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When Glen Sather acknowledged last night that Jaromir Jagr was waiting to hear about Marian Hossa, the first conclusion to draw was that whatever offers Hossa passes up will then go to Jagr (presumably for shorter term contracts).

But not to be discounted is the notion that Jagr is well aware that the Rangers themselves are targeting Hossa, and the Rangers captain is waiting to see whether there’s even a place for him in New York.

It’s all very confusing. Hossa, meanwhile, is believed to be “seriously considering a whopper of an offer from Edmonton”:, but might still be intrigued by calling MSG home.

And then there’s Mats Sundin, who has two-years and $20 million on the table from Vancouver, but who some observers say is still partial to playing in the Eastern Conference.

So many questions, but at least not as many as yesterday. Brian Rolston is gone. Michael Ryder, too. If you’re of the belief that the Rangers want to lock up at least one high-end wing, their pool of candidates is rapidly diminishing.

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  1. :-)

    Thanks for the updates Sam — I picture you there on you cpu in the attic hounding the net for us ..

    Seeing real mixed reviews on Redden — haven’t hit your article yet (came here first and the allure of having the top reply was too much!)


  2. say I’m crazy rangers have 10 mil left to play with I say give Hossa an offer for 8 if he says no resign jagr for 6 and avery for 3

  3. huselius, hossa, demitra are probably the best offensive players left as UFA’s. Unless they look for a trade.

  4. If they don’t sign a high end wing then forget about seeing hockey in late April or May.

  5. Mike from CT on

    I have been hoping for huselius since yesterday. think it would be a good signing

  6. What’s going on with Marty Straka? What kind of salary is he looking at if he decides to stay in NHL?

  7. after listening to the conference call, i took sather to mean that he was waiting to see where hossa went, or how much he received. I dont hossa coming to new york, though i hope i am wrong.

  8. I didn’t know anything about Voros or Rissmiller so i looked them up on youtube. There wasn’t anything on Rissmiller but Voros had a hand full of fights. Voros is a big winger who most likely will take up Hollwegs spot on the fourth line.
    Voros is a step up from hollweg but I wasn’t to impressed with his fighting ability for a big guy.

  9. Calling Rolston and Ryder high end wings is laughable. Their numbers can easily be duplicated by Dawes at 1/10th the cost. There is only one high end wing out there and that’s Hossa and with absurd offers for you that far surpass what Gomez and Drury got he’s not worth it.

    Our organization is very strong with 2nd-3rd-4th line wing prospects or young players already on the NHL level. Dawes and Callahan will only get better. Korpikoski and Byers are ready for NHL action. There really is no need to add any winger unless he could play on the first line. Hossa is the only sure first line wing out there. Maybe Naslund might regain his magic. I would think Sather will try to sneak in and steal him.

  10. the rangers need to resign avery. But I think that if they sign hossa to a long term dealthen all there young player like stall, dub,and dawes will get away because they won’t have the money to resign them

  11. Here’s a project for eveyone that I think is worth while. Or at least a bit fun. HYPOTHETICALLY, let’s say that the Rangers sign Hossa today. As an opposing coach or captain prepping your team to play at MSG, what do you tell your team to watch for, to expect, to protect, etc?

    3-time Vezina nominee entering his prime in net. 2-3 guys on the blueline that can move the puck up-ice in a hurry and log mucho minutes. Speedy center that will burn you in the neutral zone before you decide which way to go. Winger that the center can dump off to that can beat you from anywhere in the o-zone. A few speedy & fiesty wingers through the lines with centerman that play a great two-way game. Some heavy artilary with a sound defensive game to round out 4 lines that roll all-game.

    STARTING to sound like a handful. Just a matter of getting the right combos. That’s a trend I hope stops this season.

    Am I too much of an optomist?

  12. yes beer me i would not pay orpik rosie money but rosie money should really be 4 per.. i mean didn’t he have hip surgery? and whoever said we have 6 poke checkers is right on.. i said this team was in dire need of a physical d man.. if for some miracle we trade rosie to SJ and sign orpik i will be a happy camper

  13. don, I agree that rozy is $1m too high. Redden has more grit to his game than you think.

    I highly doubt our D work is done yet.

  14. Personally I would like to see the Rags sign both Huselius and Naslund. I think we could get Huselius for under 4 per and Naslund around 5 per. That would leave us room to sign Freddie Shustrom (spelling sucks!) and another defenseman. Huselius would be a great fit for Gomez. We do not need another center! Stay away from Sundin.

  15. What is Sather doing?!
    I hope he has something up his sleeve because as of right now things don’t look good.

    Roz 4 yr $ 20M….what?!
    I would rather had that hard hitting D-Man from Pittsburgh, maybe could have got him for less.
    I’m shocked at the years for Redden, he can be a good one….I hope.

    Hopefully “good” moves to come today

  16. Hey guys, I like Hossa, and he proved a lot to me in the playoffs. He is definite in the upper tier of wings in the NHL, but he is not elite. Just because he is the best of the free agents does not mean we have to sign him. He looks most attractive because he is the best in a weak pool. It would be like putting the Nasty 1 on a stage next to Steve Urkle and Mike Ricci and asking a crowded room of female onlookers who they want to sleep with. Catch my drift? I’m not saying that I would not want the guy on my team, but the price would have to be decent.

  17. look up to the right; at that poll thats been displayed on this page for a month

    1st pair d-man is what we voted on as top priority…check

    re-sign avery #2
    re-rign jagr #3

    It could all still happen…….

    by the way I want to say something about Shanahan….I know he’s older and slower than he was but he brings something to a team beyond numbers and BY THE WAY- just numbers alone; he has scored 52 goals over last two years;in fact this Hall of famer has scored over 90 goals in last three years!! he shoots the damn puck, plays way more defense than a Ryder or a Satan or for that matter Tucker,Huselius or Vrbata and all this while playing injured

    but of course this 3 time Stanley cup champ, hall of fame, charector guy may not fit into the Rennonites system or plans for the season……

    anything bizarre here???

  18. Tough call on whether Rozcivals contract is too high, there aren’t a whole heck of a lot of “offensive” defensemen out there. If Jagr doesn’t come back, maybe he returns to form and shoots first, instead of passes.

    In terms of the hip injury, I’m sure he was evaluated at the end of the season and its been reported that he’s been at the Rangers training facility since, they must have had a pretty good idea on his progress.

  19. Agree that Hossa and Jagr are the ONLY top notch wingers left on the market. Although I’d love to see Cheechoo playing with Gomez.

  20. I don’t know kaspar. It’s pretty obvious that he’s lost a few, no, a bunch of steps. The games getting faster and faster, and he’s getting slower and slower. You can’t deny that his production isn’t bad at all for a player of his age. But there are guys in the system that we either need to battle-test, or trade for more picks to extend their ‘shelf-life’ in the AHL.

  21. Blue404Seats on

    “and whoever said we have 6 poke checkers is right on.”

    Not quite. Granted we don’t have a big bruiser in the backfield like we all want(a la Beukaboom)throwing people out from in front of the net, we have guys that play tough enough. Staal definitely throws the body. Redden is physical. Tuytin and Girardi arent afraid to hit (just have to remember not to take themselves out of the play). Our defense is very structured, and most likely a big defensemen shadowing guys (Komisarek) will disrupt that.

  22. Blue404Seats on

    “Agree that Hossa and Jagr are the ONLY top notch wingers left on the market. Although I’d love to see Cheechoo playing with Gomez.”

    Cheechoo should not be considered “top notch”… despite his nice scoring touch around the net and that one 50-something goal season he was playing with Mr. Joe Thorton.

  23. Do you put Hossa in the same league and Kovalchuk and Datsyuk?

    Salt, has your tune changed since last year when we were rumored to get Hossa? You seemed to be one of the people on here who were dead against it.

  24. Hossa is an elite player, he changes the dynamic of the team the second he’s in the lineup on both sides of the puck.

    He certainly helped his own cause by finally having decent playoffs this year. I wonder if GMs are weighing that history of not performing in the playoffs before they spend $7-8-9-10mn on him.

  25. Idk why people say he’s getting slower. Shanny’s one of those guys who if he played into his 50’s no one would tell him to retire. Yes, he’s an old guy, and as the game gets faster and faster he doesn’t check up, but still..He’s got a GREAT shot, he’s a born Leader. If Jagr leaves he’s captain. If he would have played at least 80 games last year he would’ve been a 30 goal scorer.

  26. carmine sperto on


  27. Do you put Hossa in the same league and Kovalchuk and Datsyuk?

    Salt, has your tune changed since last year when we were rumored to get Hossa? You seemed to be one of the people on here who were dead against it.


    I definitely do put him in that league… I might put those guys above him on a micro level… but he is definitely in that league. Hossa is no joke, the only think you could really poke him for was that he was a perrenial playoff ghost…but he blew it up with PIT.

  28. It looks like the salary cap is going to keep going up.. the canadian dollar is doing very well and league revenue and ratings have hit records (ratings the highest in the finals since 2002).. assuming the cap goes up, Hossa at 8m might not be so bad.

    This is, of course, assuming that some cap space is moved first (Tyutin, Prucha, Backman, etc).

  29. I’m thinking that a defense prospect or 2 will be traded since Redden has been signed. There’s literally no place for these guys to go now that we have Redden, Rozival, Stall, Tyutin, Backman, and Giradi. One of the last 3 players mentioned might be moved too to get a forward.

    Maybe nothing will happen until camps start, to see what we have and then a trade might happen for a winger.

  30. I’d say Hossa is elite also. He’s averaged about 37 goals/season. Not too shabby.

    (Shanny, Avery,Jags?)

    ALL wingers. 9 of them. It’s pretty obvious that our team will look quite different come opening night. B/c not 1 of those guys are a 1st line winger.

    Let’s not forget about Korpi, Moore, Anisimov(if moved), byers, grachev….will there be ANY rookies in the lineup after there were 5/6 last season?

    Just trying to make sure everyone realizes that what we see today is NOT the ’08-’09 Rangers.

  31. Sam- What great updates I can’t applaud you enough!

    I am appalled with all the Ranger fans who want to sign all the FA’s out there…What? You want Sundin, Hossa, and Jagr on your first line, NAslund, Demitra and Gomez on your second…that makes me sick…we signed the two biggest FA’s last year, we signed Redden already…lock up Jagr and Avery (if we don’t sign Avery I think every Ranger fan should boo Slats…you don’t trade away fan favorites who are so key in Ranger victories) promote from within to fill out the roster…Sundin is a center and we don’t need centers…I’ve never seen a rookie improve as dramatically in one season as Dubinsky and he needs to stay at center and continue to develop, Drury plays his best at center…there’s no room…

    Most importantly, and maybe many will disgree…just signing players (I get nauseus thinking about those 8yrs of constant spending and nothing to show for it) doesn’t make a team,…good teams have an even percentage of draftees, trades, and FA’s…Sign Jags and Avery and it’s been a good offseason since we gout our defensemen in REdden adn resigned Rosival

  32. blue404 i respectfully disagree.. our d may hit but how many open ice hits you do remember? as beer says game is faster and faster.. need to nip the bud in the neutral zone which our d has issues with.. if you remember playin the pens last yr orpik had tons of hits in the neutral zone.. redden is fine but i would have preferred redden and orpik

  33. One more thing on my man crush for Shanny….

    At the slow age of 38-39 he was our most clutch shoot-out player ( until Dawes emerged) and lastly..

    Name another Stanley Cup Champion that began their climb by not re-signing one of their own veteran superstars who still produces, still leads by example and says openly that he wants nothing better than to stay on….

    Theres something unseemly about it that cannot create that good old karma….especially from a manageemnt team here that so far hasn’t even risen to 2nd place in their division

  34. Beer!

    I’m with you. Payed a bit too much for Redden, but everyone overpays on the open market.

    Redden, Staal, Rozival, Girardi, Tyutin, Sanguetti, Del Zotto – I love our defensive depth. Redden can teach these guys how to play the game, as well. He will bring along the likes of Sanguetti, Staal and Del Zotto as well Girardi.

    Although I am not the biggest fan, the Rangers play a defensive system, because of Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, so it’s probably a good idea to invest heavily on defenseman.

    I think the Redden signing was a great signing. The guy has been a winner his entire career, his outlook on the game will benefit the entire blue line.

  35. So if Hossa goes somwhere else, we dont get Sundin (which I pray we dont’t) and JAgr doesnt accept an offer from us and goes else where as well, what would all you boys and girls think of Sather signing Orpik and Avery, and THEN keeping Shanny around on a one year deal, with limited time etc etc?

  36. “you don’t trade away fan favorites who are so key in Ranger victories”

    Park & Leetch The story starts & ends there. The rest of the fan favorites are foot-notes to these trades.

  37. I agree about Hossa, I was not not saying I don’t want him. He definitely proved a lot to me in the playoffs. Who would you rather Hossa or Heatley?

  38. It better not be the 08-09 Rangers.
    If so….

    Look out below.

    Though I’m not sure what else Sather’s gonna do. I keep thinking it’ll be either Jagr and someone… OR Hossa. Neither of which really excite me. Hossa could easily dissapear again (bit of an exageration in terms) without Crosby/Malkin as his center.

    Avery isn’t even a part of this anymore. But you can’t start next season with Dawes as your #1 winger.

  39. And has there been any news on Struds? Where Malik is going (jsut curious) MAra? Sam Any news?

  40. I love shanny, considered buying the jersey, bought the shirt instead. But I really don’t think it’s a good idea to bring him back. With Side-show Sean all but gone, we don’t need a baby-sitter anymore.

    I think Hossa would burn out the red lights in MSG, but the route of huselius & demitra (JUST AS EXAMPLES) might be something to consider. Having 4 lines that roll night in and night out would be a lot more comfortable to watch than 1 line that HAS TO score for us to win.

  41. Lets get a few things straight, Rozsival was overpaid and should have been let go in light of Redden being signed. It also means Backman and Pock (as 2a and 3a guys) are basically useless and should be traded, if only for draft picks. What a complete waste (signing Rozsival).

    Hossa’s an interesting cat, elite or not? First and foremost, the best players in the NHL are probably Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Crosby, Malkin, Iginla, Heatley, Datsyuk…. Hossa doesn’t quite crack that level, but he’s defintitely a 1a guy. He can’t quite control the game and seemingly score at will like those other guys, but with a better than average center SHOULD score 40 goals, now that’s elite.

    Lastly, I’m at a complete loss for why Sather wasn’t able to get either Ryder or Rolston and/or Streit (instead of Rozsival). These guys all took $3, $4, and $5million a year. I have a feeling sneaky Glen is trying to work something (Jagr or Hossa?). I’d like to see Naslund signed, but i doubt he’ll make less than the $6million he made last year.

  42. Hossa or Heatley?
    Heatley, in a heartbeat.

    Shanahan’s done. The guy made $5.2million and was useless the last 30 games AND the playoffs. No more freebies! Robitaille is gone! No more washed up guys making crazy money, wasting ice time and cap space! I’m sorry. Offer him 300K to work the front office.

  43. Right on Sausage, that’s what I meant when I said 6 poke checkers. Not only the neutral zone, but in front of the crease. I could see the returning D improving on the hitting. That’s up to the coaches. After yesterday, I think JJ coming back is more important for the upcoming season. There’s no reason why he can’t put up better #’s with an improved Duby.

  44. Sam –

    Do you thing Marcel could sway his brother at all? I know he got traded from NY but he might be able to answer questions that NYR might try and spin.

  45. On Jamtin –

    “He ranked fourth on the team in goals (17), ninth in points (30) and second in penalty minutes (167). ”


    He’s about 25-26 years old and plays right wing.

  46. Blue404Seats on

    “blue404 i respectfully disagree.. our d may hit but how many open ice hits you do remember?”

    Colton Orr on Matt Cullen. Ha

    Perhaps a guy who steps up would be nice, but if you had to choose one aspect of defense wouldn’t you agree that a PP QB (Redden) is priority?

    Maybe Backman will get struck by lightning and comin into the season throwing his big body around.

  47. You guys are so delusional. Hossa wants 10 million and will go with the $. What if the Rangers don’t sign him?

    Huseilius is a CHUMP, sorry. He could barely keep up with Iginla, so how is he going to keep up with Gomez? Cheechoo would play well with Gomez (I stress the word WELL), but is not elite. What does that leave us with?

    We’ve got the D, probably too much and too soft, but we’ve got it. If no Hossa, re-sign Jags at whatever cost–it will be guaranteed to be less than whatever team pays out the nose for Hossa.

  48. sausage & 22 – just to jump in on that real quick.

    … 75% of the hits that staal threw (as a rookie) were open ice above the top of the circles.

    … the ‘5 men in the picture’ defensive-scheme allows the dmen to back up a bit b/c IF the fwds play to the system, there will be no opportunity for the dmen to step up. It would take them out of position if they did.

    … I’m all for beuk/orpick/hell, even my boy kaspar. (not you kaspar, the REAL one) But not every team is designed to play the same.

    … We picked up 2 big/physical wingers yesterday. see the ‘5 men in the picture’ comment for the reason.

    They’re not as soft as you think they are, and not quick enough to get back if the miss a check. The current dmen on the roster ‘poke checking’ is the least of our worries, that’s all I’m trying to say.

  49. Blue404Seats on

    “I agree about Hossa, I was not not saying I don’t want him. He definitely proved a lot to me in the playoffs. Who would you rather Hossa or Heatley?”

    Heatley… the guy buries anything in front of the net. 141 goals in his last 3 years.

  50. Hossa is amazing. He was the best eastern conference player in the playoffs. He does everything. His average is what, 37 goals a year? He can play two-way hockey (as do our best centers) and he actually likes to shoot the puck!

    Oh, and unlike other scoring threats I know, he plays consistent over 82 games, and doesn’t just start showing up in March.

  51. “Maybe Backman will get struck by lightning and comin into the season throwing his big body around.”

    I’ll start the rain dance now.

  52. … I’m all for beuk/orpick/hell, even my boy kaspar. (not you kaspar, the REAL one) But not every team is designed to play the same.

    So much disrespect in this post, I don’t even know where to start. That is the real one! He’s from vermont and made out with 65million (not sure on the currency yet) yesterday! ha

  53. I’m more about remaining a respectable team and having a veteran HOFer to teach the young kids like Dubinsky and Dawes a thing or two for the next two seasons. Didn’t you see Dubinsky flourish under Jagr? Or were you too hell-bent on how he ruins the team by not flying head-first into the boards during meaningless games?

    If they have the cap space why not spend it? That’d be stupid lol.

  54. “Hossa wants 10 million and will go with the $”

    I’ll bet you the difference that he signs with a winning team for less than 8.5

  55. OK I admit
    the offer was 65M Lira…i turned it down. Couldn’t even afford an Audi with that

  56. Beer, I like the big wingers. No complaints about Staal. With the D we have now, it’s up to the coaches to get them to put the body on guys in the crease. That doesn’t mean clobbering them, just get in there and tie them up. Last year I saw the D bending forward to poke at the rebounds and goals were scored on 2nd and 3rd shots.

  57. “Hossa was the best eastern conference player in the playoffs.”
    Pavel, how do you even judge this? Come on now, let’s be honest! Perhaps Hossa was good, but how fair is that assessment when the *only DAMN footage and commentary any of us saw/heard was about Crosby and F’n Fleury!!!* Ughh!!! LoL

    Those two weren’t the best then?

  58. sam – great coverage on the deadline…been working like crazy but still finding time to check for updates.

    on shanny – i don’t blame the guy for not wanting to wait for sather… i mean just because he’s turning 40 doesn’t mean he is looked upon as like a senior citizen. If the rangers sign shanahan he is supposed to give us a lot of effort in whatever is left in that 40-year old guy. Right now, when sather says “we’ll let you know after” he’s basically telling shanny – ‘if we cant find anyone else better, we’ll sign you.’

    Think about it guys & gals – if you were shanny, would you rather play on a team who wants you? or wud u play on a team that would be giving you a charity slot?

    Personally – i love our young wingers and i’m excited about watching them develop. But honestly, in my opinion, you don’t win a cup without guys like shanny on your team. Even if he stuck around and played the 3rd / 4th line winger and an occasional penalty killer – i’d still take a guy who scored that many goals the last 2 seasons over some kid.

    i think i’ll cry if he signs with the devils.

    THe rangers are cup contenders, we’re not “rebuilding” anymore that crap is over… lets win a dam cup lol

  59. SO, So far on D we Have

    (Just typing them out, disregard pairings, etc)

    These are our ONLY proven starters who are signed at the moment correct?

    -Malik is Def done,
    -Struds will prob be gone too.
    -Mara is a question mark
    -Sanguetti is a maybe to make the club
    -Del Zoto is almost certainly not making the big club this coming year right?

    So whose left to go after and who are our REALISTIC choices to go after?

    Im still hoping Sather makes a huge pitch for Orpik, and gets him. THat would give our D a real nice look.

    If we can get Orpik, then either Sanguetti makes the jump out of camp for 7th dman spot, or Mara gets a VERY underpaid 1-2 year deal

    Then that leaves us with who to sign for a top scorer:

    Hossa: I really dont see it happening at this point
    Sundin: Probably wont make up his mind til end of the month
    Jagr alone, as it will eat most of our remaining cap?
    Sign Avery for 3.75 for 4 years and SHanny for 1 year at a VERY reduced price/role gie him the C let him retire a ranger

    Not saying I want any of this to happen jsut trying to look at the options

  60. 22 – gotcha, can’t argue that. I thought it was all about the open-ice blueline hits. sorry.

    “Hossa was the best eastern conference player in the playoffs.”

    How did I miss that? Isn’t Ovechkin in the East?

  61. noonan, you sound tense – calm down. It’s going to be a rough season, don’t expect any “miracles.”

    Dubinsky was great with Jagr, i’m not sure why Renney took him off the line the first time. Actually, Avery-Dubi-Jagr was an awesome line! I think Avery had 15 points in 9 games with those two, some silly moves by Renney (also probably the influence of Jagr wanting to try different line combinations because Dubinsky and Avery didn’t give him enough accolades for his scoring ability).

    The Rangers ain’t winning a cup. Sign Jagr for 1 year, if it’s going to be a transition year. Not anymore than that – and don’t expect him to break 80 points, his hearts not here anymore (but his gf’s is).

    Beer, the reference was to Kaspar saying great Russian defensmen are coming out of VT and yesterday saying he got a 65million offer.

  62. why does everyone read into what Slats says, who knows what he really said to Shanny, or Jags. I will believe it when someone retires or signs elsewhere

  63. At least we don’t have to listen to “Rangers making run for the Cup!” over and over after signing Drury and Gomez last summer.

    Of the videos I have seen on Jamtin from Youtube, he is either getting layed out in open ice, sucker punched from behind or crosschecked to the back of the head. Seems the man is not well liked in Sweden.

  64. vogs, you said that too soon because I was about to comment on someones post (less than 20 minutes before you):

    “THe rangers are cup contenders, we’re not “rebuilding” anymore that crap is over… lets win a dam cup lol”

    Oh boy…

  65. Derf – It’s something to think about if you look from his persepective. But what about everything else OTHER THAN hockey? What if Wayne said, come out to the desert? While the Shannahan’s sit at home and say: “we’re staying here daddy”. It’s just not as simple as ‘one team wants me’ ‘ the other team wants me to wait’.

  66. “Maybe Backman will get struck by lightning and comin into the season throwing his big body around.”

    hilarious.. that guy is terrible..what does he cost per yr?

  67. Let’s not forget it’s still going…

    11:13AM Carolina Hurricanes sign UFA defenceman Josef Melichar to a one-year contract worth $1 million.

    10:20AM Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign RFA defenceman Janne Niskala, to a one-year deal.

    9:18AM Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign RFA forward Ryan Craig to a two-year contract worth $1.575-million.

  68. 11:13AM Carolina Hurricanes sign UFA defenceman Josef Melichar to a one-year contract worth $1 million.
    10:20AM Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign RFA defenceman Janne Niskala, to a one-year deal.
    9:18AM Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign RFA forward Ryan Craig to a two-year contract worth $1.575-million.

  69. Beer you must have jedi reflexes to know when someone is going to post an update as to whose been signed!

    Too funny, yesterday it was that one guy you were destroying all day, now I try and BAM!! you beat me

    I will concede, no more signing posts from me.
    You are the master!

  70. I’m very concerned about our cap situation and not just for this year but the next 4. just wait until Staal and Dubinsky are eligible for restricted and then unrestricted free agency. how do we afford them too.

    hate the length and size of these contracts


    and people want another one or 2 of those contracts. Staal will get a very nice contract within 2 years. so don’t just look at the current year. the guy with the 1 cup in 67 years might as well change it to 72.

    and I don’t dislike Rozy but his contract is insane. and within a couple of mos he’ll be getting the Malik treatment from the garden faithful (i won’t boo but many others will)

  71. According to (they’re still updating), we’re at, approximately, $48.5million and we still haven’t signed a top-4 winger. Is Sather saving $8million to pitch at A forward or two forwards? I would have preferred Ryder and Huselias, as I think the “team” system with *potential* 25 goal scorers (prucha, callahan, dawes, dubinsky, drury) is better served that way. But he may try to just get one 40-goal scorer.

    Either way – don’t expect much more to happen, we just don’t have the room. We can’t sign Orpik AND a big-time forward, signing Rozy and Redden basically killed that idea. Sucks.

  72. Blue404Seats on

    “… the ‘5 men in the picture’ defensive-scheme allows the dmen to back up a bit b/c IF the fwds play to the system, there will be no opportunity for the dmen to step up. It would take them out of position if they did.

    … I’m all for beuk/orpick/hell, even my boy kaspar. (not you kaspar, the REAL one) But not every team is designed to play the same.

    … We picked up 2 big/physical wingers yesterday. see the ‘5 men in the picture’ comment for the reason.”

    Beer Man… I couldnt have put it any better

  73. mikey – lol, all of a sudden it hit me to check. I’m just an apprentice though ;)

  74. mikey,

    if you are referring to me form yesterday beer and I were refreshing the same pages… and he wasfaster then me… what he just did this morinig was amzing, becuase those eren’t new pdates I had seen them a couple of minutes ago…

  75. Thanks blue. I won’t pat myself on the back for understanding something. But if the players understand it, we’ll all be better off.

  76. mikey, avery isn’t taking 3.75 mil.

    Were not getting orpik unless we are spending over 4.5 mil. Someone said how we didn’t get Rolston or Ryder, simple. We pitched offers, Rolston was probably less years, and they didn’t accept them. Others teams are going after these guys so its not like were getting all of them.

  77. True

    Thats been my question since the Rosi debacle and signing Redden.

    Will Sather waste the rest on Orpik, then split the difference with giving Avery an acceptable offer and throwing the change at SHanny for leadership, limited role, blah blah blah? If htere’s even enough left to do that?

    OR just try to get JAgr, Hossa, or Sundin and go with what we have and makes trades where necessary?

  78. Joe, I think alot of people have lost sight of that. If we sign Rozy, Redden, and Hossa (or a player making 6mil’ish) then we’re REALLY risking our future. First and foremost, Redden and Rozy are going to be 1a, 2a guys…do we really expect Staal to flourish as a 1b or 3a? That’s NOT what I was hoping for. Second, what about resigning him? Big issues there. Third, when/where is Sanguinetti going to get a look? Very little room for him when you’re paying all the other defensman $2.5million, $3.4million, $5million, and $6.5million.

    The Lundqvist contract doesn’t kill me. As long as he keeps doing his thing, he’ll be well under his value within 2 years. But the Drury, Rozsival, and Redden signings are truly handcuffing this team.

  79. Beer – Too Funny. Strong you are with the updates, MAster one day you will be
    Aggravaine – I know just trying to get some humor going, we cant get too serious, depressed, angry, etc.

    Jonny D _ I dont think Avery will tak eit either, or that we’ll get Orpik, again jsut trying to “see” what MAster Obi-Sather is even contemplating as there are STILL needs and money to be filled/spent.

    And that big suprise signing from yesterday that Zipay
    talked about? Was that Redden?

  80. Sather said he couldn’t reach Avery’s agent, now if this doesn’t tell you the seeds Sather plants in “our” (the fan’s) minds then nothing will.

    It’s July 1st, open market! Every agent is hard at work. Each bid, especially from a BIG market, drives up the price of the next bid…and you don’t think Avery’s agent was on his phone and had assistants man’ing at least 2 other lines? Please, Sather’s full of bull-ogna….

  81. According to – Backman is a $3.4 million cap hit this season.

    With Avery, Jagr and Shanahan still unsigned you’re looking at $14 million needed to get all three and only $9 million of space to work with.

    If Avery is out of the picture definately, that would leave $7M for Jagr and $3M for Shanahan.

    The Rangers would most likely deal Backman, Hollwegg, Pock, Prucha and even possibly Tyutin or Girardi in order to “free-up” money to re-sign Avery, Shanahan, Jagr and possibly Mara.

    The question is with all the free-agents available, who would want these guys, which is why trading Tyutin or Girardi might be necessary as a reason to take on the other players’ salaries.

  82. i don’t disagree true but you have to spend money somewhere.. we can always make trades etc etc to worry about the cap..i just think it’s important to get value..i think rosie, and you all seem to agree, was paid way too much..bad value.. as for 2.5 for backman.. oh brother..him and hollweg striaght up for chechoo..haha

  83. People are complaining about the Cap situation already with these signings. Cant and dont want to imagine the terrible cap situation we’d be in if we sign Hossa. Talk about disaster.

  84. when even dellapina questions the redden signing and admits he is not a true number one defenseman then you know its a bad sign. dumb signing. redden on last years team would not have made that much a difference but now he is the answer? and for all the good shanny did, he totally retarded the growth of Prucha, not shannys decision but thats the reality. until dawes shows me he can score 30 goals in a season, prucha is our number 1 winger at the moment.

    like others said, problem with the redden signing and then especially if we get hossa, is that what happens when staal and dubinsky become rfas in two years, we will have to rely on them taking hometown discounts, when no player probably in the history of the rangers has done that before. that’s the biggest flaw in sather/dolans team management, there is no real sense of loyalty that is unless one is paid top dollar.

  85. vogs Backman should be a 2.3 hit even though he makes over that this yer, because the salary cap hit was the verage of the contract… I think2.3 was what it was…

    I don’t see the Rangers making any more moves on defense right now, but that could be wrong of course. I think during the season and at the end of next year we will see some space cleared… Backman wil not make the team…

    Beer, when you referred to catching up on work you didn’t do yesterday, was that your real job or reading the a million posts after 4:30?

  86. gomez and henriks contract length should not be a problem Gomer is only 28 and Henrik is 26 or 27..

    The only issue I have with the signings yesterday is Reddens length of contract, 6 years is real long. I would have given 4 yrs.

    As much as everyone complains about his shortcomings riszival is 29 and they gave him 4 yrs he is a good player not great but very solid who has played a ton of minutes the last few years…

  87. Joe,

    right on and I love Shanny, and it wasn’t his fault but Prucha has not been on his right wing side since his amazing rookie year, and that was because of Shanny playing and Shanny eating the power play time as well.

    Now on the right side we have Prucha and Cally. On the left side are Sjustrem and Dawes. I don’t know what side Korpikowski plays and there is also talk aof Anisimov moving Drury or visa versa. Either way we have good young wings coming up. I just don’t know them all. I’d liek to see the young guys get time… the only change would be if the Rangers can get Jagr for two years (If they could get Hossa for two years and a reasonable deal (7 mil tops) I would approve as well… but right now I’d rather stand pat and give the youngsters a chance.

  88. Joe-

    Maybe the Rangers offer Staal a long-term deal in the range of $4 Million per season for 5 years to lock him up.

    With Del Zotto and Sanguetti coming up I think Girardi and Tyutin are potential trade-bait.

    I’m not advocating this trade, but they are both good defenseman with relatively low-end contracts for at least two seasons.

  89. Backman’s cap is in the mid $ 2 million range the average of his contract. not the$ 3 million plus contract quoted above. still too much and he needs to go even ahl.

    Joe my namesake – Sathers other problem besides loyalty is not thinking beyond 1 year no medium to long range plan in dealing with the cap. and that is a big problem. doesn’t help that his boss has the same mentality

  90. Stuart,

    I agree my issue was the lengths of both contracts (but far less so with Rozsival) I thought if the Rangers resigned him it would be three years… thus leaving room for him to leave when the youngsters, Staal, Sanguinetti etc are moving up. But four years I will live with.

    However he is a god deal younger then Redden and Redden got the longer contract… that is what I don’t understand…

    if you go to TSN and check their all free agent team Rozi and Redden were two f the top d men in free agnecy (unless they have since changed it) I think we did allright on defense.

    A lot of our draft choices this year were d men right? That leads me to believe we have a. a storng system of wings and forwards and b. we are getting ready to dump or pass on some of our young d men (not Sanguinetti but maybe Byers and some of the otehrs will be trades since we have a stable d corps right now)

  91. I have a gut feeling Jagr is going back to Pittsburgh…The only way he is not is if Hossa resigns and I highly doubt that…Markus Naslund anyone?

    Huesleuis would be the modern version of Valeri Kamensky…

  92. Backman’s only (and I use the word “only” because this market is going HAY-WIRE!) a 2.3million hit – the only way he gets traded or dumped is if Pock is brought up (.6million hit). Would that really happen, considering the team hasn’t trusted him in 2-3 years? Hmmm… (doubtful)

    Beer or Kaspar (or any other resident capologist),
    How do the buyouts work? What % (if any) gets held against the cap and for how long? Any links to this info?

  93. hey guys acc to Dellapina and including the qualifying offers to Dawes Sjostrem and Valli’s deal the Rangers are at 9 mil cap room left

  94. Jagr’s basically said he needs to be the highest paid player on a team. That means $7.4million. Avery and Sather are really at odds. If either get signed, I’ll be shocked.

    What’s the summer cap? $65million?

  95. agr – BOTH!

    true – These are rough #’s. But if you buy-out a contract, 2/3’s (or maybe it’s 1/3) of it counts against your cap for the remainder of the contract.

    Only worth it in certain situations. You wouldn’t want to buy-out Gomer and pay like $5m for the next 5/6 years. But to buy-out backman and pay, say $1m till the end of the year, you’d actually GAIN 1.3 in room. But be minus a player. Make sense? Again, don’t remember off the top of my head.

  96. I think Jagr would take a little less per if he’s offered the second year.

  97. Why the Voros signing? I mean what’s wrong with Orr? Colton Orr has been one of my favorite Rangers.

    The guy can fight anyone in the league and can knock you out with one punch, why would you replace him with Voros?

    Or does the 4th line look like Orr, Voros and Betts? Where does Sjostrom fit in? 3rd line? It’s going to be an interesting camp with all these guys trying to make the team.

  98. You can find the cba on, but good luck finding it within the 500pages, THEN interpreting it! Its brutal.

    The summer cap IS something like $65mil. So there’s no reason you can’t sign a player, rissmiller for example, then waive him after training camp.

  99. Beer lol

    Rangers 6830 I think so to, but that less stil puts him at 6 or 7 so we have to be careful and only two years

    vogs I think Voros is either replacing Hollweg or going to Hartford. Yea its a move that will get Sju and our other talented young wings off the fourth line. I am excited for camp with our young wings fighting for spots. If its all kids fighting you know they will be trying their hardest, becuase unlike with Shanny and Straka (I love both but still saying) this year the kids will know they can get second and maybe even first line ice…

    I want to se ethe hungry kids on the lines

  100. vogs, like the post. Camp is going to be very interesting. There’s a few things I’m thinking about as far as that goes.

    All these new players PLUS the prospects should

    A) help the competition level.

    B) allow you to select from a large variety

    c) cause the same problem as last year STILL trying to find some chemistry come opening night.

  101. yes i believe summer cap is 65mm.. i don’t have a link but i think cap hit is half if bought out

  102. when even dellapina questions the redden signing and admits he is not a true number one defenseman then you know its a bad sign. dumb signing.
    He also said that the Campbell camp was “laughing at offers under $60mil”.

    Campbell signed a $56.8mil deal. Form your own opinions. Don’t let others do it for you.

  103. agr – a possibility. trade-bait is a better option. How long are you going to hold onto some of these guys? If Korpi’s not ready to go this year, he’ll be on his way PHX with Montoya & Hossa(the shitty one)

  104. Beer,

    right on I;m loving the hunger and competition we may see going!!!

    I don’t know if the chemistry issues will happen though, without having to find kids who mesh with certain required veterans its alot easier to find kids who fall into place with each other…

  105. Beer which guys?

    on defense Tyutin and Girardi coud be traded not next year but the year after, depending on how our younger players are doing… but the young d-men inthe system right now, not hte ones we just drafted, and not Sanguinetti could be dealt. We have d locked up… within the next year or two either Girardi or TYutin (prob TYutin maybe both) will move or some of the kids we fear are being blocked will go… but not Sanguinetti they will have a space for him.

    Forward is different. If we make a team with a storng center and young wings on all the lines then I would hold onto Hartford wings a little longer… to make sure the kids present pan out… but start giving up a few for better draft picks down the road.

    I don’t know thats why I’m not a scout… but once the team is set after training camp the kids who don’t make it but are nhl ready will probably be moving or atleast have the threat of being moved.

  106. Players older than 26 are bought out for 1/3 their contract and the hit is HALF that ‘buy-out value’, for 2 seasons. Therefore, buying out Backman will cost $1.52mil over two years, or .76million per year for 08-09, and 09-10.

  107. I’d be curious to know what Marcel Hossa is saying to his brother about being part of the glorious Dolan empire.

  108. they can also give backman the kaspar treatment ie Hartford and avoid any cap hit on him

  109. Talks about a way to make our team look like this for the next few years.

    Vermette Gomez Hossa
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Korpikoski Dubinsky Prucha
    Sjostrom Betts Voros

    Staal Redden
    Rozsival Orpik
    Girardi Potter


  110. Guys like Moore, potter, byers, baranka, dupont, jessiman(haha), liffiton, sauer…

    We’ve seen tastes of these guys, and they seem to have been around a while. Though I’m not sure how long for some. If they’re career minor-leaguers, that’s one thing. And I guess no organization is going to come out and tell the fan-base that. Not directly anyway, but the aquisition of more and more FA’s would leave me to believe that it may be true for most of them.

  111. they can also give backman the kaspar treatment ie Hartford and avoid any cap hit on him
    LI Joe, isn’t that only if he’s on a 2-way contract?

    I think the only options are paying him ($2.3million hit), or waiving him (.76mil hit for 2 years).

  112. Anyone who wants Jagr to stay should be routing for Edmonton to get Hossa. The Oilers are one of the few teams that Jagr could literally go to and be the leader. And they probably will throw a monster deal at JJ if they miss out on Hossa.

  113. ok…

    I think an those guys you may be right, especiallthe d men, like I said the guys in Hartford now that aren’t the tier guys… they will be trades or just relaesed a t the end of their contracts, and the same should happen with Backman, don’t buy him out just send him down.

    Now with the price of free agents, if any of these guys have value they should be traded for future draft picsk..,. risky but its what has to be done, the chance of them making our club is slim so we shouldn’t let them sit until they have no value what so ever…

    That said we need to keep enough totalent o keep Hartford in contention and give our future picks a good taste of professional hockey. But I can’t judge I haven’t seen enough of them… and we have somhweer from six to four slots open in forward and two on defens e for these kids to fight over… after that those with value should be considered on the table, for draft picks

  114. Agg,

    3pm heated up yesterday because of the lag time between players discussing with agents, wives, and families – then getting back to agents, formalizing deals (different offers, years, NTCs, other signings) and faxing/signing paperwork, then reporting it to the news agencies (AP/TSN). News should slowly dribble out today – perhaps more in the afternoon if agents are working on it this morning.

    Nasty one,
    $8-9million in cap space left. Unless you mean Marcel Hossa, that scenario can’t happen because Marion Hossa and Orpik won’t squeeze in under the cap.

  115. So what does anyone know about our youngsters and their pk ability… I mean no Shanny, no Straka we have Dru, Cally, Gomez and Betts (but people are already talking about replacing him with Rismiller) I wans’t thinking of the pk until I saw that swap and we are still in allright shape….

  116. I was listening to the interview with Sather on Rangers on Demand and Sather said Jagr is waiting to see what Hossa does.

    So I think the Rangers are OFF the table for Hossa.

  117. 12:35PM Detroit Red Wings sign UFA forward Marian Hossa to a one-year contract worth $7.4 million.

    what a f**k joke … baby wants the Cup…

  118. Sather should get on the phone now and sign Markus Naslund to a 2 yr deal and put him on Gomez’ wing. Let our kids grow into some roster spost up front and maybe sign a lower tier scorer if need be to supplement

    Then Sather should go out and sign Brooks Orpik to finish off our defense:


  119. FiveFootZero on

    Avery signed with Dallas…4 years/15.5 mil.

    I guess he bleeds black and green now.

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