Pearn likely sticking around


Rangers assistant Perry Pearn missed out on his best opportunity for a head coaching job when the Florida Panthers job “went to Kitchener Rangers coach Peter DeBoer”:

Pearn has a long history with Panthers GM Jacques Martin, leading to speculation that he was a leading candidate for the Panthers vacancy. Instead he’ll have his work cut out for him trying to improve the Rangers’ uninspired power play.

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  1. They need a guy to park in front of the net. It’s sad when only Dawes did it. Well Drury did too.

    Callahan is that guy, and so is Sjostrom. Byers did it in the minors, there’s no reason to not try and make him a poor man’s Holmstrom.

  2. I’ll tell you the guy to park in front of the net: Jaromir Jagr and his great hands and huge ass.

  3. Speed Ranger on

    Awwww c’mon! Poor Jags just tucks his sweater in! Just cuz Ron Duguay said he’s got a big behind doesn’t make it so :)

  4. yeah

    another year of pearn putting people who dont pass, dont shoot and dont stand in fron of the net on the PP

  5. Does anyone else think it’s funny how New York is supposed to be the toughest crowd and the toughest everything, yet, Rangers coaches and their staff have the best job security in the tri-state area!?

    The Giants have canned multiple assistants in past years, the Knicks even finally got rid of the groper (Not Marv Albert, the other one), and the Yankees fired the BELOVED CAN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG Joe Torre.

    It took them years to finally develop some young talent, being Dubinsky and Staal, but everyone else seems to regress under this coaching staff. Funny how Tyutin still plays like a rookie after 4 years and Girardi stopped hitting once he was coached by these geniuses? Just a few examples…

    The PP is awful, you lose the PP coach, easy!

    Lastly, SIGN BROOKS ORPIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dubie Rules – what you said!
    Lots of people mistake Renney’s calm approach to things as a plus. Not when it is carried to this extreme (‘everything in moderation, including moderation’ I believe the saying is). Athletes sometimes need to be pushed, dared and challenged to bring out their best. Put a Tortorella, Hitchock, Babcock or Wilson kind of guy behind the NYR bench and there would be an improvement in the play of many, and if not they would ride the pine, but for the right reason.
    I noticed too that Tyutin seems to be locked into a nice comfortable level of stagnation. It’s the hallmark of the present coaching staff. I just hope the remainder of our brightest hopes can keep improving in spite of the coaching.

  7. Another boring power-less play for 2008-2009. I was hoping he would get the coaching job so that an inspiring pp coach would materialize. UGH!!!!!

  8. MikeA – I completely agree with you. Let’s address the OFFENSE of our team first. As MikeA noted, we need someone to park themselves in the SLOT for the Rangers on the PP as Tomas Holmstrom has perfected for the Red Wings. The Rangers haven’t had a guy to stand in the slot on the power play, let alone even strength, since Adam Graves played for the Blueshirts.

    I don’t know if it Pearn’s fault, since he runs the PP, if its Jagr’s influence over the PP, or if it falls on Renney’s plate, but the Rangers need to find an answer on the PP this season.

    In the past I might blame their personnel when, coming out of the lockout, they had Jagr’s unit of Europeans on their first unit and a hodgepodge on the other unit. However, their were no excuses last year, with a team stacked with two 600 goal scorers in Jagr and Shanny along with their two high priced free agent signees in Drury and Gomez.

    Perhaps if Jagr has too much influence on the PP set up and the strategy of this team, then shame on the entire coaching staff for bending over to appease him. If this is the case, and regardless of this in my opinion, then the Rangers should not resign him or his buddies:

    Straka – who was too often fragile last season, but whom Renney would throw back on the ice regardless. An admirable player with a great work ethic, age has taken its toll on him and his spot should be given to a young player or a reliable scorer that the team acquires.

    Roszival – who over-exceeded even Sather’s expectations coming out of the lockout, playing a ton of minutes and relied on to produce a #1 defensemen’s numbers despite the fact that at his best he is no better than a good #3 defenseman on any other team. Last season he took too many stupid penalties at untimely moments, including the penalties, and was a soft player, prone to injury.

    Malik – no reason needs to be given for him. He should a pic hang his shootout goal on his wall as it is the highlight of his career as a Ranger, scratch that – the highlight of his career. He has gracefully handed the mantle of Garden’s favorite boo-bird over to fellow defenseman, Christian Backman.

    Now let us address our DEFENSE. The power play’s woes also have suffered from the fact that the Rangers have not been able to transition the puck up the ice effectively. This is the job of a true power play quarterback on defense – which we have not had since Leetchie was traded by that devil Sather. Despite attempts to replace him, Sather’s additions of Ozolinsh, Mara and Backman have been second rate attempts at acquiring a PP quarterback.

    Glen, it is time to bite the bullet and acquire a true #1 defenseman at whatever cost it may be. Unless the team is confident that Bobby Sanguinetti will undoubtable be THAT guy and that he will be likely to make the BIG club out of training camp ala Staal, then the team must get a bonafide #1 dman.

    If the Rangers go the free agent route I would target Wade Redden who can play the power play and has a complete defensive game as well. If not, try to get Brian Campbell. After these two, I don’t trust John-Michael Liles, Ron Hainsey or Mark Streit as being the answer to our needs as a true #1.

    The other option is the trade route and if it is at all possible, despite his no trade clause, I would see what it would take to try to acquire Bryan McCabe from the Leafs. They are undoubtably looking to move some players and salaries, which McCabe has a huge one that the Rangers can absorb. McCabe’s wife’s family is from Long Island, I believe, so if not the Islanders, the Rangers may be a team he would be agreeable to come to.

    Any thoughts, Sam, other readers???

  9. hey Sam –

    Zip reported on his blog that the Rangers are interested in siging Blake Wheeler – former Phoenix 1st round draft pick. He visited with the Rangers and Devs this past weeke I believe. I read that he has narrowed his choices down to two teams, some assume its the Rangers and Devs. Have you heard anything from your sources on Wheeler? Have you heard if he may be signing with the Rangers or which way he is leaning in terms of teams?

    He is a RW, 6’3″, 220lbs, power forward type who at 21 is mature in hockey years and may be able to step in immediately and contribute. He could make us forget about the power forward we tried to draft a few years back named Hugh Jessiman and all we would give up is $ not a player, a pick or anything else. Remember when we let RJ Umberger go over money? Lets not waste another opportunity…

    He would look sweet next season along the right wing on Dubinsky’s line, crashing the net, checking and adding some offense, with Renney as a good teacher for him. He would also look good playing alongside Drury.

    Here is a link of him scoring a sweet goal in the NCAA Hockey playoffs:

    Your thoughts? What have you heard? Insights?

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve heard that he is definitely not signing with Phoenix. But from what I’ve read, he is more interested in signing in the midwest.

    If we could land him, I’d be very happy.

    Another Phoenix man we can try and possibly land is Radim Vrbata, who appears likely to test the market despite his desire to get a deal done with Maloney. I think he could be had cheaply and for a shorter term than a lot of the other quality UFA wings, and probably can pop in 20-25 here.

  11. Colorado Mark on

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    Dubie & Wibbles: While I think that your posts might have some validity, I think it is a mistake to apply a Football or Basketball mentality to Hockey. Football coaches get fired because the head coach doesn’t want to take responsibility. In fact, it’s kind of like a reality show, where someone’s head is on the line. Everyone is trying to save their own rear-end so they make sure that they focus on their job only. Hockey is different. YEah, PEarn MIGHT be responsible for the Power Play, but I doubt that he is solely responsible and Renney just throws up his arms and says Perry has to get it together. Hockey coaches are much more loyal and team oriented. There are rarely Ego/Power Struggles unless an assistant coach has been brought in by someone other than the head coach himself. Teamwork is essential and they have to get along (Baseball and Football have much more position oriented cliques among the players. Not so in hockey).

    Bottom line is the Power Play is a collective problem among all the coaches and players involved. Even if it was all Pearn’s fault, you would never hear Renney say it like a football coach. Sure, it might not seem as accountable as Football, but there is much more loyalty in hockey and that’s a necessary component when the Stanley Cup is your ultimate goal.

    ORTS: That Blake Wheeler story was three days old when you found it. Wheeler is an unrestricted free agent who went #5 overall, which was a surprise to everyone involved. HE was ranked in the late first round and Gretzky plucked him about 20 places earlier than expected. He turned down an offer from the Coyotes (Where he would have the best opportunity to play in my opinion) and that makes him an UFA. Why he would do this is purely speculative, but most feel he wanted to maneuver himself to play in the midwest, specifically Minnesota (his home state). He is currently visiting every team he can as he cannot sign until July 1. I have not heard he has narrowed his search down to two teams, and definitely haven’t heard that the Devils and Rangers are frontrunners. I have heard he wants to play in the midwest and that Minnesota might be out of the running. It isn’t a question of money because the CBA caps initial contracts. He’ll go where he wants to play (or where he thinks he’ll have the best chance to play).

    I also wouldn’t write off Jessiman just yet. People were calling Korpikoski a bust earlier this season and until the final game this year, he was on nobody’s radar. Hugh is a power forward and that type of player takes longer to develop (see Johan Franzen). YouTube is great, and that goal is sweet. But you can also find a highlight reel goal by Freddie Sjoestrom that makes him look like Mario Lemieux (and it’s against NHL Opponents). One goal does not a career make! I’m not saying he’s not worth a look, but I doubt he is NHL ready at this point, especially if he signed with the Rangers.

  12. Jessiman isn’t making the team any time soon and as a result will likely be with another team before next season ends. I’ve never heard of power forwards taking longer to develop. Goalies take longer to develop then position players and defenseman take longer to develop than forwards. However, there is no school of thought that says power forwards take longer than finesse players to find their game and vice versa (e.g. Brandon Dubinsky). There’s no reason to believe Jessmian will play next year over a guy like Korpikoski. Let’s not forget, there aren’t that many positions open and we already go with a young lineup as is. You can’t dress every young player, if you did, we’d be the Wolfpack, not the Rangers.

    Korpikoski has been highly touted and watched with a close eye since the first day he was drafted. No one has considered him a bust at any point, especially not of recent, which is why he dressed for game 5.

  13. Dubie & Wibbles I agree 100% … the biggest misconception of the Rangers coaching staff is they are great at developing youngsters … totally disagree … Renney continued to put out Straka and the same old tired PP units instead of giving Dawes or Callahan or Prucha a chance on the PP … only at the very end did he start playing Staal on the PP … and don’t give the excuse you need to ease these guys in … Tobias Enstrom of Atlanta was great on the PP as a rookie …

    As for player development Tyutin has definitely stagnated … Girardi took a step back in the second half of the season … Prucha and Callahan did not meet expectations …

    Bummer we get Pearn again

  14. Colorado Mark on


    Sorry, but I have read many theories on the power forward development on many websites (RFC Graffiti Wall, Blueshirth Bulletin and Hockeys Future) and I gave one prime example (Franzen) and could list more (Bertuzzi, Brendan Morrow, John Leclair, Ryan Malone, Nathan Horton- These guys all took a few years to develop.) Hugh Jessiman is 24, way too early to give up on the guy with his physical attributes. I never said he would make the team over Korpikoski. I could see him eventually edging out a guy like Hollweg or Orr if his fighting skills continue to improve. I predict he will start the year in Hartford, but I bet he makes his NHL debut for the Rangers this season. Whether he sticks will be up to him, but he’s not going to be Jeff Brown or Pavel Brendl.

    It’s not just Ranger sites that have mentioned this. Here is something from a Florida Panther site, with a quote from the Panthers scouting staff:

    “Anthony Stewart – The 25th-overall pick of the 2003 Entry Draft is still a work in progress. Power forwards often have a longer development curve than the “typical” forward prospect. It often takes awhile for players the size of Stewart (6-foot-1, 225 pounds) to learn to use their size and strength to maximum advantage at the pro level. At the NHL level, many power forwards seem to hit their stride at about at age 24 or 25.”

    So how is your guarantee that Jessiman isn’t “making the team anytime soon” any more valid than my simple statement that I wouldn’t give up on him just yet? Glen Sather is on record saying that the Rangers will re-sign him. I didn’t say he would make the team over Korpikoski, I just said that I don’t think Jessiman can be compared a bust yet. That statement has been used ad nauseam on Ranger fan sites for several years now. He showed some great progress this year and at times carried the team.

    You may have watched Korpikoski closely, but there are many impatient Ranger fans who labeled Korpikoski a bust soon after he was drafted and after he didn’t light it up his first year in Hartford. I have been following him closely and I agree that the Ranger staff obviously hasn’t given up on him. I think he is probably the top prospect with the best chance of making the Rangers out of camp next year. I also agree that there is no way to have every young player in the lineup. I find it ridiculous listening to those who want to apply the Logan’s Run method of team selection and think that just having a young, hungry team is going to fix everything. Replacing Jagr, Shanahan and Straka with Prucha, Callahan and Byers is going to mean a dip in scoring for a team that already struggles to score.

  15. “the biggest misconception of the Rangers coaching staff is they are great at developing youngsters … totally disagree”

    I think it all depends on how you look at it. Has there ever been a Rangers team with so many young players getting a chance? Take a look at where some of these guys were drafted. To the extreme point of Girardi WASN’T EVEN DRAFTED. If you can take players selected in latter round of the draft (ahem…lundqvist @ #205) and make them into regulars, even trophy candidates, then you’re missing a REALLY big picture here. If there’s one thing that staff CAN do it’s develop youth. Managing egos is a different story.

  16. there are no guarantees in life except one, get jagr and straka off the powerplay(for most of it anyway)and it will be better.I do want jagr back next year,as soon as he accepts the fact that he is no longer a 1st line pp guy and plays as hard as we no he can we’ll be better and so will he,Straka must go.

  17. couldn’t agree more david. But if Jags is a Ranger next season, and you’re paying him mucho dinero, how do you sit a 600-goal guy on the bench during the PP?

    Hey, I don’t want him out there on the PP either, I don’t want him in a blueshirt at all. But if you’re paying him, you have to play him. Otherwise you’re wasting the roster spot.

    The only way to keep him off the PP all together, is to keep him off the team all together.


  18. Beer, I’m almost dreading any contract news…
    I’m afraid any news from Sather-land will be bad…and next season may look very much like this past one

  19. our pp will be fine as long as jagr and shanny aren’t here. Pearn is a smart guy who could be a solid head coach. We give him shit for the pp last year but I put it more on the guys not listening. If you notice when jags and shanny weren’t out there, our pp had a lot of great chances. With pearns actual system implemented by the young guys, the pp will be fine.

  20. Pearn has the complexion of silly putty under a heat lamp.

    aside from that, it’s my perception that he has twice the balls of Renney, which still isnt much. I still just don’t see how you can bring the guy back as your PP coach. Obviously a major malfunction there.

    Lets see, offseason moves so far:

    -Blow the Yankees Stadium game: _check_
    -Keep impotent PP coach: _check_
    -Sign Jagr to multiyear contract: _pending_
    -Overpay Avery: _pending_
    -Ignore defensive holes: _pending_
    -Ignore need to get Gomez an elite partner: _pending_

    Feel free to add anything I’m leaving out

  21. Hey Salt!

    We still got Hollweg and Backman too right….check…check If they re-sign Malik I swear I will turn in my billy fairburn card

  22. no truth to that. and I hope we bring back Malik. If we are going to be miserable next year, we might as well make it worth it. haha.

    Seriously though, do you guys think that the Rangers can afford to dump the older guys and just trying to build young talent. I mean I don’t think the average fans of this city will accept having the team be like a Chicago or LA or Phoenix where we show promise of being pretty good in a couple years but will miss the playoffs for a year or two.

    I personally wouldn’t mind seeing it because even though we don’t have a Turris, Kane, or Toews, it would really start the system over again and give us the ability to step out of mediocrity and actually make a legit playoff run and be a true cup contender, not a bunch of flukes like this and last year (more-so this year). What is your guys take?

  23. Colorado Mark,

    Fair assessment — thanks for explaining your position.

    To be fair, I haven’t followed Jessiman all that much. However, it seems like the same old story with him every year. “Had a great off-season, put on a lot of muscle, had a great training camp — terrible in pre-season, mediocre in minors, never makes team”. Sure, 24 is too young to give up on a guy, but we have 19, 20 and 21 year olds that are going to pass him by soon enough and his slow development may never even matter.

    For every Horton, Leclair and Franzen there’s a Thornton, Primeau, Lindros, Dubinsky and Roenick.

    The Rangers have one of the richest farm systems in the league right now. Unfortunately for Jessiman, I think there’s too much talent to wait on his slow development, especially with a kid like Cherepenov on the way.

    What we need right now is scoring. It would be great to get a big body upfront, but it has to be one that can put the puck in the net. I’m not sure if Jessiman has the hands for that.

  24. Johnny – I totally see your point with those other teams. But the difference is in net for us. Most teams out there that are building from within with youth are missing that. Pitt isn’t and will probably beat the crap out of the Atlantic for the next 3 seasons or so. Until the cap limits them from doing so.

  25. Orpik yes,malone no, keep shanny 4th line. move one of our young guys(wings) along with Pruka for a hard nosed powerfoward.sign Avery……….whatda ya think

  26. “The Nashville Predators have signed defenceman Ryan Suter to a four-year, $14 million contract.

    Last season, Suter established career highs in assists (24), points (31) and penalty minutes (71) while leading all Nashville blueliners in goals with seven and finishing second in points.

    The 23-year-old has averaged more than 20 minutes of ice time the past two seasons, and has only missed six games due to injury in that span.”

    Rozy’s #’s last season… 13g 25a = 38pts Turns 30 on 9/3. Tell me he’s worth more?

  27. Re: Jessiman
    If they are going to re-sign him and he doesn’t completely flop in pre-season why not just give him 4th line time at once? He flops he flops, he succeeds its another promising youngster in the stable
    God…can he be any better than Hollweg?

  28. Of the players we KNOW are returning next season, which are you guys most excited to see the (hopefully) improved versions of?

    “Improved” is not to say that they were bad. but anyone under 30 should always be improving.

    If I’m picking a fwd & D, then it’s Dubi & Staal. And they can both improve if they added 5-10lbs of muscle.

  29. JESSIMAN – You guys are leaving out one important detail here: Jessiman isn’t signed with the team yet. I know I had heard that it was all but inevitable he’d re-up with the Rangers. But it’s something you should keep in mind as the contracts come around. I believe he’s a UFA unless they extend a contract.

    On Jessiman as a whole, I’ve heard he did make progress last season. I’ll be damned if I noticed in the Pack game I saw in Providence at the end of the season. The problem with Hugh is that he’s got such immense size, you automatically think he’d use it. But he really doesn’t. It’s really a mind-boggling thing, ’cause he’s a beast out there compared to most players. I’ve said for sometime now: Someone needs to teach him how to stand in front of the net and tip in pucks. That’s the only way I see him amounting to much in the NHL.

  30. no salty, you’ve pretty much just made the summer even longer.


    The longer we can go without having to actually see this team fumble through another season, the better.

    Lets think about things the players are doing right now…

    Nigel Dawes – riding a flying motorcycle through the woods

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been all about Ryan Malone for months now, but it seems with his departure from Pittsburgh likely, he is being courted heavily by other teams (most notably the Columbus Blue Jackets), with reported potential contracts much higher than I would accept (5 years at 5 per). I was thinking something more along the lines of 6 years at 4 per.

    Malkin might become available next year. If he did, wouldnt it be awful that we’re paying Chris Drury 7 million a season! I mean, it isn’t good anyway, but think about if we couldn’t sign Malkin because of Chris Drury’s 7 million contract!

  32. the problem with jessiman is that he was an awful pick in the 1st round. He had an OK freshman year so we thought he would improve. He then tanked and in his last year in college had 2 points in 12 games. Not sure what we saw in him then over a guy like Getzlaf who was a beast in juniors and physical. Of course I’m saying this after the fact but I remener hearing about them when the draft happened and Getz and brown were much more well rounded players than jessiman was.

  33. Well, at least a *Rangers* coach got the job, even though Kitchener isn’t affiliated with us anymore, except for the logo (I think).

    This is my first post here in almost a month, I would think. Hope everything’s going well!

    -Dubi- Dubie Rules still thinks he is an Isles fan, I guess. :P

  34. czechthemout!!!! on

    So It looks like Sather is trying to replace Avery on the cheap.This is a road we’ve all been on before.He tried this with Bozolinsh,an “offensive”dman who was only offensive to our eyes.He’s tried it this year with Backman,another piece of shit player who Sather thinks has an offensive game(LOL).
    And now with this guy who we will be told has alot of the qualities Avery does accept if the wings had no use for this guy,why do we think that we can once again turn a square peg into a round hole?

  35. Comrade SpiderPig!
    Welcome back….please weigh in on the Jessiman debate…this is what its all about in June man!

    Did you see Kaspar’s awards? posted on blog prior to this one

  36. Dubie Rules still thinks he is an Isles fan, I guess.


    I am actually typing this response with my Gordon the fisherman jersey on!!! Oh wait, nobody bought them… You wonder if those unsold jerseys go to the same third world countries that the “Penguins Stanley Cup Champion 2008” shirts go.

    Secondly, SIGN ORPIK!!!

    Sather needs to decide immediately if he wants to rebuild or build for the cup. I’m thinking the latter is nearly impossible with their small amount of cap space. Fortunately with Hank in net, they will have a shot at the playoffs every single year. Unfortunately, without an upgrade in tempo, the Rangers will score fewer goals than those Islanders who I love so much!

    Malone will only be a 15 goal scorer, he got paired with some decent centers, any contract he gets right now will be too much.

    Lastly, SIGN ORPIK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    This from Spector’s Trade Rumors:

    “BOSTON GLOBE: reports UFA prospect Blake Wheeler has informed his agent to finalize contract terms for a two-year deal with the Boston Bruins, to take effect on July 1st.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: My thanks to everyone who sent this in. The Bruins weren’t considered among the front-runners for Wheeler’s services so this is quite a coup by GM Peter Chiarelli.”

    Here’s the link to the article.

    Too bad. Boston has gotten some quality young, power forwards between him and Lucic.

    Here’s the link to the Boston Globe article:

  38. Boston seems to be doing some good things. Landing Chara a few years ago was a big help. They have some pretty decent young talent up there. However…they are still in need of some consistent goaltending if they want to compete in the East. Emery?

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, while I don’t think Thomas can be a starter on a cup team, he did have a very solid year. Hell, if you look at Osgood and Hasek, they were never forced to be great. They just had a solid team in front of them. The wings were lucky Fleury sucks, but still, it was one of those peculiar years where a hot goalie didn’t steal the show.

  40. True…True. (haha) But without any Teir-1 players, they’re going to need someone a little better in net, I think anyway. I wouldn’t say Thomas sucks, but there’s a few vets(f.a.’s) out there that could benefit Boston in a big way.

    They had Thomas, Fernandez (who missed most of the season), Auld, and they’re youngster Rask all vying for that spot. I’m not sure of the contract situation with those guys, but maybe the competition will make them step it up.

  41. Brandon

    I noticed with interest your comment that “there aren’t many positions open” on Rangers this coming year. Really/ For a team that struggled to just make the playoffs? If this is true then the handwriting is on the wall for this coming season.


    Do you truly believe that Streit is not an outstanding PP guy? Far superior to anyone presently with Rangers, and certainly better than some others you have suggested? Liles also. If you turn out to be correct, ..wake me at playoff

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