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Mark your calendar. Cancel that vacation (actually, please don’t cancel that vacation. I can’t handle that kind of pressure).  We’re coming back with another “live chat”: here on Friday at 11 a.m. We probably won’t do one every week like this all summer, but there’s enough to go around for this week, and besides, there’s plenty we didn’t even get to last time.

And speaking of which, some of you may recall we had trouble getting to all of your questions in the last go-round. A meeting of the minds ensued at Blog Headquarters and we came up with a quasi-solution: after a certain point, we’ll cut off questions, but I’ll continue to answer those that were already asked.

More details to follow. But consider this your first warning…

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  1. Sundin a Hab, and there is a major three way…Hockey, Hockey between Ottawa, Los Angeles and Chicago. TSN reporting.

  2. Beer – The top TSN story is Horcoff’s new contract…Doesn’t say anything about Sundin…Got a link?

  3. Okay butt kissers, remember: this is a hockry blog. Don’t waste valuable time and resources asking questions about golf.

  4. Wow, what a funny post, you racist mother fucker. Another example of the genius posters on this blog. Ha ha. What a fucking schmuck.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    vog wrote:
    I’ll take Shanahan dropping the gloves with Brashear, winning games in OT and shooting one-timers from the point on the PP over Prucha any day of the week.

    Exactly, if you’re trying to win a cup in a year! If you’re trying to develop youth you stunt player’s growth and perhaps ruin their confidence forever.

    Don’t you idiots get it? We can’t keep playing for the cup every DAMN year, eventually the younger guys need to get playing time and mature. This has nothing to do with Prucha’s, perhaps “loss of scoring touch,” as much as it has to do with so many impatient NY’rs thinking the next washed up veteran will do more than the rookie. Well, you’re right, for about 1.5 seasons a$$ hole, and then you have a kid making $1.6million who scored 52 goals in his first two seasons and who now has no confidence in himself.

    Great job.

  6. Hey….lets just make sure we understand that someone stole my name here. That’s the imposter beerme up there. The guy loves me I guess. Imitation is a form of flattery. Hey…I’ll take it! :) (I ask you seriously though to try to be creative and think of something else, it’s confusing to the folks around here)

    True – re: last thread about Dubi. I agree that he had the better hands of the 2 that could move to the wing. I guess with different personel it’d be a different story. I also did NOT do a poll. I’m pretty sure it’d be about 75/25 no/yes.

    Schedule comes out today! My wife has our calander ready to go to block off game-nights from all else in the world.

  7. Erf…Did you just learn how to swear? You are showing off your ability to use 4 letter words like a champion. Your family must be so proud of your mastery of the English language.

  8. You know what, its funnyI had ONE disagreement with someone recently, and now this shit starts. Probably a moron from the site, and “Not Too far Away”.

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