Brendan Shanahan not giving up on the Rangers


But have the Rangers given up on him?

According to Shanahan’s agent, Rick Curran, the “future Hall of Famer is still interested in playing only for the Rangers next year”:

“Brendan still feels he has a job that he wants to finish with the Rangers and he knows he has some good hockey left in him. He fully intends on playing next year and at the moment, his intention is to play with the Rangers.”

As I’ve said all along, I have a hard time seeing Shanahan coming back unless he takes a major — and I mean major — pay cut; or if the Rangers somehow decide he’s worth clearing space for. I’ve been a Shanahan supporter since he came to New York. He’s a legend of the game and did some remarkable things while he was here. But I can’t see where he fits in next season.

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  1. He fits in, on the fourth line with Fritche and Orr. Thats it. We cant have his old ass taking ice time away from guys like Prucha and Korpikoski. Prucha decline is a direct result of Shannys overplay. Renney and managment know that and thats why he is still here. I say forget the past, on with the future.

  2. I like Shanahan but enough is enough, just retire already. I don’t want to see him in a rangers uniform this year. Shanny retire and get a job with the organization, this way you still have a job in new york and your family is happy.

  3. What’s the rush with Shanny? He was obviously playing hurt last season and should’ve taken some time off… why not pull what Selanne and Niedermayer did last season?

    Rest until February and if we could use the help, you get all the money and Sather gets half the cap hit!

  4. Speed Ranger on

    Shanny would make a great color commentator and ambassador for the sport. He’s intelligent, insightful, clever, personable, and always professional. His role could and should be much more grand than merely ‘player’ or anything tied to a single team. He’s the right one to forge a brand new path here for all of hockey, and this is the right time for him to do it.

  5. I see him as a Chris Chelios type. He can give you some good minutes on occasion but more importantly he would provide some mature and lacking leadership on and off the ice..

    Think Chelios. Did he play in the playoffs?

  6. true – I think anything is a possiblity right now. There’s a few senario’s that “make sense”. And it’s really going to be trial and error (once again) in NY this fall.

    Who do you think would make the better winger…Dru or Dubi?

    Personally I say Dubi. I think he’s got power fwd written all over him and I think his skill would be maximized as a wing. Not that he’s not a playmaker, b/c he’s shown flashes of it. But I don’t think he can take full advantage of his size as a center.

    I think just the opposite with Dru. His skills are more vaulable at center than on the wing.

    It’ll be interesting to see which combos work and which don’t. It’s just unfortunate that once again, we’re facing the “let’s try this” situation.

  7. He fits in as the captain we don’t have and someone who can log some important quality, yet limited, minutes on special teams and sporadic shifts.

    If anything, this team lacks some major personality right now. Save for Gomez, who in my opinion is makes more dumb comments then witty ones, who on this team is a guy you’d like to go out and have a beer with, shoot some pool and talk about felines?

    Our cast of characters — Avery, Jagr and Hollweg — are gone.

    Hockey aside, the team is pretty blahze.

  8. Z Gomer Dubi ??

    I didn’t realize Z was 6’2″ 200lbs. That’s some decent size for a guy that moves as well as he does.

    And that’s some decent size on the #1 line. We know that all 3 can log the minutes too.

    Man, I don’t evny the coaching staff’s, or anyone involved in the decision making in camp this year.

  9. The Rangers stunted 2 years of Prucha’s growth by bringing Shanahan in and right now the jury’s out on if Pru will ever recover from that. The only way we’ll find out is if Petr gets the minutes, particularly on the PP, that he had in his rookie season. And the only way that’s going to happen is without Shanahan coming back for 08-09. I appreciate what Shanahan did in his career and as a Ranger but it’s time to figure out what the kids can do and give them the time they need to do it.

  10. Beer – i doubt that this is the roster we will be entering camp with. There’s too many forwards, most of whom seem to be 3rd liners, some wih maybe 2nd line potential.

    Is Slats thinking that at least 2 of Voros, Dawes, Cally, Prucha, Sjostrom, Rissmiller, Korpi will be able to handle 2nd line responsibilities? I’d rather trade 2 of them for a proven top 6 forward.

  11. You know Brandon, I think that’s pretty accurate. But I’ll play the other side of it just for shits and giggles.

    Maybe that’s better for us? The last few seasons we’ve had such a mish-mosh of vets, youth, euro’s, N.A.’s, etc. And it didn’t really work. We saw small success I guess in comparison to the pre-lockout Rangers. But not the success we really want. I think the challenge of bringing all those personalities is an additional task that is not necessary. Maybe this “blahze” face of the NYR is welcomed in the lockerroom?

  12. PAVEL

    “What’s the rush with Shanny? He was obviously playing hurt last season and should’ve taken some time off… why not pull what Selanne and Niedermayer did last season?
    Rest until February and if we could use the help, you get all the money and Sather gets half the cap hit!”

    You forgetting something buddy. That asshole Buttman hates Nyr, i mean look at the “Avery Rule”. Smyth has been doing that for years, but once a Ranger does it, boom they ban it. I truly believe it had as much to do with being a Ranger THEN THAN being Avery. Once Buttman realizes what Nyr is doing, he’ll shoot him down as quick as possible.

    I love Shanny, the guy is nothing but class, and it sucks that he’s in this situation. But if that drunk guy heard Shanny correctly, THEN THAN, i really don’t want him on the team, cause even if he doesn’t have a problem with the team, i don’t like his comments. Thats even if the drunk guy is telling the truth.

    Either way, id take Shanny back if he can play how he did the first 2 months of 06-07, cause he was on fuggin fire. But as of now, maybe its best to move on.

    I don’t wanna see Pruchs get traded cause Shanny wants to come back for one more year, i mean for the love of god, ever since Shanny came to New York, its been a nightmare for the kid.

    Hopefully Nyr finishes everything up by the end of the week.

    And im still fuggin waiting for a press conference, stupid MSGNY playing nothing but stupid Knicks, and no Rangers.

  13. UK – agreed on some roster moves. And it’d always be a good idea to add a top-6 winger. I think if you move Dru or Dubi to the wing, you have a solid top-5. Then you can roll the dice on whether Dawes or Prucha is ready to be a full-time 2nd line winger. That’s assuming of course Slats CAN’T get a deal done for that winger.

    I like the way the roster is shaping up though. And STILL relieved that we’re going into a season with a solid d-corp. Overpaid or not.

  14. i dont see the corelation between prucha and shanny. i dont think shanny took ice time away from prucha in anyway. frankly i dont give a damn if prucha leaves tomorrow… i think he is good trading bait. as for shanny, i think if you can convince him to hang around for another year – he adds character and experience to the locker room. we’ve lost every bit of character/leadership we had last year (jagr,straka,avery,strudwick,hollweg, etc)

  15. How aboot PP lines….

    Drury – Gomez – Zherdev
    Redden – Girardi

    Naslund – Dubinsky – Prucha / Dawes
    Rozsival – Mara

    I like that. Definitely gotta split Redden and Rozi. A lot of people seem to think Rozi doesn’t shoot because Jags always wants the pass, i think thats BS. I think Rozi just doesn’t have much confidence releasing a shot. This is the guy that doesn’t like to play the point on a 5 ON 3 !!! Thats unreal, id rather play the point on a 5 on 3, THEN THAN a 5 on 4. He has a good shot, he needs to shoot more. I wanna see Staal on the PP, but Mara clearly wants the job, but he’s gonna have to earn it.

    Another thing aboot Shanny. I DO NOT wanna see that shitty 5 on 3, where Jags, and Shanny pass to each other non stop and shoot, and don’t even hit the friggin net. Thank god thats over with, now Gomer gets to work magic down low, and if nothing is there, Redden can destroy the puck, and Dru can pop a rebound. Good times !!

  16. Beer – i agree about the D, 6 men, no questions apart from who #7 might be. Maybe $1m each too much for Redden and Roszy. With Staal and Girardi coming through and Mara and Kalinin only on 1-year deals it leaves the door open for Sanguinetti to get a full-time job next year with Potter, Baranka (his contract was for 1 year i think) and maybe Del Z pushing for the other spot.

    All we need now is a break-out season from Dawes or Cally to solidify the 2nd line and Prucha to get some PP time.

  17. If he does sign, 3rd & 4th lines, shootouts, and PK. And he’s a healthy scratch every once in a while. ESPECIALLY NEAR THE END OF THE SEASON!

  18. Shanny will wind up in Detroit or Pittsburgh, as I have reliable sources. Whats with the latest Cherapanov article demeaning New York. Deja, Your room at the East Side Club..227 E56th St (212) 753-2222 is available.

  19. Fritsche was inked just so things economically were defined… now any trade the NYR make will be what they looke like. I’m not saying he’ll be traded… it’s just that now there is a solid knowledge of “what you have” and “what you’d be giving up”.

    Slats will make another move(s) before the season begins… but I don’t think it’s coming very soon. They may wait until camp.

  20. No He wont, and your reliable source is full of sheeeet

    How many times does the guy have to say he doesnt want to leave the NYC area?

    1 year deal – $1 Million
    Reduced Role
    4th Line/PK/PP
    C on his chest

    Whats so hard about that? and no he doesnt bloack Pruchas development

  21. “That asshole Buttman hates Nyr, i mean look at the “Avery Rule”.”

    “Once Buttman realizes what Nyr is doing, he’ll shoot him down as quick as possible.”


    Those statments are silly. I think there Bettman would love nothing more than a dominant NY team. A strong NY team increases the profile of the league which in turns draws more advertising and TV revenue. More revenue means more value creation for the owners and more money for the players.

  22. NYRNation_Tom on

    Linkin Park,
    How the heck will Shanny end up in as a Pen or a Wing, when he just told the league he WANT TO STAY A RANGER or RETIRE??? Who’s your source, Eklund?

  23. He fits in for sure.

    Sign him one year, for really really cheap.
    Let him play the 3rd line, and the pp or pk.

  24. Eff Prucha, he played in 62 games last year. More than enough to earn his playing time and incidentally one game more than Dawes.

    I truly hope he comes out of the box and scores 10 goals in the first 20 games. However, I’m realistic – his ability to score goals has been declining and he’s one dimensional.

    I’d hate to see him traded then breakout for another team but the guy has had plenty of chances to turn it around here in NY and will get another chance this year.

    If he doesn’t get it done early, I hope we trade him pronto for something of value.

  25. JJP

    Thats how i feel aboot the situation. He cares aboot Sidney Crabby, and OV, those two are the face of the league. Once the Crapitals become a playoff team, were gonna see more Craps badnwagoners, to go along with the Pissburgh ones.


    Everyone just cant get it through there thick skull, that this guy doesn’t wanna move his family again. Its either retirement, or Devils for Shanny.

  26. NYR

    Prucha had a phenomonal rookie season (especially sine he really imporved the second half) Then the next year SHanny came in. Prucha’s minutes on the pp disappeared. His minutes on the second line as a right wing disappeared and he swithced to left wing, which made him appear awkward along the boards.

    Without Shanny there is an opening for a second line right wing and a heck of a lot more pp time for the kids, hopefully he can return to form and score thirty goals. If he gives us twenty thats still signs that the organization didn’t destroy his potential.

    Good move signing Kalinin and Mara to one year contracts so that kids can come up into those spots next year, unlike what happened with Prucha, Cally also a right wing was left on his side in third line minutes so he never had to switch sides, why Prucha moved instead of Cally I don’t know, maybe Prucha was the better at swithcing sides, but either way thats how it is.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    As for Shanahan, let him go. God please, let him go.

    People are talking about resigning him and giving him the C? Are you guys nuts? Yeah, good idea. Bring the guy in to take a roster spot from a kid, be a pilon, play like crap, and delay the team’s new leaders from leaing the team another year, thus stunting the growth of the entire team for another year. Good idea guys!

    Let’s bring back Mark Messier while we’re at it. Oh, better yet, let’s go out and sign Trevor Linden because he can play with Naslund on the top line!

    Get real. Hang them up Shanny, the HOF is waiting.

  28. Zip just posted on his blog that the regular-season schedule is set to come out tomorrow. So we wait another day *sigh

  29. Shanny would fit in Pearns shoes just fine…
    I say sign him. He’d look good in a suit…

  30. Ber,

    I admit I didn’t read the article, just the url, but its been reported Brylin went to Russia already, and when free agency started the DEvils had announced they weren’t resigning him… not surprising because they took forever to decided about resiging him every year and trade rumors circulated every deadline…

    Him and Marty were the only two left from their cup years. Brylin was a good player for them. He played every forward postion and he played on al four lines, depending on what they asked him to do. I wouldn’t ever think of Shanny replacing Brylin though… Thye used Sergei mostly at center (if I recall corectly)

  31. Redden-Rossival has to be our #1 pair on the power play. That’s why they are making the big bucks. Dan Girardi can occasionally get the puck on net, but I’d rather have Rozy at the point with Redden when the game is on the line.

    Rozy, defer passes to Jagr and all, was still one of the leading D-men in the league in goals last year. Dude has a cannon and could score a whole lot more if he let it go more.

    That’s gotta be the #1 power play pair. Rozy and Redden. Can’t see it being any other way.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d say there’s a good rule of thumb for what I wanted to see this FA period.

    Aside from Jagr (with whom I could’ve taken or left), I did not want to team to sign any free agents who I could have played with in NHL ’94. We came dangerously close with the NAslund signing. Let’s not make the actual mistake of signing Shanahan.

  33. haha Scott Gomez has a brain capacity of a 5 year old, he sounds like a moron during interviews. I would rather have an intelligent 40 year old Shanny during interviews than Gomer.

  34. not really, Shanny still has some left in him. Some people make it seem he is horrible, done for good, but they really dont know. Might be different this year.

  35. i am pretty sure i have seen enough videos of Shanahan skate, just play him in a lesser role thats it. Still has the shot. Maybe the Yankees should sit Posada cause he cant run.

  36. Beer – just to be clear Shanny said that he had heard the rumors about the Devils wanting him… but as of Saturday night he and his agent had not received any calls from them.

  37. How about he fits in as a penalty killer, power play guy, leader in the locker room, fighter when necessary, and lets not forget that he and Chris Drury were tied for the lead in goals for most of the season. He was a hero all year until he got hurt, now he’s old and needs to be gone. Fan loyalty for playing through injuries leaves something to be desired here. How about that awful collision of knees, when he left the game and still limped back to the bench in case they needed him for the shootout. We trashed Jagr for the first half of the year and Shanny because he was injured in the playoffs – hip, knee and hamstring wasn’t it? Could that possibly have slowed him down a bit more than age? You don’t need to be fast to have a great slapshot or get the greasy goals in front of the net. We lose him (along with Straka, Jags and Avery) and we are losing most of our goal scoring. The kids are great and coming along fine but look at their numbers – they ain’t there yet!

  38. gotcha Parros.

    agr – no contract has been signed overseas yet for Brylin.

    I’m still so happy that we shook that fuggin turd Hollweg off our shoe. THAT my friends is addition by subtraction.

  39. House – Foolish comparison. They should be sitting Posada because he can’t throw. Now that Matsui is likely out the year, I bet you see Posada DH-ing a hell of a lot more.

  40. Shanny4ever – If you want Shanny back playing even strength, PP, and PK, then you’ll see the same burnt out shell of a player you got January through playoffs.

    He doesn’t score greasy goals anymore, he plays on the perimeter and shies away from contact. I’ll give you all your points about leadership, and yea he played through injury (to the team’s detriment), but that doesn’t mean he should be playing on the Rangers, who’s mantra has been to get younger and faster.

  41. So what you can call Shanny the DH, coming out for the powerplay and penalty kill. You make it seem that he is gonna be playing 20 minutes every period.

  42. you gonna go out on the ice and prove it for everyone?, you were probably a jagr hater

  43. He fits in for his shootout capabilities alone …

    He is still a smart player – can kill penalties and hopefully gets his scoring touch back … some nights he can play 18 minutes, other nights 8 …

    I like him better than Rismiller or Orr …

  44. Hi All, have not posted in many months. I really am torn on Shanny i’ve looked up to him since I was a boy ,him coming to the rangers was amazing to me. I do feel him being here stunted Pru’s growth and I also feel for him not having his full strenght last year, because of similar injuries the same happened to me. I am currently seeing a sport medicine doc for my hip,knee and groin.

    Most of the year i felt like i lost the power in my stride. I’m only 26 and now that the summer has come and i am not on the ice i feel ten time worse which is what made me drag my arse to the doctor. I play once or twice a week, he plays everyday can you imagine deailng with that and the loss of strenght, but we are all hockey players/lovers and will give what we got till there is nothing left. Give him a chance i say, i think even at his age, fully healthy he could be huge. I think the majority of us who play on this board play with men his age or older and we don’t complain and they are on our team, we cheer for the ranger and live and die by them but we don’t get suit up with em. Give the guy a shot send the stunted Pru packing, Dawes has the better mental makeup anyway.

    for shits and giggles
    Dubi-Gomer- Zherdev
    Naslund- Dru- Cally
    Dawes- Fritsche- Sjo
    Voros/rismiller-Betts/kopikoski- Orr

    The D is set.

    Best to all,


  45. Brandon – “He fits in as the captain we don’t have…”

    What? If we resign Shanahan, we’ll have three former captains on the squad(Nasulund, Shanny and Drury).

    Make no doubt about it, DRURY will be the captain next year, even if Shanny does resign.

  46. I disagree. Shanny is a proven Captain, as in one who has worn the “C” before and actually won. Naslund is not regarded as a leader, despite wearing the C in Vancouver. Drury has never worn the C, he’s been a sidekick his whole career, albeit a very good sidekick, but a sidekick nonetheless.

    If SHanny comes back, I think he’s an automatic for the C as he’ll be the clear cut obvious locker room leader with Cups, experience, smarts and age.

  47. Drury wore the C in Buffalo.

    Why pick a guy to wear the C for one year? It’ll be Drury, undoubtedly, for the next 4+ years.

  48. “If SHanny comes back, I think he’s an automatic for the C as he’ll be the clear cut obvious locker room leader with Cups, experience, smarts and age.”

    Shanny was the clear cut captain last season.

    Shanny is above having to have the “C” on his sweater to be a leader.

    Unless he’s ok making less that Dan Fritsche, and playing less minutes than Valliquete, he won’t be back.

  49. like someone said earlier, if shanny comes back this will be messier all over again. he will start on the third or fourth line but the minute we are losing in the third period a kid will be sat so shanny can move up. (renney already did this in the playoffs with shanny). if he was so hurt last year he shouldnt have been playing as he added nothing to our team most of the playoffs with the way he was gliding around the ice. time to let prucha return to the right side and pp where he has shown he can score. he had bad year last year while being screwed with by renney but why does that mean he is on the decline. zherdev only scored 10 goals in his third season while getting a lot more ice time than prucha and everyone is thrilled to have him on our team. not to mention of our young forwards prucha is the only one who has proven he can score 30 goals in a season, something zherdev still neeeds to show he can do

  50. I’m not sure what remarkable things he did here? Unless you mean setting records in slowness. I’m a big fan of yours Sam but you come off like such a fanboy when it comes to Shanny and Drury. Shanny did great things in the motor city hea great start in the first 30-35 games of the 06-07 season and fell off big time since.Time to move on. He plays like a old and washed up Mess did let the kids play.

  51. I give nobody the captaincy. Go with three alternate c’s and hope someone like Gomez or in a couple of years Dubi steps up and becomes captain.

  52. -He played hurt for almost half the season
    -Was the ONLY leader on the team when Jagr wouldnt say shit to the refs
    -Fights when he needs to
    -EVERYONE on the teams looks up to him, and all his knowledge
    -He’s completely UNSELFISH

    And if he’s so slow and washed up, why was he TIED with Drury for goals last season??

    Naslund will NOT be the captain, Drury isnt ready or I think even willing to have it this year. And both him and Gomer would FLOURISH at being “A”‘a under Shanny for one year.

    We are all definitely divided on the Shanny front, but let me just add this: Which Kid on our team last year put up 23 goals? NO ONE
    Which kid this year is going to put up 23 goals at a minimum? Probably NO ONE

    Resing Shanny/1 year/Captain!

    And who ever thiks this is Messier all over again is a f@#$ing retard.

  53. Petr Prucha blocked his own development when he was put on a line with Matt Cullen and Shanny and couldn’t put up points. I find it weird the same people who wanted the C on shanny now want him off the team. I’m all for shanny if he takes pruchas roster spot. Actually, I really don’t know how i feel about him. I like him so much for what he has done, but the back of my mind still has him sucking in the playoffs and missing the net on the power play. I’ll let the big guys decide what they want to do and I will probably want the opposite.

  54. ERF–

    How many goals did your younger faster kids put up last year? Anybody near Shanny’s total, as he supposedly died a slow death throughout the season? How about all our new young acquisitions – how many have his kind of numbers? I’m not saying the team should be built around him, or that he should play 25 minutes a game. The point is he is still a savvy, valuable, versatile contributor who has the guts, skill and determination to help this “young” team where it wants to go.

  55. I agree, if Shanny is willing to take a paycut, sign him for 1 more yr. I do, however, feel Drury would make the better captain. Hopefully, he will be a little more comfortable in his 2nd yr as a ranger. Can’t wait til the season starts!

  56. MikeyNJ

    I agree with you. Shanny played slow ’cause he was playing hurt, and still scored 23 goals! If Naslund and Redden are worth the gamble, why isn’t Shanny, who has a lot more skill than either of them? Why not one more year to teach the kids how to play Jagrless hockey?

    I agree that Renney’s will have to use him more effectively. Shanny cannot play 18 minutes a game for a whole season, but PK, PP, 3rd/4th line time, and shootouts? Even with an injury last year, he came through more often than not.

    And give him the C so Drury and Gomez have something to aspire to and someone to learn leadership from.

    Gimme a break. Who else do we have that can do all that? The kids certainly have talent but what kids don’t need to learn patience, fortitude and dedication?

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