Rangers might not stand pat at 20


Just got off the phone with Rangers director of player personnel Gordie Clark, who as a former UNH Wildcat, is obviously the smartest member of the team’s front office.

A couple of nuggets:

<li>Don’t count on the Rangers making any dramatic move to crack into the top 5 tomorrow, but don’t be surprised either if they explore trading up at least a few spots.

“That option is always there and in most cases you need your second round pick, and we have it,” Clark said.

<li>The team isn’t necessarily targeting forwards or defensemen, but Clark noted there is a healthy supply of solid NHL defensemen available, particularly in that 5-15 range. Last year the team went in with the philosophy that it definitely wanted a forward in the first round, but this year the Rangers are more open-minded to either.

<li>Does Jared Staal have special appeal to the Rangers because they already have Marc? Not necessarily. But what Clark did say was that given the bloodlines involved, the youngest Staal, a right wing, might be more of a known entity.

“A lot of it’s projection in the NHL, and with the character and skill and the maturity the other three have, they’re going to project he’s going to have that, too,” Clark said.

It would be a stretch for the Rangers to snag Staal seeing how the forward is ranked outside the top 30 by most scouting services. But he also may have more of an upside since he’s still fairly early in his development, especially since, as Clark noted, he didn’t play much at all his first season of juniors.

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  1. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    It would be quite a reach to draft Staal with the first round pick. He is the 40th ranked American skater, and might still be around when our second round pick is up.

  2. I wouldn’t mind the Rangers trading down and getting two 2nd rounders for their 20th pick and picking Staal with one of them. Do any teams have two well positioned 2nd rounders to trade? LA mayhaps?

  3. czechthemout!!!! on

    Only the rangers would consider moving a few spots at the cost of a second round pick in a draft that is WIDLY considered the strongest in years.I will however reserve judgement until I see what we do.I would not at all be surprised if we do reach at number 20 for Jared Staal.This bloodline bullshit is rediculous.Just look at Wayne Gtretzky’s brothers who failed miserably and most recently our own superstar brother Marcel Hossa.I think bloodlines have zero relevance to weather or not a player succeeds in the NHL.It is however a great marketing tool to bring him here and down the road his other two brothers.It’s a once in a lifetime chance to sell many items with the Staals on them and that at the end of the day is what it’s all about to Dolan,not winning the cup.

  4. czechthemout!!!! on

    I would trade Bobby Sags,this years first rounder and next years first rounder for a chance at any of Drew Doughty,Zack Bogosian,Nikita Filatov,.

  5. Czech, so would most of us, I think. That offer, however, is a joke (no offense). To get up into the top 5, we’d need to give up at least one of Staal or Dubinsky, plus picks and maybe even prospects. The Pens offered Malkin to L.A. for their #2 overall + Camalleri, and L.A. refused.

  6. czechthemout!!!! on

    Jeff L.-

    Staal already is a franchise type dman so that would be too much.I would add Tyutin to that package though,and Prucha.I’m not so sure that it was the Kings who were the the ones who refused.That would be an awfull trade for the Pens.Malkin is a superstar/franchise player who carried the Pens to the playoffs on his back.He has outplayed Crosby and is in my opinion the better player.Dubinsky is a star in the making and I would not include him in any trade except for one involving someone like Malkin.

  7. if they sign hossa, they have no money left for malkin next year. He’s expendable since cammaleri can move back to center. They are losing Malone anyway so its a good chance to revamp their second line and keep staal and hossa. LA wins cuz they have kopitar and malkin as 1 & 2 centers with the young talent surrounding them.

    Also I believe LA would be giving up the first two rounds and Pitt maybe one.

  8. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Chris F.

    Obviously it depends on who’s available, but I would go with Toubert (big mean defender, compares to Foote) or possibly Carlson (big, hard hitting, two way denfenseman) who both might be available at 20. From my understanding this is a very deep defensemen draft, and where the Rangers are picking all of the 1st round talent forwards should be gone. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Rangers traded down for an extra pick in the 2nd round.

    There are also rumors that the Rangers are looking to trade up, possibly as high as 4 to get Filatov. I would love Filatov but am hesitant to give up what it would cost to make it happen.

    By the way, I went to game 4 of the Pens series with Benjy.

  9. I say take Staal if available – see the Sutter brothers from days gone by, or the Hansen triplets for that matter.

  10. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Taking Staal with the 20th pick would be similar to taking Jessiman with the 10th. Not as bad, but similar.

  11. I was listening to Hockey Night Canada on the way home from work today and the draft expert stated that Stall is a big time prospect who is atleast 4-5 years away. He said he developing into a power forward type. If his name wasn’t Stall he is not so sure anyone would be talking about him at all.

  12. Staal 4 might help get Eric and Jordan here. I know, its farfetched, but one can dream.

  13. I think just the fact that he is a Staal makes him more of a sure bet than someone you might draft earlier in the draft. The odds of him panning out are probably better than many first rounders.

  14. czechthemout – “Bloodlines” don’t make a rat’s ass difference. But when you have three of four brothers either at or near stardom, you’ve got a safe bet there the fourth is going to be an NHLer at the very least. I’d say this situation is less like Lemieux, Gretzky and Hossa and more like the Sutter and Stastny Bros. As for your drafting philosophy, I have two words for you: PAVEL BRENDL.

    PJH – I’ve NEVER heard of a team trading for, much less drafting someone to draw their brother as a free agent. People used to say the only reason Marcel Hossa was here was to land his brother. See how well that worked out?

    My ideal draft for the Rangers is they move some of their assets(pick any one of Prucha, Moore, Sjostrom plus the second round pick) for a high-second round draft. They get Carlson with their first pick and Staal with their second. But in reality, I’d be bowled over if they got Staal, even though I think he’ll be a sleeper in this class; I have a feeling someone in the first is going to take a chance on him. Good pick, definitely worthy of the 25th and up, but not quite worth the 20th pick.

  15. Jared Staal would be a mistake. he has the talent, but not the drive to even be a hockey player. His father has said just this.

  16. Jared Staal 40th American player? I thought these kids were from Thunder Bay. How does that make them American?

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