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I conveniently schedule chats for days when it’s 95 degrees outside and I have to sit in an air-conditioned office rather than mow the lawn.

Again, we’re going to do a better job of getting to more of your questions, but ask them early just in case.

Possible new discussion points: the trade of Ryan Hollweg; the remaining glut of third and fourth-liners;  the merits of the old-style ice cream sandwich versus the Chipwich (OK, maybe that one can wait).

Barring any news before then, we’ll see you later…

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  1. Chipwich….mmmmm. I haven’t had one of those in so long.

    “On or i should say theres an advertisment showing a Naslund Jersey with a number 91? does anyone know if he confirmed he would be wearing 91 or are they assuming?”

    There was also a Zherdev banner in the same spot with #13. Just fyi.

  2. Sam – Can you possibly get us some dates of when to expect Prospect Camp, tourney in Traverse City, etc? What’s the next date that we can look forward to here?

  3. Sam is there a way to compromise the lawsuit between the NYR & the NHL with both Buttman & Dolan having to leave?

  4. One more word about Avery coming back to Garden. There sholud be a lot of cheers for him. Guaranteed.

  5. Avery = NYR cult hero. Sather should stay home that night for his own safety and health.

  6. I wouldn’t be so quick to believe that everyone follows that perspective. I’m proud of slats for not overpaying EVERYONE. He’s not worth his contract. Hull has a boner for the guy. I’m not sorry he’s not a Ranger anymore. I didn’t want him in NY in the first place. I’m glad he contributed the way he did. But he’s a side-show most nights. And effective in only certain situations. My opinion on it is “meh”. Take’em or leave’em. Glad we’re not the one’s overpaying him.

  7. Thank God Holweg is gone. He was a cheap shot artist that cost us big time in game 3.

    Avery was great when he was here. However, he could have signed here if he wanted to. They’ll be no more cheers for him from me. He could have had it all here, but chose Dallas instaed of New York. We’ll barely hear from him again.

    I know the Rangers have no cap room, but where is Sundin going to play?

  8. MAD – If I had to guess, Sundin is going to go to back to Toronto, to Montreal, or cash in on that $10m/per in VAN that’s STILL on the table for him. The latest from up there is that Gillis(GM) is trying to use the 2010 Olympics in VAN as an extra ploy to get him there.

    Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see him just retire.

  9. Beer – I was wondering what numbers the new guys would wear. 91 makes perfect sense for Naslund, the reverse of 19, which he can’t wear cause of Gomer. I also like 13 for Zherdev…last significant Ranger to wear 13 was Nemchinov, right?

  10. Avery left because he saw the direction the team is headed, and wanted out. Dallas was very competitive last year, and will make a Cup run again. Avery also didnt forget how his value was undermined during arbitration.

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