First Rangers Report live chat tomorrow at 10:30


So the great meeting of the minds today at Journal News/ headquarters has led us to the decision to launch our first live chat tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Tell your dog! Tell your dentist! Tell your dog’s dentist!

Actually, bear in mind that tomorrow’s chat will be something of a dry run, so while I don’t anticipate any snafus, I won’t rule them out completely, either.

Should everything pan out relatively OK, you can expect this to be a regular feature of the blog moving forward in 2008-09, with an assortment of different features and promotions possibly introduced along the way. I will say for the record right now, however, that it will not involve me sitting in any sort of carnival dunk tank.

I should also note that you may notice our live chat format will look eerily similar “to Zipay’s”: I would say I’m copying him, but it’s actually just a case of us using the same software. And besides, if I really wanted to copy Zipay, I’d shave my head and start quoting obscure folk lyrics.

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  1. What a turnaround on that request Sam!! Look forward to a great exchange tomorrow. I will forward you my consulting fees!!

  2. Good stuff… congrats on the expansion. I will probably be steering clear of this feature for the time being…. (killing my workdays posting blog comments seems like way less of an offense than chatting in chatrooms… call me crazy)

    Good luck though, sounds pretty cool…

  3. One favor to ask Sam. PLEASE do not look to answer questions that ask your opinion on something that you JUST posted something about in the last day or two. 1/2 of zip’s live blog was pointless, as you could just scroll down and find his opinions.

    You can pretty much predict the questions anyway.

    line combos
    trade rumors

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring.

    I challenge you to ‘live blog’ without touching any of these!

  4. Scott Smith on

    first question
    What are your ideal lines for the upcoming season

    second question
    when do you think Dawes Fritsche and Sjostrom will be resigned and for how much

    third question
    Do you think the Rangers are finished making any moves, whether through free agency or through trades

    fourth question
    Do i get the pepper steak and onion for dinner or the chicken and broccoli?

  5. Beer, agree with your observations to a point. I would love to hear about, kind of “a day in the life” of a rangers beat reporter, interesting people u talk to, main contacts, how the team gets important info out…etc
    I would also say that if this live web blog is a hit, hwo about trying to get some Rangers or coaching staff on here( i know we are not espn), but they should understand and know that this blog is the real deal, hardcore fans.

  6. thats an easy question. the CW network has a new revamped series based on the Adams Family and Malik is the front runner for Lurch.

  7. SeamusORiley on

    Sam, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    Zip knows that for sure.

  8. Great….. now I’m really getting fired….
    I need to hire an assistant to read all the live posting and type in responses for me.
    That will allow me to get back to watching porn instead of doing my work !!

  9. My web site will be focused tomorrow, as I,m bringing a few more fellas to the site. Alot of questions surrounding the Avery and Jagr departures, as well as todays trade fro Jordan Staal. Cant wait.

  10. Why the post above, Beer, you are already dictating what should and shouldnt be said. Stop hogging all the time..and what site is That??

  11. I just checked up on the stats from Dan Fritsche because a few guys are getting a hard on for him. 12 goals career high and 27 points?! And this is from guys criticizing Avery’s inability to produce 20 or more goals.

    Is Fritsche really that good? Seems like he’s entering his 5th or 6th…Hmmm, did someone say Adam Hall? Prucha would put the puck in the net more than that guy if he saw some ice time.

  12. Clive Diggs on

    How about any chance we can get Gary Bettman on and ask him when fans will get “cost certainty.” Season ticket prices are jacked up again this year…

  13. Dear Sirs, If by chance you know of a gentleman by the name of ‘Binkie”, we were sent here to advise him the East Side Club at 227 E 56th St, (212)753-2222 cannot accept his credit cards any further. Have a nice day.

  14. onecupin67years on

    Sam, Will you do the live chat at home changing diapers,whilst the wife has her hair and nails done?
    And re: your previous post about Phoenix raiding the rangers,as you probably know, lots of teams have their favorite team for deals ,NY had Edmonton for a while,the Yankees had Kansas city in the 50’s ,thats where they got Maris and Boyer.As far as I care the Coyotes can have Maloney, Montoya and the other scraps in the Rangers system,but Hollewig should be included in any future fire sale.Maybe the Rangers can put together a package for Iginla.

  15. What so were is the live chat how do we sign up/ register?

    I like Betts and agree with the people that are saying he is a solid fourth line center, one of the best who has been playing with hockey morons.

    Also when I suggested moving Drury to wing I know it takes him away from face-offs but also I like him in their late in games in case the center gets thrown out of the circle. But moving to second line wing increases his minutes.

    But also he did good as third line since he is solid as a two way center.

  16. Did anyone else get their Season Ticket renewals. It looks like they went up again. F’n Dolan

  17. I am on the waitlist and waiitng for info on it. How much did tix go up? I’m like #417 or something I don’t know how it works

  18. I won’t be able to ask this so, if anybody else wants to…


    “Is it true that the Rangers were last season a team divided in the locker room b/c Drury couldn’t stand Jagr?”


  19. I wont be at the Live Blog due to a dentsl appointment, ouch, and that really hurts. I was saving this for tomorrow, but I have baseball All Star game tickets I cant use (2) due to a prior committment. you guys can reach me as I have to get rid of them soon.

  20. “Is it true that the Rangers were last season a team divided in the locker room b/c Drury couldn’t stand Jagr?”

    I don’t doubt for a second that Drury despised Jagr, but I do question Drury’s “locker room splitting” capability last season… I think it was more of a Jagr/Shanny split room.

  21. what do you think of:

    Naslund Gomez Z
    Callahan Drury Dawes
    Sjo Dubi Prucha
    Voros Betts Orr

  22. Shanahan wouldn’t have cause to divide the room because he was also getting away with playing a completely selfish game, too.

    Anyway, the reason why I think Drury found Jagr so objectionable is because I read it on the website of a reporter with a credential who covers the Rangers.

  23. Where? I never remember seeing that – in fact I recall Dubi specifically saying there was NOT any sort of perceived rift.

  24. during our live chat together how about we all gather round have some brunch and sip tea together and chat about the weather with a little sprinkle of hockey

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How was Shanny selfish? He lost it, in his hands and legs, perhaps via the concussion. But I didn’t see him trying anything different from 2 years ago, just couldn’t execute last season. He was good while he lasted time to move on because he’s old, no other reason.

  26. My agent can be contacted for live blog appearance fee schedule…

    contact Vlachslav Tkoushlund “Itchy” Kasparaitis

  27. true,

    I m guessing the selfish comment came because Shanny didn’t take himself to less minutes, and there was no way anyone was going to disrespect a future hall of famer and cut his time without him admitting it was time…

  28. Salty

    she doesn’t have tickets, that was a troll posting as Jo

    we wish we had ickets, and we cetainly would be using them :^)

  29. No guys, that definitely wasn’t me yesterday. Thanks for noticing that it wasn’t me. Never had someone do that before. Good thing this is a ‘virtual world’ or someone woulda gotten bitch slapped.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Shanny also took 3rd and 4th line minutes late in the season after Renney realized Shanny was really only useful as a shoot out and special teams guy. Shanny never complained about it, actually, he says he wants to come back and be a Ranger again! And last season remember Sather told Shanny to wait by the phone while he sorts out the centers and cap situation? How many weeks did Shanny wait and keep delaying other teams? Shanny’s been a perfect gentleman here and saying he’s selfish in personality or play couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  31. True,

    yea I don’t see it, him being selfish… I was just guessing at what was meant. Shanny did take fourth line minutes, and he is apparently sitting and waiting for the Rangers. He was a great A last year thats certain. My complaint is for a bunch of the seaosn he was slower, including on the pp, and he was blocking the development of youngsters, most notably Prucha who had a great rookie season but was moved to the left wing and removed from the pp the next two years in place of Shanny, can’t argue to much at first but when Shanny slowed down drastically it was late and Prucha’s develoment had already been set back…

  32. Truefans to Shanny’s rescue….
    Good job, say what you want about him slowing down but enough of this selfish garbage..guys goin on 60 and he’d still fight goons for Jagr c’mon!

    Three cups…600 goals…there aint no winger on this team that he’s blocking the development of that will get to either of those numbers

  33. Re: Shanny

    It’s not just that he knew he was ‘slowing down’. He had that lingering leg/knee problem that limited his time. The only way he could stay in the lineup was to spend less TOI per game. Anything close to 18min woulda ended his season before the playoffs. Not selfish. Smart, to a degree. But his effectiveness vs. someone else, let’s say prucha, is arguable either way.

    I’d like him to come back, but I’d like him to be in a suit behind the bench.

  34. Kaspar,

    thats true no one of the team is going to put up the same career numbers as Shanny, but he did slow down at the end of the season.

    I’m not questioning his heart he was certaily a leader and a great teammate. And its not his fault anyone’s development was stalled, its Renney’s for not recognising the slow down sooner.

    I wouldn’t call Shanny selfish, not based on what we saw.

  35. This little ditty right here should tell you that the current CBA sucks and another lockout has potential.
    (from tsn)
    TORONTO – The Toronto Maple Leafs had hoped to announce the signing of Swedish defenceman Jonas Frogren on Wednesday but the contract was rejected by the NHL’s head office.
    “We are working with the NHL Players’ Association to resolve the matter,” said Don Meehan of Newport Sports, Frogren’s agent. “We remain hopeful it will get resolved.”
    The league determined Frogren, 28, must be signed to an entry-level contract as a first-year NHL player despite his pro experience in Europe. The Leafs had signed Frogren to a standard contract.

  36. BTW: (Re: Shanny) I’m not saying he should come back in any on-ice capacity. But, just trying to say I didn’t think he was selfish. If anything, he was old and dealing with injuries and slower hands and legs. Renney should have discussed with him a different role much earlier in the season. As we all know, he couldn’t keep up as a 2nd line winger. This year, I wouldn’t mind him as a coach, informant, scout, whatever.

  37. yea true,

    and I wasn’t saying that I thought Shanny was selfish, I was just trying to say where it came form… but I don’t want a player who is going to say I can’t do it. It was really the coaching staffs fault that he ate more minutes then he had in him at some points. He needed the break for his knees and such…

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