Rangers tap Minnesota center Stepan with second pick


The Rangers went with 6-foot, 168-pound Minnesota high school forward Derek Stepan with their 51st pick in the NHL draft. Stepan had 91 points in 54 games for power Shattuck-St. Mary’s. The Central Scouting Bureau had Stepan ranked 58th.

The Rangers have four more picks today. The only round they skip is the fourth, having dealt that pick at the trade deadline for Christian Backman.

Phoenix GM Don Maloney, who was instrumental in the Rangers trading up to to draft Marc Staal in the first round in 2005, took Jared Staal with the 49th pick.

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  1. Rangers should have found a way to move up and draft Staal – pedigree alone will make him a good NHLer. Not to mention we could have used his size up front too.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Awful pick. Just… awful. I liked the Del Zotto pick, but this one is just terrible. Ten bucks says this kid never scores 10 goals in one season at the NHL level. I agree with Cliff and someone from the last thread: They should’ve traded up for Staal.

    Think about what incentive that would’ve given Jordan or Eric to sign here. Not to play with one brother, but TWO brothers. They’re both RFAs next year. Imagine if we had all 4 Staal brothers?

  3. as far as staal, on the nhl network they mentioned he had the worst body fat marks of any player tested at the combine. that says a lot, probably factored into the rangers’ decision not to draft him.

  4. it wouldve been awesome to have both marc and jarod but jarod has some serious red flags.
    ie his determination, weight, etc.

  5. czechthemout!!!! on

    This orgization is proving once again just how awfull it is.They picked a bobby Saguanetti clone in round one.Took a small third line quality center in the second round who in the darin oliver mode.And in the third round they take russian center who’s stock collapsed and will probobly never play here.In yet anothher strong draft,this incompotant bunch of fools will have come out of this draft with at best a pp specialist and a number of busts!

  6. I don’t think they’re doing all that bad.

    Grachev, the 75th pick, was ranked 55th by TSN.

    From NHL Central Scouting: Evgeny is a power forward with a good physical presence and ability to come up with the puck in traffic areas. He displays strong puck skills and the ability to make plays all over the ice, but needs to improve his acceleration and overall speed.

    Year Team GP G A Pts Pim
    2007-2008 Yaroslavl (RUS2) 28 7 6 13 6

    Kundratek, their 90th pick, was ranked 59th by TSN.

    From TSN.ca: His stock dropped a little in the CSB Rankings after the World Junior Championship. He scored one goal in six games in the tournament and he ended up at No. 12 among European Skaters in the CSB’s final rankings. He is the highest-rated player from the Czech Republic.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    So, Bourret was Dominic Moore and a Third Rounder, right? So now Dominic Moore and a third rounder for the last pick of the third round.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not that disgusted by the trade. Bourret has some sort of serious flaw. He couldn’t crack that lousy Atlanta lineup, and he couldn’t crack ours either. They looked at him for a year, decided he couldn’t be repaired, andpassed him on. Whatever. Just another 1st round bust. At least we’re sending him away instead of stockpiling them like we have over the last 5 years.

  9. anyone want to explain how we got our 4th round pick back but lost our 7th round pick? this coverage on the nhl network is awful- their not up to date on the picks, being minutes late on everything and all they care about are the franchises in canada.

  10. GuitarWizard on

    We got our 4th rounder back from Nashville and gave them this years 7th round and next years 4th round pick.

  11. Agreed, cze. No scrolling info, no trade announcements, no telling who’s on the clock or who was just picked. Really amateur coverage.

  12. NHL DRAFT!! Update! on


    JUSTIN DANIELS of SUFFERN has been selected with the first pick of the 3rd round in today’s NHL Draft by the San Jose Sharks!

    The Sharks traded up with Tampa Bay to make the selection, giving Tampa their fourth and fifth round picks.

    The Sharks then drafted DREW DANIELS of SUFFERN in the 7th round, 194th overall!

    JUSTIN DANIELS, SUFFERN 3rd Round, 62nd Overall
    DREW DANIELS, SUFFERN 7th Round, 194th Overall


  13. I like that we grabbed someone from the Shattuck-St. Mary program, they and Mt St Charles have to be the two premier high school programs in the country.

  14. From what I’ve heard, Stepan is a pretty solid player. Also there is major upside on Del Zotto. You guys forget that they are both really young and shouldn’t expect them to come up right away. Just because now they might have some flaws doesn’t mean they’ll have them in 2 or 3 years. Let them play a year or two of juniors then one AHL season and they could be NHL ready. I like the picks so far.

  15. with almost 2 pts a game stepan seems to be a good pick for a second rounder. give him a few years, and i think he is a potential ranger.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone know where I can find a list of draft picks of high schoolers? The only high school draftee that I know who has had NHL success so far is Matt Niskanen.

  17. Pretty much most of the guys that have performed from Shattuck St. Mary’s have become solid NHL players. I don’t think its bad to draft him now then wait for him to go to a junior team or the minors and let him grow in your system. You have to be patient with these guys.

  18. Or I should say have shown signs of becoming if they haven’t reached the NHL yet.

  19. Per Wikipedia – alumni of Shattuck St. Mary. Obviously, the paths to the NHL have been different, some went to college, juniors or straight to the NHL. If you’re gonna draft a high schooler, this and the Mount are the two schools to do it from.

    Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins
    Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks
    Ryan Caldwell, Phoenix Coyotes
    Noah Clarke, Los Angeles Kings
    Joseph Corvo, Carolina Hurricanes
    Patrick Eaves, Carolina Hurricanes
    Kyle Okposo, New York Islanders
    Jordan Parise, New Jersey Devils
    Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils
    Peter Ratchuk, Florida Panthers

  20. czechthemout!!!! on

    Igot to say a big fat D.Way too many questionabl picks that were clearly not bpa nor were they filling needs such as crease clearing dman.Del Zotto is a future powerplay specialist and nothing more.Stephan is the next David Oliver.Grachev was awfull at the wjc(saw him play 3 games).The Czech dman sucks!! Watched him twice as well.Too soft,zero offensive game.He is a typical Sather pick.He is so arragant he thinks he may have put one over on the whole league with that guy.The Fourth rounder is a typical rangers injury risk pick(cliche,Sauer) who from what I’ve read,may pan out.All in all,In one of the strongest drafts in years,the Rangers once again look like they might have struck out,just like the 2003 draft.This is why this team needs to be gutted out,from the gm to the coaches and replaced with someone like Brian Burke who knows how to Draft and build teams.He has one more year left in anahiem after that,it will be a battle to pry him away from the leafs

  21. how many NHL games have they played? Oh none. Don’t count them out until you see how they progress. Its different than other league drafts cuz most guys start in the minors. All the guys need work, even stamkos. I’ll check out all the picks in a few, but I think we did a decent job. We’ll see in a few years how they work out.

  22. I think it was a good draft for the Rangers. Personally, I was looking for size, and 4 of them are over 200# (DZ, Weasel, Grachev and Galton). An offensive defenseman (DZ) who is built like a fireplug and likes to hit. Huge potential upside plus he’s not 18 yet. A potential 2nd line power forward (Grachev), who is strong, has a hard shot, plays well in traffic, what’s not to like.

    Think we got lucky with Dalton who got hurt this season otherwise would have been taken much higher. Another 200 pounder who hits. The other 3 picks don’t appear that dreadful either. Assume Gordie Clark is doing his job along with his staff.

    For those who wanted Carlson, yeah he’s supposed to be a crease clearing defenseman but isn’t projected to be NHL ready this coming season so what do the Rangers do in the meanwhile?

    That should be Sather’s immediate problem to address. Get Oprik. If he doesn’t, or get somebody equivalent, then he should be blasted for not taking a guy like Carlson.

    If Sather can prevent breaking the bank, Campbell should be on his list also. Sags might be ready but then again, might need another season in Hartford. When DZ is ready, and we have Campbell, between those two and Sags, shouldn’t have any more problems at the point. Plus, might be able to get something significant back by trading one of them. A nice problem to have.

    Sather, now be a lion on the UFA front and get us what we need!!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Caldwell, Clarke, and Okposo are the only guys off of that list that were drafted out of high school. Every other guy on that list was drafted after some time in juniors or college. My point is high school is too speculative. Clarke and Caldwell barely scratched the surface of the NHL. I mean, some players have done it, but I think that’s more the exception than the rule.

    I just don’t feel that high school alone is competitive enough to judge him.

  24. projections are tough here’s mine

    Del Zotto—#/2-4 PP QB//has upside on D
    was 15th overall and #1 overall amongst Defenders for Offensive upside according to Mckeen’s has to learn the system could be NHL ready as early as next year*2009-10*

    D.Stepan–small but decent top 6 speedster
    15-24 goal *40-50* upside…but hes got to
    stay healthy and @ 6’168 he’s got to gain at least 17lbs of pure muscle and find away to avoid getting banged up by the big hitters in the new NHL
    not the bpa…but you never know-I was very upset w/ the 2003/4 draft picks in rounds 2/3…and didn’t see much in Dubinsky…now he’s at worst a gritty 2nd liner at best..
    a decent 1c center

    3-Gratchev–wow…he’s good enough a fit for the Anisimov-Cherapanov duo in 2009-10
    that its scary…he’s a Right shooting C/LW
    that plays a power game but needs to improve his skating before making the jump
    his skill/will/ and ability to play in the NHL is not in question its the cost+skating
    all in all I was hoping he’d last to round2
    getting him in round 3 is awesome

    4-Kundratek(don’t judge just from Wjc) he’s not a Rozival clone but he’s pretty solid
    looks like a good #2-3 Defender

    5-Doyle–basically a #2/3 pivot w/ upside since he’s a solid 193lbs he could easily be 6’2 211 when he’s done filling out

    6-M.Gaulton(love this pick)he could be the best player after DelZotto and Gratchev has superb toughness and leadership…don’t fall for the injury worries…he is a solid #4/5 Dman at worst potentially more..good pick

  25. Unfortunately, the draft is not like an NHL ’08 draft where every player gets better every year. Hopefully there are multiple future NHLers out of their picks, but they will be lucky with just one.

    Sather and co finally drafted some guys recently who look like they might be stars (#17, 18), but had a long drought in his first five or six years. Hopefully, his the awful drafting trend is over and they have finally figured out what to look for in a young player.

    As a reminder, there is currently one player on the Rangers roster who we got when he “Cleaned house” before the lockout year. That player? Blair Betts, fourth line center. Maybe Korpikoski will be a second next year, but to trade seven or eight NHL players and only maybe have two holdovers from three seasons ago is unacceptable.

  26. Sather needs to move on and forget Jagr unless Jagr buys into the present game plan. Don’t see Jagr being happy and buying into the Ranger philosophy the way the team is built right now.

    Sather’s immediate need is for a crease clearing defenseman. After that, a forward to take Jagr’s place and an offensive defenseman to take Roszival’s place.

    Oprik may not be available since Hossa is headed to unrestricted free agency. That frees up $$$ for Pittsburgh to sign Oprik. What other crease clearing defenseman are on the market?

    Same question in case Jagr is not signed and Hossa deemed too expensive?

    Is Campbell the answer, or will the Rangers be outbidded by another team? If not Campbell, then who??

    Wasn’t that Swedish player the Rangers signed supposed to be a repacement for Avery?

    Even though I like both Gomez and Drury, the Rangers paid a hefty sum for them. That was market conditions and the Rangers needed change. Might have been better to use Cullen the way Carolina did and not have to sign both Gomez and Drury. Money saved could sure be used now.

    If Sather gives in to Jagr and builds around his desire to have things his way, then Sather is being Sather. Let him go, move on and build the team around Gomez and Drury since they were so expensive.

  27. Jagr wants a 2 yr deal*cap hit for bonuses is limited to 1 yr deals so Sather is offering a 1 yr deal.

    As for avery Honestly I’d rather see the team promote D.Byers over Hollwegg and UFA hunt the duo of J.ruutu and Matt Cooke they could combine for 25-35 goals and eat up about 30 minutes a night for about 3 million cap hit combined. Avery wants more than 3 mill and is more injury prone, smaller, prone to complaining, and will have a tough time hitting the 30 goal barrier in his career.

    As for Rozival… is he fully healed, can he produce w/o Jagr*last season was both Jagr’s and Rozivals worst in terms of clutch scoring and overall point production.

    But then again Right handed scoring Defenders are very rare so Sather might have to pony up more than he wants to in order to keep Michal happy.

    my picks for the team











    Lundqvist -6.75

    A grand total for the starting 18 of 51 mill
    understand that Jagr’s cap hit either doubles for this year or next year if he is indeed signed to a 1 yr deal

    e.g.—bonuses could add 4 mill to the hit

    but the team could defer the bonuses to next season in order to add more players midway through the season

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