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Before I sit down to write, a couple of things:

<li>As I mentioned earlier, Glen Sather made it clear that while there has been a fair amount of back-and-forth between the two sides, the ball is in Jaromir Jagr’s court. “He knows we would like to have him back. I’ve said that 100 times. Where that stands tomorrow or the next day, that’s something he can decide,” Sather said.

Curiously, Sather mentioned that Jagr is waiting to see what happens with Marian Hossa, which would lend credence to the idea that Jagr does have at least a feeler from Pittsburgh should Hossa go elsewhere. But that’s just speculation.

<li>On Avery, Sather also said he’d like to have the wing back, and said he was surprised that Avery’s agent never called him back. “I told him at the outset of things will happen fast, so make your mind up,” Sather said.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Sather is coming in much lower than Avery is looking for.

<li>On the subject of Redden’s disappointing 2007-08 season, both the defenseman and Sather mentioned a need for a fresh start. “It’s hard to pinpoint, but I think when you get the ball rolling down the hill, the snowball effect kept mounting and mounting,” Redden said. “We had a very talented team but it felt like we weren’t working in the right ways.”
<li>As I mentioned earlier, Stephen Valiquette was also re-signed. No word yet on terms.

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  1. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    We’re F*cked. 6 years to a 31 yo Dman!!! This is Slats at his best.

  2. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on

    I dont see how Dmen help when we have no scoring. Besides Drury or Gomez, If anyone thinks Dubi or Dawes can carry a line, never mind a team, you’re sorely mistaken. They arent Phil Kessels or Jacoby Ellsbury’s.

  3. thats what I came up with atleast.. I don’t know becuase we don’t have Valli’s numbers or the numbers of two of the other young guys, but they may be AHL anyway and not against our cap…

  4. Og… no it doesn’t include the deals where the numbers haven’t been announced… and I thought the website included the bonuses…

  5. czechthemout!!!! on

    Sather also mentioned he called Sean Avery’s agent Pat Morris and Morris never called him back.

    The bullshit spin from Sather has begun.Avery bad,Sather,good.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    “July 1st, 2008 at 7:38 pm
    Good! I like Vali. And there are no other better options IMO.”

    Cmon Nasty. You’re seriously going to tell me 1 million for Lalime wouldn’t have been better? Or even 1.5 for Kolzig! I know Cujo has ties to Toronto and as such was probably unavailable, but he only went for 700k.

    You know they are paying Valli close to a million. All we had to do was up the ante just a little, and we would have an actual veteran backup that can improve Hank, longterm.

  7. Yes because throwing clowns like Mara, Malik, Backman and Strudwick is a sure way to beat teams like Pitt. Wake up people. Also, did it ever occur to you that players like Dawes, Callahan and Dubinsky are going to improve offensively? Yes, you know in the NHL young players with talent often improve when they are 21 to 23 years old.

    We just signed the best all around defenseman on the UFA market and people are complaing. Dopes. Plus, this kid Jamtin is supposed to be very talented. He’s a swede and Detroit drafted him orginally. That should tell you something.

  8. Steve Schwartz on

    Sorry boys….it has been a good day. They signed defensemen who will help, acquired forward depth, got a good backup goalie and have money left to make another hit or two in the market. What did you all expect? They filled holes, and if JAgr can get 2 years at $7 mil per, well, good for him, but that move will make no sense.

    What you should all be worried about is the next labor negotiation because the owners will look at this and see these salaries being paid to a few guys and I already fear another lockout. Just a thought!

  9. Sather spinning the story in his favor

    I doubt Pat Morris wouldnt return his call. Even if Aves wanted nothing to do with NY his agent would keep them in the talks to keep his client’s price high. Ridiculous. Thanks alot Slats!

  10. Bob, the fact that Detroit drafted Jamtin shouldnt tell us something. The fact they let him go should.

  11. Redden is on the downward spiral now and in 6 years, he’ll be even worse. Too much money for him.

    Jagr better be signed by Sather soon… they need him. But I like Varros and Rismiller signings. If anything it means Hollweg should finally be gone, what a waste of skin he’s been.

  12. at this point i can’t see this team scoring 200 goals next year. on the bright side, we may actually have a shot at Tavares.

  13. Speed Ranger on

    Um yeah, Pat Morris didn’t return Sather’s call…. riiiiight. How much is 10% of an unreturned call, like, $0?

  14. I have read that the Rangers are one of the 4 teams that put an offer into Sundin and also one of the 4 teams that put an offer out to Hossa. There is no way we could afford both of those and try and get Jagr back. I am interested to see what Sather is going to do.

  15. comments on Redden via Ottawa message boards.

    “When everyone was afraid of touching the Prince of Wales Trophy, and he just lifted it up and skated around with it.”

    “Too late, I’ve been missing him for 2 years already.”

    “For me, my favourite memory of him will come July 1st.”

    “When he came out and got in 2 fights in the first game of the season. That was the last time I ever saw his old self.”

    “I thought this was a Wade Flaherty thread.”

    “His on-ice history is a mixed bag, but there is no doubting the quality individual he has been while with the organization.”

    “Other than the COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED RUMOURS AND FALSE ALLEGATIONS of illicit narcotic use.”

    “Wade on the ice when the other team scored a season ending goal”

  16. If i was Sather, id just throw whats ever left of the cap room at Hossa, who knows maybe he’ll accept.

  17. i know theres been some speculation about trading rosival and getting a forward from San Jose(Cheechoo)..but what about Atlanta? The lost out of the Cambell defenseman sweepstakes and they are going to lose Kovalchuk next summer. what about a trade bringing kovalchuk to NY? for maybe rosival, prucha, and a good prospect?
    and then well resign him at the end of next season

  18. I like Valiquette. He is a very good backup and we know he can take light work load and play a solid game. Also we know for fact thathe is a good in the lockerroom and everyone likes him. He is just a good team player. Plus he is likely very cheap.

  19. Roszival for 5M+/yr ugh!!!, Rolston to NJ for the same $…
    Slats you goofed badly. Avery? Jags? Shanny? Sundin?
    Not a good day in the long run

  20. side note…rosival is scheduled to make 5 next season…kovalchuk….5.5, according to sam’s NHL Salaries link

  21. Dubie Rules on

    Redden is currently a very good defenseman… unfortunately, as some of you discussed, he is definitely already on the downward part of his career. He’s maybe got a year or two left of good hockey, then 4 years of garbage. Of course with the ridiculous signing of Rozsival, the most overrated defenseman in the NHL, Redden will look like Bobby Orr well into his 30s…

    This team is awful anyway, as long as they can give at least 2 rookies significant playing time each year for the next few, then I’ll be happy. What have they got to lose by bringing up Sanguinetti next year? They aren’t winning the cup, so why not get him some reps with the big club!?

  22. “Redden is on the downward spiral now and in 6 years, he’ll be even worse. Too much money for him.”

    Funny, I heard the same thing about Jagr. Fool

  23. Dubie Rules on

    I forgot to add the biggest problem – Lundqvist is too good to let this team finish so low in the standings that they’d have a shot at Tavares. We need Bettman to step in and fix the next league wide draft lottery just like he did with Pittsburgh!!!

  24. “Redden is currently a very good defenseman… unfortunately, as some of you discussed, he is definitely already on the downward part of his career. He’s maybe got a year or two left of good hockey, then 4 years of garbage.”

    Yes because a 33 year old NHL defenseman who will play with Staal and have Lundqvist in goal is surely washed up. Seriously, do you people know anything about hockey?

  25. if someone giloolies sather redden and rosie do these contracts get honored?

  26. Man, its a good thing we have a lot of pshycics on this blog.

    Can you tell me the next few Rangers moves and who will win the cup next year?

  27. hey bob do you know anything about value.. who would you rather have..campbell for 2.1 more than rosie or 600k more than redden.. i vote for the former

  28. Redden isn’t on the decline. Did you guys see Ottawa last year? They were brutal, and yet Redden still was a +7 I believe. He wasn’t the only problem, the whole team was just bad. A new scene and he’ll be better. You don’t just lose your game in one season like that.

  29. Dubie Rules on

    Hey bob, how many Sens games did you watch last year? I caught probably 15-20 of them, unless Redden happened to have bad games each time, he sure looked like he’s lost a step. He was probably one of the top 5 defensemen a couple years ago… Hopefully he just had a down year and he’ll work hard in the off-season and come out like an allstar. I would actually love nothing more than to be wrong about it!

    I love the idea of building around Lundqvist, but in the salary cap era, signing guys to long, big contracts screw teams over. This cap isn’t going up forever. What happens when Staal and Dubinsky become free agents in the same year and they can’t afford to pay them because they’re paying old or simply overpaid guys too much money?

  30. Prucha-Dubinsky-Jagr



    That is a young, hardworking lineup. Very strong on defense, good on offense, A powerplay QB in Redden.
    This could be a good team. All we need to do is sign JJ.

  31. Cancelled czechs on

    right. they would demand Staal, cherepanov, and a top draft pick for Kovalchuk


    NY Rangers just signed Gazoo Rubbell….the martian from the Flintstones orginization for 6 years , $54MM……

    The Great Kazoo (TGK) has been lighting up the Stone league and is known to fly fast…

    More news as the story is updated….obviously say goodbye to Jagr

  33. Dubie Rules on

    Oh yeah, and I’d be happier with Redden at 8 per year than Rozsival PERIOD. He plays defense as well as Jagr…

  34. PJH, why have Drury play wing, he’s one of the best faceoff guys in the NHL and everyone wants him to play wing, Move Anisinov to Left wing, and move Drury back to Center.

  35. Dubie Rules on

    Since I’m in a feisty mood, pjh, do you think the Rangers can win the Cup next year?

    If you answer yes, you are probably under the age of 14.

    175 goals for won’t even make the playoffs… FYI, when the devils began trapping and won their first cup in a full season (99-00), they scored 251 goals.

  36. put Drury at wing to have more ice time by being in the top two lines. When its an important face off put him on and change asap… but keep him in top line minutes… atleast thats my guess…

  37. Dubie, im guessing your an Isles fan because Dubie = Wade D.

    Do us a favor if your an Isles fan, Get off our boards.

  38. Would love to see Orpik come to NY, but don’t know if it’s feasible, especially if we’re more in need of a winger or two…
    ‘With Jagr gone..WHO’s CAPTAIN?’ Drury…of course.

  39. Coke rumors? I heard the same about Messier.

    Redden is a solid d-man, and remember, Mess came to NY at the same age.

    Him and Staal are a good #1 pairing and get Hainsey to play with Rozi.

    Looks like Anisimov and Korpi are gonna be given NHL shots which is great.

    I my opinion, all d pairs need one good cop one bad cop (e. Leetch/Beuk) so the way I see it, Redden-good cop, Staal-bad cop Rozi-good cop, someone else bad cop, Tyutin-good cop, girardi-bad cop.

    Maybe Corey Potter gets a crack.

  40. Dubie- When did I mention Stanley cup? You should stop putting words in peoples mouths. Why are you being so hostile? I really dont know why you have to attack people for no reason.

    Also, I would move Drury to wing because he would be a the best fit IMO. Besides, he was terrible in faceoff pct. in the playoffs. He ranked 28, 48.9 pct.

  41. onecupin67years on

    Sam , great Rangers signings, book the parade now!now all they(DOLAN) need to do is jack up the ticket prices.

  42. Ha, I’m enjoying these “coke rumors”. Who cares? Frankly, if it makes him player better, I’ll cut up the lines for him on the bench so he can blow inbetween shifts.

  43. michael ryder to boston for 12 mill 3 yrs.. another good deal sather missed

  44. “Brandon July 1st, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    Ha, I’m enjoying these “coke rumors”. Who cares? Frankly, if it makes him player better, I’ll cut up the lines for him on the bench so he can blow in between shifts.”

    I lol’d.

  45. czechthemout!!!! on

    Too bad,Ryder would have looked great playing next to Gomez and on the pp.There is a major problem developing on the Rangers payroll.If they sign Hossa long term or Jagr for more than one year,they’ll have 40million committed to 6 players!!! Not Good!!!!!

  46. Sather hardly said anything interesting or worthwhile, so boring to the point that I actually forgot what he said. Then they put Redden on the phone, expressed how he’s excited being a Ranger, being on an Original Six team is great, basically the same speech I hear whenever a player is new to the Rangers. Then two of the broadcasters on the show expressed how they liked Sather’s choices (they only talked about Redden and Rissmiller though).

  47. “Also, I would move Drury to wing because he would be a the best fit IMO. Besides, he was terrible in faceoff pct. in the playoffs. He ranked 28, 48.9 pct.”

    You are going to judge where he should play based on one playoff performance here. The guy is one of the better faceoff men in the league. Overpaid for it yes, but his career suggests that he is a solid faceoff man. Lets not forget his injuries in the playoffs last year that probably led to the low percentages.

  48. “Would love to see Orpik come to NY, but don’t know if it’s feasible, especially if we’re more in need of a winger or two…
    ‘With Jagr gone..WHO’s CAPTAIN?’ Drury…of course.”

    I dont think it matters. We need all the players to lead, not just one guy. Captain is probably one of the more overrated roles in sports (thanks to Messier).

  49. $4 million/year for Ryder? Means two things: 1. They just watsed money on a guy who sure looked washed up to me and 2. They’re no longer in the running for Hossa.

  50. It says Pens closing in on Jagr according to thefourthperiod.com’s live journal update.

    IF Jagr goes I see the Rangers as a biiiiiig player in the Hossa/Sundin sweeps. I like PAvol Demitra and Huselius both can probably be had for 4 mill….Sounds good to me.

    Scary day tomorrow folks.

  51. If the Rags lose Jagr and the Hossa Sweepstakes, resign Shanny and Avery, Just get the fan favorites back. Shanny get teach the new kids how to lead a team and Avery can teach them how to piss people off.

  52. apparently the rangers are one of five teams that have a major deal out for hossa, so i guess will have to wait to see what hossa decides tomorrow

  53. If Jagr goes back to Pitt will they still boo him, or they will “love” him again?

  54. Hey All…how about Satan or even Fedetenko for a winger?

    If Jagr, Avery, and Shanny don’t come back how about a top 6 of Gomez, Drury, Anisimov, Dawes, Satan/Fedetenko, and Naslund/Sundin rounded out with Dubi/Cally/Sjo/Korpo and a combo of Byers/Rissmiller/Orr/Betts/Varros.

  55. I would say the Rangers are done tonight, since they met with the media. Just read that the Boston media had to wait forever because the B’s were finishing up the Ryder deal.

  56. hmmm I like Satan but he had back problems this year and I don
    t know where that leaves him… not sure about Ruslan either but I would rahter, if we don’t get Jagr… second choice Hossa, I would rather develop kids.

  57. Peter Samponaro on

    the last thing this team needs is to bring shanny back, that would be yet another 3rd/4th liner.

    redden may have a couple good years left, usually when both the player and the gm admit that the player is in need of a new scene, said player isn’t rewarded with a 6 year contract.

    besides getting a decent backup goalie, none of our needs were really addressed today. wade redden on last years team wouldn’t have put us over the hump, but now he is our number one defenseman, this is the type of move we were making before the lockout

  58. Peter Samponaro on

    satan sucked on the islanders, why do we want their scrubs, whats next signing yashin

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Ryder is being overpaid based on recent form, but if he, like Ribeiro, finds his form outside of Montreal, the deal could be a really good one.

    If they sign Hossa, we’re through.

    Just thinking outloud here:


    Dreg= your pick of Sjostrom, Hollweg, Moore, Byers, Orr, Vorros, and Rissmiller.

    Wow. Lot’s of firepower there (sarcasm)

  60. from the fourth peroid blog:

    10:08pm ET – B’s GM Peter Chiarelli says he’s out of the Hossa running.

  61. “Curiously, Sather mentioned that Jagr is waiting to see what happens with Marian Hossa, which would lend credence to the idea that Jagr does have at least a feeler from Pittsburgh should Hossa go elsewhere. But that’s just speculation.”

    Yeah, but now that Boston signed Ryder, they’re out of the Hossa sweeps, and if Pitts is closing in on Jagr, so are they. which means he’s coming here. In fact, it is possible that Jagr is waiting to see what happens with Hossa because Hossa may replace him with the Rangers.

  62. Just re-sign Jagr for two years. Much cheaper and will give us a little room to fill other needs.

  63. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Don’t see how we can add either Hossa or Jagr right now. We have around 8 million in cap space without including Valli or Rissmiller’s deal. Plus we still need to sign Sjoestrom and Dawes. We are looking at around 4-5 mil to play with.

  64. I agree just sign Jagr… Hossa is going to want a real long deal most liekly… a two year Jagr deal will free up money when we need it for the younger guys

  65. Kaspar,

    you really think so (about a trade)

    I would bet that with Rozi resigning and Redden being signed Backman will be in the AHL or elsewhere but not on our team… make more room for hte younger fellows again…

    just like signing Jagr for two years instead of Hossa for five… to free up room and space for our kids to come forward.

  66. Agravaine,

    That’s what I was thinking, in a year or two maybe one of the kids will be ready. We have a lot of long term contracts right now, smarter to keep Jagr in the short term.

  67. rangers 6830,

    yea thats why I think Sather should sign him, no more long contracts we have quite enough. I am glad we signed Rozi and Redden but not so glad about the length… but I will take it, there is still room to work in youngsters.

  68. What Trade is everyone talking about? I’ve heard trade awhile now, but no ones giving details. Who’s invovled? What players? This is important info when you talk trades.

  69. Matt

    I don’t think there are trades in the works anywhere, its just people feeling there will be a trade becuase of the way signing have been happening… your right about no one being specific so its tough to get a feel on what they are saying

  70. Everyone that bashes Redden I understand his getting older and his play has declined, but he probably was the best UFA defensman available. Campbell is way over rated and making to much money. Orpiks had one good playoffs. Streit is still developing and Commodore is average. The way the market was going that was what Redden was going to get paid by somebody else anyway. He is going to help us than hurt us. Let him play with Staal on the pwerplay

  71. Many people have been calling for Sather to sign one of the big FAs. However, suppose Cherepanov were to come over from Russia this year, a great deal of money would have to be invested into him, as the KHL would likely pay Alexei well for his services. If there were some free cap space, this would aid the Rangers’ ability to sign him. Also, several of the younger players could make an impact with Top 6 ice time.

    I believe that the signing of Rosival and Redden signal the exit of Backman, as Staal, Girardi, and Tyutin are the center pieces of the defensive corps. Potter or Sanguinetti could get a look at defense.

  72. I have a question… Streit is a year older then Rozsival… why does he count as still developing and ROzsival counts as washed up…

    not saying you said it, but a lot of people speak like Rozsival is an older player… he is merly months older then Campbell and their numbers are very similair…

  73. Jagr’s waiting to hear what happens with hossa because he thinks he deserves top dollar…. Hossa will no doubt get that so whatever he gets will give Jagr and idea of what he’ll expect

  74. To add onto you Will, it will most likely be Sanguinetti. Melrose was pushing HARD for the Rags to bring him up when he was with ESPN. Also, if you look at NHL.com right now, look who has his own article. Sanguinetti on why they should call him up. Sanguinetti said he loved Leetch, and modeled himself after him, its time to show us if he can play like Leetch

  75. They also came into the NHL a lot later than the kids do now so instead of Crosby being in his prime at 23-25, they are into their prime later on. Today is a lot different than a few years ago. Hopefully some good news tomrrow.

  76. Yea a lot of us are from New York we want everything now and when we want. Either Jags or Avery will be back along with another wing or defenseman. Prob need to shed some salary (Backman)

  77. I think i know why Orpik isn’t signed yet. See, i think we signed Roszival for the Sharks, which would set up a trade. Roszival gets traded to the Sharks for Cheechoo which frees up cap space. Then, with the new cap space, we sign Orpik, and Still makes a run at Hossa or two wingers. IDK, just a guess.

  78. Sad to Avery go. He was one of kind and would love to get him back becuase even tho the stats arent there, noone in the league can do what he does. He also sells out more seats

  79. I see Sanguinetti being traded for a top 6 forward with size who is young and not too costly. between our number one pick and now Redden that’s the only way this makes any sense. again I’m talking a young forward

  80. Trading Sanguinetti is stupid when he’s a year away from anchoring the d-line with Staal. From what i’ve heard ESPN ranks this kid highly, and ESPN HATES the Blue shirts.

  81. Sanguinetti

    GP 61
    G 29
    A 41
    Pts 70
    PIM 38

    30 goals for a defensemen..Unheard of, dont trade the kid

  82. “I have a question… Streit is a year older then Rozsival… why does he count as still developing and ROzsival counts as washed up…

    not saying you said it, but a lot of people speak like Rozsival is an older player… he is merly months older then Campbell and their numbers are very similair…”

    Its because most people come on here and don’t know much about hockey and don’t do any HW when it comes to looking at guys on other teams. They only see what the numbers are that guys put up, and in this case since its a Rangers blog, just what our own players do. They ignore the rest of the NHL and think anytime we don’t get a guy that puts up a lot of points, its a bad signing. It happen when you have a large fanbase like ours.

  83. my 2 cents.. Redden 6 yrs is a long long time!!!!!!!!

    Roszi for 4 yrs is OK, he is a good not great D man.

    they are counting on young guys to get it done u front, if the ycan sign Jagr for 2 yrs at $6 mill the yshould be done.

    Shanny said no one from NJ has contacted him, he wants to come back to NYR…..

    the campbell and redden deals are insane until the mega insane Hossa deal happens… I pass on him I take Jagr for 2 yrs in a heartbeat over Hossa….

  84. “Sanguinetti

    GP 61
    G 29
    A 41
    Pts 70
    PIM 38

    30 goals for a defensemen..Unheard of, dont trade the kid”

    Thats in juniors. The kid is definately good, but there are better. I’m not saying to trade him though.

  85. Sanguinetti’s only 20 though, he’s only gonna get better, unless he goes Pavel Brendl

  86. Instead of Orpik how about Jason Smith from the Flyers..he should be cheaper, he’s older (34), but still is a physical force.

  87. Jonny,

    I’m not talking about casual hockey fans though… I’m talking about guys who I know are doing homework… Campbell is the next Messiah… Redden is a Go, they would have loved to have Streit but Rozsival is the worst thing possible (allright second but only to Malik)

    I don’t think the Rangers are going to trade anguinetti, but I also don’t knw that hes making the club yet. I thought I heard they wanted to let him play a year in Hartford (a full year)

    If they keep Bacman (which I don’t think so) his contract expires next year and we have room for Sanguinetti then…

    I see either Rozsival or Redden being traded/bought out in two years tops… and probably Rozsival being traded… I think that was par tof hte plan with signing him… but I don’t know that htey will trade him now… why would a team take htat… the Rangers waited almost all day to sign him, anyone else could have up till that point… unless he didn’t isten to others because he wanted to stay in NY, in which case thats low of Slats to do (yet I don’t put it past him…)

  88. again re Sanguinetti iy would be for a top end forward prospect who is young. saying i can see it happening not saying i am recommending it.

    but down the road you’ll have 3 pp qb’s Redden, Sanguinetti and the number 1 pick. and down the road is only 2 years away.

    maybe there would be interest in Tyutin, Girardi or the new dman drafted – again youth for youth.

  89. These folks also have all the patience in the world for Mara, kind of talk about him like he is as young as Girardi but he is only a year yougner then Rozsival as well…

  90. LI Joe,

    I see it… but I think that Sanguinetti would be held onto, much more likely to try and trade off Tyutin, and like I said Rozsival and Redden eventually then get rid of Sanguinetti. There are I hear, a lot of good forwards in our system so the need for a trade isn’t that imminant.

    Any kids below Sanguinetti are more then two years away from the NHL though… Renney thought about bringing Staal up at eighteen and nineteen but decided to let him finish juniors first. I hear with Bobby they want a year in Hartford… if their hands are forced young d men will come up… but I think they’d prefer to let them gain some experience against adults first… not just in juniors and under twenty leagues…

  91. Power Surge on

    Backman is still in the picture? Sangs will beat his butt out of a job two weeks into the season, if Backman gets the job out of training camp. Why in the world would you depth-chart Backman over Sangs, at this stage of the game?

  92. I like the Redden deal – it finally gives us that true #1 d-man, and that he was a + last year on that team should show how good he is, he could put up Malik type +/- numbers but with some actual points and hits…!!

    We seem to have a logjam of 3rd/4th liners now, plus Backman and Pock there’s got to be a trade in the works somewhere, either that or Cally, Dawes, Korpikoski, Parenteau and Sjostrom are being looked to fill out the top 2 lines?

  93. Man I hope the Sather has a master plan somewhere inside his head cause today’s trade-mess is depressing the sh1t out of me.

    Overpaying Redden and Rozi… And letting Streit go to the islanders for 5 yrs and 20.5m. Makes me want to puke.

  94. Sam –

    Any talk or hints of a trade? A few people yesterday said that they “heard” the Rangers were working on something, and then it kind of died. Considering we now seem to have a plethora of 3rd and 4th liners, and no scoring wingers, is there any chance that there is in fact a trade in the works?

  95. Sather didnt say Morris was refusing to call back…he said he called him and he hasnt called back…ever think the guy was busy? I dont think Sather was trying to set the tone or anything, he was most likely asked about Avery and simply said he had made a call an d has not herd back yet. Maybe he has called back since, or he was on the phone with some other GM’s, and talking about he other clients and knows what the Rangers are offering. I think some of you read to much into one statment and dont think beyond it. Lets just see what happens, we know Sather has talked to Morris about Avery, we know Avery is talking to other teams, and all this guessing about what Sather is thinking is just that, guessing.

  96. I think Dawes is now a top 6 winger and maybe Cally too. At the very least they’ll get more PP time and maybe this sets up my dream of having Cally screen the goalie and Redden and comp take bombs from the point.

    Korpo’s gonna be a 3rd liner a la Jan Erixon unless he shows up lazy to camp, and Anisimov and Parenteau who I’d try with gomez will get nice long looks.

    The PP point is fixed; some combo of Redden/Rozi/Staal/Girardi and even Sags if he makes the team.

    Not too shabby :)

  97. I read some of these posts and shake my head. For all of you anti-Redden signing people: Have you realized that the Rangers were one of the stingiest goals against teams in the league and just got a heck of a whole lot better. Not only were they able to keep Rozival (who was their number 1 last year) but they added a new number one to the mix.
    A D core of Redden, Rozy, Staal, Girardi, Tyutin and who ever else rounds out the top sick is VERY formidable. Having those guys surround a hot Lundquist and the Rangers will win alot of games, albeit it 2-1. Remember folks, it’s about winning, not scoring. JJ for 2 years and the team is set for a good run.

  98. My only problem so far is I really would have liked to see the Rangers bring back Avery. For all of his injuries and antics he was a good quality player who raised the level of play around him and was capable of scoring big goals. I think Sather is playing tough with him and it’s going to backfire. He is a fun player to watch whether you like him or not. Maybe there is hope.

  99. Few points quick:

    -Whoever said “slats at his finest”, nailed it.
    – If Wade can serve as the VETERAN DMAN which is *necessary* for the matriculation of Staal… so be it. We needed a Vet Dman for that reason alone, I just hope he doesn’t implode in NY.
    -Agreed, we will without a doubt be seeing those big shots from the point that we have all been dreaming about for years.

    I’m okay with this, for now…. the real mistake is Rzival…shoulda let someone else take that bait off our hands and looked for a trade mid seaz.

  100. Let me first say that I haven’t read a post here since about 4:30 yesterday. There’s not enough time in a day to get through them all, so forgive me if I restate anything. I can’t really respond to what anyone may have said either. My take on day 1:

    Let’s start with the big boy. Redden. In short…great sign, huge improvement to the back end. Deal is a bit too rich, but the market demanded the price. I thought he would go around $6mil, the extra $500k/yr limits the offers that Dubi & others that are due next year will be offered. We’ll see how much THEY love NY.

    If anyone heard Wade’s phonecall to TSN around 7:30 last night, I interepreted part of it as saying, ‘the offers were all there, just a matter of picking a team’. I don’t think it was 100% about who threw him the most $. Moreso, as seen in the transcript at blueshirtbulletin.com, it was about what NY had in place that he felt was the right fit for him. I’m optomistic that our (as rmant put it) ‘stingy’ defense just got a whole lot better.

    (note: I’m hereby changing my tne on the pp to an optomistic one. Redden’s played Pearns pp before and at least our pp QB understands it. The person that needs to most. Finally we can use our pointmen.)

    Pierre Maguire, who some dislike, but he’s a closet Ranger fan, said it best: “I wish I were Marc Staal”. Someone mentioned here yesterday that we needed some type of vet-presence on the blueline for Staal. Well, we got one of the best available. A Top-10 in the league defensemen. For the 1st time in over 10-12 years I’m comfortable with our blueline. Just like every year, we’ll see how it pans out, but I’m optomistic about the Rangers D. And that doesn’t happen every … decade.

    I think separate comments on the deals are the best way to go, that got a little wordy.

  101. For me the Redden deal is fine on its own… but when coupled with the Rozi 20m for 4 yrs thing… i feel sick to my stomach. Which is I guess exactly what Salty just said.

  102. On Rozy: I guess Slats thought he was going to get a break on Rozy. If Slats knew that was going to be the price tag, this deal coulda been done 6 months ago. It’s $1mil/yr too much imo. However, I DO have a good feeling that in a reduced role, Rozy will prosper. I’m very interested to see who his partner will be though.

    I’d assume that toots/girardi will stay together, but who knows. Redden & Staal make WAY too much sense not to be paired. So that leaves Rozy with Backman? I have a feeling he’ll be waived, if not, good luck Christian, you’re gonna need it.

  103. If we can get Orpik, then at least our D is set:
    Redden Staal
    Orpik Rosi
    Tutin Girardi
    take your pick of Mara,Potter, Sangunetti for 7th D
    I am not seeing much else available as the forwards go, so I think a trade will have to happen.

  104. Beer – like the positive spin. Feeling a bit better already. Maybe Rozi couldn’t handle the pressure of being NY’s number one d-man. He was great in the playoffs 2 yrs ago but was awefull in this past years playoffs and for a good portion of the season. Maybe he does prosper in a reduced role. And you are spot on – Redden will be great for Staal. What r your thoughts on Jags. I think you and i are on the same page on this one as well. Let him walk.

  105. Voros & Rissmiller:

    I said yesterday upon the Voros signing that I liked it. Still do. Did I miss the terms on that deal? Anyone wanna share? He’s a big winger that can fight. Sure, maybe not as good as Orr, but that says a lot about what Orr brings to the table huh? Anyway, he’s put a few pucks in the net, and thinks offense a bit more than some guys with that ‘game’.

    Rissmiller: I don’t know much about him other than his scouting report, which I breezed over. He’s a big dude, and personally I thought we needed some more size so I can’t complain too too much. I can’t say much more, cause I just don’t know the guy.

  106. Parros – That’s just me man. I’m not gonna sit here on 7/2 and rip anyone apart. The summer’s freakin long enough, I don’t need to make it worse! haha Anyway, I feel strongly that Rozy will be better with less time, I feel the same about 1/3 of our roster actually, but they’ll progress.

    On Jags… Yes, let him walk. If the circumstances were different, as in Pitt, he’s probably a good sign, just like in Det. But those teams would just be ‘adding firepower’. Well, POTENTIAL firepower anyway. Who knows if he’ll feel like playing every night, right? But for the NYR, and Jags’ position to be the center of attention, it just doesn’t fit with the direction that the team wants to go. Why hold up the process to stroke an ego? He’s perfect for a 1-yr cup run team, but is that really the ’08-’09 Rangers?

    If he’d take 1yr $6mil, then I’d flip a coin. It doesn’t sound like that’s in his ballpark, so good luck in Pitt.

  107. Random signings:

    I really wanted Rolston, oh well. Rolston and Holik back in NJ is FUGGIN HILARIOUS! I acutally laughed out loud when I saw that yesterday. Lou’s a maniac.

    Campbell, well, we all knew he was getting the payday, and he did. Good for the fans of CHI-town. They went years and years with ownership that couldn’t give 2 shits about ‘that hockey team they own’. Campbell will put asses in the seats, and their offense just became even better by adding a dman, never a bad thing. And they went out and grabbed a decent goalie who seems to be coming into his own. WELL overpaid, but again…market price (ok, maybe still too high)

    Streit to the Isles sucks, woulda liked to add him and ditch rozy. Streit got the deal that Rozy SHOULD have.

    Woulda liked Commodore(64) in place of Backman. But I’m not the GM here.

    Sorry Valli, forgot about you, welcome back. No terms there yet either right?

  108. After last year’s free agency signings, I was so excited and optimistic about the upcoming season, only to be utterly dissapointed throughout the entire regular season. Dissapointed in every aspect of the word. So maybe, its an inverse relationship, and my dissapointment with free agency this year will result in joy and optimism throughout this upcoming season. Either way, the only thing on my mind right now is the dark knight. god damn its gonna be good.

  109. ….and things could be worse, we could be tampa bay fans or devils fans. what the hell were they thinking….

    And wherever Jagr plays next year, he needs to bring back his mullett. I’d pay him 8mill a season just to rock that mullett again, money well spent.

  110. Redden for 6 yrs at his age is too long.On the other hand if the cap continues at this pace he will probably be making less than all of our defenseman in his 5th and 6th years.(even Strudwick if he’s still able to walk).

  111. don’t really know much about redden other than when rangers played em i barely remember his name.. not a good thing.. i’m just furious about the rosie money..give me a break much rather have orpik for that money

  112. don – you mean you’d just rather have orpik. If you paid Orpik $5mil, then you should probaly change your name and move to Australia.

  113. Funny…You don’t hear voices of outrage over Vancouver making an offer to the Blues RFA do you????

    wonder what would happen if my man K-lo did that?

  114. Keep in mind Streit was benched alot with Montreal. Apparently, while he can QB the pp, he wasn’t all to reliable defensively.

    I’m not sure what to expect, if anything today.

    As for Avery, all reports are leading towards him going to Dallas for over $4m for 4 years.

  115. The Avery-New York thing was magic, thats once in a lifetime for Sean…I know he can get the bucks anywhere (especially now with all these crazy deals going down)but he is going to dissappear into the hockey-goon stereotypical mist…..

    Letterman will not invite texas hockey players onto the show

  116. so what is everyone’s best case scenarios for how today goes? What would make you happy? (Besides not overpaying)

  117. “Funny…You don’t hear voices of outrage over Vancouver making an offer to the Blues RFA do you????”

    That’s the difference between Burke & JD. And I think that the offer for Backes was as drastic as the offer to Penner. But I like the observation.

    “i hope we dont get hossa overrated” Well, we need a #1RW to score goals. Jagr’s a mistake, Rolston is gone, Ryder’s gone. We’re looking at huselius or Hossa. Without one of those guys, there’s no point in putting a team on the ice this season.

  118. I would be happy to get Orpik, sign Naslund and Sundin and possibly trade for their other winger.

  119. “Besides not overpaying”

    There’s not really another option. This is why you don’t want to have 10 UFA’s in the same year. Slats failed right off the get-go in the cap-management field. Not just about dollars and cents. About length as well.

  120. stf,

    so you would like to make more holes in our now more solid D as well as our offense??

  121. I would be happy to get Orpik, sign Naslund and Sundin and possibly trade for their other winger.

    What’s left of the cap? Around $9-10mil right?

  122. The Redden signing was needed. I’m not too sure about Rozy. The way the defense looks now, we moved up in talent, but we still are looking at 6 poke checkers who don’t clear the crease. I saw way too many goals scored on 2nd and 3rd shots last year. I have a feeling that Rozy will play like he did 2 years ago and I think/hope Staal takes off this year. I like having good skating/hitting wingers, so until Rissmiller, Jamtin and Voros prove me wrong, I’m happy with them. Goodbye to Shanny, Avery, Straka, and Mara.

  123. Beer-I completely agree.

    stf- the Rozi trade is interesting, as the Sharks were in the bidding war for Redden and already lost Campbell, but I don’t know if Rozi has a NTC.

    I was hoping for Rolston..but alas the Lou wants his old Devils back. Of note, the Devils apparently are trying to get Federov.

  124. I like the Redden deal, i think he’ll be a good leader for our d-corps. I think we overpayed for Roszy, i was on the fence about him coming back, if we could have got him in the $3.5 – 4m range it wouldn’t look so bad when you compare to who you could have got with that money. It makes you wonder what Orpik is going to get today, $6m+ per year?
    Voros, Rissmuller, Jamtin i know little or nothing about but we do seem to have a stockpile of 3rd/4th liners and no top line wingers…..is a trade in the works?

    The only thing that remains is to waive Backman and spend the remaining $12m? on 2 top forwards although the market is not awash with those…..

  125. Remember we can go 10% over the cap as long as we clear that out before the start of the season, you can right off the bat subtract 3M for backman and pock. that gets us to Orpik, 3.5 per, Naslund same, and sundin 6per= 13m

  126. UK
    Tell me how you get to $12M left to spend after getting rid of Back”wards”man

  127. Anybody pays more than 4M for Orpik is out of their mind. He is a physical D-man, not a PP specialist, goal scorer or anything like that. Rosi is actual his size minus any grit.

  128. Rob – after yesterday i think Orpik at 3.5 per would be an absolute steal. I’m thinking he’s getting at least 5 per maybe 6. Now that Sundin has a 10m per offer on the table i doubt he will sign for 6. I didn’t hear much about Naslund yesterday….will be interesting to see what happens with him.

    I’m thinking we’ll sign Nagy and trade for someone like Cheechoo…..but i’m just guessing, it could end up being messrs Shanahan, Jagr and Avery?

  129. If Orpik gets that then good luck to him. He will have Beukebum thinking about coming out of retirement.

  130. Here is what I am thinking. Just read JDP’s article and by his calcs they have 9M of cap space left, add 3M to that for subtracting backman and pock, you have 12M. I think they will trade prucha(3M), this will give them 15M minus who they get for prucha, someone else in a package. Lets say its Cheechoo, we might not take a full cap hit for him this year so, getting him(lets say 4M), Orpik(4M) and Hossa(7-8M) is not out of the question.

  131. New Lines

    Hossa Gomez Dawes
    Cheechoo Drury Callahan
    Sjostrom Dubinsky Rissmiller/Voros
    Orr Betts Rissmiller/Voros


  132. If both Rissmiller and Voros dont make it, you could probaly sub Korpikoski in there.

  133. Prucha is a $1.6m per cap hit, Cheechoo is $3m per and has 3 seasons left so is cheaper than you think.
    I agree with JDP and i think things will clear up when Hossa decides where he is off to.

  134. Agreed, Id let Jags walk if could get Hossa and Cheechoo. Not sure who else we would have to give up other than Prucha for Cheechoo. Maybe a 1st or second rounder.

  135. I also saw something that the leafs are shopping McCabe. Didnt he play with Redden on LI. Hmmm…

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