NHL says Rangers have “violated the league constitution”


The clash between Gary Bettman and Jim Dolan, presumably regarding the ongoing dispute over the Rangers’ Web site, carries on.

From a report in Sports Business Daily:

The NHL has proposed disciplinary proceedings against MSG that could result in the suspension or termination of their ownership of the NHL Rangers, according to a draft letter written by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that was filed in New York district court late yesterday. The letter, part of the league’s ongoing legal fight against MSG, alleges that MSG – by suing the NHL – has violated the league constitution.

More on this as I have it…

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  1. Thats ridiculous… they complied with the order I don’t think DOlan is the best of owners, but I certainly don’t want the NHL running the Rangers…

    gotta be a bluff, yea?

  2. Didn’t the league already take out their anger against Dolan by calling Jagr for diving once or twice this year, calling him for numerous hooking and stick fouls, and NEVER calling opposing defenders for punching him in the helmit, chest, or the other ticky-tack hooking penalties they usually call when North American players are hindered?

    Actually, Bettman wants to take charge of the Rangers because Colin Campbell’s still crying about not having a fair chance as coach. Finally, GOODBYE RENNEY! haha

  3. I say that if Buttman pursues this, that MSG management will file another lawsuit against the NHL.

  4. oh bettman that little mother fu%*ing weasel.

    Is he still pissed that we were the last team to change our website to the “NHL” websites?

    He’s a little rat, and I hope one day when he’s presenting the cup he gets trapped inside of it like mini me and dies.

    Can someone jsut kill him already, seriously, anyone?

  5. This is all good news. The best thing that could happen to the NY Rangers is to NOT have James Dolan in charge. There is NO conspiricy theories at work here. This is a legal matter.

    Sorry to point out the facts here boys n girls. But unless you have a copy of the NHL consitution and a law degree, you don’t know crap. That includes me. By Sam’s (pasted) paragraph above, you cannot determine anything.

  6. And you know what else? I’ve seen the majority of the other NHL’s websites, and there’s nothing wrong with them. As Agravaine pointed out, it’s a matter of merchandising. I’m sure there’s a loophole out there somewhere that this could have been avoided. But Dolan is a stubborn prick that I hate as much, if not more than Bettman. One destroyed the League, the other destroyed my team.

  7. I don’t want the Rangers run by the league… It stinks of Italian soccer scandals… I found the article that Sam quoted, but its locked and I can’t find any more mention of this subject… On June 4th the league tried to have MSG’s lawsuit dismissed (I wonder if it wasn’t and thats why they are countersuing now)

    I don’t like DOlan at all but I really have a problem with the league owning teams, just like in baseball when Frank Robinson was running the Expos … didn’t like that either…

    unfotunately the only place I find mention of the attemt to dissmiss is on the same daily sports news website and I don’t have a subscription…

  8. There’s no way the league could do a worse job of running a team than Dolan. For Knicks fans sake, they should hope that the NBA takes them over too.

  9. haha if the league owns us, we’ll probably win another cup with the refs on our side. Problem is MSG owns the actual arena so I’d assume we’d have to play elsewhere.

  10. Hmm..all those non-calls against Pittsburgh are starting to make more sense. Guess NY can look forward to more series’ like that under Bettman…

  11. This is one of those battle royales where you kinda hope both participants get seriously damaged. Bettman is a total loser. Dolan is just a lucky sperm a-hole. They should both just go rot in hell.

  12. Did you guys know that Bettman’s brother is the commissioner of the World Series of Poker? Granted, both the NHL and the WSOP have grown in the past 10 years, one of those has grown MUCH MUCH more than the other.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, see if you can dig up more of the complaint that was filed in district court. I’d love to know what provisions of the constitution were allegedly violated.

    Now, I’ve said many times that Bettman is just a pawn to do the bidding of the owners when it comes to rule changes, schedule changes, etc., and so he doesn’t deserve as much blame as people give him. But this is clearly one time where Gary Bettman, the lawyer who used to work for Proskauer Rose (a big law firm), is to blame. Way to be a letigious mother “fudger.”

    Here’s the worst part: where do you think the legal fees are going to come from? Hello $40 blue seats!

  14. If the knicks or liberty could sell any f’n tickets, we wouldn’t have that problem.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, and Glenn Anderson got the HOF call.

    Hopefully, this means we won’t have to see him on any of our broadcasts ever again.

  16. So if this lawsuit goes through and Dolan/MSG are no longer owners, where will the Rangers play?

    Bettman is over-pursuing this matter and has backed himself into a corner.

  17. Eh, this is nothing new. Bettman has hated the Rangers since Checketts and Smith went behind his back to end the lockout in 1995. Doesn’t matter who owns the team. Just seems like he’ll do what he has to screw MSG over.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Jimbo, it COULD result in suspension or termination of their ownership. More likely, they’ll be seeking a monetary penalty, like a fine. Most likely, they’re hoping Dolan just forks over a bunch of money to settle it.

  19. The NHL sure gets upset about the rights to t-shirts. The NHL is the reason we had to buy “Avery Rules” t-shirts from a non-NHL vendor. And the Rangers couldn’t sell their own playoff or team t-shirts, just the lousy NHL approved ones that were the same for every team. Merchandising is what this is all about. The NHL likes to take it out on the local fans in the interest of their official licensed vendors’ profits. Maybe this is why Avery is going in to the fashion business?

  20. Hey
    So NHL takes over Rangers ( will not re-sign Avery of course) and then league owns and operates NY Rangers and they play where? MSG? You think that crappy ice will be in “better” condition? Does Bettman get the owners box? Is laughing gas piped in thru vents just before he makes a heartfelt speech about how much he cares about New York Fans?

    I can see a lot of crazy angles comeing out of this man!

  21. Also….I love how owners are practically being led off in cuffs in this criminal league and he chooses to sue our criminal owner only……isn’t their a by-law against moving teams from hockey towns to Arizona? No lawsuit there though…..man I’m going to play in Russian Kontinental League I can’t take this anymore…at least there the criminals sit in the stands with the good folks…and 20 hitmen

  22. No fan of the Dolans here, but, that being said Gary Bettman has a Napoleonic complex. The NHL running the Rangers website is BS – each team should be able to run their own. Bettman should stick to his day job of playing “The Count” on Sesame Street.

  23. gary bettman has taken this once exciting sport right in the ground, the game is so boring I will even take james dolan side on this one I hate gary the pacifist bettman needs to resign not only has he killed the rivalries, the game is so antiseptic wnba has higher tv ratings buttman is a little twerp and needs to find another job

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