A quick post-mortem


Again, thanks to everyone for participating in the live chat. It was certainly popular, although one glaring problem was that not all of your questions got through.

With that in mind, know that we’re trying to figure out a way to avoid that moving forward, or at least to find a way to pick questions more judiciously. But like I said, there were a lot of questions so it was difficult to keep up.

I’ll be around later to discuss the issue further.

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    damnit i had to wait for the ups guy so i missed it

  2. Sam you did a great job. I hope you do this again it was a lot of fun!


    I wouldn’t remove Nashville. They really do draw well, and the people there love the team, a lot of the local businesses got togehter and put money towards the team when they threatened to move them. On game days ever bar is full of Preds jerseys and the whole down town becomes a huge party when they let out. PLus its a beautiful building… I would say there are more Preds fans that go to the games then Devils fans…
    (plus I may move to Nashville so I need a local live hockey team there!!) :^)

  3. True – that’s exactly why the entry level restrictions were put in place, and the salary cap as a whole. To prevent ownners/gm’s from being their own worst enemies. Unfortunately without any kind of transfer agreement, and the unforseen(at least I hope so) initial success of the KHL, the NHL is in a tough spot.

    What would the NHL have done without AO this year? Oh wait…I don’t even want to think about it.

  4. beer – good point about the 28 year old who tried to sign with Toronto. no way he should be subject to entry level salary.

    with increased competition the overexpanded NHL (agree 30 teams is 6 too many) has to find a way to get and keep the best players here. I don’t want to see a team full of Ryan Hollweg’s.

  5. joe – premature expansion was/is a problem. Theres no doubt that the league gained popularuty in the u.s. in the early 90’s, but kids that were just lacing ’em up for the first time are just about hitting ‘draft age’. The talent is JUST catching up to the demand.

  6. Agg, I’m sorry to ruin your possible move – But Nashville was 27th in attendance overall and only 87% capacity when they were playing at home.

    True – that’s exactly why the entry level restrictions were put in place, and the salary cap as a whole. To prevent ownners/gm’s from being their own worst enemies.

    Beer, not sure what you’re responding to – the thought of eliminating 2 to 4 teams? Right now, the caps being destroyed anyway with 30 teams, 4 to 6 of them barely viable franchises with little invested interest in winning.

  7. beer – but the talent just got spread out more with more teams in the new russian league. 24 teams would be better.
    say goodbye to Phoenix, Fla, NYI, Nashville and a couple of others. and i know it won’t happen but it should.

    name another industry that hasn’t had consolidation other than sports.

    now realisticly they will bump up to 32 teams for their beloved fees.

  8. joe – good point. I’m not a fan AT ALL of 20 teams. Just trying to make it interesting. Pretty lame if we just all bitched about something, no?

    true – responding to the value of entry level deals being capped…within the cap system. I may have lost my train of thought on that….every once in a while work does get a little of my attention.

  9. Besides my question not getting through, I loved the live chat!

    I was wondering whether it is a lock that Jamtin will go to Hartford because he is on a two-way contract. I think he will be there, barring injuries, but I would have liked to hear Sam’s take.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Great stuff Sam. Sorry I had to miss, it, but the transcript was great. The moderator DEFINITELY made it easier to read, and I’m sure easier for you to respond.

  11. i also asked questions that did not make it re

    who would be shootout specialists this year

    about the goalie shortage in the organization and how the team might address it

    when Sam and Josh bios and the time in comments would be fixed

  12. The NHL.COM homepage has a poll question of: who should be the next rangers captain…

  13. Beer, wherever you work, that’s a pretty nice gig. Senior Hockey analyst and executive of hockey news relations! Keep it going.

    Err, actually maybe I should have said ‘whoever pays you’ instead of wherever you ‘work’, regardless, nice gig and keep up the fine work brotha’!!!

  14. Was there some kind of Kaspiracy….my question never made it thru this morning…everyone was asking about me to….
    I’m available at league minimum and my question was WHAT RANGER DEFENSEMAN IS GOING TO HIT PEOPLE WITH FEAR OF GOD?

  15. Actually, summer is normally my slow time. Unfortunately I can’t just go home. It’s actually rather boring on days like today.

    I can pretty much tell you everything that’s going on in the world, weather, and everything pop-culture. Politics bores the piss outta me though.

    Sometimes I love when someone makes a ridiculous statement here and watch everyone tear it apart.

  16. “Sometimes I love when someone makes a ridiculous statement here and watch everyone tear it apart.”

    Have Milbury replace sather

  17. Ha !!!!!!!!!!! Milbury !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is it just me, or does Milbury remind you of that plankton guy in the spongebob cartoon???!!!
    ((Sorry, I have a 7 year old…. my nights outside of hockey season are filled with nickelodeon and disney channel !!!))

  18. Troj I feel your pain, I am an audio mixer for a company whose largest contract is with Viacom and do a LARGE amount of work for Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, TVLand, and Nick Jr…

  19. Just curious…. does anyone here think this whole outdoor hockey game at a baseball stadium is actually a good idea?? I just can’t imagine sittin in the cheap seats at Yank me stadium trying to see a shot on goal on the other side of the rink.

  20. Serious question, what do you guys think of *Barry Melrose?* Will he do a good job in Tampa?

    I always got the feeling he was full of himself and, thus, limited himself to the places he would actually coach (real financial backing, strong control of the team and it’s development and acquisitions). I also felt he was somewhat of a tool and very few organizations were actually willing to give him a job. Am i off? What do you all think?

  21. Now that this agmt is in place, why cant the Rangers make a bid to buyout Cherapanov’s Omsk contract and bring him over now?

  22. Hey Dog you should learn how to read before you open your mouth. The only thing agreed upon is that everyone will now honor a players existing contract before a offer can be tended to them. So this Russian hack league cant make players like Jagr a 25 million dollar offer mid season like a jerkoff Bardin did.

  23. Haha nahh man I just hate stupid comments and when people start postin on top of those stupid comments.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s was blackballed by Gretzky.

    That’s why it took a new owner to even think of him.

    BTW, he sucks, too.

    Oh, and his teamhas been designed to be exciting losers. They will score 3 or 4 goals a game, but give up at least 4 or 5.

  25. Melrose is all that and more. He alsodrives me Wild with that haircut, and Grecian..Wonder where else he “dyes it”?

  26. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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