Rangers pick Del Zotto at 20


Michael Del Zotto of the Ontario Hockey League becomes the third defenseman taken by the Rangers in the first round in the last four years.

Sounds like there are some question marks, but the raw ability is there.

For more, “Dubi at Blueshirt Bulletin has some worthwhile insight”:http://www.blueshirtbulletin.com/2008/06/rangers-zap-del.html.

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  1. SeamusORIley on

    Did they say this kid has a maturity problem? Maybe they WILL sign Avery….

    I left the room and they mentioned Jagr…what was that about?

  2. They said that Jags agent spoke to Sather looking for 2 year contract… but Slats is hesitant about it because Jagr is an old hag lol

  3. onecupin67years on

    The Best part of the draft is checking out the draft picks moms and sisters(0ver 18 I hope),Del Zotto mom ain’t bad looking. And the Islanders collect all these draft choices and they still stink,I’ll bet that their #1 leaves or is traded in 3 years,like all their other #1 picks.

  4. How come all these Penguins and Lightings and Atlanta’s and even stinky isles get top picks year after year and rangers can’t get higher than 18? I mean really… is this bad management at its best or just lack of interest… is Rangers nothing more than a “Broadway show”? Oh yeah… I remember we had a 6th overall pick a few years back… now property of Phoenix… Today on nhl. Com I saw a list of first overall picks since 1963 and since then Rangers only had one number 1 overall pick… the guy name Andre Veilleux, which never played a single game in the NHL…sad

  5. onecupin67years on

    CCCP-the rangers have always sucked just enough to avoid the getting the top pick and if they did they would blow it up.

  6. pierre kidneystones on

    Del Zotto

    McKenzie: In the OHL Draft a couple of years ago, Stamkos went first and Del Zotto went second. His game has tailed off a little bit since and he had a poor Under-18 tournament, but he’s a great passer with a good shot. Maturity is a question mark. He’s certailny got all the tools, he’s just got to get the toolbox organized.

    sounds more like Tim Allen

  7. I can hardly blame them for taking Del Zotto, who was the highest rated player left on the board according to CSA. Yet, he’s a defenseman, who doesn’t really play defense. It’ll be interesting to see if this kid makes it…

  8. Seth (Rochester, NY) on

    ESPN had him going number 12 to the ducks in their Mock Draft. Here is what they said prior to the draft. If they were correct, we got a steal at number 20.

    • Michael Del Zotto, D, Oshawa (OHL)
    Has the most offensive upside of any defenseman in this draft with the exception of Doughty. Del Zotto was slotted as a top-five player going into this season but was dragged down by the Generals’ underachieving season. One scout: “Del Zotto makes me nervous. … It will be a tough pick to make if he’s there. He just didn’t progress this year.” One explanation: Up until major junior, the game came too easily for MDZ. He, not Stamkos, had been the star on their youth-league teams.

  9. Should’ve traded to grab Teubert. How many steals were there for Jokinen…Cammaleri@??!?!?!

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    The Jokinen trade shocked me. What a steal. How Jacques Martin has a job is beyond me. Florida should be contracted.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    How was Jokinen a 2nd rounder and two shitty players, while Umberger was a first rounder!?

  12. rucchin – can you please stop posting your blog on each post. imbedding it in bold in your name should be good enough

  13. According to the boy:

    “Whenever they have the puck, I get a chance to play the body and make them not want to come back into my corner.”

    That’s until the Rangers’ coaching staff tells him to stop hitting!

    Seems like an interesting pick, but he doesn’t fit with the coaching staff, they can’t work with offensive players and make them better. They can only either make offensive players defensive and have them playing a watered down style or just not bother and let them rot in the AHL (See Thomas Pock).

    For everyone who was SURE the Rangers were going to trade away Staal and Dubinsky and Prucha and Sanguinetti for the second overall pick, you must feel dumb right now.

  14. Now if somehow the Rangers could move up in the second round and get Jared Staal……

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