Wrigley date official


The Blackhawks and Red Wings “will indeed meet at Wrigley Field on Jan. 1”:http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=368489. No truth to the rumor that Steve Bartman will drop the ceremonial first puck.


As for the NHL schedule, you’ll have to wait another day. It comes out tomorrow. And sadly, the Rangers say they don’t yet have information on how to secure Prague tickets.

So basically, I have nothing of note for you with this post.

But keep coming back!

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  1. I am glad NYR are not playing in Ice Bowl..they already go to Europe, if they are still in tact after that ( and somehow avoid finding me stowed in cargo department) who needs another big distraction 3 months later?

  2. apparently sjostrom’s deadline was moved from today to august 4th as they are still negotiating a new contract, and no word yet on dawes

  3. ditch sjostrom just taking up space much rather have byers on the 4th line then this guy and he should not be on the third line

  4. and whats with the hurry on byers…only 21…let him develop and play some time if there are injuries.

    and besides, moore and korpedo are both ahead of him on the depth chart….

  5. As we have no real new news…I wanted to ask this question to all who keep posting line pairings and stuff:

    What legitimate probability to you guys assign to guys like Korpi, Anisimov, Byers, Moore, etc. actually breaking into the line-up?

    I mean first of all, you guys probably know more about the New Haven Nighthawks (lol), I mean Wolfpack, than I do. But do you think you guys know more than the coaches in terms of who is ready to be an NHLer? I mean look at Cally and Dawes…they were not rushed into the lineup. The coaches took their time and the players have had a nice impact. Nothing earth moving, but enough to make them great young additions to the team.

    Do you guys honestly think (not with your hearts, but with your hockey brains) that Korpi and Anisimov and others are ready to displace established (relative term, mind you) NHLers like Sjostrom, Fritsche, Voros, and Rismiller?

    I mean the Ranger brass picked up these guys recently all to be replaced soon by the guys you suggest who are on the Wolfpack?

    I think a lot of guys on this site are thinking with their hearts and not their heads.


  6. Greg Moore is barely ahead of me in the depth chart, and right now I’m only playing in men’s leagues.

    I’ve never seen such a poor showing from a prospect then the handful of times Greg Moore stepped on the ice this year.

    He doesn’t have one redeeming quality that will translate into NHL play. He didn’t impress with speed, size or shooting ability.

    I predict he’s a minor league lifer.

    If you get your chance to impress in the NHL, you better show up. Greg Moore didn’t — plain and simple.

    Dubi did
    Cally did
    Dawes did
    Korp did

    Moore is less.

  7. And for the clowns out there saying Shanny didn’t ruin Prucha’s development, from Dellapina:

    *The Rangers are fairly convinced that they turned Petr Prucha from a 30-goal scorer into a non-factor – and that the signing of Shanahan two summers ago was the tipping point – and that Prucha could resume being a productive forward if just given the ice time and power-play role.*

  8. newman the problem with that argument is that this is the same management that thought krogg, isbister, hollweig, both wards, hossa (and so on) were legitimate answers to the team’s problems before ever giving their own kids a chance. and i would hardly call any of Sjostrom, Fritsche, Voros, and Rismiller established nhl players, they are all fourth liners maybe one third liner in there who were traded or let go from their former teams for a reason. so i guess they have established that they are mediocre.

    the rangers love to pick up other teams trash and hope to rejuvenate them and rarely does that work as again their former teams didnt want them back for a reason and yes this applies to redden as well, who still may have some good years left but ottowa who is hardly a defensive powerhouse wanted nothing to do with him unless it was for a significant discount

  9. Greg Moore looked terrible in one game this year, the other one he was decent. Byers looked alright. Korpokoski, and PA Parentau get the shot before they do. Even though PA will pretty much be a lifetime AHL’er like Krog, but that Mitch Beck guy, or what ever his name is, seems to think he’s the real deal.

    Thats good that Dawesy got re signed, but i wish it was for another year, i don’t want him having a breakout year, and demanding more bread. Glad to see he’s back, for sure.


    I think it was you on the last post who said Rozi, and Redden should both be on the point on the PP. I agree, but my only problem is, will Rozi shoot, or will he just wanna keep passing to Redden ? Who knows.

  10. I think most of us will agree that Petr Puck did not bury any of his opportunities early last year and as a result was snake bit for a great deal of the season.

    He had a regular shift for 3/4 of the year. I don’t see how one player can impede another’s progress so significantly.

  11. “I don’t see how one player can impede another’s progress so significantly.”


    Apparently, the Rangers do.

  12. Agreed Orr. If Redden was Czech he would probably defer to him every opporutnity. But, since he’s Canadian, we can probably pair the two together.

  13. Prucha got plenty of ice time. The problem is, every time he gets the puck he almost gets Stevens’d.

  14. brandon,

    prucha did not finish well last year, but the point was that prucha scored most of his goals his rookie year on the pp and once shanny came on the team, prucha got little or no power play time. whats even more remarkable, is that renney refused to put prucha back with jagr even tho they had great success together on the pp in the past. lastly remember when gomez prucha and drury started playing well together, well it lasted about a game b/c renney had to get shanny going so shanny took prucha’s place, believe this happened multiple times. prucha needs to play with a playmaker like gomez and possibly dubinsky but not drury who just fires the puck and most importantly he needs to be on the pp b/c that is where he is gonna do the most damage

  15. korpedo did it? one game does not make him a nhler, and i think he will be in the ahl to start the season.

    that being said, korpedo and ani are inmo the two closest on hartford to make the jump to the nhl

    and i think we’ll see redden – girardi, mara – rosi on the pp…

  16. Agreed, Pavel

    I have him get Scottied so often you just hold your breath every time he is near the goal.

    get rid of him while he is still worth something

  17. First of all, Erf you threw a bunch of names in there at the beginning. Too many names. You cannot tell me the mgmt thought Isbister and Krog were serious long term answers. You cannot tell me they thought anything more of Hollweg than a 4th line tough guy, very poor man’s Sean Avery. I disagree less with you naming the Wards and Hossa. With them I cannot argue your rebuttal.

    On the whole Peter Prucha thing: Dellapina is now spewing the Rangers’ management’s hopes. “Oh yeah, Shanny was the reason that Prucha couldn’t put the biscuit in the basket while sitting on the doorstep. Shanny is the reason Prucha gets tossed around like a ragdoll out on the ice.” This is just the management spinning their story so that when they don’t sign Shanny they can say, “Oh we did it for the future and guys like Prucha will benefit from it.” Right. Prucha will now score 30 next season. And monkeys will fly out of my ass when I fart. Waiting for Dellapina to start the Leetch stories again after seeing him at the All Star Game last night.

  18. Sometimes all you get is one game to impress. Call it what you want, but Korpikoski was a presence in his only game wearing Rangers blue.

    On the other hand, Greg Moore had a handful of opportunities and couldn’t even put together an impressive shift, let alone an impressive game.

    I would also consider Immonen done. Renney and others have implied his game is not fast enough for the NHL. Clearly, they don’t have any plans for him as he’s not getting any younger and we have plenty of other guys with more talent.

  19. Under the heading of “It could be worse” ckeck out comments in the Islander blog

    100% anti-Snow

  20. I would like to see Prucha in the lineup.

    I think he is a bit small, but he does add that element of speed and can put the puck in the net, plus he is fiesty and gets under the skin of the other team.

    However, I don’t know exactly how many of these players one team can have, plus he gets destroyed when he gets hit hard.

  21. Kasper-F the islanders

    Brandon-didn’t Immonen sign overseas last year?

    Does anybody think Prucha will put on 10-15 lbs and be a little tougher next year?

  22. Kaspar,

    There is a homeless guy on my street, but he doesn’t make me feel any better not being him yet I feel sorry for him as I do Islander fans (not really)

  23. Kaspar,

    Mesculin salads are available even in Brighton…

    am taking vikes for disc herniation

  24. You go Timay!!
    Tell everyone to stop bashing Shanny for me….
    You think Pruchs would go eye to eye with big Brashear monster???

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