Fritsche and Rangers come to terms


There will be no ugly arbitration hearing between the Rangers and Dan Fritsche, as there was last year with Sean Avery.

And really, what could the team say? “We’ve never had him on our team, but we’re sure he’s a detriment”.

No word yet on terms. But is Blair Betts officially nervous?

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  1. I think Prucha should be nervous when it’s windy outside. He could blow away.

    I hope EVERYONE is nervous. It keeps you sharp. And all these guys should know that no spot is “theirs”. With the exception of a few of course(hank, gomer, dru, redden, rozy, naslund, zherdev, staal, and to a lesser extent mara & girardi) that’s about it. every other spot needs to be won.

  2. I am hopeful Betts is gone before the season starts.
    He’s done a decent job, but you can’t have guys on the team playing that many games/minutes just being defensive players. The guys seems to flash offensive skill once every few games, but I’d rather find a guy that can win faceoffs and chip in 5-10 goals while being a good defensive 4th line guy

  3. Blue404Seats on

    Beer Me,

    agreed. I like how so many spots are not secure. We are like our team out of the lockout (with more talent – i hope). You have to earn your spot on the team. With everyone competing for positions it should raise everyones playing level. Whether we have 1st line scorers or not is still a question that needs to be answered. However we are very deep in 2nd 3rd and 4th line players, which is good in case of injuries or trade bait in the future.

  4. (From the last post)


    “You’re living in a fantasy world if you think you can teach players to block shots at the NHL level. You also can’t teach “Hockey IQ”, which is the most underrated part of the game, and what makes good players great and average players valuable, a la Betts. Having your stick in the right place and knowing where to make a first pass, or when is a good time to dump are parts of the game that can not be taught at the NHL level”

    Its not supposed to be taught at the NHL level, thats the whole point of junior hockey, AHL, what ever. Look at Ortmeyer, he said that his coach in junior hockey “taught” him how to block a shot. He actually made him, and all his teammates block shots at practice, and teach what’s right and wrong. Thats why Ortmeyer is a shot blocking machine. I have absolutely nothing against Bettsy’s game, and i appreciate it as much as the next guy, don’t get me wrong. But this is how i feel. You can get what he does, from a bunch of players in Hartford who want to show the Rangers staff they can play in this league whether its scoring goals, or just playing a defensive game. Every team pretty much has a Betts, some Ranger fans make it seem like he’s one of a kind. Also the whole Thorts to Betts thingy, i was just saying that Betts doesn’t have Thorts’ skill, obviously, and some players cant pass like him, or score like any top scorer in the league, so this is the game they fall back on, the defensive game, and rightfully so. I don’t expect Betts to score 30 goals 60 points, i would love to have a offensive 4th line, but id much rather have a physical 4th line. Thats what you’d get from a 4th line of those 3 players.


    “Betts is a 4th line stopper and penalty killer. He blocks more shots than any other center on the team. It’s not his job to be Wayne Gretzky on the ice, retard. Have you ever watched or heard of the Ranger’s defensive-minded system?”

    Did your mom scramble your brains for kicks when you were a baby. When did i even mention Gretzky,i don’t expect him to put up any numbers at all, and nooooo i didn’t know Betts was a 4th line stopper, ohh how could i not knoooow. But I know that defensive minded system your talking aboot, hmm, funny thats the same system Slats, and Renney are supposedly trying to get rid of.


    “I love these quotes, pure donkey. They are then followed by a lineup with Prucha on the 2nd line, which makes it even better. Too bad Prucha can’t figure out how to do those things, then maybe he’d play as many games as Betts”

    Ahh, well maybe you’d like Sjostrom on the 2nd line, he only scored aboot 15 goals, as his highest total, i think, maybe less, or we can go with Dawes who only scored 15 goals, if we put Naslund on the top line, oh wait why not put Callahan, who only scored 8 goals. Take your head out of your ass, Pruchs is the closest thing to a goal scorer we have, compared to all those youngsters. He scored 30 goals, then 22 goals i think, then had a bad year and a half, only getting 8. I still think Dawes has talent to play top line minutes, what the fugg is the difference he was playing on the 2nd line on some nights last year, with Dru, so what difference does it make if you put him with Gomer, or Dru.Some people think he doesn’t have what it takes, but who the fugg else is going up there ?? This is all we have, Cally, Dawes, Pruchs, Sjostrom, Take two of those 4 to put on line 1, and 2, who are you gonna pick ?? The smart choice is Pruchs, and Dawes. Either way, this team seems like its missing something, but im not hearing anything aboot trades or what ever, unless Pruchs is getting shopped.

  5. says fritchie’s ‘compensation’ is $875k.

    dallas drake announced his retirement … if anyone is interested.

  6. BEER ME

    In that Shanny thingy you posted, does that say Vancouver and Nyr are talking ?? Or did i read that wrong ?

    Maybe we can get Isbister back, mwahahaha scary times.

    Betts should be nervous, Slats said he wants to get faster and younger, maybe he’s thinking of the 4th line im thinking aboot.

    As for Pruchs, he’s been nervous ever since the 06-07 trade deadline. I think he’s more open to a trade now that Jags is gone.

    In my opinion, you should trade him now before Russia drags him over, cause i can see him going straight there, if a guy like Radulov would.

  7. I left someone out of a ‘sure spot’. Dubi.
    Although who knows where in the lineup he’ll end up, I’m pretty certain he’ll be there.

    I think he and Dawes are up for their breakout years.

  8. orr – no. It was just his agent responding to a rumor that VAN offered him $2mil. And that the only team he’s interested in is NYR. Did you even read it? lol

  9. Blue404Seats on


    You seriously want 3 guys on the 4th line running around hitting people the whole time????

    No such line exist for a reason. All 3 would be out of position. Betts allows the other two to the throw the body with his style of play. He also body checks himself.

  10. I can’t fathom people wanting to let Betts go. He centers the 4th line, so he’s not taking up a lot of minutes. He is great on faceoffs, great on the backcheck, and great on the penalty kill. It’s not his fault Renney put his line out at some horrible times. He does exactly what a 4th line center should do and does it quietly. He is a consummate professional and has earned the right to retain his position on this team in 2008-2009.

  11. Oh yay, Eklund thinks Sundin is waiting for Nyr. This guy needs to get ORR’d like Fedoruk. He’s so clueless.

    What would Nyr have to trade in order to sign him ?


    That Shanny post, from the last post, aboot him talking to some fan in here. If thats how he feels aboot this years team, then don’t come back. But i think that whole post was pure BS, lol, like Shanny would tell a random fan that he hates the direction the team is going in.

    Also i wanna throw this in, id SNAP if the Isles signed John Torts. He’s my fav coach in the league.

  12. Tonite I was going to start reading War and Peace but instead will read Comrade Orr’s post

  13. NOAH

    Nylander earned the right for another year on the team in 07-08, but things just don’t work out that way. Like i said, i appreciate everything he does, but letting him go would not hurt this team at all.

    Im curious to find out what Slats is thinking, i mean is Rismiller even in the fold ? I hope he’s not planning on dumping Orr, i don’t wanna change my name, ive had this for 2 years now.

  14. Bett’s should be nervous. His 2 goals in 75 games is only 2 more than I scored.

    If Fritsche has any offensive ability I think Bett’s is a goner.

  15. I love Betts. He’s always criticized because he doesn’t score, but he’s our BEST PKer, along with Drury.

    Last season, our best PKers were Drury, Betts, Shanny and Straka… two of those are gone… what are the two-way abilities of Zherdev, Fristche, etc?

    Blair Betts BLOCKS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I did a little jig in my chair when I found out that Hollweg was traded. :)

    Parros – Another good story from Shanny, which I tend to *believe*. It’s great that you were able to get a color copy of that newspaper cover and get it signed!

    At this point, I think Fritsche will just be a back-up, healthy scratch center, unless Drury plays wing for some reason. For now, I would say Fritsche, Rissmiller, and Pöck would be the scratches, having Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, Betts, Naslund, Dawes, Voros, Sjostrom, Zherdev, Prucha, Callahan, Orr on the ice.

  17. For all the Betts haters… Have you forgotten the last 3 seasons? Betts put in 7 one year and 8 the other. Maybe he only put in 2 this year has something to do with the two guys on his wings (orr and hollweg) Give Betts a decent winger (sjostrom and korps) and the guy will put in 5-10 goals win faceoffs and be the best penalty killer we have had in the last 15 years.

  18. PAVEL

    Gomer as well, he came through on the PK when he had to, as well as Cally. Sjostrom can fill in as well, maybe Dubi. Naslund i think killed penalties in Vancouver, but i could be wrong, the Nucks are the one team i don’t watch, cause there so damn boring, i cant tell if its the way they play, or there jerseys.

    Maybe Voros, or Fritsche are put on the PK as well, who knows.

    All i know is last year all Nyr fans bitched and moaned aboot was how Renney never put Cally, Dawes, Dubi, etc on the PK. Now he does, and people are kinda worried. Doesn’t make much sense.

  19. TIMM

    Don’t blame his linemates, he had Sjostrom on his line, and on some nights Hollweg, that was a lot of speed, and he didn’t score.

    But so what, i really don’t care how much goals he puts up, i expect him to score 5 and under, and Orr to score 1. ORR is clutch, he has 2 game winning goals in his career, and there both against the Lightning. Our first two games are against them this season, mwahaha beware of ORR.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Yesterday we ditched the H. Hopefully next is the B. Maybe we can keep the O for certain games.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Betts is easily replaceable. He kills penalties. Big deal. They can train anyone to do that. He was our worst faceoff guy last season, so don’t give me faceoffs either.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, Budweiser was purchased by European company InBev. If they close the St. Louis brewery, expect the team to move to Kansas City, because St. Louis is going to go bankrupt if they close up shop there.

  23. ORR ON CRACK…. Story is true… why the heck would I make up something like that and write a post like 3 pages long that took like 20 minutes! Also – check the posts – another guy on this site (Peter) was at the same event. Not saying he heard my convo with Shanny but again… why on earth would I make this stuff up.

    Also – as I side-note forgot I had asked Shanny who he thought the best young gun on the team was and he didn’t hesitate for a second when he said Dubi. Hands down he said he is the best young guy on the team.

  24. Orr… if the fourth line was “offensive” they wouldn’t be the fourth line, now would they?

    The league isn’t talented enough to have four scoring lines. Hence, why no single team in the entire NHL, including the Red Wings, has a fourth line that puts up numbers. Personally, I’d rather have a defensive minded responsible fourth line that can log minutes, play a system and shut down the other team’s top lines over some reckless physically “intimidation” line.

    For this type of line, see what the Devils used in the early 00’s.

  25. I am from St. Louis and the only guys being hurt are going to be the top execs. Sure, the image will take a beating but this stuff happens everyday unfortunately.

    The saying is, “closer to the beer and you will stay here.” In other words, if you work close to the beer itself, you’ll keep your job. The majority of the employees will keep their jobs.

    I was at the game and sat right in front of Hollweg’s ill-fated hit that killed the momentum of the Rangers at the time and indirectly caused the PPG goal against by Malkin. As far as Hockey IQ, I believe Hollweg’s IQ was negative.

  26. Doodie,

    and KC-really- have you ever been to KC? St. Louis is a proud hockey town that will never give up the Blues. You think the Cardinals will be sold also?

  27. I’ve followed that pretty closely myself Timay & Doodie. As far as I’ve read, InBev wants to cut appx $1.2bil/year in spending. The majority of it will be on advertising.

  28. I just can’t see how we can fit in anyone else other than Dawes and Sjostrom and keep a 7th D. We have a little over $3m left under the cap to sign the 2 RFA’s and add a 7th defenseman – maybe Potter or Pock who are cap-friendly.

    I think Shanny is a goner unless we trade a couple of forwards for draft picks and Sundin would have to play for peanuts if he wants to play in NYC.

  29. SeamusORiley on

    I will never understand why Prucha, after that magical rookie year, did not show up in camp with 20lbs of muscle. I had predicted it….even after his sophmore year, you would think that he would have added some serious muscle. nope. Hope he has a good start and is good trade bait, even though it will break Hockey Rodent’s heart.

    I would have had much rather seen him come into camp, bigger, stronger, and hungrier than ever before.

  30. Beer Me

    Unfortunately, many St.Louis non-profit organizations benefited from AB and that is now unclear whether or not they will keep up the same donations to them. The biggest fear is that they will pack up and leave in 2 years and change the North American Headquarters to Newark in which case maybe the Debbies will benefit. AB accounted for less than 5% of St.Louis’ Gross Domestic Product, but again, the image will take a beating. Inbev now owns Stella Artois, Becks, and several Brazilian Brews (very big business there) with Breweries all over the world in addition to AB products.

  31. But what I really care about is the New York Rangers

    Screw Anheuser-Busch and their money-grabbing stock holders!

  32. Prucha’s problem is balance. He should have studied how Shanny planted his feet(skates) before accepting passes. Prucha instead tries to do a dipsy-do while on one edge, which usually resulted in him getting side-swiped by someone 50 lbs. heavier.

  33. So if you draft a guy in the 8th round, then deal him a couple years later for a 5th rounder, does that make the draft pick a steal, AND the trade?

  34. PARROS

    Okay i believe you, if Spiderpig believes the story THAN THEN i will as well. I still cant believe Shanny was that truthful aboot the whole situation, nice that he’s honest and all, but if he really wants to return to Nyr, he shouldn’t act like he doesn’t like the team. I wouldn’t mind having him back, if he can stay healthy at least 60 games, he can be very useful, but thats just me, so eh.


    Jesus H Christ !!! I DON’T expect the 4th line to be offensive, i was just saying that whats his name thinks Betts’ lack of points was because of his line mates, i don’t agree with that. I never expect the 4th line to be offensive, i would love to have one like i said, but i prefer a 4th line energy line, hits, fights, has a energetic shift to pump up the other 3 lines. That leaves the other 3 lines with more ice time, if you just have a couple of short energetic shifts. Thats that. Like i said, i prefer Fritsche over Betts, and if Fritsche sucks, who cares, we have Anisimov, and Moore, and Korpikoski can both play center. We have options !!! Thats good to know.


    Finally someone who agrees with me aboot Betts, you were always one of the smart ones in here.


    Maybe Pruchs has an eating disorder we don’t know aboot. I would definitely give him another shot with the team. I always wanted to see him with Gomer, but he never got the chance. Zherdev-Gomer-Prucha would be dreamy if Pruchs went back to his scoring ways. But who knows.

  35. Beer Me and Timay, remember when they closed the Mill? It was then end of the Charlestown Cheifs. So long to the Blues if they close the Plant. haha

  36. I believe all of what Parros said except the line “Shanny said the team is moving in the wrong direction” regarding recent moves. It is very easy to miss a word when you are at a loud event, if it was loud. Why would Shanny want to stay with the NYR if he thinks that? Also, Parros did say he had a few beers in him. So right there one could misremember what exactly was said.

  37. Beer,

    Mike Modano had an affair with A-Rod? He should have had it with the usual blond suspect-I think you meant. Is this true?

  38. Timay,

    I have to question that. The Mill is closing the team is folding so that is why they sold. The team was for sale/sold after they found out the Mill was closing.

    Owns Owns….

  39. Richard,

    But didn’t the owner admit at the end of the movie that the move was due to something else, a capricious move, to which newman then insults the owner’s son by telling her that her son was gay?

    Anyone? Bueller?

  40. On Fritche-

    I think the kid has hands, size and speed. I think he is the steal of the deal between the two players. Zherdev might have more talent, but I think we got a real character guy in Fritche and is not afraid to take the body. He’s only 23 years old, he going to keep getting bigger and hopefully score more goals.

    In New York I think he can get 15-20 goals this season. He’ll do that by winning a job on one of the top three lines out of camp. Will kill penalties and score short-handed goals.

    Definately glad he’s signed and did not go to arbitration.

    Hollwegg can go. I was so getting tired of his moustache.

    I remember many Flyer /Ranger games when I was younger. My father would take me there and Veterans Stadium when we lived in Trenton. The Philly fans are absolutely ruthless, but back in the 80’s there were just as many Ranger fans tin attendance as their were Flyer fans, today it’s a bit different.

  41. In the meantime and with what Rangers have now I have constructed our lineup, tell me what you think:


  42. ORR

    I will give you Hollweg has good speed, but we both know he has no hands and no shot what so ever. Also Betts played 11 regular season games with Shoeie because of his foot injury. Betts will be the 4th line center which will most likely mean Chris Drury has moved to the wing. Drury and Dubs are both too good to be playing on the third line.

  43. Because Prucha is at $1.6m I would think that he would be the first to go but the Rangers better be careful because I really don’t know where the goals are going to come from. We know Prucha is capable of scoring 20 a season if healthy and given the ice time. We don’t know that about a lot of these other guys on the current roster.

  44. By my calculations, there is ~$3.3MM of cap space left.

    If they sign Dawes for $800k and Sjostrom for $600k that leaves $1.8MM, but one or both won’t make the final roster.

    So trading Prucha away would leave ~$4.0MM to sign one more UFA forward, Sundin perhaps?

  45. Put Fritsche with Hollweg on one wing and I guarantee he doesn’t score more than 2 goals in a year. I can;t believe how some of you want to drop Betts. We have no idea what Fritsche can bring other than ‘what I’ve heard about him from 3 other guys who say they know about him’. He could shit his pants in NY and then you will all be bitching about how bad the PK is.

  46. RYAN

    I think a lot of people forgot the pre lockout penalty kill before the Betts and moores came to bring some respect back to the franchise.

  47. I think that Prucha and Betts are on a one way train out of town to clear cap space. I wonder if Sundin is on a train into town? Maybe taking a big pay cut to play with his Swedish buddies? Sather would do anything to get his paws on Mats. Maybe that is why Glen is waiting to re-sign Shanny.

  48. I honestly see Dawes, Prucha, Naslund,Zherdev,and 1 or 2 others like Korpikoski and Sjostrom as top 6 wingers but the key is that Fritsche can play RW and he’s very injury prone w/ 3 major shoulder injuries in the last 5 years…so expecting Sather to dump Betts’ and his 600K cap hit just because Dan is here is silly. they can coexist even in this cap world because Betts is one of the best young pure defensive pivots in the Eastern Conf…heck even P.MacGuire @ TSn had him as the monster 4th line Center last year for the Eastern team.

    As for goalscoring look for someone that can replace the size lost from shanny+JJ leaving not just the skill.

    Since that is hard, it might be time to offer Sundin a 1 yr deep discount deal, and while you’re at it…Bring on Forsberg in Jan 09 @ a super deep discount say 1.5 x 1yr+ by then the cap hit will be around 700k, even a 80% healthy Foppa is worth 700k + 15 mins a night of ice time.

    thats the difference between this team now and the team last year…4 attacking lines and not just 3

  49. Parros – You’re lying about Shanahan. And by the way, we didn’t trade for Naslund or Redden, they were UFA signings.

    Prucha won’t be traded because unlike Dubi, Cally, Dawes, Sjostrom, Fritsche, Korpikoski, etc…HE not only has a 20 goals season, but a 30 goal season as well.

    Betts is a typical 4th liner, the entire team struggled offensively last year, why come down on him for scoring 2 goals? That being said, Fritsche is a better player.

    I can’t believe the shit that get talked on this blog. Sam needs a moderator.

  50. i dont look at this roster and see enough guys capabale of scoring 20-25 goals. besides zherdev and naslund who has the potential for 25 goals. callahan and dawes are nice 3rd line players but not capable of top 6 forward. gomez is a playmaker and drury i dont look at as a true goal scorer and those 37 he scored 2 years ago with buff was the product of there system. where are these goals coming from. shanny would help and sundin would be better.


  51. STF

    “In the meantime and with what Rangers have now I have constructed our lineup, tell me what you think”

    Rismiller ?!?!?!? And if your talking aboot the Rangers team as of now, then you shouldn’t have Shanny there cause he’s not under contract. I don’t have a problem with the Naslund, Zherdev, Gomer line, but like ive been saying i would prefer Naslund on the 2nd line with Dru. If we dumped Betts, and moved Dubi up to center, and Dru on the wing, Fritsche could stay on the 4th line center, and if Arty Anisimov is ready to make the jump, then pop him on the 3rd line, or you can put Korpedo on the 3rd line center spot, cause he plays some center, as well as Cally. So if im playing NHL 08, and want some new lines, for fun, id have….

    Zherdev – Gomez – Prucha
    Drury – Dubinsky – Naslund
    Dawes – Anisimov – Callahan
    Sjostrom – Fritsche – Voros / Orr

    As far as im concerned, Rismiller was signed to replace a prospect who can potentially make the jump to the NHL level, in my opinion.

    Also, all the Sundin rumors, he may be doing exactly what Souray did, wait for Nyr. Its possible, i wouldn’t mind having him at all if he can take a pay cut, but who knows.

    I just wish the lines were set, and we knew who was going into next season, so i can start a season in NHL 08, i created Jamtin, and Sanguinetti, Del Zotto, and others, its so cool !! Of course i had to be a good sport and create Stamkos for the Bolts.


    If you don’t like this blog why don’t you pay the $3 Dubi (not Brandon) is asking for. He’s a whiny loser who bans people who make him look like an idiot. Damn that guy to hell n’ back !!

    He wants everyone to pay $3 for something we can get here, and Weiner reported faster THAN THEN Dubi (Not Brandon) What a crabby crotch he is.

    Go ORR yourself !!

  52. ERIC last year we had only two 25 goal scorers and we were a pretty damn good team. With the addition of Redden the power play is improved meaning more goals.

  53. ERF

    Are you still reliving this guys 30 goal season? Half of those goals were stuff ins from Jagr on the power play. If you’re still sold on him you haven’t watched him the last 2 years. Actually, he hasn’t been the same since that guy on the flyers hurt his knee… Damn what is his name?

  54. TIMM

    Thats dumb to say, Drury spent his whole career scoring goals like that.

    Im not ready to give up on the kid just yet, and i agree ever since that knee injury he hasn’t been the same. At the same time, if he gets traded, i wouldn’t cry over it. Now drafting Hugh Jessiman, thats something to cry over.


    I agree, Slats is doing something, and its not eating Ice Cream Cones !!!

  55. ORR

    Drury does score garbage goals YES. He does it every single year. Prucha did it for one season. He has no confidence with the puck what so ever. The guy can’t carry the puck into the zone because defenseman know to pressure him and he is powerless against it. There was a time where I thought he could be a Brian Gionta, but the only thing they have in common is a few years ago they put up good number and now they are both terrible

  56. ORR – Before you tell me where to post, realize that you have Naslund on the right, and he’s a left wing. You have Zherdev on the left, and he’s a right wing. :)

    TIMM – As ORR stated you’re an idiot. Who cares if they were stuff ins? Ray Sheppard and Dino Cicarelli made careers of out living at the top of the crease. Only a moron cares HOW the puck goes in. It only matters that the puck goes in.

  57. And ORR – You can find Jamtin in NHL 08 in the SEL. He’s pretty good, an 82 rating.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    “Prucha won’t be traded because unlike Dubi, Cally, Dawes, Sjostrom, Fritsche, Korpikoski, etc…HE not only has a 20 goals season, but a 30 goal season as well.”

    Actually, that’s exactly why he would get traded.

  59. Doodie – Not after last season. Would you want him @ $1.6 million? With the glut at center, Betts, Dubi or Gomez are way more likely to be dealt than Prucha. And you’d get a WAY better return.

  60. TiMm
    “For all the Betts haters… Have you forgotten the last 3 seasons? Betts put in 7 one year and 8 the other. Maybe he only put in 2 this year has something to do with the two guys on his wings (orr and hollweg) Give Betts a decent winger (sjostrom and korps) and the guy will put in 5-10 goals win faceoffs and be the best penalty killer we have had in the last 15 years.

    Hate is such a strong word, how about ‘detractors’? the only thing I disagree with is Sjostrom. That guys is flash and pretty much nothing else from what I’ve seen. Sizzle, no steak.
    But I support you on Betts.

  61. Re: Shanahan

    I honestly don’t see why Shanahan can watch tapes of his games form last year and say to himself “I can keep up with the players on that roster”, because of what I saw, he simply can’t.

    But reading these quotes, it seems like Shanahan will be coming back to New York for another season. His role will have to be to play in concert with younger kids, and Renney will have to be able to tell Shanahan when he needs a few nights off.

    I want Shanahan on the team, but not the Shanahan I saw playing the second half of last season.

  62. ERF

    Anyone who thinks Prucha did not ride Jagr’s shirt tails in the post lockout season in an idiot (erf). You just compared Prucha to a 600 goal scorer. Yeah Prucha can probably be a 15-20 goal scorer (30 point guy) if you give him a good amount of ice time, but who wants to give a guy who is constantly getting rocked ice time. Dawes, Cally and Dubinsky are much more worthy of the ice time. Just because Prucha had a hat trick while he was playing on a line with Jamtin and sundin today while you were playing NHL 08 doesn’t mean that it will turn into real life success. Sorry for the length but ERF knows nothing.

  63. TIMM

    Thats what everyone used to say aboot Jagr. He was nothing without Mario, which i thought was pure BS, Jags was just as big a part of those cup winning teams as Mario. When he retired, Jags proved he can still play without him, and put up some wicked numbers, he didn’t win a cup, but what are you gonna do, shit happens.

    Pruchs is not Jags, or Mario, but i wouldn’t say his production was all because of Jags, i don’t know how many of his goals are assisted by Jags, but it cant be more then 13-16, he never played on a line with Jags, i remember he had Rucchin centering him, and Rucinsky on the wing, ugh scary times, even though we made the playoffs. Actually i kinda miss that team. Anyway, point being, Pruchs has talent, and unfortunetly he’s had a set back, but id take his 22 goals from 06-07 any day of the week, for sure.

    Like ive been saying for a 2 years now, if he gets traded, hopefully its to a team that will destroy a player who continues to deliver cheap shots to the kid. I never seen a player get elbowed so many times without a call, im not even saying that cause he’s a Ranger, he seriously gets destroyed game in game out with no calls in his favor, oh except for when they called Neil for elbowing, but that was after he did it 2 other times, then there was the Sutton elbow, Lukowich elbow, Burns elbow, White elbow, Mcloeud elbow, and on and on and on.


    If anyone actually wants to know how many of Pruchs’ goals were assisted by Jags, there’s a vid on youtube of his 30 goals.

    I still think its dumb though, to say Pruchs two seasons were all because of Jags. You can ask the goons, to the HOF’s, all they say is they don’t care how ugly the goal is, as long as there putting the puck behind the net.

  64. St. Louis Blues to Kansas City? KC, the town that lost the Athletics to Oakland; The NHL Scouts eventually to New Jersey; the NBA Kings to partnering with Omaha, and then on to Sacramento. And the current MLB team is one of the dregs franchises when it comes to its embarrassing dearth of talent, limited financial resources, and casual box office support.

    And you think the Blues want to be the next KC franchise to founder? Only the Chiefs can survive, long-term, in Cowtown. And only Gary Bettman thinks Kansas City is a viable NHL expansion venue, as though a new stadium obviates all the above negatives. You are not in esteemed company when you are thinking along with the all-time sports executive moron.

  65. ORR

    You scored some points with me because I loved the 05-06 team and I love Martin Rucinsky everytime he puts on the NYR jersey because he turns into Rod Gilbert. Anyway, I looked it up through the old box scores and of the 30 goals 14 were assisted by Jagr. Pruchas main problem with why he gets no calls is because he gets back up too quick. Its sad to say this day in age the smarter play is to dive when the worst consequence is a match penalty.

  66. “And only Gary Bettman thinks Kansas City is a viable NHL expansion venue, as though a new stadium obviates all the above negatives.”

    Plus dont forget; $200M franchise fee to divvy up amongst the fascist owners AND help a good-old boy out with using and paying for arena use….Hmmm and he wants to kick out the Dolans??

  67. Timm – ORR has it right on. Prucha is a player who needs to play with better players to be at his best. That describes about 80% of the NHL. That’s why superstars are more valuable than average players, they make other players better. No one said Pru was a superstar.

    But to dismiss his goals because they were stuff ins is just retarded. I’ll compare him to Graves if that makes you feel better. How many of his 52 were “garbage” goals?

    If you could get 25 goals out of Prucha playing with Gomez and Zherdev, why wouldn’t you do that and spread out the offense by playing Naslund with Drury? Who cares is Naslund or Prucha is scoring 25 as the #1 LW?

    Who isn’t riding Jagr’s coat tails? What did Nylander do in Washington before he got hurt? What has Lang done without Jagr? Kip Miller? The only guys who didn’t ride Jagr were Lemieux and Francis.

    Avery scored more with Jagr and Dubi than Gomez. If you’re expecting the same production out of Dubi this year, you’re in for a shock.

  68. ERF

    Nylander puts up close to a point per game whether he is with Jagr is Chris Clark. I don’t think people realize how good he is. I have nothing against garbage goals. The stuff in goals I were referring to were his slam dunks that Jagr put on his stick. What exactly did Prucha do last year to put him ahead of Dawes, cally, dubs or even Sjostrom

  69. TIMM – I was talking about Nylander pre-Jagr. And after Jagr he played with Ovechkin, it wasn’t until he got hurt that Backstrom centered Ovie.

    Callahan and Dawes sucked so bad that they both got sent down to the AHL. The real question is what do they do in their rookie years to surpass Prucha? Nothing. This is the same Callahan that went 50 games without an assist. Let’s see what both players do next season.

    Even bringing up Sjostrom is laughable. 279 NHL games. 34 goals. 75 points. Prucha 209 games, 104 points. Not even close. Sjostrom had 34 goals his whole career, Prucha pretty much got there as a rook.

  70. ERF

    Stop living off the prucha 30 goal season. Last year Sjostrom out scored him (plus he never played more than 4th line minutes, not to mention never played with any one near a Jagr status.) He’s a former first rounder i like his grit seems to have good hands.

  71. Naslund Gomez Zherdev

    Dawes Dubinsky Drury

    Prucha Ansinov callahan

    Voros Fritsche orr ( Shoey ,Korpi )

    Redden Staal
    Rosie Giradi
    Kalinin Mara

    thats exciting!!!

  72. Vogs,

    about Shanahan, exactly. Forget how much I like him as a person, he was a tree stump in the playoffs, no way will we want that this year.

  73. greg l i like your lines except i dont see them giving anisimov a real shot. also people betts is a ranger and will be fourth line center no doubt about it in my mind.

    with that after watching over 5 hours of baseball im going to bed
    AL baby!

  74. GREG L

    He’s not going to put girardi and rozi together because they are both right handed shots. To be honest I think we’re going to see Redden and Rozi and Girardi with Staal

  75. TIMM – Sjo had 4 more points than Pru. Outscored him hahahha. Please. Sjo was getting 3rd line minutes and PP time in Phoenix, so get your facts straight. He scored 2 goals for us. The only this he has on Prucha is speed.

  76. ERF – blowme.

    RICHARD – hear you about possibly misunderstanding Shanny but I am 100% positive of what he said. He did not bash the team at all… just said he wasn’t thrilled with the off season moves they had made thus far. Signing two guys who’s careers have been in decline. And paying Redden too much (which I’m sure p1ssed Shanny off as lessens the chance that they can resign him).

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