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Update, 5:28 p.m.: OK, we’re back after a brief respite. TSN has linked the Rangers to Rolston, Campbell, Sundin, and obviously Jagr as well. No word on whether Glen Sather is still despondent after losing out on Adam Hall.

Update, 4:38 p.m.: Consider this another lull. Whoever had Alex Auld to Ottawa in the free agent pool, you’re buying drinks tonight.

Update, 4:08 p.m.: Apparently the Brian Campbell Sweepstakes are spiraling out of control. This is from “Aaron Portzline of the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch”:

“Earlier today, an agent told me that the price tag for Brian Campbell is out of control. ‘I’m hearing that any offer under $60 million is getting laughed at,’ he said.”

Just for the record, we should point out that Campbell had 62 points this season, and not as the above passage might suggest, 162 points.

Update, 4:04 p.m.: And that’s it. The Rangers have their team for the 2008-09 season. I’ll check in tomorrow from the Aaron Voros press conference.

Easy there, I’m just kidding. Put down the goalie stick…

Update, 3:49 p.m.: The Rangers have signed forward Aaron Voros from Minnesota. No confirmation from the team just yet. The 26-year-old Voros had seven goals and seven assists in 55 games as a rookie for the Wild. He at least provides some size at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds. but I think it goes without saying this is a depth move at best.

Update, 3:45 p.m.: Dellapina talked to Jagr, “who wouldn’t comment on the Pittsburgh rumors”: My friend from the Daily News also reports that the Rangers might be targeting not just Mats Sundin, but Markus Naslund as well. So is that the new game of NHL copycat — load up on as many Swedes as possible?

Update, 3:39 p.m.: Stop the insanity! The Lightning have “now also signed Adam Hall, and may be moving in on Olaf Kolzig”: I love the Lightning’s new owners. It’s like they’re all playing Sega hockey, only with real people. Meanwhile, the Hall deal was for three years. Three years! For Adam Hall!

Update, 3:20 p.m.: is reporting that the “Penguins have offered Jaromir Jagr a contract”:, adding that several other teams are in pursuit of the Rangers captain. Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “described the conversations”: between the two parties as “very preliminary.”

Update, 2:53 p.m.: Reader Alex comes back with another question:

Is it just me or is today going a bit slower than most July 1s of the past?

The answer is yes, and I know that not only because I just dozed off for a few minutes and there’s now a puddle of drool on my desk.

My theory has to do with the relatively thin talent pool this year, leaving a small number of players to sift through offers from an inordinate number of teams. Those players have the leverage, and until some of the big names are crossed off teams’ lists, everything else is going to move at a fairly deliberate pace.

A prediction: once the big dogs go — i.e. Campbell, Hossa, even Jagr — I believe a number of players will follow soon after.

Update, 2:29 p.m.: Radio station FAN590 (“and now TSN”: says it’s the Canucks who offered Sundin a two-year, $20 million deal (thanks to reader Jason for the heads-up). If this is true, good luck with that, Vancouver. Give us a call and we’ll try to explain the whole concept of a salary cap. Don’t worry, it took me a while to get, too.

Update, 2:13 p.m.: TSN chimes in with a report that says “Mats Sundin has offers from four teams”:, including one team offering a multi-year deal worth more than $10 million a season. If this team is the Rangers, I grant you permission to form picket lines outside the Garden immediately.

Update, 2:09 p.m.: Crisis on the home front involving a 3-year-old who refuses to nap. It’s official: The uncertainty is getting to everyone…

Update, 1:48 p.m.: Another slight lull. My advice is stay tough, fight through it. This is a marathon not a sprint. Personally, I just made a sandwich.

Over/under on free agency day “lulls”: six.

Over/under on sandwiches today: about the same.

Update, 1:31 p.m.: Rumblings, unsubstantiated as of yet, that Sean Avery is definitely out the door and a signing elsewhere is imminent.

For the record, I’m not going to comment on every rumor because that’s a dangerous precedent. But in this instance, it is consistent with everything we had heard about Avery. But like I said, I have no confirmation of this.

Update, 1:17 p.m.: With the signing of Radim Vrbata, the Lightning officially have no money left. OK, I don’t know this for sure. But why wouldn’t I be surprised if one day next week their new owners look up and say, “Shoot, we need TWO goalies?”

Update, 1:05 p.m.: Among other questions, longtime reader Chris F. asks if the ads on this site presents a conflict of interest since I cover the Rangers.

Actually, I wasn’t even aware of the ad until just now, and I’m pretty sure the ad is through Google, so it doesn’t really count.

So don’t worry. I’m not going to preface every piece of news with “In another brilliant stroke of genius by Glen Sather…”

Update 1 p.m.: Reader Rocco writes:

“At 37 years old, do you really think it’s worth investing in Mats Sundin for even just one year?”

You may recall I was against Sundin originally, but I’m OK with a reasonable contract if a) it convinces Jagr to stay; or b) Jagr leaves and it provides the Rangers with another weapon in his absence.

I will say, however, the Rangers are better served going after wings either via free agency or trades because I think moving Chris Drury away from center is a waste of the team’s best two-way forward.

Update, 12:56 p.m.: Reader Noah asks:

“If Avery follows the money elsewhere, do you think he will be mercilessly booed by the Garden Faithful?”

That’s a good one. I suppose it depends on how quickly he signs with another team, but I think most fans understand that Avery does want to re-sign with the Rangers and the team might not be willing to meet his demands.

A safe bet is he gets a mix of cheers and boos. But merciless boos? I doubt it.

Update, 12:48 p.m.: It’s official. The list of the Rangers’ unrestricted free agents:

Sean Avery, Mitch Fritz, Andrew Hutchinson, Jaromir Jagr, Darius Kasparaitis, Marek Malik, Paul Mara, Michal Rozsival, Brendan Shanahan, Martin Straka, Jason Strudwick, Steve Valiquette.
Update, 12:32 p.m.: Reader Bill asks regarding Jaromir Jagr:

“Is a 36/37 year old player with declining offensive skills and no value in the defensive zone worth $5 – $7 million per for two years?”

With this talent pool, I believe so. Fact is, if the Rangers don’t re-sign Jagr and can’t find a comparable wing to replace him — which they probably can’t — they take a significant step back.

The Rangers could be a strong up-the-middle defensive team without Jagr and I think regardless of what happens today, they’re still a playoff team next season. But I’m of the belief the most recent group wasn’t far off from being a legitimate contender, so I don’t see the merit in scaling back now
Update, 12:25 p.m.: And now our first lull in the action. Anyone know any card tricks?

Update, 12:08 p.m.: Reader Alex asks about Brian Campbell or Wade Redden. The short answer is both players would be upgrades for the Rangers, but given the short supply of top-tier free-agent defensemen, both players will likely be grossly overpaid. That doesn’t mean the Rangers won’t target them, but I think they’ll show restraint if the money spirals out of control.

Meanwhile, still no confirmation from the Rangers that no one has been re-signed.

Update, 12 p.m.: And we’re off and running. I am awaiting confirmation from the Rangers that none of their unrestricted free agents have been re-signed. Could the Marek Malik really be over? Who could forget that shootout goal against the Capitals, and…..well, that shootout goal against the Capitals?

Update, 11:47 a.m.: Well, that didn’t take long. Reader Kopfy chimes in that he thinks Jaromir Jagr will sign with the Penguins.

I know a lot of people have speculated about this, and I suppose I could see Jagr flourishing at right wing alongside Evgeni Malkin. But what doesn’t jibe is the idea that Jagr needs to be the centerpiece of a team, which he clearly wouldn’t be in Pittsburgh. Plus, the fans haven’t exactly embraced him in his returns to Mellon Arena. Or have you not noticed?

Pregame: OK, I already got my morning workout in, just had a peach that dripped all over my laptop, and I have several fans going in my office above the garage (other than ice rinks, I prefer fresh air). In other words, it’s time to get to work.

The plan is to just update this page as the day goes. If it gets too cumbersome, or if the news is just too big, we might reconsider. Otherwise, the latest news will be on the top of the page.

For starters, let me throw out this link to Larry Brooks’ story saying “Brendan Shanahan might sign with the Devils”: We’ll see if it’s true, but it does make sense seeing how it will enable Shanahan and his family to stay in New York, and it will provide the offensively-starved Devils with more of a threat on the power play.

Meanwhile, I’m assuming many of you will be commenting below. But if you have something you definitely want me to see, I would urge you to e-mail me at Perhaps as the day goes on, I’ll answer some of your questions on the blog.

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  1. are we all gonna hit “refresh” at 12:00 exactly?
    Just don’t go on blog time…you’ll be an hour late

  2. Sources tell TSN the Detroit Red Wings and veteran defenceman Brad Stuart have agreed to terms on a 4 year contract that averages $3.75 million per year.

  3. Anyone have a link to the Jersey moves, Pando signing and them relelasing Brylin?

    THat stinks that they are releasing Brylin, he (and Marty) ar ehte only two form all the Cup teams… and every season he played a diffenrt role and did whatever they asked of him (all three forward psoitions, all four lines, whatever)

  4. note: I will indicate when something is my opinion. Otherwise, everything will be copy/pasted.

  5. If Jagr signs with Pens after he was booed consistently I’m going to lose all respect to him.

  6. BREAKING NEWS: The Edmonton Oilers have traded defenceman Joni Pitkanen, a restricted free agent, to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for forward Erik Cole. Details to follow.

  7. Beer Me! – do you have a link for the Brule trade? I’m surprised Columbus would do that, but maybe they have *too many* youngsters and need that force in Torres, though I would think Edmonton already has too many young centers, also (Cogliano, Gagner, Shremp), but anyone could be move to the wing, of course.

  8. Anaheim re-sign forward Corey Perry to a five-year deal worth $26.625-million which will average $5.325-million a year.

    per TSN

  9. Where did the Jagr needs to be the centerpiece rumor come from?

    He certainly never was the main guy in Pittsburgh, Lemieux was. He didn’t like being named the captain in Pittsburgh and I don’t think he ever truly embraced it in NY.

    I think he would be fine with not having the media all over him.

  10. EJ says Cujo is going back to the Leafs according to a radio report and the Ducks and Correy Perry have indeed made a deal

    Rene Bourque from CHI to CAL for a draft pick

  11. jjp – he said it in an interview last weekend man.

    agr – pitt locked up dupius. not us.

    pig – no link yet, bulletin on tsn

  12. Pitkanen for Cole? These trades are rediculously good for Edmonton so far, in my opinion. If they only had a capable goalie…who I wish would be Roloson since he’s on my keeper league fantasy team.

  13. Darren Dreger says on TSN’s website that the Pens and Evgeni Malkin will agree on a five-year deal averaging $8.7 million.

  14. doodie – if that “crap” was in reference to the market is going to be out of control today….I hear ya man.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, i was syain Crap because that was .1 million more than I had said I would pitch the offer sheet to him for.

  16. If I’m Corey Perry right now, I’m lighting a big cigar with a $100 bill, and pouring a cold one.

  17. you’re killing me! you’re killing me… seriously do you know how bad it will be if I have to call JO and tell her that… or when I have to call Jo and tell her that… there may be tears…

  18. Beer Me! – I read that about Cujo last week, since the Leafs bought out Raycroft, and they want their big prospect Pogge to play in the AHL. They will probably be the worst team in the league, anyway.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    haha. Sorry Ag. It sounded real though right?

    I don’t see Jagr signing anywhere today.

  20. Shanny to Devils makes sense … then it will be Avery to the Devils also … Brodeur will love that … maybe Avery won’t go to the Devils …

    Jagr talks alot … it does not have to be his team if his team includes Crosby, Malkin … plus Mario is still the owner …

    Who cares about the booing .. he was on the opposing team… I remember some Ranger fans booing Messier when he played for Vancouver.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I would have loved Cujo. A backup that can actually TEACH Hank something. The guy is a future HOF candidate (maybe he gets in, but certainly not first ballot). He would be a great mentor to Hank. But alas.

  22. Sam its such a great day today you should hit the links or spend time with your family i feel like us readers can keep this site going today

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Question: would you boo Jagr if he signed elsewhere in the NHL?

    I wouldn’t.

  24. yea sam, you said you were waiting for confirmation. Is that confirmation OPENING NIGHT?

  25. acdaviddc are you SERIOUS?! This isn’t a time to be joking around.

    We gotta get rid of Rozi and Malik. Sign Jags and a good PPQB/dman. I DO NOT like the idea of Sundin (a 37 yr old) in a Rangers uni.

  26. Doodie-

    I def. would not boo Jagr if he signed elsewhere. I don’t really see why anyone would.

  27. I feel like boo’ing him right now in fact.


  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Truefans has pointed out a loophole in the intent of my question, so I will rephrase:

    Would anyone boo Jagr with malice, a la Pittsburgh or Washington

  29. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    This sucks why can’t we have GM that leaks this stuff out. I mean come on what are we to do. Free agency is already 30 minutes old and we have nothing, absolutley nothing. How long did it take Sather to sign Gomer and Drury last year??? Ho Hum I can’t believe we didn’t sign 1 person before the deadline. We will be like Edmonton last year and get no one.

  30. “Hey Glen, we have Jagr’s agent on the line”

    “Tell him to wait, Im putting for a par here”

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    “We will be like Edmonton last year and get no one.”

    Edmonton got Souray. They also signed Penner away with an offer sheet.

  32. if they call it free agency day, and nobody switches teams, does it make a sound?

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Hossa and Campbell must have some ridiculous offers right now. I bet they are REALLY driving up the price.

  34. I fly to chicago tomorrow night and I want to have something to gloat about to my girlfriend’s Blackhawk fan family… come on Slats give me SOMETHING

  35. I wouldn’t boo Jagr in malice whatsoever, and i’m 98% sure i wouldn’t boo Jagr strategically either. Regardless of the organization’s need to move forward from the Jagr-era, you can never take away what he did for us while he was here. In my opinion, if you had to point to one single player most responsible for generating credibility again within the new york rangers, it would have to be him (with lundqvist at a close second). I even understand why he would want to leave, and from what i gathered in an interview he recently made, even jagr himself might understand that him staying might be counter-productive for the rangers organization as well. and i give him props for saying that. but regardless of all that, i don’t want him to resign with the rangers, its time to move into the drury/gomez era, because with every extra year we keep jagr, the more drury and gomez’s ability to lead this team will be stunted. if that ends up happening, i will not only NOT boo him, i will stand up and CHEER him.

  36. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    OK I am closing out b/c this is driving me crazy (ok crazier) I will check back at 3:30 before I leave work. May the best team win.

  37. DanNYC, all you gotta do is remind them that the hawks are the biggest joke of the Original 6 and ask them if Havlat will play more than 6 games next year.

  38. “thanks Kaspar, that s the kind of news I’ve been waiting for… have you got a link?’

    wait…it was a swedish meatball in germany with a great dane

  39. ok…since it seems like there’s a few minutes to kill here. You HAVE to go read this FAKE interview with avery. I almost puked laughing so hard. Scroll down until you see Sean’s mug, then read on!

  40. I’ve worn out reminding them of those things, I don’t think they even sting any more… I guess it’s bad enough I converted their daughter, who will be wearing her “Property of NY Rangers” Lundqvist #30 tshirt on the place to surprise them… but still, I’d like to have some fresh material there… and on Jagr, I’d never boo him, don’t see a point really, it’s not like he did anything to intentionally hurt the organization or fans

  41. Vrbata to Tampa, Rolston wont be signing there…the Rangers would do great to get this guy in here for around 4 mil per year…

  42. Thanks Sam. You got a bunch of people on here excited with that “its offficial” post.

  43. Are we getting Hossa then? Rolston would be great but he’s not going to replace Jagr…

  44. Beer that was some funny shit on the fake Avery interview

    I’ve never heard of a GILF before

  45. If Jagr goes elsewhere and then gets booed upon his return to MSG those fans booing should have their season tickets revoked. While I’m not a huge fan of re-signing Jagr the guy single handedly brought the Rangers back to respectability in 2005-06. After 8 long years of playoffless hockey Jagr helped the Rangers turn a corner and has since been helped by the stellar play of Henrik and others.

  46. no. I have 5 web browsers open for sportsnet, tsn, here, and a ny times live blog that’s doing the same thing I am.

  47. Yeah, mikey. I was rollin. You just have to picture him saying that stuff. so funny.

  48. Beer, can you send me text message when something happens? I’m tired of refreshing this blog ;)
    Bottom line is now we HAVE to sign some decent players because we look soo bad… no defense, no wing… wow

  49. Dellapina said Jagr wants to play for the Rangers… He is surprised one of the three (Jagr, Avery or Rozsival) were’nt signed… says he deosn’t want Russia

  50. I would be up for the Rangers grabbing Brian Rolston and Michael Ryder to play up front with Chris Drury. Maybe they can focus their other attention on d-men. I have doubts if they will land Redden or Campbell, but maybe Hainsey and Orpik would be a nice cheaper alternative.
    Maybe Commodore if we cant get Orpik. Your thoughts?

    I have to disagree with you Sam. I don’t want Jagr back, even for one year. We need to pass the captaincy over to Drury or perhaps Gomez. Looks like Renney and Sather are looking to make this team a more North American one that plays a north-south game. Gone is the European influence that surrounded Jagr after the lockout – all of his buddies – Malik, Roszival, Straka, Nylander, etc. Turn the reins over to Gomer and Drury, Dubie and Staal – our real future.

  51. “Who’s gonna sign our good friend Kaspar?!”

    let me tell you comrade Spider I have BIG offers pouring in from Russia man!!

  52. Not listening, but have my sources….dellapina also said that JJ DOES want/need to be the highest paid on the Rangers ie: center of attention.

  53. If Jagr wants to be the center of attention, how about he puts up another 50 goal season, instead of female dogging about who makes the most money on the team.

    This is exactly why I couldn’t care less if he signs elsewhere.

  54. Avery booed? I doubt it very much. It’s not as if he hasn’t expressed his desire to return. I’m sure the Rangers will spin it like he wanted too much money but I’m sure Avery would have taken a three year, $10m deal. Shame on both sides for not coming to an agreement before July 1st. It’s a complete joke!

  55. andrew – wrong. dellapina’s on xm talking about it right now. says neither side will budge. says that ‘avery’s a 3rd line player, but won’t play for 3rd line $’.

    100% dude. see ya 16

  56. ANdrew every where I’ve seen Avery has set a number and not budged and Slats has set a number and not budged… and so the blame goes both places. NHL Live they were talking about Avery not being worth as high as he is asking… but worth more then Slats…

    and when he openes his mouth and says something about NY fans like he did about candians ir others then he will get boos…

  57. Wouldnt boo Avery I think Slats is being unreasonable.
    theres talk of Shanny and NJD, it would be scary if Avery ends up there as well

  58. Update, 1:17 p.m.: With the signing of Radim Vrbata, the Lightning officially have no money left. OK, I don’t know this for sure. But why wouldn’t I be surprised if one day next week their new owners look up and say, “Shoot, we need two goalies?”
    Taking Boyle’s $ off the books would sure help eh?

  59. I just dont see how Avery can ask for a 2 million dollar raise after this season, esp after Slats already went to arbitration with him… ( I believe that all this stems back to that arbitration… Aves could have been locked up for a few years at about $2.75M back then… Sather tried to be smooth)

  60. Although…Smith isn’t that bad of a goalie. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Smith beat us when Dallas came to town?

  61. if its true that Radim Vrbata went to Tampa great pick up I was hoping the Rangers would try for him.

  62. I think that too salty. But 1.9 in arbitration, then your team goes the same distance and you play less games and score less points. So where the FRIG does $4mil come from?

    He’s being unreasonable, and slats is finally protecting his org.

  63. “There are reports Ollie Kolzig will sign with Tampa Bay. He’d be a good choice there to share the goaltending job with Mike Smith” ny times

    That’s a good idea for both.

  64. Wild made some moves… but I was walking through and missed the names, one is a signing the other a trade (I think they said form Nashville)

  65. here’s that minn info

    EJ says Mike Russo of the Minny Star-Tribune is reporting that the Wild have indeed brought Andrew Burnette back and have traded with the Preds for Marek Zidlicky. We’ll try to find more details.

  66. tsn – Nashville trades defenceman Marek Zidlicky to Minnesota for prospect Ryan Jones from Miami of Ohio and a second round pick.

  67. Explain to me how Avery wants 4m if he’s never cracked 20 goals, and Vrbata just got 3m?

  68. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Zidlicky to minnesota for a prospect and a pick…. wouldnt of minded him back

  69. Kyle wellwood re-signed with VAN. he was claimed on waivers last week. 1yr just under 1mil.

  70. Sam,

    No-one’s touched on Dubinski and how all this talk of finding a center for Jagr is making him feel. Especially given the fact that the kid was certainly one of the few consistent shining stars on last season’s squad. It again seems to me like the “What more do you want from the kid?” kinda senarios… (re: Dawes being sent down).


  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Bruins have officially signed Wheeler.

    Wheeler said a week ago or so that he was gonna sign there. Now it’s official.

  72. LOL hang in there Agr. I could fall asleep if there’s no Ranger news soon. Or ANY of the ‘big boys’ going anywhere.

  73. “No-one’s touched on Dubinski”

    next jersey says “Dubi” on it!!!!!!! and not that gaolie clown who went to Russia

    Dubinsky is going to be NYR go to guy this year… doubt about it

    Sign defensemen

  74. “I would be up for the Rangers grabbing Brian Rolston and Michael Ryder to play up front with Chris Drury.”

    Sounds like the worst idea I’ve heard to date. I want nothing to do with Brian Rolston. He’s over the hill and was overrated in his prime. Talk about a really bad line completely wasting Drury.

  75. I don’t thinkt he Rangers will get Sundin… they woul ony do that if they have Jagr and they won’t be able to pay both.

    John Dellapina was saying how Jagr liked playing with Dubi, and that it was very good for Dubi as well… I want to see that combo for a while longer…

  76. Hate to spread rumors, but I just talked to my friend who’s an account exec @ the Garden…he’s heard talk that Campbell is in NY, and something might be close.

  77. It’s official, I’m on the brink of insanity. Something needs to happen here… it’s so incredibly boring right now. ahhhhhhh.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Uhh.. Rolston has put together 3 consecutive 30 goal seasons on a defensive team. By the way, out of all the players on last year’s team, only two had ever put together 3 consecutive 30 goal seasons, and both are first ballot Hall of Famers.

    He also is a great two-way player. So, I’d say he’s probably underrated if anything.

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brandon, perhaps you got it backwards and meant ‘Drury’ where you wrote Rolston and ‘Rolston’ where you wrote Drury?

    Rolston a bonafide offensive forward with decent 2-way smarts. Do you know anything about him?

  80. Vancouver signs RFA forward Kyle Wellwood to a 1 year deal worth $997,500. Hows that for a wake up call? Something better has to start happening anytime now

  81. I think Pats Hubba Hubba does deliver, you’re talking about the one in Stamford right? I live right near there.

  82. Doodie, I too have received multiple ten million dollar per year offers…but I really like the St.Petersberg area so I’m kind of torn

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, little bonus about the 30 goal seasons. Besides Jagr and Shanahan, not a single Ranger has HAD three 30 goal seasons, consecutive or OTHERWISE. Straka and Drury have two. Prucha and Gomez have one.

  84. The one in Stamford down the st from Jimmys Seaside?


    Actually Im closer to Port Chester.

    With all this downtime I probably could figure out how to make my own Hubba Water

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    If the 10 million per year is a legit offer from an actual NHL team, it’s Montreal or Columbus.

  86. Nah, they make the best pizza burger. Pats Hubba Hubba is still open in Stamford, I went past there the other day. Fine, then get food from Colony Pizza.

    This is sad that the most interesting discussion yet has been of food.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    10 million for Sundin that is.

    10 million for Kaspar must be in some other type of currency, like Yen or Rubles.

  88. beerme – you have 5 windows open re hockey and you’re at work. can you get me a job there too

  89. Rolston has put together 3 30 goal seasons in the West, to one in the East 5 years ago. Clearly, his game is suited for the Western style of play. Some may disagree, but it’s a different game in the East.

    I’m just not a fan. You guys want to get younger and this is the guy you’d be interested in bringing in?

    He’s the epitome of rust.

  90. I wish there were some ranger fans here…or even just hockey fans. I’m back down to 4 browsers though.

    You should see it when tickets go on sale…I have dual 17″ monitors too! haha

  91. Going back to the question of will Avery be booed at MSG (reportedly he just turned down $3.35 a year for 3 years from NYR), it depends on who he signs with. If he signs with NJ or Philly or NYI he’ll be booed mercilessly. Hell, we would have booed Brian Leetch out of the building if he’d signed with any of those teams, which is largely why he didn;t when they expressed interest late in his career.

  92. Peter July 1st, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Going back to the question of will Avery be booed at MSG reportedly he just turned down $3.35 a year for 3 years from NYR

    If he passes that up he deserves to get boo’d

  93. I Bleed Ranger Blue on

    Now that NHL network is showing classic games for three hours of free agency time does anyone have a website that is playing sometype of live coverage?

  94. peter – reported where? if that’s true, I’m going to start booing now. Even THAT’S more than he should be making.

  95. Pittsburgh Penguins re-sign UFA D Mark Eaton to a 2 year deal worth $2-million

    Minnesota Wild sign UFA forward Andrew Brunette (undisclosed).

    wow, big news huh?

  96. Peter, I think its more important as to what he says then who he signs with… I am pretty certain just becuase of his attitude he will say something nasty about hockey obsessed Ranger fans, just like hockey obsessed Canadians and that is when he will get booed mercilessly.

  97. Never mind free agent updates. We need sandwich updates! What type of sandwiches are you eating today, Sam?

  98. Pats Hubba Hubba – anything w/ extra chili

    Of course they attempt to put Hubba Chili on everything

  99. “Explain to me how Avery wants 4m if he’s never cracked 20 goals, and Vrbata just got 3m?”


    Its not a fair comparison, they don’t play the same game. I don’t think Avery ever explicitly said in public he wants $4mn. Darcy Tucker got $3mn….

    TB is paying Vrbata based on his whole NHL career to date, sure he’s had a good year but thats no guarantee for the future. From Vrbata’s perspective, he’s negotiating a decent contract that gets him some insurance money in case he reverts back to 15 goals a year or gets hurt. If he continues to put up the same numbers he’ll have the opportunity to sign a great contract when he’s 30. Fair deal for both sides.

  100. Someone I know who tends to know this stuff emailed it to me. I was mentioning it as an aside, not trying to start anything – and honestly it seems consistent with his desire to get $4million per for 4 years. It may not be accurate.

  101. My 4 year old announced he no longer takes naps. Hes been true to his word too. He has great character.

    He knows 2 hockey players by sight

    Jagr and Bobby Orr

  102. Peter, Avery’s agent said they weren’t asking four mil… so if he was asking under four how much higher did he want Slats to come up?

  103. my guess is that the owners are trying to save themselves from monstrous contracts. i feel like if a guy like campbell had been offered 7-8 million already, we’d he’d bee snatched up. but he hasn’t, which leads me to believe the owners are trying to maintain some sense of financial prudence. there have been some big deals already, but aside from lecavalier (and we know tampa is spending like a drunken sailor), no HUGE ones yet. thoughts?

  104. Eklund… the same Eklund that said we got Foresberg last year? Don’t listen to them.

  105. if that is true, avery turning down an offer of 3.35/year for 3 years, than good riddence. i never thought i’d say that, because i loved him while he was with us, but damn sean what the hell. that is a great deal for a player who has never reached a 20 goal season, that is SMALL in size (for his role), and subsequently extremely injury prone. not to mention his extra baggage, i’d say that 3.35/year for 3 years is a damn good deal. unfortunately some other team will offer more for him. but if he truly bled ranger blue and loved nyc as much as we assume he does, if he understood that he will never get the exposure he gets on any other team than what he gets as a ranger, this should be a no brainer for the guy. but now that’s a whole other issue…

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, I think it’s the opposite. I think they’ve received several huge offers, and they are trying to squeeze out a few more dollars or a NTC, or some more time, out of each one.

    That and I’m sure they are talking with their families about where to move.

  107. Ecklund should have his fingers slammed in a car door for what he “reports”… how does that dipshit survive as a hockey “somebody” when less than 1% of what he says comes true?

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    I never assumed Avery bled Ranger Blue. He bleeds money green. And fashion pink and purple.

    Eklund probably read the report about 10 million and put the Rangers on it because he wants to say he guessed the team.

    I got news for you, if it’s true, it’s Montreal or Columbus. Slats didn’t even want his exclusive rights, now he’s supposedly coughing up 10 million on a multiyear contract for him? Retard.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    That retard is directed at Eklund, not Slats. If it were true, THEN it would be directed towards Slats.

  110. Don’t worry, the team that offered Sundin 20 mil for 2 years is Vancouver, according to Rogers Sportsnet

  111. Sam – The Ottawa Sun is reporting that it’s the Canucks offering Sundin 20 mil for two years. Lots of luck to them.

  112. Rumor – Orpik to Buffalo, 5 yrs, $20 million. Possibly leaked by an agent to drive up contracts. Possibly true.

  113. here’s the rest of that..

    Sportsnet. ca — The Pittsburgh Penguins have offered a contract to free agent forward and former team captain, Jaromir Jagr, Sportsnet has learned.

    The Penguins are one of several NHL teams in pursuit of the former NHL MVP.

    Jagr began his career with the Penguins and enjoyed his best seasons there, including Stanley Cup championships in 1991 and 1992.

  114. pens just made an offer to jagr. I’ll post the link when I get on my computer.

  115. Kaspar is very close to signing a 6 year $65M contract with the dynamo Kiev team in the KHL

    Boris Badinov; agent of Kaspar

  116. It’s official-
    Sather just signed Harry Howell to a 1 year contract at $7mil to replace Jagr as captain.
    Negotiations are still in place for Gilles Villemure to back up Henrik

  117. All that we know points to Jagr NOT going to Pitt.

    Won’t be center of attention by any stretch. Won’t be highest paid player. Won’t wear the C. Won’t be attributed to winning. Won’t be able to “put team on shoulders”.

    It’s a one man show over there — everyone knows that.

  118. if that team offering Sundin a multiyear deal worth 10mill a season ends up being the Rangers, than i dont know how Sather doesn’t get the axe because clearly he has lost his mind. i’d rather the team re-sign nobody, and chose to not sign a single free agent, and make no trades or any other moves, than sign Sundin to a multiyear deal worth 10mill a season. that makes no sense whatsoever, with or without jagr in the mix. ugh, just thinking about this pisses me off.

  119. The 10 million dollar team has to be Montreal. I can’t see NY or Detroit offering that much to Sundin, especially if it is a multi-year deal.

  120. Heres the link:

    Its taking forever to load for me.

    I don’t get why we would boo Jagr. I won’t. He turned this franchise around in the 3 1/2 years he was here. He refused to be given the captaincy as he felt he had to earn it in that first year and this past year he went out of his way to teach the young guys (skating at all the optional skates, staying later to work on chemistry/skills with Dubinsky and others). He did a lot for this franchise and we shouldn’t forget that. He’d be doing us a favor by moving to another team for his last run. With him around Crosby and/or Malkin doing most of the work, he’ll be a much better player because he won’t be required to do the leading. Then here in NY we can move on to the next stage without him and have other guys step up and lead the way.

    Lets not be like Pens fans who booed him because he left to make that team better (if he didn’t leave they wouldn’t have Crosby or Malkin and would probably be in KC). Lets be the classy fans we are and cheer this man for leading our misrun and mislead franchise in the right direction after years of disappointment.

  121. Vancouver has been in a tailspin since Brian Burke left. I could definitely see them offering that much, because Sundin is a stud.

  122. Why would we boo Jagr? Because he would have left us for a division rival. Thats why. Besides, going to Pitt would be a complete contradiction of everything he has said.

  123. “Kaspar, did you sign yet?”

    Not yet True…letting agent drive up the price first

  124. I’ll boo Jagr because it completely ruffles his feathers and gets him mentally off his game. What he does, business-wise, is his own prerogative.

    Him “declining” the captaincy was because he’s not the kind of guy to lead teams.

    Shanahan was brought in as the “mouth-piece” and acting captiain, Jagr was just the Queen (as in England).

  125. Where were the Canucks prior to this tailspin caused by Burke leaving?

    Oh yes, they won a division title

  126. Naslund was a great player, but his play seroiusly deteriorated last season. That might have been because Bertuzzi left or he was just getting old. Either way… absolutely no multi-year deal.

  127. Nylander’s wife refused to go to Edmonton, so after he had made a verbal agreement with the Oilers his agent somehow fish-nagled a deal (for about $1.5-2million more) in Washington. NHL first i’m pretty sure.

    Mine was just a question – if Naslund’s free (because Canucks tied their hands up with Sundin), how much for Markus? How long, if at all, do you sign him for?

  128. Shanahan was brought in as the “mouth-piece” and acting captiain, Jagr was just the Queen (as in England).


    for ser. If Jagr goes I especially do wish we could bring back Ol’ Shanny in some frugal capacity… he deserves to retire here and he still has SO much to offer as a leader…

  129. “Why would we boo Jagr? Because he would have left us for a division rival. Thats why. Besides, going to Pitt would be a complete contradiction of everything he has said.”

    Like we would have a chance at the cup anyway over the next year or two. And what “he” said in what, Euro newspapers? I really don’t listen to that crap. Its the same people who said Straka signed a deal when he didn’t. They try to skew things to look better for them so the people that follow their teams have something to look forward too. If you want to take it for face value then go ahead, but I would like to think that what I’ve seen and heard from Jagr here in the NY media over the last couple of years is true. Plus a lot of the news from those other countries regarded stuff like this is usually found to be false anyway.

  130. “What happens if the Canucks play the RangerS?”

    the will call it the Mediocrity Bowl

  131. “Naslund was a great player, but his play seroiusly deteriorated last season. That might have been because Bertuzzi left or he was just getting old. Either way… absolutely no multi-year deal.”

    Naslunds play deteriorated long before last season. Bertuzzi left awhile back.

  132. not so out of character for vancouver. remember, 11 years ago they gave a 36-year old mark messier $18 million US over three years.

    naslund probably wouldn’t mind sundin over there for a couple years.

  133. Nylander’s wife refused to go to Edmonton

    Can we get a pic of this broad? I’d like to see what an NHLers wife looks like after pushing out 6 Sweet Swedes…

  134. maybe it’s picking up?

    tsn – Washington signs UFA G Jose Theodore to a 2 year deal (undisclosed)

  135. I’ll BOO Jagr if he goes to division rival.
    VAN must be crazy to offer 10M a year to Sundin…

  136. I Bleed Ranger Blue on

    TSN free agent tracker…Washington signs UFA G Jose Theodore to a 2 year deal (undisclosed)

  137. Last year this happened on a Sunday right?? isn’t this leap year?? somebody help!!!
    thats why its going slower…we are all supposed to be working not waiting for millionaires to decise where they will park asses for a year or two

  138. tsn video on free agent tracker (current one at least) lists top 10 free agents still avail with 3 Rangers among top 10. surprisingly Rozy is 5 ahead of JJ at 6 and Avery 9

  139. Kolzig to Tampa.

    On the NHL Network ticket. Um, they are scary good on paper. Kolzig and Smitty splitting I guess?

  140. come on, come on, don’t stop now…

    tsn – Colorado signs UFA G Andrew Raycroft to a 1 year deal (undisclosed)

  141. Sam,
    Nice job thus far as always. Just curious, with the CBA able to be reviewed after this season. Do you feel issues such as tampering, performance clauses, etc. will cause re-negotiation on the current agreement?

  142. we’re rollin!

    Phoenix signs UFA forward Todd Fedoruk to a 3 year deal (undisclosed)

    3:07PM Montreal re-signs RFA forward Andrei Kostitsyn to a 3 year deal worth $3.25-million a season

    3:07PM Detroit signs UFA G Ty Conklin to a 1 year deal worth $750,000

  143. 3:09PM Phoenix signs UFA forward Todd Fedoruk to a 3 year deal (undisclosed)
    3:07PM Montreal re-signs RFA forward Andrei Kostitsyn to a 3 year deal worth $3.25-million a season
    3:07PM Detroit signs UFA G Ty Conklin to a 1 year deal worth $750,000
    3:07PM Montreal re-signs RFA forward Andrei Kostitsyn to a 3 year deal worth $3.25-million a season

  144. how does Kyle Wellwood get a contract with a mere $47k raise, yet Kurt Sauer gets a $1mil raise????

  145. Plus the way his last name lines up on the back of his jersey, there’s a funny 3-letter word right in the middle.

  146. We might not do much today. I think we might be waiting to see what Jagr does.

  147. Tampa is making the type of July 1st moves the Rangers made in the summer of ’02 imo it will not work for them either espicially with a dolt like Melrose as coach and Boyle possibly being moved. Caps should have just re-signed Huet imo Theodore is gonna fall back on his face. The ‘Nucks didn’t learn from overpaying for a 37 year old Mess back in 97. If Sundin goes there it will work out almost as bad as Messier’s run did. Avs sign Raycroft. With Sakic likely retiring and their goaltending is shambles this could be the worst the Avs have been since moving to Colorado. No thanks to Nasland he’s soft and his skills have eroded.

  148. Jonny D – yeah, we wait… we have damn 3 defenseman only and no decent wingers! Yeah, wait until no one is available. If they want to re-sign Jagr they will not wait until he actually does sing with somebody else.

  149. Conklin hits the jackpot. He’ll play 30-35 games face 15 shots a game and have a great shot at the cup. Few years ago his career was in the toilet.


    And wow Conklin to DET, impressive.

  151. In the midst of all this. Zipay says the outdoor game at yankee stadium may not be dead yet. and that all the big names are sorting through offers

  152. I’ll be honest, I’m not all for sitting around waiting for Jagr’s decision. Not at all. I would be on the bandwaggon that perhaps wants the next chapter for the Rangers to start.

  153. 3.5 mill per year over 4 years for Finger? The Leafs continued to be the dumbest team in the Nhl. The price for Streit, Rozsival, Redden all went up.

  154. i would be pissed off if jagr goes to pitt and shanny goes to nj. whats next avery going to isles

  155. Toronto signs UFA goaltender Curtis Joseph to a 1 year deal worth $700,000
    3:24PM Toronto signs UFA defenceman Jeff Finger to a 4 year deal worth $3.5-million a season

  156. 3:24PM Toronto signs UFA goaltender Curtis Joseph to a 1 year deal worth $700,000
    3:24PM Toronto signs UFA defenceman Jeff Finger to a 4 year deal worth $3.5-million a season

  157. Yeah, that’s a little high. Wonder if it’s accurate. Seems like $1m/yr too much. Everyone should have this guy’s agent.

  158. Jagr or not, Sather can not afford to do NOTHING today

    At least pick which of our UFA your GOING to resign. I mean is it so hard to give a deal to and sign Valli? Mara?

  159. I don’t care if Sather does ANYTHING today. The season is three months away. He needs to make the team bigger, tougher and younger. Even with Avery they are a rather soft team. They badly need size, scoring and a pp qb.

  160. We don’t have a team yet…. I know it’s only been 3 1/2 hours, but I’m scared he’s going to do something drastically idiotic.

  161. Pavel-I’m with ya.

    I can’t say I would be a remotely happy fan if we are awaiting Jagr’s $1 more than Gomez increase. Or Sundin for too much money. I’d want Rolston and god help me, some defensemen!

  162. The only good thing so far is that Avery, Orpik, Streit, Commodore and Hainsey are still on the market…whats worrying is that Campbell, Sundin, Jagr still are too….

  163. hahahaha

    Tampa Bay signs UFA forward Adam Hall to a 3 year deal worth $1.8-million

  164. And why would letting at least two of our guys who your probably if not definitely goign to want to resign anyway even get offers from anywhere else and tempt them go?

    He better get off that fat ass of his and start making some deals.

    And yeah Cambell is in NYC, woopie frickin doo. What about Orpik glen? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  165. Hey are leafs new UFA’s getting NTC’s?????

    if finger is 3.5 what does that make Rozy…hell…what does that make Mara??

    Oilers sign no-one and get Eric Cole and puck moving Dee man and young first round draft pick from 2005 plus shed themselves of Stoll, Torres, Greene and Pitkanens salary

  166. Beer-I think you found a new calling as the free-agent ticker…very impressed.

    What $$$ does Tampa have left? and do they try and go for Huet?

  167. kaspar – i know fletcher is old, but if he values what years he has left, he won’t be giving out NTC’s.

    I think EDM is making room. you’ll see.

    I think TB is GOING to be making room. you’ll see.

  168. 3:43PM Chicago signs UFA goaltender Cristobal Huet (undisclosed)
    3:41PM Florida signs UFA forward Cory Stillman to a 3 year deal worth $10.6-million
    3:40PM NY Rangers sign UFA forward Aaron Voros (undisclosed)
    3:40PM Pittsburgh signs UFA forward Eric Godard (undisclosed)

  169. yes!

    Chicago signs UFA goaltender Cristobal Huet (undisclosed)
    3:41PM Florida signs UFA forward Cory Stillman to a 3 year deal worth $10.6-million
    3:40PM NY Rangers sign UFA forward Aaron Voros (undisclosed)
    3:40PM Pittsburgh signs UFA forward Eric Godard (undisclosed)

  170. damnit you beat me i really thought i had that one and it double posted :( for shame deja

  171. 3:40PM NY Rangers sign UFA forward Aaron Voros (undisclosed

    LIke it, he is phsyical gritty team…

  172. beat me! my pc jammed up! noooo!

    anyway….. You can kiss avery goodbye officialy. Voros is a fuggin pimp and I may order my jersey tomorrow. He f’n wrecks everyone he hits, and hits every he sees. There’s our size up front! so happy.

  173. well at least Varos is big

    6’4″, 205

    2007-08 MIN 55 7 7 14 -7 141 0 1 0 0 52 13.5

  174. 14 Points.

    Avery could play on one skate and get 14 points.

    Sorry, I don’t like it.

  175. if Fla signed Stillman..maybe Bouwmeester is being shopped? but probably not. But I did note that they said RFA talks weren’t going well.

  176. Voros is pretty nice. Lot of power forward potential. I hope we don’t do too much and overpay because thanks to the stupid leafs giving finger over the 1 mil a year he’s worth, a lot of guys are getting overpaid.

  177. Are you sure Varos doesn’t replace Hollweg….based on stats thats what I would think

    we have room for a 7 Goal guy on top three lines???

  178. 55 games and he was a minus 7…. sounds like a bag a shite if you ask me! anyone have any color on this guy… Rob C??

  179. rob – you just asked who he was, then said you didn’t like it. How?

    Trust me, the guy’s a good player.

  180. From TSN –
    3:40PM NY Rangers sign UFA forward Aaron Voros (undisclosed)

    Go Wolfpack!

  181. NOw sign avery to paly along with Voros with your choice of the center in the middle and I like that line. Both avery and Voros play the same way.

  182. Last time I checked you needed to score goals to win hockey games…especially in the new NHL.

    We need size AT THE BACK.

    I mean, what is this guy, really…a marginal improvement over Colton Orr?

    I’m disgusted, quite frankly. I want Sean Avery. this is a flippin’ joke.

  183. keep em comin glen, keep them coming!!

    Not sure how I feel about him, at least ORR has another big guy to destroy people with!

    I guess this officially sends aAvery bye bye?

    And I liek the Huet to Chicago deal. Good for him.

  184. 27, 1 year in NHL protecting gaborik.

    He’s no allstar, but like I said, he loves to hit and at 6’3″ 6’4″ hit hurts. probably a 4th liner on most teams.

  185. Voros is 26? and he has less then a season.

    He is a LW so that means he would replace OClton, unless one of them moves to the right side… Or he could skate LW on our third line… who are our other LW Dawes and Cally?

  186. Voros is listed with 14 bouts for last season on, with a record of 3-7-4. Maybe he can take some lessons from Dubinsky.

  187. If we’ve signed him as a 4th liner – then its a good signing, he’s bigger than Hollywood and scores more goals…

  188. Blue404Seats on

    Voros will be used as an extra…

    by the way Strudwick def. won that fight

  189. This is a great point by the NY Times…

    “He had seven goals, seven assists in 55 games and has never been a big scorer, but if he played for the Wild, you know he understands defensive hockey.”

    And know it makes even more sense.

  190. Hes much better than you guys think. I love how nobody has seen him play and is already hating on him. I watched him play last year and he’s pretty good. He actually moved up to 2nd line towards the end of the year (kinda cycles around a bit between there and 3rd line). Like I said he’s got power forward potential but he loves to hit and is solid defensively. Key is we probably didn’t overpay for him since he wasn’t on every teams radar and hes great for Renney’s system. I like this move.

  191. 3:49PM Vancouver signs RFA forward David Backes to an offer sheet, 3 years $7.5-million. St. Louis has seven days to match or accept a 2nd round draft pick as compensation.

  192. Vancouver signs RFA forward David Backes to an offer sheet, 3 years $7.5-million. St. Louis has seven days to match or accept a 2nd round draft pick as compensation.

  193. “Voros is listed with 14 bouts for last season on, with a record of 3-7-4. Maybe he can take some lessons from Dubinsky.”

    He faught in the west. Those guys are big and tough. The east has a bunch of pansies.

  194. Struds kicks ass!!!!

    Colton Orr does not care or know what “wing’ he plays

  195. 4:02PM Colorado signs UFA forward Darcy Tucker to a 2 year deal worth $4.5-million

  196. BTW, you guys know that Dawes and Sjoie are RFA’s and can now be given offer sheets. I’m more concerned with that then signing UFAs at this point.

  197. hope you are right beer – i dunno the guy from a hole in the wall. minus 7 thru 55 games ain’t great though

  198. This can be really bad… with Tucker gone from the Leafs, Avery might go there.


    Darcy Tucker just signed somewhere else..maybe this means Avery isnt out the door after all

  200. listen, yes he lost to Struds..but I’d rather him than Hollwegg..Varos has 5 goals more than Holly.

    and I’m glad Tucker is not going to NYR.

  201. the least of our worries is Voros.

    thanks for catching that one CML, i was talking to a co-workers. They should know that I haven’t opened my mouth all day for a reason.

    But THANK GOD Tucker signed elsewhere.

  202. THANKK GOD DArcy got signed somehwere
    I NEVER want to see that JAckass in a Ranger Uniform

    LEts go Glen, make some REAL MOVES now


  203. Johnny I think someone said earlier they have already been given qualifying offers… I am concerned about them as well though…

  204. PJH…. even a broken clock is right twice a day…. maybe he had a bad day, if he replaces Hollweg which is what it looks like, I love the signing and think it’s an upgrade

  205. Jonny D said it perfectly. No hes not going to replace jagar or avery offense of course. He will fit in nicely on the 3rd or 4th line. He is very good at his role and he is 26!!!. WeRE GETTING YOUNGER!!! Thats what we want. LIke other people said you will be surprised at what he can do and he big and not soft.

    NOW for avery and orpik and well really have a gritty team. FOr some reason I thought he had more offensive production but whatever. HE has a lot of playing to do so hopefully he only gets better. and HOPEFULLY we didn’t over pay.

  206. “BTW, you guys know that Dawes and Sjoie are RFA’s and can now be given offer sheets. I’m more concerned with that then signing UFAs at this point.’

    Johnny D I agree, love the DawG man and freddy Shoe-shine would replace Avery….

  207. yes, dawes and sjo and i think vally too have qualifying offers. probably just a formality at this point.

  208. Tucker got a 2 year deal with 4.5…Sather probably wishes they had the same agent

  209. vally is a UFA, no? Jessiman, Sjostrom, Dawes and Moore were all offered qaulifying offers.

  210. Haha, no problem Beer Me… so I’m wondering, what is it exactly you do at your job that no one notices you’re on Ranger sites all day? That’s one hell of a job! =D

  211. Redo:

    Tucker got a 2 year deal worth 4.5 million…Sather probably wishes he had the same agent as Avery.

    (didn’t proofread before posting)

  212. “As for the Rangers’ other big-name unrestricted free agents, Michal Rozsival remains desperate to return while Sean Avery is testing the market.”

    haha rozy desperately wants to stay. tell him to take a pay cut and see how desperate he is to stay here.

  213. MikeyNJ…. you say…. Not sure how I feel about him, at least ORR has another big guy to destroy people with!

    Are you seriously considering that Orr should be occupying a roster spot??? I am pretty sure that big oaf wears those skates with the double blades !!! Voros can take the place of the Hollweg – Orr tandem on the 4th line

  214. Blue404Seats on

    Orr is a top 3 fighter in the league… (Cote has had his fair share of losses to him all season). If Voros was brought in to be the tough guy, thats a bad move. If he was brought in as a spare part then fine.

  215. “vally is a UFA, no? Jessiman, Sjostrom, Dawes and Moore were all offered qaulifying offers.”

    ok I missed that. I just wanted to make sure we were keeping them around.

  216. Can this Voros guy SKATE?

    That’s the big question here. If he can, then maybe I’ll like the move. Still need to see for myself anyway.

  217. Right on Blueseats.

    Im all for bringin Rozsival back………. at the right price though.

    If he did not want to stay I think he would have signed elsewhere already.

  218. my bad on vally, i did see that they were ‘in negotiations’ a week or so ago.

    johnny – i was thinking the same about rozy.

    I work in insurance, its so exciting around here, when someone sneezes, 30 people say ‘bless you’. haha

  219. Tampa Bay signs UFA goaltender Olaf Kolzig to a 1 year deal worth $1.5-million (plus bonuses).

  220. Voros was brought in so we can move Sjoie up to 3rd line where he should be. Voros adds a slight scoring touch (like I said he played on the top 2 lines at one point) to play with Betts and Orr. Plus he can almost move up to serve a power forward role. Listen to Beer Me. This guy won’t disappoint. Stop looking at numbers because they don’t tell the story with this guy and what he brings. He’s not a superstar, but he fits in with this team and takes a load off of Orr and easily replaces Hollweg.

  221. PJH as am I (re Rozsival) and if Campbell is expecting 60 mil then Rozi is looking better and better. He is still young and developing, and if he does take less to stay then I like him even more…

  222. Moore is less. Talk about blowing your one chance in the sun. I didn’t see one redeeming quality or talent in that kid when he got to strap the jersey on for a few games.

    Usually, I’ll be able to pick something I like in the player, but to me, Greg Moore is an AHL lifer in the making.

    Korpikoski did what you’re supposed to do when you get one game to show what you got.

  223. Tampa Bay signs UFA goaltender Olaf Kolzig to a 1 year deal worth $1.5-million (plus bonuses).

    wasn’t he already signed already? maybe I’m going crazy.

  224. Troj

    Orr is signed and until he is traded is a ranger and aint goign nowhere as he did his job all season long.

    Holwegg did nothing but run around taking penalties, screwing up and was a waste so I agree with that part of your argument

    OTher than that, yse Voros can go out with Orr and crush people

  225. Campbell taking a page out of the Sheldon Souray book. Holdout for all you can get. I hope he doesnt get half of what he wants.

  226. “umm how does TB have money for Kolzig? Seriously, they are a fount of $$$”

    Let’s not forget that there’s a ‘summer cap’. You can be up to like $65mil. But as soon as opening night rolls around $56.7 or whatever it is. So they have time to send Boyle to NYC.

  227. Tampa Bay is crazy. They are signing everyone they can. Giving a goalie a 1 year contract. They are sure trying to win now. How do they have this much cap space?

  228. I believe Voros scored against Rangers last season. As Sam said, depth move but he’s a lot better than Holly.

  229. i need a lightning jersey. i love this team. they’re owners are probably REAL drunken sailors.

  230. Everyone agrees he’s better than Hollweg but why do I have sneeky feeling, eye-twitching that Hollweg will still play 75 games!!!

  231. Moore is less. Talk about blowing your one chance in the sun. I didn’t see one redeeming quality or talent in that kid when he got to strap the jersey on for a few games.


    Wow, really? I happened to be at one of the games he played in and he seemed very good to me, raw talent wise. He skated with size and strength, and was poking and retrieving loose pucks in scuffles against the boards like nobodys business… I’m usually hard on the callups but I think Moore could be a player given the right opportunity. They say he’s “like a Drury” too, takes the game extremely seriously, doesn’t party/get sidetracked, just wants to compete… I hope he gets a legit chance.

  232. “How do they have this much cap space?”

    supposedly all this crying over the last few years of having no “room” was just there own self-induced cap being full….not the league mandated cap….so new owners plus increased cap and now…the team that dumped Richards is signing Adam Hall and prospal to longterm deals!!!!

  233. “Jonny that sounds good to me… (re Voros) I just wish we’d se some of the bigger holes get filled…”

    I agree but with who? Look at who has overpaid already. A smart move may just be to wait things out since Hossa and Campbell and those guys think they are going to get a lot of money. Problem comes when people waste all their space on these other lower skilled guys and have no room for the better players. Thats when we step in and grab them. Or if they do sign them, they’ll have to move guys from their team, which is when we step in and deal our weaker guys for their better players that they have no choice but moving.

    “Let’s not forget that there’s a ‘summer cap’. You can be up to like $65mil. But as soon as opening night rolls around $56.7 or whatever it is. So they have time to send Boyle to NYC.”

    Also don’t forget how far under the cap their were last year. They had their own cap because of ownership. They were actually way under the floor I think before this FA signing period started so they had plenty of room to sign guys.

  234. Ottawa signs UFA goaltender Alex Auld to a 2 year deal worth $1-million


  235. I guess Gerber is still their #1 guy, and they’ll try to groom Auld a little more.

    CML, it’s all yours the rest of the day pal, I’m outta here. enjoy the frenzy that will surely take place in a little while.

  236. Goalies are flying off the shelves – thats Auld gone now to Ottowa for 2 years…!!

  237. To be fair, Auld is a pretty decent goalie. He hasn’t gotten a real shot and was kinda screwed out of Vancouver. I think he can be in a 1A-1B tandem in the NHL.

  238. No JOnny watching some crazy contracts go on defense especially and I’m getting worried… we may have to sit back and wait, I just hope that we don’t get shot in the foot by all these other teams being willing to pay so much…

  239. Hockey players are so griddy… Campbell laughs at $60M??? I wish one day he needs to pick up a quarter from the floor…

  240. I understand about Orr being under contract… but nothin wrong with him playing in Hartford.
    I would rather see 1 guy playing consistently all year instead if Hollweg and Orr and various other bodies in and out of the lineup. And both those guys logged 580 minutes of ice time, and Orr spent 159 of them in the box while Hollweg spent 96 of them in the hole.
    Voros had 14 point while sitting in the box for 140 minutes so he should be a good 4th line upgrade if we can let him.

  241. Hockey players are so griddy… Campbell laughs at $60M??? I wish one day he needs to pick up a quarter from the floor…

    Stf, i’m sure his agent laughed – and it was probably more like scoffing. If you get a $90million offer, would you even consider a $60million? No.

    Every got upset Avery turned down a rumored 3 years for 3.35million offer Sather made, except it was NEVER substantiated and I never saw that offer anywhere.

  242. “No JOnny watching some crazy contracts go on defense especially and I’m getting worried… we may have to sit back and wait, I just hope that we don’t get shot in the foot by all these other teams being willing to pay so much…”

    Its better to let these guys overpay now so we can pay fair value at another time, like next year when all the good FAs are out there. I’m not saying we should stand pat, but we always complain about how we overpay for guys and now we got people saying “WHY AREN’T WE DOING ANYTHING” went Jeff Finger starts the hitting d-man bidding at over 3 mil (for a 2nd year guy who is nothing special). Thats just crazy to spend that much on a guy like that.

  243. I wonder if Tucker’s contract impacts Avery. They are very similar players. Tucker had one more point than Avery, albeit in more games, but that just says Avery cant stay healthy.

  244. agree with Jonny D – we bide our time even if this year is a step back. we have our own youth to sign as well in a couple of years.

  245. czechthemout!!!!! on



    Just saw 4 of his fights on youtube,he lost each and every one!!!

    We certainly got better today so far!So the “BRAIN TRUST”goes out to waste precious cap money on a piece of shit player who skates and fights like Jessiman but will not play Jessiman.He’ll also take any chance that Byers has to make this team as well.Once again nice job Glennie!

  246. Dellapina is reporting NYR are talking to MArk Streit’s agent, no surprise, and that and offer either accepted or rejected will be made

  247. People do realize that we are talking about Brian Campbell and not Brian Leetch here right? The GM’s must have found the bottle of courvoisier.

  248. what time do they take dinner break in this frenzy? I need to use restroom…Sam, may I?

  249. i highly doubt it. we need jagr back . we lack scoring and that should be focus

  250. The Fan 590 just said Redden is narrowed down to Dallas, San Jose and the Rangers.

    They said we have an offer out to another winger right after, but I was cursing HFBoards out and missed the name.

  251. Update, 4:38 p.m.: Consider this another lull. Whoever had Alex Auld to Ottawa in the free agent pool, you’re buying drinks tonight.

    Sam – Another? As far as I’m conscerned, this is the same lull we were in at 12:01…talk about a BORING!

  252. I agree too, but sign the guys your goign to sign anyway

    Again, Valli, MAra, etc. (Dawes, Shoey, Moore got there offer sheets and will most likley return)

  253. Voros is an upgrade over Hollweg. He’ll hit and he isn’t a stone hands like Hollweg. I could see him scoring 8-10 goals a year here. Is Scott Boras Campbell’s agent? I have had a feeling for awhile that Jags might go to the Pens. I hope I’m wrong. Considering the dreck that is getting long term contracts for good money I understand why Jagr is drawing interest. Did Tampa really sign a medicore 4th line center to a 3 year deal? Are their owners on crack? I hope Stillman enjoys playing in Florida with Gregory Campbell and Olesz on a great second line.

  254. Campbell will dissapoint whoever he signs for. Its gonna be hard to live up thbig of a contract.

    His career numbers are not great.

    Until last year he had never topped 50 points.

    In his 9 NHL years he has averaged less than .5 points per game. Is it worth close ot the money he will get? NO.

    As an above poster wrote, this is NOT Brian Leetch.

  255. Compared to Nasland Jags is still in his prime. Don’t sign Nasland Senile Sather.

  256. Zubov is making what 5 mill a year? Campbell is good enough to sniff Zubov jock imo.

  257. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s my take on the moves made since the Vrbata signing (my last comment)


    Good backup goaltending move. He’s shown he can occasionally carry a starter’s load, which will be necessary if Gerber folds for long stretches, as he has shown he does. Affordable too.


    I love offer sheets because they are so fun. If I’m St. Louis I would match this, easily.


    HAHAHA. SUCKERS! I am so glad we didn’t get him.


    I understand the rationale here, but they should’ve bought out Khabibulin if this is what they were planning. It would have only cost them 2.2 million over the next two seasons, as opposed to 6.7 million this year.


    Florida needs a center now that Jokinen is gone, but Stillman will definitely help fill the leadership void, and add some scoring. Notthe worst pickup, but totally not addressing their needs. In my opinion, they are fighting with Los Angeles and Toronto for front runners in the Tavares sweepstakes.


    Depth signing and for cheap. If he somehow finds the form that he was supposed to have when we had signed him, this will be the steal of free agency. But probably not.


    Who knows, maybe he develops into a solid power forward. At least he’s a big dude.


    Cheap defenseman. Probably a sign that Orpik isn’t coming back.


    Well, that settles it, they have a great forward corps, and a pretty good goaltending tandem. Now if only they had some defense besides Dan Boyle.


    I’ll admit, I had no idea who this was. After looking him up, it could turn out to be a pretty good signing for the Leafs.


    Good signing for the Habs. They should’ve tried to make the term a little longer though, this guy is gonna be a star.


    Good signing for the Wings.


    Another reclamation project? They should’ve been all over Huet.


    Really? You could’ve had Huet for an extra 1.1 million per season. What a mistake. They have a prospect goalie in Varlamov who could turn out to be a great goaltender, but he’s at least a couple years away. Big mistake by not locking up Huet.

  258. Sounds like Hossa might be heading off to Edmonton. Reports say they are close to a deal. Maybe once one of the big names goes than others will follow. This is one slow July 1st, thats for sure.

  259. Can’t wait till 4 years from now when the owners lock the players out again and cry poverty. The players should get copy of a sheet of all the insane signings from the last few days and show it to them.

  260. I have a feeling that we’re going to land Campbell. Sather realizes that our blueline needs a star. I think Campbell or Redden if Campbell rejects.

  261. Uhh Doodie Godard is not a dman.He’s a forward. He’s alot like Orr except slower and less talent also not as tough.

  262. Doodie Machetto on

    If Jagr goes to Pittburgh he’ll score 40 goals and be a 90+ pt player. Problem is, he will only be like a +10 because his line will play no defense since Pittsburgh doesn’t have a defensive system like we have, and his linemates won’t know squat about defense either.

  263. I have a feeling that we’re going to land Campbell. Sather realizes that our blueline needs a star. I think Campbell or Redden if Campbell rejects.

    How does Campbell help the Rangers, honestly? He’s not a very good DEFENSE-man, but he’s a good offensive threat. He’s also going to get $10million per year the first year or two…how does that help? The Rangers have so many holes that they NEED to sign second tier players to have enough cap space.

  264. Voros is a goon with a capital G. He looks for trouble unlike Orr, and he can be pretty dirty. He rammed Eric Staal into the boards like Ruutu did to Jagr, came out of the penalty box and knocked out Novotny of Columbus who didn’t see him with a shoulder to the face, and landed a beaut on the nose with Jovanoski in his fight with him. Strudwick held him to a draw. Not the greatest fighter but he’ll stir things up if Renney lets him do his thing.

  265. Doodie Machetto on

    Sabres sign Lalime, two years, two million.

    What a shame. We missed out 3 very affordable veteran backups today (Cujo, Conklin, Lalime), and will probably give Valli a raise. What a waste.

  266. How many goalies want to sign up to play 10 games or less a season? Not many. Finding backups in NY and NJ aren’t easy because of that reason, especially guys who have shown they can play (Conklin, specifically).

  267. If Jagr does resign with the Pens, and those schmuck fans cheer his return…I can only hope the roof caves in on that fucking building. Guy wins two Cups with them, puts in almost a decade of success for them…and is booed like he fucked the mayor’s retarded daughter every time he goes back there. When it comes to POS fans, you’ve got Isles fans (all 28 of ’em) you’ve got Flyers fans (all 38 of ’em, the rest are on parole) and then you’ve got Pens fans…possibly the worst of the lot.

  268. True – I didn’t say it’s good that we might have to pay $10M a season to Campbell, I said I think he’s going to be a Ranger. Sather wants to bring top shelf D. That’s all.

  269. Doodie Machetto on

    How many games does Lalime expect to play with Miller in front of him?

  270. The Hossa deal is said to be 7 yrs for 70 million. I read it on the HF Boards saying it is from Stauffer. Thats crazy to give him that much for that long. Players salaries only seem to continue to go up. After what Gomez and Drury got last year.

  271. Doodie Machetto on

    Depth players are getting screwed. Teams shell out 7-10 million for stars, leaving depth players to get league minimums. Sucks for them.

  272. The Avs should have gone after Lalime. Doubt Lalime plays more than 20 games in Buffalo. Not sure why he went there.

  273. Players salaries only seem to continue to go up. After what Gomez and Drury got last year.
    That’s how the market works; these deals for Drury/Gomez/Vanek/Briere set the trend for guys like Hossa and especially Kovalchuk who will be worth WAY MORE than any of those other players.

  274. hey sam can you start a new blog, i hate having to scroll down every time just to read the new posts, thanks

  275. Don’t buy Hossa going to the Oilers. Eklund spread that rumor first and he’s always wrong.

  276. Sam!
    THANK YOU for entertaining us at work today. Also for easing our frustration a bit..setting the expectation a bit for the lulls! But! it is dinner time, and nothing really new. AARRGGHHH!!!! Homeward Bound, to follow more!!! PLEASE MAKE IT GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

  277. a plea to all hockey fans to stop visiting eklund’s site, and then telling the rest of us all the wildly stupid and patently untrue things he concocts. just make up your own rumors, and save us all the time and trouble.

  278. Rolston is talking to the Devils, Rangers and another team per Bob MacKenzie at TSN.

  279. Marek Malik is discussing a 3 year deal that in the 7-8 million dollar range wih the Islanders.

  280. a plea to all hockey fans to stop visiting eklund’s site, and then telling the rest of us all the wildly stupid and patently untrue things he concocts. just make up your own rumors, and save us all the time and trouble.



    I don’t know who deserves their mouth to be spit in more, Ecklund or the people who read him/relay the “info”.

  281. stf- Someone said make up your own deal instead of listening to Eklund. Thats what I did.

  282. It’s believable too. They signed Poti two years ago. I bet their biggest signing is Huselius.

  283. Cancelled czechs on

    Campbell signs with Chicago

    Jagr has not gotten one single offer as of 5 pm accding to TSN dreger. no one wants the head case pouter.

  284. Its done. 56.8 mil over 8 years. About 7.1 mil per year. He will help out the Hawks a lot because they have very solid d-men who can hit, something we don’t have. Thank god we didn’t spend that money.

  285. “Jagr has not gotten one single offer as of 5 pm accding to TSN dreger. no one wants the head case pouter.”

    Actually I’ve heard he’s had a couple, he’s just not making a decision right now.

  286. Sources are telling me (the good ones, not the bad ones) that Marian Hossa is going to get a deal in the range of A-Rod type money. The catch is Hossa doesnt realize its in rubles. (p9)

  287. It was all about money for Campbell… he quickly priced himself off the Ranger’s radar. Looks like Redden and then Streit (in that order) are next on the NYR’s radar.

    Orpik probably has a lot of suitors, but I hope the Rangers get him.

    Rolston would be nice pickup for this team and he might want to play with his team USA buddies… gomez and drury.

  288. Cancelled czechs on

    no, Jonny, he has had some “Preliminary discussions”, but those are NOT offers.

    Sundin, meanwhile has at least 4 offers, one for $20 mill from van

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