If this hockey thing doesn’t work out…


With his contract status still in limbo and July 1 fast approaching, Sean Avery is consuming himself with more pressing issues.

Global warming? The sagging economy? No, silly, making sure Angelina Jolie wears the right shoes to the Golden Globes!

Thanks to reader Lauren for this link to a People.com item about the Rangers left wing/Vogue intern “branching further out into the world of fashion”:http://offtherack.people.com/2008/06/09/hockey-star-sean-avery-turns-celeb-stylist/, with a new venture as celebrity stylist.

“We want to get it back to the point where girls don’t worry about what US Weekly says. It’s about expressing individual style and just wearing what’s cool. I’m totally consumed by fashion. We want to help them bring their individuality back.”

OK, so I may lurk at the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, with everyone from my wife to Rangers players this season feeling the need to point out my glaring lack of style. I respectfully disagree — my current T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops outfit is to die for! — but I actually give Avery credit for daring to venture outside the hockey player mold.

And who knows? I’m not quite the A-list clientele he’s after but maybe he’d be willing to help a rumpled sportswriter channel his inner Calvin Klein (which I believe is good. I don’t know).

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  1. Good for Avery. Athletes should always have a backup plan. You never know what will happen in terms of injuries, so good for him planning ahead.

  2. Broadway Blue on

    Sam/Josh- a rumor making the rounds on hockey blogs & sites has NYR working behind the scenes attempting to work out a deal with the Kings for the #2 pick in the up-coming Draft. The plan is to select Nikita Filatov & reunite him with junior linemates Cherepanov & Anisimov. Any “legs” to this rumor?

  3. Did anyone make the joke in the last thread…

    about having gone an entire season without hearing “It’s a powerplay goal!” What’s a few more months?

    If so… my appologies.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    We heard it a fair amount, just not during Ranger’s powerplays!!!

  5. This cannot be good news….Kommadant Slats was expecting him to come cowering on his knees to stay in NY…play for discount so to speaks, not playing around on madison avenue like an educated follower of fashion!!! (Oh yes he is!)….maybe he winds up on Islanders, does something about orange halloween costume-pajama-uniforms they dress up in to make believe they play hockey

  6. if they could get filatov and have him play w/ anisimov and chereponov that would be amazing! ecspecially if they all played together in juniors

  7. Okay, I will admit it:

    Avery is starting to gay me out a little bit…

    It’s gone from interesting, to novelty, to pretty f*cking strange. It’s one thing to dabble in the industry for kicks and pulling tail… but wow…starting a little fashion company like that… guy is really making me wonder.

    “I’m totally consumed by fashion.”

    …..Are ya?

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salt, I got an Avery jersey the first week he became a Ranger because I knew he would change the personality of the team. What I didn’t realize was that he’d change their wardrobes as well!

    It’s just bizarre to see a guy with a tenacious, bull-dog like personality on the ice, celebrity girlfriends and all, and then be loving fashion on the side. It’s just getting weird.

  9. who cares if hes ‘gaying you out’ its not like he does it on the ice during games. let the kid do what he wants!

  10. Tony from AZ on

    I hope he’s working out & keeping in shape between fashion statements.
    Gimme a break, that’s all the news about Avery ? When will we sign him !!

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anyone on here think that 3 years for $10.2 million with an option for a 4th year at $4million (pending # games played and performance) would be fair for Avery? That would be $3.4mil per year.

    Does anyone else remmeber how the Devils traded the rights of Vladomir Malakhov away, got a draft pick, then I think he retired or was, technically, a “no-show” and the team who he screwed over (the Sharks) got a draft pick…something like that (and it alleviated the cap-hit the Devils SHOULD have taken). Do you think we could do that with Drury? Obviously, I joke, but it is amazing how the Devils weasel their ways around the NHL rules.

  12. Hey Sam,

    Just a note, I spoke with someone from the Rangers who told me that the NY Rangers will NOT be holding a Draft party for their fans as they have done in season’s past.

    No reason was given for this, but I suspect it has to do with the date and time of this year’s NHL Draft, which will be on Friday, June 20th in primetime at 8pm in the evening. In all of the years past, and I have watched all of the NHl drafts on TV live since 1993, I always remember the first round of the draft taking place on Saturdays with the first round starting at 12pm noon in the past.

    Just and FYI to all Ranger fans who were planning on catching it.


  13. I keep checking back for more interesting comments and stories but its just the usual drivel about trading away Drury or Gomez and how much Avery should get.

    I wish Slats would drag his ass off the golf course and get some contracts handed out..!!

  14. SeamusORiley on

    I wish I just read that Avery is totally consumed by working out for the upcoming Ranger season and not stalking movie stars to find out if they accessorize or whatever it is they do.

    1. Hey, ABC? Yeah, this is Brittany Spear’s agent. Right. She will be at Burger King in 10 minutes. Ok, bye.
    Brittany? get moving!

    2. “I can’t even go out for a burger without being pummelled by the press!”, said Brittany Spears.

  15. Fruity Cupcake on

    Come on folks, we know that not all men in the fashion business are gay (Ralph Lauren) just as not all women in construction are gay.

    I don’t care if Avery’s dating Jim McGreevy, as long as he keeps annoying Brodeur on the Rangers’ behalf….

  16. Broadway Blue, where did you hear this rumor – what sites are you talking about? I think it would a great idea to get Filatov, but there are 2 important questions – what will it cost the Rangers and will the Rangers be able to get Cherapanov and Filatov over to North American to come to training camp, play in HRTFD if need be and play for NYR.

    I am not confident that the Rangers will be able to get Cherepanov over because of the lack on a transfer agree ment with the Russian hockey federation. Plus the new Russian league seems intent on paying guys millions to play in their new league – what if Cherepanov cant leave the team when his contract ends or gets a deal from the Russians that the Rangers cant match because the rules about offering the max to rookies underthe cap.

    I don’t want to give up Staal, Sanguinetti, Callahan, Dubinsky, Dawes or Callahan to get the #2 pick. Its not worth it.

    Sam, did you hear any truth to this rumor?

    A all russian line of Cherapanov-Anisimov-Filatov would be sick though…

  17. I would absolutely trade Dawes or Cally for the # 2 overall pick in the draft. probably grab one of the stud dman available. it would cost a lot more than either of those to move up to 2nd in the draft

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