Penguins are interested in Jagr, but not optimistic


The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Rossi “reaffirms our own theory”:, which says the Rangers losing out on Marian Hossa means they will make a bigger push for Jaromir Jagr:

“We’ve been told the Penguins are interested in Jagr, but they believe New York will now make an aggressive attempt to retain Jagr, its captain.”

From a strictly hockey standpoint, you would think the Rangers retaining one high-end wing makes sense.

But what about from a P.R. perspective? This topic comes up every now and then on the blog, specifically whether the Rangers make certain moves in the interest of appeasing their fan base. I’ve always been skeptical. I think the Rangers know they have some of the most loyal fans in sports, and I think they know short of putting Brad Isbister on the first line those fans are going to stick with them (OK, bad example).

Having said that, though, let’s look at the other side. So far in free agency, the Rangers’ biggest moves may have been overpaying for two defensemen, and they just let one of their most popular players leave for an amount that, in hindsight, might not have been so exorbitant.

Now they risk losing their captain and centerpiece as well because in the process of chasing another player they didn’t get, they may have royally ticked him off.

So in other words, yes, I think saving face might be a goal for today.

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  1. Sather obviously wants Sundin, but is being pushed back to Jagr because of Sundin’s delay (in his decision). If Jagr doesn’t sign, we better be able to play a lot defense, because there won’t be many goals.

  2. Sather has lost it. I guess it really was Maloney making the moves all those years.

  3. Of course they should pay up for Jagr. Management could have had him last month, but they messed that up. Good for Jagr to make Sather squirm. Jagr saved Sather’s job 3 years ago, and has been the team’s leading scorer all 3 seasons, and yet they overpay Wade Redden, who played horribly in his contract year and was kicked out of Ottawa? And they overpaid Drury, who has great press, but is an above average player at best. Very logical. But wait, we’ve got Rissmiller and Voros now. Fire Sather.

  4. wouldnt Jagr want to end his career thriving with an Offense first system instead of this.

  5. Detroit’s cap…
    They’re only paying Zetterberg 2.7 million. They only paid their goalies a combined 2.8 million last year as well. They had three BIG contracts; Datsyuk (6.7), Lidstrom (7.5), Rafalski (6.0), One guy at 3 million, and a bunch of guys at 1’ish-2’s. Great team.

    We have:
    Drury (7.3), Gomez (7.1), Hank (6.9), Redden (6.9), Rozsival (5.0), and maybe another Jagr or similar contract?

    We have alot more BIG BIG and tiny contracts whereas the Wings had more in the middle spent on 2nd-3rd line players (and a deal on that Zetterberg extension).

  6. Sather better get some chapstick and start kissing jags butt or this team won’t even come close to scoring 200 goals

  7. Jagr should go … to end up his career with some great offensive numbers and maybe the cup … both impossible with rangers …

  8. How can Jagr be mad that NYR were chasing Hossa? A guy at the top of his game and went to the finals…..oh thats right…he needs to be the one and only, although he plays the last 1/4 of year only…

    here is the contract jags:

    We pay you $1M to play the first 60 Games.
    We pay you $3M to play the last 20 games and post season
    we pay you addition $2M if you ever lead us to the finals

    Dont like that? Bye Bye

  9. Rangers6830 on

    If Jagr leaves we are screwed and if he ends up in Pittsburgh we are really screwed. Nice going Sather, better start sending Jagr some flowers with a I’m sorry card.

  10. I can see us getting Jagr and Naslund. I know there is still a lot of talk of Sundin, but we really don’t need another center. Naslund still has good finishing ability and a good set of wheels on him. I think there could have been good chemistry between Sundin and Jagr, but there is no way we can afford that now. I was starting to kind of not mind Glen Sather after watching him add some veterans and bring in some kids, but now I am not sure what to think. Unless there is a trade brewing that we don’t know about I have no idea what to think. We didn’t get a big banging defenseman and we didn’t get physical wingers that will make much of a difference. What the hell did we really do. I do like Redden and think we will see some good things from him, but the amount we paid and amount of years we gave him just seems silly. At least defensemen are more known to mature later and get better with experience with age. I am hoping that this really is the case with good old Wade.

  11. Columbus trades Zherdev and Dan Fritsche to the Rangers for Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman.


    saw it on hockeybuzz…someone posted it

  12. I don’t want Jagr and I definitely didn’t want Rosival and Sather pays Rosival 5 mil per year. Redden
    ok but not at that ridiculous contract he received. It appears Maloney was the guy who turned the rangers around and now he is gone Sather is back to killing the franchise.

  13. Slats' Son in law on

    Sam – I don’t comment at all under normal circumstances ,but I am however taking issue (albeit a small one) with the way you worded Sather over paying for 2 defenseman. He did. I will not disagree with you there. But he had to do it.If he doesnt overpay them , he loses out on both of them. All of the GM’s are paying way too much for their free agents this year.

    I think that point needs to be made. While I am not a huge fan of Sather’s , he did what he had to do.

    Would anyone rather be holding the proverbial bag today with nothing in it , or have paid more than we thought for helping solidify the defense?

  14. “Columbus trades Zherdev and Dan Fritsche to the Rangers”
    TSN is reporting this also, no details yet.

  15. yea guys… I am still trying to confirm Fahey, zI don’t see a thing about a trade… but I don’t have any hockey radio or anything now I can’t find anything on the internet

  16. Doodie Machetto on



    WOW! This actually redeems Sather for me this offseason. AWESOME. I think Tyutin was well on his way to being the new Malik, and well, let’s face it, Backman sucks.


  17. Just when I knock sather he makes this trade, maybe I should knock him some more, LOL!!!

  18. Scotty Bowman on

    come on, Sam. signing Jagr would be for one reason only, to placate the corporate dummies who don’t know a hockey puck from a bagel, but need a “big name” to buy tickets in the high price luxury seats.

  19. Someone posted an answer saying that the Wings get paid under the table, it is no secret !!!

    I can´t believe this….

  20. Rangers6830 on

    That’s what Zipay says so far about the possibilty that Fahey is a Ranger… but not confirmed..

    Reports circulating that AHL Chicago Wolves d-man Brian Fahey has agreed to a deal…I have not confirmed

  21. Agravaine
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    go to home page right at top, only test so far….

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