Jagr wastes no time wallowing


Update, 1:19 p.m.: Pat Brisson, Jagr’s agent, confirmed that Jagr indeed is headed to Russia. Also, just received a text message from Paul Mara who said he has re-signed with the Rangers. More on terms in a bit.

Earlier: Sounds like Jaromir Jagr is leaving the NHL, agreeing to a deal to play “for longtime suitor Avangard Omsk in the KHL.”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=242465&lid=headline&lpos=secStory_nhl

The deal was confirmed on the Omsk web site, but I’m waiting to hear more.

If Jagr accepted a two-year deal, I have a hard time believing he’ll play in the NHL again. And if so, it’s time to think about where he ranks among European born players in league history. I’m having a hard time thinking of many forwards who were better, if any.

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  1. TSN and ESPN are also saying the same thing about Jagr signing with Omsk. If it’s true then Good Luck Jags, thanks.

    There have been some great European born players and I would say that Jagr would rank among the top 5, along with Jari Kurri, Niklas Lidstrom, maybe Borje Salming, and maybe hasek. You cannot deny Jagrs stats, he will be missed.

  2. There aren’t any better forwards than Jagr in the European pool. He’s flat out #1 in that respect.

    To see Jagr go is sad, but to see him go to Omsk couldn’t have been better for us as a team. He’s not on Pitt – which is already a huge bonus – and he’s going to be on a team with our #1 prospect, probably on the same line. Cherepanov is going to get a crash course in NHL hockey from the greatest player to ever come from across the pond.

  3. Guys I haven’t thought about our new players much but this was the right decision, made by Sather and the Rangers. They made a continued commitment to youth and speed and realize that Jagr in the Rangers current system…wasn’t Jagr

  4. Good Point Mike. Cherepanov will learn a boatload about a few things 1) the game of hockey and 2) playing in NY. This could be a great year for him to mature.

  5. I find this development very sad, and an indicator of a very negative aspect of the salary cap. There is no doubt that if there was not a cap, Jagr would be able to finish his career in the NHL in a dignified way suitable to a great player who dedicated his career to playing far from his place of birth. It’s preposterous that such a great player, and intelligent and witty person should end up moving to Siberia to finish his career. Now you might say that he could stay in North America is he just agreed to play for a low salary, way below his true value. That is of course true, but no one should be subjected to that choice. In a free enterprise economy everyone should be free to earn what they are worth, and spend what they can afford. The salary cap is an abomination and in fact should be illegal in that it represents restraint of trade and collusion among competing enterprises. And now this is the outcome – the great Jagr is playing in Siberia, and not in New York, or Pittsburgh, and in the NHL – where he really should be.

  6. Repost:


    Great point. No Ruutu (OTT), Roberts (Tampa), Malone (Tampa) or Laraque (Montreal) in Pittsburgh anymore. Also out of our division.

    Better keep your head up Cindy.

    Was watching some highlights of Voros. The guy has got size and hands. Nominated for the Bill Mesterson Award in the NHL (won by Rob Blake this past season), Voros was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and has undergone a tremendous amount of physical therapy to get to the NHL level.

    I was at first skeptical about this kid because I just thought he was another goon. But he has a great story behind him and I’m glad we are going to get another character guy on our team to compliment the roster.

    Here’s an article.

  7. from eric’s Penguins site

    TSN is reporting that Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Dan Boyle has waived his no-trade clause and has agreed to a trade to the San Jose Sharks. its believed Tampa will receive a package that will include 23 old defenseman Matt Carle, a 1st round pick, a prospect and a 4th round. This trade opens up the door for the Lightning to sign Jason Smith. The Lightning are still looking to add another D-man or two, look for the Sydor to Tampa rumors to be in full swing.

  8. But R. Steiger – life has to faaaaiiiirrrrr.

    Everything in life must be faaaaiiiirrrrr.

    Don’t even get me started.

    Jagr could have stayed here if he wanted to, he could have played somewhere. Jags is Jags, he’s goignt o do what he wants to do. Heck maybe he’ll miss the NHL and come back. WHo knows?

  9. from that penguins site:

    “10:19 a.m. According to a source the Penguins are talking to Brad Isbister”

    YES! they might as well jason krog too!

  10. Well Vogs another way to look at it – with a CAP, Jagr is in Siberia, without it, he is on the Rangers, along with every other player they have acquired. Do you really think the team is better without him?

    You guys get snookered into buying into the CAP by the owners who manipulate you into thinking it is good for you. The CAP sticks for NY fans. The team would be fas better without it.

  11. “10:19 a.m. According to a source the Penguins are talking to Brad Isbister”

    YES! HAHA!

  12. Well Vogs another way to look at it – with a CAP, Jagr is in Siberia, without it, he is on the Rangers, along with every other player they have acquired. Do you really think the team is better without him?

    You guys get snookered into buying into the CAP by the owners who manipulate you into thinking it is good for you. The CAP stinks for NY fans. The team would be far better without it.

    All the CAP does is put more money in Dolan’s pocket, and fewer good players on the Garden ice….

  13. Steiger –

    I see your point and agree. I think there are far too many teams in the NHL and the only reason they survive is because of the salary cap.

    But there are many different view points.

    If the Rangers had to pay an “overage penalty” ala baseball I think Jagr might still be here. I dunno guy, it seems to me Jagr wanted to leave.

  14. Jagr may have never been a great leader, but his hockey skills can only be compared to the greats. He is without doubt one of the top 3 skilled players I have seen in my lifetime (Gretzky, Lemieux-Not Claude).

    How can you NOT miss somebody like that on your team? He put up huge points in his career in the trap era when there was no such thing as a transition game.

    It’s still hard to see him on another team, overseas or not. He, along with Lundqvist were the 2 reasons/players directly responsible for the Rangers recent turnaround.

    I hope he goes on and has a great few years in Russia, and I look forward to seeing his bust in the hall of fame WITH the mullet!!!

  15. There’s going to be chemistry issues… obviously. You can’t add/subtract this many players (quality players at that in some cases) and not have some issues.

    The question is… will the chemistry issue be resolved and if so will it take less time than last season’s squad (who I’m pretty sure had chemistry issues right up until they resigned elsewhere).

    Is it a loss not having Jags anymore? Of course. But the potential is there for it to make this team better… especially in the future.

    You can’t keep resigning players because of what they did in their career, otherwise you’d go out and sign Gordie Howe. You need to think about what the potential is for the upcoming season(s).

    It was time to move on and while it may not make us better instantly… I have a feeling we’ll be better tomorrow.

  16. Just wondering, does anyone else get the feeling this might actually hurt our image in the eyes of Cherepanov, Jagr is his idol and now Cherepanov sees us not resigning him and going to play for Omsk, the same team he is on for probably a huge amount of money. I just hope Jagr doesn’t try to deter Cherepanov from playing in NY and the NHL. Aside from that I hope the best for Jagr, he’s always been my favorite NHL player

  17. Happy fourth guys, I am probably out for the day…

    never found out for certain about Mara being signed… and I wish Jagr all the luck in Russia, I hope he helps out Cherapanov…

    someone on Zipay’s blog brought up fears about Zhedrev only speaking Ukranian/Russian and no longer having anyone on the Rangers that speaks those languages…

    no fear… Rozsival (and PRucha probably) speak Russian. I was tlaking to a Czech fellow around the garden once and he said they get Russian in primary/secondary school. Also I was hanigng with a Russian guy (a differnt time) and he went to talk to Tyutin in Russian, well Tyutin and Rozsival always carpooled so Rozsival was there two and when the guy asked a question Rozsival answered in Russian as well…

    cheers and Happy fourth

    later everyone!

  18. walshspw

    Your words right there were exatly what I was thinking.
    Jagr may even pave the way for more NHL players to defect there and for more European players to strive to play close to home. Who knows, but at least, we have good stuff to look forward to next season.
    A great mix of vets and top young talent. Can’t wait…

  19. If Anisimov makes the team, that’s Russian right there.

    Plus the guy who drives the Zamboni is Russian…JK Happy 4th everybody!

  20. I believe that it just came time to cut the cord. It may not have been a question of his skills nor his worth, but when your best player states he didn’t play hard the first half of the year, then you have a problem, especially when he’s ‘the leader’. Word on the street was that the room was divided and i speculate that it was polarized by JJ and the Chechz and ME First Avery. I keep hearing in Sather’s after action reviews the phrases ‘character guy’ & “team guy”.
    I will miss seeing Jagr play. I really enjoyed watching his unique abilities on the ice to the point where his style influenced my meager abilities in beer league hockey. But I,m not necessarily sad to see him move on. I truly look forward to seeing what the TEAM can do with Drury wearing the “C”. Thanks for everything Jaromir, best of luck and I look forward to your HOF induction.

  21. PruchaOverated on

    Do you really think decisions should be made based on how Cherapanov is going to take it. If he doesn’t want to play in the NHL then F’him let him hang out with Jags in Russia.

  22. Valliquette is fluent in Russian from his year spent there during the lockout. They mic’d him up during the season and he was talking to Tytuin about DiPietro and Tyutin was cracking up. Kaliinin speaks Russian, and maybe it’s incentive to let Anisimov start the season on the Rangers.

    The salary cap is the best thing to happen to the Rangers in years. Without it, they’d still be signing every has-been over 31-year-old for inflated contracts.

    They’re gonna be fine. Don’t worry, be happy.

  23. Best European players; you gotta put Stan Mikita on that list alhough he spent most of his life in Canada I believe. Let’s not forget Petr Stastny, Pave Bure, and to lesser extents Hakan Loob and Mats Naslund, both Cup Winners.

  24. Thanks Jaromir for so many great memories….I wish you the best of luck in Russia….you will be missed here in the states by many….You came to New York and lifted us back to a respectable team again, you carried us into the playoffs and gave us something to cheer about.

    I for one will truely miss seeing your skills and hearing you jokes. I hope you find what you are looking for.

    Best of luck to you.

  25. If it is true Jagr was signed for $17.5M per year (or even half that), then it proves that he was not following the money. He was willing to take less to stay in NY. I think that says a lot.

    You also have to figure what kind of slap in the face was it for Jagr to have Sather give Roszival a sizeable rise while asking Jagr for a decrease…

    I enjoyed watching Jagr play in NY. It is rare to see a “has-been” perform to the level he did in MSG in that first post-lockout year. That said, it’s time to move on. Let’s see how Gomez + Drury handle their team now.

  26. Steiger, that was some eloquent post. However, on a global scale you are getting what you want. Jagr is probably going to make 12 mill tax free playing Omsk. That’s free market. He’s not a victim, he’s winning. And, this isnt 1950. We may use “Siberia” in the same way but it’s not the same world. Omsk is not your grandfather’s Siberia. Good for jags and Russian fans.

    Now let’s hope jj doesn’t poison cherepanov
    against the organization.

  27. final word – Jagr will be fine – a couple of years in exile and then he lives the rest of his life as a very, very wealthy guy. I think it is the NHL’s loss to have such a unique and classy player go over there at this point in his career. With that kind of money, and the weakness of the dollar (thanks W…), this will likely be a pattern often repeated.

    And as far as the Rangers – regardless of what Jagr says – why would Charapenov come to the US when he can stay in his own country, speak his own language, and make far more money. Still wondering why he slipped on draft day?

    I’m guessing we never see him here….and I wouldn’t be surprised if Anisimov bolts back to Russia too – especially if he doesn’t make the team this year. And what about Zhedrev – after his contract expires next year who will be offering more money? Get used to it guys…..unless the owners see the light and make an exception to the Cap when a player gets a foreign offer….but that will never happen. They care far more about making money than about the quality of play. Lot’s of goons in the NHL and all the real players in Europe – that’s the future…..

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    “They care far more about making money than about the quality of play.”

    Actually, there have been a lot of Russian players who have basicaly said that they would rather play in the NHL, despite whatever contract offers they get from Russia. Malkin, Mezsaros, and Kostytsen both have taken NHL offers over Russian offers which certainly would have paid them more. So far, the only significant player who has left for Russia is Jagr, and look at all of the circumstances around it BESIDES the massive contract offer: closeness to retirement, lack of willingness on the part of NHL teams to sign him to a 2 year deal, family issues. I mean, think about it. If the Rangers had offered Jagr a 2 year deal he would be in our sweater right now, despite the massive contract offered by Omsk. So no, it is not all about the money.

    As for best European forwards, he is. Someone mentioned Stan Mikita, and I think that he is a good choice, but he is European like Dany Heatley is European. Born there, but Canadian raised. I mean, he played for Team Canada. That’s Canadian.

    Bure could have been better if his knees weren’t obliterated. And don’t even mention Jarri Kurri to me.

    As for all time great European player, I’d probably rank him third behind Lidstrom and Salming. Hasek is a close 4th.

  29. All Anisimov has done was come over here at 19, learn English, learn how to fight (from Jessiman), bulk up, and then show up to a prospect camp of mostly just drafted players, some of whom aren’t even old enough to vote in the u.S. or drink beer in Canada.

    Top that off with the fact that he left the Super Series and came right to training camp last year…yeah, I’d say he has no interest in being here.

    Same thing with Grachev who is going to play in the OHL this year.

    These guys want to be here. And what makes Cherepanov different than Filatov or Petrov?

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    “The CAP sticks for NY fans. The team would be fas better without it”

    Yeah? I forget.. In the eight years before the cap came into place, when we led the league in payroll, how were we doing again? Eight cups in a row, right?

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    “learn how to fight (from Jessiman), ”

    So in other words, he has no idea how to fight.

    Nice that he tried though!

  32. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    “why would Charapenov come to the US when he can stay in his own country, speak his own language, and make far more money”

    I’d say because of any high-level athlete’s desire to compete at the highest possible skill level he can reach. And if he doesn’t have that desire, then F him.

  33. Steiger-

    Malkin, Kovalchuk, Naslund, Dyatsuk, Zetterberg, Lundqvist, Lidstrom, Federov, Gaborik, Kovalev –

    They all play in the NHL and are from either Europe or Asia.

    Jagr goes to Omsk for his twilight years and you have a mass exudus from the NHL prediction?

  34. MikeA

    Think Grachev can make the jump to the AHL right away? Doesn’t he have to stay in juniors for a certain amount of time if or only to a certain age?

  35. Yeah, I wouldn’t be taking any fighting lessons from Jessiman, at least not what he showed last pre-season.

    I am interested if Jessiman got any better and has any chance at all in making the NHL roster. But with the signing of Voros I doubt it.

  36. Rangers6830 on

    Such a shame if he’s done in the nhl. Too soon. He’s the best european player of all time period, one of the best of the game, period. I’m going to miss Jags. :(

  37. points well taken guys – ok- I definitely overreacted – but – I still think things are going to get more complicated as the Russian offers increase and the dollar weakens.

    It’s true the Rangers were bad in the immediate pre-cap years, but that doesn’t mean it was the fault of the payroll – it was bad decisions and bad luck.

    I guess I’ll never understand why fans think salary caps are good. They haven’t held down ticket prices, they certainly haven’t kept owners from charging absurd prices for parking, hot dogs and beer, and there is more movement and less team loyalty than ever. All salary caps do is enrich the owners. And fans who think otherwise are suckers.

  38. what a money grubbing phony. he wears #68 to protest the Russians invading Czech in ’68, and then goes to play there for big bucks.

    just a greedy, selfish phony, period.

  39. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    right, how could he go play for that same Communist regime that invaded Czechoslovakia in ’68?!?!

    What’s that you say? Communism collapsed in Russia 18 years ago? Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-assed uncle.

  40. don
    t think Naslund should be judged as “in decline” if e has played the last few years in a restrictive coaching system. we have not seen him play much. besides, with these moves it looks like the rangers shored up the backline so they could turn their offense loose.

  41. Not sure if this has been posted, but Jagr’s deal is only 5 mil a year to play in Russia. Not 35 million like reported.

  42. Steiger:

    Nice posts… I can see Chrepanov, Asiminov and Zherdev bolting … especially Chrepanov and Zherdev …

    and losing Jagr IS the NHL’s loss …

  43. if any of you calling jagr out because he went for they money you are all full of shit go read some of the articles on the russian pages….he told the team to cut back on the bonuses they were throwing at him he told them to keep the money and the shit about $35 mill is garbage he is making $5 mill so read more than just what the shitty ny papers are saying

  44. he also said he has all the respect in the world for ny and would never say any thing bad about it so all this shit about he turning cherry off of coming here is bull shit

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