Rangers lock up Wade Redden


Apparently Michal Rozsival wasn’t the biggest defenseman signed by the Rangers today.

TSN says the 31-year-old Redden is in for six years at $6.5 million per season. Yikes.

So that’s $11.5 million a season for two defensemen with decent upside but with some holes in their games as well. At least Redden is an option as a power play quarterback…

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  1. New York Rangers sign UFA defenceman Wade Redden to a six-year contract worth $39 million

  2. I like it. PP QB we needed. Orpik can pir with him and we got something here.

  3. this is terrible.. and you all cried about the money spent.. you knew money had to be spent and we got stuck with two dipshits on the blueline..locking up 11.5 million a yr.. orpik and campell with be maybe 12 million a yr. what a pathetic attempt

  4. Fire Sather! This money for a soft d-man on the down slope is ridiculous. We needed Orpik – a d-man to make opponents think twice about setting up in front. Our defense got even softer today. What a waste!

  5. Bad idea. Sather has lost his mind. It will be real interesting to see what the team looks like this year.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    “If it’s what I think it is, they overpaid.”

    Wow Sam, that’s a pretty strong opinion for you. I agree. Redden should’ve gotten Rozsival money. Rozsival should have gotten Tyutin money. Tyutin should have gotten Girardi money.

    How they chose to pay Redden 6.5 for 6 years instead of 7.1 for Campbell for 8 is beyond me. They are both GROSSLY overpaid, but Campbell definitely less so.

  7. well i never saw anyone else post this info before me until i clicked “submit comment” so dont trash me lol

  8. And people here cry every day about Jagr (who made less than 5 million last season). PATHETIC.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Redden is 31. We will have him until he’s 37. Good job Sather. I hate you.

  10. Terms dont mean nothing…..there will be another lockout/ buyout/rollback….this cannot continue…Rozy, Redden, look at Tampa, Toronto and Chicago spending……

  11. Im unsure about this. If you look at the stats it is a good signing. If he can ever regain his 05-06 form, lookout.

  12. REPOST:

    We overpaid, but not by that much compared to what other people were asking for. Other teams I heard were giving a little under what the Rangers asked for. So it was either pay Redden that money or lose out on him. I personally would’ve rather lost out on him.

    Yet again I remind you guys to remember that we aren’t the only team in the NHL. Other teams are offering the guy hefty contracts as well. Thats why most teams overpay.

  13. it’s the market. Redden probably got very similar if not slightly less/slightly more money offers. It is what it is. But where does that leave us $$$ wise?

  14. Cancelled czechs on

    Redden is a smaller, slightly better version of Mara.

    but, most important, he clearly is on the downside of his career, with a terrible finish last year. this is a BAD bad signing, especially for the young dmen in the ranger system who will be held back by this over the next few years.

    is theo fleury or Lindros next?

  15. Ugh…don’t like either move for Rozy or Redden. Voros and Rissmiller are fine.

  16. Some perspective… REPOST

    are thes comparable numbers?

    games 411
    goals 35
    assists 160
    points 195
    pp goals 11
    sh goals 0
    gw goals 7
    shooting % 6.8


    games 479
    goals 46
    assists 127
    points 173
    pp goals 22
    sh goals 2
    gw goals 11
    shooting % 7.8

    are they?

  17. Im sorry, maybe Im overreacting, but this this team is in the act of making mistakes on all fronts.

  18. The worst part of the Redden contract and the Rozsival contract are the times. I would have gone Rozy for three years (so four isn’t so bad) but I don’t want Redden signed till he’s 37 top out at 34…

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    So, um, Redden acknowledged publicly he would probably have to take a pay cut this year.

    Way to pay him his old salary Glen!

  20. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Brutal terms. Signing both Redden and Roszival is repetitive and handicaps us for years to come. Not to mention most of our best prospects just got blocked. Dark day for the franchise.

  21. Cw Orpik ain’t coming. The Rangers top 6 dman are Redden-Rozsival-Tyutin-Girardi-Staal-Backman(or some other retread)

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m already thinking about how I will have to cheer for these jerks next season.

    I just keep reminding myself that its about the sweater, and not the idiots in the front office.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Ogrodnick has a point: 6 years for Redden, 4 for Rozsi. When do Sanguinetti and Del Zotto crack the lineup? Never.

  24. true and salty i’m you guys are ecstatic we didn’t sign campbell.. redden and rosie will have to use a walkerby the end of their careers.. where’s orpik going..probably NJ.. this fuckin teams sucks

  25. Steven Schwartz on

    Hey folks…relax. If Campbell got what he did then the market is nuts and Redden is a $6.5 million player. HArd to swallow, but the market is insane. And Redden fills a huge need for this team (PP quarterback) and he is not a bad defenseman…is decent and paired with the right guy, he will help. Do we go for Orpik or Streit…maybe. If they do, it will tell you a lot about where they see the young defensemen and their progress. But calm down…we’re fine!

  26. IF those are the only two d men we sign then that leaves room for kids to replace Malik and Strud (assuming Redden replaces Mara)

    I don’t like the length of time, but I will be fine with having two new kids come up to join the team

  27. Cancelled czechs on

    I don’t gaf about the cap hit, he still got real money, and that special deal that bettman gave the rangers is OVER.

  28. there is the fact that either the cap will increase or there will be another lockout–so there, there is my positivity for these signings.

  29. Jeff Finger 3.50
    Mike Rozy 5.00
    Redden 6.5

    I see a lot of Sens games….this team was a bunch of zombies since the Ducks smacked them around….there “D” were living in a no-mans land all this year…very talented group but with poor goaltending they played scared….scared to leave there own end….Sens also tried trading Redden twice….thats gotta be tough…..I believe he’ll bounce back…this is a charector guy we are talking about I hope you know and he drops the gloves once in a while too….

  30. Well Sanguinetti I think wasn’t ready this year… maybe he comes up next year… Backman is signed for only one more year right? heck maybe he doesn’t even make the team out of traingin camp (I forgot about him honestly)

  31. We dont have much space now, but if you look at the D-pairs its pretty legit. But we have no forwards.

  32. Speed Ranger on

    I’m with you Ag on the length of these contracts. 2 years is enough. Keep em hungry. Plus, the end of the CBA is right around the corner….

  33. do you people realize that we have no wingers signed on our top 2 lines from last year and have about 8 mill left to spend. whos scoring goals. straka avery jagr shanny our top wingers all but gone.

  34. Tremendous move. Redden really has no holes in his game. That’s the moron in Ottawa talking who expected Redden to bail their team out every night to cover up for their scrub goalies and pathetic back checking forwards. He’s the perfect partner for Staal and was clearly the best defenseman on the UFA market. He will thrive with the Rangers. Ottawa never has or never will be dedicated to playing team defense.

  35. I will prob get flamed for this but,

    get Jagr back….

    Jagr Dubi ???
    Prucha/Cally Gomez Dawes
    Cally/Prucha Drury Sjostrem
    new guy Betts__Orr/new guy?

    new guy/Orr

    13 forwards no Hollweg!

    Redden/Rozi Staal
    Rozi/Redden ???
    Girardi Tyutin


    seven d-men


    except forward the ??? can be filled by kids… maybe even forward… I think its doable but Slats needs to get back Jagr…

  36. Why redden hes older and not worth the money. And the rangers only had like 22 million and 11.5 of it is gone. I would have got opik or striet

  37. czechthemout!!!! on

    I’m ok with the Redden siginig,i think we have our top pair in Staal and Redden.I do think we overpaid a bit.As for Rozy,Dumb signing for the money.Much better off with someone like Orpik @ 4million.Hope we sign Ryder next and pair him with Gomez.I thank Sean Avery for his guts,grit and all the good he’s done for this team in the short time that he was here,he will be missed by me and this team greatly.There is no more cap room left but for maybe one or two players,neither who will be him.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Czechs, he got real money from two teams. We paid him half of the 8.3. I don’t think anyone here was saying that he should get paid the full amount now that that deal is gone. And how is it Bettman’s special deal? It was the caps who made that trade, Bettman had nothing to do with it.

    Way to just blindly hate things.

  39. “you are fos noonan. jagr made $8.3 mill last year”

    actually, fos, Jagr was on the books for less than 5. Why? I don’t care.

  40. Cancelled czechs on

    bs. anybody who actually watched the ott games on center ice saw a pisspoor Redden in the last half of the season looking old and slow and definitely on the downside. period.

    I expect to read the buyer remorse on this site over both Rosival and redden by midseason.

    kudos to Doug Wilson for not paying overboard for either Campbell or Redden

  41. Cancelled czechs on

    wake up. bettman in the CBA settlement ALLOWED the rangers to continue to get that special deal which he did not have to do.

  42. hey guys new poster- anyone think we can deal tyutin for some wing help? maybe clear some cap space- i think if we can possibly bring back avery (prob a pipe dream at this point) and jagr- the addition of redden could mean great things

  43. Bob Mackenzie on

    I can’t believe that Redden got 6 million, I mean come on! I could do a better job and hey, the Rangers can pay me 1 million if they feel like it. Good news is (I’m a Sens fan) now that Ottawa has gotten rid of Redden they can hopefully put that 6 million $ cap space to good use. Good riddens Redden! (say that 10 times fast).

  44. Greg Faroden on

    Yeah, I’m with Bob on this one. Redden is a crap defensman who should be getting 2-3 mill, not 6! That’s just an insane move by Sather and a good drop by Ottawa. Finally, a smart move by Murray. Why didn’t he keep Eaves and Corvo I’ll never quite understand. I gotta say though, Stillman is a fine player, and Commodore’s decent, but no where near what Eaves and Corvo could have done. Plus, now they’re Stillman and Commodore and they don’t have Eaves or Corvo. Ottawa needs to put their team together properly, Canadians at the back-end providing solid D and Goaltending, Europeans up in the trenches, just like back in World War II. (Although the Newfies did do a pretty good job). (By the way, I’m really not sure where Americans fit in the mix).

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