Straka officially out the door


Not a surprise but now official (or at least according to The Hockey News), Martin Straka is “leaving the Rangers to play next season in his native Czech Republic.”:

The timing of this revelation is conspicuous, because it suggests that Straka at least sniffed around the first two days of free agency to see if there were any offers. And it probably means he didn’t like what he heard — if anything –  from the Rangers about his or Jaromir Jagr’s future in New York.

Good luck, Strak.

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  1. See ya your going to see alot more of this in the years to come..

    i agree with chris from last post … even know i did say the other day i hate sather. i hate him cause he drives us nuts but i actually think he is good at what he does.

    whats going on with all the RFAs when ar ethey going to figure all that out. Dawes needs to be signed.

  2. Straka was a class act. Worked hard, hustled and left it all on the ice. Unfortunatley he is not the player he used to be and with Jagr seemingly on his way out there was nothing keeping straka here. I wish him all the best and maybe after retirement he will come work for the rangers in scouting european talent.

  3. Straka was a good Ranger. But I’m not sad to see him go. Is this telling about the Jagr saga? I’m thinking no Straka on the left, no Jagr on the right.

  4. i asked this in the other post so
    who is this Brian Fahey i saw we signed

    and i think marty leaving ( i loved ya little man) is jagrs nail in the coffin

  5. I think Straka is going to be a player coach of some sort int he Czech Republc.. I am glad he is moving on, he was a class act..

    btw Beer, I know I;m slacking, but I am helping Jo get our house together for a July 4 party.. all the durn stuff I didn’t do the first to days…. today has been very slow anyway…

    oh and my vote is Jags!!!

    unless we find another top line wing (prefereably a left b/c we have a bunch of young right wings) to replace him

    and whoever said Prucha has a hard time receiving passes off the boards… maybe thats because he has been playing left wing for the last two years since Shanny and Jags took up the right wing position (Cally got the third line) hopefully on his more comfortable side he will be better, and more like his rokie year

  6. yeah i saw it on hfboards also on hockeybuzz but its not like EK=AP

    and everyone knowns AP means always true.
    (hopes someone gets that)

  7. Whoever wrote “marty’s gone” on the last post had me briefly thinking Brodeur retired, which would have been awesome.

  8. stf –

    No, I don’t. I think playing on a team with bona-fide young superstars vs. playing on a team that is losing the aging superstars it had and only has one true marquee player(Hank) is not a tough decision. I think the press, the pressure, the city is not the key for a Brooks Orpik. It’s probably as simple as choosing the team he thinks is more likely to go the distance; and at this moment, the Pens are far more likely to do that then the Blueshirts.

    Which isn’t to say I don’t hope the Pens suck and implode and the Rangers kick ass, but let’s be realistic about where the Rangers stand today: mediocre defense, a dead power play, an offense without a proven 1st line sniper, and a goalie who is awesome but has lumps of games where he seems mentally out of it.

  9. JJP & John R

    I love Jagr, been a fan of his for a long long time, but you can’t handcuff a team that you are the Captain of and “leader” of because you have to be the highest paid. Take the 6mill show your committed to winning and i’m sorry the guy has made a ton of money over the years he can afford to take 6mill. I’m sure all of us would settle for 6 mill. Is Jagr an important part? No doubt about it, but if he leaves it is very clear that he was not serious about winning here.

  10. Tell her she’s allowed to root for the Stars as long as the Rangers are #1. I root for the Stars when they aren’t interfering with the Rangers plans, albeit I used to live in Dallas.

  11. i also bet you that avery wont be half the player in dallas that he was in new york and you can take that to vegas

  12. joejoe315 Tell her Avery just got traded back to the Rangers, but died in a FREAK airplane accident on his way back to New York. that way, she knows why Avery’s gone, and she’s a Ranger fan.

  13. Good post before Deja about JJ,

    Also if He gets 6mill and a few people are making more, what are the higher paid people going to do piss on his leg? Shanny made 2 million last year to help us out and no one pissed on his leg, he was well respected. Shanahan, now that is a leader to teach these kids. Sorry folks but its the truth.

  14. Whoever wrote “marty’s gone” on the last post had me briefly thinking Brodeur retired, which would have been awesome.
    that was me. I did it on purpose. haha

  15. don’t worry guys and gals. As soon as I leave work(1:45) something will happen. It happened with Redden and the trade yesterday. both were around 5ish.

  16. she put all her avery stuff in a box last night it was kind of funny. i told her to go back to watching MTV and dont worry about hockey anymore..

  17. ehhhh….not sure about that one. I don’t think we need to get ALL of the ‘change of scenery’ guys.

  18. interesting point by zip though. If you can grab a dman in the deal too, and don’t give up too much, it’s not a bad idea. I’m pretty sure prucha would be headed to chi-town.

  19. What’s this Havlat crap being thrown around? The most games he’s played in a season is 73… BACK IN 2001!

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Havlat can’t play a full season.

    Whoever implied Shanny took a home town discount must not know the numbers because Shanny made 5.3million last year.

  21. I always liked Straka…definitely a good Ranger and hopefully his attitude, effort and heart rubbed off on the kids…he blocked like 2 shots then that slapshot that broke his hand, but finished his shift if I remember right.
    Thanks Straka!

  22. The Heterodox Economist on

    What do you know, my handy NY Rangers ’08 calendar tells me the cover-boy of June is indeed a Virgo, confirming what we’ve always known about Straka: he’s the hardest working player in the team.

    That quality cannot be deemed in any monetary value; I’m ashamed to be a Rangers fan when these things happen, thanks for the great years Marty.

  23. I’m going to truely miss Straks, he was one of the most underrated players out there. Best of luck to you in the Czech Republic Straks!!

  24. So that means he doesn’t have a lot of great offers. $7M/1Y is not what Jags is looking for, especially in Edmonton.

  25. and shanny did take a home town discount his actually salary was like 2.5 mill for the year the rest came from incentives

  26. Can someone please enlighten me as to what all the Prucha love is all about. There are guys on these boards advocating putting him on the first line when he was a season long scratch last year. What a joke. And spare me the 30 goal season talk, it was with Jagr when Jagr was putting pucks on his stick in the crease.

    He is the smallest, wimpiest zero on that team. It looks like a tractor trailer running over a Prius every time he crosses the blue line. I actually close my eyes at times when players step into him to avoid seeing the decapitation. I pray they trade this zip for a box of pucks.

  27. He’s a season long scratch because he serves no purpose. Everytime he hits the ice there is no chance the puck is going in the net while he’s out there.

  28. If he STAYED a 30 goal scorer the minutes wouldn’t have been taken away. Jagr gets the credit for those goals.

  29. forget Cheechoo forget Jagr already, Slats should just let him go to Edmonton. Sign Shanny at a discount, he’s still a 30 goal scorer, and in a few years a coach. That way we have our top winger, and Prucha is our number two.

  30. Who the hell would want to play for 7 mil in Edmonton when you could get 12 million tax free in Omsk, where they treat you like a god and you’re closer to home?

  31. The Heterodox Economist on


    I did the same when Prucha was about to be checked! Ditto goes for Christian Backman, the only defenseman that I know who takes more body checks than dishing ’em out. I’m glad he’s gone.

    As for Prucha, he in a nutshell needs to be more explosive, considering his height and weight. Agile movement as a whole can be intimidating, so this is naturally the logical next step for Prucha to remain in good standing.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    “and shanny did take a home town discount his actually salary was like 2.5 mill for the year the rest came from incentives”

    Incentives count against the cap just like salary. Truth is, Shanny took a 1.3 million RAISE (4 mil to 5.3 mil). No discount, whatsoever.

    I like Shanahan as a person, and have amazing respect for his career. But let’s call a spade a spade. He took a raise last year.

    As for Straka, he was all class while in NY, and I wish him the very best. I posted this vid a couple of days ago, and I think it deserves posting again:,2,339

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Deja, 2.5 base plus 2million for playing 10 games! Haha. another 800k for winning 1 round in the playoffs (which was expected when he resigned). Where’s the discount, that’s more than he made last year? Thanks for bull shitting us tho.

    And if you’re wondering why It was a 4.5 million salary (plus 800k for playoffs), mostly scheduled in bonuses, it was in case the team got in cap trouble and needed to defer the bonuses from last years cap hit.

    Some of you guys don’t know shit but think you know it all. Read with an open mind, there’s a lot of other people here who really kno their hockey, caps, UFA’s and news.

  34. how can he be more explosive when they give him 4th line minutes FOR NO REASON the kid had a stellar rookie season then he got dropped to the bottom of the depth chart FOR NO REASON except we had too many vets

  35. The only way you can play in the NHL with his size is if you are super talented or a gritty, tough player who has no fear. Prucha has neither, he is a semi talented player who had a good year or two and now has hockey know nothings singing his praises. He needs to get traded for a chalkboard and hockey tape.

  36. For NO REASON????????? Did you watch him play?? He’s so awful! Boring, timid, and never crashes the net!!!

  37. True Fan

    Just because you sit around and read websites and recite stats and contract crap doesn’t mean you know hockey. It’s easy to see when you post you do it strictly from an academic standpoint, but not from a practitioners standpoint. That’s the aspect you miss. You don’t understand the importance of the play that DOESN’T show up in the box score. All you know is goals and assists but it’s usually that little broken up play that wins you a game, never seen the next day in the box score. I think it is you who knows nothing about real hockey.

  38. no derpy listen the season after his 30 goal year the first night he started on the fourth line and hes been there and little to no minutes ever since

    dawes blew when he first came up too you know why cause they had him on the fourth line and little to no minutes

    AND NO WAY is that kid timid he takes the hardest fucking hits and pops right back up

  39. The Heterodox Economist on


    That’s always the litmus test – whether they can produce in limited shifts. Unless a Gretzky or alike comes around, they’re usually not going to place a youngster on a top line immediately; there certainly are seniority rules that figures into the equation, but also experience factors, tangibles, and so forth that comes proven with a veteran and in progress with youngsters.

    I don’t think you’re 100% wrong to suggest he’s been pushed back more than what was warranted, but as I do recall of 05-06, Prucha’s main contributions came from the power-play. With many other players capable of producing at PP, Prucha needs another arsenal to go with his shooting skills (or lack of, depending on your perspective).

  40. BTW, I saw you guys trying to figure out who else we have for the 2nd and 3rd lines and I noticed nobody mentioned Jamtin. Hes the guy from Sweden that plays a lot like Avery, plus he has some offensive skill. He will make the club this year since he wouldn’t just come over from Sweden to play in the minors.

  41. prucha gets crushed 5 times a game.. kid cannot hang in the nhl..get him some roids and bonds’ trainer and then we’ll talk.. we already have dawes cally we don’t need another shrimp

  42. Prucha has been given chance after chance the past two seasons on the second and third lines. He hasn’t produced. It’s the same thing as Marcel Hossa when he was here. He was good with Jagr but a nothing without him. We don’t need people on this team who can only be good when they play with Jagr. It doesn’t work that way. Prucha has a lot of energy but when he played the past two seasons that energy didn’t translate into goals or even assists. If he was good enough, Renney would have played him.

  43. I think it’s safe to say this was because he knows Jagr won’t be back. Straka was a very good hockey player and will be missed.

    Bye bye to another 20 goals.

    Seriously, we’re punching holes in the bottom of the ship so it’ll be sinking real fast when we’re in 13th place in the middle of November. Color me officially pessimistic about 08-09

  44. The Heterodox Economist on

    “AND NO WAY is that kid timid he takes the hardest fucking hits and pops right back up”

    I’d agree to this sentiment for most part; it’s not that he’s not trying, that’s for sure.

    There’s a reason the Hockey Rodent calls him Kid Kourageous ya know.

  45. The Heterodox Economist on

    Ahhh yes, two Aquariuses both not rushing to a decision.

    We are always so different from the other signs, I tell ya.

  46. With jagr and Sundin “deciding” there future, Sather better give Shanny a call and tell him to come back.

  47. it’s only bad news if you’re a fruit loop.

    don’t worry, slats will be doing something within the 1/2 hr. trust me, i’m leaving work and with no way to hear about anything happening. I’ve missed the redden signing and the Z trade by a few minutes. Get ready everyone!

  48. Donsausage-Well said. That guy probably has a Prucha jersey and doesn’t want to get rid of it and buy a new jersey with all this crazy gas pricing.

  49. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    I don’t think any one other than the good LORD himself how good or bad we will be next year. With Jags with out Jags with a star winger or with out. The only way to tell is, let the seasan progress and see how we look. Who knows we just may be able to put a couple of lines that gel and kick some butt. And I am not so sure we shoould be counting Jags out yet. And a still am on the fence don’t care either way. But I do think Sather has done pretty good for us so far. And I haven’t even swore at him YET. Happy 4th folks.

  50. Prucha, at this stage, is nowhere. Yes he had a good season or two but that really doesn’t mean anything going forward does it?

    He has had plenty of opportunities to play himself into the lineup and hasn’t been able to get it done. Plain and simple. Yes, he plays hard. However he is completely one dimensional. He’s not good defensively, those big hits he takes leave him behind the play.

    If he’s not scoring, he’s of little value and he been proving it in spades over the season he can’t score at even strength.

    Would I hate to see him traded and score 20 goals, absolutely. Right now I can’t see how he can turn it around in NY.

  51. Rmant –

    I’m not sure of this stat (and you have a point only from the perspective that he sat a great deal).

    Rodent often talks about goals per minutes on ice, Even with a fourth line role he is a gifted finisher based on this stat.

    You may not like him – that is your prerogative…

  52. “With jagr and Sundin “deciding” there future, Sather better give Shanny a call and tell him to come back.”

    Dear god no, please no. haha. I love Shanny but we’re trying to get faster, not as slow as a tortoise.

    And guys, not all FAs will be signed immediately. Or people being traded either. We have plenty of time to make a deal (until September). So relax if Sather doesn’t do anything yet.

  53. Rangers6830 on

    Thank you Marty for your hard work and class, you represented the Rangers well. God bless you and your family. :)

  54. thank you marty straka for your effort. you were stellar in your backchecking and pk. the way you gave up your body to block shots should be an inspiration for future Rangers.

    good luck in Europe

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