Avery in Men’s Vogue


Greetings from the MSG Training Center, where the prospects are on the ice. In the meantime, here’s  Sean Avery “reflecting on his time at Vogue.”:http://www.mensvogue.com/magazine/articles/2008/06/sean-avery?currentPage=1

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  1. I will miss this man.

    What a shame if we let him go.

    Oh, and by reading this, I think it’s pretty clear he’s not the mindless, selfish thug that some people make him out to be.

  2. I told him we wanted him back in Blue outside the My Morning Jacket concert on Friday. I think he thought I was going to talk trash because he grimaced before realizing I was a friendly and said “Thanks man, enjoy the show.”

  3. “….it may or may not have been a deep draft but it didn’t prevent the new owners of the Lightning from using their last pick to select a player they know will never play for them. Using pick number 203, Tampa Bay took Alaskan-born defenseman David Carle, who learned last week that he has a career-ending heart ailment. “The kid worked his whole life to be drafted in the NHL, and I didn’t see a reason he shouldn’t be,” new owner Oren Koules explained.”

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, that’s amazing.
    I’m not sure if its a dumb move or one that will turn Karma in TB’s favor (if you believe in that sorta thing), but it was definitely a great/nice thing for the bolts to do.

  5. I guess the view-point may have been “There’s no one after #203 that you can’t just sign as a free-agent”. It’s certainly a cool thing to do.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, they hired Barry Melrose, so it seems that karma isn’t really in their favor. I figure EJ Hradek replaces him on television.

    Truefas, the reason why those streaks are coincidental is because Jagr has openly admitted to saving himself for the end of the season. When Jagr turns it on, we win hockey games. Jagr doesn’t deserve to be paid what he has been paid before, but when he is really trying, he is still one of the most dominant players in the league.

    Call me when Avery gets 20 goals in a season… which will be never. If we don’t resign him, it’s gonna take a classless organization like the Islanders to pick him up. He has really worn out his welcome across the NHL. He makes our whole organization and sport look classless by the way he plays. I really am sick of him.

    Sam, any word on the rumors about Straka potentially returning to Czech Republic to be a GM/player for Plzen (I think that was the team)?

  7. Wah Wah Wah !!

    Re Sign Avery !!


    I bet an LA Kings fan said the same exact thing right before he got traded. Any team will sign him, and the Habs will definitely want him. You’d be surprised. Teams will make that sacrifice. Rutuu worn out his welcome to every team. Tootoo definitely has as well, if he ever plans on leaving Nashville.

    He’s awesome. I hate how people are saying he’s “injury prone” unless im mistaking, this was the only season of his career where he really had a couple of injuries. Freak injuries dont count. His wrist injuries dont count either, you try getting dumped by Elisha Cuthbert then watch her in “Girl Next Door” without doing something that should not be done a that age, if ya know what i mean. Any way, he’s the man, if Sather has any brains he’d re sign him, Jags, and Shanny, and dump Rozi. Pick up an offensive D man, Streit, Campbell, Liles if possible. Get a physical D man, Orpik, maybe even Commodore he he’s available.

    I wish it was October

  8. Johnny5-

    Aves was at the MMJ show???? Man, I wish I could have bumped into him.

    By the way, INCREDIBLE SHOW, eh? They’re a fantastic band.

  9. sam- can we get some info on the skate today? how did the new picks look?

    that move by TB is very respectable… and smart, they get stamkos and good karma in the draft, i think they did good

  10. is this possible? on



  11. Fruity Cupcake on

    If Avery signs locally, I’ll turn on him pretty quick. But I’m hoping he and Glennie (as Jags calls him) can work out a good two-year deal. Then next season, maybe Cheering for Children could raffle off an Avery makeover to a lucky fan!

    In other news, Mats Sundin’s interested in playing for the Rangers. Sam….thoughts around Greenburgh???

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