Live Chat with Sam Weinman, second edition


OK, thanks to everyone for joining us for our second live chat. We’ll have a moderator in place right from the start, which should help. Again, the plan is to field questions for the first 30 minutes or so, but I’ll continue to answer until about noon.

One small housecleaning item is the Rangers did finally come to terms with defenseman Brian Fahey, who is expected to begin the season in Hartford. Fahey, 27, had 14 goals and 23 assists for Chicago of the AHL last season.

Back with the real deal in a bit…

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Sundin isn’t going to turn down $10+ million (the difference between the Vancouver offer and what the Rangers COULD offer) to play for us. It ain’t happening. Sather has repeatedly said he’s not interested. The most important sign that he isn’t interested is that Slats passed when Sundin’s agent approached him about acquiring his exclusive negotiating rights.

    Bottom line, they don’t need any more forwards, and they certainly don’t need any centers. Sundin isn’t coming here. Here are his 5 options:

    1) Vancouver
    2) Montreal
    3) Toronto
    4) Sweden
    5) retire.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Graves night will be agaisnt Edmonton. November 10. Take it to the bank because MacTavish and Lowe can be there.

  3. Congrats to Beer Me! for getting the 2nd question posted. Or was it the imposter?

    My 2 questions sucked and didn’t make it. No, they were lost by the moderator, yeah, that’s it.

  4. Did this person get paid for this?

    11:15 [Comment From ehhh hockey]
    whats better Sam? The old fashioned klondike bar or the new chipwich???

    11:15 Sam Weinman – I’m partial to the Chipwich with m and ms.

    Thanks for wasting people’s time.

  5. It was actually old-fashioned ice cream sandwich and it was actually funny since Sam had mentioned it before.

    all work and no play make Sam a dull Chipwhich eater

  6. Blurt again speaks before getting ALL the facts. Sam, great blog again, hope ‘Some” of us are “greatful”. Go Rags.

  7. Not to be rude, but I got the impression by some of Sams answers today that he was either being Vague for some reason, or was unprepared today. Just my opinion, and I tried to get through all Morning, so I read each comment and answer a few times over.

  8. Agreed Binkie. I enjoyed it and appreciated Sam taking his time to do it but I didn’t find anything all that insightful. Maybe the small town reporters don’t get a lot play from the players/organization.

  9. 22 – that was me (real one). Sorry for the delay in answering your question there pal, but my boss just took my dept out for lunch…for 2 hrs. good sh!t man. I sweat through my goddamn shirt walking to my car though. It’s friggin brutal out there!

  10. a few news tidbits.

    Ryan Miller signed a 5-yr extension in Buff. Looks like Det will have to trade for him if they want him.

    Esposito signed with Atl. He was part of the deal sending Hossa to Pitt.

  11. if u have ever read of one of zipays chats its the same deal. they dont know that much more than any of us most likely b/c sather doesnt talk to reporters and they may not have the best sources within the team or they do and no one is talking.

    either way what kind of insight do you expect when you give a reporter possible line combinations or ask whats gonna happen with player x? just as valid asking someone who posts here. and when sam said cally with zherdev and gomez on the first line, i hope he is wrong b/c callahan should be on the third line and nothing higher

  12. I too find the endless line combo speculation numbing. It never works out as expected/planned (read Jagr/Dubinsky), so why bother.

  13. JJP – But what else are we gonna do for three months until the season starts…or at least training camp in September?!!? It’s ALL speculation right now, and we hockey junkies can’t get enough of it.

  14. haha yeah.. on the lines – i put up line combos last year for opening night and they were all accurate to the ones i posted in late august…i was so proud of myself

    then i laughed because after november i never saw those line combos again lol

    the best way to spend the summer on sam weinman’s blog is to just talk some good old fashioned hockey and let renny take care of the lines… even though i wish he did – tom cant see our line combos

  15. Just reading over the chat, I liked it. It gave a little more insight than we have. I was confused about why Sam would put two RW on the first line and two LW on the second line. Has Naslund played RW before? I seem to remember him having eligibility there in fantasy hockey. Also, Prucha could have taken a lot more than $1.6 million per year; his signing was a discount based on his first two seasons, at least compared to the contracts being given out so early now. Now, of course, it looks like overpayment. Hopefully, he will perform well this season with his contract expiring.

    Personally, I’m not as confident in this team as last season, but I did like the moves for the future, and they could surprise us this year, as well, being hard-working and all of that. Obviously, I want them to win every year, but I won’t be too disappointed if they lose in the first round because the young players are still developing. I will be disappointed if we don’t make the playoffs, but if the team is bad enough to get the first draft pick, that won’t hurt as much. Hopefully, though, we can make it to the conference finals or Stanley Cup Finals; I’m always hopeful!

    I think Avery will get mixed boos and cheers when he returns, but think it will be mostly cheers since the game is relatively early. He did have a chance to stay here, so there may be more boos than you think, especially if Voros can fill his spot.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I considered Montreal because of Kovalev, but I totally overlooked the January game. That is indeed a distinct possibility, especially since it seems like they like doing it in January (See: Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter[early February]).

  17. Once the roster takes fuller shape, I wanna predict stats…I always thought that was fun. I’ll throw some estimates out there right now.

    Redden – 9 G, 37 A, 46 P, 78 PIM
    Zherdev – 31 G, 44 A, 75 P, 46 PIM
    Prucha (I think he has a solid come back year) – 19 G, 21 A, 40 P, 34 PIM

  18. The retirement ceremonies are always in Jan because its the middle of the season, the darkest time of the year and best way to create buzz in what may be considerded a lull for the casual fan.

    It def. won’t be in November… you can count on that.

  19. Exactly, the ceremony will be at a game with a crappy Western team that normally wouldn’t draw any ratings.

  20. spider – re: lines, positions, fantasy, etc.

    I know you don’t base stuff on fantasy, just using an example. I hear ya. Yahoo had Prucha as a center last year. I think people make WAY WAY WAY too much out of what,,, list one’s position as. If it says LW or RW, it means the guy’s a winger. that’s it. There’s been lots of guys change sides, and especially when there will be as much competition in camp as there will be this year. I garuntee at least 1 guy’s on the roster in their current listed position changes before opening night. Wingers I should say. I doubt Redden will become our backup goalie.

    Doodie – I can’t say I’d be with you on the boo’ing. But I wouldn’t be chearing either.

    Don’t forget Avery Jock-Huggers, the dude left for the “moolah doolah”. He doesn’t give 2 shits about your #16 jersey. It may as well say “J.Ward” on the back.

  21. Don’t forget Avery Jock-Huggers, the dude left for the “moolah doolah”. He doesn’t give 2 shits about your #16 jersey. It may as well say “J.Ward” on the back.


    Please, there’s no such thing as allegiance in pro sports. Avery earned every dollar he made while he was a Ranger. Get over it. The guy was good, entertaining and now he’s making more money somewhere else. Good for him.

  22. jjp – Not sure how your comment applies to my statement. Seems to back it. Was that the aim?

    There’s some new developments in the legal case msg vs nhl. newsday, daily news have the info.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “It may as well say “J.Ward” on the back.”

    HA! I would have gone with Bobby Holik if it were in terms of money grubbers, but J.Ward is extra irony since that was who he got traded for.

  24. Loyalty means everything to me.I fought in WW11 and this freaking pansy boys getting soft for a few extra bucks really stretches my skivvies. I,ll boo the A Hole, and salute him “Right Here”. Now at ease, soldier. Gimme 100.

  25. JJP, There hasn’t been loyalty in sports in a long time.

    Get over it. Sports is a business. It’s nothing personal.

  26. Yeah !!

    What 94Obsession said !!

    Fahey is gonna be god like for this team, he’s the “real deal”

    Why waste money on this guy, we have to many AHL’ers for life down with the Pack, Moore, Jessiwoman, PA Parenteau. Eh, whaddya gonna do ?

    I like that number for Naslund, it fits him a lot better THEN THAN 19. Cant wait till the season starts, this is fuggin pathetic. Once again MSGNY plays crap, with a wittle Ranger segment. Such BS, i wanna see the new Blueshirts in there blue shirts !!!

    Ill feel a whole hell of a lot better. This heat…..this heat is making me sweat !!! And those pretzels are making me thirsty !!


    Anybody gonna see “The Dark Knight” tonight ?? I was planning on staying in for the entire summer, but i mine as well check out the movie, who knows maybe ill run into Shanny, and ill ask him why he hates the new Ranger team so much.

    What ever happens with Shanny happens. Im just glad i got to see my two fav players of all time play together and score there 600th goal in the same season. Ill miss Jags, and Shanny. Im gonna go take a shower, and curl up in a ball in the tub and cry while i listen to The Police.

  27. there is such thing as allegiance in the nhl look at the red wings elite players (lidstrom could have been making bank all these years, time will tell with zetterberg). all of those players could have gotten bigger money elsewhere.

    but there is no reason to be loyal to dolan/msg as they have never shown fiscal restraint and sather cant negotiate at all see the drury, gomez (tho i dont mind his deal as much), henrik, redden and roszival deals.

    prucha, as mentioned above, took a below market deal but some good it did him. the day when an elite player whether homegrown or outside takes a below market deal with the rangers will be the day that renney/sather have really changed the nyr culture

  28. Bore… the pop sensation,

    If you took the time to do ANY type of research, you’d realize that Brian Fahey if a d-man, something that we lack in our depth chart.

    Also, Greg Moore isn’t an AHL’er for life. He is a guy who has a lot of talent who has caught the injury bug. Second in terms of wingers on the depth chart for players not on everyone’s 23 man roster.

    You’d also realize that Hugh Jessimen is a career ECHL’er and the only reason he was re-signed was to save face by trying to get something out of a guy who is the only 1st round draft pick who hasn’t played a game in the NHL yet.

    Please go out and stop commenting relentlessly on these boards. Please go see the Dark Knight. Please don’t say anything to Shanny if you see him. We don’t want him to second guess talking ABOUT talking to the rest of us because of a choice encounter with you.

  29. JASON

    If you took the time to do ANY type of research, you’d realize that Brian Fahey SUCKS. Malik was big, and he SUCKS, Fahey has size, woopty friggin fuggin dooo.

    Also, Greg Moore, is an AHL’er for life. He is a guy who has some talent who has caught the injury big. Second in terms of wingers on the depth chart for players never on anyones 23 man roster, unless traded.

    You’d also realize that Hugh Jessiwoman is a career AHL’er cause he’s playing in the AHL, mwahaha, moron.

    Please stay in and comment relentlessly on these boards. Please go on BB+ with Mr.Whiner Dubi (Not Brandon). Please don’t say anything to Dubi (Not Brandon) or maybe he’ll ban you from his precious blog. We don’t want him to second guess making Blueshirts Bulletin, because he has to ban so many people who talk ABOOT how he is a whiner for acting like a baby when Cherry ripped his blog.

    That was fun.

  30. “Sundin did wear 19 in Qubec”

    Thats a joke right? I mean, Joe Sakic wasn’t 19 or anything…

  31. It’s true, Joe, Wikipedia is a joke. I prefer getting my information from; Joeypedia. lol.

  32. Re Toews captaincy, the Rangers should follow suit by naming Dubinsky as captain – someone young, talented, and a real Ranger, not a temp/imported mercenary who came here for the money and who will leave here for more money.

  33. Power Surge aka Robby Bonfire – I thought you quit posting here. Didn’t you take your ball and go home.

  34. I’ll be on your ass, Joey, every time you fuk up, here. Which means I will be awfully busy.

  35. I dont think making dubinsky captain wud be a smart idea lol. I love dubie but this team officially belongs to gomez and drury now. Dubie should be a candidate for an Alt captain. To tell u the truth i wouldnt mind renny using 3 alternates like he did in 2006… It sorta challenges guys to step up and lead which means everyone would play their best. Then after the season or halfway through or before the playoffs u can name one…

  36. LI Joe, I’m going to back you up on the comments about Power Surge. Accurate and to the point.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers named 3 alternates or even had 2 co-captains and alternated. Drury’s essentially the shoe-in for at least Co-Captain and I guess Gomez, Naslund, Redden having potential as “Co-C” or for an A. I don’t think Renney trusts Dubie enough to even give him an A, it’s also a slap to the face for all the veterans on this team who have worn C’s or A’s (Naslund, Drury, Redden). It was a cute idea though (sarcasm).

  37. Had your Moms last night, L Joe, tasted a bit oily and fishy. Tell me where we can “Dance”, and promise to pick you up when its over.

  38. Gomez and Drury are mercenaries. They don’t bleed Ranger red, white, and blue, they bleed greenbacks. Must we kid ourselves about their motivation? A smart hockey club would never give the ‘C’ to a transient.

    Now tell us Chicago was wrong in giving the “C” to a kid who is actually a member of their family, not a step-child. I’m waiting.

    P.S. – Not that it matters to anyone, but July 19th, 1:31 PM is not my doing. Probably Far Rockaway Joey setting me up, so “cunningly and perversely.” “Keep your enemies close at hand,” the saying goes.


    this was Bonfires farewell. he basically trashed Sam during that time on his way out

    Robby Bonfire
    November 2nd, 2007 at 12:42 am
    Go up to Montreal and pull that stunt, and see how it goes over. Those people practically blew up the Forum, and they did so much damage they did get a Stanley Cup playoff game postponed 1955, when NHL President Clarence Campbell suspended Maurice Richard for the entire playoffs. If anyone here knew anything about history and the emotion in Montreal connected with Maurice Richard, well, you would not be so dumb as to go up there and make light of their eternal icon, nor would you “humor” the cretins at this site, by poking fun at Richard, knowing how incendiary it is, even to this day. They buried him not that long ago, and the eyes were not dry.

    For my part, I took it seriously, because it is inconceivable to me, that a professional journalist would dare to make fun and risk the emotion-charged response and you just got a small sampling of it, relative to what was to come.

    Around 1940, Millions of people on the east coast were taken in by Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” sick joke on the radio, and it started a panic. Better not to go there, same as it is better not to yell “FIre” in a crowded threatre.

    Not even an “amicable” divorce, as I leave here, and good riddance to you all, too.

  40. see Sam’s posting first item in bold on attached. our returning Bonfire posted in commnets here as well

    and also in the comments is an excerpt for what Bonfire posted over at the other site

    Great post by Bonfire over there:

    Excellent point, Lou, and I missed that, but for good reason – you don’t joke about something which is “sacred,” and a responsible journalist would never do that. Maybe I have been taken in, but, if so, let the flak come down upon the original “source.” I think I need to detach myself from making blogger contributions to that site, which has hit an all-time low, if you are right.

    Glad to see ya go buddy! It’s only reached a low if it’s because of your number conspiracies. Since Yenner left, it has been pretty high.

    LI Joe comment July 2008 – like a bad penny Bonfire is back. you see you can’t run away from your comments posted on the internet. so now man up and depart again please.

  41. Robby Bonfire on

    How do any of you morons know about Montreal? Thats my site, HIO..and happen to believe in the Power of 25. Where did all the Schmucks here come from…I escaped Hell, and forgot to “Shut the Whore”. Rangers miss playoffs by a point, and Glen Sather gets canned.

  42. The hard part about being a Ranger fan, is the scum called “Ranger Fans” that comes with it.

  43. The rest of us would appreciate it if you children would talk hockey, or take your personal differences to some other site.

  44. -Jonny D

    That was a pretty awesome picture =o)

    Can we make time for a little faster????? Summer is killin me!

  45. To answer that article, they are gone because they were too slow and weren’t doing much to help our team. In avery’s case, he just took more money. Realistically we weren’t good enough to win the cup because we were too slow and not physical enough. We fixed that and will be better in the future because of it.

    Thanks Rachel, I might work on a Zherdev or Redden one if I get a chance.


    Yeah right, like im gonna give that guy $30 bucks, for all i know he’ll rob me blind. He can take his BB+ and stick it up his yin yang, suckaaaa.

    He’s hilarious though, i got banned twice, both for the dumbest of reasons, actually i don’t know why i got banned yesterday, but the first time was for basically nothing, i have 3 computers so i use 3 different email addresses to post on my ORR name, and he said it was “illegal” and thought i was using fake email addresses, or stealing them, or something, but when i emailed him from all 3 saying the same thing, that sloppy freak still banned me. He’ll dump me with the blink of an eye, but when Fishstick, Devils, Pens, and Habs fan go in there and mess around with everyone, he lets them rhome around freely, stick around to cause trouble. I sure as hell wont fork over my $30 bucks for anything that has his name attached to it, along with his lackey Jess, the fake Ranger fan, lol that guy doesn’t give a flying fook aboot any Ranger over the age of 25, he’s a fan of the Rangers youth, and prospects, nothing more. He’s a Dubi ass kisser deluxe.

    Anyway Johny D, nice pic, cant wait to see the Zherdev, and Redden pics. It seems like we wont see these players in a Rangers jersey until pre season.


    When does pre season start usually ??

  47. I can’t believe that I actually agree with a Larry Brooks article. Larry made some very astute, salient points. I completely agree with him on Avery, I’d definitely would have preferred Avery plus a kid from Hartford rather then spend that extra $1mn on one of the 3rd/4th line guys Sather signed.

  48. Post above notmine, must have a clone running lose. Did your daddy spank you, then turn around and said, “Now do Me son”. I did.

  49. for the most part i like the brooks article. i wouldnt bring back shanny for even a million. his better days are gone and neither he nor renney will truly let him be a 4th line player where he would still be slower than most people on the ice. and a year older shanny blindly firing shots from the high boards on the pp is not what our pp needs at all.

    i dont like that we went out and signed more marginal players instead of giving our kids a chance, but maybe they still will, if not all this talk about replenishing hartford has been a crock unless it was just so we could have a semi-competitive ahl team. i could care less if we do well in the ahl but i do care that our prospects are groomed for the nhl and are then given a chance, neither seems to have occurred or if the players are developing they certainly havent gotten a chance to show it

    and if brooks is right that sather offered avery 12mill for 4 years (which is still too high) then id be more upset with avery for if he really wanted to be a ranger what is another 800k when he could have made up that money in endorsements and other opportunities in nyc. have fun in dallas, hardly the center of hockey or high fashion, his alleged two passions.

  50. Agree with every word in Brooks’ article today. Imo Sather screwed the pooch. I am I’m wrong but that’s how I feel.

  51. Larry’s article pissed me off because this is a business and not a country club; Naslund still has wheels while Shanny doesn’t and yeah they paid a lot of money to Kalinin and Mara, but give Bobby S. time to develop and there’s no reason why Potter can’t be the #7. If Kalinin gets hurt, then Potter is the #6.

    Also the prospects Brooks mentioned like Tom Pyatt and Brodie DuPont need to improve, they both had tough first seasons as pros.

    The one valid point he made is with Voros and Rissmiller; I’m not crazy with either and I hope it doesn’t hurt Korpi/Byers chances of getting a crack.

    The fact is, with the team centered around Jagr the Rangers were only going to get to round 2 (maybe the Conference Finals one year if they were lucky) so I have no problem with the change in direction. It might be a tough year, but if Zherdev works out and the three Russians, two D studs, and a Zaborksky and Hiller come through, in 2-3 years this team could be very scary.

  52. While not exactly ‘poaching’, Maloney likes to stick to his roots I guess.

    Glendale, AZ (Sports Network) – The Phoenix Coyotes signed center Garth Murray to a one-year contract, the club announced Friday. Per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    Murray, 25, began last season with the Montreal Canadiens and skated in one game before being claimed off waivers by the Florida Panthers. He then sustained a season-ending shoulder injury after appearing in just six games with the Panthers.

    Originally selected by the New York Rangers in the third round (79th overall) of the 2001 NHL Entry Draft, the Regina, Saskatchewan native has registered eight goals and two assists in 106 career NHL games with the Rangers, Canadiens and Panthers.

  53. Must be a slow day when Garth Murray signing is the Big news of the day. Have another on me.

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