This will be the last Avery post for a while (Updated)


Until there is more definitive news on Sean Avery’s hockey career — he does still play hockey, doesn’t he? — or unless he lacerates his spleen again, is linked to more call girls, or becomes engaged to one of the Bush sisters, this will be my last Sean Avery post for some time.

But for those of you who can’t get enough Avery, and that would seem to include Sean Avery himself, “here’s a video courtesy of Men’s Vogue”:

My apologies on the lack of posts. I’ve been preoccupied with golf lately, and last night, I was even called out of the proverbial bullpen to cover the Mets (where I ran into at least one other displaced hockey writer, Mr. Brooks).

My instinct is nothing substantive is going to happen until July 1, and if it makes you feel any better, you should know you’re not the only ones waiting to see what happens. I talked to Paul Mara this morning, and the free agent defenseman said that while his agent has had preliminary conversations with the Rangers, he’s been given no indication what the team’s plans are.

“There’s been no movement on that front,” Mara said from Cape Cod. “I don’t think we’ve been proactive, but I think they know I want to return.”

Whether the Rangers want Mara back is another story, and in all likelihood, the team probably won’t know for sure until it has addressed more prominent players first. In comparison to last year, there are far more moving parts at work, so while I think there will be news to report the first day of free agency, the signing period might drag on a little bit longer this summer.

Update: Well, the Rangers have signed one forward to a contract extension. The team just announced that P.A. Parenteau has been re-signed. 

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  1. Pavel wrote:
    “There is a reason Drury got 7.05m/y. He rejected around 6 from Buffalo, and there were rumors the Piles offered him around 7.5+… market value can be a pain on the cap, but I’m glad we have Drury for a while. He’s a pure winner.”

    There was a reason Bobby Holik was overpaid by about $3-4 million also, that reason goes by the name of “Glen Sather.”

    You’re also flat-out wrong about the offer from Buffalo too. It was $21.5million for 4 years. Google this, Pavel:

    “Drury last fall [2006] agreed to a four-year, $21.5 million contract to stay with the Sabres, a source with intimate knowledge of the negotiations told The News. The source said the sides made proposals — the Sabres offered $20 million, Drury asked for $23 million — and met in the middle. Then the Sabres either simply forgot or didn’t feel the need make anything official. Maybe they didn’t want to hurt Briere’s feelings, but the Sabres never sent Drury’s agent the agreed-upon contract.

    After waiting for weeks, Drury instructed his agent to rescind their compliance because, the source said, Drury thought it was bad business.”

  2. Staal Wart
    June 26th, 2008 at 9:05 am
    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    June 25th, 2008 at 10:53 pm
    He does suck, but I guess we’ll just deal with it. 3rd Line center expected to perform like a top center….nobody could fill those shoes month matter how hard they worked or wanted to fulfill expectations!! And so I guess I feel bad for Drury because its not his fault, and he’s gonna take a lot of heat in this cap era for Sathers mistake.

    Ummm…this post is bad…
    if you haven’t noticed he is definitely not a 3rd line center…he is on the Rangers for some stupid reason, but he is NOT a 3rd line center. Let me tell you why…
    Last summer Sather took what I thought was a good step, in changing our team from a post lock out Jagr crew that was soft but skilled to a Gomez, Drury crew and added more youth and alot more grit and heart…however…Jagr was still here, pushing some of the buttons and playing his style with players who haven’t played that before…
    So really Sathers move caused two totally different styles of hockey to collide and Renney was left to pick up the pieces, buy playing Dubinski 1st line and by moving Gomez to 2nd line center and Drury to 3rd.
    What Renney should have done is made Gomez 1st, Drury 2nd and Avery/Dubinski/Jagr should have been line 3. Dubinski handled it well and definitely rose to the occasion…he is easy in the top 2 of our youth movement, but Dubinski is gonna have some high expectations riding on his shoulders next season…we all expect it. Remember last september Dubinski was gonna be our 3rd line center or 4th…
    The bottom line is next season our top three centers should look like this…and Drury is number 2.
    Gomez, Drury, Dubinski, Betts…if that means no Jagr…Avery…Straka….I say Good! Lets get on with it!
    I’m bringing this over from the previous post…

    Staal Wart
    June 26th, 2008 at 9:09 am
    Let me add this…off topic tid-bit and let me know what you think…
    The fact that Sather has not signed Sjostrom tells me Sathers head is in fact so far up his own ass…
    Sjostrom was great, he is a rock solid 4th line player who is young…and prob will mature into a great third line player…to let him slip away is assinine

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    SAM! get on this! Via Spector’s Trade Rumors:

    “Report: Straka Returning To Czech League
    Thursday, 26 June 2008 09:04
    HOKEJ.CZ reports the speculations about Martin Straka returning to HC Lasselsberger Plzen of the Czech Extra League have been officially confirmed. Straka will definitely play in Plzen in 2008-09 and also work in Lasselsberger’s organization in a yet unspecified position.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to Alexander Wirdzek and Martin Schuster. No word yet from the Rangers but I suspect it’ll be forthcoming.”

  4. While I’m not surprised, I didn’t expect him to hang around. Let’s just remember that those papers don’t give 2 sh!ts about their credibility in the U.S. We’ve seen it a million times. I hope it’s true though…that should help with Jagr not returning.

  5. I would truly love to know the reasons behind this Drury hate. The only avenue of debate I could ever see would be the 7mil contract. The fact is that a few other teams with alot more hockey knowledge then any poster on this blog was willing to pay Drury alot of money for his talent. They must know something. But contract aside how is it possible for any of the posts here to suggest that Chris Drury sucks. He is a bonafide solid professional NHLer who brings his game every night. Every team needs him. Man there are some shallow thinkers on this blog.

  6. There is an element in our society of people who would win the $100 million mega millions and not only complain that they have to pay taxes but complain that they have to go pick up the check. There are a couple of those guys on this post. Thank god they aren’t responsible for the Rangers cohesion.

  7. Boo-fecking-hoo!! We signed Chris Drury last year – move on to some more uptodate news…!!

    Is PA Parenteau any good? Will he make it this year?

  8. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    Beer that was freakin funny…just reading along and them WAAM! right up-side the head…

  9. Rmant, to answer your question(s).
    My comment that Drury “sucks” was a play on the previous poster, but not entirely accurate. I completely stand by my statements that Drury has the general skill set of a low-2nd line center and a top-3rd line center. I like what Drury brings to the game, he works hard and plays sound on both ends of the rink. He has a decent finishing touch and for a little guy does alot with his body (particularly in the junkyard/crease area) and blocking shots.

    My general discontent isn’t actually with Drury, it’s with Sather (for paying Drury $2-3million too much) and everyone else who believes Drury is “a top 5 center”, the “ultimate winner”, and the savior to who will lead the Rangers to the next cup. Drury, as a center, doesn’t have great hands. He doesn’t make great passes. He does, however, seem to have some nack for GWG (more than any other Ranger this year). BUT he didn’t do anything I can recall down the stretch and did EVEN LESS in the playoffs.

    I have no problems with guys who like him – but to get up and praise him and believe he’ll win the cup in NY is just something I don’t yet understand. Drury, for the Rangers to be successful, will have to lead this team at some point and I really hope he does and succeeds. But to me, having won a Cup on a team with the depth of the Av’s and having won the LLWS means nothing…I want to see some real results, and unfortunately for him, he’s got the additional weight of a $7.1 million contract on his back now as well.

  10. I think we’ve killed the Drury thing. And, to be fair, it was started today with Drury Praise (Pavel and Beer praising him this morning). Nonetheless, we know the fans who are pessimistic about Drury and his contract and we know the guys on here who love him…I’m going to leave the debate at that.

  11. only teams with depth win a stanley cup..get a grip on yourself.. not like the money’s coming out of your pocket..why don’t you cry about the fact we pay jessiman 1mm a yr.. that guy will never seen the nhl

  12. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    Good for Straka…I wonder if this will have any bearing on Jagr’s decision?

  13. Straka said he didn’t think he would be back if Jagr wasn’t. One would then infer…Adios Jagr!

    You guys notice that Straka was hired as BOTH “player” and “sports director”?

  14. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    I wonder if we are gonna see a shift of players going to Europe due the value of the dollar…?

  15. get a grip on yourself.. not like the money’s coming out of your pocket..why don’t you cry about the fact we pay jessiman 1mm a yr..


    Why dont you get a fucking *hint*? ITS ABOUT THE MONEY AGAINST THE *SALARY CAP*, you dumb, ignorant bastard. Jessiman’s $1M doesn’t go against our cap, you can give jessiman $100M of MSG’s money, we don’t give a shit as long it doesn’t go against that ~$51 Million salary cap for. What brown butthole were you born out of?

    It’s so funny, so many people wonder why we keep talking about it, and the reason is beacuse there are still dipsticks that are not understanding the situation and how it will potentially/likely limit the level at which this team can compete for years to come.

  16. There are rumors the Rangers 1st round pick of Del Zotto is a preemptive pick to replace Bobby Sanguinetti who could be part of the package going to Florida in exchange for Jay Bouwmeester

    To Fla: Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Prucha

    To NYR: Jay Bouwmeester

  17. Good for Straka.
    That opens a slot on the LW for who? Prucha? Parenteau? Byers? Ryan Malone? Ladislav Nagy? Huselius? Stillman? Dupuis?

  18. Nagy or Huselias would be awesome to have. Huselias is slippery on the puck, Nylander-esque. Malone will be way overpaid.

    Looks like we need to be replacing ALL top-wingers:
    Jagr, Straka, Avery, Shanahan. That’s about 80 goals.
    I hope they sign Ryder to plug one of those spots too. Prucha will probably get a chance also.

  19. To Fla: Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Prucha

    To NYR: Jay Bouwmeester


    I’m in. But as an RFA, couldn’t we wait till Tuesday, then sign him to an offer sheet, and give up compensation in the form of picks? I’m a little fuzzy on the whole RFA thing.

  20. yes, that’s a name we haven’t mentioned in a while…Ryder. I still like the idea.

  21. Well its looks like Mr Avery will be in sick shape for whatever team he ends up on, lets go rangers

  22. I’m in. But as an RFA, couldn’t we wait till Tuesday, then sign him to an offer sheet, and give up compensation in the form of picks? I’m a little fuzzy on the whole RFA thing.


    I think he actually extended with FLA yesterday…not sure…how would you translate this from ESPN player profile:

    “Status Alert:The Panthers extended an offer to restricted free agent Bouwmeester on Wednesday. (Jun 25)”

  23. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    don’t think I’d cough up Anisimov and Sanguinetti.
    rather give up draft pick or someone one the roster now…
    think they’d take Hollwegg and Sanguinetti…Hehe

  24. If the Rags sign Ryder, Huselias, Nagy, and give Prucha a chance on the top line that would be about an $11million cap hit (per year).

    Then, on defense, I hope they bring back Mara and sign Liles and Orpik (despite the talks recently started in Pittsburgh) which will be about another $9million hit. That could make the prelim. pairings:
    7th: Backman

    However, the problems then are that:
    1) Gomez still doesn’t have a true scoring winger to setup!
    2) We start looking like the Islanders with 3 third lines (although I hope chemistry clicks and we look more like a Red Wings team which jumbled it’s top-9 forwards and still had consistent production).
    3) Some of these guys are going to want loooooonger deals, but how long is to long and what will they accept?

    Any thoughts?

  25. Tsn said Straka HASNT signed and denied taking the offer they made and isnt doing anything til July 1st, even though an offer was made. SO he’s not gone yet.

    Again I expect the following things to happen in the very near future:

    -Jagr resings 2 years
    -Straka goes to Czech or another NHL team
    -Valli resigned for modest increase in pay
    -Rosi hits the open market and no offer is made from NYR
    -Mara gets a lower offer to stay and takes it cause he loves playing here
    -Shanny – bet we or him wont hear anything til end of July/early Aug
    -Sjoestrom gets an offer sheet and is resigned
    -Avery – again prob will be down to the wire wether he’s back or not
    -Malik – obvious
    -Struds – who knows, maybe fire Pearn and have him take his place , hehe

  26. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    Then, on defense, I hope they bring back Mara and sign Liles and Orpik (despite the talks recently started in Pittsburgh) which will be about another $9million hit. That could make the prelim. pairings:
    7th: Backman

    since when did Tyutin and Girardi fall to 3rd D-pair…are you saying Mara is better than Tyuts-Girardi…i don’t think so…

  27. Staal Wart,
    Defense by committee – we don’t need anybody to be our workhorse until they prove who’s best [notice i didn’t say it was the order, just suggested pairings].

    And, to completely disagree with you anyway – because I should, Girardi and Tyutin were very suspect this year! But I already know who I am dealing with here because you defended Rozsival at times too. haha.
    How many breakaways did Girardi and Tyutin allow in the playoffs alone? Mara was better than them by virtue of fewer screwups.

  28. Not sure what’s up with ‘meester. I know the report about the offer, but by zipay’s comments, he doesn’t seem interested.

  29. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    ok I’ll side with you on defense by committee but…I still don’t think Mara is better than Tyuts or Girardi. I guess you fail to see the youth in both of them and can’t see or realize that players take steps back from time to time…only to grow that much more down the road…they are still too young.

    And I did defend Rozi at time this year…why? Because he was on my team and I support my team and its players. Is Rozi the best D-man in the league…um no but…he was still our top 2. Sometimes its better to root for players instead of bashing them…let me guess…you boo’d Malik every time he touched the puck at home…right…?

  30. Actually, I believe Malik was better than most people gave him credit for. Someone the other day commented that Malik probably steadied Rozsival’s play and I think that’s true. But try again…

  31. yeah salty get after about a hothead..maybe you should negotiate for avery..stop crying about the cap.. it’s as if it’s only the rangers problem..where on earth are the blog feelings are hurt..but seriously now.. i believe the biggest impact player the rangers need is an orpik/boumeester to help instill some fear among fwds..last yr running hank was all too easy

  32. Tyutin has been maturing for how many years now? He seems to take a step back each year too. And Girardi was porous at times last year, especially late in the year. Early on he never had those problems and always made the simple play.

  33. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    True Fans you completely missed the point…Malik was merely the example.

  34. Hey, anyone know if Gomer ever played with Rolston? Or was he already gone when Scottie came to the nhl?

  35. ..stop crying about the cap.. it’s as if it’s only the rangers problem..where on earth are the blog feelings are hurt..but seriously now..

    You tell people to kill themselves, call them gay, geeks, make the thermablades comments, say people are childish….*and you’re the one that’s insulted?!* You’re a joke.

    No one takes you seriously because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, *PLUS/MINUS BOY!*, no-Cap Man!

    You don’t make one coherent argument and then get upset at other people when you get outwitted. Grow up and shut up, punk.

  36. Hey, anyone know if Gomer ever played with Rolston? Or was he already gone when Scottie came to the nhl?
    11 Games; Rolston’s last season there (then was traded to Colorado)


  37. don’t think i called anyone gay.. i guess my attempts at humor are a little too sarcastic…anyhoo i don’t get insulted when i get outwitted..don’t really care if you take me seriously so settle down..just tryin to stir the pot..

  38. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    Staal Wart
    June 25th, 2008 at 5:09 pm
    I’d take Getzlaf…
    Crosby is so gay…8.7 mil…whatta schmuck…I really can’t believe how dumb that is…

    Staal Wart
    June 25th, 2008 at 5:09 pm
    they probably offered him 8.8 mil but he wanted 8.7

    I’m guilty as charged…and I meant “happy”

  39. No Alex, his agent is denying that a contract has been signed. He says that Marty’s waiting till 7/1 to make any decision.

  40. SeamusORiley on

    There is more to talk about than Sean Avery’s fashion sense (man, am I sick of that!).

    Straka is gone. First of the Czech posse to officially say goodbye.

    Malik will be a formality.

    I wonder if this has an impact on jagr’s thinking?
    Vinne getting a huge, 9 year deal. How soon until Cindy begins to whine and has to be renegotiated?

    new hockey headlines look like Page 6 from the Post!

    Melrose to cut his 80’s hairstyle. Avery to dress him.
    Cindy dating Bettman, both out of the closet and into the street.

    Avery in a speedo. To get his own “reality” TV show.

    Denise Richards humiliates her father and daughters by saying she likes “bad boys with big ****s”. Hopes to date Avery.

    Oprah loses weight. Looking to date Avery with her new slim body.

    Brittny calls the Papparazzi 5 minutes before heading to Burger King. Forgets to act annoyed when they video her chumping down a Big Mac. Told she has to lose weight to date hockey star, and perennial prolific goal scoring superstar, Sean Avery.

    Wayne Gretzky’s wife loses bet on Obama. She is last seen on beach canoodling with Sean Avery.

    Stella McCartney designs one legged pants for her ex step mum, as writers ask Paul if he thinks he will ever go down on one knee again and Paul says, “hey, the ink on the divorce isn’t even dry yet; don’t talk that way about her!
    Paul says his only plans are to buy season tickets to the Rangers to see the man he has heard is to be the next Wayne Gretzky, Sean Avery.

  41. SeamusORiley on

    did you mean Crosby is gay, as in “happy” and “light hearted” regarding Vinnie’s Florida contract eclipsing his own?

  42. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    no I meant gay in the sense it looks like he negotiated a contract to match his number…happy…gay…lighthearted…

  43. Why did I sign here again? aka Staal Wart on

    Vinnie’s contract might make him gay-er though…as in happy, light-hearted ….

  44. Had to actually work….am I too late for the Drury debate????????

    Has it reached an apocolyptic ending yet?????

    One last reason to love him….has a bump on his shnozz that makes my nose look like little-tiny nebraska nose…..

  45. “Sanguinetti > Del Zotto”

    No way in hell. Sanguinetti kind of came out of nowhere. Del Zotto has been a top prospect for years. If I had to bet, I’d put my money on Del Zotto being the better NHL player. Mind you I know kids that played with Bobby when he was younger so that might be swaying my decision, I just think that we are putting too much faith in him being the savior and being a puck moving defenseman, especially when Del Zotto was talked about like Stamkos is talked about now.

  46. LAst comment on Drury, anyone ever notice that he looks like one of the Wilson brothers? OWen/Luke’s long lost relative?

    And I’d rather Sather spend the cash on Orpik too, but to be honest, Campbell with Staal as our top pairing would not be bad, right? Maybe even he takes 6-7 Mil to play with Drury and a future winning team?

    Who knows, these next 10 days or so will be very interesting.
    He’ll probably pry Ovechkin away from Washington for 50 million for three years, hehehe. JUST KIDDING if you didnt catch my attempt at humor.

  47. What Ovechkin at 50 Million!!!!
    with that kind of money in NY he’ll own Vogue and have Avery work there as his short-pants’d biatch…..and maybe also A.O. can afford plastic surgery for that Uncle Lerch face of his….UGH

  48. Hey Beer…
    Have to admire that Mccabe and the rest of Toronto Gang sticking to their guns….you overpaid us? Gave us NTC’s?
    Tough luck…..We are not waving the no-trades; just pay me off baby!!!

    They made a fool of TML management and Fletcher last year and I guess they will continue to until they are all paid off or sent to minors…..

  49. Another Pearl Jam show last night at MSG…

    This time Leetch is in attendance and Eddie Vedder says “Apparently he’s a big fan”

    Then another “Let’s Go Rangers” chant… complete with Eddie playing guitar for the clap clap clap clap clap part.

    Crowd went totally nuts!!!!

    F-ing priceless.

  50. Yea kaspar – Ferguson left fletcher a huge friggin mess that isn’t getting any better. he F’d the franchise and peddie doesn’t give 2 terds about the team b/c its profitable. Seats are always full, jersey’s always sold. It’s a business to MLSE, not a ‘team’.

  51. Campbell, just say HELL NO!

    Drury looks like a Wilson cause he has a massive busted up schnozz.

    I think Malik is Malkin’s monkey uncle (“Harry”).

    If anyone could pry Ovech away for the cap max salary ($11.2million per year) it would be an unwise business move, but an entertaining one nonetheless.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    “(Chris Drury: “Why did I sign here again?”) ”

    I’ll give you 7 million reasons. In fact, they currently do. For the next four years as well

  53. Given the volume of speculation and rumors that have bubbled up recently, I have been asked to make a statement…Here goes.

    For me, the last four years have been great. I’ve spent quality time with my family and have watched my daughter grow. I took great pleasure and pride in writing and recording an album. I’m living a healthy lifestyle. I travel as little as possible and I sleep in my own bed. It took a couple of years after the break up to begin talking to my old band mates, but once the conversations began to flow it wasn’t long before the friendships were rekindled. And I can honestly say that I’m closer with all of them now then I’ve ever been in our 20-year relationship.

    Recently the conversations have turned toward the possibility of spending some time together. Currently many of us have plans and projects already in the works, most notably Mike, who made a great album and is about to hit the road in support of it. Given that I might not even see some of the guys for the next six months, I would say that the announcement of a reunion is premature. However, later this year we hope to spend some time together and take a look at what possible futures we might enjoy. In fact the only real decision that has been made is that *when we do* get together, it will only be the four of us, hopefully with no distractions. I am really looking forward to that.

    I want to say just a few more things. The prospect of *Phish* reuniting is something I consider very seriously, and I think about it a lot. And lastly, as always, there is plenty of misinformation floating around. Try not to focus too much on secondhand sources and random gossip. If there is anything real to announce, it will come from the four of us as a group.

    Until then,
    Page McConnell

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d like to see Parenteau spend one more year in Hartford, REALLY focusing on the defensive aspects of the game. Then bring him up next year or around the allstar break this year. He’s got some recently discovered offensive talent, but he needs to become a more complete player.

  55. You know, I’m surprised Gomer isn’t “saying” the same thing. You take one of the better playmaking centers in the game and give him NO scoring winger.

    You take a ‘crash the net’ center and give him a midget and whatever callahan is (4th liner on most teams).

    WTF did slats do? Resigning jagr would be the absolute biggest mistake in the post-lockout ranger world.

    I’ll tell you the UFA that makes the absolute most sense for the rangers to sign to play with gomer…Hossa. If you want to trade for someone, go right ahead, there are going to be more available as soon as the deadline approaches next season. But if you want a scoring winger to play with Gomer that’s available as a UFA next tuesdays and his name isn’t Marion Hossa, I’d love to hear it.

  56. didn’t that guy get beat up by the hells angels for takin pictures of a young girl

  57. Hells Angels?

    I try to join the Lithuanian office of Hells Angels with my friend Myshtkyn…they take us to a closed loading dock, leave thru a doorway and say “boss will be here in a minute to talk to you”
    Then roll up door goes up and what’ya know….Pitbulls and dobermans attack us… I push Myshtkyn to safety in front of Pitbull and side step out the door to notify the authorities…poor poor Myshtkyn…I miss him

  58. Beer.

    I have to believe that somewhere deep down there is something brewing to get a guy for Gomez. There is just no way in hell Sather is blind to that need right now. It’s the most glaringly obvious need to anyone with even the loosest observation of the team’s dynamics. Say whatever about Drury’s ethics, the fact is Gomez was the one who was visibly busting his ass getting into the zone on his lonesome, several yimes a night, only to be stuck with his pud in his hands as the wings were nowhere to be found. The truth is that we still have not seen what Gomez is really capable of.

    He can already fly, imagine if he had “wings”.

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