Rozsival close to re-signing?


UPDATE, 5:46 p.m.: The Campbell deal with Chicago is done: eight years, $56.8 million.

We’re finally going to a new post since things were getting a tad unwieldy with the old one.

Besides, it’s the least we can do for Michal Rozsival, who “Dellapina reports is close to re-signing with the Rangers”:

I’m awaiting confirmation myself.

Related or not, it sounds like Brian Campbell is on the verge of signing with Chicago for eight years at $7.1 million per.

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  1. The rangers were never really into him, especially if he was looking at that money….

  2. 5:40PM Chicago signs UFA defenceman Brian Campbell to an 8 year deal worth $56.8-million

  3. Doodie Machetto on



    Glen is just being lazy.

  4. If its for cheap, then thats fine. Teams are spending wayyyyyyyyy too much money today and I don’t want to overpay for guys. Orpik is looking at 5 mil right now thanks to the Leafs getting Finger for over 3 mil. Streit is going to ask for a hell of a lot with Campbell getting 7.1 mil. Rosy wants to be here so he will most likely take less. 2 year deal for 3.5-4 mil I’ll take with him. Especially with Jagr not here so maybe he’ll shoot. I know it sucks, but its better than overpaying for other guys out there. We keep him around for a year or 2 as a stay-over until the better FAs come out over the next couple of years and its fine.

  5. And btw, I was one of the guys here saying to get rid of him. But at this point I wouldn’t mind bringing him back if hes on the cheap.

  6. Rozsi better not be a number one. Bring in Orpiks or get Boumester or Boyle. Staal Is the only finese d-man on the team.

  7. I have no problem with Rozy coming back. Nice to see a guy who plays hard, gets a ton of ice time, puts points up, and genuinely wants to stay in NY. Welcome back.

  8. Never wanted cambell thank god,now Orpik is another story,any news on him?

  9. You guys really don’t realize that its not as easy as saying “lets sign Orpik or Hainsey and bring in Boyle and Boumeester or Streit”.

    For Orpik, we are competing with all other teams out there interested in him and hes going to the highest bidder (its going to be about 4 or 4.5, maybe even 5). In order to get Boyle or Boumeester we have to GIVE UP guys. We can’t just get them. Well actually for Boumeester we’d have to offer him a deal and then if we get him after waiting a couple days to see if Florida matches, we’d lose some picks. Streit is going for a lot more than people think also.

    Rosy is the safe choice for the short term since we don’t feel like throwing cash at guys. I don’t want to waste money on these UFAs when we aren’t winning a cup in the next couple of years. We will have wasted 2-3 years of these guys contracts and in my book its not worth it.

  10. BTW, I’m all for getting the other guys, but only if it makes sense financially. If not then forget it and bring Rosy in for another year or two. I can deal with it as long as it means building towards a team that can win a cup with a few stop gaps here and there.

  11. you have got to be kidding if you want kovalchuk on your team. i live in atlanta and have seen that dude since he first set foot on the ice never set foot in the defensive zone for his own team. he’s too busy cherry picking on the blue line looking for a breakaway. keep dreaming that guy is a waste.

  12. 6:01PM Columbus signs UFA defenceman Mike Commodore to a 5 yea deal worth $18.75 million

  13. Columbus signs UFA defenceman Mike Commodore to a 5 year deal worth $18.75 million — TSN

  14. Eklund is like Canada Day. People know about him, but it’s really just an imitation of better, bigger hockey bloggers.

  15. Supposedly the Rangers are hot on Rolston. He is BY FAR the best bargain out there.

    – Great skater
    – Produces 30+ goals consistently
    – Reliable back checker
    – Fits very well with Gomez
    – Kills penalties
    – Plays the PP point

    If the Rangers could land him, it would be a major victory.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Amos, our entire team plays defense. Having someone to put the puck in the net is more important to us right now.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Rocha, it all depends on the contract, but yes, he could be a major pickup.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    too bad, Rolston on the verge of signing five years 20 million in NJ.

    WAYYYYYYYYY below his market value for the extra contract length.

  19. Dubie Rules on

    Renney would hate Kovalchuk, anyone remember Jagr? Same deal, only Jagr is a better overall offensive player, not just a sniper.

    Who needs a guy who is fun to watch when you can watch the trap? Pssh.

  20. Philadelphia signs UFA defenceman Ossi Vaananen to a one year deal worth $1-million

  21. We do not need another half dead 40 yr old skating for us, please go much younger and cheaper..

  22. ortmeyer_41 on

    This sucks, Dellapina just reported that the Devils have signed Brian Rolston. So we have already lost out on Campbell and Rolston.

    We have managed to sign essentially two minor leaguers that no one has heard of – I mean who knows Patrick Rissmiller and Aaron Voros? And now we may be merely resigning Roszival who is coming off surgery and never has been a true #1 defenseman, but that is all we have got.

    Sather better step up big to land Brooks Orpik and Redden or Hainsey. He also needs to get some scoring up front – he should sign Michael Ryder and try to swing a trade for some scoring depth up front.

    Come on, Glen, you are getting a failing grade so far….

  23. team 590 saying redden possible going to either ny or san jose for 5yr/30mil

  24. What does Rissmiller add? He’s another Betts but Betts is better. Sideways move.

  25. Dubie Rules on


    Is signing Rozsival what Sather has been doing all day?

    No words can express my anger right now. He better not get more than 3.5/year, otherwise our shot at signing redden or orpik for reasonable prices is out the window.

  26. Dubie Rules on

    That should have been in the past tense, excuse me. He is so bad that he makes my grammar suffer. Ugh, I am about to lose my dinner.

  27. Dubie Rules on

    4 year 20 mil to a guy who was the biggest defensive liability on the team for 75% of the season… Oh, but he scored 13 goals, great. I’d take Brian Leetch back in his place.

    There is a salary cap, and we are paying 5 mil/year to a guy who would be a fifth defenseman on a serious contender.

    What a frigin joke. I wish so hard that I wasn’t so attached to this team, but I have no choice.

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