And now, Plan B


Update, 2:22 p.m.: I went again with the grilled chicken sandwich wrap. That’s four straight days of the same sandwich, and today I didn’t even have spinach to put in it. This is relevant why? It’s not. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from relevant. But it’s my way of saying I’m waiting for things to unfold just as earnestly as the rest of you.

Update, 1:39 p.m.: Correction on the Avery total. TSN says four years, $15.5 million.

Update, 1:33 p.m.: Mats Sundin says “he needs more time to decide.”: My wife said the same thing when I proposed. I’m kidding. Really.

Update, 1:18 p.m.: Avery “is in fact a Star”: I’ve long argued that as big a boost as the left wing provided the Rangers, he is not worth the kind of contract he was seeking, especially the four years part. That argument is somewhat weakened given the other sums being tossed around the last two days.

Update, 1:08 p.m.: FAN590 is reporting that Sean Avery is about to sign with Dallas for his expected asking price of four years, $16 million. I’m awaiting confirmation. If this is true, I think the heat intensifies on Glen Sather to lock up Jagr.

Earlier: With “Marian Hossa off the menu”:, the Rangers now have to take a hard look deciding if it’s worth extending the Jaromir Jagr Era in New York.

But first, a question: if Jagr gets the sense that he was never the Rangers’ top choice, does he decide to walk away regardless?

Or does Jagr’s desire to remain a Ranger take precedence?

Oh, the intrigue!

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  1. The is more exciting than American Idol and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, combined!

  2. “But first, a question: if Jagr gets the sense that he was never the Rangers’ top choice, does he decide to walk away regardless?”

    please please please please..

  3. depends on how you look at it nasty. could be a blessing. we’ll see next april.

  4. I duno, I got hte sense Jagr was watching the FA show play out as much as anyone else… I hope the Rangers make him the right offer

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Personally, I want Jagr back, but not primarily because I like him, which I do. But if they bring back Jagr, Dubinsky will center him, and that means another year of top line ice time for Dubinsky. THAT makes me happy.

  6. just to make it officialer…

    1:00PM Calgary Flames sign UFA defenceman Jim Vandermeer (undisclosed) and UFA forward Curtis Glencross (undisclosed).
    12:45PM Vancouver Canucks sign UFA goaltender Curtis Sanford. (Undisclosed)
    12:35PM Detroit Red Wings sign UFA forward Marian Hossa to a one-year contract worth $7.4 million.

  7. apparently there’s a dallas radio station reporting 4yr/16mil for avery. we’ll see if it’s true. source? an email from my bro.

  8. repost

    The more I wait the more I dont want Jagr back…..
    plays at 1/2 speed admittedly…wants full pay
    wants hi-est pay as well?
    and still wants 20-25 minutes of ice time!!
    we just gave Rozy $5M for what so he can keep looking for Jags to pass off to him?

  9. Doodie, yes it does, and I wonder who will emerge as the top left wing… I really am excited to see the young guys fight it out… but we need to get Jagr back

  10. To finish my thought from the last thread.

    After Hossa/gaborick, you drop down to

    the sedins
    I’d list Zetterberg, but if he left Det, I’d shit myself.

    There’s a bunch of RFA’s, but who knows with those guys.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Peace out Avery! Enjoy Texas where everyone will hate you because you’re such a fruit!

  12. You know what? I liked avery’s spirit and determination as a blueshirt. Helped give us an identity.

    But overpaying one guy, then another, then another, then another, then another doesn’t make it right. Somone was going to be the odd man out.

    I don’t think vogue gives a shit about cowboy hats Sean.

  13. Let me get this straight, by not seeming like the Rangers first choice, Jagr may not have the “desire” to play for the Rangers? As if his regular season production wasn’t already an indictment on his desire!! Can we move on from Jagr, puuuuleeeeeeeeeze!!! Without Jags, Rozy scores 20 goals!!! Maybe more with shots from the point on the PP w/out having to continuously pass off to the half boards to Jagr. Let’s move on from Jagr already and re-tool the team around Gomez AND Captain Drury!!!

  14. Avery is a big loss. He was the heart of this team when in the lineup. Very foolish move by Sather. Now watch him sign Petr Nedved.

  15. Now only if hollweg could stick handle, pass, skate, shoot, charge the net, play defense, dress better and tell dirtier in-game jokes he could replace Avery easily

  16. Can’t hate Avery for taking the contract. $1mn more is $1mn more and it sounds like more then one team was willing to step it up. Not to mention that the cost of living and taxes are cheaper in Dallas. And there’s tons of hot chicks. I get it.

  17. Sindy Crawford on

    i guess im just being way too optimistic but I dont see it on TSN’s signing thing yet

  18. I really think we as fans were in the dark about how much of a distraction Avery was to his teamates, off the ice.

  19. the Post had the Rangers passing on Orpik and went for Redden..then again the Post is the Post. For what it’s worth.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Ok, let’s be serious here. This team ain’t winning the cups this year. Look at the bright side to having Jagr here: Dubinsky! Otherwise he gets buried on the 3rd line with two dregs as his wings.

  21. Hey, wasnt Avery liked to the presidents other daughter. Now I get the Texass thing.

  22. Jagr or bust….

    Mats Sundin needs more time to decided his future, releasing the following statement.

    “I would like to thank all the teams who have expressed such sincere interest in my services.”

    “The numerous options provided to me were impressive and I have no doubt that each one presented a unique opportunity for me to finish my career in a terrific hockey environment.

    “I spent a great deal of time yesterday reflecting upon the teams who stepped forward and the opportunities that each provided.”

    “Unfortunately, I am simply not close to being ready to make a decision about resuming my career at this time.”

    “I wish all the teams the very best and thank them for their interest.”

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Matt: that has to be the worst suggestion out of anyone. Shanahan should retire. Period. I think you might be the only person here who thinks Shanahan should return.

  24. Eklund says Jagr to Edmonton a Done Deal
    eklund knows about as much as a retarded taiwanise kid trying to order a double 1/4 pounder without cheese at a mcdonalds in downtown newark.

  25. Sather blows he better sign jagr he should have offered avery 3 mil he would have took it and stayed here

  26. I been saing resign Jagr this whole time… I still hope it happens…in fairness though I don’t think Dubie will be with dregs on the third line if Jagr doesn’t come back, I am excited to see our kids play…

  27. I don;t think Sundin is retiring yet, just not accepting any offers at this moment, so consider him off the market

  28. GuitarWizard on

    “Personally, I want Jagr back, but not primarily because I like him, which I do. But if they bring back Jagr, Dubinsky will center him, and that means another year of top line ice time for Dubinsky. THAT makes me happy.”

    And it also means we’re throwing away $7 Mil for Drury to play 3rd line minutes…

  29. 1:22PM Dallas Stars sign UFA Forward Sean Avery to a four-year, $15.5 million contract.

  30. avery is not worth that money and I still think he had many games where he simply didnt show, even after he had caused a distraction or talked big. at least he’s in Texas, not LI.

    Naslund could help. Shanny? No thanks.

    Please, Slats, ORPIK.

  31. I was never for signing sundin, just posting cause I saw it any nobody else had mentioned it, Hoping it makes the Rangers STOP waiting for him and just sign Jags already

  32. Hossa took 1 yr.. so do not give avery a pass, Hossa could have gotten more years in a blink. he went tp the Wings by far the best operation in hockey..

    2008-2009 cup to the WIngs, Holland is a genius..

    Avery took the cash, he is like 95% of the other players that is the fact. If Jagr goes to Pitt. the Rangers are screwed..

    I do not see the rangers any better then this yr. next, then again I thought they should have been the 2nd best team in the east but guys underperformed…

    IF Jagr goes to Edmonton that is a joke……

  33. Jags and Naslund shud now be signed. Put Drury on the wing with Gomez and have Naslund center Jags.

  34. besides Henrik on certain nights, Avery was the only exciting thing happening with this boring-ass Renney system team??
    Doodie; I’m the other guy that likes Shanahan

  35. That pi$$es me off about Avery. He was given a home in NYC when the rest of the league wouldn’t touch him, played with Jagr and Shanny on their lines and made a name for himself. Then once his contract’s up he tells the Rangers either put up or shut up.

    Later Aves. Thanks for being a sell-out.

  36. i am not tapped into anything sensitive but seems really weird to me orpik isn’t signed yet.. not sure why..i can continue my dream for the moment of rosie to SJ for chechoo and orpik signed

  37. Rangers need Jagr. Where else is that 9 million going to go? Not spend it? Naslund? Please.

    Give him 7.4 two years and then let it be over.

  38. Craig
    July 2nd, 2008 at 12:36 pm
    Jags and Naslund shud now be signed. Put Drury on the wing with Gomez and have Naslund center Jags.

    That’s what I’ve been saying, why not put Drury on wing with Gomez.

  39. when informed of Avery signing with Dallas Kaspar’s girfriend responded…

    “Bunch of stupid Dumasses”

    Dont know whether she meant Rangers or….all of us?

  40. Avery isn’t a sellout; Sather didn’t want him. He called him detremetal to the team and low-balled him at less than 3 million I’m guessing.

    BeerMe, you really want Jagr going to a division rival? Especially an ungrateful Pittsburgh team?

  41. Matt, your cap numbers are off buddy. They have $8.0-8.5million before possibly dumping Backman, which might save $1.6million.

    I love some of the posts today – just great.

    Avery will be a perfect fit in Dallas. He’ll jump right in that rivalry with Detroit and I bet they both go to the West Finals.

    Shanahan’s done, please. Cap space is too precious to waste on him.

    Orpik, Jagr, and Naslund can’t all be signed!!! I miss the weeks of old when people actually loved the sport and the game, made conversations easier than talking with people who only love the team.

  42. EXCELLENT point vogs. Probably the best I’ve heard on the topic, bar none. Well done.

    Like salty said, he’s a queef. Anything more than a 2yr deal was a huge mistake.

  43. I have a great idea, lets get rid of fan favorites EVERY year. Thats a good way to keep your fan base happy.

    Thanks for spending improperly, Glen.

  44. Avery was NEVER offered $3.35million – and if he was it was never made public, whoever wrote it here was stretching the truth or received bad info.

    Regarldess, if you could make an extra $6.1million, wouldn’t you?

  45. good deal for Avery. To give 4 years 15.5mil to an injury prone player is a bit too much though….

  46. Why should Drury go to a wing? He is the best two-way center the Rangers have. That’s stupid. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

  47. I really don’t care where he goes. This team was his with all his buddies 3 years ago, then slowly built to change direction. Resigning him is the complete opposite direction that the team should be headed. In a long-term situation that is.

  48. Avery also got a partial no movement clause… it’s like he struck gold and Brett Hull has no brain.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, but seriously. Does anyone think Avery is worth the contract he got?

  50. Avery had ONE season with injuries – nonetheless, I’m not happy the Rangers let him go but for that money he’s not worth it.

    This team can’t be built around “fan favorites” or “winners.” It’s gotta be built on people who work hard and have the skill to play a team system and produce when they are offered that chance.

    Drury would go to wing hoping to get more offensive production from him and to get a better puck-carrier into his spot to setup his wingers (Cally and Dawes?)

  51. GuitarWizard on

    “That’s what I’ve been saying, why not put Drury on wing with Gomez.”

    That’s taking the teams best faceoff guy out of the circle.

  52. First off let me say that Sather has done a lousy job again concerning the free agent market. He shelled out too much money to Redden, and in my opinion signed him for too long. Waited on and lost Straka and Avery. Avery, according to the numbers, is what made the Rangers successful. There is a big difference in their record when he is in the line up as opposed to being scratched. I believe that was one player they had to have, he got under the skin of the other team, making room for our scorers and drawing penalties. Knowing this Sather still let him walk. I never though one player could change the look of a team, but in Avery’s case it has. Yes the signed players who are supposed to fill that role, but Avery is known around the league for his play and other teams just don’t want to play against him. Back to Redden. Sather gave him I beleive 6.5 million a season. What did Detroit give Hossa, 7.4 million. For $900,000 more a season we could of signed Hossa instead. Yes we need defense, but solid defensemen are easier to come by then a player like Hossa. If Dolan had any idea what he was doing we know Sather wouldn’t have lasted this long and would have been gone by now, this just adds to the list of dumb decisions the two have made. Unfortunately the fans have to suffer and there is nothing that can be done, thats what happens when you wait.

  53. Guitarwizard, why couldn’t Drury take the faceoffs and then slip into the winger role offensively and defensively?

    Beer, who will be sorry – Dallas? I think its a perfect fit for both. Dallas is a gritty, nasty, team. With Brett Hull realing in Avery’s ego, I suspect he’ll fit in perfectly.

  54. noonan-

    How do you know what Sather offered him? What do you mean Sather thought Avery was “detrimental”? If he was so “detrimental” why did he trade for him?

    Sure he used that in the arbitration hearing, leaked by Larry Brooks, but Avery took the Rangers to arbitration.

    Here’s the facts:
    -Sather traded for Avery when the LA GM couldn’t give him away
    – He got primo minutes with Jagr and Shanahan
    – He got rich on other markets which the Rangers paved the way for (vogue, etc)
    – He built this huge fan base here of people who would chant his name and buy his jerseys

    And now he just leaves because the Rangers didn’t want to pay him $4.5 million per season, only $3.5 per season or whatever, but I doubt the Rangers offered $2.5.

    Seems Avery wanted his money and that’s all.. forget everything else I built with the fans and the city, it’s over.

    Screw him.

  55. This (Pens) was the team that tried to lose at the end of the season to get the top draft picks. Which is why they now cannot afford to keep most of their key players. The direction they went in didn’t get them a Cup, and wasn’t the right direction in hindsight, so it was a failure.

    You, sir, are a conspiracy theorist! And have something against Straka. Who knew he’d get injured? He’s an underrated player.

    Not many players were worth the contracts they got, Machetto

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Nick, while I disagree with you entirely about Avery, I’m just gonna point something out to you about Hossa.

    He took 7.4 from Detroit because he knows he’ll win a cup. He wouldn’t have taken that little from anywhere else.

  57. I know you cannot threaten the President of the US…but what about the GM of the Rangers?

    This is friekin pathetic. Sather is a f-ing idiot and if he died tomorrow it would be about 5 yrs too late. I cannot believe the crap we got and the opportunities we missed.

    We took Redden over Campbell? We took Roszival over Streit? We signed a few scrubby 4th liners to take the place of Avery? Are you f-ing kidding me?

    Remember at the trade deadline when the only guys who would deal with Sather were ex-Rangers JD and Maloney. Does that tell you something? Metropolit to Flyers for a song. I know he’s a center and all, but still. How come scumbags like Holmgren/Clarke can get stuff done (remember last off-season) and Sather is sitting there holding his pud. Ryder to Boston? The list goes on and on….

    Sather is living in the frickin 80s, looking for the next 99. He should just crawl back under a rock in Edmonton and die. He is the worst GM in the history of hockey.

    Waiting to see if Jagr says F Off to Sather for being such a f**kwit.

    Did I say that I hate Sather?

    Funny story: A few years back my brother was sitting at MSG watching a game, I think it was pre-season, and Sather was sitting in front of him and he asked him, “What do you think about potentially getting rid of the red line?” Sather said, “That will never happen.” The guy is just a f-ing clueless idiot.

  58. Vogs, that’s not true. He was like MOST other players and went for the money, like other players haven’t left before? Sather offered $2.75million for 2 or 3 years. Avery got $7.75million MORE *FROM A BETTER TEAM?!!!* Are you going to continue with this nonsense?

    Nick, I don’t think you can equate Redden and Hossa…but you’re argument is stronger if we consider that the Rangers didn’t need to sign Rozsival AND Redden. Sign one, or the other, let Sanguinetti fill the other spot this year or next.

    Thanks to everyone realizing this team is going to be very different…did you just turn on Mike and the Mad Dog?

  59. “noonan-

    How do you know what Sather offered him? What do you mean Sather thought Avery was “detrimental”? If he was so “detrimental” why did he trade for him?

    Sure he used that in the arbitration hearing, leaked by Larry Brooks, but Avery took the Rangers to arbitration.

    Thanks for correcting my spelling. I don’t have spellcheck here. I look forward to your English teacher ways in the future.

    He said that after the season was over, which is why you don’t trade for players you already have. Man you look smart today.

    He was low-balled. He will love it in Dallas.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    “Guitarwizard, why couldn’t Drury take the faceoffs and then slip into the winger role offensively and defensively?”

    Have you ever played? Your defensive assignment starts once the puck is dropped. If you’re out of your position, your assignment is lost. And you can’t have them play center on defense and then a wing on offense. It wouldn’t work. You would be pretty crappy at both.

  61. GuitarWizard on


    Then you’re taking our second best face off guy out and having someone else in there for the 3rd line.

    In the end those numbers aren’t all that significant unless the 3rd line guy couldn’t win a faceoff to save his life. The main point is why we have to keep screwing Drury around to make Jagr a happy little boy.

  62. doodie – not true. no reason a winger can’t take a draw. It just gets risky in the d-zone. but that’s 2 dots out of 9.

  63. true – I meant dallas for the limited no-movement clause. but of course I have no idea what it entails.

  64. Cancelled czechs on

    who wants booby prize, plan B Jagr. nobody. but now Sather will overpay to keep that POS.

    Sather can go eff himself for losing Avery. this team will be as exciting as paint drying with tough guys like Rosi cheeks the pansy on D again.

  65. Doodie, please tell me your joking.

    Drury couldn’t stay low with the centerman while Gomez covers the possible pass back to the point? And when they break out of the zone switch coverage and let Gomez assume the center position – both carrying the puck and covering the center down-low?

    …have you ever played?

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    “It just gets risky in the d-zone”

    That’s my point. You can’t have him playing center on defense but then wing on offense. The idea is to keep the game and your assignments simple. The more you complicate them, the more there are bad turnoers and missed assignments

  67. Rangers Lines Next Year

    (Shanahan?) ??? – Dubinsky – ??? ( Jagr?)
    ??? – Gomez – Prucha
    Callahan – Drury – Dawes
    Varos/The Rest – Betts – Sjostrom/The Rest

    Redden – Roszival
    Staal – Girardi
    Tytuin – Backman

  68. Doodie Machetto –

    yes concerning Hossa your right, I was just trying to make the point that Redden was way over paid.

  69. I’m not saying Gomez is going to be good at playing wing, but he can learn it for the few faceoffs Drury might take (50?) if they played on the same line…that’s even if they deem it that important to have Drury take the faceoff (PP’s, faceoffs down low).

    Wingers and centerman switch positions all the time, do you ever see centerman kicked out of the faceoff circle? Do they “lose their coverage?” haha.

  70. Czech-Jagr-pos? I’ll take JJ over Avery any day. Now it’s time for Glen “anybody can win with that payroll” Sather to sign him.

  71. Korpi or one of the other LW’s – Dubinsky – Jagr
    Dawes – Gomez – Prucha
    Sjostrem – Drury – Callahan
    Orr – Betts – Jamtin
    Voros youngstr

    Redden – Sanguinetti
    Staal – Rozsival
    Tytuin – Girardi
    Hutchinson or Pock maybe

  72. Blue404Seats on

    Doodie wrote “Have you ever played? Your defensive assignment starts once the puck is dropped. If you’re out of your position, your assignment is lost. And you can’t have them play center on defense and then a wing on offense. It wouldn’t work. You would be pretty crappy at both.”

    That is correct… However it is more important that you are in position for the faceoff in the defensive zone. For example, the each center/wing needs to cover their respective spots in the defensive end. However in an offensive zone faceoff the other team is responsible for picking you up, therefore switching after the faceoff is not as important

  73. tyutin and girardo are a pair.. staal better be paired with redden.. and backman can go work at pats hubba hubba

  74. Congrats to Avery. There is no way he is worth that much, but look at the market. No one is worth what they are getting these days.

  75. Another early Golf Season on

    Jagr is slow, old, down to one or two moves. He clogs up the ice for those who have quick hands and feet and destroys a power play where moving the puck finds the open player for a one timer. He rarely backchecks and when he does he is last back inside the zone. His defensive game is nill unless watching the attacking puck carrier is defense.
    Why is it you guys think he should be a Ranger. Avery on the other hand although an huge distraction opens up the ice and is able to playmake in todays world. Jagr is a load.

  76. pjh – that’s exactly right. And you can’t justify one player being overpaid with 4 more.

  77. stop with the idiotic made up lines that include Sanguinetti! He’s NOT NHL ready. Not for another 1 or 2.

  78. How long until Avery blasts NY? Later today? Tomorrow? Right before opening night?

  79. can we at least sign mitch fritz i love this guy..who the hell is brian fahey

  80. THANK GOD Avery is gone. The most overrated player in recent New York Rangers history. I’ve never heard so many people clamor for a 15 goal-scoring 3rd liner in my lifetime. The cult of personality surrounding this guy was nauseating. If you want attitude and outlandishness so badly, watch the WWE. As far as hockey goes, his $16 million will be far better spent elsewhere. I guarantee you he won’t finish this contract with Dallas before he’s traded, waived or just quits playing hockey. There’s a reason why he’s been on four teams in such a short time.

  81. sorry about using Sanguinetti, its just everyone keeps insisting on him… fill his name in with any other nhl ready youngster it doesn’t matter… its still two slots for youngsters and thats the point.

  82. Wow…. instead of signing less level talent that can ACT like Sean Avery (Voros and Jamtin) why not just sign Avery?

    Another move by the idiotic Glen Sather who knows not what the fans want, but what Cablevision wants. He is definitely in the doghouse by resigning Rozi and not resigning Avery for that money.

  83. $7.75 MILLION junior bacon cheeseburgers is a lot of damn cheeseburgers! Altough, they ruin Avery’s girlish figure and he would never eat those, I don’t fault him for going after that much money.

    Blaze, so when does Sanguinetti get a look? Don’t teams sometimes “rebuild” and give more time to rookies than they may have otherwise? Sanguinetti doesn’t need to play 82 games, but I hope they let him see exhibition and some real games this year.

  84. You know(re: Bobby S)…It was this time last year that eveyone said Staal would be spending a year in Htfd. Well, he didn’t. Granted, he spent an extra hear in Juniors, I believe. But unless you’re Marty McFly or Doc Brown, there’s ZERO chance you know what you’re talking about.

  85. Beer, you hated on Avery for 4 straight posts…the sell-out, vogue, and blasting NY comments.

    Listen, I make fun of Avery just as much as the next guy. The Averyator 5000 will be a hit, check out the ad’s in vogue! But what he did was a business move, he’s no different from any other NHL player (except maybe Marion Hossa and Paul Kariya).

  86. I can’t believe the talk is faceoffs…
    How bout just getting the players we NEED instead of shuffling and filling holes with players who don’t belong…
    Drury wing…not!
    come on people…Shanny on the first line…I think I just shat when I saw that…he can’t keep up with a turtle…

  87. I don’t give a sh-t. you and others went on for days about drury. I’ll blast avery all I want.

  88. Let me clear this up so there’s no confusion.

    I DON’T want Jagr back

    I DIDN’T want Avery back for his asking price.

    I DIDN’T want Rozy back at all

    I DO think that Redden is overpaid

    I DON’T want Shanny back

    I DON’T want Straka back

    I think that covers the big hitters at least. For one reason or another these are opinions. Some are simple reasons, some are not.

  89. noonan-

    How am I correcting your spelling?

    And I teach history, not english. :-)

    As far as Avery going to Dallas – adios amigo. Take your money and run.

    Someone said Streit over Rozival. Let’s see how good Streit is without Koivu, Ryder, Higgins and Kovalev to play with on the PP. Come on people.

    My guess is Jagr was waiting to see how much Hossa would get for one-year and Jagr will sign for the same.

  90. true – yup. then I just started skipping posts with names I didn’t care to read.

  91. yumm that sandwhich sounds delcious… but its to bad there isn’t any spinach for it… that would have been much better, a little feta and its set…

  92. And actually, 50’s or not, a sell-out is a sell-out. Just like (I think it was Vogs, maybe) posted… Slats saved avery from hockey hell. If you’re a healthy scratch in LA, you’re in f’n trouble.

    Slats gave him a shot, he took every advantage he could in NY, set up his career after hockey thanks to the large public eye, then butt-f’d every fan that pumped him up and stroked his ego, and left town to fill his gucci wallet.

    How’s that true?

  93. I got excited to see a new update at 2:22… only to find out Sam and I had the same lunch. Haha.

  94. Vogs, the Streit vs. Rozsival comment is a great point.

    As far as Jagr and Hossa, it’s presumable that the teams in the running for Hossa, but which didn’t land him, will then run at Jagr for similar 1-year/2-year deals.

    The Hossa deal only sets the market, not necessarily because of the price, but because once the “big chip” falls teams scramble a little bit more for the second chip.

    Beer, then i’m glad you noticed my comment =-)
    BTW: we stand the same on every major issue. What’s the chances Sather REALLY scrambles and goes after Demitra? That would be a nightmare i think.

  95. Rangers6830 on

    Yummy, I’m hungry too. I just remembered I didnt eat today. Well that’s true completely I had coffee and milk.

  96. here is oldie but goodie to lighten you up

    Playoffs 2007

    team comes back from 2-0 down to tie series with Buffalo, team leads in last seconds of game 5 by one goal but coach, who uses “an appropriate nuetral zone trap system” puts…you guessed it Jaromir Jagr on the ice to defend the lead!!

    a guy who hasn’t thrown a check in anger since he was a young Czech….Drury ties game for sabres we lose series and Jagr hasn’t moved a muscle yet

    Sather gets angry at Renney and says I’m gonna do something to make sure this never happens again! he doesn’t fire Renney or dump Jagr no…

    He signs Drury

  97. Rangers6830 on

    whoops I meant to say that’s not completely true. Lack of nutrition has made my fingers weak for typing.

  98. Yeah, I am staal. I can feel it. I think I’m actually happier than I thought I would be when Avery left. Again, it’s not that I didn’t like him when he was a Ranger. But I want to see WHO the reason is when we win a game this year. B/C we ALL KNOW that it was Avery that won us so many games right? So every team has a player that’s responsible for winning games, right? That’s a fuggin BS stat and I can’t wait to cram it down reporters throats.

    true – we do, and most of them lead to…wtf are we gonna do? lol

  99. Slats gave him a shot, he took every advantage he could in NY, set up his career after hockey thanks to the large public eye, then butt-f’d every fan that pumped him up and stroked his ego, and left town to fill his gucci wallet.

    Beer, it’s fine.

    Your opinion is no different than thousands of fans in Jersey upset about Gomez, thousands in Buffalo upset about Drury and Briere, thousands in Pittsburgh and probably even Atlanta (expecting him to pull a Tkachuk and come back) over Hossa, Smyth on Long Island, Kariya and the Ducks…geez. You get my point. I just see the game as more of a living (a fine living at that), but still a business.

  100. So lets look at what we have newly signed, and will definitely be returning next season so far:

    Centers: Gomer, Drury, Dubi, Betts
    Wings: Sjoestrom, Dawes, Prucha, Cally, Voros, Rissmiller, Hollweg, Orr, Jatmin (does he even make the team or go to HArtford?)
    Dmen: Staal, Redden, Rosival, Girardi, Toots, Backman, Pock
    (Do Backman and POck get stuck in HArtford, get traded?)
    Goalies: Hank & Valli

    all I can say is uggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

    And we only have 9-11 mil left to spend give or take?
    PLease make some trades or better signings Glen, PLEASE

  101. Beer me!

    Thank you on Avery. I just lost a lot of respect for the guy. Not that it means anything.


    I want Jagr back. Watching him play hockey in the playoffs was an absolute joy.

    But if he’s not coming back then I wish these Ahole GM’s would just say so and stop playing games and get on with the team.

    That being said, without “The Big Guy”, there’s a big hole to fill on the right side.

  102. true – I get where you’re coming from on it and the majority of those players never get their name on the cup.

    Marion Hossa. Took less to win.

    Datsyuk gets paid peanuts.

    Listrom – took a cut so the team could add needed guys to win

    Chelios may sign for the league minimum to win

    You get the point with those guys, and they’re all winners. There is a love of the game and a desire to win in a lot of these players. We just don’t see too many in NY. And it’s a …. you guessed it…. TRAVESHAMOCKERY!

  103. Rosi will be just fine without malikinstien for a d-partner.
    Redden new team new start,he’ll be fine.
    Avery good-bye
    Jagr, 1 month in to the season we’ll wish we had him back,so I say sign him.
    Shanny 1 year 4th line and pp time. then a coach in Hartford.
    Straka no……….

  104. Power Surge on

    It is ironic that the Avery departure is TIMELY. Fats really has trouble axing older/infirm/overpaid/untalented players in timely fashion.

    Rozsival is a good example. Malik, Shanahan, Jagr, Straka. Strudwick, Mara, Backman, Orr, Betts, and Hippo Hollweg should ALL be gone, too. But Fats will cling to most of them for another year of what is “service” to him, “sacrifice” to the rest of us. As long as the bulk of this crew is still around, may we suspend the “Stanley Cup” championship predictions?

    Even worse, the signing of Redden, bad enough on-balance, floats Sanguinetti out there as trade bait for some 30-goal scoring forward. Talk about dark clouds on the horizon…… another short-sighted trade of a supremely- talented kid for old junk is now on the radar. This is becoming a nightmare summer for Ranger fans, with negative implications for years to come. Can’t wait for the GM and the strategically-moronic coach to move on – this is painful.

  105. TRaveshamockery, priceless!

    So if no Jagr who do you think Obi-Sather-won will target as our SUPPOSED 40 goal scorer?

    whose filling that hole?

    And also, is there ANY news on Oprik at all? Anyone?

    And ps, anyword on our other UFA MAra, Malik (hahah) , Struds and Shanny?

  106. One thing about Detroit, put together a good nucleus with a good system and players will want to play for you at not necessarily the highest pay check.

  107. Orpik signed a deal for $25mil per season for 32 years.

    Yes ladies and gents the ’08 FA market completely F’d the league. Jeff Finger is making almost $4mil/per. Jeff F’n Finger.

  108. “One thing about Detroit, put together a good nucleus with a good system and players will want to play for you at not necessarily the highest pay check.”

    Winning helps too

    Not too many people seen running to Motown during Stevie Y’s first decade half-price or full

  109. I went again with the grilled chicken sandwich wrap.

    Sam the Reporter’s priorities:

    1 food
    2 family
    3 hockey/golf

  110. Cancelled czechs on

    eff jagr and his personal agenda. look at how few teams are even interested in him. that is because he is a pouting, sulking POS who is washed up, but demands big bucks, and who demands that the team and the PP revolve around HIM. he has to have his posse, he cannot play with north south centers, he is a PP disaster with his ass planted on the right half boards holding the puck too long, not going to the net, and screaming and pouting if the point man has the audacity to take a wide open shot.

    but Cablevision needs to bring him back so they have a so called “big name” to nauseatingly focus the camera on 3 hours per game like the always do.

    gotta sell those luxury seats to the corporate dummies who don’t know a hockey puck from a bagel

  111. Speed Ranger on

    Cletus et al:

    Ranger fans wanted to keep Avery because the Rangers WIN when he played and lost when he didn’t. I get it, Cult of Personality, it’s good for the city and maybe the sport of hockey in general but that’s now why the Ranger fans who wanted him to stay felt that way.

  112. Jeff L., I didn’t know you were so educated in your hockey opinions!! I guess you want to see another year of Jagr-based hockey. Yeah, he has really gotten us far in the playoffs!!! Enough already, get over it Jeff. You aren’t very smart if the only thing you can come up with is to type the “F” bomb!! Oh wait, that’s the only word you know how to spell. Right Beer Me??

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