Dawes back as well


Update, 4:50 p.m. Dawes signed a one-year deal worth $587,500. Wow, I’m actually shocked the Rangers got him for so little.

Of course, this is still more than I make.

Earlier: The Rangers have re-signed Nigel Dawes. I’m awaiting word on terms…

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  1. On a side note, when is the schedule going to be released. I heard today, but haven’t seen anything

  2. “On the whole Peter Prucha thing: Dellapina is now spewing the Rangers’ management’s hopes. “Oh yeah, Shanny was the reason that Prucha couldn’t put the biscuit in the basket while sitting on the doorstep. Shanny is the reason Prucha gets tossed around like a ragdoll out on the ice.” This is just the management spinning their story so that when they don’t sign Shanny they can say, “Oh we did it for the future and guys like Prucha will benefit from it.” Right. Prucha will now score 30 next season. And monkeys will fly out of my ass when I fart. Waiting for Dellapina to start the Leetch stories again after seeing him at the All Star Game last night.”


    I don’t ever think I’ve read a dumber post.

  3. i don’t want shanny back..just my opinion and i don’t want prucha either.. trade him free up some space.. the guy is softer then fudgy the whale..

  4. How is a guy who gets up from almost every hit soft? Think, people, think.

    Good news about Dawes. Nice, cap friendly contract.

  5. Mike from CT on

    People need to get off the prucha train. Goal scorers shoudl score no matter who is blocking them. Granted not as much but you just don’t forget how to do it. Prucha missed numerous chances from the door step
    clear out his contract and tarde him away.
    stiff winds knock him over. heart can only get you so far.

  6. Getting reports from several sites that a Mats Sundin bidding war is between the Rangers and Montreal…ALL others are officially out of the bidding. Expect a signing real soon.

  7. A one year deal means a trade could be in the works.Say Dawes,Prucha and maybe a guy in the minors.
    For a big tough winger……just thinking

  8. erf you may be right but if you get up everytime you get knocked down doesn’t that make similar to apollo creed… how many times can the guy get up..he’ll be eating tuna fish milkshakes soon enough if he keeps taking all these hits

  9. Erf…I don’t know who the F you think you are….Have you ever met Dellapina? You ever talk to him? Have you been on these blogs for the past 3 years? Unless you changed your blogname, I haven’t seen you here or anywhere else other than the past few weeks. So I am guessing you are some snotnosed little punk of 22 yrs old or less.

    I have known JDP for a while. Back before this blog got going, I was pretty regularly in touch with JDP and his blog. We used to exchange a fair # of emails differing on all sorts of things about the Rangers. He’s a good guy. But he mixes his emotions with reality.

    I have forgotten more about the Rangers and hockey than you will ever know.

    I was being nice by giving to some credit for your disagreement with my first comment. Now the gloves are off.

    Are you are one of these dopes who think Prucha is going to be leading this team in scoring ever again? It sounds like you are. Don’t even get me started, but you might be Prucha27 with a new blogname. (Anyone who has been on this blog longer than 6mos knows what I am talking about.)

    In the last thread, it said, “Prucha is being held back by Shanahan.” Someone claimed this was JDP’s comments. I simply said that JDP was either forcing his opinion on the readers or trying to get everyone to believe that was what mgmt was saying. I then mocked it because to think that the management has the view that Prucha would have been better if Shanny wasn’t around has to be the stupidest thing ever. I am 100% sure mgmt doesn’t think that. (Also some of the readers shoudl remember that I have some inside sources on the team and I hear things…but whatever!)

    I am sure you didn’t even get the reference I made to the whole Leetch thing because for about a season and a half JDP was hoping, praying, and opining that Leetch coming back to the Blueshirts.

    What I am asking myself now is: Why the F am I explaining myself to you? You are probably about 22 yrs old and think you know everything there is to know about hockey and the Rangers.

    The answer: It’s a slow day and I hate when morons piss me off on a slow day.

    Re-read my comment that you cut and pasted now you idiot. I was mocking the whole concept of that Prucha/Shanny – Dellapina thing. You are a moron. I am sure you didn’t even understand what I was writing. Try English 101 you assclown.

  10. Getting reports from several sites that a Mats Sundin bidding war is between the Rangers and Montreal…ALL others are officially out of the bidding. Expect a signing real soon.


    several sites = dontknowshit.com, allofthisisfalse.com, whatishockey.com

  11. TSN is the only one who has it as a two year deal, but Zip also has it as a multi yr deal. Definitely a great deal if it really is in the 600k ballpark.

  12. Zip is now saying its a 1 year deal and the 2 year negotiations are with Sjostrom. However, on TSN’s signing tracker it is still listed as a 2 year deal…. Sam, any news on how many years Dawes signed for???

  13. It would make sense if it were a 1 yr deal. Let him earn a multi year contract by having a career year. I think Pruchs will be traded now that they were able to sign a very similar player to much less than he makes.

  14. tsn.ca now says 1yr $587,500 for dawes. THAT’S a team guy right there. Or a moron.

  15. You got to hand it to the kid… everytime he takes one for the team. EVERYTIME.

    Last year early, he’s the only one who scores… and then gets sent down and doesn’t say “boo”.

    Now it’s time for his contract and the teams in dire cap situation and he takes a hit… while everyone around him is raking it in (save Mara).

    Nice to see in this day and age. Classy.

  16. Newman – You’re yet another internet tough guy who needs validation by being a know-it-all on a blog. What does you not seeing me on this blog for the past 3 years mean? That you’re a loser with nothing better to do with his time, and you keep track of everyone who posts? Sorry, you rule the Weinman blog. Go you. I hope that makes your day, because it seems like you have very little else to live for.

    My guess is that even if you did know Dellapina (which I’m 90% sure is a lie), you talk about him in the past tense, which means there was a falling out, which means you’re talking shit because you’re pissed.

    The point isn’t even about Prucha as a player, it’s about the hundreds of morons (including yourself) who post without thinking. Where did I say Prucha was going to be the leading scorer? I didn’t, so shut the f__k up.

    Also, I didn’t disagree with any of your comments, so you were quoting the wrong poster, jerk off.

  17. I remember that loser Prucha27, damn, alot of those retards left. I cant tell if im happy aboot it or not.

    Sundin better make a move soon, i gotta start a season in NHL 08, im waiting for him to sign. This is getting ridiculous.

    If anyone in here plays NHL 08, did you ever notice after one season, half of the Red Wings team retires, including Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Osgood, and others. Thats insane, the game makes players retire at like 33. Weird !!!

  18. “Prucha is being held back by Shanahan’

    Aren’t there 4 wings on each side, 8 wings total??
    How can a guy go from top 3 to numer 10 or 11 on depth chart because of a hall of famer???

    I dont care about an individuals “progress” anyway I care about a teams progress…thats like saying Jeremy Shockeys moronic progress was stifled by the Giants winning the SB without him

    Tell Prucha to smarten up, beef up and try and come to camp to compete

  19. Why on earth would we sign Sundin now that Jags is out?!!!

    Can anyone explain that to me? PLEASE!

    I don’t get it…

    I just don’t.

  20. i have no idea why we would sign sundin. Lets hope slats is pulling the swedish card this year.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Dawes is probably getting the Henrik treatment. Expect a larder extension than he’s worth after the new year.

  22. Erf,

    It appears that someone above at 1:47pm used your blogname to say that my comment about the Pru-Shanny thing was the stupidest one they had ever heard.

    If it was someone else pretending to be you, then I say, “Sorry, how could I know that it wasn’t you.”

    If it was you, you wrote that it was the stupidest thing you ever heard. I could not tell if that was aimed at the JDP-Pru-Shanny mocking or at the Leetch comment. But when you write, “Stupidest comment I ever heard” and leave it at that, I don’t know what to make of it other than to be insulted.

    Regarding my memory: Just because I remember a ton of things and don’t forget much, it doesn’t make me a loser with no life. I happen to do about 34 things at once all day, multi-task like a machine, and have a memory that works overtime.

    I post without thinking? I write a 50 line post and I am not thinking? There are barely any typos and hardly any grammatical errors, and I am not thinking? Is that even possible?

    In the future if someone is going to come down on someone else’s comments and say stuff like, “The stupidest comment ever,” I suggest inserting some reasons or ideas on why it is the stupidest comment ever. Just a suggestion.

  23. Comrade Doodie

    I agree, are you a “Dawg” man? I know I am…ruff ruff…..

    Anyway I think we need some games soon cause this is turning into one long therapy session around here

  24. In the future if someone is going to come down on someone else’s comments and say stuff like, “The stupidest comment ever,” I suggest inserting some reasons or ideas on why it is the stupidest comment ever. Just a suggestion.

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!! Oh my god… haha

    So, seriously, people do you all want Shanahan back? I’m guessing it’s about a 50:50 split (Beer, did you run a poll yet?). More interestingly, I think that you’re also the same people that wanted Jagr back too.

    Prucha’s development was mostly blocked because he went from playing 14-16 minutes a night (and alot of PP time with Jagr) to less than 10 minutes a night. Coincidentally, it happened with the addition of Shanahan, so that played a part. But falling out of Jagr’s graces and losing some innate ability he had the first year hurt just as much too.

    Beer, I see Dubinsky as the better center because he’s got better hands to caress the puck through the neutral zone and then make a play. Drury’s non-stick handling stone-hands don’t help anybody but can still harvest 25 garbage goals for him.

    Sundin – God, please no! If we sign Sundin and Shanahan this team got slower than it was last year.

  25. Newman – Didn’t know that was the comment you were referring to, thought it was something else.

    That being said, because you can spell doesn’t mean you know shit about hockey, and you multi-task? OK welcome to corporate America, we all do.

    Either way, the stupidest thing I ever heard was the rant about Dellapina spouting the company line about Shanny replacing Pru. If you read his blog, he then goes on to say he he thinks the team still needs Shanny. The part I quoted simply referred to the Rangers recognizing Shanny’s impact on Prucha’s development, for all the people here to read.

    But I guess you all know better than the Rangers organization. Good job.

  26. “But I guess you all know better than the Rangers organization. Good job.”

    Who says they’re right about everything?

    If they brought in Shanny then complain that he blocked Pruchs development then they were wrong to do it…what they think they were getting a stay at home defensemen?

  27. They thought they were getting the last piece to compete for a Cup. They don’t complain that he blocked Prucha, the just acknowledged the impact Shanny had on Prucha. They thought it was worth the because they’d be getting a Cup, they were wrong.

    So you’re right, they aren’t right about everything.

  28. How much more money does Dawes make than you? I’d guess $515,000 more, am I right?

  29. Brandon(from other thread),

    Shanny wore a ‘C’ for one season on a very unremarkable Hartford Whalers squad. He was traded a short time into the second season, after requesting to be moved.

    Drury, on the other hand, is young and as much of a leader as Shanahan. He also won Lord Stanley’s cup back in 2001 with the Avalanche. Trust me, when the lights come up on Broadway, Drury will be wearing the ‘C’…

  30. And you guys saying Shanahan killed Prucha’s playing time are nuts. They are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT players. Shanahan, despite his age, is still a power forward. Prucha is a sniper wing. If you want to look at guys that killed PP’s ice time, look no further than Avery, Dawes, and Callahan. On a lesser extent, Straka. These are the smallish guys that played wing instead of the less physical PP. Shanny took up ice time, but it wasn’t from Prucha.

  31. Drury, on the other hand, is young and as much of a leader as Shanahan. He also won Lord Stanley’s cup back in 2001 with the Avalanche. Trust me, when the lights come up on Broadway, Drury will be wearing the ‘C’…

    Yes, Drury’s the savior. Thank God we signed him. Should have paid more, actually! Never captain’d a team on his own. Didn’t play top-2 lines on that cup squad (and got outscored by 4 other people in the playoffs, including a defensman), but he’s the best because he’s “clutch” and “he’s a leader.” WE all know already, thanks for pointing out exactly why we can’t wait for it to be 2012 because then Rozsival and Drury will be gone.

  32. Tdchi, so who played the powerplay Prucha’s first year (Nylander-Straka-Jagr, Prucha and Rozsival) and who played the second and third years? (Dubinsky/Gomez-Drury-Straka-Jagr with Shanahan and Rozsival).

    Which winger changed? Oh, this game is fun…. (jeopardy music starts)???!

    You have 10 minutes.

  33. tdchi – The problem with your thinking is that Avery, Straka and Dawes all play the left. Prucha played the right until Shanny got here, then he was shuffled around.

    Prucha was penciled in at #2 RW behind Jagr until Shanny got here and switched from the left side to the right side. He was a LW his whole career until he came here.

  34. You forgot one “Binkie”, Myasshurts@aol.com And you,re membership at East Side Club at 227 E 56th…(212) 753-2222, is revolked. This was the address you left us, Pay Up.

  35. you simply can’t debate prucha lost pp time once shanny came on the team. and i for one would have rather had prucha develop further than have shanny play well for half a season two years in a row. time to move on. and if a young player progresses then the overall ability of the team should progress, so people should care how the young kids progress, especially as we have very few proven scorers on the roster right now and like him or not, prucha is one of those proven scorers. dawes and cally arent and sjostrom is certainly not the answer

  36. I especially loved the guy who said “which young player scored 25 goals last year? and nobodies probably going to do it again this year!”

    Brilliant, Sherlock! But guess what, fat a$$ Jagr is gone and Shanny probably will be too. If Zherdev comes in and has 30 goals and Cally, Prucha, Dawes, or Shjoestrom have 20 goals then that’s fine. Jagr’s brilliant 25 goal performance was blocking another player from developing, and the same with Shanahan’s amazing 23 goals.

    If Dawes had as much playing time as Jagr or Shanahan I bet he’d have 20-30 goals. If Prucha was paired with a good center (Dubi or Gomez) I bet he breaks 20 goals again too.

  37. The rangers are going into this season with a huge question mark over there heads, and thats what it comes down too. I am sorry I just can’t see shanny on this team right now. This team is obviously going in a different direction with youth and speed and right now in shanny’s career he just can’t keep up. Yes he has great leadership and still has that great release on his shot but there is time where you just need to bite your lip and move on. It was truely sad to watch shanny in the playoffs cause he disappeard when it matterd most whether he was hurt or not. I wouldnt mind him taking a job with our organization cause he is a stand up guy, but he really needs to hang the skates up.
    Prucha and betts need to be packaged together with maybe lets the 5th round draft pick we just got and maybe another pick to get another impact player who can put the puck in the net. I know a lot of people would disagree that we should give prucha another chance but I think that we have to many players like him that have surpassed him. We need to get rid of him now while he has some value. Someone mentioned it above that ever since that injury before the all star break in 2006 he really has never been the same. Last year was his year to prove to us that he still has it but I just think that callahan and dawes can do just as much as prucha can even though prucha is more proven with a 30 and 22 goal seasons. As far as Sjostrom he is going to be back its just going to be interesting for how much.

    Naslund Gomez Zherdev
    Callahan Drury Dawes Start the season with this line, now if its our 2nd or 3rd line I don’t know but I do know they had a lot of chemistry towards the end of the season.
    ??? Dubinsky ????
    vorros Fritsche sjostrom

    There is still a ton of question marks with this team its just going to be interesting how its going to look opening night. Whatever happens I will be with this team night and day. Atleast our defense is prob the best in the eastern conference thats including THE KING IN NET.

  38. This defense one of the best in the Least? Guess you like them soft and mushy, fella. I would take the Columbus defense over ours. Biggest disappointment this year..Redden, He Stinks under pressure.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B/Erf:

    You guys are obviously not seeing my point. The reason PP isn’t in the goddamn lineup is that he’s 6’0 and 170 soaking wet. They had four other forwards fitting that mold, with just as much talent and a few more pounds. Prucha grabbed pine because he’s too small. Period. You can’t have PP on a line with Gomez(or Drury) and Dawes. You need at least one guy with some weight to crash the zone. I’m not saying Shanny did a good job of that, just that was his task in NY.

    On the PP, Shanny didn’t ‘replace’ him in any capacity. They needed a guy with size to hang in the slot and take shots. It’s not something PP could do with his size. At best, they could have put him at POINT, where…Martin Straka used to hang out last year.

    And as for Drury, I wholly disagree. And I think you’ll find the team will as well, when they name Drury the next captain.

  40. I’ll take Shanahan dropping the gloves with Brashear, winning games in OT and shooting one-timers from the point on the PP over Prucha any day of the week.

  41. Mike from CT on

    Vogs, couldn’t agree more. Iknow he isn’t coming back but i would ike to have him over Prucha. Everyday I read the juk that the Prucha Koo-Aid drinkers throw out there and it makes me laugh.

  42. inhankwetrust on

    Does anyone have any site that actually talked about this so called bidding war between the rangers and montreal for sundin? also new newman- why you gotta hate against 22 yr olds? some of us are actually quite knowledgable, you’d be surprised…

  43. I said our defense is the best in the league including Henrik in net. Beer me Last time I checked Columbus is in the west not the east buddy who do honestly think has a better defense than us in the EAST.

  44. “Shanahan has great release on his shot.” Right, as he pots 8.5% of his shots,as he did in 2008. Same mentality praises Mara for his “wicked shot from the point.” Right, what does he register, 2% of his shots for goals in a good (for him) year? Grow up, PERFORMANCE beats style and substance beats your fluff.

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