Hollweg’s fate was sealed with one ill-advised penalty


Ryan Hollweg probably summed it up best after his ridiculously boneheaded penalty against the Penguins in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semis.

“I was playing my game,” he said at the time.

Which was exactly the problem.

The Rangers decided they could do without that game by trading Hollweg to the Maple Leafs today in exchange for Pittsburgh’s fifth round draft pick. With a surplus of checking forwards, the team decided to dispense of a homegrown player who seemed to have reached his ceiling in New York, and one who probaby would have a hard time playing again at MSG after one costly lapse in judgment.

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  1. SeamusORiley on

    we are a better team than we were 1 hour ago. If I had to see one more game where Hollweg and company give powerhouse powerplay teams a FULL PERIOD of powerplay time, I was going to hang myself from the nearest Maple tree.

    We continue to improve by subtraction.

    Speaking of which, donde’ esta Malikenstein?

  2. YES!! YES YES YES!! This day has been better than winning the Cup in 1994. First the New Yorker cover has liberals whining and crying, then Nolan gets fired and the Piles get worse (didn’t think that was possible) and now Hollweg is gone! YES YES YES!

  3. good, he was a total waste and never going to improve as a player… even giving up a 5th round pick Toronto got hosed on this deal

  4. Not that the team isn’t better for this move – and to be honest, with the influx of forwards, it had to happen – I’ll have fond memories of Hollweg. The OHM line with Jed Ortmeyer and Dom Moore was emblematic of the Rangers’ increased energy following the lockout (until Sean Avery became the emblem, nay, the embodiment, of that particular characteristic), and I will always remember that when that worthless hack Todd Bertuzzi and the Canucks came into the Garden in December ’04, it was Hollywood who stepped up and fought him. And how could you not love that personality he brought to the Rangers…the photos of him from Casino Night are awesome.

    Also, on a local level, his brother, Bryce, was an outstanding player and leader at Army the past four years, and is now entering our nation’s service.

    So, Hollywood, it’s time to go, but thanks for the memories.


    “Hollweg is not Betts so don’t group the two together Orr. If you don’t see Betts’ value, then you probably don’t see much of what’s going on out there at all”

    LOOOOL. I love hearing that. Anyone who thinks what Betts does is absolutely amazing, you must be drunk off diarrhea juice or something psychotic. ANYONE can do what Betts does, there’s nothing special aboot it. Your probably just like my brother, except less idiotic, cause nobody can be more dumb then him.

    You can teach players how to block a shot, put there sticks in the correct position, hit, etc, you know the little things. You cant teach players to score 30-40 goals, or pass like Thornton or any other great playmakers in the game today, its a skill, you have to be born with it., pretty much.

    I want a tough 4th line. If Betts gets dumped, and there’s no other signings or trades that go down, this is what im expecting.

    Zherdev – Gomez – Dawes
    Naslund – Drury – Prucha / Callahan
    Sjostrom – Dubinsky – Prucha
    Voros – Fritsche – Orr

    A line of Voros, Fritsche, and Orr would be tough. Thats 3 guys who are willing to drop the gloves.

    Also some mentally unstable Ranger fan said in the last post, that he hopes Orr is next. WOW, all im hearing from Nyr fans is “how soft this team is” yup, now you wanna trade the toughest player on the team ? Orr is the opposite of Hollweg, he doesn’t take dumb penalties, he cut down on that big time, since 05-06, his skating is better, he always sticks up for his teammates. Unfortunately he gets bitched out by the retard refs because of the name on his back. Like the hit on Matt Cullen which was the BEST hit of the season, out of every hit in 07-08, but the refs screwed him and called him for 5 mins. Oh yeah, what did Orr do after he bitched Cullen, he bitched Commodoe. Thats balls of steel, and he’s not afraid to drop the gloves with Brash, whether he gets his ass kicked or not !! Orr deserves to stick around on this team, he hasn’t done a thing to screw us, like Hollweg. As for Bettsy, i have nothing against him, i just want Fritsche on that 4th line.

    Dump Betts, and lets start the season already.

  6. I got tired of Hollweg, but I’ll appreciate what he brought following the lockout. THIS is how you make a good trade; draft a player, have him reach his ceiling, and trade him for something of equal or greater value. Good job by Sather.

    I really like those lines, although I don’t think they’re ready to give Dawes top line minutes, but I’d be down for that.

  7. Ryan Hollwegg might go down as the worst hockey player in history. The fact that that douche made it to the NHL and I didn’t makes me sick every day. He can’t skate, he can’t shoot, he has zero agility, and his piss poor penalties every game prove he has no hockey sense..

    I went to Montreal to see the Rangers play back in February (they won 5-3 after trailing 3-0). Hollwegg took a typical boarding penalty on Kovalev and the whole crowd booed and starting yelling at us. i shouted back “No, i boo him too. I hate that horror show!”

    Thank the Lord he’s gone. The very definition of addition by subtraction..

  8. I think Hollweg had a lot more bad plays with the checking from behind than just the one vs Pitt. that was his game as he said – remember several 5 minute penalties he received for his hits from behind. no hockey IQ so good riddance. in the 07 playoffs he sat many of the games and we were better for it.

  9. I find it interesting and ironic that you say that “nobody can be more dumb then him” when if you were intelligent you would know that “then” refers to a time oriented event i.e. I went to the pool then. I believe what you meant to say was nobody can be more dumb THAN him. Furthermore, the word “cause” refers to cause and effect, i.e. the cause of the fire was the mans idiocy. I believe you meant because. Fortunately, your brother is more dumb then you, cause that would be dumber then dumb. Just thought that was ironic.

  10. Speed Ranger on

    ICE KNIGHT — actually it would be “nobody could be more dumb than HE… since we’re correcting.

  11. Now if they make an announcement regarding the demise of Malik’s career with the Rangers I can sleep at night.

  12. If Fritsche is going to arbitration, he may as well be going to Siberia, ’cause Slats aint playing that game. I agree Hollweg stinks, but Betts is worth keeping, and because he has an affordable deal, he will center the 4th line again in 09.


    I was just playing my game, as a wise stupid man once said. If you have a problem with that, THAN THEN throw me in the box for 2 mins, for unspellinglike conduct, but just know this, i will ORR you.

    Or as a wise man once said on a Tv show on FX called “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia” coming back this September 18th….I will smash your face…..into a jelly !!!


    Has anyone seen that weirdo from last summer, who changed his name every day. Ah those were the days.


    That game was great, literally a minute or 2 after Nyr tied it up, that jerkoff Hollweg took a boarding penalty, but it was on one of those freaky Kostitsyn twins. But it was because Kovalev elbowed him, which should have been a 5 minute major, buuut of course its the Habs were playing so, that wasn’t gonna happen. Also he took a 5 minute match penalty for boarding against the Oilers, THAN THEN Straks took a penalty, and they scored on a 5 on 3. Ugh horrible times.


    I know what you mean, you can put Pruchs on the top line as well, and give him the minutes we all thought he would have during 06-07. I wouldn’t mind that at all. I just don’t want Naslund on that top line, gotta spread the skill.

    Prucha – Gomez – Zherdev, would be wicked cool. It would be awesome if Pruchs can go back o scoring at least 25 goals, and Zherdev step it up to 30-35. Gomer needs to put up 20 at least, but im only expecting 15 from him. He’s like Savard, there not big time goal scorers, just better playmakers.

  14. Good riddance Ryan. Won’t miss him at all… This was a big trade because Snow is apparently gunning for Tavares on the island so we needed to send a terrible player to Toronto to give them some competition for worst in the league

  15. onecupin67years on

    Hollweg’s only highlite was the 2 goals he scored in a game,otherwise he resembled a dog chasing a ball in a backyard.He scooted around the ice missed his checks and when he did hit it was a stupid penalty.Toronto overpaid for Hollweg, a broken stick would have been an even trade.

  16. onecupin67years on

    And Its about time Sather cleaned house, he’s sending a strong message to all who remain,Henrik,Gomez,drury etc,”Step up or step out”,Sather should have cleaned house years ago,starting with Leetch,Richter and Messier.

  17. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    One other Hollweg highlight that was my personal favorite – destroying Garnet Exelby with a legal(ish) hit a few seasons back. Exelby wrecked Sundin with a massive hit a few games before that and was carrying on the same way in this game, knocking Jagr down a few times. Hollweg gave Exelby a classic helmet popper that resulted in him being helped off the ice.

  18. Orr – I think the guy you mentioned with the different handles posts under newsday blog as Bob.

  19. bout time they finally gave up on the hollywood experiment

    off topic but i just gotta say even as a woman i have such a man crush on josh hamilton right now

  20. Speed Ranger on

    Deja… Hamilton as in, TEXAS rangers? Did I miss something… maybe at the home run derby?

  21. HOLLEWEG is done , he did wear out his welcome … better watch out Drury when we play Toronto!!!

  22. Hollweg highlights: that 2 on 0 breakaway goal he scored against Tampa with Jagr when the crowd chanted his name in Feb 07. Also the first regular season game after the lockout in 05-06 in Philly when he was a wrecking ball and hit every Flyer in site.

    I think Fritsche is gonna stay; he was a teammate of Girardi’s in the OHL and I think a lone of him with Cally and either Sjostrom or Korpikoski would be a real pain in the butt to play against and can all net at least 10-15 goal each at even strength (and please give Cally PP time this year so he can screen the goalie).

  23. I like the 23-24-25 line, Drury, Cally and Prucha- they got some time together last year (if memory serves correct) and played pretty well….

  24. YEa ORR needs to stay around. He has done nothing wrong and is one of the toughest in the league. You let Voros orr anyone else for that matter on the rostor handle those duties because they can’t. Your top 2 lines should be your primary goal scoring lines, with one being a bite tougher/gritter than the other. A speed line that works/doesn’t give up 3rd line. A a tough fighting 4th line.

    I think they need to make one more move unless they don’t plan on bringing any of the youngsters up because everyone they got in free agency has played in the NHL so I don’t think they will be going down anytime soon.

    BUT on the flip side you know there are going to be injuries its just when and who and its always good to have a problem of too many forwards but you can also run into the problem like the end of last year when you had people like prucha sitting out games because you didn’t have a spot for him but well see.

  25. yes speed ranger that josh hamilton
    he hit 28 home runs in the first round (a record) a few past 500 feet and he narrowly missed hitting it out of yankee stadium a feat never done before

  26. By bye Hollywood! You were entertaining and infectious but in the end you took too many penalties and had hands of stone.

    Maybe this year we are going to have a mild scoring threat from our 4th line?
    As for Betts, i think he does his job well: he has 50+% Face-off wins, only committed 22 PIM all season (incl playoffs), he’s a top penalty killer and was our no.1 shot blocker amongst forwards. I think if he had wingers playing with him who could score he would pick up more assists and the odd goal – maybe this season he can hit the 20 point mark?

    In other news the Canucks signed Jason Krog. Jason Wiliams signed with Atlanta – he would have made a good 2nd line winger and PP man for us, apart from our lack of cap room!!

  27. I bet whomever takes Hollweg’s spot will surpass his offensive #’s from last season(2g,2a) before Thanksgiving. And his career offensive #’s (don’t know what they are)by the end of the regular season.

    BeerMe Troll….Is your life really that empty?

  28. SeamusORiley on

    When they showed a video of Hollweg, scrapped for the playoffs, doing a dance for the lockeroom, I said to myself, “How many vets are looking at this kid saying, Why do I have to be sujected to such an ***hole before a big game?”.

    Yes, he gave plenty of effort, but he gave the other team more extra man minutes and Lundqvst extra work for nothing. His hitting frightened noone.

    Sorry, but I won’t miss his dancing, and I won’t miss Sean Avery’s waving arms in front of Brodeur. Bushleague stuff. I very much don’t think that Drury has cried any tears over that exit.

  29. It was a good trade though. I heard they threw in a jockstrap, Sundin’s used one, in fact, so we got the better of that deal!

  30. Seamus,

    His hitting from behind frightened me! I thought he was going to kill someone at least once a game.

  31. byebye dumb$h!t

    i wanted him gone long before that insanely stupid penalty. he couldn’t even fight.

  32. Speed Ranger on

    Ok so, all the Tavares jokes are very funny…. I have to question though, is that really the direction the Islanders want to go: solid, flashy and competitive? Maybe Sather can talk Snow into trading the 1st overall pick for Malik.

  33. “LOOOOL. I love hearing that. Anyone who thinks what Betts does is absolutely amazing, you must be drunk off diarrhea juice or something psychotic. ANYONE can do what Betts does, there’s nothing special aboot it. Your probably just like my brother, except less idiotic, cause nobody can be more dumb then him.

    You can teach players how to block a shot, put there sticks in the correct position, hit, etc, you know the little things. You cant teach players to score 30-40 goals, or pass like Thornton or any other great playmakers in the game today, its a skill, you have to be born with it., pretty much.”


    Couldn’t disagree more, Orr. You’re living in a fantasy world if you think you can teach players to block shots at the NHL level. You also can’t teach “Hockey IQ”, which is the most underrated part of the game, and what makes good players great and average players valuable, a la Betts. Having your stick in the right place and knowing where to make a first pass, or when is a good time to dump are parts of the game that can not be taught at the NHL level.

    What Betts does is VERY special, which is why you can’t name one fourth line center in the game who is as responsible a player and as integral to his team’s success as is Betts. Kinda funny that you would use Joe Thornton as your comparison. If Blair Betts scored 30/40 a year, he wouldn’t be Blair Betts… if the queen had balls, she’d be the king.

    4th liners aren’t expected to score 30 goals a year. They’re expected to add a different fold of the game, possess the puck, play ultimate defense and work hard.

    If you want your fourth line players to score 30 goals, they’re not going to be your fourth line players, they’re going to be your 1st line players.

    It’s completely and utterly moronic to make those kind of comparisons.

    And I reiterate, you can not teach guys to block shots, win faceoffs and have a high hockey IQ at the NHL level. They either have it or dont’.

  34. I think Hollweg’s hit on Kostitsyn was the hilight of his career! Kovalev had elbowed him in the chops, unpenalized, and Hollweg said “fine, we’re coming for one of your players too.” If the Rangers had only done that a couple times when Jagr was getting mauled then Jagr would have faced fewer physical battles in the long run and would have had more space.

    I liked Hollweg for the energy he brought to the team, off-ice, but his on-ice game wore thin. He ended up becoming the King of almost penalties, but not quite, boarding from the side (or when guys were turning). He worked hard and I appreciated that, but it was time to go. We need a smarter, faster, more skilled team. Perhaps Orr will become the 13th forward and they’ll fill his spot? Betts won’t be replaced as quickly (for all you ORR’s hating on him).

  35. “LOOOOL. I love hearing that. Anyone who thinks what Betts does is absolutely amazing, you must be drunk off diarrhea juice or something psychotic. ANYONE can do what Betts does, there’s nothing special aboot it. Your probably just like my brother, except less idiotic, cause nobody can be more dumb then him.”

    Betts is a 4th line stopper and penalty killer. He blocks more shots than any other center on the team. It’s not his job to be Wayne Gretzky on the ice, retard. Have you ever watched or heard of the Ranger’s defensive-minded system?

  36. “ANYONE can do what Betts does, there’s nothing special aboot it.”

    “You can teach players how to block a shot, put there sticks in the correct position, hit, etc, you know the little things.”


    I love these quotes, pure donkey. They are then followed by a lineup with Prucha on the 2nd line, which makes it even better. Too bad Prucha can’t figure out how to do those things, then maybe he’d play as many games as Betts.

  37. Hollweg took up valuable space that a better rounded player could have taken. If they had the wit to keep Dupuis, and let Hollweg go, they’d have had an excellent PK and with speed and a scoring touch. Dumbo.

    The only thing that I believe Renney can be credited for is his ability to resurrect Orr from a goon to a pretty sound and penalty free Pk man. He does surprisingly well, and he is still a threat to police the ice when called upon. I would advise him to take up Laura Stamm’s power skating course ( which other Rangers have done in the past and which they raved about). It would help him tremendously.

  38. Hollweg belongs in Philly with all the other hit from behind cheapshot artists.
    I love aggressive hitting, but Hollweg is over the line dirty & dangerous, & the NHL needs to be rid of his ilk before people get maimed.
    Zero skill + taking foolish penalties= addition by subtraction.

  39. You guys realize for how bad Hollweg is, there are the same types of players all over the league, if not guys who are worse? I mean, Chris SIMON just lost his NHL job. Jarko Ruutu’s still playing. Tuomo Ruutu sucker punches guys. Downie and the Flyers board everyone (sadly for P. Bergeron). The Penguins have that sandwhich play where one player (often H. Gill or Roberts) would tie a player up while another would run in and flatten the guy with a very high hit. Heck, even Pronger and Niedermayer destroyed Maltby (or holmstrom?) with a sandwhich, boarding type, hit last year. And Alfredson took that slapshot right at Niedermayer.

    I’m not defending Hollweg, he was a very irresponsible player and I think the team is better without him. However, he’s not the only scum bag in the league.

  40. Whoever wrote this smoked a lot of something before logging on…

    “And Its about time Sather cleaned house, he’s sending a strong message to all who remain,Henrik,Gomez,drury etc,”Step up or step out”,Sather should have cleaned house years ago,starting with Leetch,Richter and Messier.”

    Ummm…Sather did clean house back then…need I remind you of Messier going to Vancouver, Leetch going to Boston and Richter retiring? And you think those three transactions made our team better? Furthermore, are you out of your mind? Do you remember what it was like to have Petr Nedved playing first line center?

  41. As “bad” as Hollweg was at times, I can’t see us getting any MAJOR upgrades in that position. I mean, he’s a fourth line player who was a half decent skater.

    It’s not a make or break move letting him go. We’ll essentially be the same fourth line with or without him.

    It’s Betts’s line… anyone else is just a body.

  42. I can see an upgrade by having me play right wing!!….Hollweg was not a good skater; in fact I swear he had his skates on the wrong feet half the time…..He fell down every time he took or gave a check…EVERY TIME…I liked his energy, not his talent or game IQ…Thanks and goodbye

  43. Do you remember what it was like to have Petr Nedved playing first line center?

    Yea i do and it’s just as laughable as the guys who call Drury a first line center.

    And what is this, Shanahan “fully intends to play next year” and “with the Rangers?!” OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  44. Bottom line: It will take a lot to unseat Betts as our 4th line center. ORR was 100% wrong up there in his analysis. Brandon and others were right. Betts probably was in the top 3 in the NHL for blocked shots by a forward. He is as good a defensive center in the league as there is practically. He is a role player. You know what you get from him. He kills penalties like a champ. If we let him go, he gets scooped up in a heartbeat. We don’t need 3 fighters on the 4th line. It’s Betts as 4th line center until someone unseats him. Fritsche not doing himself favors by going to arbitration either. You think Sather gives him anything when he has Betts to rely on?

    I know everyone wants to have 4 centers who score at least 30-40 points each, but let’s be realistic. You cannot have a team of offensive stars and no defensive ones. It just doesn’t make sense.

    To use Thornton as any discussion/comparison to Betts is just assinine.

  45. I still have NO problem with having Shanny back for one year, as our (interim) Captain, and then he’ll retire and work with the organization.

    And for all you nay sayers, look at it this way. EVERYONE in that room, including Gomer and Drury, LOVE Shanny, True Hall of Famer, True Team player. PLUS he’ll take the heat off both Dru and Gomer and let them be “A”‘s, and work within the new system without the added pressure. He’s not JAgr, and I feel with a reduced role could be a huge asset.

    Bring him back Sather, bring him back

  46. Unfortunately, I don’t think Shanny or Renney have what it takes to actually stick to a plan of playing Shanny in a truly reduced role. As soon as something goes wrong, the answer will be to revert back to using Shanny all the time and then he’ll be worn out by December and useless. He can say he’s willing to accept it, but he’s not because he’s a competitor and a leader, and Renney is simply guilty of weakness. It’ll be like old man Messier farting about taking up a ton of minutes because there’s an off-off-off-chance he does something amazing for like 10 seconds. An old crutch is not what the Rangers need.

    Let the man go.

  47. So a while back I told you guys about a charity event I went to last summer where I had dinner with Shanny, Hall Gill and Tom Poti… well this years event was this past wkend and all three guys were back. Had a long chat with Shanny at the bar before dinner and here is what he had to say.

    About him – flat out he said his first choice was to stay in NY… When he moved to town he bot a place to fix up and then lived in a rental. The place he bot was just finished and he literally just moved in. His kids just got into the schools that he and his wife wanted them to go to and everything is now just starting to move in the right direction for him and his family. And now this! With that in mind he said he had heard about the NJ Devils rumors but had not received a call yet but would be happy to go there considering he would not have to move. He said he had also received calls from Detroit (which would be sweet for him to have a chance to win another cup) and Washington (which he said sounded interesting). But that was it (aside from the Rangers obviously).

    I asked him about last season and he said he basically played hurt all year. Tough to play 100% on one knee was what he said. He sounded fired up to be honest – fired up to prove to everyone that said he was washed up that he still had a lot left in the tank. I gotta tell you it could’ve been the beers I was pounding but he had me convinced. He did say NY was his first choice but that there was not much capital left there so he was not sure they could work something out.

    About the Rangers trades this off season – he said he did not like the direction the team was going in. The Redden and Naslund trades he thought were both bad deals and that he thought Rozsi was better then Redden. Said he thought getting rid of Avery was good and bad. Bad as he was spark plug on the ice – and good as he really was a distraction to a lot of the other players. Said he felt like last years team was one or two guys short of winning the conference. I asked what he thought of Jags leaving and he kinda flip flopped – but when I bot up the fact that he said he didn’t try for most of the regular season during the Pitt series, he agreed and said yeah you really don’t want a guy like that wearing your “C”.

    Told him I loved the Lundquist punch to the facemask after every win – he said yeah me too.

    All in all was a great chat and at the end of it he totally had me believing that we would be nuts to let him go.

    Anyway… so also chatted with Hal Gill. One funny story… the guy is a very funny very personable guy and he loves to ham it up. He was bouncing from table to table talking to people and just going bananas. His wife is very nice and very down to earth. Her and my wife were talking all night. So anyway, the paddles for the auction are actually mini-hockey sticks with a number taped to the end. So my wife asked Hal to sign one for us. She hands it over and he is all smiles and happy to oblidge… so I lean in and say yeah Hal can you sign the blade on the spot where you ripped that slapshot into Malone’s face… dude it was like I shot him in the back. The guy’s face totally went blank and I could tell he felt so bad. His wife told us later he was crushed about that for days. Just wishing it had hit a RedWing or no one at all…

    So that’s about it… oh and last thing – if any of you remember that pic from the Devils series that I was in that I sent around… I finally was able to get the original color print and got Shanny to sign it for me! So bad-arse!

  48. Ugh Shanny is done why bring him back and cost a guy like Koroikowski or Dawes or Cally icetime. I hate that they gave a washed up Nasland a no-trade and no movement contract. 4 mill per year wasn’t enough after two bad years? I loved Hollweg in 05-06. The Hmo line added alot of grit and energy to the team. They added alot to this team. Hollweg was a big time hitter and great agitator. Somewhere along the way he lost his way the last two years plus the refs and league were surely out to get him. He looked at someone wrong and he got a penalty. It is strange how the league acted like he was the bad guy when it come to the Simon situation.

  49. Buddy of mine just told me that Shanny really wants to finish what he feels he helped start in NYC and take this team to Lord Stanley’s cup. Supposedly he is ready to show how serious he is by ignoring any other offers and signing with the Rangers for the league minimum and a lesser role on the ice. I don’t know how valid this rumor is, but how do you all feel about this? And a big hello to everyone, it’s been a while.

  50. That is not to say he didn’t take numbskull penalties that hurt the team. He seemed to be alot smarter and more under control player his first year here.

  51. Oh, I guess I should have checked the earlier posts, sorry for acting like this was new news, ha.

  52. Nasty imo time to move on. They let go of the guy(Jagr) who had much much more to do with the franchises turnaround. Why bring back a spent force like Shanny? I rather see the kids get a shot to add something to this team.

  53. I would say I agree with you. If we didn’t sign Naslund I would say ok to Shanny at a lesser role, but we didn’t. I am excited about this team and seeing some more youth injected. I can’t wait to see Zherdev and Gomez fly together.

  54. Good story Parros. Thanks for not driving drunk with shanny this year.

    @ the league minimum, and 3rd line minutes, I guess it’s not the end of the world. I’d put $ on him finishing with more points than Prucha…in any role.

  55. I think Zherdev is gonna play alot like Kovalev did here some incredible flashes but mostly he’ll drive us all to Giuseppe Franco.

  56. Thx Beer – Yeah I think the event organizers caught wind of my stunt last year as they hired a shuttle bus for the players this year!

  57. I’d bring Shanny back if the money was right…

    The team has cleaned house and IF he was playing injured all season… who knows? But honestly… if he played 4th line or (even third line at times) and PK he’d be worth it for sure. As long as the price was right.

    Not to mention his leadership abilities.

  58. The key to the Shanahan conversation, detailed above, is how he said he played hurt all last season. Well, this year he is a year older, a year more brittle, and a year slower. Not to mention his rapidly declining shooting percentage, down from 14 to 8.5 percent over the last three seasons.

    Damn, there comes a time to cut bait on even the great players, when the career is all in the rear view mirror. I say the house-cleaning job will be finished when Shanahan, Betts, and Malik join The Backman’s, Hollweg’s, Strudwicks, Straka’s, and Jagr’s of the world, in the relocation department.

    And when that happens, for the first time in my memory, I will actually have something complimentary to say re job the GM has done, this off-season. Wanting to win a Stanley Cup is one thing, going about it with an intelligent mid- to- long term plan is something else, and we are seeing key pieces being added and subtracted, now. There is cause for hope and optimism, more so than at any previous time in the Sather tenure, here. Very high marks to him for skillfully retooling this team, and for upgrading its persona and ability-level, in the process.

  59. Parros –

    So you were at the Nantucket benefit this year – cool. Great stuff you’re bringing us. I went the last 2 years but they moved it this year so I couldn’t go.

    2 years ago Leetch was there and I went up to him with my son and he signed our program. Great guy. The next year, there was a picture in the program of Leetch, me and my son. I wrote a story about it that ran in the Blueshirt Bulletin right around Leetch night.

    Last year I was standing next to Poti but felt silly about approaching him because what was I gonna say “Hi, I’m a Ranger season ticket holder and we booed the hell out of you”? I basically said hi to Shanny but that was it. We all just went to the hockey games but not the dinner afterwards.

    Glad you made it and had fun.

  60. It might not be Prucha though. He could be taking minutes away from Cally or Dawes too. You know he’ll get plenty of pk and pp time so he’ll likely play 18 minutes a night. Which imo is at least 8 minutes too much.

  61. Speed Ranger on

    Hi Parros.

    Loved the Shanny chat update. One odd thing — it’s not like he turned 39 by accident. he knew how old he was when he came here, bought his place, wait listed his kids, etc. So it’s not like his current situation is a total surprise.

  62. From the Rangers site…

    “Fritsche signs with Rangers Former Blue Jackets player arrived in recent trade New York Rangers Jul 15, 2008, 12:50 PM EDT

    New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Dan Fritsche.

    Dan Fritsche set career regular-season highs in goals, assists and points with the Columbus Blue Jackets last season.
    Fritsche, 23, appeared in 69 games with the Columbus Blue Jackets this past season, registering 10 goals and 12 assists for 22 points, along with 22 penalty minutes. He ranked fifth on the club in goals (10), and tied for eighth on the team in points (22) and 10th in assists (12).

    He also established a career-high with 109 shots and tied his personal best with four game-winning goals, which ranked second on the team. Fritsche posted three multiple-point efforts this season.

    The 6-1, 206-pounder has appeared in 206 career regular season contests with Columbus, recording 29 goals and 34 assists for 63 points, along with 91 penalty minutes. He established career-highs in goals (12), assists (15), points (27), plus/minus rating (plus-three), penalty minutes (35), and power play goals (five) during the 2006-07 season.

    He registered his first career multiple-goal game on October 5, 2005 at Washington (two goals), becoming the first player in Columbus franchise history to record a multiple-goal game on Opening Night.

    The Parma, Ohio native was originally Columbus’ second round choice, 46th overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. On July 2, 2008, he was acquired with Nikolai Zherdev from Columbus in exchange for Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman.”

  63. Peter – yeah that is the event. So much fun. Mostly hockey players and not many insane fans like me and you so the players are all relaxed and in their element. I have been to every one except the first one. Was there when Leetch was there. Got him to sign a toronto jersey for me… he wrote NY Rangers forever! on it. Pretty sweet. He was such a nice guy. Apparently he was supposed to be there last year too but his wife got the dates mixed up and they ended up double booking.

    And about Poti – I felt the same way but as much as i wanted to hate him.. he is such a nice chill down to earth guy. I wanted to rip him this year for taking the penalty that lead to the OT goal that knocked Wash out of the first round… but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

    Anyway, great event!

    Oh and PS… I’m starting up the BRING SHANNY BACK bus… Anyone want to jump on apparently there is plenty of room!

  64. parros – maybe you want to join forces with those cheeseheads out in WI trying to convince management there too.

    Real tough decision to bring shanny back or not. A lot more than salary concerns too. Tough tough tough.

  65. Agreed Beer – the price would have to be right and the deal should be nothing more than a one year deal… unless its a two year with the second one being behind the bench.

  66. cml – depends on what itchy fritchie’s deal was, and if dawes/sjo are accepting their offers. we could be over. who knows.

  67. Mike D July 15th, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Whoever wrote this smoked a lot of something before logging on…

    Ummm…Sather did clean house back then…need I remind you of Messier going to Vancouver, Leetch going to Boston and Richter retiring? And you think those three transactions made our team better? Furthermore, are you out of your mind? Do you remember what it was like to have Petr Nedved playing first line center?


    Speaking of smoking,can you get me some of your stash??
    Messier left for Vancouver because NEIL SMITH wouldn’t resign him in 1997, a full THREE years before GLEN SATHER took the job (and after John Muckler effed it up before him).
    Sather traded Leetch to the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS in 2004; he SIGNED with the Bruins as a free agent in 2005, and Mike Richter was a totally capable goaltender until CONCUSSIONS forced his retirement.

    And Petr Nedved, as soft a player as he was, was arguably our most dependable player next to Leetch when he did his 2nd tour of duty in NY. He was basically a much better version of Nylander, sans the Jagr on his right side.

    Again, can you get me some of your mary jane????

    The person you responded to was exactly right. Letting Messier retire, trading Nedved, Leetch, and Kovalev, and not signing Lindros had to be done. All of the moves this summer also had to be done. Redden might be getting paid too much, but that’s the market these days. Zherdev is certainly a question mark, but if he does what he’s projected to do, say hello to your 1st line winger and best scorer.

    Parros, that’s a great story about Shanahan. Reading it also makes me want him back, but I still think a 39 year old on a bum wheel is too big a risk at anything over 1 million a year. I hope he can still play, but I hope if the Rangers don’t sign him, he does his damage elsewhere…

  68. deja – i work in financial mkts so i write bot for everything whether its brought bought or up yer pie hole! :)

  69. And Baumer – I agree, I hope Shanny goes out in style no matter where he finishes up.

  70. Parros comment at 11:25 is a lie,I know Shanny. Hey, Bauer, wanna spend some time “Bonging” with each other?? Looks like you,re into That sorta thing. Beer Boy, dont fight the feeling.

  71. a casual observer on

    I hope Hollywood doesn’t destroy any of our guys when we play. He is one of the hardest hitters in the NHL. I hope he is replaced by someone who can hit. Without that energy we ain’t goin nowhere. I see alot of the clowns on this site hated him and think he is going to be replaced on the 4th line by a 30 goal scorer. It’s pretty comical, the lack of understanding of team dynamics on this site.

  72. casual observer – maybe not replaced by a 30 goal scorer. how about someone who has a hockey IQ, doesn’t take dumb and selfish penalties. hockey has been played for ages and the physical element is needed. I think we can do better than Hollweg for that. Detroit did just fine without him. He won’t be missed.

  73. a casual observer on

    Colon Campbell made him a marked man. Chris Neil plays the same physical game and doesn’t get called half the time.(playing for canadian team) He did need to go because of this. I just hope he is replaced by someone who can stir the pot in a smarter fashion.

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