Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Perhaps because I’ve proven I’m a sucker for such nonsense, a number of you e-mailed me “this recent item in which Sean Avery summarizes his just completed Vogue internship”:,,20207539,00.html.

(What, it’s over? What was he there, two weeks? I’ve worn the same T-shirt for longer stretches.)

Anyway, the real disturbing part comes at the bottom, when Avery discloses his plans for the rest of the summer.

For now, Avery said he’s looking forward to hitting the beach, where he’ll be showing off some of the fashion sense that rubbed off on him during his internship.

“I’m bringing the European flavor back to America,” he says, “and I’m rocking a straight Speedo all summer.”

Here’s hoping we don’t frequent the same beach….

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  1. You’ve got to hand it to Avery because a banana hammock at the beach is really the look we’ve all been searching for.

  2. Avery is a funny mother effer, rocking the speedo. Hysterical.

    I hope we sign him, he should keep us amused for years! And he’s not bad either, so long as its for $3mn/year.

  3. Sam you make me nervous when the first thing I read is a headline like that……..

  4. Sean Avery is obviously a repressed homo. His behavior on the ice is classic sterotype aggression, and his love of fashion and clothes is his true following. Because he appears to date hot Hollywood women, it is all a front — his subconcious having to be the best, date the best and live up to his tough guy image…

    No one will say this, especially any established bloggers, in fear of Sean Avery showing up and finding them, either beating them up or suing them for libel.

    But I’m saying it. Because we’ve all thought it.

    Sean Avery loves the fight. He also love c**k.

  5. Stephen – Avery’s sexuality, choice of swimming attire and who he dates are irrelevant – this is a hockey blog.

    Sam – i’m disappointed in you, could you not have written an entry on Blake Wheeler or the upcoming draft?

    Lets talk hockey: i’d love to see us move up to draft Bogosian – he sounds like a can’t miss stud d-man. I’m not sure we’d get the pick off one of the top 4 teams by giving up our cast-offs though. It would have to include a Prucha or Dawes i think….DISCUSS

  6. UKRanger – This is hockey news. The Yankees have the Golden Thong for slumps, and next season the Rangers will have the Avery-Speedo for scoring slumps. Just you wait…

  7. S’funny, women are expected to wear the most revealing swimwear possible, but men wear enormous suits that wouldn’t look out of place on a basketball court. Yes, I’m all for the Speedo; girls need eye candy too.

  8. SeamusORiley on

    I miss hockey talk….

    I wonder if sather has concerns about avery…..hhmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. SeamusORiley on

    Although I share UKRanger’s basic desire for talking about the draft, Wheeler, etc, unfortunately, this speedo nonsense may be more relevant than we’d like.

    Sometimes the off ice behavior impacts whether or not a GM will sign someone. I really wonder if Sather thinks that Avery is a cancer to the team in spite of our record with him and his needed physical and irritating play?? Why else do scouts attend AA meetings of players in recovery, or go back and talk to their kindergarten teachers and so on?

    I guess there is no Jagr news. Wheeler cannot do a thing until July 1. Cindy is officially dating Bettman. The NBA now says its wayward ref is a crack head.

    Maybe we can talk Malik?

  10. SeamusORiley on

    anyone know if ESPN’s “rumor” report about the Pens shopping Malkin has any validity?

    Larry Brooks wrote, a while ago, that the Pens were headed towards a break up….

    I did think they would move Malkin, but not this early…

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