Jagr era over


With the signing of Markus Naslund today to a 2-year deal, Glen Sather confirmed that the Rangers and Jaromir Jagr are parting ways.

“We decided we were going to move on,” Sather said. “Jagr was very respectful when I told him … We talked about his time here and he thanked me and I thanked him. It was a very cordial parting. You just can’t wait forever on these things.”

Sather said that negotiations with Jagr never got off the ground.

The 34-year-old Naslund said the Rangers were his top choice from the start of free-agency.

Two other quick notes:

The Rangers have an offer on the table for defenseman Paul Mara.

Sather also said Brendan Shanahan returning for a third year in New York is still a possibility.

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  1. At the risk of being overly dramatic, by letting Avery and Jags walk, Sather has essentially gutted the team. Naslind can’t be plugged in to replace what Jagr brought, and Avery, well he’s Avery. A very disapponting couple of days.

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  3. I almost got my wish. I wanted the rangers to move forward and leave behind the Jagr era. I almost got my wish but i still can’t understand why sather would sign rosival for 5 mil per year. I don’t like rosival, he never shoots and is soft defensively. At least the Rangers are moving in a new direction. It should be interesting to see what this team looks like on ice.

  4. basically this is a brand new team

    (long time reader first time poster, love this site!)

  5. Well, let’s hope with Jagr gone that Roszy shoots more now that he won’t have Jagr there to give the puck to all the time.

  6. Thanks we get rid of one over 35 year old european player and get another one way past his prime.

  7. bye bye princess on

    ding dong the witch is dead

    now we don’t have to wait until Feb to see some hustle

  8. Are you people nuts? You think the team will be worse next year? I thikn the Rangers have made themselves MUCH better. Younger, faster, better. And hopefully the chemistry will work. Have a hard time imagining it won’t. Without Jagr, Straka and Malik we don’t need Avery around to fire anyone up.

  9. Tony from AZ on

    We needed a change, I’m not sure yet if this is the right change But we needed to do something !

  10. I LOVE the Jagr is gone….always played when he felt like it….what kind of Captain was that?
    Did some good things for the Rangers over the years…watch, he’ll end up with the Flyers or someone else in our division.

    Time for Drury to be the new “C”.

    Naslund, is he good anymore?
    Maybe something else in the mix?

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I agree on Avery.Jagr is a “me first”cancer who is only worried about his stature and wheather he’s the one making the most money on the team.HIs prague press conference sealed his fate as far as I”m concerned.As for Naslund,I’m ok with it as long as he’s the only 35+ guy on the team.Shanny should be made the assistant coach only.He clearley has lost a step or three.Overall,I’m thrilled that the Jagr and Czech centric era on the Rangers is over!


  12. bye bye princess on

    Rosi can always be traded, Tom, if he does not NA his style of play a bit and shoot da biscuit now that his “boss” is gone

  13. Sather has done a very good job.. this should be a very good team and they still have tons of young talent on the big club and un hartford and Cherapanov next yr….

    Jagrdeserves a thank you he did great in NY better then anyone expected but he is a peculiar guy and could have stayed but his romancing with the russian team etc. is BS….He was the captain you either wantto stay or not, he does not make talent decisions he is not the GM.

    Jaromir thanks and good luck except when you play the Rangers..

    my takes on the signings.. Redden to long and too much.. Roszival was fine, he is agood player and that is what these guys get paid today.. Zherdev trade was good.. Still have dubi, dawes, cally, prucha, etc…Naslund rather have 1 yr. but what can you do

    Should waive hollwegg and maybe 1 other guy.. let’s see how they play together.. the rangers will miss Jagr’s domination of the puck……..

  14. so jagr wants a two year deal and we dont offer him one but we give one to f-ing marcus nasland who is the same age and not nearly as good as jagr a two year deal. excuse me while i go vomit

  15. Way to blow up the team. We’re back to 2003. Is Chris Drury or Scott Gomez or Naslund going to carry this team? Hard to imagine. Young doesn’t equal good.

  16. dcloutier39 on

    As posted in the other thread.. Jagr doesn’t know what he wants to do… Naslund WANTS to come here and for less $$ than Jagr

    What did you want Sather to do? Give Jagr all the rest of the cap money and then play like he did during the regular season because he isn’t happy?

    Jagr was great for this team, but its time to move on. We can finally stop doing whatever we can to make Jags happy!

  17. onecupin67years on

    Naslund ? Wasn’t he on the “86 Montreal team? Another dinosaur.I know ,locker-room leadership ,been there before ,yeah right.Marion Hossa signs a 1 year deal ,Whats was Jagr looking for? If one year wasn’t enough or he wanted the Brinks truck,let him walk.

  18. as much as i love a lot of these moves im kind of sad internally about the end of this era

  19. I find myself disappointed. Its sad to hear that Jagr will not be back! When they first traded for Jagr, I couldn’t understand why they would want him – of course as a Ranger fan I thought that he was a whiney pre-Madonna and washed up has-been – another in a long-line of wasted, beyond their prime superstars coming to the Rangers for some quick cash. That first post-lockout season changed my mind about him. He seemed like a genuine person, an enormous talent and he deserves a great deal of thanks for putting the Rangers back on the map. After a home game 2 years ago, a group of kids approached his car as he waited for the gate to be opened for him & even though he had his girlfriend & parents in the car, he gladly signed some autographs for the youngsters, and when I asked him to sign my program for my son, he was equally as cordial and gladly signed. He’s a class act. Whenever he returns to MSG, he should be afforded a nice video tribute and ovation from the Garden faithful for a job well-done. Good luck Jaromir!

  20. BTW Jagr is 2 yrs older then Naslund they are not the same age…..

    Just be accurate….

  21. dcloutier39 on

    Wow.. some of you don’t get it… It’s all about MONEY! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Naslund costs less… Are we really supposed to wait around until August to find out what Jagr is going to do??

  22. bye bye princess on

    don’t forget the PP his way, having to carry utter crap like Malik to placate him, etc etc etc

  23. Naslund will be good again, Vancouver was holding him back, He’ll do wonders now that he knows he’s has a chance at winning (Happy guys, i lied to you)

  24. bye bye princess on

    “Sather said that negotiations with Jagr never got off the ground.”

    there it is. you play Russian roulette (Omsk), you may bite the bullet

  25. Vancouver was holding Naslund back. They didn’t let him play on the top line with the Sedin twins, right?

    I wonder how much this cost and if it would have been better to just give Jagr an extra million.

    I am thrilled, however, that Mara will probably be coming back. That’s all I wanted–a productive winger and Mara back where he belongs.

  26. Rangers also signed D-man Dmitri Kalinin. This was up on NHL.com
    Did you guys know that? I think that’s pretty cool. No Mara now?

  27. 32 PM in 46 games for Kalinin with 8 points? Not exactly impressed. Is he any good defensively? I don’t like going by +/-; don’t find it particularly accurate in trying to quantify a players defensive skill.

  28. I don’t get you people… Why are you mad we lost Jagr? He (and Avery) too turned down very reasonable offers from Sather!!! Don’t you get it? How does our PP looked under Jags? Terrible. Now, it’s time to move on and Rangers are actually a lot BETTER team right now! There was absolutely NO CHEMISTRY between Jagr and Gomez or Drury! Are you blind? Who was screaming to trade Jagr in the middle of the season? Most of you. I’d bet if Sather gave Jagr demanded $15M/2Y and to Avery same $15 but for 4 years you would say Slats is nuts! Get real!!! You just don’t know what you want. I hear from you in October. GOOD JOB BY SATHER!

  29. yeah i saw about Kalinin too – on nyrangers.com (which actually broke this story about 15 minutes before Sam, but thats what you get when the league runs the website, and all signings go through the league…)

    Seems like a solid signing. Slot him in as a 3rd d-pairing – perhaps with Mara or Sanguinetti…

  30. Glad to see Mara has an offer
    I been saying we should keep him all along, and it will probably onyl cost us half last years salary to him

    But remember, SAther said that Jagr still hasnt decided what to do, and if he calls, Sather will listen.

    Weird thing to say, kind of keeping the door open a crack, casue it would have to be for one year only and way less than 7mil

  31. bye bye princess on

    sather said he still has not ruled out either Shanny or Mara. they would have to take less money and lesser roles to come back

  32. PS

    And if SAther signs Shanny now, which I think is pretty obvious that it will happen, and MAra says yes, then we should be all locked up.
    Pending people getting sent to HArtford, etc.

  33. You’re all a bunch of dopes,you wanted change you got it. GREAT moves by Slats,Mostly the trade,NOT SIGNING THAT SHOW OFF AVERY,NOT KEEPING JAGR.
    the best is yet to come just look at all the fowards we have,somewith alot of talent.way more then we’ll carry,and to good to go to the minors,So a trade is coming for that tough d-man that we need,your gonna love it.Except for you winning babies that don’t know what you want,and with a better partner rosi will be much better without malikinstien screwing him.

  34. A lot of people (myself included) had wondered what this team would look like without Jags calling the shots (or having everyone defer to him, whichever way you want to put it) especially on the powerplay…

    Well, here it is. Talk about a different squad.

    I’m not sure I’m thinking positively about it… but it will certainly be different.

    Teams can’t play the Rangers anymore “knowing” exactly how to stop us.

    Improvement? Maybe.

    Different? FOR SURE!!!

    Thanks Jags for pulling us out of the tailspin, proving some serious excitement and good luck in the future!

  35. Steve Schwartz on

    If you put aside the emotions associated with Jagr and Avery leaving, I think it is pretty clear that Sather had a good, but not great free agent period. We are younger and quicker. We are probably as tough, but we lost a little with Avery’s skill compared to Rissmiller. That said, our new “tough guys” are an upgrade over Hollweg and Orr. REdden is a solid Dman and our PP should be better. Naslund is a good pro; he can match Jagr’s numbers from 07-08, though not Jagr’s best numbers. This team will have to find an identity; it will have to find its leaders. But, there is a lot of talent and there is a lot of leadership. I am looking forward to the drop of the puck.

  36. Great move. Jagr was not content. It was quite interesting to see Jagr’s quotes about wanting to be the top dog. Clearly it would not work so we have Naslund.

  37. UpstateRanger on

    Best of luck to J J…time to move on.
    Kalinin? Ummm…(fingers crossed)…he was an up-and-downer with the Sabres (mostly down, I think).

  38. psychic, cant wait to see who we trade.

    Im REALLY hoping we dont dump Prucha, and at least give him til the trade line this year, see how he handles a full workload, like his first year.

  39. Just think about the style Vancouver has been playing with. Once they got Luongo they turned into the Devils. Winning low scoring games.

    Nasland could still have something…

  40. UpstateRanger on

    Re: Kalinin…just might be the Marek Malik of ’08-’09 (hope I’m wrong!)

  41. So where does Jags go now and do you think Prucha is goin to be traded for a big dman

  42. jordan staal in contract talks with pens about extension. this site has been good

  43. San Jose Sharks sign UFA defenceman Rob Blake to a one-year, $5 million contract.

  44. This team just lost almost all of its personality. Jagr and Avery were what kept a team with a kinda boring style entertaining. They always gave you something to laugh about. I’m sad to hear about Jagr, Naslund is a huge step down and we now officially do not have a player who can turn it on and DOMINATE a game. Lets hope and pray this gamble with Zherdev works and and him and Gomer click. Love the defense acquisitions, cant wait to turn on the tv opening night and see no Mara, Malik, Backman, Tyutin, hopefully no Hollyweg either. I hope Shanny does not come back because I have always felt he held Prucha back. Prucha tends to defer to guys like Shanny and Drury, etc. Its his shot that kicks ass, not his playmaking. Be an interesting season with a COMPLETELY different team. LETS GO RANGERS!

  45. did I mention how boring this team is going to be now? No Avery antics or Jagr jokes…Renney better let then open the game up some or this team will be putting people to sleep sitting front row.

  46. Last time I checked the reason for the team being together is to win. I really could give two sh!t’s if this team is boring or not. As long as they win i could care less. This team is going to be a completely different style now that Jagr is gone, and ironically enough, it’s going to be a more “exciting” type of game. The North-South style of play is more fast paced and gives more shots and opportunities. there’s no more slow it down, feed the puck 4 or 5 times before shooting.

  47. The Rangers had a great week. You’ll see. They improved every single line and every defensive pairing. They got much younger and much faster. I haven’t been this excited about an off-season in years.

    Sports fans are often addicted to personalities and Jagr, Avery and Shanahan certainly had personalities. But personalities don’t necessarily win hockey games. They can also be difficult to manage, especially for a “player’s coach” like Renney.

    The league has been trending towards smaller, faster and more skilled, and thankfully Sather knows what’s going on. Do you think Garth Snow knows what’s going on? He’s trying to recreate the 1996 US Olympic team or something.

  48. Tony from AZ on

    I don’t care what every body thinks, I think we got better !
    I know Jags could dominate a game, but he rarely did !

  49. This is going to be whole different kettle of fish. I think Jagr made an historic contribution to the Rangers in leading them back to the playoffs and help melding them once again into a team with a winning attitude. But while he remains a very good player, his value went down and business is business. I think dumping Avery was a mistake, but I would not have signed him for four years either because you don’t know what you getting yourself into at that time frame. The D should be much improved, particularly if Mara is back (and thankfully Backman won’t be around to screw things up for everyone). Zherdev is a steal and Voros is the wild man they need to employ a little proactive mayhem now and then. Now if they can just convince Bertuzzi to join his friend Naslund here, this could be even more interesting than it is now. Or maybe Shanahan will do.

  50. I heard John Dellapina on wfan earlier, he said the only signing left that the rangers were going to do was signing Mara.

  51. nice site eric..i too loved jagr and avery..but ultimately i think this team has gotten better..since when is naslund terrible.. you guys are nuts..i personally cannot wait for opening night..this team is gonna be a blast to watch..gomer and drury will demand a lot from their teammates and don’t have to worry about stepping on toes..avery is a headcase and jagr is a stud but an egomaniac.. let’s talk jersey numbers.. i guess zherdev digs on 13

  52. Demitra would fit great w Drury!
    Mara will be re signed.

    In two years, Cherepanov and Artimsov will take the spots of Naslund, Demitra

    NOW (Potentially):

    Betts with Voros/Rismiller/Sjostrom/Fritsch/Kourpinski


  53. ok we get rid of jagr and get naslund……both played the same amount of games jagr had 71 points, naslund 55…..jagr was a +8 naslund -7…..how is this any better????? I dont get it at all

  54. Blue404Seats on

    Naslund last had good seasons when the west was soft…. hes several steps below a dominant player

  55. dubi is a great great center why would you put him on the wing and has dawes even played center before????

  56. you can not take plus minus into account
    nazzy was on a terrible offensive team
    stop spewing out what other people say and watch some hockey
    stop worrying so much its only july 3 youll give yourself an ulcer by september

  57. then he can center that line w demitra/drury (if we get demitra)…point is, dubinsky is better than the third line

  58. not to change the subject but..
    Brian Burke is still blasting away at Kevin Lowe; still taking shots at how Lowe has done a lousy job as a GM and is singlehandedly responsible for the rise in salaries for young players. Mr. Burke is considered some kind of “master-Builder” because the Ducks won a Stanley Cup while he thinks Lowe is doing a “hack job” because his Stanley Cup finalist team fell to pieces the following year. Lets get this straight…Brian Murray built Anahiem….besides Burkes trade of Federov all he really did was sign free agents Neidemeyer and Selanne. He got Pronger as a gift and FROM LOWE!! Where does he get off knocking the job Lowe has done? ….AND WHEN IS THE NHLPA GOING TO STEP IN AND MUZZLE THIS GM WHO OPENLY TALKS ABOUT A ” WINK-WINK” GENTLEMENS AGREEMENT NOT TO BID ON RFA’S??? If this happened in Baseball the MLBPA would sue the management of clubs for collusion…..

  59. well heres a crazy thought then why dont you make dubi the centerman and put dru on the wing

  60. How many Swedes does this team have now? It’s like they went from surrounding one fragile star to the next. I guess it really is Hank’s team now. Hopefully his countrymen can get the Blueshirts even further…

    Maybe now they should open the season in Stockholm.

  61. Dominate? Hog the puck, maybe. Or dominate the right wing corner boards in the opponent’s end. He rarely crashed the net, and he tried to cycle forever. He doesn’t shoot it like he used to and he sucks on the power play. Sure he got double teamed, but all he did was try to carry through those double teams. So there was little advantage. He was a selfish player and he slowed the team down. This team should shoot the puck and crash the net.

  62. bye bye princess on

    right John. he dominated personnel moves, PP strategy, line combos, style of play, who sits on the czech couch,

    but little else

  63. Guys…Jagr could have played at 100% all year and got his 80+ points and he would have gotten $8.3M ! Remember he “chose” his option year to have his worst offensive year and then….drumroll, admits to playing less than 100%? Do not feel sorry for him or Rangers…they replaced his 25 G with Naslund (25) and Zherdev (26) at less money than he wants now…We are a better team, although I always liked Jags lets face it….No leading scorer from any team had less points per minutes played than he did.

  64. “Well, let’s hope with Jagr gone that Roszy shoots more now that he won’t have Jagr there to give the puck to all the time.”
    This is what I thought too. I think you can add at least 5 goals and 10 assists to Rosivals totals next year.He has to provide more offense and I think he will.I also think we REALLY need a tough blueliner to clear the net and bang bodies as opposed to the poke checking crew we have now. (which rozy is a card carrying member).

  65. czechthemout!!!! on

    No to Demitra,he would be overkill and stop a kid from getting space on the team like Korpikoski,Byers.They need to look into Brent Seabrooke in Chi-town.The problem is,one of their young dmen just got hurt during off ice training and maybe out for the year.

  66. bye bye princess on

    I agree. no to Demitra. he is too much like Nylander with the turn back circling style.

  67. i agree i think its time to stand pat maybe work on another option besides kallin and leave the other spots for kids

  68. czechthemout!!!! on

    Jagr was a selfish player who thought he should run the team.This is becuase Renney coddled him WAY TOO MUCH.That’s why Jagr almost always did what he wanted on the ice and with the lines.What else would explain why Renney would break up the Avery-DUBI-Jagr line.They scored almost at will for about three weeks.But as soon as his caddy Straka
    comes back,bang,he takes Avery’s spot and the scoring drops dramaticaly.Renney never once put them back together the rest of the season because Jagr would be upset.Bye JJ

  69. Sather should call up Jason Smith who was on the Flyers last year, maybe he’ll be wiling to show these kids how to play defense and hit.

  70. Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev
    Fritsche-Anisimov-Insert big bruiser here



    The Top 3 Lines all have potential for at least one 30 goal scorer. Defensive pairings have good depth. Goalies, second to none.

  71. jagr will be on pitt when its all said and done. and will score a big goal at some point against us. about 5 mill left on cap if not less.

    shanny reached out to pens

  72. Matt
    Jason Smith is a great idea…loved him on the oil and you saw him bugging out the Habs and even Crosby

  73. czechthemout!!!! on

    Since the Sharks just signed Blake for 6million,why not look at a deal of say Prucha,Betts,Hollweg for Christian Ehrhoff,he’s a rfa,is big and will cost some bucks to sign.I’ve not checked out the Sharks cap numbers but I think they are pretty tight now and are looking to move some players.Ehrhoff is physical,has a good shot,can pass,and is big.It would also set up an opportunity to move Rozy later on in the season for whatever is needed.

  74. yea hopefully Rozi will shoot more and our powerplay may improve by being less obvious (that includes not having Shanny onthe seocnd unit to always be passed to)… also maybe Renney will be envouraged to roll four scoring lines…

  75. Zherdev can’t play with Gomez. Thats the only problem. He loves to rush the puck end to end, just like Gomez. I don’t see that working. I’d rather put Drury on the wing on the 1st line and then have Zherdev playing next to Dubi and Dawes. I’d personally set it up like this:

    Naslund – Gomez – Drury
    Dawes – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Jamtin/Korp – Fritsche – Callahan
    Voros/Riss – Betts – Orr/Voros

    Redden – Staal
    Rozy – Kalinin
    Mara – Girardi/Pock/Sanguinetti (only if ready)


    Notice I don’t have Prucha or Sjostrom in there. I like both of them but I’m not exactly sure where they’ll fit in on this new team.

  76. naslund can’t be 19 bc of gomer..what number will he choose? 91.. redden can be 6..zherdev has 13..kalinin can have 45.. just watchin some naslund highlights guy is smooth.. i love all the “he declining” bs..gimme a break he played in vancouver..how many canuck games did you catch

  77. Malt O'Meal on

    Impressive, the Jagr haters are buzzin….I don’t feel bad for him or am going to be melodramatic like many others when Avery left but I think this is a bad loss. TSN report afterwards quoting Sather seems to leave the door shut but not locked. If it comes around I would love it – does Naslund, Dubi, and Jagr have no appeal? I haven’t thought about it and don’t know Naslund so don’t get crazy. I also don’t think it will happen but I will say that I would much prefer to have Jagr back than for them to take the remaining dough and waste it on a mediocre has been who is going to take a youngsters chance at a spot — somebody mentioned Bertuzzi and I nearly shart myself.

  78. Naslund – Gomez – Drury
    Callahan – Anisimov – Zherdev
    Prucha – Dubinsky – Dawes
    Korpikowski – Betts – Sjo

    Jamtin, Orr called in when a physical presence or agitator needed
    roll four scoring lines… If Fritshe is impressive put him at center for Betts… but keep in mind the pk first…

    Redden – Girardi
    Rozy – Staal just becuase they have already been playing together
    Mara – Pock/Sanguinetti (only if ready)

    Kalinin on the bench, he is injury prone so may be just being called in will keep him healthy

    some suggestions… if I may to your lineup… I liked Dubi Pru and Dawes as a line during last season…

  79. unfortunately i dont think theres any chance of ani making it to the second line center spot at least not right off the bat

    next year though if we could sign him
    cherepanov anisimov zherdev
    would be awesome

  80. naslund-gomer-zherdev
    dawes-drury-callahan(played very well together last yr)

    just bc zherdev carries the puck doesn’t mean he can’t skate with gomer..we’ll see in september though


    looks pretty good to me

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr was a great player for us. Say all you want, but he basically turned this team from a joke into a playoff team. I respected im as captain, and I wish him well in the future.

    But Naslund? seriously? Oh man, what a mistake.

    Hopefully Naslund can bring Demitra with him.

  82. Naslund will be fine when he doesn’t have to do all the work. Putting him with Gomez should be fine since he can just feed off him.

  83. AROD's WIFE'S LOVER on

    I just did the math….after everything is said and done…the NY Rangers have 4 dollars and fifty three cents left to spend….Lets put it on a gift certificate like old school wheel of fortune

  84. This talk of Drury to LW was only based on Jagr coming back…why? because he couldn’t play with them so he’d be with Dubinksy…if you didnt move Drury you’d pay a 3rd line guy $7m a year….

    But now there is no sense in it unless Ansimov is so good that you cannot leave him out. Barring that your 4 centers are..Gomer, Dru, Dubi and Betts…not bad.

    Your wings to mix-match are Dawes, Zherdev, Prucha, Naslund, Cally, Shoe,Varos, Orr, etc….

    Does Kalinin hit?? not many PIM…you’d think that means no, but I don’t know…thats the important question now. Who clears the crease.

    By the way, I agree with Doodie about Jagr carrying NYR to respectability again. I just wish that we would have saw more of what we saw in playoffs during the year…that could have won us the conference…we only finished what, ten points out of first? Maybe less. But I do wish him well and hopefully he stays in NHL…go to oiler country and score some points Jags!

  85. All of you people who wanted Jagr out are going to be choking on the amount of crow you’re going to eat once you watch this “younger, faster hockey team” play.

    This guy was a great Ranger…he turned this franchise around. Last season in the 10 games the Rangers were a part of the dance, HE WAS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE. The guy dominated, and no one can deny that. Last year was an aberration…he still has two 90-plus point seasons remaining..mark it.

    Naslund? This is despicable. This team is going to suck. SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!! Look at this roster. Anyone see any dynamic players? Any game-changers? Any potential 40 or 50 goal scorers? Can anyone outline a gameplan that will enable this collection of garbage to win more than 32 games next year? And if we somehow, by the grace of god, make the playoffs, can you see this team winning a Cup? That is the goal, right? You all sure you’re okay with this team going @$$ backwards? I thought the foundation was in place, but clueless Sather has officially gutted the team. It’s awful.

    Is anyone really excited for the foreseeable future? Cause I sure as hell am not.

    I will say this. I like Tom Renney. I hope to goodness he proves me wrong about this ragtag bunch of “hockey players”

  86. bye bye princess on

    bs. the team was floundering in Feb 07, out of a playoff spot, and the trade bringing Avery is what turned around the next 1 1/3 years.

  87. yep ur right..jagr’s the only one who can do anything in the entire nhl.. he needs an entourage to perform..he was great but get a clue and realize if ur a ranger fan this is a new era..get with it or get lost

  88. from eric’s site

    8:39 p.m. Big Jagr rumor — According to a source close to the Rangers organization who fed me the Naslund signing 50 minutes before the press announced it, the Rangers organization believes Jagrs’ preference is to sign with the Penguins. It’s believed Mario and Jagr have had private discussions but the question remains according to this source, will the Penguins do what it takes to clear enough salary to sign Jagr? There’s a rumor going around if Boyle accepts a trade to Ottawa, the Lightning would be interested in Sydor and Scuderi if they miss out on Jason Smith. Just hearsay regarding the Scuderi/Sydor rumor but my source with the Jagr info was on the spot with the Naslund signing so this may have legs. Waiting to hear back from my Penguins sources. more to come

  89. bye bye princess on

    yeah, Jagr is so valuable that almost no one in the NHL wants him. what does that tell you?

  90. Rangers6830 on

    This is awful, no Jagr and no Avery. Sather scks.
    Drury better step up cause he’s been a dissappointment so far!

  91. Rob C. – this team made the playoffs the last three years by only a few points and got two patsy opponents in first rounds before getting drubbed by tougher teams in round 2. They were old, had a lot of leaders and not many followers, and the team style didn’t mesh as half the players were speed rushers while the other half were puck possession/cycle types.

    They weren’t a bad team, but they weren’t all that good, either. They were slightly above average last season in a terrible conference. Let’s not pretend like this is the end of a great era here, these post-lockout Ranger teams were just a bit better than .500

    Now the team is younger and faster and has their best group of defensemen since the Leetch/Zubov/Beuke/Lowe days. Who knows how good they’ll be, but I love that they’re always trying to improve.

  92. jagr misjudged the market for a 36 year old talented brat. he had the nerve to say he saved the best effort for the playoffs and wanted to see the love from sather? had he given more of an effort he would have made his point total for an automatic extension. that comment spoke volumes and sather knew what he had to do. he wore out his welcome with all his demands and so we turned the page. it was nice while it lasted but its time for a change. give sather credit for this retooling, nice job. jagr was too full of himself and whatever plan he had backfired. thanks for the memories but don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  93. Hey everyone! Look! This is me taking a big sigh of relief…


  94. I’m just not optimistic about this year based on the roster as it stands. To me, it seriously lacks the necessary punch to take a team to the next level.

    I realize the Rangers weren’t as good as they should have been last year, but the team peaked late. It took them a long time to find their stride and develop chemistry. I might be the only one, but I think the core of last year’s group minus Shanahan (too old) plus some key acquisitions and the right young guys would have been a Cup contender. I just don’t believe in this roster. But I need to see them play.

  95. Do the new guys do press conferences, or are the conference calls all they do? I just want to see the new guys in the blue sweater.

  96. Thank you Jags for helping us turn things around. Not many succeed in NY the way that you did. I still doubt your leadership ability (in the lockerroom at least). Anyone who admits they haven’t given 100% everynight, is not someone I want to lead my team. Thanks again, and good luck.

  97. does jagr’s style mesh with crosby malkin or staal..not sure i would say staal first

  98. Rocha Great 5:28 pm post. It’s ironical that Jags taking his sweet time has made the Rangers a far better team: a mosaic youth & experience, talent & speed. Far Greater depth than last year. Kudos to Sather. Give Jagr credit for what he’s done for our team after the lock-out but his time was up. Renney no longer has to check with a temperamental captain. Less division and far greater chemistry. Rozy will have to shoot now. Unfortunately for Prucha lovers he’s moved down drastically on the depth chart. Sorry Agravaine. Rangers
    should consider Shanahan in some role. He’ always been a team player and has been good for the young players and the Sport of Hockey in general. Maybe 4th line role player/asst coach, Captain. Fantastic 3 days.

  99. I don’t know much about Kalinin. I don’t even know if I spelled it right to be honest.

    Mara, don’t be a fool, even if it’s a 1yr deal for 1.4, take it! You can prove yourself(while filling a hole for us) and become unrestricted again next July.

    Naslund…Nazy? I guess you can’t spell that with an ‘i’ unless you wanna catch some shit. Good luck with Scottie and Z. I’m sure Hank will find just the right restaurants, bars, and hookers you need to be on the top of your game every night. Teach Sjoey a thing or two, would ya?

    Shanny…If AARP doesn’t have a problem with you signing in NY, then so be it. I would understand if you rejected an offer for a Blarney Burger and a six-pack. “a possibility”? Not sure just how much is behind that. We’ll cross that bridge when we have to.

  100. Loneranger – love the post man. As long as it wasn’t all bs.

    This is my favorite part and I’ll tell you why…

    “Renney no longer has to check with a temperamental captain. ”

    I’ve said for almost a year now that I just want Renney to coach the team without jags there. Now his time has come and it’s time for him to put up or shut up. It will also make or break my opinion. Anything less than a ECF berth will be a dissapointment to me. Those that doubt we’ll win a game…you’ll enjoy it the most of all.

  101. Go watch the video at tsn.ca of naslund….not the visual, but the audio. This quote may be a word off here or there, but he says: “I wanted to go to a Cup contender. I wanted to play for a team that was headed in the right direction.”

    This is a man who captained his team for the last 8 seasons. He’s won awards. He was 100% sure that he wanted to go to NY.

    After Nazy’s comments, Mr slats…The one thing that’s missing from the quotes you’ll find on this page is.. “We told Jags that if things don’t work out in Russia, to give us a call and we’ll [try to] work something out”.

    I love that comment, but I think Glen’s the only person that really knows what it meant. Smart ass? Sincere? Crazy(if he thinks it’s possible)?

  102. Power Surge on

    Kalinen – let’s see, he doesn’t have a shot or score – one goal in 47 games; is not a playmaker – seven assists; and is not an enforcer = what the hell is his role, the new Studwick? This guy should not beat out any of the young Hartford candidates for the last D spot on the depth chart. Why the GM insistence on several no-talent players on the roster every year? Six dead-beats killed us last year – Mara, Strudwick, Malik, Hollweg, Orr, and Betts, and NONE is gone, yet! At least we turned the corner on Jagr, Straka, and Backman.

    Bringing Shanahan back as a “leader” is nuts. When an old guy can’t cut it anymore on the ice he is first reduced from “star” to “on-ice leader; ” then even more reduced to “clubhouse leader or mentor.” Great, just what we need, a washed-up, high priced cheer-leader who doesn’t have the integrity to REALLY help the team by retiring and making way for a more-talented and productive rookie.

    The GM should boot Shanahan’s butt out on the street, some of these fossils never get the picture that the Ice Age is over, so long as you pay them a king’s ransom.

  103. It’s all about chemistry guys. With each team, not just the Rangers. Some of these new players on teams will mesh while others crash and burn. We have a VERY new team, with some VERY good players. I’d say if they mesh, we will be amazing and hard to stop (assuming Henrik is back to his usual self). If we don’t mesh, we will be at the very bottom.
    I don’t think there will be any middle ground, around .500 this year.

  104. it took how long to find chemistry with the addition of 2 new faces last season???? oh yeah it was the entire season….how long do all of you think it will take for all the new faces of this off season to find some chemisty???? maybe 2 or 3 years ….. good luck there …. i dont see us making the playoffs for 2 or 3 years and if we do we will be gone in the first round….thanks for nothing with all the signings and nonsignings….Jags love you and best of luck, maybe you will be back in Pitt and finish with 2 cups the same way you started in the NHL….Best of luck to you…sather kiss some asses starting with your own.

  105. Rob C.
    “All of you people who wanted Jagr out are going to be choking on the amount of crow you’re going to eat once you watch this “younger, faster hockey team” play.”

    There’s two camps when it comes to Jagr, I forget what they are named but I’m in the one that is happy to see him moving on. I choked up plenty last season watching Jagr do what he does. Can’t wait for some actual excitement down at the old hockey rink this season.

  106. Chemistry. What kind of chemistry leads to the shit-stinking offense and power play we had last year? Get real.

  107. i don’t disagree chemistry issue..but i believe the issue was mainly due to jagr and his cronies.. we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.. i am a betting man.. i bet i’m right..rangers in playoffs 08-09

  108. I remember Jagr loafing off the ice numerous times while the opponent went in and scored while the Rangers were just getting their guys on the ice in the neutral zone.

    he not only caused the goals, he did not get a minus either because he was officially “replaced”, even though he was still standing at the boards on the ice.

  109. Let Renney run with it now. My wish has been granted in that there is no reason to think that a player runs your strategy. The problem with looking at chemistry is when you have lots of talented players, yet they don’t get a chance to find chemistry because the whole plan is pre-ordained. I bet Gomez was totally frustrated with the offensive thrust last year. This coming season, I think it will be more of a field of equals and chemistry might actually be allowed. It never got off the ground last season. I hope Renney continues enforcing defensive play, but he simply has to let the offense be creative, I expect them to skate like mad and have some fun for a change.

  110. HockeymanRangers on

    Hey if Naslund gives 110% for the entire season, I am happy with the move. And like someone else has said the team struggled finding someone to gel with Jags last year. And someone else also said we have been here and done this and it does not seem to work so lets move on. Yes it’s a gamble but we all just have to wait now until October and see what happens. Ok how many days until the puck drops??? Go Rangers.

  111. HockeymanRangers on


  112. I really do think its a step in the right direction…overall. As much as it pains me to see Avery put on a Stars jersey, he decided to take more money and move, instead of staying here for a little less. So much for bleeding blue! Either way, I will personally miss him.

    Good luck to Jagr. Knowing he did not give 100% each game really puts salt on the wound. Maybe it really is time to let him go and move forward.

    I wonder who will get the C. I hope Drury gets it. Either way, I will be excited to see Drury and Gomez play. As for a previous comment, he Drury was NOT a disappointment. Hopefully he will put up more numbers this season! Oh and another thing, moving Drury off center is INSANE to me. Just remember, he might not have shined scoring wise, but he had an incredible faceoff win avg.

    I’m glad we have Betts. Rosen once called him “Offensively challenged” which he definately is, but on the PK, he is kick ass. That boy isn’t afraid to jump in front of that puck.

    I don’t think Rozi deserves that much money. He better start scoring a hell of alot more…atleast SHOOT MORE! I remember Gretzky once saying 100% of shots not taken will not go in the net. That just stayed with me. JUST SHOOT THE PUCK! lol

    Either way, I’m excited about the new season. Its killin me to wait this long. We’ll see. Either way, I think we will defiantely make the playoffs.


  113. PruchaOverated on

    Shanny had 23 goals in 71 games 3rd on the team yet a$$wipes on here (power surge) keep calling him washed up and make room for the young kids thats baloney we need goals where are they coming from next season? Callahan Dawes Korpikoski Dubi not one of them will have 20 goals next season, Gomez scored more than 20 once in his career so tell me where are they coming from? Look up how many seasons Shanny scored 20.

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