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Sounds like there’s more coming tonight. Whether it’s of the Aaron Voros or the Wade Redden variety remains to be  seen…

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  1. “Sounds like”?? How? What? Who? Don’t tell me we signed Eric Lindros out of retirement at $8M/per for 5 years.

  2. Redden hasnt been the same since he’s grandmother died. It’s only a matter of time before Renney’s screaming makes him get over it.

  3. I don’t think 31 is that old. After a pitiful power play, Redden is definitely worth it. Now Rozsival at 4 million, unless it keeps Jagr in the fold, is not worth it.

  4. Sam, this is cruel and unusual punishment, we’ve been dying for good news for 8 hours!! Tell us!!

  5. Minnesota sign forward Craig Weller to a two-year contract worth $600,000 a season

  6. repost

    I will prob get flamed for this but,
    get Jagr back….
    Jagr Dubi ???
    Prucha/Cally Gomez Dawes
    Cally/Prucha Drury Sjostrem
    new guy Betts__Orr/new guy?
    new guy/Orr
    13 forwards no Hollweg!
    Redden/Rozi Staal
    Rozi/Redden ???
    Girardi Tyutin
    seven d-men
    except forward the ??? can be filled by kids… maybe even forward… I think its doable but Slats needs to get back Jagr…

  7. we leave 8 mill left without wingers on our top 2 lines. who is scoring goals for this team. even if u get jagr back thats not enough. these 2 signings are hideous.. this defense is still soft

  8. I am guessing either Avery or Jagr come back (I wish both). The Rangers then move Backman, Girardi, Prucha, or whoever else to shed salary, or move them, plus a pick for another forward being shopped.

  9. we were at 33.2 mil and we can get to 56.8?

    so we had 23.6

    Rozi= 5
    Redden= 6.5
    whats his name was 1

    thats 12.5 mil

    leaves us with 11.1 mil left right?

  10. Rumor from my buddies in Ottawa, people there claim that Redden is a cokehead and has an issue with cocaine. Nobody has actually confirmed it and it hasn’t been heard by any major news source so for now its just a rumor. One of the stories involved him doing lines of coke at 5:30 AM the day after game 4 of the Cup Finals two years ago. I’ll see if I hear anything else about it.

  11. Some major overreacting here.

    Rossival, soft at times or not, is still one of the top 20 D-Men in the league. The league doesn’t have a lot of GREAT defenseman right now, which is why half of the first 20 draft picks this year were young defenseman. If he had a bit more confidence in his shot, he’d be great. Don’t forget how he played in the playoffs in 06-07 — he was a beast.

    Hopefully Redden can QB the powerplay. He’s smart with the puck and makes a great first outlet pass which is sometimes better than being a big bruising defenseman a la Orpik.

    Personally, I like the signings. I think we paid a bit much.

    It’s obvious we need to resign Jagr though or we’re in some big trouble.

  12. cant wait to see wade as a ranger at 37. have to guess they are moving a defenseman

    id much rather have orpik than roszival. how we gave redden a raise after his horrible season this year is beyond me

  13. A lot of humerous comments passing through all day, from both Sam and from everyone else. I guess it reflects the circus atmosphere this has become.
    At any rate, the question I would have for Sather is how does defenseman Rozsival, even at 5 years younger, rate forward Brian Rolston-type money? Did Rolston give Lou a price break in NJ? Rolston has 30+ goals in each of the past 3 seasons. Rozsival doesn’t even have 30 over the last 3 combined, and has gotten weaker on defense to boot.
    Couldn’t we have gotten Rolston for that money (still high, but…), let Rozy go now that we have Redden, and then go after Orpik seriously?

  14. Jonny D, ive been hearing that all over. If the guy has issues, send him to rehab, hopefully he can turn around his life like Josh Hamilton did with Baseball.

  15. Brandon,

    yea the prices are much but everything was being driven up… I still don’t like the length of time but I am going to be optimistic for now… and I want Jagr back…

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Redden did have a tough time in Ottawa, the past two years confidence wise, based on the expectations and requests of him. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds now that he is on a better team defensively with a much better goaltender.

    As always, I’m willing to give every player a chance before I hate them. Welcome to the new players. Just remember everyone, it’s more about the name on the front than the name on the back. Like it or not, we’re stuck with them.

  17. Sam don’t tickle my dickle like that!!

    What have you heard about the “more”?

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t forget that we can go 10 percent over the cap during the offseason, and then unload salary by putting people in the minors and whatnot.

  19. hockeybuzz cap central also takes into account full nhl salaries of guys that won’t make the big club

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    By my count, we still need a scoring winger and a backup goaltender, at the very least.

  21. He’s a cokehead AND has a problem with cocaine? That’s a lot of blow. And snow.

    Redden is pretty good, and better than what we’ve had. Anyone who can possibly help our QB is worth giving the benefit of the doubt, in my book.

    And, as with last year, let’s remember that $ are about marketplace not pure talent.

    Do wish we’d get Orpik, though…

  22. I guess I’ll say it one more time but it probably still won’t get through:

    There are 30 teams in the NHL. We aren’t the only ones going after these guys.

    We paid Redden what we did based on other offers that were just as close. Plus D-men at 31 are not bad. Look at Lids and Nieds and even Pronger playing well into their late 30s. If Redden can turn it around and is put with a better d-man (like Staal) than what he had to deal with in Ottawa since Chara left, I think he’ll be fine. Still think we overpaid but its all based on the market.

  23. sather = bad on

    why rozy why??? why waste 5 mil a year on him when they could of gotten someone else better to play with redden…. i like redden can run the PP and a strong d-man and has good playoff exp with OTT in the finals 2 years ago… however rozy needed to go… im glad to see tucker got signed come on sather give us AVERY!!!!

  24. that’s great news johnny d.. now the guy has 6.5 per and nyc to live in.. i’m sure his problem won’t reoccur.. nice homework sather

  25. World of the weird

    Devils have Brodeaur, Brylin, Holik and Ralston on team (all played vs NYR in 94 eastern finals) Neidemeyer is still playing and I’m not sure but I think Pandolfo might have been on that team too!!!

    Kovalev plays on but,,,,,correct me if I’m wrong what other NYR are still around????

  26. The coke stories are just rumors as nobody can confirm them. I think GMs would know if the guy had a coke problem but who knows. If he does have an issue with it, then thats just stupid. However for now I’m going to lean towards it not being true since its just a bunch of people on forums that are making the allegations.

  27. well we all knew that fleury and stevens had coke problems but we still signed those two and dolan does have a penchant for signing recovering addicts like himself (fleury, isiah thomas, stevens, kasper with his drinking)

  28. 94 rangers….yea forgot about Zubov…never should have traded that guy

    Agravaine….Brylin is gone? Didn’t hear about that

    I’m with everyone who is going ballistic about the salaries except I think we will be very happy with Redden, I see him really taking Staal under his wing….to be honest its the Rozy signing thats got me…Commodore is a cup winner, he’ll make less than 4M per????

  29. Blue404Seats on

    New York Rangers… first team in the NHL to adopt the 1 center and 4 defensemen line….

    lets try to sign some wingers glen!

  30. Its pretty cool that people “threaten” to not rewnew their season subscription. They could have sat and done (not going to mention any names) like another area team. I guess we will have to see what goes on. But I love the “fans” who make these “threats”.

  31. Stevens? The only Steve’s i remember was SCOTT Stevens, and he was a Capital and a Devil.

  32. Johny D

    doin lines prior to a cup final? I dont know if you recall but his mom died during the playoffs or very late in season….its either a very bizarre time to be partying or….someone at a very hi stress level….call me naive but I dont believe that story

    I kept my drinking to a minimum of two per night ( bars that is!!)

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