Straka status remains a mystery


Despite reports that “say it’s official”: the Rangers still don’t know whether Martin Straka has signed with a team in the Czech League.

In fact, Tom Renney said he endorsed a Straka return in a conversation with Glen Sather — if, and this is a big if, the economics could work.

“I like Strak. I think he’s a valuable component to our team,” Renney said. “As I’ve said 100 times before, there’s a business component to all of this that I respect. In order to have a team, you’re going to have to afford them.”


Caught most of the morning scrimmage at the Devlopment Camp today and was impressed by the tempo. Some guys who stood out: second round pick Derek Stepan, Artem Anisimov, Brodie Dupoint. Bobby Sanguinetti was very proactive rushing the puck, but was also on the ice for several goals against.

The goaltending in general was a weak spot.

OK, more later…

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  1. I would be surprised if Straka doesn’t take the offer to play for the Czech team. He can have a future in the organization there beyond jut playing. I’ll miss him he worked hard.

    Is it to early to try and speculate about what young guys will be on the team next year?

  2. Signing Jagr and Sundin is no long term solution for this team. Get real Sather. We need younger, stronger, tougher and faster players, not has been former stars. ORPIK, etc.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Jorek, it isn’t too early to speculate, so long as you take any speculations with a BIG grain of salt. We don’t even know which of our OLD guys will be on the team next year.

    I think that there are some guys who have much better chances than others. I think the Korpedo has the best chance out of Hartford this season. He looked really good when given the chance last year.

  4. For those saying we go after Perry, Anaheim is about to buy out Bertuzzi, freeing up space to re-sign Perry before 7/1. Thats pretty much out of the picture. Also in othe NHL News, Jose Theodore will be a free agent.

  5. The TO Sun is not exactly a great source of info as many of the stories aren’t true, but I guess I could see that one since TO is like the NY of Canada.

  6. What do you guys think of Warrener? Saw him play a little on HNIC over last couple of years…tough guy. Maybe a little slow though…could be had for 1 to 1.5

  7. nah, I’ll take a pass. After reading something over at, I’m kinda wondering if Rolston isn’t a bad idea. 3 straight 30-goal season, and looking for less than $5m. Also, he turned 35 this past Feb, and is eligble for a bonus-laden contract. He’s still got wheels to keep up with Gomer too. Could make sense.

  8. what about Bertuzzi? If the Rangers could sign him for much less than the $4 mill per he got from Anaheim, at 33 he still has some good hockey left in him. Not saying he could replace the production of a Straka but could probably give the Rangers more than Shanny did last year, while adding some grit to a second or third line as well. In a way this signing could ease the loss of Avery as well

  9. I meant the age Re: Rolston, not Bert.

    No to Bert. Nothing about his ability. I just think he’s a F’n scumbag and I wish he’d get run over by a steamroller.

  10. what a clown this coach is. Endorsing a 4th tour of duty for
    35 yr old 14g, one-dimensional, midget winger for our first line…

    because he’s a good buddy of the big baby.

  11. im all for the rolston signing. i could see him working well with either gomez or drury. also, aside from our dreams of having b.campbell on the point on the pp, rolston may be the next best thing. if they are going to let jagr go, i think campbell and rolston have to become the top priorities. its time to let drury and gomez and rolston for that matter to become the leaders of this team.

  12. Personally, I have no problem bringing Sundin into the fold. Yes, center is not a need but when you can get a guy like Sundin who, even at 37, can put up 70+ points on a bad Toronto team, you find room for him. We aren’t talking about a long-term thing here. One year, MAYBE two years of Sundin isn’t a bad thing with his production even at that age. If you have it at 5 million, i’d take that short-term based solely on the fact that this FA market is horrible.

    We all want this team to get younger, faster, bigger but this isn’t exactly the best Free Agency to do that in. It’s a weak class and the rangers need to shake things up. Where is the harm in bringing Sundin in to hopefully be a linemate with Jagr? If i’m not mistaken Jagr’s game and Sundin’s game go hand in hand. If i’m wrong please tell me.

    You get Sundin with Jagr, that gives you the ability to continue to groom one or two more young prospects by having them on the non-pressure 3rd line with Dubinsky who will be able to continue to progress without having to constantly go up against the best defense on the other team, or putting them on the 4th line.

    I know Drury then would be taken away from center and thrown on the wing but I really don’t have a problem with that since he would make a good winger, IMO, with the type of game he has in regards to the crash the net, banging around in the corners, etc. There’s no reason he couldn’t still play the center position for the PK. It’s not like he would be barred from playing Center ever.

    Again, I’m all for getting younger, faster, etc. but this FA class sucks, we can’t just bring up our entire AHL team, and we don’t want to bring back the SAME team we had last year.

  13. dave – another great attribute of Rolston…leadership. All-business.

    Maybe he could lure Gaborik over next year too!

  14. I could do Rolston too if his contract is good enough and not too big. He’s still got a lot left as well.

  15. Rolston still hits and is not a defensive liability too so thats fine. Him and Gomez grew up in the Devils system. Its not bad until Gionta is an FA next year.

  16. oh, I’d love to see the boogey-man on broadway! Just hope Orr’s contract is up by then. It’d be like old-skool Primeau/probert!

  17. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes the Rolston idea. What I read, sorry, no link, was that $13-14mil for 3 years could get it done if it’s the right fit.

  18. The Rolston breakaway/OT slap-shot is also money.

    Beer, can you incentivize a 3-year deal? I don’t think so, right? I thought only 1-year contracts can have incentives.

    I see some Islander and Devils fans joined the board, thanks for stopping by! (Nick)

  19. Ah, thanks True. Overlooked that. That won’t get it done. Still a good idea for a 3year deal.

  20. NYR fan in DC on

    Bertuzzi as a Ranger? I seriously hope not. I have been a Ranger fan for 30 years and will never watch them again if they bring the classless a-hole to NY. The Rangers are better without him, he should have never been reinstated due to his hit on Steve Moore when he with Vancouver. It was a cheap shot. What’s next are we going to try and sign Dale Hunter and Bobby Clarke?

  21. Agreed. And Rolston, by his stats, looks like a PP specialist. Do you see his last 3 years of production? Whoa, almost 30 PP points every year. He’s also a pretty decent career PLUS guy (two-way forward) going +4 and tallying 6 points in 6 playoff games this year.

    Being 35, do you offer 3 years? That’s my biggest concern. Any one know whether bonus YEARS (options) can be included? 2 years plus option of 3rd pending performance criteria?

  22. I still haven’t found anything on the ‘option’ years. I think it’s a thing of the past.

    3 years is what he wants. I think that’s also what’s preventing the deal with Minny to be done.

  23. Nick C June 27th, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    what a clown this coach is. Endorsing a 4th tour of duty for
    35 yr old 14g, one-dimensional, midget winger for our first line…

    because he’s a good buddy of the big baby.

    Straka, a one dimensional, two way player who is bigger than Callahan and Dawes but is a midget…are we talking about Straka?

  24. NYR fan in DC on

    True Fans Bleed RW&B

    I forgot about Simon, I guess we could sign them all and just go out there and decapitate every player on each team so therefore we would win the cup due to lack of competition. What a great idea!!

    Seriously, I like Hollweg and I do like Avery’s spirit. I am just not a fan of Avery’s Brodeurisms.

  25. I like Rolston a lot but I dont think we should get him, definitley not on a 3 year deal.

    What is the story with Shanahan? Is this guy going on the open market?

  26. NYR fan in DC on


    Sather told him to sit and wait until the Free Agent frenzy was over. So, if he really wants to play for the Rangers than he will sit back and wait.

  27. “And I’ve got Kasparaitis.”

    Does your feet itch?
    Are your intestines swollen?
    Do you smile without reason?
    and run naked & painted green thru subway cars?

    then yes; you have Kasparaitis

  28. Doodie Machetto on


    I laughed much harder remembering how much that guy sucked then at your comment, but thanks for the laugh nonetheless.

    As for Rolston, I don’t want him. He’s looking for close to 5 million. That much to pay for a player his age is not acceptable. We could’ve paid Nylander less and probably received a better return, not to mention we wouldn’t be straddled with Drury’s contract.

  29. As for Rolston, I don’t want him. He’s looking for close to 5 million. That much to pay for a player his age is not acceptable. We could’ve paid Nylander less and probably received a better return, not to mention we wouldn’t be straddled with Drury’s contract.

    Are you crazy? Not for the comment, but bashing Drury!? He’s a WINNER!

    Listen, I hate Drury just as much as the next guy but down-to-earth honesty isn’t welcome here! Thanks.

    Nylander would have been a much better signing than Drury (team chemistry and cap wise), but that has zero bearing on signing Rolston.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t hate Drury, just his contract. About 2 million too many.

    As for Rolston, I could get on for a 2 year deal, but he wants a longer term than that, so I’m not cool with it.

    I can’t wait until we get Kovalchuk.

  31. Rolston at 5m would be a STEAL. I don’t care about his age, he still puts up 30g seasons consistently.. He’s also great for the PP.. add in a guy like Streit/Liles/Hainsey and we have two legit PP lines.

  32. I wanted to continue with the “Avery streak” question.
    *50-20-10* and so I looked up some stats.

    Last year the Rangers were 25-24-4 before acquiring Avery and had lost 3 straight and lost 5 out of their previous 7. Avery’s first 4 games the Rangers go 3-0-1 and finish the season (with Avery in the lineup) going 17-6-6. Their streak turned on an Avery dime (his acquisition).

    This year, the Rangers were 4-6-1 when Avery came back to the lineup and they improved to 13-9-2 once he came back (remember, this was when Hank was still HOT). Then Avery missed some more time and the Rangers hover around 4 games over until he misses a chunk of January time when the Rangers go from 20-14-5 to 21-20-50 (going 1-6-0) UNTIL THE GAME AVERY COMES BACK! At that point, 16 returns and Rangerrs go 6-2-1 in the next 9 games! Again, turned on a dime. They finish the season with him in the lineup going 21-7-8 in that span.

  33. Rangers losing streaks literally turned the games Avery was inserted into the lineup, into winning streaks!

    If you know anything about statistics, sample size (n), means everything. 12 games, 15 games, means nothing. But when you have a sample size of 80 games and the record is 50-20-10 it means something is going on (statistically significant)!

    Also, Avery was inserted fresh into the lineup last year so there was no tinkering with lines before that and the Rangers were losing (and not because Avery was missing games).

    I’m not sure what Jagr’s stats were during those stretches, I’ll look it up – but Avery’s absences this year were both when Hank was hott and cold. Made no difference, the team won with Avery in and lost with him out (independant of whether Hank was playing good or bad at the time).

    There is NO record of Malik or Mara or Prucha being in the lineup and the Rangers being 30 games above .500 with them. I guarantee that.

  34. Colorado Mark on

    The only guy we had who had a chance to lure Gaborik here in the future was Marcel Hossa. (Which, along with his brother) was probably the only reason the Rangers kept him so long!

  35. True

    I hope nobody questions how much Avery meant to a team that included a lot of statues…whether because of age or laziness a team with Shanny-straka-Malik-Rozy and Jagr needed that spark…more than the idiot act too, I mean going to the net, making smart plays, hitting etc…

    I truly believe if you bring back the same team then sign him FIRST

    If you change the team around ( younger-faster-more grit) then maybe you don’t need his spark as much or…have to pay thru the nose for it

    thats been my theory since the middle of this year

  36. Kaspar, I think $4million and 4 years at that price is too much. But I do think Avery helped the team.

    Lest we not forgot, the Rangers probably were sparked by Avery as much as opponents were thrown off their games! Just think about Brodeur and other goalies, losing concentration. Think about Kovalchuk, Hossa, and Tkachuk taking runs at Avery and how he got them off their games too. His act is unnecessary, but whatever “gamesmanship” he uses on the ice plus the skill-set he brings and his zeal which ignited a stagnant team; it all made these group of guys winners.

  37. Thanks for looking it up True.

    Could you look up ANY other stat that may validate a $4mil per year contract?

    Goals? Assts? PP specialist? PK specialist? Great backchecking? Faceoffs? Anything else other than a record? Has his presence helped any other team the way it’s helped the Rangers? This can’t just be an anomoly, right?

  38. oh and btw, it is $4mil that he’s looking for. It’s well reported that the Rangers offered him $2.75. Just recently, sorry, no link again, (but I’ll find it) there was a report that the 2 sides were about $1.25mil apart. hmmm…

  39. This season, Avery was on track for 22 goals and 6 GWG – had he played a full season. Nonetheless, he still had 4 GWG, tied for second on the team only behind Drury.

    As a Ranger, he has 23 goals and 53 points in 86 games (slightly more than a full season). He’s also +17 in that span, inferring that he’s a responsible two-way player.
    This was the first season where injuries kept him to playing less than 75 games – debunking the “he’s ALWAYS injured” thought. He barely saw any PP time, and almost never with the top-line so that’s not fair to judge.

    When he played PK time last year, I thought he was pretty good. He’s got the smarts and speed to break up plays and even press shorthanded (he had 1 last year and has 4 total).

    I’ve been saying 3 years at $9-10million is fair.

  40. “I’ve been saying 3 years at $9-10million is fair.”

    Me too brotha. But it don’t mean shit when we say it.

  41. You can get everything you get from Avery by re-signing me….everything but the goals, the speed, the going to the net and the overall passing and skating skills..what does that leave? Oh yea! If they slow down enough I will cream them alive man!


  42. Hey, if we sign Rolston now and Gionta next year, maybe we can sign John Madden and Colin White too some time soon! We can be the Devils!

    Oh yeah, and if there is any remedy for a guy scoring 30 goals per game and a bunch of PP goals, it is having him put on a Perry Pearn run PP.

    The only chance the Rags have next year is if Hank wins the Jennings Trophy since they won’t actually score more than 200 goals for the season.

  43. i have a hard time bashing drury’s game. the guy played injured most of the year and put up numbers despite that and the fact that he was forced to the third line mostly because somehow jagr can only play with 3-4 players in the entire league. beyond all this this, the guy will be the captain as soon as the rangers decide to move on from the jagr era (which it looks like they are looking to do)

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, before last season started, I made a bet with someone on here that Straka would have more NHL points than Dawes would have AHL points.

    Well, I was right. Granted, it’s on account of the fact that Dawes didn’t play much in Hartford, which I was expecting, although, I was REALLY impressed with his point totals while down there.

    Whatever, I’ll take it. A win is a win.

  45. I definitely believe that Jagr will play next season in Russia. I was on the website of Avangard Omsk, which is just russian, but on the opening site is a picture of Jagr dressed up as a new player of the team….

    Why would you allow to make a photo of yourself if you wouldn´t be sure to play for this team in the near future ?????

  46. I hope Brodie continues to improve, he’s not flashy but he should be a very decent third or fourth liner before long. Sounds like he’s doing alright.

  47. I can´t believe they would put a file photo on their website because the whole organisation would loose its reputation in Russia and all around.

    They have too much money to spend and the Rangers can´t afford to spent 35 Millions on Jagr because of the cap…

  48. czechthemout!!!! on

    So Jagr believes he can play another 2 or three years.I think he’s right and we should not only sign him but also Sundin,and Rucsinsky to play on the left side,what a line!!!!!.

  49. From

    Sean Avery
    “The agitating diva has apparently ended his run on Broadway and will now take his abrasive act on the road. There are few players like Avery, who has considerable offensive skills to go with his toughness and ability to get under the skin of opposing players.”

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    “I can´t believe they would put a file photo on their website because the whole organisation would loose its reputation in Russia and all around.”

    What reputation? That whole league is a joke when it comes to their press releases.

  51. czechthemout!!!! on

    After reading Jagr’s comments from his press conference on Rodent’s blog,I’m more conviced than ever about my feelings towards Jagr.He is a selfish moody prick who undermined his coaches inluence on the team.He only talks about playing his way as opposed to the way the coaches want the team to play.He is pouting because Sather is not kissing his fat ass about coming back.He wants complete say in the direction of the team and it’s PP.His entire press conference is all me,me,me.Certainly his comments are not indicative of a captain who want’s to lead his team to a stanley cup.And this bull about it not being about the money is all a smoke screen.The truth is that he does not really want to play in siberia and is using them to drive up his price and the length of his contract in the NHL.He also is implying in my opinion that he wants Straka to join him.The sooner we break with this loser and his “STYLE” the better.Turn this team over to Gomez,Drury and the young vets like the King,Staal,and Dubi.This team has several talented kids who are not playing in there proper role like Dawes and Cally,both of these guys can score.I’ve seen many a wolfpack game when they played there and both filled the net.Renney should unleash their creativity and let them play.Let the kids like Korpi and Byers come up as well as Anisimov,these kids are ready to go.The only additions to this team should be a physical dman like Orpik/Kurt Sauer/Commodore,As well as JM Liles for the pp.A guy like Mike Ryder to play with Gomez and who knows,maybe even a kid like Grachev will show enough in camp to make the team as a power forwrd,he’s certainly big enough and skates great.A kid like this should not be counted out.Kids like Lucic made it out of junior as well as Bergeron,Sam Gagner and many others.At worst,we will not win the Stanley cup,big deal,Idon’t think we would win one with Jagr and his “style” anyway.At leat this way we get to develop some of the kids and pick up a high draft choice in what will be an even better draft than the one we just had.I can be patient,can the rest of you guys?

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m not Czeching out that last post because its so long and driving me loco. But I probably agree with it. Lol

  53. JJP from previous post. the”love” for Straka is more respect for the heart he showed and his 2 way effort. Do we have to say glad he’s gone good riddance on his way out if he’s leaving

    re McCabe – his game has slipped but also Toronto probably wants to win the Tavares sweepstakes so he and Sundin may very well be gone

  54. For all those who believe that Jagr can play anouther couple of years, I say why not? After all, he’s taken the past two years off.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Lightning traded a 4th rounder to exclusively negotiate with Malone and Roberts. It turns into a 3rd if either signs.

    I imagine they might be able to get Roberts, but Malone would have to be crazy not to wait until free agency at this point.

  56. “People have to start seeing the salary cap as a percentage of revenue rather than a strict number, that’s why it goes up. As well, just because a player “earns” say $5 million, they may not receive the whole amount due to escrow which prevents a player from earning more than a fixed percentage of total team revenue”

    this quote was from a blogger on TSN

    A few days ago I wrote that the CBA protects owners from revenue decreases by allowing them not honoring dollar amounts on contracts that are based on rev-increases….I quicky corrected myself when I went to (or something like that) where it said this cannot happen,….but I keep seeing things like the quote above, I’ve read tings like that on more then a few occasions….does anyone know what the real story is?

    Meaning if cap suffers dramatic cut does that 20% rule drop a players salary if it is higher than 20% of a new cap?

    The way the economy is going I’d say there is a real possibility of a cap drop…maybe even next year

  57. Kaspar – the salary cap is an estimate each year based on projected revenues. if these revenues are less than the players percent would be lessened by the escrow that would revert to the owners. the total % the players get whether it be 54% or 57 % for example is also suject to actual numbers rather than the estimate.

    the following year would also be an estimate presumably a lower figure if the current years estimate was lower. if a player had a salary that exceeded the 20% total I would think that his salary would have to be lowered to meet the 20% threshhold.

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kaspar, is that quote just referring to the player’s escrow where 10% of their salary is withheld until the revenues are calculated and, based on the success (or failure) of their team (and the NHL), they receive a percentage back?

    According to this, individual maximums CAN exceed 20% if the cap decreases:
    No contract signed between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008 may contain a total salary and bonuses in any year which pays more than $10.06 million. This does not prevent a player from taking up more than 20% of his team’s Upper Limit. The provision in (a) above applies only at the time the contract is signed. The CBA does not contain a provision prohibiting a player from taking up more than 20% of the Upper Limit in any year … so on the event that the Upper Limit declines, a player could in fact take up more than 20% of the Upper Limit and could earn more than 20% of the Upper Limit.

    This leads me to assume (what I once thought, but had yet to confirm) that there cannot be another player salary rollback.

  59. LI Joe and True Fans

    Thanks for the input….I never read about the 10% escrow withholding thanks!

    I guess it must be free-agency time…I have nothing better to do than worry about billionaires figuring out ways to screw over millionaires…….

  60. SeamusORiley on

    The Jagr interview translated on the Hockey Rodent did not suprise himself nor Mrs. Seamus.

    He is obviously the person that ran the Rangers. He picked the players around him, he got the Czech posse of softies, he opposed playing Shanny and Gomez style. He needs to be “the man”. Let him be the man in Russia. We need team players.

    Anyone remember when Lundqvst screamed at him for costing him a shut out when Jags did not bother to play defense?

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I thought Renney was the guy Hank was upset with for evening putting Jagr out at that time. Either way, good point. Jagr’s selfish and holds back whether its a good strategy for him in the long season haul or not, he’s a selfish bastard. Now try and defend that!!!

  62. czechthemout!!!!! on

    All resident capologists on all the various blogs would have no problem paying 4.5-5mil for a big soft winger like malone who’s scored 4 more points while playing 2 more games with Crosby and or Malkin,but our “knowledgable”fans have bought into the garden propoganda that Avery is little more than a side show and is only worth half that amount.Sather,the clown’s ability to know talent is only rivaled nowadays by his pr skills.He always has a history of ass kissing other teams players while pissing off his own.The day he signed that punk player who the garden called the swedish Acery,I knew Sean’s days were over as a Ranger.It’s too bad that I support a team who’s GM is a senile old man who think that this is still the era of 40 years ago and that by berrating his players he can use their desire to stay with a team against him.I have but one thing left to say to Sathher,

    A big fat f——–you to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Czech, thanks for the stats. Don’t forget Malone took a puck to the grill and came back after already suffering a broken nose! That’s the heart of a winner, in Drury proportions!

    That last part is sarcasm, but it is funny how many so eagerly want Malone but think Avery lacks any raw talent and/or is a detriment to the team (although he’s only shown everything but the opposite). Oh well…

  64. Wow Sam finally didn’t brag about getting paid to play golf in his ‘offseason’.

    Straka is gone.

  65. The Dolans can open up secret Swiss bank accounts and give them 10m each, while the cap hits will be 1m on the book ;)

  66. The lightning agreed to terms with Roberts and Malone…..Ill get the site in a minute

  67. What the hell is Sather thinking here?

    Is this really the rebuilding he’s been talking about… because once you let Avery walk and Jagr walk… you can’t replace both of them AND fill the other gaping holes via free-agency. You can’t. There’s not enough talent out there or money left under the cap if there were.

    This team’s gonna look a hell of alot different next season, that’s for sure.

  68. Without Jagr this team could look a lot younger and faster.
    Sign Rolston, he might be 35, but he has wheels and is excellent on PP and PK. He should be a good fit with Gomez.
    We need to be spending most of our money on 1 or 2 top defencemen.

  69. Good Lilles is overrated and soft. This will hopefully open the doors for Hainsey and Orpik/Commodore.

  70. Apparently Rolston sent text messages to Minn. newspapers saying he was “going to the 1st July” so whether he will sign with TB remains to be seen. I really like the idea of Rolston with Gomer for a couple of seasons until Cherepanov is ready for a top line slot on Broadway.

    My opinion is Malone got $1m per too much and Liles $1.5m too much – i’m glad we didn’t waste money on them. Lets hope we don’t have to overpay for a Commodore/Orpik/Streit/Hainsey combination on our blueline.

  71. After further review, I’m glad we won’t be signing (or have traded) for Liles too. I don’t watch too many COL games, but his height being listed at 5’10” is apparently ‘generous’. We’re small enough as it is.

  72. So Malone’s deal was $31.5/7yrs. Not bad at all. $4.5 cap hit.

    Visnovsky to EDM for Stoll & Matt Green is only gonna help LA. Visnovsky sucks. I say this cause I had him on my fantasy team last year, drafted him actually. He started with a bunch of assts, then proceeded to be somewhere around -15 by xmas. Screw that guy.

    And apparently Lou over in the swamp is going to make a run at Hossa too.

  73. UFA’s

    The more time goes by the more it seems the Rangers are letting go of the past it seems.

    I don’t know why Slats would hold his cards in Avery’s case, because I doubt there is a huge market for him, only a select few teams. It seems the Rangers and Jagr are going to use this one-year/ two-year reason as why the Captain isn’t coming back.

    Add Straka, Malik and Rozival to the list and it looks as if the 2008-2009 Rangers are going to be a much younger and hopefully hungrier team night in and night out.

    I would add players like Hagman, Ryder, Chimera, Gratton and hope Callahan, Dawes and Prucha will put the puck in the net for us. I still think Sather has got to get a finisher for Gomez.

    I mean at this point, what’s our PP look like?

  74. Beer Me!

    $4.5 million for Malone? Not worth it to me. Avery worth $3.5 million, yes I think he is.

  75. vogs – it all depends on what you want your team to look like, how you want them to respond to your staff, the players around them, etc.

    Bloggers seem to think that Avery will get his $4mil offers from teams that have already expressed interest. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. But it won’t hurt slats to wait. Avery wasn’t signing for his offer, so slats will let the market dictate what Avery’s worth is. If the $4mil offers come, then you were going to pay it to him anyway.

    And to answer your question about the pp… it’s going to look the same. dreadful. It can’t be much worse, right?

  76. “…while Roberts agreed to terms on a one year contract that pays him a base salary of $1.25 million plus $10,000 for every game that he plays in the 2008-09 NHL regular season. So if Roberts were to play in all 82 games, he would earn $820,000 in bonuses, which could make his total income for the season $2.07 million.”

    At least the new CBA forces GM’s to be creative.

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