“Jags is waiting and exploring his options…”


That was the e-mail I got from Jaromir Jagr’s agent, Pat Brisson, late last night. Not exactly a surprise, but it does confirm that No. 68 might drag this out for a few more days.

Dellapina, meanwhile, has “more from the Big Fella himself”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2008/07/02/2008-07-02_avery_leaves_rangers_jagr_in_limbo-1.html, with Jagr sounding stung by the Rangers seeming indifference to re-signing him. And despite Glen Sather’s proclamations to the contrary about wanting Jagr back, it certainly sounds like the teams wants him back only at a certain price.

Which is fine. My issue through much of this has not been that the Rangers absolutely should re-sign Jagr — although personally I love covering him and I think they’re a better team with him — but that they just have some semblance of a plan moving forward.

And maybe “this is it”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080703/SPORTS01/807030446/-1/SPORTS, with the acquisition of Nikolai Zherdev allowing them to get younger and faster, and allowing Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Henrik Lundqvist to assume an even more prominent role.

Throw in a few more defenseman and maybe one seasoned wing, and that’s not a bad hockey team. But if the Rangers end up losing Jagr, Sean Avery, and Brendan Shanahan, I have a hard time believing they will ever be as colorful.

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  1. we could always bring back Esa Tikkanen for a little color hes only 43 im sure he isnt busy

  2. Borrowed this from Dellapina.

    While it appears as if re-signing Jagr might now be the logical final piece to a reconfigured Rangers puzzle, it is growing difficult to see how the future Hall of Famer can bring himself to return. Their last offer to him was for one year at $6 million – a far cry from the two years and $15 million he proposed. He has more lucrative offers from the Edmonton Oilers and Omsk-Avangard of Russia’s Continental League.

    “I think they’re happy with what they got,” Jagr said of the Rangers. “The guys they got are what they feel they needed.”

    Asked if he thought he could return to the Rangers, he replied: “That’s a tough question. To be honest, at times like this, I don’t think you should think. Because you might think something and get hurt. This is a business.

    “First of all, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not angry because I always believe that everything that happens happens for a reason. It’s possible. Everything is possible.

    “But it doesn’t look to me like I was their first choice. And I don’t know if I was No.2 or No.3.”
    I don’t know. But it sure sounds to me that the team is ready to take the next step.

  3. I agree with Beer Me. Although both sides aren’t coming out and saying it… probably to leave open the possibility of a return, it looks like each side will go their separate ways. If Jagr wants to get paid a lot and be a leader, then he will probably end up in Edmonton. If he wants to attempt to win another CUP, he will be sign with Pittsburgh.

    I really hope that this all isn’t true and Jagr returns, but I think that he has a lot of cojones for requesting 7.5 million per year. Basically, he is telling Sather that he wants to be the highest paid and he doesn’t care about the Rangers cap situation.

  4. Yeah, I hate to say it, but I think they wanty Jagr to either go back on what he said and recognize that perhaps the way to the most respect in the locker room is to NOT be the highest paid player and do that for the benefit of the team. I think if he won’t do that, they don’t want him. Or maybe by recognizing what he wants and leaving so much less on the table, it’s their tacit way of telling him to take a hike. Or maybe they come back today and make a deal. Who knows?

  5. It will surely show us the true make-up of Mr Jagr. That’s for sure.

    I’m pleased with the way Slats is handling the Jagr and Sundin situation. I can’t imagine he’d offer sundin more than jags, so both deals are probably the same. And that’s the way he should be playing the game with these to players. I don’t see either of them landing in NY though.

  6. Man, I’m so ready to talk hockey all day. I have to work till 1:45. My phone is fwd to voicemail and everyone around me is off today. Wake up everybody! whatta ya got?!

    I don’t see us fishing for more than maybe 1 ufa. I see the roster filling out with trades.

    Slats should screw Jags with a sign and trade!

  7. Well, here’s some food for thought: the Rangers have roughly $8 million in cap space left, with 2 holes at defense and one at forward. So Jagr asking $7.5 is something the Rangers really cannot do.

    Edmonton has about $4 million in cap space left, and once Pitts announces they’ve signed Fleury today for $6.5/year, they’ll only have $6 million or so left as well.

    I think Jagr either takes our offer, signs on with Atlanta, or heads for Omsk.

  8. I saw the FLeury deal and was wondering what their situation is…

    If the Rangers don’t sign Jagr then we need another threat for our top line… once we have that I am satified and anyhting further is gravy. I am ok with kids fighting over the other d and wing spots….

  9. Yeah, I mean, it’d be pretty hard to imagine that we had what, like 6 rookies on the squad last year? And this year we’d have none? Wouldn’t you think at least ONE of the open spots would be a rook?

    Z prucha dawes cally sjo are your top 5 fwds. rissmiller, voros, hollweg, orr are all 4th liners. Hopefully slats is aware of that. So we’re just missing that 1 top line wing.

    On the back end.. redden/staal rozy/girardi ?/? Hutch? Pock? Potter? bobby s? in ONE of those open spots?

    I heard rumblings of Bouwmeester on the last thread, but we’d be paying our D around $20mil. That’s a bit steep.

  10. I read something from Slats eaerlier about him having 4 d-men who “could log 30 mins each a night” so i don’t think he will be spending hardly anything on D. Maybe bring Mara back on the cheap and play Pock or let Potter, Liffiton and Bobby S audition for #6/7 slots. The majority of that remaining cap money needs to find us a top line winger or 2.

    Don’t forget he can go over the cap by 10% until September.

  11. Anyone else notice this, when you look at the teams official site and go to the roster…the only new player listed on there is Zherdev and the only defensemen listed are Staal and Girardi. Silly, but something to think about nonetheless.

  12. MC0912 – i think with all these roster moves the team sites and the cap sites (and yahoo! and nhl.com) will take a while to update all the rosters and salaries.

  13. I think Bobby S. needs another year in Hartford at least thats what I heard. Maybe Cherponev will come over early somehow and he and this new little Russian will be the top wings (jk I don’t know wht side they play on). I hope Jagr does the right thing and takes a lower deal to come back to the Rangers.

    And I was thinking that at least one of the d spots gets filled by a kid. Maybe Pock or Hutchinson- since they both have NHL experience with Hutch having more success so far. For a thrid pairing I might even be willing to go with both or one of those two and a young kid (maybe Sauer or Baranka or Potter)

  14. Mara made 3 mil last year, even with a small raise I don’t know if he comes back on the cheap…

    yea I saw that quote I think Potter, Sauer, Sanguinetti, Pock etc are fighting for those last three slots in d.

    beer, maybe anisimov can come up as a wing I liked him in camp last year… doubt it though… but who knows what other kids we have waiting in the wings… I know I don’t follow Hartford enough… also what about Cherapanov… did they get him worked out?

  15. Question who becomes the number one center?
    Dubi occupied the spot paired up with Jagr for most the season will Gomez or Drury now take over or will Dubinsky stay with whoever end up on the number one line?

  16. The safe play is to get JJ back. I wouldn’t mind him back. But, if he comes back at a lower price then he wants, I don’t want him being moody that Sather didn’t kiss his ass and beg him to come back. Sather built this team to his specifics after the lock out and JJ brought us back to a respectable team. He has to realize that today it’s not about him, but about the Rangers moving forward. If he wants to be a part of that, fine. If not, see ya later.

  17. Im sure if MSG still had control of their website, the players would be properly updated. Bettman aint no Webmaster.

  18. I think Gomer will be the clear cut #1 center this year. Just my gut feeling.

    I think it’s inevitable that Dru, Dubi or Anisimov will be a winger this year or next. It may serve Anisimov to move to the wing in htfd this year to get some time in the position.

    I REALLY see Dubi being like Malone if he moved to the wing. He’s a big dude with decent hands and a bunch of grit.

    Cherepanov is playing in russia this season. Don’t really think it’s an option at this point.

  19. Bettman just reading his name makes me angry.

    Whose a bigger jerk Bettman or Dolan?? they come pretty close.

    Yeah I still want Jagr back to but it has to be for the right price I gotta say I was thinking 4-5 mill. But I also wouldn’t mind giving him the two year deal if he will take that.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I think they should look at making a deal with the Black hawks.They have a surplus of good young dmen in the system and might be an ideal fit as a trading partner.I’d love to get either Seabrooke or Weisnewski(SP)either one would be be a good pickup.

  21. No way Cherponev will sneak away form Russia on the midnight express like Malkin did? When the Rangers originally rafted him wasn’t it with the understanding that he play last year in Russia and come to the US this year?

  22. In my opinion Gomez is the #1, Drury is more of a 2nd line centre as he spends time on the PP & PK. Dubi slots in as #3 and Betts as #4 but that could change if Ansimov and/or Fritsche impress in camp, or any trades are done.

    NB. Baranka signed in europe this year with no NHL get-out clause. Sauer hasn’t made it to the AHL yet has he?

  23. Jason Smith is the only remaining logical defensive signing. The guy blocks shots like no one’s business (active leader in the NHL) and he’s a great team guy. He can tutor a Potter/Sauer as well.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Internally,I give Potter and Sauer a shot for one of the slots and Sags the other slot.I know Sauer is coming off of a srious injury,but he should have made the team last year instead of Scrubwick.He was the best dman throughout training camp.

  25. i would sign that guy jason smith.. he’s a solid guy for a yr or two..how much to sign him you think pavel

  26. When the Rangers originally rafted him wasn’t it with the understanding that he play last year in Russia and come to the US this year?

    Part of the reason he IS a Ranger is b/c other teams didn’t want to deal with the the ‘exchange’. As far as I know, he’s playing in Russia this season. that hurts b/c its possible he may need a year in htfd to adjust to the N.A.-style game.

  27. It surely seems like Jagr is leaving Broadway. Honestly, with the philosophy that we’re heading to I don’t want him back. Younger & Faster? That’s fine with me. Get some decent winger (Cheechoo?) and I’ll be fine with the team. Who’s left as UFA? Naslund? I don’t think we’re getting him. He’s 34 and I know he doesn’t really want to move from Vancouver. I guess we’ll see more trades then. Also, somebody mentioned that – I’d love that Zherdev trade even more if Rozsival go instead of Tyutin. Well, what are you going to do… Avery is gone, we should have signed him, $15M is not such a big deal, come on…
    Hear my voice Slats – GET CHEECHOO!

  28. Another question:

    At a cap hit of $2.5 and production similar to Jagr and Hossa, why are people not seeing this move for what it is?

    Tyutin is replaceable…High end talent, albeit enigmatic, is not….

  29. btw – Garth Snow must be drinking the same water that Milbury was on the Island. They’re a f’n mess. They fell into the trap that the NYR fell into from ’98-’03

  30. as is lineup:

    Sjostrom Gomez Zherdev
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Byers Dubinsky Fritsche
    Rissmiller Betts Orr

    extras: Prucha, Korpikowski,Hollweg, Voros, Moore

    Redden Roszival
    Staal Girardi
    Strudwick Potter
    Pock/Sauer Sanguinetti

    Plenty of forwards to trade to bring in a Defenseman

  31. The “trap” the Isles are in is that it’s a completely unappealing place to play, and the whole “blue collar middle class alternative to the Rangers” thing that existed 30 years ago is long since dead as that demographic changed and the Devils basically assumed that mantle in the Tri-State area. Wait until Brodeur retires and they suck again two – there will be 2 franchises in the tri-state area in big trouble.

  32. Is Tyutin better than Dimitri Kalinin?

    Similar dollars and games..If they sign Kalinin the D will be fine.

    All the holes on the roster do not need to be filled right away. If you remember, last year the Rangers gave Cullen away as a Salary dump.

    If they keep their cap number low, the Rangers will likely be able to take on someone else’s salary.

  33. right salty. I’m pretty sure the people that NEED to know that, DO know that.

    Interested to see what the PP pointmen look like, well, who they are anyway ;)

    If you use Redden on the 1st unit, and rozy on the 2nd, that’s 2 decent spots filled, and you can keep the combos together. But I’d have to assume that late in a game, trailing, and on a 5 on 3, you’d use Rozy n Redden.

  34. Watched an interview with Glen SAther this Morning on MSG.

    It was a one on one interview, but he said the same stuff he did on the conference call.

    TWO things I did notice were:

    FIRST – said he still has a few more days of this and more moves will be made – Interesting

    SECOND – Said the ball is in Jagrs court. They I guess pushed up there dollar amount somewhat, and are waiting on him

    FYI to all, nothing that new, but at least mro things will be happening, probably trades in my guestimation

  35. to stf:

    You HAVE to put a defensive presence on a line with a guy like Zherdev. Sjostrom was a former first rounder that works in the corners and goes hard to the net.

    What else do you need?

    Besides, this is all premature. There are moves to be made..

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Prucha’s no longer an extra, he’s a top-2 line wing or trade bait.

    Don’t be surprised if Dubinsky gets a hack at second line time, more natural scoring ability.

    Beer, I keep trying to find the Avery bashes NY comments he made but all I find is some crap about him wishing he could stay, loving MSG and the fans, and calling NY his home. Garbage.

  37. to Salty:

    Staal and Redden are both Left shooting defenseman…

    One of them will play with Roszival. The other with Girardi.

    FYI Potter shoots right, so candidates for the third pair D will likely shoot left.

  38. Prucha is an extra… He’s small and a Defensive liability. If the first three signings(Jamtin, Voros, and Rissmiller) don’t suggest that the Team wants to get bigger,you’re not paying attention.

  39. True – When I said that yesterday, I said “how long until he does”. not that he already did. But keep an eye out!

  40. Beer me:

    Yeah Struds is Unrestricted…who else wants him though?

    It’s all early…

  41. Pointless to sign struds. Love’em, but no need.

    joe67 – don’t have the link, but Ott is gunnin for him. They lost redden, missed out on campbell, rozy(who was their 1st choice), streit, hainsey, and every other dman out there. They NEED boyle.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Prucha’s a defensive liability? Were you the (im)Poster who wrote that Straka was a defensive liability too?

    A guy who scored 52 goals in his first 2 seasons will be on a top 2 line or traded. The guys you mention are big 3rd and 4th line players. ‘Fast’ guys will be on the upper 2 lines.

    I hope that doesn’t disappoint you…not sure why you have it out against Prucha.

  43. Goose–if I remember correctly Dimitri Kalinin is the one Lindy Ruff skated behind and screamed at for lacking passion during practice in, I want to say, March?

    That’s about all I know of him.

    I would think Boyle may go to San Jose in a trade..possibly, they lost Campbell, but I guess the Sens are another option.

  44. too bad we didn’t get orpik.. guy must have really not wanted to come here.. i’m not sure if we offered him anything but would have been a nice addition

  45. sauseege – we offered a 5yr deal for more per year than the 6yrs he got from pitt. I don’t remember the $amount, but it was close. something in the neighborhood of 22.5/5yr

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Let Boyle go, Rozsival and Redden are already good enough at moving the puck and *giving up breakaways* so we don’t need another guy like that. I’d like to see staal blossom too and 3 defensmen in front of him, depth wise, makes that less likely.

  47. Pock will not play in the NHL again. I went to school with him. He was a great college player, but I always said he wasn’t NHL caliber. Good shot, good skater, but just awful defensively. He has a one track mind for offense, but isn’t good enough to rush the puck or QB the pp at the NHL level. He lacks size and muscle, as well as hockey IQ.

    The only reason he ever got a shot was b/c his father is/was a scout for the Rangers and we had absolutely no other options.

    I’ll wager you never see him in the lineup again.

  48. Blue404Seats on

    Beer Me: “btw – Garth Snow must be drinking the same water that Milbury was on the Island. They’re a f’n mess. They fell into the trap that the NYR fell into from ‘98-’03”

    If Garth Snow is drinking water, Sour Lou must be drinking some moon shine. Lou is trying to bring back the devils of the 90’s, too bad those guys (holik, rolston, poss. shanny) arent getting any younger. BTW i saw Ken Daneyko drunk at a bar in Morristown, perhaps they should sign him back

  49. 404 – funny you should say that, cause it was almost the first thing I thought of today. It makes me laugh every time I think of it. F’n hilarious.

  50. We still need a BIG D-man and two vet wingers. I agree with JDP on his blog, than Sather thought he had Orpik lined up when he made that trade. F**ck Orpik, I think he was afraid of the NY pressure. He has no pressure in Pitt, not with the media blowing Cindy Crosby every other day.

  51. Blue,

    thats just hilarious, Maybe the Isles will sign Kasper too. Is Weekes still the Devils backup? I thought I saw something that they were interested in signing Chris Terreri…

  52. I’ll say this.

    If Jagr doesn’t come back, this is going to be a hockey team that is either:

    A) Extremely boring to watch, or
    B) Not going to make the playoffs.

    Probably both.

    I’m sorry, but as is, where the F@%! are the goals coming from?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Without Jagr, Avery and Shanahan, this team just lost somewhere between 70-90 goals. Zherdev makes up 25-30 if his head is on straight. Other than that…? Anyone remember how this team had problems scoring last year?

    I don’t know why a lot of people on this board are okay with this team going backwards. Last year’s team came together at the right time, which in a long season with playoffs is the best way to do it. The meltdown in Game 1 of the Pittsburgh series stood between this hockey team and the Stanley Cup Finals…that’s a fact.

    So now we’re dumping our sparkplug, captain and other key veterans for….Patrick Rissmiller, David Voros et al. You gotta be flippin’ kidding me. I’m sorry.

    I just hate to see a “house-cleaning” like this after a season where the Rangers made the playoffs. I’m an advocate of slowly infusing young, home-grown talent into a lineup laced with key veterans and good FA acquisitons along the way. My personal opinion is that this is too much change too fast and that the Rangers might miss the playoffs. I guess some of you are okay with this. As a season ticket holder and lifelong fan who already suffered through nearly a decade of NO PLAYOFF HOCKEY, I certainly am not.

    Just one guy’s opinion here…flame away.

  53. Forget Orpik, he’s not worth tha money. He had no BALLS to come to NYC. Let him play with Barbie Girl.

  54. yeah too bad orpik is such a hump.. would have been great to see him in rwb

  55. True Fans Bleed RWB:

    yeah Prucha is a defensive liability. He has a hard time receiving the break out pass along the boards (especially when Defenseman pinch on him)and he rarely back checks. Of the 59 goals he’s scored in the NHL, 26 have been on the Power Play.

    He’s got heart and is fearless, but he is what he is: a skilled, small, energy, power play guy, that should net about 12 minutes a night…Nothing more than that. If he plays more he’ll get injured or be exposed.

    Why did he sit out all those games at the end of the year?

  56. Power Surge on

    Jagr not coming back upgrades the team in the turnover department. He coughs up the puck more than anyone else in the NHL. Dumping Jagr with his turnovers, to go with trading Backman with his insane (stupid) penalty minutes, makes this team much more fundamentally solid. Mistakes beat you more than brilliant plays win for you.

  57. I guess I am ok if we sign Jason Smith. He is bigger than Orpik and can do the same job, cheaper.

  58. offering JAROMIR JAGR 4-5 million is a SLAP IN THE FACE.

    AVERY got 4 million for christsake.

    If we paid Wade Redden 6.5, Jagr needs ATLEAST THAT for 2 years.

    If we cough up, we WIN THE CUP with this team!


    and if you think Gomez is carrying this team to the cup, watch more hockey.

    NO PLAYER can take on ANY #1 D and all the attention game in game out like JAGR.

  59. You’re right Rob C. This Sather “plan” to get rid of our best players and go younger is a joke. So far the Rangers are a team of 4th liners, with only Drury and Gomez as above average. What top forwards want to come to a team with no first line? And spare me the “blue collar”, hard working baloney — Jed Ortmeyer was a classic blue collar guy — do you want 20 of him on your team?

  60. Power surge it might upgrade the turnover dept. but downgrades the scoring dept and to win you need to score goals which they had a hard time doing last year

  61. And to ‘True Fans Bleed”

    Straka was a terrific defensive player while on the team..He just couldn’t finish…

    to MC0912…probably the same guy…not sure..Wonder how many times Ken Hitchcock had to yell at Nicky Zherdev?

    How many times should Tom Renney WANT to yell at Jaromir Jagr to hustle during the regular season?

  62. Jagr not coming back gives us even more cap space to make some moves. Say we trade prucha and a pick for Cheechoo. We then have about 12M in cap space less whatever Cheechoo would be to sign lets say a Jason Smith at 2.5 per. After that we still would have about 3-5M for a Naslund, Satan, even Fedetenko.

  63. By the looks of things, I think I underestimated just how many #68 jerseys were sold eh?

  64. Blue404Seats on

    whethere John R is right or wrong… thats an exessive amount of CAPS LOCK

  65. You can still wear them guys. I where my leetch jersey still. I even bought a B’s jersey with leetch on it. You’re allowed to buy a Omsk or EDM jersey with #68.

  66. I think Jagr would be more suited for the Western Conf anyway, the east style is more in your face hockey, while the west is more skating and open.

  67. I think most of us sane people will agree that Freddy Shoes is not ready, and probably never will be, to play wing on the first line — not even if Moses was centering and he could part the seas every shift for the guy.

    That’s a major stretch.

  68. I think Zherdev has a great chance here – he’s not exactly been supplied with quality passes from a top centre in CBJ has he? He’s 90% sure to have Scotty Gomez dishing him the puck for next season – that could reap more than 25 goals.

    Credit to Sather so far – lets hope he can shift some of our 4th line scrappers and pluggers and poss. the likes of Prucha for another top line winger.

  69. KC-
    You hit it right on the head. Are there any dynamic, game-breaking players on this hockey team? On a good night, Gomez can be…but he’s an 18-20 goal/65-70 assist guy.

    I guarantee you’ll all be sick of “blue-collar hockey” when this team is in 12th place in December.

    Let’s use Detroit as the standard since they are the champs. They have one “blue-collar” line, and the rest of their players can skate, pass and score. They have all kinds of speed and raw talent.

    It isn’t 1999. You can’t just dump the puck into the corner, slog it out and win 1-0. Even though the game is changing, this is still the “New NHL” and you still need dynamic offensive talent. Right now, there is ZERO of that on the Rangers’ roster.

    Remember the Berg/Keane/Skrudland era? Remember when our “dynamic offensive players” were Petr Nedved and Radek Dvorak. I’m sorry, that’s the direction this current Ranger roster is headed. Effing backwards. I’m disgusted.

  70. Brandon – you’re right, there’s no doubt about that.

    UK – that’s the spirit I like to see!

    Relax everybody, there’s plenty more too do. someone remeber to keep checking! I’m looking your way MC or Agr!

  71. our pp will be better without jagr.. this kid zherdev is gonna be naaaaaaaaaaaasty..i heart bouwmeester

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I feel like I’m hanging out with crazy people…Jagr the missing link to the cup?!!! hahahaha

    Prucha’s dealt with injuries and been replaced by Shanny on the PP and the played 3rd line time. He’s too small to carry the puck but he’s not a defensive liability and he can score if put with a puck carrier.

    And, for arguments sake, if Prucha rides the pine as an extra who else is playing top-4 wing in addition to Zherdev?

  73. Rob C – dude, you’re missing a lot with that comparison man. Was Kirk McClean, Mike Dunham, Cloutier, Blackburn, Markkenen, Ron Lowe, John Muckler, Brian Trottier responsible at all? It’s not all about who your wingers are.

  74. I saw Miro Satan was still out there – is he an option? He had a quiet year on long island. What about Naslund?

  75. People compare Zherdev to Kovalev, like its a bad thing. Realize that we used to be a team like Columbus, that gave up on young stars. We are now on the other side of the ball and I think we will reap the benefits. Hitchcocks style was more like Keenan was with Kovalev, which is why it didnt work or work as well as it has in Pitt and then Montreal.

  76. heard ott may be interested in satan. and naslund’s 1st choice is VAN, 2nd could be pitt. That’s from that pitt link above.

  77. our team is FINALLY being built the right way. From the bench to the crease to the D, then out front.

    NJD of the late 90’s anyone? Lemaire, broduer, stevens, neidermeyer etc…. That’s the core of your team if you want to win…long term.

  78. Imagine the insult of only offering a declining star a 1 yr deal for an insulting $6 mill. ..

    sather should be ashamed of him self for such an insult.. he should get on his hands and knees and kiss king Jaromirs toes..

    Just kidding $6 mill a yr for 1 or 2 yrs for a 37 yr old sar who is slowing down is more then fair..Jaromir grow up you are amost 40.. Go to Edmonton and you will regret it, your lifestyle wil not be what you are accustomed to and yur girlfriend might never eave the apartment..

    take the deal Jagr…….

  79. I think for these free agents, New york can be a tough sell, not everyone can shine under the bright lights of broadway.

  80. you guys interested in an impromtu poll?

    Just post ‘Jags’ or ‘Nay’. no explanation, just A word. I’m just curious how this splits amongst us. If you think it’s a lame idea, that’s fine too. you can just go screw yourself!

    I say…. NAY

  81. The prblem with giving Jagr a two year deal is that it pretty much handcuffs the team from a cap perspective this year and next, and with Dubinsky coming due next year, and Staal the following, something may need to give.

  82. You know what’s funny, it really does look like Jagr or one of his close friends posted that John R post.

  83. I just don’t see how Jags can comeback now…

    It’s obvious that this team is heading in a different direction. A direction that began last July and has just now taken that delayed second step. IF he signs… he and the Rangers have the same problem they did last season; two distinctly differnt identities.

    Jags would still have a few guys around him to defer to him constantly, but it wouldn’t be anything like 07′-08′.

    The question really is what’s Sather got up his sleeve now? May not be as big as everyone is thinking.

  84. Beer –
    We’ve always respected each other’s opinions and I totally agree that bad coaching and medicore goaltending were a huge part of those awful hockey teams. I’m a huge Renney advocate and Hank is a Top 3 goalie in the league…so in that regard, I’m definitely optimistic about this team going forward.

    But like I said, I think you need dynamic wingers more now than back in the late 90’s when the game really slowed down and became a clutching, grabbing slugfest. I’m not sure the late 90’s Devils would win Cups now.

    Time will tell. I’m definitely not all doom and gloom, but I’m definitely frustrated.

  85. But like I said, I think you need dynamic wingers more now than back in the late 90’s when the game really slowed down and became a clutching, grabbing slugfest.
    we know that the game has sped up quite a bit since those days. In the next year or 2 the speed will pass by jags the way it did shanny this past season.

    I respect anyone’s opinion that actually has some thought behind it, but I just see the team going in a different direction. More than ANYTHING, I want to see renney coach this team MINUS ego68.

  86. I figured it would be pretty even. I think that translates into exactly what both sides (slats/jags) are thinking right now too. Neither really wants to change there mind on the negotiations.

  87. Wait, I got lost in the posts doing actual work.

    Is this for if we think he will come back or if we want him back.

    My vote for either one:

    Wanting him back: Jags
    Think he’ll be back: Nay


    After signing free agent forward Corey Perry to a five-year extension worth $26.63 million on Tuesday, Ducks general manager Brian Burke had some choice words about the new salary climate in the NHL and Edmonton Oilers general manager Kevin Lowe.

    Burke told the Los Angeles Times that the rise in salaries for young players can be traced back to Lowe.

    “You go right now from entry-level to what used to be the third contract, thanks to two offer sheets from Kevin Lowe,” Burke said to the Times.

    “Most [general] managers don’t like starting fights with any other managers. . Thanks to the Edmonton Oilers, the second contract has disappeared.”

    “They’re all being re-signed at inflated prices,” he explained to the newspaper. “Everything I said a year ago has come true. Every single word.”

    Burke and Lowe have been at odds since the Oilers put forth a five-year ($21.25 million) offer sheet to Group II restricted free agent Dustin Penner. The Ducks did not match and Penner became an Oiler.

    At the time, Burke explained he had no problem with a team putting an offer sheet forward offer sheets but the money involved was the issue.

    “I think [an offer sheet] it’s a tool certainly a team is entitled to use,” Burke said last July. “My issue here is this is the second time this year in my opinion Edmonton have offered a grossly inflated salary for a player, and it impacts on all 30 teams and I think it’s an act of desperation by a general manager who is fighting to keep his job.”

    The Ducks’ GM was also critical of the process employed by Lowe and the Oilers.

    “I was not notified of this until an agent faxed it into us,” Burke told Canadian Press in July. “I thought Kevin would have called me and told me it was coming. I thought that was gutless.”

    The verbal jabs continued and on the TSN 2007/08 season preview show the Ducks GM had more to say.

    “If I had run my team into the sewer like that I wouldn’t throw a grenade at the other 29 teams and my own indirectly,” said Burke.


  89. 54-69-123

    remember that?

    Not saying he’ll put up those numbers again, but I do think he’s still a 30-35 goal/90 point kinda guy. Last year was an aberration, I think.

    And yes, I’ll throw out the tired argument that he draws multiple defenders which opens up the ice, because it’s true. The high slot and point are always open.

    I do understand the argument that the speed of the game will pass Jagr by, but his game is more power than speed at this point. He still has some of the best hands in the world.

  90. I’m just looking to come in and enhance a team that has an identity already,” Avery said. “I certainly wanted to go to a team that had a chance to win. I think that’s an understatement when you’re referring to these guys.”

  91. Asked if the Islanders made a bid for his services, Avery replied, “There was really nothing going on there. If they were smart, they probably would have tried to sign me”

  92. Interesting stuff from Avery…but no slights to the Rangers I detected. He kind of gave your typical “new signing” quotes.

    I’ll be rooting for him. One of my favorite players in a long time, no doubt.

  93. RobC – you don’t have to try to convince me. To me, there’s more negative than positive that can come from signing jags. Not to mention he’s not moving off of his 2yr/$15mil. That just doesn’t not fit what we can provide.

  94. I think we’re good on the poll fella’s, no? It seems like it’s split right down the middle.

  95. We have no first line. Neither Prucha or Sjo or anyone else on this team is a first line wing….Gomez and Zherdev maybe but that is all.

  96. NAGS

    I’ll take him if he buys into the team concept.
    If he must be highest paid and sticks his ass out for puckering, see ya.

  97. Dan Boyle from Tampa Bay is on the block again, but this time he’s locked up for 6 years. Any chance we get him?

  98. You know what – even my wife said to me she’s going to miss Avery… and she’s not a lot into any sports… Good luck Sean. Why the hell Sather couldn’t offer him that $15M/2Y?

  99. Nvm we have no chanced at Dan Boyle, his contract is too much, but how about Paul Ranger from Tampa Bay?

  100. If the Rangers do land a Naslund and a Demitra while Jagr is waiting to be blown away by an offer (which is what really is happening here) I’ll take that. I love the guy but its becoming more clear that this team is being turned over to Dru and Gomer. Sather gave him a reasonable offer at 1yr 6mill. So sign that and next year sign another 1 yr contract. If the guy was any type of a leader he would have said i’ll take that and lets try to get better and sign a good forward or DMAN. This is a game, if he wants to be courted like he’s royalty let em go. Stick with the people who are here and want to win.

  101. actually to win you need defense not offense as long as you can score 2 or 3 goals you can win with a solid defense

    sure the red wings have a great offense but it was their stellar defensive play by guys like zet that won it for them

    “pitching and defense wins championships”

  102. Cause even slats knows thats one of the worst business decisions that would ever be made in the history of the civilized world.

  103. 15/2 years? Thats 7.5 per year. That puts us almost over the cap and we have NO shot at resigning Jagr.

  104. i agree with rob if jagr really loved this team and really wanted to be here he would sacrifice one year off his contract i mean for god sakes cindy crybaby took less money to help out his team.

  105. Blue404Seats on

    as long as she’s at the game, a little eye candy for everyone… a win-win

  106. deja & robZ are right. And that takes the argument off the ice too. It’s a bad idea on a lot of levels.

  107. No Jags I guess but I’m not really into Naslund or especially Demitra – guy is on a downfall for the a second season already… What are our other options for wings (except trading for Cheechoo or Michalek ;))? What do you think guys?

  108. JAGS.

    who’s taking over his role? seriously.

    as much as he “slacked off” last season. He STILL was the points leader…but ya get rid of our point leader…thats smart.

    considering half of gomez’s points were when he was playing WITH jagr.

    I’m just a die hard fan of an all-time great hall of famer, and truly believe that with Jagr…we can WIN THE CUP. we are so close to having a stanley cup team, getting rid of jagr will set us back years!

    but hey thats me…i guess only Jagr haters post on here. same guys in MSG screaming “TRADE JAGR, FIRE RENNEY” all season. pathetic.

  109. i dont think anyone posted this exciting announcement

    Washington Capitals sign UFA forward Keith Aucoin to a two-year contract.

  110. Firing Renney would possibly be the STUPIDEST thing we could do if we couldn’t get Pat Quinn or Scotty Bowman. Unless we get some “OMG HOFer COACH” to manage us, i’ll stick with Renney’s Devil Trap, Dump and Chase.

  111. You can’t blame Jagr for wanting to be the highest paid guy on the team. If I’m him, I have offers for that and more from multiple teams.

    He’s probably sitting there saying “I can still carry a team on my back in the playoffs, i played with Gomez and Drury all year – they can’t, why should I be paid less?” And frankly, in my opinion, he’s right.

  112. i wish to god we could just get one stay at home gritty defensmen enough with the offensive puck moving d-men we’ve had that for years and what have we gotten nothing the last one we had really was Boo

    personally id take jason smith at 2.5 maybe for 3 years not an extensive contract

  113. I highly doubt Jagr has multiple better offers from other teams and if he does they’er the worst teams in the league….

  114. thing about jagr is two yrs back he didn’t even want teh c.. says a little about him..if he played with the passion from the playoffs i’d want him back but he won’t until we get there so nay

  115. Orpik didn’t have the balls to come to NY? What are you people smoking? Yeah, it’s really bewildering that he signed with the Pens…what young player would want to be on that team? Oh, yeah: all of them.

    This board has gotten crazy. Before the Z move it was “Slats is a douche!” Right after it was “Slats is a genius!” This morning he’s an ass again. When he pulls a move tonight or tomorrow, like he keeps saying he is going to, will he be a shockingly great GM again?

  116. the thing is jjp its time to move on
    say we do sign jagr whats there for him?
    theres no more nylander no more straka no more malik no more pandering.
    if he wants to go back to the pitts go you want to go home jags fine enjoy your rubels buddy but when you lollygag all fucking year IN YOUR CONTRACT YEAR and show up for 10 games in the playoffs fuck that you need to do whats best for the team if youre a team player and im sorry but jagr has never shown me to be a team player. can he carry a team? yes but can he lead? thats something he’s rarely shown in his 2 years as captain.

    when there was fighting to be done it was shanny. when there were shennanigans being pulled by the refs is what shanny. when it was 4th quarter last second hail mary to win the game it was shanny. No jagr who cried and constantly backed out of shootouts.

    Do i love jagr? yes but its time we all moved on.

  117. i agree with chris… even know i did say the other day i hate sather. i hate him cause he drives us nuts but i actually think he is good at what he does.

    whats going on with all the RFAs when ar ethey going to figure all that out. Dawes needs to be signed.

  118. sh*tsburgh or nyc for momre money.. he wants to be in the shadows.. a good team yes but a career changing opportunity..no

  119. my typing is horrid when im ranting.

    also remember when ward got in jagrs face one time and then they had to banish him off to sibera (boston)

  120. John R- I really don’t think we were that close to a cup. You went as far as you were going to go with the last group. Granted we blew a huge lead in game 1 vs Pitt, but we only won one game in the series. Alot of teams make it to round 2. I like getting younger and faster, then add the vets.

  121. Don’t overreact Chris. Take it easy and take a deeeep breath. Orpik is just average D. He knew when he comes to NYC he’s going to have fans and press on his back. Don’t you think that could be one of the reasons he opted for lower contract with Pens?

  122. JJP & John R

    I love Jagr, been a fan of his for a long long time, but you can’t handcuff a team that you are the Captain of and “leader” of because you have to be the highest paid. Take the 6mill show your committed to winning and i’m sorry the guy has made a ton of money over the years he can afford to take 6mill. I’m sure all of us would settle for 6 mill. Is Jagr an important part? No doubt about it, but if he leaves it is very clear that he was not serious about winning here.

  123. Good post Deja,

    Also if He gets 6mill and a few people are making more, what are the higher paid people going to do piss on his leg? Shanny made 2 million last year to help us out and no one pissed on his leg, he was well respected. Shanahan, now that is a leader to teach these kids. Sorry folks but its the truth.

  124. The Heterodox Economist on

    Dear Mr. Sather,

    I think it’s quite silly that the two sides are basically off by 1.5 mil per year. Mr. Sather, are you aware of the current US inflation rate and the short-term prospectus for ’09? Are you also aware of the weak dollar that is eroding the real value of these players salaries vis-a-vis the Euro, CSD, and the Russian Rouble?

    Of course you do, or else you wouldn’t have signed Wade Redden for 6.5 million per year, or Rozy at 5 million. From Jagr’s 07-08 salary of 8.4 million (? not 100% sure), try deducting exactly 4.18%, which is the official US inflation rate derived from April’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). It comes to $8,048,880. Now you tell me Mr. Sather, has Jagr digressed enough that he should eat up the cost of inflation (nevermind the Euro/USD exchange rate, or the grossly understated ‘official’ rate of inflation) and take a wage cut of another 1.5 million while at it?

    It doesn’t sound like you want him back, sir; are you worried that Jagr’s reign of 70 points-plus statistics are a thing of the past? Are you worried that you have stripped Jagr of all his Czech buddies and so would not arrive to that consistent result we witnessed in the past two years?

    Whatever that’s irking you, you better make decisions fast sir. Sit on your hand complaining ala Brian Burke and all it does is reveal what a buffoon you’ve become. Burke still thinks the Oilers are the culprit of these sudden ‘wage-pulls’ when clearly, all signals point toward something else: the real economy and exchange rates. I suppose in Burke’s ideal world, Edmonton will never have enough revenues and profits and therefore should never spend their money to attract a player they like, and should instead pile up on spare parts that big cities like New York dump when convenient. Clearly, he’s not aware how well Alberta is doing lately with their oil pumps.

    This is a new world sir. I suggest you snap to action because if you signal that Jagr is not worth the price, you better also have a good plan B.


    The Heterodox Economist

  125. Hey Sam, is there any talk about Alexei Cherepanov’s status in regards to the ’08-’09 season? The next conference call with Glen will you please ask for an update? I think that the sting of (possibly) losing Jagr would be slightly less if Alexei were to enter the organization.

  126. Sather should give Jagr whatever he wants
    He was the best offensive player in the Playoff
    A world class player – that’s not easy to find
    Also sign Sundin and have the biggest strongest 1st line in hockey!
    If you can spend 6 mil on Redden, Jagr is worth whatever he wants

    I hope all what is going on is just Negotiation
    & Sather still has somewhat of a brain

  127. rob z – Shanny made more than $ 5 million last year not $ 2 million. have to include the bonuses too

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