Unrelated to transfer agreement, Rangers sign defenseman Denisov


I believe it’s only a coincidence that on the day the NHL and the new Russian hockey league “reached an agreement on player transfers”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=243045&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl, the Rangers signed defenseman Vladimir Denisov.

Denisov is from Belarus and spent most of last season playing for Lake Erie of the AHL. He had a whopping eight points in 66 games. So Brian Leetch, your records are safe…

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  1. Depth move, nothing more than a ahl second pair defensemen. Gets his ass handed to him a couple times on youtube. -16 last season so that says alot for him as well. Seems like a good move for us. lol

  2. Probably just looking to replace the spot that Baranka left on the AHL roster and maybe in anticipation of someone from the AHL breaking into the NHL roster(potter, Sangs).

  3. does the new transfer agreement affect cherapanov in the next few years (other than ensuring the Rangers won’t still him away at the beginning of this season – which they can’t anyway given their salary situation…)

  4. Sean Avery will be a guest on The Scott Ferrall show tonight, which airs on 101 aka Howard (Stern)101.

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  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, think about what that says abt Malik that Strudwick could get a job faster than him.

    He better get on the phone with Marty Straka if he wants a job next year.

    Leetch, the agreement is on poaching. It is not a transfer agreement, but rather an agreement to stop poaching players that are on contract. It will have no bearing on Cherepanov after this season as he will no longer be on contract.

    However, Russia has some ridiculous rule that players who are out of contract still are the property of their teams until a transfer fee is paid. Expect Omsk to look for that transfer fee even though his contract will be up. Expect Dolan not to even consider paying it, and Cherepanov to make up his mind however he chooses.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    “He had a whopping eight points in 66 games”

    Not to be a jerk Sam, but how many professional games have you played? How many points did you accrue? Right.

  7. Great chat, thanks to all for the great questions.

    One more thing I’d like to add about Shanahan. Does anybody remember in game 4 v. Pitt when he bull rushed the net with one hand on the stick and the other fending off a check that was draped all over his back? I saw all but about 12 games last year and that was the only time I saw him put himself at risk. The rest of the season he was overwhelmingly a stationary figure who rarely went anywhere below either of the circles. I also remember that penalty he took against the Flyers, late in March and the playoffs on the line. He’s out there killing a penalty when a Flyer finishes his check on him. Shanny got pissed and high sticked him, putting the Rangers down 2 men. That to me may have been the lowest moment of the year, considering it was a guy you’d least expect to do it.

    Anyway, until we have official word Shanny ain’t coming back we’re not out of the woods, so I’ll say no more. Jinxes being what they are and all.

  8. Hey Doodie, Sam has a blog…people want to know his opinion so he gives it. You don’t seem to be afraid to give us yours.

    Not to be a jerk Doodie, but how many blogs have you created? How many visitors have you accrued? Right.

    Oh, and you’re wrong about the transfer agreement. It’s not even for the same league as Cherepanov, so yeah, it doesn’t impact him, but not for the reasons you stated.

  9. Tont from AZ on

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  10. Hey is this guy Jamtin suppose to ply up with the big club or in Hatford?? The article said he was highly regared. Jamtin, 25, skated in 51 games with HV71 of the Swedish Elite League (SEL) this past season, registering 17 goals and 13 assists for 30 points, along with 167 penalty minutes. To me hes ur avery so where does he fit in.

    See I have been trying to sort this out here.

    NOw I know its pointless to put line combs up but I am seeing what the deal is I and I firgured i would put it up here as well.


    Left out is Rissmiller, Hollweg, Frishe, not to mention Korpi and whoever else including Jamtin

    Ok so you carry 3 extra guys right??? I think??? So you don’t carry people that you think will have a future with the team because they can be playing and getting better. Now Frishe is 23 so I think he is down to Hatford and if injury he or Anismov comes up.

    See I think that is a good 4th line, but Voros can play up on the 2nd or 3rd lines. He is alot better player than you guys think im telling you. He is your grind it out guy on the line, not the prime goal scorer and with the right pieces he can be good. I think if he played with duby that could be good too. You have to have a guy like orr in a long season. Your going to have the teams like flyers who have a tough lineup and you need that presence.

    I would play Rissmiller too casue he bigger like a cally-duby-riss but riss play left so idk.

    WOW this is confusing. I am giving up. I really wanted to try to work this out but its too much. See the thing is I can’t see you sending any of this guys down to hartford because they all played in NHl last year . To me you have to deal some ppl to make it a little more clear as to which role is yours. Hollweg maybe prucha you deal, maybe you don’t resign sjo, idk. Im done.

  11. GuitarWizard on

    “Not to be a jerk Doodie, but how many blogs have you created? How many visitors have you accrued? Right.

    Oh, and you’re wrong about the transfer agreement. It’s not even for the same league as Cherepanov, so yeah, it doesn’t impact him, but not for the reasons you stated.”

    Last time I checked the transfer agreement was mainly for the Russian KHL and NHL issues. Alexei Cherepanov plays for Omsk. Omsk is part of the KHL. Hence logic would dictate the transfer agreement would apply to Cherepanov.

    Doodie was being kind of a dick, but not for the reasons you stated.

  12. Hartford needs dmen so it’s good they got this dude…if Anisimov doesn’t make the team then he has a new buddy too :)P

    The 2nd line of Dawes-Drury-Prucha is too small in my opinion. I’d move Dubi to wing b/c Drury and Dawes have good chemistry and Dawes and Dubi had good chemistry when they played together.

    Then the third line can be Cally with either some combo of Anisimov/Fritsche/Korpo/Sjo and that would be the biggest pain to play against.

    It would be great if the first line was all speed, the second line was a smart and skilled two way line, the third line will shoot the puck and keep the pressure in the offenseive zone, and the fourth line (guys liek Rissmiller/Voros/Betts/Orr/Byers) just beat the crap out of the opposing D.

  13. Tont from AZ on

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  14. Renney will be lost without “Sandpaper and Grit” Strudwick. Thank God another fireplug is gone. Thank the moronic Edmonton Oilers, too. Why do intelligent people like us follow the day to day soap opera of dolts running NHL teams? Hopefully, Hollweg The Horrible is next.

  15. I hear that beth. July lull I guess.

    Kaspar – I think he’s a great GM, overrated…perhaps. I’m not saying he’s the ‘greatest’ (that would be slats). This is definitely going to hurt his rep though.

  16. NY Rangers vs. NHL in ’07-’08

    Wins 42 (tied for 8th)
    Points 97 (tied for 7th)
    Losses 27 (tied for 4th fewest)
    Overtime losses 13 (tied for 1st)
    Goals 213 (tied for 18th)
    Goals against 199 (5th fewest)
    Shutouts 12 (1st)
    Shutouts against 7 (tied for 8th fewest)

    Just bored.

    Over/under on these #’s?

    I’d like to see the GA stay below 200.

  17. Beer

    you sure about 18th in GF?

    I thought I heard they were 25th?

    stay bored keep the info coming

  18. Rony from AZ on

    Who is this defenseman Montreal picked up, Shawn Belle, a trifecta for them. My site Queerghetto.com will be a blast.

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