Rangers get Zherdev and Fritsche from Columbus in exchange for Tyutin and Backman


Update, 6:16 p.m.: Sather says Zherdev, who the Rangers almost dealt for last year, allows the team to get younger and faster. He also made reference to developing a more cohesive “chemistry” as a result of the trade.

I asked if that meant the team is willing to let Jagr walk. Sather said, “I’m not saying that. It might be a reality. I still think it’s necessary to have some experienced players in our lineup…I’m not ready to say goodbye to him. He may be ready to say goodbye to us. I can’t say for sure.”

Sather also said the team isn’t done looking for defensemen, either through trades or free agency. It doesn’t sound like Paul Mara is part of their future.

Update, 6:05 p.m.: Only news to discuss is trade so far, so no news on Jaromir Jagr.

Update, 5:55 p.m.: Another Sather conference call in five minutes. I wonder if that means they’re done for the day. I’ll check in then.

Update, 5:12 p.m.: Defenseman Brooks Orpik isn’t coming to New York, and will instead “remain a Penguin”:http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08184/894419-61.stm.

Update, 5 p.m.: The trade makes sense from the Columbus perspective when you consider Zherdev hasn’t “always had the smoothest tenure there”:http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/sports/stories/2007/08/30/jackets30.ART_ART_08-30-07_C1_AV7ON3P.html?sid=101. Between Marcel Hossa, Jagr, Avery, Backman, and Zherdev, the Rangers lead the league in acquiring players who are described as “enigmatic” or “mercurial.”

Earlier: The Rangers have traded defensemen Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman to Columbus in exchange for forwards Nikolai Zherdev and Dan Fritsche.

The 23-year-old Zherdev had a career year in 2007-08, scoring 26 goals and 61 points. He is set to make $3.25 million in 2008-09, only $2.5 million of which will be charged against the cap. Fritsche is a restricted free agent.

Backman and Tyutin were set to make $5.1 million between them against the cap. Tyutin is in my eyes a significant move while Backman is a player the Rangers were willing to part with.

You may recall the Rangers and Blue Jackets were tailing each other in the days and weeks leading up to the trade deadline. With that in mind, this isn’t such a stretch.

I still would assume this a precursor to something else since it does clear up some space.

More as I go…

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  1. WOW! What a trade! A young, super-talented player in Zherdev and a nice, 22 year old grinder in Fritsche for our garbage, basically?




  2. We are going to see more by the end of the day, but I am excited about this. With Tyutin gone, who I do like but he definitely tailed off, this gives an up and comer a shot or makes room for Orpik. Any thoughts here?

  3. its being reported in canada on TSN now as well…..

    WHAT A GREAT TRADE BY SATHER…….dumps backmans 2.3 mil salary and gets 2 great young stars (still have to resign fritche)

  4. If the Rangers manage to either re-sign Jagr or win the Sundin sweepstakes, this team got upgraded in a HUGE way this year.

  5. I know Zherdev is talented, but have heard that he is completely unmotivated. Hopefully this changes?

    Goodbye Backman!

    I like Tyuts though.

  6. How does everyone feel about Zherdev and Cherepanov lighting the lamps at MSG for the next 15 years? HELLO!!! Brilliant trade. I’m stunned.

  7. Yuo guys are f’ing funny. First Sather is the biggest a’hole ever. Now he’s loved. I love trading Backgirl and Toots with a chance to improve the D.

  8. Blue404Seats on

    excellent, zherdev very talented… tuytin never blossomed into what he was supposed to be… backman is obviously replaceable

  9. i really really really like this trade…does anyone have the link on tsn? i couldnt find it on there

  10. Their both very young too, the problem is that their both free agents next year (Why they dumped them)

  11. I really like the idea of having Zherdev on the team but what I heard out of Columbus he seems to be a tough character !!!

    I dont care about Backman but Tyutin is a little bit of a different story or isn´he ???

  12. This had better mean that Orpik is on his way or our defense will be pansies in Fall. But otherwise, good news for our offense.

  13. F Orpik. He is a B!TCH who had one decent season. Y overpay him like Malone because he was on a good young team?

    Not much cap room left; re-sign Mara and go after Jagr. Didn’t we already waste 11.5 million on D? (not waste, but spent a lot)

  14. ecklund says this is only the first of a bigger blockbuster move and you know him…he’s never wrong although he had no idea about this to begin with

  15. Love it. You may worship Sather now. Betts is history after this deal. About time. He blows.

  16. “go after Jagr”

    Anyone who thinks Jaromir Jagr will ever play hard for Glen Sather again does not understand Jaromir Jagr.

    He is a princess, and Sather has insulted him.

    Game over, you’ve *got* to cut your losses at this point or you are paying for nothing more than a fat sausage to coast through another 2 years, sulking and moping.

  17. something else has to be happening
    its taking TSN way too long to post details…usually its BANG!

  18. I want Rick nash, please tell me Columbus just dumped Nash’s contract on us, cause i love watching that kid dangle.

  19. This is like watchin a Rangers game. Ups and downs, love sather, hate sather. This might be the most excitement we’ve had in many many July’s. Put down that sandwich Sam, keep us posted.

  20. there has got to be more to this now that I think about it… this is too good to be true and WAY in favor of the Rangers

  21. yea like “and then the Rangers send Zherdev onto StLouis for Martin Rucinsky as a prelude to Signing Jagr…Rucinsky will get 4.25Million a year”

  22. “Anyone who thinks Jaromir Jagr will ever play hard for Glen Sather again does not understand Jaromir Jagr. ”

    As long as he plays hard for the RANGERS again during the PLAYOFFS I could care less. You and your shallow ‘give it 110% all season long set the example’ attitude is for the birds.

  23. As long as he plays hard for the RANGERS again during the PLAYOFFS I could care less. You and your shallow ‘give it 110% all season long set the example’ attitude is for the birds.


    It’s been an interesting day of comments/commentators.

  24. Thank god the other shoe has dropped! I figured they would be trading Tyutin because they wouldn’t trade Rozsival who they just signed or Girardi who is cheap, but I am surprised Backman could be passed off, also. This also clears the way for Girardi to form the second pair with Rozsival, I would guess, hoping that Staal stays on the first pairing, and that being why Redden was signed. Maybe this clears the way for Mara to come back, and then a battle for the sixth spot between Pöck, Potter, Sanguinetti, and Sauer, and Hutchinson, if re-signed. I doubt Fritshce will play a big role, but he would probably have to pass through waivers if sent to the AHL. He was a second round pick in 2003, however. He was paid $750,000 last season, with his contract having a cap hit of $613,000.

    I am cautiously optimistic on the Redden signing because he was an offensive stud (for a defenseman) two seasons ago and can hopefully return to that form, but I don’t know how he is on defense.

  25. It’s been an interesting day of comments/commentators.


    seriously…. there have been a handful of “classics” last couple of days… don’t seem to get it….

  26. TSN is reporting Orpik resigns with Pittsburgh – 6 years, $22.5 million – that’s $3.75 million average per year

  27. Roman Abramovich owner of Chelsea F.C. and Avangard Omsk and one of the richest men in the world of Oil has signed Jaromir Jagr to a two year contract worth as 30 Million US…

  28. Thank God. Now we can sign Mara and the playoff stud known as Jagr who fat annoying drunks in the 400s who think they are better than everyone else despise for some odd reason.

  29. noonan
    July 2nd, 2008 at 3:43 pm
    Re-sign Mara and go after Jagr. Orpik is wanting too much.


  30. I am starting to get the feeling that we might see a Jagr-Demitra-Zherdov line in NY.

    I REALLY though Orpik was coming… that is very disappointing. I wonder what Sather has in mind for the defense? He has only Redden, Rozy, Girardi, and Staal.

  31. I really think there is going to be another move very soon. Involving a trade. Who is someone else that Sather has always had a hardon for? I hear Thorton could be available from San Jose for the right price.

  32. thank sather that tyutin is gone,Opick WILL be a Ranger soon,If not another trade is in place

  33. The Rangers and the Blue Jackets completed a two-for-two trade Wednesday, with New York getting younger and faster up front, and Columbus getting some experienced blueliners.

    The Rangers sent Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman to Columbus in exchange for Nikolai Zherdev and Dan Fritsche.

    Zherdev, often an enigma in Columbus, will be the key to the deal for New York. He was the fourth overall pick in the 2003 draft and is coming off his best season in terms of points. He scored 26 goals and 35 assists for 61 points in 82 games with Columbus.

    Zherdev, however, has had a checkered career with the Blue Jackets that included a 2006 holdout – he followed up by scoring only 10 goals in 71 games.

    Fritsche was a second round pick, 46th overall, the same year Zherdev was drafted. A developing two-way player, Fritsche scored 10 goals and 12 assists for 22 points last season in Columbus, and was a +2 on a bad team.

    Tyutin was a second round pick by the Rangers in 2001, 40th overall. Although he has not shown the offensive flair he showed as a junior, Tyutin has emerged as a solid blueliner in the NHL and signed a four-year extension in February.

    Backman was a first round pick of the St. Louis Blues, 24th overall, in 1998. Backman has also not shown much offensive upside, his best season is 18 points in 52 games with St. Louis in 2005-2006, and durability has been somewhat of an issue. Backman has, however, developed into a steady NHL defenceman.

  34. Why would the Rangers get another center though (re Thornton)? I understand the logic in possibly moving Drury to wing, but why not just get an established winger?

    …like Cheechoo (right stf?) hehe

  35. Thorton? Please no, i dont want to give up Sanguinetti, Staal and possibly Del Zotto

  36. The ranger’s still have a soft defense unfortunately. I hope the next trade includes Rosival.

  37. Compared with the potential wingers of Callahan, Dawes, Prucha, Byers, Hollweg, and Orr, Huselias doesn’t sound so bad.

    Oh wait, and now we have Zherdev. Pretty cool. But still, Huselias ain’t a Jagr, but he wouldn’t hurt our offensive depth.

  38. If Sather’s having trouble signing wings, just sign Shanahan for a year and about 1.5 mill, and guarantee him a coaching job next year. That should do it.

  39. I am reading some garbage in another blog. Some leaf fan thinks the Rangers would trade Prucha and Dubinsky for McCabe or Kubina. Ha.

  40. Scotty Bowman on

    the BJs never even made the playoffs, so Zd is obviously not getting the job done, even with a great winger like Nash. he has lots of skill with the puck, yes, but is dense between the ears in hockey sense and hustle and bchecking.

    getting rid of that joke Backman is a coup for glen, but it shows why the BJs are so poorly managed.

    Tyutin will help BJs some, but not nearly enough.

  41. Nasty, tell him the Rangers wouldnt give up Dubinsky even if you were offering Kubina and Kaberle.

  42. You can see from that 6 minute collage i posted above how Zherdev scores…Bad angle open netters, breakaways and rocket shots. We havent had someone like him in a long long time, hopefully he can get his act together. Thank god Tyutin is gone…I think we will see Redden and Rozival together and Staal and Girardi together…Damn good top 4.

    Plus don’t forget about a guy like Korpikoski playing with Zherdev, someone who can handle the defensive side of the game…Imagine that line, Korpikoski-Gomez-Zherdev….So fast. Now you need to resign Jagr, find a winger for him that can handle the defensive side.

  43. Not even Melrose could turn around the Blue Jackets, i mean he turned Tampa around into the Fightin’ Lightnin’, but not even him could save Columbus.

  44. Tommy good call on an earlier thread and welcome

    Tommy H
    July 1st, 2008 at 7:32 pm
    hey guys new poster- anyone think we can deal tyutin for some wing help? maybe clear some cap space- i think if we can possibly bring back avery (prob a pipe dream at this point) and jagr- the addition of redden could mean great things

  45. Dubinsky better not be touched.
    If anything give away Prucha for a few chips and a ham and cheese.

  46. I think Prucha might be headed out of town now that Zherdev is here. Whatever happens next, I would bet money that Prucha is involved in a package deal for another dman.

  47. Nasty, why would they want Sundin so bad, besides being dumb of course? Not sure.
    Main goal of Sather’s: Satisfying Jagr?! I guess. For the past 3.5 years Jagr’s gotten bored of fellatio so Sather said he’d add Sundin into the deal too?

  48. Tommy good call on an earlier post and welcome

    Tommy H
    July 1st, 2008 at 7:32 pm
    hey guys new poster- anyone think we can deal tyutin for some wing help? maybe clear some cap space- i think if we can possibly bring back avery (prob a pipe dream at this point) and jagr- the addition of redden could mean great things

  49. True – you’re right! Now get Cheechoo and I’ll be happy. BTW – Awesome trade by Sather.

  50. joe, why do you think it will happen in the next 20 minutes…???

    I am about to go to..in the next couple of minutes…:):):)

  51. I could see Prucha and Fritsche going to Toronto for a dman. I remember at some point last year the leafs wanted him. He did score ten goals last year and is pretty young. I don’t know how great he is on the defensive side of the puck, but he could be an upgrade over Betts, although I do like Betts a lot.

  52. As I posted twice in the last 2 weeks Tyutin was to be traded and 2 of or wingers are going too,with the deal we made today that post looks like a certinty

  53. Right about when most of you were starting to bash Sather he made that awesome trade, hahaha! What’s next?

  54. stf,


    allright OT: anyone see reports about people drinking oil thinking it was juice? they keep pointing out how the bottles look the same… except the fact it says oil and not juice on them… and how do you not smell it???

  55. zherdev reminds me of a young kovalev skillwise with a worse attitude but hopefully he turns it around in ny. (tho i am kinda nervous having both him and cheraponov together in the future partying in brighton beach) if he ends up staying here, we could have an all russian line in the near future.

    overall could be a good move for the rangers, but we still lack a solid defense and i am still pissed at redden signing, this guy hasn’t been the same post lockout, he is going to be slow as hell in a couple years.

  56. From a Columbus Fan:

    Hey Ranger fans, you guys looking for another fan…maybe this one in Columbus? I can understand if you turn me down as a fan and I don’t think I would want a old Blue Jacket fan chearing for my team…Having said that, I do still LOVE my Jackets BUT I sure as hell hope there are other teams involved in this trade.

    Zherdev was my 2nd favorite player on the Jackets (next to Nash of course). I have a game used autographed jersey and just LOVE watching him play. Ranger fans, know that every time he gets the puck, he could score or set someone up. Him being in a bigger market now will really showcase how good he is. Granted he had a rocky start in the NHL but wouldn’t you if you had to deal with Doug MacLean on a regular basis and having to listen to him bash you every day on or off the ice. He was our 2nd leading scorer and was a absolute joy to watch. I can’t say enough good things about Z. They only downside to him is that there were nights that he would take off. I think this is a normally thing in some kids that are that age with that much talent.

    Fritsche is another great addition. He unlike Z never took a shift off mainly because he couldn’t due to not being at that level. He will develop into a solid 3rd liner for you guys.

    thank you for raping us on this one!

    and from a Devils Fan:

    As a Devils fan, let me just say that I am not looking forward to White tripping over his own feet as Gomez and Zherdev come flying through the neutral zone

    nice trade for you guys. with our surplus of Dmen, i would have loved Lou to make this trade.

    This trade makes me happy.
    The Nasty 1

  57. Anyone like Bouwmeester? He’s a free agent next year and Florida can’t sign him. We should trade for Bouw and sign him for 7 years; till he’s 30.

  58. Power Surge on

    Backman had a negative 10-1 ratio re penalty minutes served and attracted. He also is softer than a tasty freeze cone in an microwave. Good riddance, and now, at least, acquiring him in the first place takes on an almost positive aspect. Nice to get a payoff on this clown.

  59. why trade prucha now? we still need all the scoring we can get. id trade dawes well before id trade prucha.

  60. Nasty, I could see Prucha leaving also.

    noonan-I’m one of the fat drunks in the 400’s and we gave him a great send off after game 4 vs Pitt.

    More to come from sather. Now it’s fun.

  61. announce signig Jagr, Sather said he thought they’d do it by Wed… I have to much to do to be checking in tomorrow…

  62. 6:05PM Philadelphia Flyers re-sign defenceman Randy Jones (2-years, undisclosed) and forward Riley Cote (3-years, undisclosed).

  63. i would never say i want jagr back if he didnt do what he did last year in the playoffs he played with everything he had and for that he deserves 2 years. signing him for one year is stupid hes going to have to deal with the same crap as he did this year with resigning and all that nonsense

  64. is Sather done for the day, because the Redden signing was at like 8 last night.

  65. Sad. Somewhere up in the great North, Dan Girardi must be weeping in his Molson.

    I will miss watching their man-love affair on the blue line.

  66. matt thats what I mean, its a confernece call sorry it was still after the signing yesterday, they may be doe fot the day…

  67. We have become a hardworking team with Voros, Rissmiller, and Fritsche. Zherdev’s gonna SUCK… watch you’ll see. Sign Matt Cooke! He’s a poor man’s Sean Avery. If we are going to sign any other free agents (aside from Cooke of course) for the top 2 lines… Ruslan Fedotenko. Big, tough, Stanley Cup winner, and can score 20 goals. By the way… from the Ukraine like Zherdev… No Sundin, no Jagr! I’m tired of these finesse players… keep it with the hard working guys!

  68. holy crap. EVERY time over the last 2 days that I’m away from a computer for more than 30min something goes down. I like the deal. Especially after reading that post from nasty. thanks. I see this as a partial salary dump to make a deal for Boyle. We’ll see if I’m right.

  69. BOSTON – The Bruins re-signed forward Petteri Nokelainen to a multi-year contract on Wednesday.

    The deal was announced one day after the Bruins signed winger Michael Ryder in hopes of strengthening their mediocre offence.

    Nokelainen had career highs last season with 57 games played, seven goals, three assists and 10 points. The 22-year-old native of Finland had two assists in seven post-season games.

  70. anyone who is saying zheredev couldnt get it done in columbus apparently doesnt know that columbus has never had anything close to a number 1 center to play with either z or nash.

    i like this trade but im still concerned with why we signed 3 or 4 lite beer versions of sean avery and i still don’t think we have enough scoring depth.

    also, who the hell fills out the defense?

  71. Slats should shove it, i just heard that they are either gonna sign shanny or jags not both

  72. it really does not make sense that jagr didnt sign with another team yet. something is weird why are teams not going after him ??

  73. onecupin67years on

    Tytins lack of hitting did him in,absolutely passionless.
    Sather should put together another package for a star and go after him,let shanny and jagr walk,save their money for the star and next year.

  74. good trade today but overall i dont think it was a great day??

    people thoughts

  75. from Zipay

    Sather on Jagr, Zherdev, team building and what’s next..
    Some excerpts from the recent Glen Sather conference call:

    On Jagr, with whom he didn’t speak today: “Nothing new… He was waiting to see what happened with Hossa (who signed with Detroit this afternoon) and I guess we’ll see later today or tomorrow.”

    On Zherdev:
    “He’s a very talented player, picked fourth overall (in 2003), he’s a very shifty, talented winger, he’s 23, got upside written all over him. As we’re progressing through this, we’re trying to get younger, and we’re trying to get more talented and we’re trying to get faster. If you look around the league. that’s the way the league is going. It’s not necessarily going with guys that are 35 and up. There’s a certain chemistry inside the team that we’re trying to get to and we’re gradually getting there. That’s been our goal for the last five years, to get in a position where we can move in this direction.”

    Does that lend itself to the possibility of Jagr leaving?
    “It may be a reality. I still think it’s necessary to have experienced, talented people in your lineup to help these guys develop and Jaromir certainly has been a great player for this organization and I’m not ready to say goodbye to him. He may be ready to say goodbye to us. I can’t say that for sure.”

    How the deal went down: “Zherdev is a player we have targeted for several years. We looked at making a deal with them last year before they made the management change and we were in Columbus a couple times look at Zherdev and Fritsche and the situation just came about today. We had a little discussion about it yesterday. I wasn’t necessarily trying to move Tyutin but Backman we picked up last year because we needed protection on defense and this deal sort of fell in our laps. But it’s something that’s been in the works for a while, although we never really got down to the players we were willing to move.”

    On the next moves: “We still have plenty of cap room left, we knew that when we signed Redden and Rozsival, we knew there was a possibility that we’d have to move somebody. The four defensemen who are left are all capable of playing 30 minutes each, but we’re still going to sign some defensemen and we’re still exploring all those routes not just from free agency but from trades. When you sign two players like that, they can both log a lot of ice time, it’s just the way the economics of the game work; you can’t have a pile of guys making an awful lot of money, but we want to have people who can move the puck and skate with the puck. There’s still a lot going on out there.”

    so they may not be done tonight yet

  76. That trade made the day. I wasn’t too mad about Avery leaving, you could see the writing on the walls. Getting Zherdev is exciting. I hope he explodes on all those passes from Gomez. After yesterday, I expected the D to be non hitting like last year. Now there is space for someone to step in or get another D. I’m sure Bobby Sang will get a good look in camp. I don’t know about JJ coming back, but I like the idea of a NYR team that is fast and hard hitting up front.

  77. Thanks Agraivaine for the post-

    “Does that lend itself to the possibility of Jagr leaving?
    “It may be a reality. I still think it’s necessary to have experienced, talented people in your lineup to help these guys develop and Jaromir certainly has been a great player for this organization and I’m not ready to say goodbye to him. He may be ready to say goodbye to us. I can’t say that for sure.”” – Conference Call today

    Sounds like Jagr is not 100% sure he’s coming back. He too could go the Hossa route and sign with Dallas also or San Jose.

  78. Obviously all this is rounding up to lead to something. We have a few more players to sign. I just hope it’s not Jagr and Rucinsky. Oh the horror. Slats probably has it in him.

    Maybe after his comments about redden(staal) n rozy logging that much TOI, I’m second guessing the trade for boyle. I guess the focus is going to be on the wings, but I still see the need for a bona fide NHL dman to play with redden, rozy, staal, girardi.

    NOW the curiosity is starting to get to me. to think that there’s still 90-something days to go! nooooooooooooooooooo

  79. This is probably a good trade, if Z can behave, but Tyuts will be a player we regret not having in two years. Oh, well. Can’t get gold for garbage.

  80. it really does not make sense that jagr didnt sign with another team yet. something is weird why are teams not going after him ??


    lol, i’ll tell you why teams are not going after him…

  81. by the way I just watched that Zherdev highlight reel and may have got my underwear pregnant… never noticed this guy before (i hate the blew jackers) I cant believe SLATS pulled that off…

    Scotty G & Nicky Z could be special.

  82. This was a great deal. After the duplicative defenders were signed and overpayed yesterday, this smart move was quite a surprise. Keep getting younger and faster.

  83. Damn, I wait all morning for something to happen, then my job makes me actually do work for a while (what I concept, don’t those jerks realize it’s free agency period???) and I miss the one move of the day…

  84. From ESPN.COM..the following have received qualifying offers and are subject to draft compensation and right to match.
    Ivan Baranka, Nigel Dawes, Hugh Jessiman, Greg Moore, Fredrik Sjostrom, Matt Zaba.

    someone posted it elsewhere, I thought we made them offers… thanks

  85. Couple things-

    You gotta give to get – Zherdev is a talent, but also a talent that takes nights off.

    However, he is in his contract year. So you can look at it a number of ways.

    1) The Rangers will be hamstrung next year with re-signing Zherdev


    2) Zherdev scores 30 goals and gives the Rangers a legit shot in the east because of his play due to earning a new contract

  86. “but Tyuts will be a player we regret not having in two years.”

    Is that before or after he not only would have been passed on the depth chart by Sanguinetti, Sauer and Del Zotto, but Kundratek and Gaulton?

  87. This is why I’m sad to see Avery signed elsewhere.

    I’m going to presume that Brett Hull is a relatively smart dude when it comes to hockey, smart enough to know that his time was done and to become a GM pretty quickly.

    This was his quote from the NY Times – ”It’s limitless what he can bring to us,” Hull said. ”His skill level is getting better and better, year by year. That, with his grit, his toughness, his ability to win, I just thought it was a no-brainer to have him in our lineup.” Hull said, ”He won’t let a guy take a night off. If he sees you doing that, he’s going to let you know it.”

  88. f avery.. take a night off.. this is the nhl..avery’s the only guy that plays hard? i think not.. my o/u for games played by him is 45

  89. Matt – I hear you on Bouwmeester…
    maybe prucha and a pick?

    Meester is a stud, i’d love to snag him.
    he ain’t gonna re-sign in florida next year…

  90. Jagr is gone. and good riddance.

    when they acquired Zherdev, they sent the message that Jagr was being replaced by a younger faster version of head case winger

  91. oh, and LOVE the Zherdev deal.
    Big fan, CANNOT believe we have him.

    he’ll put up 70 goals in the next two seasons.

  92. People are already bitching for him taking nights off? What about Jagr not trying until March?

  93. I love Bouwmeester, and its impossible for Florida to sign him next year. He’s only 24 next year so a 6 year contract isnt out of reach. He’s great defensely, and above average offensively. The Rangers should’ve had him in the first place but we traded to 3rd pick to Florida for guess who..Bure >.

  94. pavel…no the nights off comment is about brett hull’s quote in an earlier post..sayin avery never takes nights off blah blah blah

  95. Even if Jagr isn’t coming back (which I hope he is) its really unfair and does not much much sense to say Good riddance.

  96. Sather should go to jail for doing this to poor Columbus. Fantastic upgrade for the Rangers. Jagr may not be back

  97. Sundin is another Niedermayer, can’t make up his mind, will take months more to sort it out, blah blah


    “from Darren Dreger of TSN,

    His agent, J.P. Barry, pushed Sundin this morning to decide on his future. Sundin said he could not make that decision right now. Barry asked if the decision would be coming sooner or later, and was told that, without question, Sundin’s decision on whether to play or retire still remains weeks away.

    I anticipate that Sundin will not declare his status for the 2008-2009 season until sometime in August. We’re going to be talking about this for quite some time.”

  98. Actually the pick the Rangers traded to Florida for Bure was Eric Nystrom which was traded to Calgary.

  99. LOL @ this comment on a the Hockey’s Future Blue Jackets message board: “Tyutin has a great contract and a huge amount of upside. Backman is big and mobile. Our defense just got a whole lot better.”

  100. Like Sather said in his press conference, “As we’re progressing through this, we’re trying to get younger, and we’re trying to get more talented and we’re trying to get faster”
    God bless your flinty grey soul Glen, and see you later Jagr.

  101. March 18, 2002- Traded by the Florida Panthers, along with Florida’s 2002 2nd round draft choice, to the New York Rangers in exchange for Igor Ulanov, Filip Novak, the Rangers 2002 1st round draft choice, the Rangers 2002 2nd round draft and the Rangers 2003 4th round draft choice.

    Rangers 2002 1st Round Pick was 3rd Overall, Otherwise known as Jay Bouwmeester.

  102. Hitchcock plus Backman makes for some funny reality TV. But seriously, how about Rhett Warrerner as a cheap #6? Thoughts?

    I know Blake probably won’t leave L.A., but he’d be great.

  103. Nevermind your right, the Panthers got the 3rd overall pick from The Blue Jackets

  104. The Blue Jackets moved up with the Panthers to take Rick Nash. The Panthers moved down to take Bouwmeester, good trade for both teams.

  105. MikeA – we could do far worse than Warrener. Not a bad idea, he is average with the puck and he plays hard.

  106. The rangers pick in 2002 was 10th overall, fla traded it to calgary on draft day and the flames picked eric nystrom. they got jbo via their own pick.

    sam–any word on the rangers being interested in matt cooke who could be seen as avery-lite?? he’s not as talented as avery but could replace some of the intangibles

  107. Bouwmeester’s not a free agent, he is next year which is why i want The Rangers to trade for him since Florida cant sign him. Then once the trade is done, sign him for 6 years; till he’s 30. That way, Staal and Sanguinetti have a leader to anchor the defense, and Redden has a line partner.

  108. latest out of pittsburgh has jagr thinking about few more days beofore making a dec. check that site from up above

  109. Zherdev is going to be the second coming of young puck dangling kovalev. The number of turnovers at blueline that should have been dump-ins is going to increase a hundred times over.

    He isnt going to work well with gomez because they both like to carry the puck up the ice. And be realistic playing with Gomez over Nash isnt going to change him into 40 goal scorer. Sure we will see some moments of brilliance but for every highlight reel goal your going to be kicking yourself for an AWFUL turnover. He is going to get booed so much after first couple weeks of season he is going to shut down.

    The Rangers are trying to imitate the wings with euro speed but they missing major part. Sure speed had a lot to do with wings success but I felt that it was more about their two best offensive players also being their two best defensive forwards. Great two way hockey is what wins now a days and getting rid of jagr is a step in that direction but adding Zherdev is a step back. Plus he has ZERO playoff experience, we are trying to win a cup. But good lets become another buffalo who looks good scoring some pretty goals but not win anything.

    Lets hope there are a couple more moves coming, maybe rozy for a quality defensive dman and a legit two way wing.

  110. czechthemout!!!! on

    Sather redeemed himself in my eyes with this trade.I think that not only is Z going to light it up very often with either Gomez or Dubi as his pivot,but Fritsche ould be the hidden gem of this trade.He can simply fly.I’d love to see him tried at wing,it might be his best position.Would of been great to have kept Avery here,I think we’ll really miss him.Now I hope to see Betts and Hollweg shown the door.Both are totaly useless,no talent players who don’t have a place in todays game.And Betts’s Pk is overrated.Fritsche is a real good penalty killer as is Korpikoski and others already on the team.

  111. This is a team, its all on Jagr.

    Who Cares-Betts-Who cares



  112. He is the second coming of Kovalev? If Im not mistaken we won a thing they call the Stanley Cup with Kovalev.

  113. “anyone know what Jagr’s deadline is?”

    yeah, about March 1. that’s when he stops loafing each year.

  114. czechthemout!!!! on


    Kovy was a bit of an enigma at times but when the playoffs were on,he really brought it like very few did.He’s still doing it in montreal.His development was greatly Stalled under that moron colon cancer.

  115. eric – thanks for providing the link, there will be some folks who want to check it out. I have already stopped reading about Jagr and am counting the seconds til he is no longer a Ranger.
    It feels really good to think he might be no longer doing what he does to this team, and it’s actually okay with me to see him landing back to earth with parachute not opening. I don’t think Jagr has his finger on the pulse at all.

  116. wtf is Prucha doing on anyone’s first line?

    nothing he did last year earns him that kind of lofty perch.

    a trade may well be in his near future.

  117. czechthemout!!!! on

    Even now it’s still all about “me me me” with that damn primadona,he still needs the attention and to be coddled.I’m glad that Sather has given him a deadline,it’s about time he shows him who is in control.I really want them to move on already,enough with this Jagr crap!!!!!!

  118. czechthemout!!!! on

    The next targeted team should be the Blackhawks.They have a plethora of good young dmen and now with Campbell,they are in need to shed one of those players.I’d love to see us go for Brent Seabrooke,it might also require us giving up more than just Prucha to get him.

  119. I see that teams are jumping all over the chance to sign the big doofus pylon Malik. not!

  120. dlw- Havent you ever heard of a thing called a chance? Since Shanny was signed, Prucha’s development was greatly hindered. Ice time greatly reduced. It doesnt mean he has the position the whole year. Give the guy a chance.

  121. you have to EARN a chance. and he played like crap last year. several other young guys played better than him, and earned a chance long before him.

    he does NOT belong on any first line, period

  122. i don’t think jagr realizes who the boss is. on monday he said he would have an answer after he sees what hossa would do today. well, no answer to sather’s offer yet. sather should line up what he wants to do and one minute after the deadline pull the trigger. i’m tired of this jagr crap, he works for sather and the tail is trying to wag the dog. screw him and turn the page. hossa gave up a multi-year contract to play for detroit and we should chase jagr? no way, its time to move on. hossa has the class that jagr wish he had.

  123. the rangers need jagr. i dont like the “i want to be the highest paid” crap, but the rangers need him and cant let him walk…esp to pitt. why on earth sather is giving him a 1 year 5 mill offer when other teams are offering him 2 years and more money is beyond me. he is worth the money and has said over and over again he wants to play 2 years….sather do not screw this up…

  124. hey fred bend over and look outta ur good eye…a young kovalev..that’s all you needed to say.. now go back above your parents garage

  125. Jagr wants, no he petulantly demands a 2 year contract, because his old man has a new arena ready for him then in czech. it is all about his personal agenda, not the team.

    but, the cap rules for over 35 year olds makes it unwise to give him a 2 year deal that would hamper cap flexibility next summer.

    but the real kicker is that very few teams are even interested in him because he comes with all the pouting and posse baggage, and demands that the PP must revolve around him

    in short, his diva attitude has not won him much interest on the open market.

  126. Jim – he is too slow. No zip. Biggest problem was that some people thought Jagr’s puck-hugging was puck possession. Puck possession is not one guy holding on to the puck til he gives it away, it is a team holding on to it through passing and movement, and at some point the defence shows a weakness that you can take advantage of because you are moving. Jagr will never do that ever, he actually can’t.

  127. the only 2 other teams reportedly interested in Jagr are Pitt, and only after they lost Hossa and Malone, and Edm because they have a new owner who wants to make a big splash, and he tried to get Hossa and lost out.

    that’s it. 27 out of 30 teams want no part of him. and he is the plan B booby prize to the other 3 as well

  128. you have to EARN a chance.


    30 goal rookie seez says a lot… the truth is Shanny got in this kids way on the PP… I say chance him. he’s a trash goal guy.

  129. no he had 22, 8 on the PP 2 years ago when shanny was on the team.

    then add Gomez & Drury to the PP equation = Petr Prucha left in the pressbox…texing naughty with Mrs. Renney

  130. Shanahan almost scored 30 in 06-07 and probably would’ve if he didn’t collide with Knuble. Here’s his line from 05-06, Salty that was last year, and it was 23.

    GP 67
    G 29
    A 33
    Pts 62
    PIM 47

  131. “One Cup in 67 years” referring to Tyutin’s “lack of hitting” has less credibility than the “Global Warming” charade. This jerk-water must know that Tyutin led the entire Rangers team in hits recorded for the regular season. Don’t you just love disinformation Marxist-buttholes.

  132. there is no denying that shanny hindered prucha’s development. prucha tore it up on the pp his rookie year and then the next year shanny comes here and gets most of his pp minutes and much of his even strength time as well, despite that prucha still had 20+ goals his second year. this year he wasn’t great, but his linemates were constantly changing to accomodate jagr and shanny or he was benched. as of this moment, prucha, gomez and drury are the only ranger players ever to have scored 30 goals in the nhl. dawes will be lucky ever to get 30 and cally is not a scorer, so id put prucha above both in the depth chart on the wings

  133. Global warming is caused by the sun, not people. There is also global cooling which we should be more worried about. The next ice age would suck (the previous ice ages were not melted by people, btw).

  134. I would be surprised if Callahan was not part of a trade package coming, though maybe not immediately. And Prucha, who really thinks Renney is going to play him much? Yes, let’s blame Petr for not being muscle bound. Which great analyst would have said he was too light when he scored 30 goals?

    No, they probably would have said he was effective because he was light on his feet, or whatever rubbish they could come up with, clueless attempt to sound like they know what they are talking about. Actually, nobody thought about Prucha’s body mass when he was scoring, yet somehow there’s lots of b.s. from so called experts as to how that has been his problem the last two years.

  135. Why trade Callahan? He’s our most Rounded player. He can defend, work with the puck a little, but most important he’s not afraid to hit. The kid’s only gonna get better and with Drury on his line it should do wonders for him.

  136. I agree with some posts on here. Say what you will about Sather, who he chooses to sign or resign as players and how he constructs his team. The one thing you cant say is that he doesnt know how to pull off a trade to meet his teams needs.

    Sather always seems to make a steal of a deal, when putting together a trade. This is the same guy who acquired Pavel Bure for Igor Ulanov and a bag of pucks. He is also the guy acquired Avery tow seasons ago to save his team and all he gave up I believe was a draft pick or two and a prospect who failed to sign with the Kings, I think, and returned to his home country. This is the GM who somehow was able to trade Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr, the move , along with hiring Renneym that would ultimately revitalize the Rangers as a relevant franchise again in the league.

    Sather pulled a rabbit out of his hat today, robbing the Blue Jackets and their GM Scott Howson, in a trade that sent Tyutin and Backman packing and brought exciting young forwards Nikolai Zherdev and Dan Fritsche back to broadway.

    Zherdev is coming off his best statistical season since entering the league. He comes to a team stacked with far better players and with more skill surrounding him as teammates than he had in Columbus. I think he will love playing for Renney, who will get the best out of him. Plus he will probably be playing on the right side of Gomez which should do wonders for him and give Gomez a skilled winger to work off of. Plus he is only 23 yrs old!

    Fritsche is a guy I have liked since he entered the league. He is a small skilled forward who is a real lunch pail type of player who can pop in some timely goals that supplment primary scoring on the first and second lines. At best, he will become a second line player, at worst he is a solid 3rd line player who knows how to play two way hockey ( especially the defensive side working under a Ken Hitchcock coached team). I think Fritsche will provide the scoring on a 3rd or 4th line that we have been unable to get from the likes of Hollweg and Orr.

    Now we wait and see where the chips may fall over the next few days. The Rangers could use one or two front line scorers still and could still use a physical element, let alone a body or two, in order to fill the roster on defense with the departures of two d-men to Columbus today. My favorite target was Brooks Orpik but apparently he resigned with Pitt.

    Are there any other rough and tumble physical d men that we can pursue in a trade or still sign???

  137. The question must be asked, do we see the below forward line combination come this upcoming season or next season:

    Cherepanov – Anisimov – Zherdev

    It looks like a sick line on paper, but we’d have to see how the jell… Just some thoughts.

    Here is hoping that tomorrow the Rangers fill some of their remaining holes, either by signing free agent/s(though, not that many high quality ones remain) or engineering a trade like they did today.

    What we need:

    1-a physical defenseman, a player with “some sandpaper in his game,” to use a Renneyism. Scratch Orpik off the list now that he has resigned. Not many defensemen left let alone physical d-men, so look for the Rangers to go shopping this week to get a defensemen or two, one a player who knows how to throw the body around and to keep the crease cleared.

    2-scoring wingers. We need at least one scoring winger to put on the opposite wing with Gomez and Zherdev presumingly as a top line. We could use a second scoring winger, perhaps a Markus Naslund or someone?

    There is still some work to do for Glen, but I am cautiously optimistic with the moves, signings, trades so far. Rolston would have looked good up front on Drury or Gomer’s wing, but he and Malone have been snatched up, so we will have to get creative now.

  138. We’re still in need of another top line winger and we now have some spaces left on D too.
    Redden, Roszi, Staal and Girardi are definates then come Pock, Sanguinetti, Potter, Liffiton.
    I think we should offer Mara a deal and pair him up with one of the younger guys as our 3rd pair. Save all the spare cap room to trade for a scoring winger, otherwise we’ll be filling out the top lines with the likes of Dawes, Cally, Sjostrom and Korpikoski. Don’t get me wrong i’m all for youth, but we still need a couple of big names to take the heat off them and allow them to develop into top line players instead of forcing them to carry the team before they are ready.

  139. Quote from ESPN:
    “Tyutin, who turns 25 later this month, adds a puck-moving blue-liner who can help Columbus’ power play. ”

    Who wrote that cr8p!!! Probably the same person that talked about adding Backman’s size would help them..?

    On reflection, i’m sad to see Toots go, but if they can harness Zherdev’s talent then its a worthwhile trade. Backman and Fritsche are throw-ins, which is fine because we got rid of Backman’s salary and got a young grinder.
    Now we have a glut of 3rd/4th liners so the HBO line looks like it will be no more…..

  140. Matt, I like your line of thinking from your earlier post. It seems that since the draft in June, teams are more willing to commit to trades and move guys in order to fit under the cap and to fill their needs.

    Therefore, as was noted after the Columbus trade, there must be another trade coming on the Rangers part today or this week. There has got to be a larger plan. Now I thought that the Rangers moved Tyutin because they thought they could land Orpik. He went up and resigned with the Pens so now it is time for plan B or C.

    As you mentioned, the Rangers ideally would like to get Bouwmeester from the Panthers. This is going to be tough because he seems to be a building block down there. However, maybe Sather can work his magic like he did in the trade yesterday. Maybe we could trade Prucha, a first round pick next year and a lower level player (maybe Betts or Greg Moore or Dane Byers) for Bouwmeester.

    Regardless a trade needs to go down for the Rangers to shore up their D. as mentioned, they only have 4 solid signed d men now, Staal-Redden and Roszival-Girardi.

  141. TB has Boyle on the block and looking to move him today. I’m pretty sure there’s no chance of getting this guy under the cap or where he would fit on our blueline, but he’s a quality Dman, and I’d have to believe slats had made some type of inquiry on the deal.

    I’ve never never never seen a team add so many wingers in my life. Well Renney likes to roll 4 lines, he can almost roll SIX! wtf is that! haha

    I’m assuming that a few wingers will be on their way out of town today. You’d really have to think that just based on logic, no?

    Always said toots was a very tradable dman. Sad to see mr bobblehead go, but I think we got the better of the trade and toots will do well under Hitch.

  142. Beer me-
    It’s time to give up on Boyle, it’s clear what Sather is doing. He signed his big D-men already and is now clearing the cap space for a top line winger (Jagr). With possibly signing Mara, which I hope he does, the D is pretty formidible, now he just has to sure up the top 2 lines and he’s got a contender again.

  143. This team looks like it is going to have a solide defensive corps with a strong ability to roll 4 dangerous lines, something Renney really wants to be able to do. One more strong winger and it’s possible, although I really think they need more grit. They are just so dam soft.

  144. Matt – I would be the last to want to see Callahan gone, was just wondering if it might be something Sather might do in the hunt for a one more top level forward. Just musing, that’s all.

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