a top-line offensive threat with size, they got Nikolai Zherdev and Markus Naslund. And these are the moves I’m actually OK with. Guys like Rissmiller, Voros and Kalanin don’t seem to fill any need in this organization.

    But at least next year, they’ll have Lundqvist. And he’s probably the difference between a contender and the lemons that became the 2003-2004 and 1997-1998 Rangers.

  4. Well…It all depends on how much “success” you’re looking for.

    Do you/we think we had our best shot (post-lockout)in ’06-’07 with the chemistry that jags, nylander, and straka had? With Hank in the middle of 3 (almost) vezina-worthy seasons? Was it this past squad? Would we go further in ’08-’09 bringing back the same players? That is, locking yourself up with jags for 2 more season, as per his request. Shanny back again, turning 40 this season. Avery at $4mil/per for 3 more years. Those signings most likely making the aquisition of a #1 or #2 dman impossible. Or at least only being able to add ANOTHER 3rd/4th dman.

    Would we be able to keep up with the likely division leaders in Pittsburgh? Wasn’t that, in large part, the reason we needed to get “younger and faster”? Some nights it was like we were dragging an anchor against some teams.

    I still believe we’re headed in the right direction. This team once again will be a question mark like ’05-’06. That team was “successful” due to the fact that it was surrounded by uncertainty (just like this one). Also, just making the playoffs was “success” then. But this time, we’re built from the crease out. The way long-term “success” is often constructed. As well as being very strong down the middle. Tougher AND faster up front. With a game-plan, system, whatever you want to call it in place.

    I’d be more concerned bringing back the same players with no additions/changes than the team as we look today.

  5. I think our forward lines got more physical…Rissmiller is huge as is Voros. I still think a there is a trade in our future…I could be wrong but I still think Sather has something up his sleeve…unless Staal steps up and becomes that physical defensemen.

  6. Beer me – I think Jagr wanted 3 years. no nhl team offered more than 1 year due to the 35 and older stuff – counts vs cap no matter what. also Avery was 4 years.

    re Orpik – pitt got hometown discount. we tried and offered more dough he elected to go with a winner. we can’t hold a gun to his head and make him sign a contract.

    my expectations are tempered vs last 2 years. but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  7. is it October yet? This heat sucks and baseball…well it just doesn’t cut it and sucks as well…

  8. GIJOE – I threw a little speculation in there :) Very unlike me to do so, but I thought maybe it coulda been swung. Just thinking about 3 more years … ugh. If he took the 1st 50 games off this past season, WTF would he have done 3 years from now? DECIDE he wants to try JUST in the playoffs? Oh the humanity!!! And Avery…how many times would he have to rumble in practice till the team said they’ve had enough?

  9. Avery rumbled in practice with Malik, who clearly had no heart out there and never used his assets. If you play with no heart you should get called out on it.

  10. Sam seems to be traveling down the same road as brooks from the post…

    There is an element of mystery for every new player to any team regarding performance.

    This is not a phenomena limited to the NYR. It’s only because this franchise has relied so heavily on building a team through (failed) trades and free-agency in the past that we come such scrutiny. I suppose it is warranted to a degree.

    Here what annoys me…

    Sam writes

    “But (and you knew this was coming)…….

    What’s also to say these Rangers don’t turn out to be something like the 1997-98 Rangers? Think about it: a team loses a charismatic legendary captain and is forced to rely on players who either a) haven’t shouldered such a hefty responsibility before, or b) are past the point of being able to do so. A team that brings in some free agent signings as a stop-gap solution, only to see those players are out of their depth playing in New York (or when it comes to Pat LaFontaine, riddled by injury).”

    They dynamics of Messier leaving this team in 97, couldn’t be more different than this team now.
    Messier was the heart and soul of the NYR, and the team looked up to him, they treated him like a dog, and Gretzky was left holding the bag. The defense was pitiful and richter was left out to dry night after night.

    Jagr was a superstar HOF goal-scorer, but the words charismatic legendary captain should never follow Jagr’s name. He sulked this past season with the new additions and dragged his feet many a nights. His refusal to take shootouts, only solidifying how much of prima donna he is. He openly courts Russian Omsk while this team is in the playoff hunt, only to admit to holding back in the season for the playoffs.

    Gomez is a 2x stanley cup winning champion, along with Drury who became the face of the Sabres lockeroom during their dominance of the east 2 seasons ago. Wasn’t Naslund a captain for many years in Vancover? Doesn’t Redden have any leadership qualities to bring from 10+ seasons in Ottawa?

    Naslund for Jagr, in terms of production at their ages are probably a wash. Naslund is known for being a team player. Redden was always viewed as top first pairing defenseman, and at 31 is in his prime, but after one bad TEAM season he’s a stop-gap? Even Zherdev at 23 is a stop gap player?

    Sam, this article is just a flawed premise which leads to an idiotic conclusion.

  11. Just culling dregs like Hollweg, Strudwick, and Backman, while turning the corner in timely fashion as regards Jagr, Straka, and possibly Avery, represents a net upgrade. This is offset, to some degree by the signings of Kalinen and Redden, and the retension of Mara – the usual annual blocking of better young talent in the system, but overall, a decent grade of about B-.

  12. Zherdev isn’t a stopgap, he’s a question mark. He has maturity issues and they’re hoping he can straighten them out in NY.

  13. I can’t see how adding a true top first paring d-man like redden can’t be anything but great!

    Rosival can now play appropriate min. and perform even better.

    Malik, Backman, and Strudwick gone is a huge improvement by subtraction.

    Kalinin is a wash

  14. Jagr also won ZERO cups without Lemieux..

    Rangers will be younger, faster, better led, and play an overall more inspiring brand of hockey this season..

    I wish they would have gotten a physical DMAN.. but as long as we stay competive we may be able to pick one up near deadline (if nothing else gets done b4 start of season)…

  15. To be fair to Jagr, he and Francis are the reason for one of Pittsburgh’s cups (when Mario was hurt).

  16. onecupin67years on

    Sooner or later the rangers have to lucky with all their picks and trades. But I think if the team hit a losing streak they’ll be some moves, Dawe’s low $$$ signing makes him potentially good trade bait.But they need to get meaner ,that european no hit hockey style they played last year sucked.Jagr was hit on every shift he played.

  17. Jagr was a prolific offensive threat throughout his career.. You may or may not be able to replace his point production (on the decline).. and you probably cant measure his true value in that night in and night out he wears down the opponents top D…

    But he NEVER was a LEADER.. This team gets better without him and the fact that he is out of the NHL all together only sweetens the deal…

  18. We need a higher, “Power Surge” in here. BTW, are we having another Live Blog soon. and my friends in Ohio say Zherdev will be an absolute Bust. He,s not mature,and probably will finish his career in the KHL.

  19. I see both sides of the issue here. Sam’s point is well-taken. With Jagr, the Rangers were a virtual lock to make the playoffs. Say what you will about his motivation and all that, when push came to shove, Jagr was still capable of playing world-class, dominating hockey, as we saw in last year’s playoffs. And I think he was more well-liked in the locker room than a lot of people on here are claiming. How do you know what he was like? By Sam’s accounts, which I trust because he actually goes INSIDE THE LOCKER ROOM, Jagr was affable and good-humored. And he wasn’t a listless leader (look at Dubinsky and Prucha for proof, two players who flourished under Jagr’s guidance). Stop bashing such a world-class player and a decent human being, really, enough is enough. He’s off “your” team now, but please appreciate what he did for this team and for you as a fan.

    That said, I like to see the Rangers going forward and not settling for 6th-place finishes and 2nd round exits. I remain cautiously optimistic and still think the issue for this team will be scoring goals. To that end, my fingers are crossed that we get 30 goals from Zherdev and 25 from Naslund and that Prucha returns to something close to his 30-goal form. I’ve said it before, with Shanny, Jagr, Avery and Straka gone, the Rangers just lost about 100 goals…a good percentage of the total output last season.

  20. Zherdev scored 26 goals in a similar defensive system playing with Peca and Chimera. I’ll be shocked if he nets less than 40 with Gomez and Naslund.

    It seems the Ohio fans (the pinnacle of hockey towns) think he took shifts off.. well it’s OHIO! I’d be miserable as well!

  21. I think the loss of Avery hurts the physical side of the team as well. Say what you will about the guy but anyone who gets pissed enough to fight a teammate in practice is going to be a physical threat on the ice. Sure we added some 3rd/4th line guys but they won’t see the same ice that Avery did.

  22. JJP, I’m 50/50 on the Avery issue. As much as I loved what he brought to the team in terms of spirit (and in post-game interviews), he missed 1/3 of the season because of wrist injuries… how that doubles his paycheck is ridiculous.

  23. Jagr made this team a playoff contender. That’s a fact. But management gave up on that idea for some unknown reason, because they think they can do better with an entire new team? What? Rebuilding for the future again? Why? Why were the first players signed 3rd and 4th liners? What was the rush with that? Patrick Rismiller is so amazing they had to get him right away? Drury and Gomez were integral parts of Cup winning teams, but they have never led teams anywhere. Zherdev is a head case who Jagr could have helped. Sather’s history is a lack of respect for his own players, and then blaming them for not taking his low-ball offers. These management moves are frightening.

  24. First I will say that I am pretty sure the Rangers brass knows more than me. (You know when I write that it sounds so simple and easy, but there is alway that little voice I hear that says, “You never know…instinct has as much, if not more, importance than knowledge at times.”) I am hoping that Sather and Renney have a master plan that sees things more clearly than I do.

    In any case, it appears to me that up front we stocked the team with second and 4th liners in the offseason. Gomer is a pure first liner, anywhere he plays. Not sure about everyone else. What about guys like Naslund and Zherdev? They are surefire 2nd liners, but we don’t have a super threat line like we have had in the past. Then I look at guys like Voros, Rismiller, Fritsche, Jamtin, and think, “Well now they can cut Hollweg, but are they going to dump Orr (our only pure fighter) and Betts (VERY SOLID 4th line defensive center, PK, shot-blocker)?”

    Did the team just get more well-rounded with less offensive punch? Did we get tougher, with less goal scoring potential? Did we get faster, but reduce our finishing capabilities? We were not exactly an offensive juggernaut last season. There are tons of questions. How many of the guys acquired will actually make the team? That last question is aimed more at the last 4 guys signed that I mentioned.

    Defensively we tried to make some moves and also created some questions. Was Ottawa a situation gone bad or did Redden’s affinity to Columbian Marching Powder cause that situation to become worse than it was? Has he really lost a step or does he need a change of scenery? Redden is sort of a PP QB and sort of a bone crunching D-man but he is not really a top 5 NHL D-man in either category, IMHO. Our D got a slight upgrade but not a quantum leap higher that would have been the case if Orpik was wearing a Blueshirt instead of Kalinin.

    I was hoping there was one more deal to be had including anyone of the new 4th liners we got, Prucha, and someone else either for a power forward or a real stay at home crunching D-man.

    Anyone have thoughts to help me figure it out?

  25. Regarding the departure of a charismatic, legendary captain, I believe you are overstating Jagr’s influence on Broadway. He was a legendary, charismatic goalscorer, but not much of a captain. His on ice attitude was obviously, give me the puck in a place where i can score. Yes, he worked hard, but so much of it was done without the team that he was difficult to regard as a true captain. So, in my opinion, the Rangers are not as you say, a team trying to replace a charismatic, legendary captain.


    Even if they were, they have players who have been placed in this situation previously and are in their primes, not on the downswing of their careers ready to step up and take the reins of this team. Ready to truly lead in the locker room, on the ice and in every other aspect of life. Chris Drury is a captain. Scotty Gomez is an assistant. They both have true leadership qualities and are in the middle of their primes. This, to me, was the reason the Rangers went out and over spent last year in order to get these two guys, so that this season we were not trying to replace Jagr, Straka and Shanahan with guys like Naslund and Redden. Now Naslund and Redden have the ability to come in and be role players, like a first year player on a playoff hockey team should be expected to be.

    Feel free to say I am wrong if it turns out to be not as smooth as predicted, but I think the transition should work out nicely.

  26. Bogans/Newman…it’s all anyone’s guess right now. Including Slats. Who knows what’ll happen. Just try to enjoy it. That goes for everyone.

    We know we needed a bona-fide top line RW. The ONLY player that fit, that available as a UFA this summer was Hossa. He’s in Det now. 2nd in line was Jagr. He wanted too long a term that made sense for the NYR long-term committment to get younger and faster. I wouldn’t expect us to score more goals than we did last season. But I DO expect to allow even LESS than last year.

    I was also on board for needing a big physical dman. I think we will approach this season with ‘physical-ness by comittee’. That’s not a big deal really. We needed to get tougher, and we did. Needed to get faster, and we did. And even if Redden had a bad year last year, he’s now our best dman. Doesn’t say a hell of a lot about what we had back there, eh? Although….Staal is going to be nasty. But we all know it takes dmen a little longer to hit thier NHL stride.

    speed rangers – that’s a good point. Laughable to a point, but interesting.

  27. “Jagr won ZERO cups without Lemieux”

    Lemieux won ZERO cups without Jagr

    Lol gimme a break over here, i really hate it when people say that. If Lemieux was so god like, he would have won a few more cups before his health went down south. Its a team game, Jagr was just as big a part as Mario, and everyone else on that team. Mario sure as shit didn’t carry the Pens, it was the whole team, hell, the whole team even carried the cup, mwahaha, anyway…..

    Sundin has confirmed that his decision will be at the end of July or start of August, he said Nucks made a nice offer obviously, and Havs as well, but the Leafs are not out of his options. No mention of Nyr though.

  28. Whoever is posing as me, will you please pay my bills, and feed my Man. Now, as far as Zherdev goes, if he scores 30, consider it a bonus.

  29. Other than Newman, no one shares my fear that THIS TEAM WILL NOT SCORE GOALS? Why does everyone harp on this younger/tougher/faster thing when putting the puck in the net is still the object of the game. Yeah, attitude is huge, and I think Renney is a great coach for giving his team the right attitude, but that doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t enough talent to score goals on the squad.

  30. NYR-08

    “Messier was the heart and soul of the NYR, and the team looked up to him, they treated him like a dog…”

    Whoa…am I seeing a bit of revisionist history here? Are you saying THIS organization treated ME$$ier as ‘dog’? I’m going to have to disagree. Sure, they could have extended his contract earlier on than they did. But Messier was the one that chased nearly $7 million per all the way to the west coast after “feeling things out” during free agency. In truth, no one ever thought Mess would leave. And who would? They pretty much moved players around to accommodate him. As much as he brought to the Ranger organization, he screwed them in the end. He was the one that created the fiasco know as the 1997-98 season.

  31. Some fans cant read, Rob, do you reade the other comments, or just post your own? Why dont you see the squalk I,ve been making about all the players we lost, as well as how “soft” the Dee is.

  32. RobC – NYR scored 205 goals last year and finished behind NJD who scored 195. This team (obviously) isn’t built to score goals. Just to score one more than the opposition. Which some nights may be just 1-0.

    195 goals last year was enough for a team to finished 4th in the conference, good enough for home-ice advantage in the 1st round.

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the ’08-’09 Rangers will SCORE MORE GOALS than the previous years team. Allowing about the same (190) and finishing in the top 3 in the NHL for team GAA.

  33. Love the optimism, Beer, I really do. Either way, I’ll be rooting hard, as always.

    gotta say, the youtube clips of Zherdev had me salivating. This kid can really be a special player if he puts his mind to it.

  34. Jagr was not Messier and this will not be a repeat of 1998. Sather replaced the aging leaders (Jagr, Shanahan, Straka) and strengthened the defense. With former captains Drury and Naslund this team will have plenty of experienced leadership.

    The team has been built to execute the Renney style of play. We’ll see how it works out but I am optimistic.

  35. Apparently we have losers on this site with nothing better to do than use someone’s name to post garbage. Stay classy, loser.

  36. Last Year:


    #1 in the East in GAA.

    This year:




    The Ranger’s loose one Defenseman who was a line-up lock, and got two that are line-up locked. By my math thats deeper by one.

    Good Ranger’s defense = best in the east…
    Better Ranger’s defense = (_________) fill in the blanks.

  37. Sam great post!

    This may very well be a down season for this club but if you really think about it Jagr is really the only player that was not replaced in theory. Lets be honest only Hossa would have been the only close player to replace Jagr. Like a the defense for a minute. redden and Kalilin are not better then Backman and Tytutin. I liked Tytutin dont get me wrong but Zherdav in my opinion is the key. If he’s scores 30 goals this season then this team did good trading Tytuin. Its really to early to tell how good this team is going to be because I think there are still moves they are going to make. Sundin? Trading Prucha? To many fourth line players? Only time will tell!

  38. That things pretty cool. I have boxes of those things. Never really buy them in stores. Usually ebay for $5-10. But they have like zero resale value. Don’t know what to do with them all. They’re so bulky to store.

  39. It seems clear that the Ranger’s are taking a gamble on their system.

    By this I mean that the Rangers feel that they have been able to fill two out of four top positions on the blueline from within, and believe that they can do the same with two of the tope wing positions.

    In order to fill those positions, two of the Ranger’s incumbent forwards will have to produce at a pace within the top 240 in the NHL. That is the top six wingers on all the teams in the league and comes out to more than half a point per game. Dawes, with 29 points in 61, came in at around .47 points per game. Dubinsky, not a winger, came in just shy of .5 (82 games, 40 points). After that, there is a very large drop. If we assume they keep Dubinsky at center, and Dawes starts the season on the top line, the last spot is open to the first winger to get hot.

    Candidates include Prucha, Callahan, Sjostrom, Korpikoski, P.A. Parenteau, and Greg Moore. Only Prucha has every produced at the NHL at the required pace, but that was three years ago. Of this group of six wings, the Rangers are counting on at least one to step up and become one of the best 180 hockey wingers in the world.

    Who do you have your money on?

  40. To me, teams are rarely as good or as bad as they look on paper… it usually falls somewhere in the middle.

    While this squad will look (and I’m sure play) remarkably different than they did last year… doesn’t mean it’ll be a disaster… or a contender.

    The point is that the moves made were to solidify our blueline and not take on horrific contracts that would kill us a year or two from now (though I feel Rozi’s and Redden’s contracts are a bit close to that edge).

    Last year I was saying that if Hank had a decent defense in front of him he’d probably double his shutouts and win the Vezina in a walk. If he stays healthy he should have that defense now. Not a total shut-down d… but a pretty damn solid one and one that should keep us competitive night in and night out.

  41. Alright, I’m gonna say it: The notion that this isn’t a vastly improved team following these offseason moves is a joke. After the conclusion of the season, I laid out my own blueprint of what the Rangers’ offseason should look like, and while I obviously couldn’t predict all the names, the team has more or less gone in the exact direction I was praying it would. Hey, if I’m wrong, I’ll have to eat my words, but I’m ridiculously excited for the ’08-’09 season. This is a great, great squad. And hats off to Sather, who I’ve done nothing but bash over the years, but who finally appears to be smartening up.

  42. Rob C: WIth Shanahan gone, his replacement will almost surely dent the net for better than an 8 1/2 % shooting percentage. And that percentage for Shanahan was down from 14 to 11 to 8 1/2 over the last three seasons. What would it have been this year, 5% at best? There comes a time to say goodbye to even the great ones.

    With Jagr gone, his replacement will almost surely have a better turnover ratio. Jagr’s coughing up the puck almost three times more than he created turnovers really hurt the team in 2007-2008, in an almost overlooked, unpublicized way. No team or player plays mistake-free hockey, but the Rangers will be much improved in this critical area this coming season, giving them more scoring opportunities, and reducing the cheap scoring opportunities enjoyed by the opposition.

    This team figures to struggle and get off to a slow start as all the new faces adjust to eachother and adapt to a new system, but should hit a really competitive stride by the
    halfway mark of the season, especially with quality replacements waiting to step in for those players who falter in the Backman, Malik, Hollweg, Strudwick tradition of just not cutting it. Hopefully, promotions from within will supersede acquiring more Backman-types at the trade deadline.

    No reason this team cannot come together and win two post-season rounds, for a change.

  43. “Drury who became the face of the Sabres lockeroom.”
    Really? When was this?

    “Former Captain Chris Drury”
    …Umm, not quite. “former co-captain.”

    And to everyone calling drury an integral part of the Avalanche cup team – HELLO! He was 3rd line center! He played a good playoffs, but he was outscored by 4 other players and don’t give me the “clutch, two-way” crap; its’ as meaningless as wanting Shanahan back for leadership and wanting Malik back for his Plus/Minus.

  44. “Redden have the ability to come in and be role players, like a first year player on a playoff hockey team should be expected to be’

    we are paying redden 6.5 million to be our number one defenseman, not a role player. and it is not just this past year that he hasnt looked great. he has not been the same defenseman the last two seasons hence the sens trying to trade him both years. he may be a fine number 3 defensively who can man the pp point but he is not a number one pair defensively and certainly not worth that money for the next 6 years.

    and i hope zherdev can do well but 30 goals would be a plus 40 seems a bit unrealistic. also be weary that he has complained in the past about the fact that rangers fans boo their own players. i think it is gonna take a great experience in ny for him individually and as a team for him not to head to russia next year. that is purely my conjecture but his history and personality seem to lend itself to that

  45. Putting statistics aside for a minute, did anyone see the following all too frequently last year?

    Jagr coasting listlessly up and down the wing.

    Jagr stationary on the half boards on the Power Play.

    Marty Straka missing an open net.

    Shanahan significantly less intense going after loose pucks, after his Concussion/Collision with Mike Knuble the season prior.

    Sean Avery being tripped, hooked, speared, and slashed, but no call against the opposition, because after all, he’s Sean Avery.

    If nothing else, collectively as fans, we will not endure the above frustrations this year (not even mentioning Malik AND Backman).

    This team is more pliable. The Coach has more options, and is likely 3-5 wins better.

  46. Hey True fans, enough with you and bashing Drury, we all get it,you two had an illicit affair and he brok up with you so now you hate him. But it’s boring now because that’s all you ever say. Leave it alone already. Alot of people like the guy, get over it.

    Anyway, I think what we need to remember is the system. This team individually may have question marks throughout the line up but it’s built to perform within Renneys defense first system. Speed, back checking and “five in the picture” defense is what they will look like. Remember, how many games they won 2-1 last year? They will be even better defensively this year so they will not need to rely on huge scorers. Any team wide improvement in offensive production will help. And one must assume that they will be more productive offensively than last year, how could they not? And with no “superstars” each one will be playing their b@lls off!

  47. The only thing I’m not happy with is letting Avery go. I think that was a mistake. True, I don’t think he was worth the money but Sather let him go not for the money. After signing Rissmiller, Voros and some other questionables the money was clearly there for Avery who (though injury prone) brought a sandpaper quality that is unique and needed greatly. He single handedly took teams out of their game plan and that alone is worth just under 4 mil in this crazy market.

  48. goose – I think that’s all 100% accurate. I would only add in Straka’s case, that he often didn’t MISS open nets, rather make a PASS instead of shoot at open nets.

    And the Jagr points are exactly the opposite of the system that the other 17 skaters were playing.

    Pete – He’s a #1 dman. Can you name 30 other dmen that have a better all-around game?

  49. my 2c

    Avery was a good fit for 1.1 or 1.9 not for 3.9M

    Shanahan would be a good players coach/reserve@1m

    leaving cap space for a mid season push for a power finesse hybrid like Kovalchuk makes sense
    Since the Thrashers have plenty of D and plenty of Centers they could really use some more cheap quality guys on the Wing, exactly the position that the Blueshirts are deep.

    Zherdev…regardless of what people are imagining he and Naslund are both natural LW’s
    so keeping them there is probably the best move 5 on 5 but PP is a different story
    His future chemistry w/ the likes of Denisov/Gratchev/Anisimov/Cherepanov/etc…is a very interesting thing to watch. Potentially 3 or 4 of the above mentioned players could be in NY as early as Fall 2009 so it is a major look to the future.

    kalinin–at the absolute minimum his staying healthy should give the NYR a Tyutin replacement as a defensive positional specialist. He’s only 3 years older and 700,000$ less in cap hit.

    As for Naslund, if he finds good chemistry isn’t the question, its can they find a power forward to make his speed and skill pay off. This is a fairly skilled team but as for goalscorers the only guys w/ size are Brandon and maybe Fredrik.

    Also look for untapped upside from Pock if trades do take place

    As for the Redden and Roszival deals…

    Redden is worth about 4.5-5.5 mill per…overpaid for 1 or 2 yrs is tough pill to swallow…for 6 years is a buyout waiting to happen…think about it neither R.Blake or A.foote at age 37 are getting more than 5/yr and yet Redden who’s never won a cup or been a top pair stud the way the previous 2 have been in their prime is making enough to pay for 3 salaries against the cap…poor move cap wise as the best teams since the cap started all underpay their talent or make trades to bring in overpaid rentals…

    As for Roz…if he rebounds into top form and shows improvement despite losing the benefit of Jagr’s presence then he’s worth 4 million$
    the 5 mill he got seems to be a concession to the fact that he was quite underpaid the last 3 years…but a 1 year Brad Stuart-style deal @3.5

    makes far more sense to test his condition.
    the 2 deals for Roz+Redden potentailly throw away 2-4 million of cap space= the team probably could’ve had both for less $/yr and still kept them happy.

    As for the biggest key guys such as Sundin

    if he wants the cup he’d go to Det/Montr/NYR

    but the cap hit would be much lower in Det/NYR.

    Van+Tor have little in terms of cup calibre aspirations, but anything can happen..

  50. I have only one real gripe. Why re-sign Roszival? Yes he will make fewer mistakes if he plays fewer minutes. But he will still make PLENTY of mistakes. He isn’t very good. He isn’t very physical. He isn’t very decisive on offense. Where does he come off making that much money from us? There were a lot of other guys out there who were steadier, nastier, and far more physical who could have been had for less money……

  51. Peter Samponaro on


    i just think redden is no longer an elite defenseman and he certainly will not be in three years let alone in the 5th and 6th years of his deal where he will still be paid too much (the cap may go up but not enough where its fine to pay ur 6th/7th defenseman 6.5 mill.)

    also look at it this way, do you want to have a chance to sign bouwmeester this offseason if he becomes an ufa or how about gaborik and then kovalchuk the year after. i dont think we’ll ever be able to get kovalchuk as a free agent since he will command 10+ but id much rather have a chance to sign boumeester or gaborik. sure they could both not hit the market and thats a risk but say one of those three players becomes available i dont see how we could make the cap room to after any of them and then expect to keep staal and dubinsky.

    and kalinin is another backman but he costs less. hopefully he’ll be hurt or traded by november so a kid can step up. and maybe roszi can be traded down the road when bobby is ready as while roszi is presumably more defensive minded than bobby, its not like he is a stay at home all star and will clearly be expendable

  52. Adam and his Apple on

    so talkin about zherdev for a minute? when people say he took shifts off and hes not mature, first of all, hes turning 23 soon, hes still a baby, if youve seen this guys highlights you know hes got some serious skill, once he takes in the atmosphere of the garden i think thats all its going to take to turn this kids career into something really special

  53. Rmant,
    If you allege I had the affair, why are you still on here sucking Drury’s d!ck? By my account, that makes you a Calgary fan. By your account, that makes you a Calgary fan AND the one enjoying someone’s sloppy seconds. Pull your pants up and wipe the KY off already.

    I’m not here bashing Drury, I like him as a team guy. He’s just never led a team on his own before. When you’re not choking on his c@ck you can ask him, and he’ll tell you the same thing.

    It will be interesting to see what he does when this becomes “his” team, and that’s my point. Now go rinse and repeat.

  54. Hey True, it seems you are slightly sensitive about that subject, quite easy to get your goat. And only a true “sweetheart” could ever talk so explicitly about male to male action. Now I’m positive he broke your heart.

    That being said, you always destroy him like he’s the worst player ever, you obviously know little about hockey if that is your stance. Whether he is worth 7 mil is another story but Chris Drury is a solid NHLer and a great addition to the team.

    Say hello to him for me, will ya, cutie??

  55. Lol, who gives a shick of he doesn’t like the fact that Ranger fans boo there own players. Thats cause most Nyr fans are idiots, not all of them can be cool, like a few in here. Yeah yeah yeah we all wanna see them do good, and hate to see a loss, and demand 100 % every night. I could never boo the team, i just don’t have the heart for it. But i doubt he would fly to Russia just cause Ranger fans boo there own players, for Handzus’ sake he was playing in Ohio, every game of the Jackets was boo-worthy.

    as for plugging holes of missing players, don’t count Anisimov out, especially if Bettsy gets traded (which im still hoping for, and still think he is), also if Freddie doesn’t come back. From what i know, this kid has some serious skill, maybe he’s a year away, maybe two, but maybe, just maybe he’s ready now, you never know. We’ll have to wait for camp, and here what Renney thinks aboot the kid. But i would love it if he can make the team as a 3rd line center, moving Dubi up to 2nd, with Dru on the wing, if he’s alright with that, or you can put Dubi on the wing. Either way, im liking the team, but hopefully chemistry isn’t an issue.

    As for Zherdev, look at Alexander Semin, he had some serious maturing issues, and looked like he had serious skill, but went back to Russia, only to come back and score aboot 40 goals or something, but had injury problems last year, but still managed to score 25-30 goals. I think Zherdev has the skill to score 30-40, with the right linemates, and he is part of a team that has massive potential to win the cup, unlike the Blue Jackets, mwahaha, anyway point being, its just like Adam and his Apple said, Niko just needs a little motivation, and NY can provide that.

    Jesus H christ wouldn’t all of you need some motivation if you were stuck in Columbus for 2-3 years. Ugh !!!

  56. Hahahaha. Well, that message did bring a chuckle.

    And I’ll forward you my next paycheck if you can find any posts I’ve made bashing Drury. I’ve bashed his contract. I’ve bashed people over-rating him. But what I have not bashed is what he doese for the team because that’s just about everything other than being an elite center. He’s a team-guy who plays tons of gusto, slightly bigger than his size, and gives up his body. He’s also a useful 2nd or 3rd line center. Fact remains, that’s what he is. He’s not an simply not an elite center even though he’s paid that way. But I accept the fact that Sather F’d up and we have to eat his contract as you eat his chode. Nevertheless, ANY criticizm of your sweetheart brings tears to your eyes and gets you worked up like you have sand in your vagina.

    So be it, but it’s not my problem you couldn’t handle a couple cold-hard (don’t get too excited) facts about Drury’s history. Go to the Mets boards or soccer boards if you couldn’t handle one anti-Drury post (the first in about 5 weeks), this is for hockey fans tough guy.

  57. Pete – I understand completely when it comes to overpaying guys, and I have no doubt he, gomer, dru, rozy, toots WAS, avery WOULDA BEEN, but that’s not really what I was commenting on. $$ is always tricky when discussing players now-adays. Its no longer about someone’s ability.

    But Redden would be a #1 dman on 25 of 30 teams. There’s just not a surplus of guys that can play both sides of the puck. Bad year last year or not, he’s still a top-15 dman. And as far as straight-up stats go, he and rozy were right next to each other last season. Only thing….that was one of Reddens WORST years. Whereas with Rozy, it could be looked at as “not so bad”.

    I’m also not ready to bury a guy that has never even worn the blueshirt yet. That’s not fair.

  58. hockeymanrangers on

    Hey crew just got back from a weeks vacation and it is good get back to the hockey talk. The only place I could get a fix was I found a NYC news paper, and of coarse the big story there was, Nolan getting fired by the Islanders. How ever I did find a small write up that Holleweg got the boot. OK now to the present, write, say speculate all you want but we will have really no idea how good or bad this team will be until mid season when they have a chance to gel, and see how well the all mesh or do not mesh together. I do agree it was time for Jag’s to go and some different things needed to happen. Weather this willl get us through farther than the last couple of years obviously we won’t know until the end, which in turn makes it for a very interesting and exciting season.

  59. I know there’s gotta be some Giant’s fans here. I myself am a CASUAL Jets fan….

    Shockey was traded to N.O. for draft picks.

  60. ReMbrANdT’s first reply:
    Hey True fans, enough with you and bashing Drury, we all get it,you two had an illicit affair and he brok up with you so now you hate him. But it’s boring now because that’s all you ever say. Leave it alone already. Alot of people like the guy, get over it.
    Nah, KOlton Douglas Orr, that was me in response. Apparently Rmant is a brain-child and no one else here has anything valuable to say.

    The reason for such venom in my post; I just love how one comment about Drury never having been the main component or captain of a team gets some people’s panties in a bunch and they get on and act like children in their response. Wow, impressive! Anyone can do that (Unfortunately, it’s rmant’s preferred method to reply and attempt to discredit others.

    There’s nothing wrong with waiting to see what Drury does, he has SOME history but it really isn’t a messier like history or even a Naslund-like (8 year captain) history. I hope he’s great, I hope he earns his pay check and carries the team to the finals where they slug it out with Dallas, Detroit, or SJ. But Drury’s never done that and it’s perfectly OK to acknowledge that lack of history.

  61. ok, Kids! Rembrandt and True fans

    After Recess-Tomorrow! Both of you meet behind the swing set.

    Not a Shockey fan at all, but I have a memory of about 150 moronic Giant fans last year by my work on 5th Ave B&N, waiting for him to sign an autograph copy of his book when it came out.

  62. What I find funniest about all this Drury talk is not a single chime in from Salty….WTF?

  63. “What’s also to say these Rangers don’t turn out to be something like the 1997-98 Rangers?”

    Thanks Sam, I just shit myself.

  64. True- You are entirely too sensitive about this subject. You need to toughen up a bit (if that’s in your DNA).The bottom line is all you do is bash a very competent and valuable NHLer. Anyone who reads these posts on anywhere near a regular basis knows with no uncertainty that you dislike the guy. Leave it alone already. I am not discrediting you or anyone, in fact I never even challenged your claim, I simply said leave it alone and move on. You are a sensitive little b!tch who doesn’t let things go (case in point- my inference that you had an affair with him). Be a man (if you can) and talk about something else, sweetie.

  65. SAM nice to hear you stating your opinions and possible scenarios. Most fans are just hoping for it to work out. Sather is running out of time to get it done.

  66. True- You are now backing off all of the vitriol that you have spewed in Drury’s direction. Your argument is weakening and becoming far more disconcerted. You have done nothing but insist that he is not worth a bag of pucks and now all of a sudden it’s “wait and see”? Who’s kidding who? And it is you who’s panties are in a bunch over this, you are off your game and completely unhinged. Guess you wouldn’t play well against Sean Avery would you?? I will call you Marty from now on.

  67. Rmant, my argument and stance on Drury has NEVER changed. The blog’s here, it’s got a history that isn’t deleted and if you want to go back some weeks, it will be there and say the same exact thing. If anything, my stance has gotten stronger because it is unwavering.

    I’m sorry i offended you and Orr. Drury’s the best…so were LaFontaine, Fleury, Kamensky, Robitaille, and Holik. I hope Drury can only fulfill expectations just as they did.

    BTW: I’m not a Drury hater. I think he does his job and hasn’t changed as a player since being with that awesome Colorado cup team. If anything, you can call me a Rozsival hater because it’s as true as your zeal to carry Drury’s next baby…keep trying, you’ll get it.

  68. True- Now you see, I can respect that stance. It’s far more rational and cogent. I am not, as you try to insist, a Drury lover. Instead, I am someone who gives credit where credit is do. I respect the things he brings to the game and that he betters the Rangers as a team. I defend him only against arguments that I see as irrational and simply untrue.

    Occasionaly, the use of sarcastic humor helps to illustrate certain points, in case I offended you (as it seems I have) that was not my intended point. I was simply pointing out that you have long over cooked your feelings for Drury. He is on the team, probably the captain and not going anywhere. Just adjust and learn to like him and being a Ranger fan just might be a little easier for you.

  69. And as a side not, Drury has already surpassed the expectations of the like you have noted (each passed their prime- he in his). As a 25 goal scorer playing mostly on the 3rd line with two unprovens and carrying most of the burden of the pk all year I’d say that wasn’t a bad first year with NYR. I know, I know…It’s not worth the 7mil, but the fact is that’s the market he was in. Live with it. He’s a great addition to the team, the cap will go up during his contract. Stop fighting it and move on.

  70. Eric, the website’s wrong… there is a “the” in the html.
    Here’s the Shanny info Eric was trying to show:

    “Brendan Shanahan remains in discussions with the New York Rangers about a 1yr deal worth close to 2.5 million (counting incentives). Other teams that have contacted Shanahan are NYI, St.Louis Blues, Atlanta Thrashers and Detroit Red Wings. Despite Shanahan approaching the Penguins during the first week of free agency, the Penguins continue to show little interest in the veteran forward. “

  71. TRUE

    Im not offended by what you said. I don’t know exactly what it is you said, but eh. Alot of people aren’t worth what there making, but Dru was offered more money by the Habs, Flyers, and Avs, and aboot 6 or 7 other teams besides Nyr offered him what he’s getting right now, and Gomer was offered more by the Flyers, Kings, and Avs, and aboot 8 other teams besides Nyr offered him what he’s getting now. I really don’t care aboot how much players are making, its pointless to talk aboot, cause if were not paying them that money, pretty much every team in the league will, thats just how it is, same thing with Redden, Campbell, etc. Its better to get used to it now, ive been over it ever since summer, last year. Things wont change, thats just the way it is, and always will be.

    Ive always been a big Drury fan, ever since i seen him with the Avs, it was tough watching him crush all of our dreams in that game 5 against the Sabs, but whaddya gonna do. Im still damn happy he’s on the team, and same with Gomer. Im loving the team right now, i want them to trade Betts, but if they don’t ill still love the team. I just wanna watch some hockey, NOW !!!!!!!


    This Shanny thing is getting annoying, one thing im really hoping would happen, is Nyr trading to get Cheechoo form San Jose. He’s not to expensive i think, Pruchs would be a good start, and throw in Huge Jessiwoman, along with someone else, maybe they can throw in a draft pick for us. Id love to have him on the team, then a Zherdev – Gomez – Cheechoo line can do some wicked stuff. But i doubt it, they’ll dump Marleau before Cheech, but eh, crazier things have happened i guess. Id much rather trade for Cheech, instead of friggin Havlat, and Afinagenov.

  72. Orr-
    Well said, I totally agree. It is what it is. Now let’s watch some winning hockey.

  73. rmant, if Drury’s so great why do you still need to defend him?

    BTW: 13 even strength goals, including time while playing with Jagr (one or two stints attempting to gel with Jags?)

    Drury did not have a bad year, you can’t say it was bad when he was tied with the team lead in goals. I did expect more though, and believe it or not, I was actually extremely pro-Drury when they signed him and I was very down about signing Gomez. To my surprise, when late November and early December rolled around, Gomez was the clearly more talented player and my stance reversed as I saw Drury slipping in plus/minus and not maintaining the offensive production I was hoping he’d repeat from Buffalo.

    In the end, the Rangers turned out to be offensively a dud, in whole. But I hope that changes this year as they got younger, stronger (up front) and faster.

  74. Orr, I agree with your position entirely. Cheechoo would be a great addition and his hit is only $3.0 million

    I just want to see the Rangers win, even if it meant them doing it last year with Marek Malik or the next 4 years with Rozsival.

    BTW: where did you hear that other stuff about Drury and Gomez’s additional contract offers? In my book, Gomez is a first line center, no need to defend him. My opinion on him has really changed, especially when you see him fly into the boards face first, full-speed (Gomez speed), and not miss the playoffs that following week. I hope I see Drury in the same light you guys see him this year.

  75. LOL, that pathetic shit Milbury is running back to Canada now that Jags retired. I guess for that piece of shik, he has no point in staying on American TV if he cant bash Jags. I hate that loser, id like to McSorley him into another dimension.

    Anyway here’s the link, he’s going back to Hockey Night In Canada. I didn’t read it yet, cause i don’t like reading things with his name in it, and it sounds boring so i was hoping someone would be interested in reading it, and if you do, talk aboot it.

    I just hope i didn’t jump the gun, and he’s still gonna be on NBC. Id cry. Well he can kiss my white irish piss hole, NBC sucks for letting tools be a part of there staff, except for Emrick, he”s funny. Especially when his voice cracks.

  76. It was all over rumor sites, good ones too, nobody probably bought into the rumors cause Eklund stole them and posted them on his, and put his own twist on them like he usually does, but there were more offers.

    And its no secret the Habs were ready to give Briere, Drury, or Gomez a ridiculous offer, but were turned down. Dru dominated the Habs this year, in all 4 games, he scored goals, and some assists, so Gainey probably gets bugged the fugg out.

    I feel bad for canadian teams, if they sign a star player, who’s married, especially if she’s from America, that chick doesn’t wanna leave America. If they have kids, forget aboot it, its tougher. Look at Pronger, his wife wanted nothing to do with Canada. But Russian’s love Canada cause there crazy aboot hockey, and that reminds them of home, back in Russia.

    Anyway, go go New York Rangers, wooo oohh oh oh ohhhhhhh.

  77. i feel we’re back to the future with all this Drury talk. lets see how he does in year 2 before we throw him under the bus

  78. True-
    I only defend Drury from baseless, idiotic and ignorant arguments that simply hold no water. I never said he was “great”. I said he was a solid NHLer and an asset to this team. Keep in mind that this is not a street fight, it is a debate of hockey opinions. When debating you should never skew the other point to better your own. I am simply defending him from an argument you put forth that has him far lower than he belongs. An argument that you so often put forth with tremendous vigor. I never said he was “great” and I only defend him from your arguments.

    I understand you were disappointed in his output but isn’t it possible that your expectations were too high? Or that his position as a 3rd liner with 2 young guys prohibited him from attaining your expectations? Clearly, as a knowledgable hockey fan you can not possible feel he is as inadequate as you have painted him, correct?

  79. Look at Pronger, his wife wanted nothing to do with Canada.
    Similar reason why Nylander refused to go to Edmonton (apparently she’s friends with Pronger’s wife).

    BTW: there are also rumors that Pronger’s wife was involved with someone within the organization too, which is why Pronger wanted out of there after just one year and a Stanley Cup Finals appearance.


    Dubi (Not Brandon) is a whiny piece of crap. The first time i got banned, it was because, like ive said the other day, i have 3 computers, and i use the same name under 3 different email addresses, and he thought i was using other people email addresses, stealing them or what ever, and he said to prove to me that it was me, and i did, i emailed him from all 3 saying the same exact thing, and he still banned me, for god knows what other reason. The second time which was 2 or 3 days ago, i have no idea why i got banned. I said he was pretty classless for posting what he posted last week, he was pretty much attacking Cherepanov, saying he was afraid of the NHL, and Brandon Sutter, all because Cherepanov sounded like he was bashing BB in an interview, which he probably wasn’t doing, but Dubi and his lackey Jess are oh so sensitive. So most of the people there were behind me and agreed that he went to far, jeez even 4 people who never comment on the site but just read it said he went overboard, and Dubi acted all whiny and pathetic aboot it. THEN THAN he mentioned he was starting BB+, and i said “Wow all because of the Cherry post” and he got all whiny and pathetic, saying he started it a long time ago and was starting it, so i said i was sorry for getting it wrong. But THEN THAN the other day, these two morons over at BB, were semi attacking me for attacking Dubi, also Dubi’s lackey Jess was attacking me as well, saying that im a free loader, and a loser for living home with me mom, even though i just graduated hikes school, and THEN THAN Jess says “Anyone who doesn’t appreciate Dubi’s hard work, and refuses to buy BB+ isn’t a true Ranger fan”, of course this is coming from a fake Ranger fan, so he must know his own kind, but i am faaar from a fake Ranger fan. I could have gave up on this team, but after every embarrassing year, where everyone would make fun of me for being a fan of a pathetic team that can barely win, i would say “At least we get a better draft pick THEN THAN you, and you didn’t even win the cup, mwahahaha”

    Anyway long story longer, Dubi for some odd reason must have thought i was starting trouble with the two posters when i clearly was defending myself, and banned me, or his loser lackey Jess, told him to dump me, and i know it was him, cause the last time i got banned, it was right after i argued with Jess, and made him look like an idiot, and called him out, saying he was a fake fan and only cares aboot the players who are 25 years old and younger. I was gonna call him a pedophile but i didn’t, but i wish i did cause i got banned anyway.

    So with that, the story is now finished. Dubi, and his lackey think that fans that don’t subscribe to BB+ are fake Ranger fans, and if you live at home with your mom at the age of 18, your a free loader, and a loser with no life. Also if you play NHL 08 your pathetic, which is hilarious cause, this whole country must be pathetic, cause EVERYONE plays video games, even the whole Ranger team, mwahaha, those two morons.

    So there ya go. My weekly story. Id get into my life story but thats a loooonger story, and my fingers are hurting from the pounding on the keyboard, and its tough to type cause i spilled root beer on this keyboard and the keys are sticky and wont go down, without a finger stomp.

  81. Lineup Opening Night!

    1) Naslund Sundin Drury

    2) Zherdav Gomez Dawes

    3) Cally Dubi Sjostrom

    4) Fristche Betts Voros/Rissmiller

    1) Redden Staal

    2) Rosy Girard

    3) Mara Kalilin

    Spares- Orr and Pock either Voros or Rissmiller

    There has to be a trade on the horizon. It looks like no rookies have a shot of making this team. Andeas Jamtin,Korbi and Bobby S and Ansimov sorry guys.

  82. hey Staal Wart are you fucking serious did you just compare the leadership of jagr with leetch OMG if you think that you should be sentenced to death because you obviously have fucking down syndrome

    and the rangers d is a whole bunch of pussies and their misin grit

  83. The next person posing, swearing, using racist language, or anything else deemed inappropriate, will no longer be welcome here.

  84. refs I hope you are real and do it. There are way too many people using profanity. There are young kids who are NYR fans coming here that don’t need to read this punk talk.

  85. I’ve been busy with work all day, so I’m not sure what’s going on.. never thought this site had a problem with people posing as others.

  86. Just saw JD sitting on the third base side a few rows back at the Yanks vs. Twins (very easy to see his stach in HD).

  87. the fake post that has now been removed is a new low. the most pathetic posting I’ve ever read. something has to be done to prevent that type of crap in the future.

  88. Gents, I just did some browsing thru a few sites, and saw some Islanders fans from Islanders Beat laughing about “their” post here today. Knew they had something to do with all these imposters.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    “Drury’s the best…so were LaFontaine, Fleury, Kamensky, Robitaille, and Holik. I hope Drury can only fulfill expectations just as they did. ”

    Actually, LaFontaine was having a great season as a Ranger until his career ending concussion, almost a PPG. Fleury did OK too. In fact, the season he fell off the wagon he was having a really great year. If he had finished the season at his pace, he would have finished third in points. Not shabby at all.

    But you are right with the others. They were terrible every year.

  90. Cort – to put that team out there you would only be able to pay Sundin about $2-2.5m, so unless he’s got a real hardon for NYC and the Rangers it aint going to happen.

    I agree with you about the younger guys: Jamtin, Ansimov, Bobby S – although i think Korpi is in with a chance if he can prove he can make a top 6 forward (as the general consensus is we have a glut of 3rd/4th liners now). I think Ansimov and Prucha are our biggest trading chips if Slats decides to trade for another winger (if it were me i’d go in all guns blazing for Cheechoo).

  91. Pavel – If you’re asking if I’m serious about Orr’s knuckles. Yes, maybe more like walnut’s than golf balls. But you need you have something loose rattling around in your head to drop the gloves vs him.

    I wish I saw the post that was taken down.

    Chris G – I hope so. Or something like funny when he takes a penalty or something. But the Gahden never does that stuff. I always think it’s humorus when you hear something like the rocky theme after a fight. Or … you get the point.

    Islander fans you say?? Really?? There’s some left?

  92. I saw the post last night, truly classless. It’s probably the same imposter(s) who uses everybody’s names. Pavel, if you have a link to the bragging a-holes, please post.

  93. I think they should start Valley and give Hank a rest…

    He’ll need it for next week’s schedule.

  94. Zherdev will stay in New York and he will perform. for those of you who think he is going to head back to the KHL, I offer this as a response.

    He has bad blood with the Russian teams. Doesn’t anyone remember that he defected to the US, opted out of his Army service and Russian league contract?

    He was playing hockey in OHIO. Are there any Russians in Ohio? I doubt it. He was miserable there. New York is a major Russian hotbed, and I believe that Sather is going to play it up that way for all the young Russians he is drafting and signing. Come to Brighton Beach- Kind of like a home away from home.

    Zherdev will do fine here. He is away from Ohio, away from a poor Ken Hitchcock- defensive trap system, and playing with plenty more talented players.

  95. “Niko just needs a little motivation, and NY can provide that. Jesus H christ wouldn’t all of you need some motivation if you were stuck in Columbus for 2-3 years.”

    Nash didn’t. Malhotra didn’t. Fritsche didn’t. Klesla didn’t. Peca didn’t.

    When you say “Niko just needs a little motivation, and NY can provide that” you’re saying “Niko can’t motivate himself and needs an outside force.” I see that as potentially problematic.

    Maybe NYC is that force; maybe it’s not. We’ve all seen plenty of players fold in NYC rather than embrace it as a motivational force, and if this kid is sensitive to something like fan booing, well …

    Money seems to be such a force for Zherdev, or at least money is a concern of his. Maybe if he gets a contract extension he likes a lot, we’ll see him consistently use his quite exceptional talent.

    Time will tell but it’s rather soon to simply shrug off valid concerns about the kid’s head. He’s a question mark in two ways:

    1. Will he be a consistently motivated player?
    2. What will be his demands on a new contract? (Because if we just lost Tyutin for one year of Zherdev’s services, most of us will be unhappy.)

  96. scabbie rabbit on

    Sam, the biggest difference between then and now is that they were asking washed up players to find their game in order to survive. This season they are asking a bunch of kids to do it. The Rangers will not live or die based on Naslund. And Naslund does not have to score 40 goals, he only needs to score 25 to equal what Jagr did, comparing Jagr to Messier as you just have done is laughable. Zherdev does not need to score 40 goals, he only needs to be consistent and score 25-30 again. People are not seeing things for what they are they are seeing them for what they were. It is obvious Rangers fans are ruined because if we had this team here in Toronto our fans would be psyched.

  97. Nick Castelluccio on

    sam writes:

    Granted, every year is different, and they all contain extenuating circumstances that don’t apply anywhere else. But if there’s one note of caution, it is this: when you’ve had a reasonably effective formula for success, you put yourself at much greater risk when you decide to abandon that formula and begin anew.

    What formula did the NYR have that couldn’t be tampered with and that now is compromised in the way of past mistakes? Beginning anew is a bit overboard don’t you think?

    Our defense has ridded itself of 2 liabilities in BAckman and Malik and replaced them with players of much greater value in REdden and Kalanin.

    the NYR offense wasn’t exactly steller, with a powerplay that was horrendous. Naslund for Jagr at their ages is a wash, and quite frankly Jagr’s finicky attributes may have had a good part in handcuffing this team offensively.

    STraka by all accounts has lost all finishing ability and Zherdev as a replacement is a no-brainer.

    Shanny, just can’t keep up anymore and was a complete non-factor in the second half of the season.

    Avery’s most desirable talents can effectively be replicated with players like voros, rissmiller, jamtin, without spilling over into other areas. We wont miss his 15 goals.

    This team may definitely need an additional scoring winger at some point.
    Maybe that role can be filled within, or maybe through trade.

    Is there uncertainty…Yes! But I don’t see how the NYR could have continued any longer in the Jagr era and have gone forward in other areas.

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