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If you haven’t read “this Bruce Dowbiggen story”: on a July 1 in the life of super-agent J.P. Barry, I recommend it.

It’s a fairly revealing look at the frenetic nature of the first day of free agency, and it includes this curious passage about the Rangers, who apparently now have former Phoenix G.M. and longtime Wayne Gretzky agent Mike Barnett on the payroll.

“As Jermain Franklin of TSN strolls in for the live TV hit, Barry gets a surprise call. His old boss from IMG — Mike Barnett, the ex-Coyotes GM — is now apparently working for the Rangers in some capacity. Once the king of hockey agents, Barnett is now calling to inquire after the reluctant Sundin on behalf of Rangers boss Glen Sather. Barry tells him what he’s telling everyone: When I know, you’ll know.”

According to the Rangers, Barnett doesn’t have an official title yet but will be scouting. The irony, of course, is that Barnett was fired in Phoenix and replaced by one of Sather’s top subordinates, Don Maloney. And now Barnett will essentially — although not exactly — be working in Maloney’s place under Sather.

The hockey world is far too small.

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  1. Dude…

    We’re waiting to find out who’s going to score us a few goals this year and you give us THIS?!?!?

    It is great reading, seriously.

    Now who’s taking up the rest of that cap space?

  2. Who cares about Jagr and Sundin at this point. I’d rather see the team go with kids and give them a ton of ice time, develop them, get a better pick possibly and then add a offensive star next year.

  3. bob I’d be more comfortable with one top line wing and the kids rather than having kids try to fill both top wings…

  4. I mean – do you see any top line wing in current roster? I don’t. That is why we simply NEED at least Cheechoo. Let Jagr go and trade Rozsival smart.

  5. I wish Kaspar… I would have tons of money hahaha… I just think he’s a good match for Gomer. Are we trading yet?

  6. 3:03PM Ottawa Senators sign UFA Forward Jarkko Ruutu to a three-year, $3.9 million contract.

    per TSN

  7. true – I get where you’re coming from on it and the majority of those players never get their name on the cup.
    Marion Hossa. Took less to win.
    Datsyuk gets paid peanuts.
    Listrom – took a cut so the team could add needed guys to win
    Chelios may sign for the league minimum to win

    You named 4 guys who stayed with a team that’s won the cup the same number of times in the past 11 years as the Rangers have in 82!

    Are you implying that the Rangers are favored to win out of the East and players (e.g. Avery) should take a discount to stay here? I dont think you are – but I don’t expect many guys to take discounts on a team that will lose in the first round.

  8. ruutu leaving is bad on

    jagr and ruutu dont get along

    this may propel jagr to pittsburgh

  9. i just want a chechoo t shirt jersey.. anyone else find it odd orpik isn’t signed?

  10. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Sam question for ya….

    If we signed redden first, is rosival still a ranger? I gotta believe that he wouldnt be. Especially based on the comments you posted from rosival yesterday it sounded like he was the fallback plan and then redden signed later. Do you think that is the case?

  11. Of course not, but you build a core of players, bring them up, KEEP THEM TOGETHER, and build on past sucess. see also: NJD.

    its a winning formula. Sure, there’s always the trade-deadline cup teams See: ’94 Rangers.

    But sustained sucess comes from within, and players that care more about the team then themselves.

    what’s next?

  12. Orpik is probably asking too much than people want to pay him. Some guy over at Blueshirt Bulletin posted a link for TSN about Shanny going to the Devs again, anyone hear this.

  13. Pavel – enough to know the story looks like its from Feb 7, 2008!! Duh! Sorry but that was just too easy.

  14. ruutu leaving is bad on

    because suppose jagr said, ok pittsburg, but I dont like Ruutu. well, hes gone now

  15. Scotty Bowman on

    Ringling Bros, Barnett and Bailey circus.

    now that Gretzky hanger-on, that in-over-his-head clueless Barnett is working with equally clueless Gretzky hanger-on sneerlip Sather?

    a pair made in hell

  16. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    he said that it took a while but he was happy when glen finally called him. He was happy to stay with the team that gave him a chance when nobody wanted him… yada yada yada… I think the comments were last night

  17. Parros, good catch. Euro’s use day/month/year (makes more sense actually).

    Pavel, it says that with the free agent market opening at the beginning of July, Jagr’s future (“the Czech” is what they call him) of coming to Omsk is still undetermined but not improbable.

  18. Someone keeps asking why Orpik hasn’t signed yet and if that’s weird…didn’t Souray take a month or so to sign last year? He took a Looooong time, it’s not that uncommon. Perhaps discussing with the family, seeing how teams shape up with acquisitions – maybe even tour the city(s) for a weekend? If you’re going to sign 5-7 years there, would make sense right? If Nylander’s wife kept their family from going to Edmonton and caused the nullification of that verbal agreement, I think it showed there’s alot of consideration that goes on in the background.

  19. what is up with the ecklund report saying “Brian fahey to NYR e5”

    if anyone else asked this I apologize

  20. yeah i guess ur right true..just figured he would have had a month to do that before july 1st

  21. Sometimes its the moolah doolah…or waiting to take the pay-cut necessary to sign with the team most favored to win the cup, or the runner up (Dallas).

    So, besides Avery benefitting, signing in Dallas is similar to the Devils signing Brodeur for a 2-year extension. Do you know how much less wear-and-tear he’ll take facing Avery an 1/8th of the time now?

  22. what is up with the ecklund report saying “Brian fahey to NYR e5”
    Asking doesn’t require the apology, reading Ecklund does!

    He got none of these rumors right.

  23. haha…I’m not saying it’s you specifically TRUE, but everytime I hear something trying to justify $3.8/per, they get weaker and weaker.

  24. yea I dind’t see anything so special about him, and he is a d man? doesn’t make sense because we have kid d men so there isn’t a reason to sign another… unless he is the one Zipay thinks will be packaged in a trade…

  25. Ag- I think Fahey is for the Wolfpack only. Hutch was a UFA so they are replacing him. There are another handful of AHL level guys that walked. So, yeah. Not sure.

  26. Beer, $3.87million for four years is way overpaying. No doubt about that – who tried justifying? We can’t be dumb just because TB signed Malone to a ridiculous contract.

  27. I didn’t mean it was you. just in general. I’m beat today, excuse me if I don’t make any sense. haha

    fahey?! you mean THE Fahey!? yes! jk

  28. Word is, Brian Fahey is an excellent skater…no wait, skate sharpener. Nevermind.

    zipay is probably just as bored as the rest of us. Making sh-t up as he goes along. But he HAS NOT said there’s a trade brewing for Cheecho. sorry STF.

  29. Kaspar’s rights for Cheechoo….
    Fahey for Marcel Hossa….
    Redden for Berard…..

  30. Jersey, do you meant the page?

    It says there’s a verbal agreement and a great chance Jagr will be playing for Omsk this year. Nothing final though, Jagr’s still deciding.

  31. “it says Omsk thinks he will defnitely sign with them and that he is just toying with the NHL markets”

    Thats what thier sports ministers used to say about the hairy-arm pit-muscle bound girls who would try to defect during track and field competitions….

  32. So let Jagr sign with Omsk and bring freaking Cherepanov to Broadway! No trade for Cheechoo? ;)

  33. I really hate this salary cap !

    How is this possible that the Red Wings with their huge payroll can accomadate the Hossa money and the Rangers need to send Avery packing in order to resign Jagr ???

    I don´t know the exact numbers but it is really baffling, isn´t it ???

  34. “How is this possible that the Red Wings with their huge payroll can accomadate the Hossa money and the Rangers need to send Avery packing in order to resign Jagr ???”

    Holland Good
    Sather Bad

  35. Speed Ranger on

    MikeyNJ —

    it says he wants to play then coach for OMSK, he’s just toying with America. See I told you, I wouldn’t want to know :)

  36. Bembel. Listen to the Kaspar, he’s entirely right.

    To elaborate also;
    Detroit is only paying Zetterberg 2.7 million. They only paid their goalies a combined 2.8 million last year too. They had three BIG contracts; Datsyuk (6.7), Lidstrom (7.5), Rafalski (6.0), One guy at 3 million, and a bunch of guys at 1’ish-2’s.

    Great team.

  37. I know that Kenny Holland is good GM but once again how is this possible that you just pay like a Zetterberg only about 2.7 Million ???

    Zetterberg would probaby get 8 to 9 or even the same that would Canucks spend on Sundin !!!!

  38. The Wings won the Cup in June they even get stronger with Hossa !

    Mr. Commissoner it is your turn to look after this because it is your baby the new CBA !!!!

  39. Ok, since Hossa is gone, Sundin hopefully retire, Jagr to Omsk who are we getting to play wings? What do you guys think?

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