Or maybe not…


We have a conference call with Glen Sather in eight minutes. Unless there’s a major announcement then, the team is likely done for the day.

I’ll check in when I know what’s what…

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  1. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    It’s going to suck when Staal is poached through RFA and we can’t match.

  2. Sather better tell you that they worked a deal to get Cherepanov over here next season…or we’re going to set an all time low for offense.

  3. perhaps rosival in a trade to SJ for cheechoo?
    and then maybe sign naslund


  4. There is no way we have enough cap space left to add Jagr after the Rozsy / Redden signing.. is there?

  5. Roszival for Cheechoo..=)

    Cheechoo will be the next Buekeboom, everyone will love his last name.

  6. How much cap space is left. I heard 8 mill, i heard 5 mill, then i heard 13 mill, What is it?

  7. I think we will be OK as long as we can keep pumpin out prospects to take places of free agents at a low cost. Thats why its doable.

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