Cap goes up to $56.7 million


The NHL and the NHLPA just announced the salary cap for 2008-09 has gone up some $6 million to $56.7 million.

This gives the Rangers even more flexibility for free agency, and could even inspire Glen Sather to re-sign some of his players before then.

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  1. Daren Dreger of TSN is reporting that the lightning may try and trade Dan Boyle to clear up cap space. I dont see this happening because they just gave him a new 6 year deal last year but if he is available i would expect sather to be aggressive after him because he was during last year’s trade deadline. And i believe dan boyle is making about 40 million over those six years so that would average less than 8 mill a year, what brian campbell wants, just another rumor to keep us talking before july 1

  2. So there’s still a chance that Malik & Rozy could be our “#1 pair”?!? YAY!!!

  3. As soon as this one’s over Pavel. With the ‘floor’ going up to $40m they’re asking for big F’n trouble. If I’m not mistaken, the Oilers salary when they went to the finals was $32m or something like that. WELL under $40m though.

  4. Beer, are you saying Malik and Rozy are better than Tyutin and Girardi…i don’t think so…(sarcasm)

    Beer, you also asked about possible wingers for Gomez, how about Naslund?
    The guy never gets injured. He’s had multiple 40-goal seasons and 90 and 100-point seasons. He’s a responsible forward. He’s not too too old. And he’ll get less money than Hossa. Thoughts?

  5. even though it wasn’t serious, shamefully…every once in a while…they were!

    I wouldn’t be opposed to Naslund, but I would hope that Sjoey got a qualifying offer as well. There’s something to be said about a team full of swedes eh? ahem ahem…cup!

  6. If slats brings Jagr back for 2 more years, then not signing Nylander to his 4/5yr deal would’ve actually been the biggest mistake. If you kept the 2 of them together for 4/5yrs it’s not a bad move at all. If you want a productive Jagr, you need to bend over for him. There’s no other way.

  7. Cancelled czechs on

    Straka is going back to czech. I hope that is the precursor to Jagr leaving as well.


  8. straka is not officially going to back to czech yet as he still has offers from sweeden and russia he is considering as well but it does appear come july 1st his days in the nhl could be over

  9. Why all the glum voices because of this announcement today? What did you all think cap was going up to? Its gone up around 10% each year…You knew this

    NHLPA was dwon on knees after lockout….It will be owners begging for this “revenue auto increase” to be swiped clean next time, if not sooner…..Owners are locked in though…they have to keep announcing big increases so it appears that all their decisions are helping the league (Versus,the cap system, No ESPN, Europeon games, Bettman, The Avery rule etc..)but with every “rosy” announcement NHLPA starts counting increases….its funny actually…wasn’t this their idea? wasn’t this the lower-revenue owners forcing NYR-DET-TOR etc into this???….Its all gonna blow soon

  10. Cancelled czechs on

    the players get 56% of the revenues. so, it is auto-adjusting. if revenues start going down, so will the cap figures and salaries.

    it is cost certainty that they wanted, and balance.

    before you had the Rangers, Det spending $70 mill, and others at 23,24 mill

  11. RW&B

    I just assume with this added space, they are going to sign him right up.

    I personally think with that added space you make Avery a slightly sweeter offer of sorts, with heavy bonus incentives…

    I say make $4M/per “attainable” for him with some rigid (see: relatively tough) incentives.

    things like:

    -stay under 100 PIM
    -Score 20g
    -Play >70 games
    -get past 2nd round of playoffs

  12. I’m not so sure he’s eligible for anything like that.

    entry level and over the hill only I believe.

  13. I doubt the cap will ever go down. Even in a poor revenue year, the big market owners wouldn’t allow the market to go down because they’ve already given out contracts based on a BASE of $50 million (example, this year) and are planning their next year’s franchise and UFA/RFA moves on the same base.

    There would be no way the Rangers could afford to fill the 4 forward winger spots AND top-2 or 3 defensman with a cap at $48million or below, especially with the value of players going up in successive years, and the money they’ve *already given* Drury, Gomez, and Hank. Therefore, I can see the cap remaining stagnant between years or going up some 5-10%, but I doubt going down even though I think it ‘technically’ can.

  14. 9.5 Exhibit 5 Performance Bonuses. Clubs and Players may negotiate, and a
    Player who is subject to the Entry Level System under Article 9 may be paid bonuses for
    the types of performance, and in the maximum amounts, set forth in Exhibit 5.
    (I looked at Exhibit 5, and it’s all tied to entry-level contracts)

    11.7 Team and Performance Bonuses. Clubs may not establish team bonus plans.
    An SPC entered into after the Effective Date, may only contain Bonuses as and to the
    extent expressly set forth in Section 50.2(b).

    Section 50.2
    (C) “Performance Bonuses.”
    (1) “Performance Bonuses” means any Bonuses set
    forth in a Player’s SPC, the payment of which is
    contingent on the Player’s achievement of some
    agreed-upon benchmark(s) related to his
    performance as a Player or his Club’s performance
    during a particular League Year.
    (2) Performance Bonuses shall be allowable under this
    Agreement only for:
    (i) Players with Entry Level SPCs under
    Article 9 of this Agreement;
    (ii) Players aged 35 or older as of June
    30 prior to the League Year in which the SPC is to
    be effective, who have signed a one-year SPC for
    that League Year; and
    (iii) Players who are “400-plus game
    Players” for pension purposes, and who: (i) in the
    last year of their most recent SPC, spent 100 days or
    more on the injured reserve list; and (ii) have signed
    a one-year SPC for the current or upcoming League
    As to paragraphs (C)(2)(ii) and (C)(2)(iii), such Players are not
    limited in the length of an SPC they may sign, but in the event any
    such Player signs an SPC with a term of longer than one (1) year,
    the SPC shall not be permitted to contain Performance Bonuses.
    No Players other than those falling into one of the abovenumerated
    categories set forth in this paragraph (C)(2) shall be
    permitted to receive Performance Bonuses of any kind.
    (ii) No bonuses other than those set forth in subsection (i) above shall
    be permitted to be earned by or paid to any Players. No Player
    other than a Player listed in paragraph (C)(2) above may receive a
    bonus of any type other than a Signing Bonus, Reporting Bonus, or
    Roster Bonus.

  15. True Fans

    Read CBA, If Rev goes down salaries go down incrementally…

    If someone has the 20% max….say $11.2M per year (based on 56M cap) and Rev goes down 20% the next year…all salaries go down 20%…the 11.2M guy becomes 20% poorer he becomes an $8.96 guy

    A guy who is getting $1M a year goes down to $800K

  16. Gotcha on the thinking, Seasoned SausageSauce.

    I think Beer’s right on about the contract; entry level and 35 y/o (or 10 years in the NHL – something around there) are eligible for 1 year, bonus-laiden, contracts. Although I’m not a lawyer and I’m not reading that jargon.

    But Beer, I ask you, can the Rags could offer Avery 2 years at $3.5million per and then have an option for a 3rd-year; $4million bonus year pending some performance criteria? (playing 130 games, winning a combined 3 playoff series OR going to the Finals, and scoring a combined 45 goals OR at least 25 goals one season)

  17. Holy Sh!t, i didn’t realize all players salaries were linked to the revenue. I know Jags took the initial BIG roll-back (because he was being paid the most at the lockout), but I had not realized the individual player salaries are still linked. Thank you for clarifying.

  18. That I’m not 100% sure on, and about to leave work, so I can’t really look it up. I DO believe though that one of the things taken away from owners/gm’s was the ability to shoot themselves in the foot with things like that.

    See: Jagr’s expired contract.

  19. Take that 6 mil and give it directly to brian campblell’s bank account now lol. Then maybe daddy would look at some of our reviews and give us a couple of calls

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Part of the reason why Canadian clubs don’t give a crap about the cap rising is because their money is actually worth something now.

    Niedermayer is coming back, so Anaheim will probably have to dump some salary. I think we should try and pinch Perry with an offer sheet. That guy is going to be a bona fide superstar.

    If not, the names that are up in their trade mill are Schneider and Beauchemin. Schneider could probably be had pretty cheaply, and since he is the last year of a contract, maybe he is the one year stop gap until we give Sanguinetti the real chance to be our puckmover?

    Before everyone tells me to kill myself, let me explain a bit more. I don’t think Campbell or Redden, or any of the other top UFA d-men are worth it long term, especially at their inflated prices. We have two potentially TOP offensive defensemen in our system (Sangs and MDZ), one of whom will be NHL ready in a year. Why clog up our cap for almost a decade on guys that aren’t even TOP guys, when we have two gus who can potentially fill that role, one who might be only a year away. I’m also of the opinion that if Staal can learn to get his shot on goal, he will be an excellent puck mover as well.

    So, basically, we an get a guy who can adequately fill the role for a year, and then, see what’s up with Sanguinetti and if it’s no good, we can look to the UFAs on the market then.

  21. $25.4 million in cap space.

    Must sign 6-8 players:
    Top-4 wingers (maybe use Prucha?)
    Top-2 (or 3) defensmen (Backman?)
    and Backup goaltender

    If they use Backman, Pock, or somehow sign Hutchinson cheap then they must sign 7 players at LESS THAN $3.7million (on average) per year.

    That means signing a Hossa, Sundin, or Campbell AND Jagr will cripple the rest of the team and handcuff Sather from signing solid blue-liners. Looks very Dreary.

  22. True Fan

    I think I stand corrected, I just found this at corrected; :

    : “If the salary cap drops and a player would be making more than 20% of the new Upper Limit, what happens?

    A: Nothing. The player’s contract is not decreased to the new (lower) salary cap – in fact, nothing in the CBA allows for a player’s contract to be decreased if that happens. As long as the player’s contract was valid at the time it was signed, it’s entirely possible that a player could take up more than 20% of the Upper Limit. However … for the Upper Limit to decrease, league revenues would have to decline by at least 5% from one year to the next – something that is quite unlikely given how league revenues have moved over the last 15-20 years.”

    I will continue searching for the statement i quoted above a few passages up…I remember seeing it somewhere….If not sorry for bad info…..

  23. ahhh… shows what i know… I suppose that makes sense other wise every single player would have an “incentive contract”…I thought it was only a matter of going over the cap.

  24. Salt, incentive contracts do count towards the cap though – but you’re allowed to exceed your cap by a certain maximum percentage and that amount, i think, is deducted from the following year’s cap. This past year the Rangers had the $2.8million to pay Shanny’s ‘bonuses’ available from the cap (on top of the $2.5million base) so it wasn’t an issue for this upcoming season.

    Kaspar, that’s what I thought it was concerning the players, A one-time rollback.

    Doodie, Schneider’s getting old and looked pretty weak in the playoffs. Any other suggestions? Do you know where the GW bridge is…? I’m joking!!! I actually make a similar point that signing Campbell’s a mistake, but from cap perspective. Too many holes to pay multiple guys $6 to $8million.

  25. Wow I really didn’t know Avery had 48 points in 57 games. Him asking for 4 mil (if it was true) actually makes some sense. I’m not saying I want him for that much, but I didn’t notice that he was on pace for a full season of 69 points and I think that gives him some what of a valid reason to be asking for more money.

    Also I noticed some people (not here but elsewhere) were bitching that there was no reason for a lockout. Well there was. Some teams spent like crazy while others didn’t and the league was losing its competitiveness. Plus the league wouldn’t raise the cap just to raise it. As stated its all percentage based so the NHL knows what they are doing.

  26. Does Barry Melrose’s departure mean that hockey will never again be shown on ESPN? Or, who is replacing him?

  27. “This past year the Rangers had the $2.8million to pay Shanny’s ‘bonuses’ available from the cap (on top of the $2.5million base) so it wasn’t an issue for this upcoming season.”

    That 2.8 is killing us btw. What exactly was his bonus, to skate at least one second on the ice? Maybe get 20 goals? I’m really interested to see what his bonuses were with how poorly he played last year.

    We don’t have all that much money like people may think. I projected that the cap would go to 56 when I made my analysis awhile back. One included Jagr and Avery, the other one did not. Without we can only go after guys like Ryder, Nagy, Vrbata, etc. and try to plug them in. With, well obviously we are more handcuffed but those spots will be filled.

  28. Jonny,

    If I recall, it was $2.5million base with another $2.0million bonus for playing in more than 10 games and another $800K for winning a round in the playoffs.

    And I agree, even with the cap raised the money is really freakin tight.

    2 years ago Avery played 84 games between LA and NYR and had 48 points. This season he play 57 games and had 33 points. As a Ranger he has 52 regular season points in 86 games with another 12 points in 18 playoff games. Those are pretty decent numbers for a guy who saw extremely limited powerplay time.

  29. oh my bad i read the article wrong. i thought it said he had 33 assists, not 33 points. in that case I somewhat take my post back. haha.

  30. What is with all the gloom and doom around here?! CHILL out people!

    Screw Hossa and Campbell. get some B-level players like the Commodores and Hainseys and sign Sundin for a year, it’s a fine idea.

    There will be a few kids ready too and no one knows how the East will shape up. Wash is nasty, but guess what, they have no goalie and it’s gonna co$t them, Pitt may lose half their team, Philly had to trade Umberger, and Price BETTER be good for Montreal this year. Even TBL is gonna have cap issues.

    I have no problem signing Sundin/Orpik/Hainsey or Commodore and promoting Anisimov/Byers/Paranteu/Potter and going to war.

    I leave you all with a quote from director Nicholas Meyer who directed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where they had cap issues with Paramount, he said something like “The greatest success comes from having to be creative due to limitations.”

    Slats is gonna have to use his brains.

    This is a MUCH better problem than signing every old fart and scratching our heads in January what’s wrong with the team.

  31. SeamusORiley on

    As long as we have the money to resign Malik.

    All things are but shadows in the light of Marek Malik.

  32. i think espn is trying to get bill clement to fill in for bary melrose but i could be wrong, but they do still have ej hradek

  33. Cancelled czechs on

    Liles is a reasonable facsimile at less money for Campbell.

    and Hossa long ago said he wanted to play with his buddy Chara in Boston. the Pens offered him a big contract and he turned it down.

    Rolston is a better winger choice. shorter, cheaper contract. and he can play the point on the PP and really blast away.

  34. With the steady rise of the cap, the Gomez and Drury signings are looking pretty good. I’m sure yall don’t agree though :)

  35. With the steady rise of the cap, the Gomez and Drury signings are looking pretty good. I’m sure yall don’t agree though :)


    I will be the very first to admit that if the cap continues to increase at this rate I will have a much harder time complaining about Drury.

  36. Malik with a real d-partner might not be that bad. So lets let him go elsewhere. haha. Seriously, without Rozy I think his skills increase 200% since Rozy proved how bad he actually is when played with Staal.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Johnny, that’s only partially true. I noticed something about Staal’s partners, whether it was Rozy or Mara. They both *seemed* to play much worse when paired with Staal. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was a case of wanting to do too much to compensate for Marc’s inexperience, but they were both markedly worse when paired with him.

    For Mara’s part, I thought he was pretty good once he wasn’t paired with Staal any longer.

    We have talked a lot about our UFAs, but what about our RFAs? Who would you keep, and what’s the most you woud spend on them?

    Here’s a list of our current RFAs that played in at least one game last season:

    1) Dawes
    2) Sjostrom
    3) Moore

  38. I don’t think our cap is looking too bad.

    $33.9m on 5D, 8F and 1G.
    D – Backman, Toots, Girardi, Staal, Pock
    F – Gomer, Dru, Dubi, Betts, Hollywood, Orr, Prucha, Cally
    G – Hank

    We’ll need to add a back-up G (Vallycat – $700k?), Dawes will not cost much (900k?), Sjostrom will be cheap too ($800k). That leaves us 2 defence spots and 3 Forwards to find with approx $20m. It certainly leaves room to absorb one big contract if you can find spots for others in the $2-4m range.

    On another note – I’d love to see Prucha given a shot with Gomez and a big winger not named Jagr. I also don’t think both Backman and Pock will be on the roster this year, and after Sjostrom’s emergence i would be worried about my job if is was Ryan Hollweg.

  39. Good point MikeA – thats another youngster who could step up. I think his salary is about $750k. If he can break one of the top lines thats a lot of cash saved to pay a UFA winger.

    Ansimov seems to be making an impression at the prospects camp too – whether that translates to an NHL spot or back to Hartford only time will tell, he’s kind of hindered by the inclumbent 4 centres.

  40. I wanted to go back and address something about the “salary decreases”. Don’t forget that there is a Players Escrow account that the players pay a % into. It started at 10% with the roll-backs the 1st year out of the lockout. Because revenues exceeded their goals, the players were returned just about 1/2 of that $ they paid into it.

    It went down last season to something like 7%, of which another 2-3% was returned after season. And I’m pretty sure it has, or will happen for this season too.

    Those #’s are close estimates. I don’t know where to look up the exact #’s. But the point is, if revenues decrease, their is an escrow account that will retain the reserve to avoid another roll-back of salaries when the next CBA is signed. It’s something that the NHLPA used to protect themselves, and it was probably one of the best items to come out of the last CBA.

    Just think, when gomer got his $10m check for last season, $1m had to be paid into that acct. Steep. (he got some back, don’t worry)

  41. Thanks for the link Rob. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that at first. I was going to jump up and down. And I was about to start cheering after seeing the 1st part of the Tucker comment, but then it said “…until after blah blah blah..” now I’m not so happy. Don’t talk to that F’n BUM. I hate that guy.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    UK, you count Backman on the roster but then say you don’t think he’ll make it…another hole to fill.

    I think there’s money for one big contract but we’re still talking about Prucha and Korpi cracking the top lines to compensate for it.

    A big d-man or 2 are also gonna cost $5-9 million. The challenge and prospective team for next year seem daunting and that’s why I think we HAVE to use this season to build and mature our youth.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, I didn’t read the article but how big an offer do you make Corey?

  44. I’d love to get my hands on Washingtons Mike Green, figuratively that is…

    Slats should think about an offer sheet to him. He’s just the type of puck moving defenseman that we need to help the PP.

  45. Well, instead of a $ amount, I’ll say that I’d rather let Avery, Jagr, shanny, straka walk, sign Ryder, Perry & take a stab at a few UFA & FA Dmen. Meszaros & Wideman are RFA’s(mentioned in artcile). And I’d make a pitch for either one. There’s players in-house that can fill the other 2 fwd spots. Prucha, Byers, Hollweg, Sjoey, Anisimov(?), Moore, and a few others with a long-shot could fill out the roster. Which in turn, would go along with using this season as a season to mature some of our youth.

    It’s really 1 way or the other this season. But last season was a mess because slats tried to do both at the same time. Pick a lane j-off!

  46. Rob – I thought the same thing, but I have no doubt Wash would match. He’s the best dman the team’s brought up in …. well, before I knew what hockey was.

  47. Just an idea – but we could trade for Matthieu Schneider – 1 year left on contract at $5.75m – might be a stop-gap until Bobby S makes it to Broadway to take charge of the PP?
    The Ducks are desperate to dump some salary and might take a lower draft pick or prospect ..?

  48. Can we honestly rely on what LARRY BROOKS is saying?


    All his “inside Sources” always turn out wrong anyway

    I still think the Sundin rumor is total bullshit.
    How many centers do we need? and what your replacing a 36 year old JAgs with a 37 year old Sundin who will retire next year?

    F Him, dont sign him

  49. This team needs to get tougher, bigger, faster.

    If you don’t re-sign Jagr, then what’s the point signing Sundin? Sundin does not make this team any more difficult to play against.

    If the era of Jagr is over then signing Avery is a must, then look at Gratton out of Tampa, then Orpik/Commodore, get tougher for crying out loud. Get more difficult to play against.

    But get a sniper for Gomez, like a Pavel Demitra.

  50. UK, you count Backman on the roster but then say you don’t think he’ll make it…another hole to fill.

    I think there’s money for one big contract but we’re still talking about Prucha and Korpi cracking the top lines to compensate for it.

    A big d-man or 2 are also gonna cost $5-9 million. The challenge and prospective team for next year seem daunting and that’s why I think we HAVE to use this season to build and mature our youth.

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