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While sweating in my non air-conditioned office, a hearty congratulations to the voice of the Rangers, Sam Rosen, who was recently inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame (Brian Heyman “has the story here”:

If you’ve been following the Rangers for any extended period of time, Sam’s voice has probably become as familiar to you as members of your own family. It’s easy to take him for granted, but when you start comparing him to some other hockey announcers around the league, you realize how lucky you are.

A lot of fans and even writers like to think that announcing hockey games for a living is mindless work. But after doing some TV work of my own over the last few years, I can tell you it’s not nearly as easy as Sam makes it look.

So congrats, Sam. I’m sure a lot of people are already counting the days until they can hear the next, “It’s a power play goal!”

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  1. Sam, I think when we compare him, we “do” realize how lucky we are. Sorry to point out a typo, but it confuses your attempt at appropriately praising Sam R.

  2. Well deserved. Sam is one of the best. No disrespect to Joe, but when Sam and JD were on the air there were few announcing teams that could compare.

  3. Yeah congrats to Sam!

    And I can’t wait until the next I hear Sam announcing a hockey game I’m already going through withdrawal!

  4. I adore Rosen. His sense for the game of hockey is actually acute in addition to his great calling of the game. My Golden Retriever used to recognize his voice very early into a game and go into the other room because she hated my joyous reactions or my throwing of the remote (the only thing my goldie wouldn’t retrieve)during Sam’s incomparable calls.

  5. Dubie Rules on

    Too bad Sam is losing his mind and routinely mixed up players this past season. Maybe he needs JD back, heck, one more bad year in St Louis for him could mean that anyway!

    To respond to something from the previous message board – Sather probably does have a plan, he just can’t execute it. Same thing for the past what, 8 seasons? His new goal is to completely North Americanize this team and get rid of all of the European talent. Wait a minute, he’s trying to be like Garth Snow of the uber-successful Islanders!

    Does anyone else realize that the Rangers won’t even score 200 goals next season? Am I the only person who gets depressed by that? Also, did you know that the Rangers scored 299 goals in 93-94?

  6. Sam is the best. Simply put. He’s the second male voice in my household after my father. When I was away in college from 99-03 part of the reason I never got into a real homely feeling in college was because of no Sam. I used to watch all the games on break and my friends would be like “dude, this team is horrible..let’s go out and get wasted” but Sam and JD were always a pleasure to listen to.

    As I said in the previous post, keep up the great work Sam W. and you will one day be joining Mr. Rosen in this club.

    Any maybe the Rangers will have four balance lines next year; let’s save the pessimism for gas prices and the lovely state of the music industry.

  7. Sam Rosen is a really nice guy.

    True story:

    About 6 years ago, we went to see the Rangers play in Buffalo around Valentine’s Day. We walked into the lobby of the Hyatt and found out from other Ranger fans that the team was staying there.

    Sam came over to say Hi to a few of us sitting in the lobby bar. He tells us the team is leaving from the hotel and is going straight to Ottawa after the game. If we wanted autographs, we should get them when the players come down to leave for the arena around 4pm.

    Sam is one of the best ambassadors MSG has. He’s a regular mensch.

    Mazaltov Sam!

  8. With the state of the Rangers powerplay, that could be a very long time, Sam.

  9. I was at a game 2 years ago and as I was leaving town about 2 hours after the game I meet Sam and his wife on the street.Well that man talked to me for about 10 minutes and signed my program,shook my hand.His wife just as kind,smiling the whole time.

  10. Here’s some news on Straka from the blushirt bulletin
    Looks like he’s leaning towards not coming back next year

    Martin Straka is home in the Czech Republic deciding his future — whether to retire from the NHL and play at home, or return to North America for another season at age 36. Because the Czech Extraliga starts training sooner than the NHL, his immediate concern is making that first major choice, and then picking an offer to accept. He spoke to a Czech reporter from iDNES the other day (translation graciously provided for us by DaTeL of

    “It’s crazy for sure,” Straka said of his post-season dilemma. “I don’t know what happens next, where I’ll go and whether I’ll stay in the NHL. It’s different than usual. I’ll talk to several people, I’ll think about the options. We’ll see what would suit me best and that is what I’ll choose. It will be one of the most important ones I’ve ever made. If I stay in the CR, I know that the NHL is history. It’s that way at my age.”

    He said he has plenty of offers to choose from, including his hometown team in Pilsen and Sparta Prague in the Czech capital. “There are many offers,” he told the reporter. “That’s why I changed my phone number, so there would be no more. I talked to someone, but I won’t tell whom. I’m having more meetings this and next week. There’s not that much time left. If I stay in the CR, I’ll have to go on the ice in mid-July. It’s right around the corner, so I have to be ready. In that scenario, it is important to be at full strength physically.”

    He’s approaching these offers not only in terms of his immediate future as a player but also his long-term future with the frachise. “Definitely in Pilsen’s case,” he said of that aspect of his thinking (more here). But he has not ruled out returning to the NHL either, with the status of teammate and friend Jaromir Jagr factoring into his plans. “It may influence my decision to some extent,” he said of what Jagr chooses to do for himself. “If I get an offer from the Rangers and Jarda will be there, it might be easier. On the other hand, I don’t think he is going to base his decision on whether I stay or not. But there’s plenty of time for the NHL. Now is the time to make the decision about my return to the CR.”

    One thing he was not asked about was the latest rumor out of Russia, where a radio report said that Avangard Omsk, Jagr’s team during the lockout, has offered Jagr more than the $7 million allowed for franchise players (now that the KHL’s salary cap rules have been waived with respect to NHL players). On top of that, the report said that Jagr could name three players of his choice that Omsk would sign along with him. Presumably, given their history together, Straka could be one of the three players Jagr names were he to go in that direction.

  11. Congrats to Sam. He’s been the Ranger’s announcer as long as I’ve been watching them, and I LOVED the duo of him and JD (I still have the little bobblehead team of those 2 and treasure it). One way I knew my fiancee was a keeper was when she told me how she loves it when Sam says “And they’re on their feet at the Garden!!” because she knows something good or exciting is going on. I hope Sam NEVER leaves.

  12. your boy Malik on

    Hey Dubie Rules….must you rain on the Rosen parade? The guy is great – love the “it’s a power play goal” call……Congrats to Sam Rosen!

  13. I grew up with Sam and JD. They are pure class. I’m so happy for Sam!! I hope it’ll be soon enough and we can hear, “CHEREPANOV!! IT’S A POWER PLAY GOAL!”

  14. Congratulations, Sam! Well deserved. Wish I could have “It’s a power play goal” as my ringtone…

  15. “I’m sure a lot of people are already counting the days until they can hear the next, “It’s a power play goal!””

    Yeah, I definitely didn’t get my fill last season with how abysmal the PP was. Here’s hoping he can even remember the phrase next season.

  16. If I would take anything Rangers as my ringtone, it would definitely be the goal song.

    the phrase “It’s a power-play goal!” could be for like a text message or something.

  17. Sam is great, no question there at all.
    “Ol’ baseball cap hair.”

    That said, I hope at the very least Straks is smart enough to sign over there. I love that guy and think he can still compete but I really think he will be happier over there, and I would hate to see him deteriorate over another year here and witness the fans potentially turn on him.

    While Jagr’s motivation and remaining skills leaves so many questions in the air for many, there is no question Straka leaves everything he’s got on the ice, every shift….and I do think at this point in his career, he owes it to himself to play his years out as a star in his hometown rather than kill himself to play 3rd line in NYC where no one really cares.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dubie Rules, you’re such an idiot.
    Don’t point out the truth, don’t EVER do that!!
    Sam’s the best, none better (senility and all). Drury’s awesome. Hank sucks and is overpaid. Jagr needs to sign a 20 year deal, PRONTO (Hello, Sather??!). Rozsival is the best defensman in the NHL, behind the oft-underrated Gonchar. And Renney has never done anything good in his career, ever!

    Those are the only opinions we want to hear around here, got it? Good!

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