Live Chat with Sam Weinman


Thanks for joining us for our inaugural Rangers chat, which will begin at 10:30 a.m. Bear in mind this is our first go-round so we ask that you be patient if there are any technical glitches.

Should you not be able to make it live, the archive of the chat will be available immediately afterwards.

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  1. True – Oh yeah…been hit more times that Tina Turner.

    Agr – yes, the league is not allowing TOR to pay more than the max entry level deal, eventhough the guys been playing pro-hockey for more than 8 years.

  2. I really didnt like the way Matt, Mark and Stuart controlled the whole second half of the Live Blog, really have to change the format next time, fellas. Please stop sending me messages at THAT address.

  3. Shanahan claimed after the season that he came back from injury too soon. Is that not selfish?
    Do the Rangers not pay MILLIONS of dollars to Shanahan, medical doctors, technicians, specialty sports rehab/diagnostic facilities, physiologists, rehabilitation specialists, and personal trainers … all who should know and must give the “OK” before Shanahan can return? Shanny makes no decision on his own, a $5.3million dollar investment doesn’t make decisions on its own.

    Beer, we knew you were getting hit-on a lot!

    I love the comment about “entry level” contracts not being competetive enough with the Russian league. You know, he’s right, let’s raise those, destroy ALL revenues, not-renew the CBA, and destroy the NHL entirely!

  4. “entry level”…. That’s where Burke is completely right. When Lowe signed Penner to that huge offer sheet, he completely F’d the system by eliminating that ‘second contract’. It’s different for a guy like Crosby, malkin, ovechkin. At least now it is.

    btw….you guys know which is which right?

  5. But beer, the entry level contract right now is between $450K-980K (or just about there). That’s not enough? The only way I could justify more is maybe having a football type system where the top top players (1 through 10 drafts) can get more, up to 3million for 1st overall? But the problem there is that maybe drafts 1, 2, and 3 are NHL shoe-ins. However, in hockey, 4 through 240 may never make it! I think that will eventually destroy the sport.

    Also, with the fear of losing players to UFA and RFA, the mid-entry level contract and elimination of second contract is destroying the market. Example, Malkin straight from 980K to 9million. Wow!

  6. oh, that’s not what I’m saying. I think that’s more than enough. but if you have to compete with another league to bring in talent, perhaps it’s not.

    totally agree with your/nfl plan too. Next cba maybe.

  7. If it wasn’t noted here yesterday, Josh Gratton (aquired in the montoya deal) signed with nashville.

  8. So, I think the live chat was great. Kudos to Sam and LoHud for the amazingly fast turnaround time. However, Beer Me was right, most of the questions are stuff that was already answered the last few weeks. I’m not sure we really heard the interesting stuff from Sam, stuff like: locker room dynamics, whats life like as a Rangers reporter, what’s Sean Avery wear on flights from Dallas to New York? You know, those types of things? LoL

  9. I thought this chat went better then Zipay’s there was more answered.

    The thing is the same questions are the questions a lot of people have. During the season there will be new issues every day…

    I did ask about the lockerroom (Avery and Jagr, with Dubi looking up to Jagr and Shanny controlling Avery) and it didn’t get put through but with limited time that would happen.

  10. Beer,
    Getting guys like Cherapanov to come here is a problem, but it may also be a blessing in desguise. If he doesn’t want to learn some English and be a Ranger, fine! Good for him, don’t need that attitude in this city.

    However, I think many of these problems originate from excessive expansion of the NHL. The NHL is the 4th market in the US/Canada and so there’s no reason to have 30 teams (2 or 4 of the following could be eliminated: CBJ, Nashville, even NJ, NYI, Florida, Phoenix). The result would be a more concentrated talent pool and the fear of players leaving would be less of a problem because we’ve kept the BIGGEST markets, most revenue, which should mean higher cap. It would also mean 1 star could leave a team, with less impact because that team might have 2 or 3 star players. In addition, places like NJ and the Island won’t have to be bothered with poor franchises putting boring teams on the ice. Thoughts?

  11. true,

    I wouldn’t remove Nashville. They really do draw well, and the people there love the team, a lot of the local businesses got togehter and put money towards the team when they threatened to move them. On game days ever bar is full of Preds jerseys and the whole down town becomes a huge party when they let out. PLus its a beautiful building… I would say there are more Preds fans that go to the games then Devils fans…

    (plus I may move to Nashville so I need a local live hockey team there!!) :^)

  12. The Islanders are going to move to Brooklyn and do fine financially, but the Panthers, Coyotes, Jackets, and Preds could all be dropped or sent north in order to strengthen the league.

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