Sather clearing house?


The lack of activity thus far certainly suggested as much, and Larry Brooks reports today that “the Rangers have no intention of signing any of the team’s big free agents before July 1.”:

That means Jaromir Jagr, Sean Avery, Brendan Shanahan, Michal Rozsival, and Martin Straka would all be free to solicit offers from other teams, although Brooks also notes that Sather still might make overtures to both Jagr and Shanahan. Either way it doesn’t sound like Avery is part of any plan, a decision that is likely to alienate the left wing’s many fans in New York.

Among some other nuggets from the story:

<li>With Marc Crawford, never a big Avery fan, gone from L.A., the most logical place for Avery to return is to the Kings. Brooks also notes that Darcy Tucker of all people could be a potential Avery replacement.

<li>The above moves might enable the Rangers to pursue Brian Campbell, who is not likely to return to San Jose and who will be the most sought after free agent defenseman on July.

<li>Even if the Rangers do in fact lose their top wings, they still aren’t going to go after Marian Hossa, but they may be active on the trade market. Brooks mentions San Jose’s Jonathan Cheechoo, the Kings’ Mike Cammalleri and Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler all as possibilities.

A lot to decipher here. I have my own opinions, which I’ll share later…

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  1. I never was a big Avery fan,so if he goes good luck. If he does sign I’ll of corse weclome and cheer him on.
    Now on the other hand if we sign Tucker I’d be very happy with that as much as I hate him,he would be a HUGE fan favorite,I can hear it now TUCK-ER TUCK-ER TUCK-ER……

  2. Darcy Tucker sucks and is old. Avery, whom I like a lot, is injury=prone, but a better bet by far. Oh well. Not the end of the world. But Tucker? Please no.

    Cammalleri is sweet.

  3. Avery costs more in terms of money and team discipline than his typical 15 goals and 40 points allows for. Assuming he’s asking for over 3 million a season, and rumors have him asking for as much as 4.5m/yr., he’s simply a bad investment. Using that extra earmarked “Avery money” to make a hard pitch for the dynamic Brian Campbell would be brilliant.

    I’d take Avery back, warts and all, for a tidy $3 million-ish a season. Since that seems far less than what he’s rumored to be asking for, oh well, see ya. He’s not half as important as MSG or a lot of fans make him out to be. He’s a complimentary piece in the machine, not a lynch pin. Paying him over 4 million a season makes puts him in the latter category by default, which would be a mistake.

  4. Avery needs NY too….I don’t know if his black-fingernails and Vogue internship resume comes in handy in say…..Minnesota or Atlanta…maybe he’ll become an Islander

  5. if i had to chose between sather re-signing all of our free agents OR sather deciding to not sign any of them, to be honest, i’d rather see him decide to not sign any of them. I’d rather have a serious clearing of the house, than to cling onto the hopes that shannahan will play like his first season with NYR, that jagr will play the whole season like he played in the playoffs this past season, that rozy will shoot the puck and tighten up defensively, and that avery/straka will produce consistantly while staying healthy. If this means we ultimately suck for a season or two, than so be it, but at least we’ll be moving forward from the jagr era and into the (overpaid) drury/gomez era.

    that being said, i love all of those guys, with exception to rozy (never been a big fan). I think they were great, but its time to move on. And, just as a fantasy, if Malkin is truly being shopped around, i would absolutely love to see him in a rangers jersey. He is better than crosby any day of the week and i bet is tired of living under that cry baby’s shaddow in pitt. that of course, is pure fantasy because i dont know if i’d be willing to part with whoever it would take for that trade to occur. but its still fun to dream…

  6. i forgot to mention, i think the idea of trying to replace avery with darcy tucker is completely ridiculous. that is a waste of money on a well past his prime (which his prime wasn’t even all that much to brag about) player, reminiscent of the bad old days of the rangers signing lindros and pavel bure. terrible terrible terrible idea. please don’t sign tucker, he is garbage.

  7. Beer, sorry about DTV f’ing you, I’ve had nothing but good from them. They came to my house 6 months ago and found a bad receiver and replaced it with a new model at no charge. Of course, I’m a 12 year customer and didn’t cancel so they love me.

    Please no Tucker. I wonder if Sather will even give Avery an offer. I’m usually against Slats but I have to go with him that Avery is good at 2.5/yr, not at 3+. I wouldn’t mind if we cleaned out the UFA’s, but don’t replace all of them with more old has beens as has been the NYR way for way too long.

  8. We’re screwed.

    What would it take to get Cheechoo? He’d flourish with Gomez.. ugh this organization is such a disappointment.

  9. I say it all makes sense if they end up getting somebody to play with gomez, you invested all that money last summer to be your #1 center, if Jagr doesn’t come back I think they’d ship out a Dubinsky Package to get Gomer a winger…it makes sense to me considering they have Armesov (sp?) down in hartford…not that he’s ready yet…I’d hate to see it happen but Duber is definitely has the greatest trade value on the roster next to Staal…not even going there

    I don’t want these guys traded trust me, I just thinking of what other teams would want…

    As for Avery the guy wants too much money and only plays portions of seasons…I’d try and fetch that money towards Malone maybe..

  10. I don’t know what Sather is trying to do for the first time since the cup , NY fans have seen a team with some chemistry , players that like each, I dont see the reason to clean house, Maybe let Straka and shanny go, But we have to keep Jagr, and avery, Hockey needs avery in NY. The guy has said he bleeds blue..What are you doing Sather what are you doing!!
    We are only a couple of pcs short of being alot better and now you are cleaning house , makes no sense SAM we need avery and Jagr.

  11. Dubinsky/staal/prucha & our 1st rnd pick for Malkin. any day. Look at the rest of the russians in the system. naaaaaasty.

    22 – sh!t happens, right?

    pavel – gomer/cheecho would be nice.

    jeff – agreed. I’d rather have none of them than all.

    Rob – the draft is on vs at 7 or 8 tonight. Figures, my father in-law gets yankees tix for tonights game. If they weren’t field level, and free, I’d stay home haha

  12. This is purely business. It is so difficult to swallow, because they spend so much energy helping to attach the fans to the team and its players, but then Sather has to go and be all General Manager on us and play whatever game he is playing.

    Sather’s job (I hope) fill out all the roster spots…

    Four top four wingers, as the Rangers have none on their roster who fits that description.

    A Top Pair defensemen, and one or two depth defensemen, as Staal, Tyutin, and Girardi comprise a fairly strong and very young 3/4ths of the top four defensemen. On the lower end, Backman and Pock, both under contract, are perfectly servicable 6 or 7 defensmen, which is to say, that you hope only one of them has to play at any time, and would prefer for some improvement either in their play or by replacement. That leaves a number 1, and a number 5.

    It would really help the Rangers if they had a franchise goaltender.

  13. “Hockey needs avery in NY”

    While that MAY be true, it’s Sean’s decision. The offer was on the table, he shot it down. Perhaps $2.75 is a tad low, but we’ll find out how much he likes NY pretty soon.

  14. Beer Me – “Dubinsky/staal/prucha & our 1st rnd pick for Malkin. any day. Look at the rest of the russians in the system. naaaaaasty.”

    i’d make that trade in a heartbeat.

  15. Darcy Tucker to replace Avery…. you have got to be kidding me. He’s going to want how much more undeserved cash a year?

    And going after Brian Campbell LOL. He’s going to want 8 million long-term.

    I hate the management of this team…

  16. great, i have to be subjected to another versus broadcast where they go down on Cindy Crosby on every commercial they do. This just in, after the draft, an encore presentation of “Cindy Crosby revealed”.

  17. Campbell’s looking in the $7mil range. He may not be worth that much to a team like Det, or any other team with a stron D-corp. But to a team like NY with a sub-par D, or a cellar dweller like FLA, he’s worth every penny of it. In some respects, just to put asses in the seats. The guys got some nice moves, and in some markets, that’s all they need. In our case, we need a guy that LIKES to handle the puck through all 3 zones.

    That said, Rozy minus Jags could equal that player. For that matter, any player minus Jags could be that player. I’m so F’n tired of watching guys dump the puck off to a double-covered jagr, then watch him cough it up.

  18. Jeff
    While I agree “sign none of the FA’s over signing all of them”….what scares me is if you let them all go; then is the next move going to be A) take a step back and grow with kids or B)replace them with someone else’s FA’s-so if you bring in the Tuckers and his like then whats the difference except that the 4 you let go had some chemistry with the rest of the team….I cannot get a real good handle on what “THE PLAN” is…..can any of you guys??

  19. This may be the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Campbell? Tucker? Are you guys out of your mind?

    The only guy who Brooksie mentioned who I can see being a fantastic addition is Wade Redden.

    And to get rid of Avery and Jagr? WTF?!?!?!?!

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I hope that Malik was a foregone conclusion, and that’s why his name was left out of the report.

    I’m a little upset about Jagr, but cool with everyone else going away. I have long been an Avery detractor due to his off-ice behavior and salary demands. Avery is becoming an NHL pariah. It’ll be interesting to see who will want him considering all of his antics, and especially at what price, certainly not what he was trying to get from Slats. And if he signs with the Islanders, I would change the Potvin sucks chant to Avery sucks in a heartbeat. He would be the ultimate sellout. Actually, the Devs would make him the ultimate sellout, but the Isles would be pretty close. So would the Leafs. Man, I’m already feeling better about him leaving.

    Shanahan should retire. Straka could be useful on a lot of teams, but at a much lower salary than he received last year. Rozsival will find a new home pretty easily as well.

    As for pitching for Redden or Campbell, I can’t say I’m crazy about either. Both will be grossly overpaid, and Redden is already on a career decline. I think by disgarding Jagr et al they are basically saying that the youth of the team should take over, and part and parcel of that should be not signing vets to bloated contracts. Yes, we need a puckmoving defenseman, but why lock ourselves in with some monstrous contract, only to have the guy flop in NY, as so many of our big contracts usually do. If I had to pick one, I’d pick Redden, simply because he’ll probably be about 1-2 million cheaper, and has much more playoff experience than Campbell. Also, I disagree with this post and Larry’s report. I think Campbell is likely to return to San Jose.

    I think the Rangers should target some mid level UFAs, like Radim Vrbata before considering trades, as those costs us assets. My boy Malone seems destined to be out of the price range I’d pay for him.

    Oh, and as for Tucker, maybe, but only if he can be had on the REAL cheap, which, if he is bought out, he should accept since he’ll be getting paid by Toronto too. I’m talking, 1.2-1.5 million, tops. And for no more than 2 years. Basically, he can be a placeholder.

    Anyone know Cerepanov’s status with the new Russian league in place?

  21. Campbell is good offensively but is not a good defensemen, no thank you especially for 7 mill.

  22. I am a huge Sather fan right now. Let them *all* walk baby. I will absolutely cream myself if it comes true.

    I wouldn’t worry about Avery either. He seems ineffective against his former teams. I kinda hope he does sign with the Isles if not with us, so we’ll still get to hear about his antics. Rocha nailed it, he’s just another piece, not the “lynchpin” so many want to say he is.

  23. A couple of days to catch up on…
    1. I don’t know who to root for, or which is the lesser of the two evils, in the MSG/NHL battle. The league, particularly Bettman, is stifling growth instead of promoting it, all in the name of parity. The cookie cutter approach that the league has adopted for digital media and marketing may work when you have demand out the wazoo, like the other 3 major sports have. Hockey doesn’t have that demand. Flexibility and creativity are needed.
    On the other hand, the Dolans are not exactly anybody’s favorite either. They might know marketing, but they also know price gouging, over pricing, and image paranoia, among other things. They screw the faithful subscribers by almost doubling the price of a seat for the first playoff round alone.
    2. In terms of team makeup, Sather might know something about hockey, although not as much as everyone thinks, if he really would bring in Darcy Tucker as a replacement for Sean Avery. And Sather sure as heck doesn’t know business or the art of negotiation. Granted, there is a very remote possiblility that he is playing the game the way that Dolan is telling him he has to play it. But I doubt it.
    3. Don’t go after Hossa unless Jagr is not coming back. Don’t go after Campbell. He will be overpriced (so is everyone else, for that matter) and not as great a return on investment as everyone thinks. Don’t re-sign Rozsival, even if Jagr is brought back. Other than that, I’m flexible.

  24. Has Avery been offered anything at all? Even a possible 1 year contract? And I doubt that Avery would be hurt as much if anyone else on this fricken team actually fought. This team is as tough as the oatmeal I had for breakfast.

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