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Readers of the blog know I’ve been pretty adamant in my belief that there are no conspiracies by league officials to advance one team while suppressing another.

For the record, I still believe that. But I’ll also say that if there’s any “validity to the brewing scandal in the NBA”:http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=3439554, in which former ref Tim Donaghy alleges officials intentionally helped alter the outcomes of games, I won’t be as quick to dismiss.

Granted they are two different sports, and two different situations, and it’s important to note that Donaghy’s claims have yet to be proven. But it at least opens the door to the idea that darker forces are at play in the sports world than I’ve ever wanted to admit.


No big surprises out of the “annual NHL awards last night”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=240513&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl especially since the results were mostly in line with my own votes.

Naturally the big story was Alexander Ovechkin claiming his first Hart Trophy. But I find myself more intrigued by another Russian Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk, who claimed both the Lady Byng and Selke trophies (with all due respect to my friend and colleague Rick Carpiniello, I do care about the Lady Byng).

Too bad the 29-year-old Red Wing is locked up through 2013, because I have become a huge fan.


Meanwhile in the words of Tom Renney, we’re getting down to the short strokes before free agency (yes, the draft next week comes first), and much remains unclear about the Rangers’ crop of free agents.

We know that “Jaromir Jagr and the Rangers still hadn’t spoken as of a few days ago”:http://www.nypost.com/seven/06122008/sports/rangers/rangers_eye_wheeler_115190.htm (earlier story “here”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2008/06/05/2008-06-05_jaromir_jagr_waiting_to_see_if_hes_still-2.html).

We know that Sean Avery is busy spell-checking the table of contents at Vogue.

And we know that Michal Rozsival has interest in returning to the Rangers, but also has to overcome rehabilitation from this week’s surgery.

We know even less about Brendan Shanahan, Martin Straka, and Paul Mara, although it’s safe to say assume the triumphant Marek Malik Era in New York has come to an end.

So many questions, but many of them will be answered within a month. Stay tuned…

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  1. WeWantFishStix on

    anybody know if there actually starting the garden renovation this summer?

  2. With no word coming from the Rangers on,Avery,jagr,straka,or who their interested in the draft,rozi..and more I only think that somthing is brewing in rangerland it;s not gonna be small.

  3. “…although it’s safe to say assume the triumphant Marek Malik Era in New York has come to an end.”

    There’s something very pleasing about finally reading that. At the start of the season I tried to support the guy. There’s nothing left now but to boo the F’n piss outta that guy when he suits up for the opposition next season.

  4. Ok:

    Kaspar’s 2008 awards….

    THE YASHIN(The Non-MVP) Mats Sundin no one effected team more than him right? Runner up the great Scott neidemeyer and his “loves me- loves me not” game

    THE MALIK AWARD (Worst defensemen)Guess who? Runner-up…that statue Patrice Brisebois who plays for Habs

    THE DUNC WILSON AWARD(Worst Goalie)) Post season: Fat Marty
    Reg season: Punch drunk Ray Emery

    THE THINKS TOO MUCH AWARD (Worst coach) This goes to the guys who are blessed with talented players and then THINK TOO MUCH putting their large brains to work thereby canceling out the talent….Ron Wilson (again) Renney not too far behind…

    THE LADY MADONNA AWARD (Ungentlemenly play) Avery hands down

    BILLY MADISON(BEFORE HE WENT BACK TO SCHOOL) AWARD (fortunate people who cannot overcome a damn thing: 1)Emery 2)Sharks 3)Brian Burke- damn crybaby

  5. Quote of the Week No. 2: Tortorella again: “You don’t win until your locker room is straightened out. That’s why the whole thing with me is accountability. That has to be instilled. I’m not too interested in making everybody happy. To make everybody happy, you win.”

    I like this guy.

  6. I love the picture Ove took with the 4 trophies…a gross black & red tux with no teeth… The classic image of a hockey player lives on through Ove! Im so happy to see him behind those trophies instead of big-lips pretty boy Sidney.

    I think its BS that Brodeur beat out Nabokov for the Vezina…but oh well.

    And sam – Datsyuk is an amazing player…excellent point.

    This is gunna be one interesting off-season!

  7. Malik isn’t returning?! This is the first I heard of that! We need that big hitting bruiser back, the other teams aren’t going to fear us now without him.

  8. John M.

    I love the Tort-man as well…saw him rip apart little sniveling Larry Brooks one night….dropping “F” bombs and everything

    Another time Montreol radio station sports-jock asked him what he thought about Alex Kovalev’s play after a Habs-Lightening game and the Tortmeister replied “I don’t give a S&^% about Alex Kovalev, you have questions about our players I’ll answer, I’m not concerned with Kovalev” and then Poof! he split

    Plus nobody and I mean nobody has a more disgusted look on his face, disgusting mixed with a touch of “you must be an idiot” when dealing with the referees and thier on-again/ off-again calls

  9. Forget Torts, Brian Trottier has a better chance of getting the call from Slats. Renney isn’t going anywhere. I don’t love or hate him but I think next season will be a big test to determine his future.

  10. Malik – not only did he get the Vezina but he didn’t thank Avery in his acceptance speech – how classless!

  11. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Look at it this way; In order to amass the stats needed to win the Vezina, Marty had to play 77 regular season games. That obviously emptied his tank and allowed us to dominate him in the post season.

    So, congrats tubby, and thanks.

  12. So much for the powerplay…

    “Peter DeBoer has been named the new head coach of the Florida Panthers.” – TSN

  13. Who Needs Lohan on

    Hey guys, out of hibernation to say hello and to thank the Florida Panthers for helping us maintain our 15% Powerplay for the coming season. What a relief……

  14. Who Needs Lohan on

    SAM, I have an idea for a new poll.

    What is worse….The Rangers PP or the New York Mets Bullpen?

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who liked the hockey news Screen-shots Rangers Review?

    New York Rangers
    Movie: Funny Games
    Summary: By “funny,” I mean “strange.” Because any team that has Jaromir Jagr, Chris Drury, Martin Straka and Scott Gomez on it, yet finishes 25th overall in goals-per-game average, is a team that’s playing some strange games.

    Let’s see, so that means they had a guy who’s production has steadily plummeted during his time here, a career 58 point guy, a career 13-16 goal scorer (60 points last year) guy, and another guy who’s lucky to play the entire season and averages between 50-70 points…AND THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE AN OFFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT?!

    Let me list the reasons they weren’t better offensively: Jagr (motivation), Straka (hands are going), Drury (because he sucks), Gomez (because he’s not a scorer and didn’t have one with him this year), Shanahan (see Gomez’s problem), and Nylander (because he wasn’t a Ranger anymore).

    Anymore questions?

  16. Shanny in
    Pearn out

    I bang head on ceiling fan when jumping for joy at new Kontinental League contract offer. and i wake up saying “Shanny in Pearn out”

  17. I find that I’m in agreement with so many of the abve ( and that scares me.)

    Any one that takes a Renney coached team seriously, has to be one step from the home for the terminally silly.

  18. I wasn’t really surprised by the awards given out last night either and by that I mean even though he didn’t deserve it, I’m not surprised Brodeur won the Vezina again.

    Nabokov deserved that trophy but there’s such a bias towards Brodeur it sickens me.

  19. Pearn wasn’t the problem. It was the line combos. When Dawes was with Drury/Gomez, that unit was great. The problem with Strak/Dubi/Jagr is no one there will really park their derrier in front of the net, well Dubi would, but he’s the center and gotta get the puck to everyone.

    Callahan can be the guy to park in front of the net and let the D (which will hopefully include Ron Hainsey) take bombs.

  20. The movie review thing http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/16602-Screen-Shots-NHL-teams-and-the-silver-screen.html of the Rangers was great. On so many nights, “static, slow-moving and perversely timid…” was a very apt description of NYR. I’ve said the same thing many times, only in different words. Funny article.

    In my opinion, coaching bears the brunt of responsibility for the paper tigers we saw on the ice this past season, and the gap between what should have been and what we got.
    I wish we had a different coach. Renney’s ‘player development’ card is overplayed by a lot of folks. We need a bench boss.

  21. SeamusORiley on

    Before this year, I never would have believed it. Now, after watching the playoffs, right into Detroit, I do believe. The NBA will smear this ref something awful, but that doesn’t change a thing. Just as Roger Clemons about his future political aspirations, polygraphs, and video.

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