At least another year for Cherepanov


By way of Jeff Klein at Slap Shot, we know that  Alexei Cherepanov “definitely won’t be in the NHL this year”: This was already a foregone conclusion, and despite what Tom Renney said late last month about wanting the 2007 first round pick to at least be in attendance for training camp this year, don’t count on that, either.

By September, the CHL season will be in full swing, so it makes no sense for the Avangard Omsk right wing to pick up and leave just so he can eat alongside the Rangers’ other prospects at the Cheesecake Factory in White Plains.

As for whether Cherepanov could be a Ranger at least a year from now, here’s where the Rangers are essentially operating on faith. Given everything that we’ve already seen from the new Russian league, it’s safe to assume that Cherepanov will stand to make much more money in Omsk than he will in Manhattan. And for proof, he may need only to look across the locker room at new teammate, Jaromir Jagr.

But I also think Jagr could end up being the Rangers’ best salesman, because as disappointed as may have been that the Rangers didn’t make a harder pitch for him, Jagr had always expounded on the merits of the NHL in general and the Rangers in particular. At some point when talking to his new disciple, my bet is that message gets across.

Meanwhile, the same blog always has speculation that Brendan Shanahan of all people could be the next big NHL name to head East. It makes sense if you consider Shanahan hasn’t been bowled over with options by teams here, and his relationship with St. Petersburg coach Barry Smith. But I also have a hard time seeing Shanahan uprooting his young family to chase after a few more dollars in a foreign land when he can still find some sort of role on an NHL team, all while positioning himself for his long-anticipated next move after retirement.

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  1. Is it just me or does anybody else feel that Cherepanov and Fredric Weiss will someday be mentioned in the same breath around MSG?

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this kid is going to come over here at all?

    This is exactly why 16 other teams passed him up.

    My bet is he stays in Russia.

  3. Funny if the surging CHL become a haven for aging, get-the-last-ruble North Americans. The shoe (skate?) is on the other foot now, I guess. Thanks, Mr. President, great economy!

  4. I’m dying to know if Dawes and Sjostrom have accepted their “Qualifying offers” Any word Sam?

  5. Speed Ranger on

    JEFF L — you beat me to it. This is what happens when a team drafts like it was a clearance sale at Barney’s….

  6. Shanny has been one of my favorite players of all time, since he and Hull were dominating in St. Louis!
    I think that Shanny (as probably everyone else reading this page) would be a great candidate for Commissioner, but I really wish that Shanahan would go and get a MBA degree at Wharton…..I want him to be the Commissioner, but as much of and idiot that Bettman is he understands product growth. (Or at least pretends to)

  7. Why wouldn’t he stay in his home country if he stands to make buckets more money there?

  8. F’n stupid man.

    I read that it may happen this a.m. He’s the best thing to come to the Island in years. And just like they ALWAYS do, get rid of what’s right, and bring in what’s wrong. Unreal, they make me F’n laugh.

    Maybe he was banging someone’s wife again.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Probably banging DiPietro’s boyfriend.

    What a mistake to fire him. They had a pickup squad, two years in a row. The first year he maanaged to squeak them into the playoffs. The second he kept them competitive through 2/3s of the season. That guy is a great coach.

    On another note, the abbreviation for the new Russian league is the KHL, not the CHL.

    Finally, Cherepanov will come here for the same reason that other young Russian stars have come here: the league is better. Cherepanov has the ability to make a lot of money here too, provided he has the goods. So far, the only decent player to leave the NHL for Russia is Radulov, and he still might not be allowed to leave.

    I don’t count Jagr for two reasons. First, he’s not a Russian player picking his homeland. Second, because there were NHL teams that were interested, even ones that would’ve given him a comparable salary, but he really was only interested in NY, and we didn’t offer him the contract he wanted. I think if he had hit his 84 point trigger, he would have resigned for only 1 year next year. But the guy wants a 2 year deal, and he couldn’t get it. It wasn’t that they offered him some amazing deal, it was that he was betweeen two places, and he couldn’t work it out with the first one.

    Even if you count Jagr, that’s Jagr and Radulov. But look at all of the great players that have basically said that they preferred the NHL, most notably Malkin.

  10. As a selling point Jagr should tell Cherepanov how excellent and honourable the refs are in the NHL. Oh wait…

  11. Cherepanov will come over to NYR within 2 years or so… Yes, he can make more rubles in the former USSR, but all the best players play here… If Malkin had gone back, or if Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, or Datsyuk (to name a few big name Ruskies), leave in the next couple of years, then I can see him staying.

    The NHL and the Stanley Cup are the best of the best in the hockey world, and on a personal level, all players want to achieve greatness here. Plus, he was drafted by the Rangers, which means Brighton Beach and dudes like Teddy KGB can make him feel right at home. And I agree with Sam, Jagr will probably sell the City in a good way.

    Plus, who in the world wouldn’t want to be a star on a one of the top 3 or 4 franchises in the NHL?

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