Rozsival to go under the knife


The Rangers just announced that Michal Rozsival will undergo surgery today in Vail, Colorado to repair a labral tear in his left hip. The defenseman is expected to make a full recovery in four to six weeks.

No word yet on when exactly the injury was sustained, although Rozsival had been banged up at different times this season.

Of course, the larger question is whether Rozsival will still be a Ranger by the time he’s back 100 percent; or whether this injury will have any impact on the team’s decision to re-sign him. Given that he’s expected to make a fully recovery, I would doubt it.

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  1. Rozy was coming off of knee surgery when we signed him to his 1st deal with NY out of the lock out. Now, he’s going in for hip surgery before another new deal. Nice timing Rozy.

  2. Fruity Cupcake on

    I just found it interesting that the Rangers even announced it. Sam, is that because technically, he’s still NYR property?

  3. I hope Rozy is resigned. I think he’s very valuable but he just played too many minutes and became ineffective.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Fruity, I think it’s because, technically, the Rangers are PAYING FOR IT!

    I hope Rozsival walks. He’s awful. Mara, Staal, Girardi, and even Tyutin with his brain-farts were better this year. Heck, you all might disagree with me but Backman was marginally better than Rozsival. They both had 3 penalty games this year, Rozsival just chose to have his in game 5 of the second round of the playoffs!!! Extremely valuable! haha

  5. you can’t compare him to backman with a straight face. Backman only played about 15 games and was awful for about 10 of them.
    I don’t think Rozisval is a top pair defenseman. He needs to play on the second unit to be effective in my opinion.

    Staal is the only guy on the team that has top line talent. Sather needs to find a top defenseman through trade or free agency to play with Staal. Orpik, Redden, Campbell….of those 3 I’d take Orpik or Redden.

  6. anyone get the feeling we arent going to do a damn thing before free agency begins? is slats even trying to re-sign his players? we have a slew of ufa and rfa players and i know we mostly agree that only a few should be here next year but slats hasn’t done a damn thing yet.

    mark my words, if slats really did lowball avery in negotiations, avery is going to end up an islander and we’re going to regret it for a long time.

    i expected slats to be more active, esp with the rfa players like dawes that could easily get an offer sheet thrown at them… other teams are locking up their rfa talent, we need to do the same.

    ive got a terrible feeling about this year.

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob L.;
    I don’t want to compare him to anyone! I just want him TO LEAVE!!! He’s awful. He would take so many dumb penalties. On top of that, he was so afraid of getting hit, he’d approach a puck near the boards and instead of making a play and absorbing the hit, he would look back and try to jump out of the way. Half the time he would lose the puck because of it. Many of the rangers other defensmen would do this move, but more often than not would make a play first and then jump out of the way of a hit.

    Rozsival became expendable offensively (including the PP), isn’t anything of a PK specialist, doesn’t hit, is porous defensively, and takes dumb penalties…SO WHAT IS HE GOOD FOR THEN???


    I’m sure if you ask his mother she could come up with something.

  9. I feel for Rosy. Hope he gets better soon, but not as a blue shirt. he sucks on defense and isn’t even that good of an offensive defenseman. Rachunek was better than him on both sides since he actually hit and would shoot the puck. Mara is fine, so is Staal, Girardi, Backman and even Tyutin I guess (hes only 24 so I’ll give him another chance). Mara hits and has a rocket, Staal is young and playing great already, Girardi is nothing special but if him and Toots find what they had last year and keep it simple they’ll be fine, and Backman actually played well when he wasn’t trying to hard (he definately was nervous in his first handful of games or so). Plus hes got a pretty good shot from the point on the PP.

  10. The Rangers are announcing it because its to their advantage to have all the other teams know what Rozie’s history of injuries is well before it’s even July 1. Makes it easier to re-sign him for less. If that’s what they wanna do.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Rangers are announcing it to preface the following announcement (official document from Glenn Sather):

    The Rangers have elected not to re-sign UFA Michael Rozsival due to a history of knee and hip injuries. While Michael was useful in the Rangers three playoff runs, the organization believes his nagging injuries will become a risk as a future investment but his contributions while tenured in New York should not be overlooked. The New York Rangers wish him the best, hopefully, on a division rival so that they may now greatly capitalize on his defensive lapses as opponents of the Rangers have done successfully during Rozsival’s time in New York.

    Thank you,

  12. It would explain a great many things as to his second half performance. If they can resign him for cheap, so be it, but anything above like $4.7 and it’s too much and give the money to Hainsey and Commodore.

  13. Any truth to the rumor that Rosie was found in his apartment not breathing and had to be revived and taken to the hospital?

    (haha sorry, couldn’t resist)

  14. sam

    how come you didnt mention that today is the day the veznia trophy winner is annouced. though im sure they’ll give it to the whiner.

    Lets go hank

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    MikeA, are you on crack bro? If you aren’t, then you probably need some.

    Unless you meant $4.70, you must be out of your mind!! $4.5million for Rozy would be a GROSS over-payment!

  16. Anyone seen this Wheeler kid play; the one Larry B. is reporting the Rangers and Debbies are going after? Played for the Golden Gophers?

  17. Chris – Aside from his stats, the only thing I know about the kid is that the 5th overall selection was a huge stretch by Gretzky and it was his first pick as an NHL GM. I believe he was projected (at the time) to go around #15 or so.

  18. Fruity Cupcake on

    Actually, in Canada, they’re saying that Nabokov has a real good chance at winning the V tonight. This year, I sure hope Hank remembers not to be “weird” around Maaahtahn during the awards festivities…. @@

  19. Nabokov has already won….check NHL.COM
    they list all finalists in order “you’d think” would win…Lidstrom Norris, AO hart etc etc…

    Krog still dominating AHL

  20. LOL!!

    This is my favorite part…

    “Krog capped a magical season by winning the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as the most valuable player of the 2008 Calder Cup Playoffs…”

    It was a “magical” moment too, when he was demoted after not being able to prove himself in the NHL.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kaspar –
    What’s worse is that last week the NHL (at released a shirt that said:

    “AO 2007-2008 Hart winner!”

    No joke! Google it.

  22. Hey True Fans Bleed RW&B..funny you should mention crack, cause I had a convo about how to survive my job (where I can’t post on these boards) and smoking crack came up :)

    But no, I’m being serious; I don’t think they should pay Rozi that much, but if Campbell and Redden get $5.5-$6 million which they will, the Rangers are going to have to spend in the $4.5-$5 million range to keep Rozi. $4.7 is my max. Personally I’d rather sign Orpik and Hainsey with Commodore as a backup, but that’s just me.

  23. Fatso wins Vezina and doesn’t even thank Sean Avery in his acceptance speech. What an ingrate!

  24. I hope that the “Knife” is referring to the utensil being used to cut ties with Rozsival. He is completely worthless. Remember how we all blamed Malik for being awful? Now we see what Malik had to deal with and why he was forced to be so bad so often. All of a sudden, Malik leaves the lineup and BAM! there is Rozsival turning the puck over or passing up a great shot or wussing out of getting the puck in the corner. I could go on, but I digress…

    SIGN ORPIK!!!!! True Fans, I know you hate Penguins and former Penguins, but it would really be nice to get a d-man with some uhh, “Intestinal fortitude”.

    I haven’t wanted the Rangers to sign a free agent as bad as I want them to sign Orpik in a really long time… Either that or trade the Wolfpack and Chris Drury for Ovech!!!

  25. What a morning! Just ran into Darius Kasparitis in the lobby of my building and ended up riding the elevator up with him to our stops. My guess is he was there to see his lawyer or accountant. We talked for a little while and he told me he was going back to Russia to play in the Super League saying he was “done with the NHL.” I asked him about Jags, as I know they’re friends, he laughed and said the Euro leagues were offering lots of cash.

    Dude biked from the upper east side to wall st. downtown. That’s a serious trek and he was hardly breaking a sweat – not to mention he’s a beast (no homo).

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