One would assume more goes into it than this

22’s Allan Muir has “the Rangers picking Indiana Ice defenseman John Carlson”: with their 20th pick in his mock draft.

I didn’t know much about John Carlson before a few minutes ago — Muir says he’s a player in the Bryan McCabe mold — but I’m in favor of this move for one reason. When I was freshman member of the Indiana University club hockey team — I was there for only one year; it’s a long story — a bunch of my teammates had played for the Ice, so I’ve always had a soft spot for them.

And by “soft spot” I mean I can name drop like I just did. It makes me feel better about myself.

More on the draft later….

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  1. I went to H.S. with a John Carlson. Unless he put down the dope and grabbed some skates that I was unaware of, I guess it’s a different guy. haha

  2. If the NHL terminates MSG ownership, does Bettman then own the Rangers, or does the NHL no longer include the Rangers?

  3. Never heard of Carlson, Sam? You’ve been spending too much time around the greens, me thinks. Check out some of the draft previews of him, SOUNDS like a good fit for the Rangers, but Jessiman did too.

    Well, with Tiger gone, you might as well hang up the spikes, and obsesses over every web rumor about Jags going to {Insert Russian Team Here} for $12MM along with the rest of us!

  4. Mark Seidel @ THN…

    20. NY Rangers –Kirill Petrov, LW; Kazan (RUS)
    The Rangers have gone from a staff that made some very curious decisions in the early Glen Sather years to a tremendous crew that has made some phenomenal selections including Marc Staal, Alexei Cherepanov, Bobby Sanguinetti and Artem Anisimov and they will continue that trend by taking Petrov. The lack of an agreement and Petrov’s unwillingness to commit to coming over have many teams scared, but the Rangers understand it may take a few years and Petrov has a chance to be an impact forward.

    He has John Carlson going 24th.

  5. I’d love for the Rangers to get Carlson, he’d be a nice addition to the prospect pool.

    As for Petrov, I’m worried he could end up never coming over to NA, he still has 3 years left on his contract and no out clause, and he doesn’t seem particularly interested in playing in the NHL.

  6. FiveFootZero on

    My first post here!!!

    My nephew played hockey with Carlson while on the NJ Rockets in Bridgewater, NJ…he says he’s as good as they say he is!

  7. I didn’t know Carlson played for the Rockets. I used to work there back in the day. I’ve probably seen him play.

  8. Just want to say, Dolan getting the nails from the league, is by far, the best possible thing anyone here can imagine. We’re not lucky enough to see him gone, yet…. but I think he’ll fire back at the NHL and eventually….hopefully, he will lose.

    Best potential news. This is more exciting than hearing we signed Gomez/Drury.

    We are looking at a chance at real change here Ranger fans.

  9. Nothing’s going to happen to the Rangers, don’t worry. At worst, a couple millionaire dollar slap on the wrist to say something like this…

    Dear Jim Dolan and the New York Rangers,


    1) Instruct Jagr to NEVER question Sidney Crosby during nationally televised games
    2) Don’t ever ask for clarification on a penalty shot awarded to Crosby, Malkin, any other Penguins player or any Devil for that matter.
    3) Stop paying Sean Avery to distract Martin Brodouche, he only barely won the Vezina because we had the voting well-rigged
    4) The NHL will control the Rangers website, like it or not, and it will sell millions of large foam hats filled with cotton-candy. Each will be hand embroidered with “RBK” and an “87”
    5) If you don’t comply with any of these demands the NHL will continue to allow goaltender interferences while anybody is in the crease of Henrik Lundqvist, they will become more frequent, traumatic, and non-penalized (but that goes without mentioning).
    6) If you attempt any injunction of the aforementioned actions, specifically those discussed in item 5), the Rangers will immediately be sold to the company of Sindey Crawford’s choosing.

    Sincerely yours,
    Gary, Colin, Lou, and Sid

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