I’m very disappointed in you, Tiger


I usually admire Tiger Woods because he’s a pretty good golfer and his wife is, um, nice.

But after hearing him “rip on hockey”:http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2008/06/03/tiger-woods-doesnt-watch-hockey/, it’s like I don’t even know him anymore.

Understand that I’ve written about golf longer than I have hockey, but I was a hockey player long before I even knew what a 3-iron was. I don’t know what to do: reject that exclusive interview he wants to give me, no longer invite him to the Weinman family barbecue. I’m not sure. It’s all too raw right now.

In other news, congrats to the Red Wings on winning the Stanley Cup. Welcome to the off-season along with everyone else. We’ve been waiting for you.

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  1. Yeah, as I said before..game 6 drew twice as much as it did in 06…so the heck (this is a family site LOL) with what Tiger said.

    Hey True Fans….I know there’s always speculation and it’s a valid point to worry about Cherepanov AND this is the NY Rangers where NOTHING comes easy and we have to go through 5x as much junk as any fans (except maybe the Mets) but why wouldn’t he come here?

    There’s already a few Russians in Tyutin and Anisimov, and he has the chance to become a legend in New York. Think about it…every freaking “doesn’t care about hockey eh the Yankees lost what-r-u-gonna-do Mike and the Mad Dog listening?” NYer knows who “Yaromeeaaar Yahga” is and the fact that he’s ticketed as “the next Pavel Bure” (I know, I know, but the press hypes him up) only adds to his mystique. Plus there is no team in the NHL better to Russians that the Rangers and Brighton Beach is a few subway stops away.

    Also, Sather and Anotoli Bardin have a business relationship going so if Bardin gets Jagr, I don’t think he’s gonna screw the Rangers.

    Have faith brutha. :)

  2. Tiger Woods is a moron. Hockey is ten thousand times better than golf. Maybe he should strap on some skates and see how he does in a real sort.

    As for Cherponev why did I think when the Rangers drafted him they had already talked to his team/agent to be sure they could get him? Weren’t those concerns why he feel so far in the draft?

  3. There are lots of 70 year-olds who can play golf. Not many 30 year-olds can play hockey (well). Take that El Tigre.

  4. The Rangers had not made the playoffs for 7 straight years prior to 2006. Where are our Malkins, or Crosby’s, or Semin’s , or Ranger, or Kopitar, or Orpick, or, Malone or ……….

    We suck at drafting impact players. Lets get that fixed ASAP!

  5. Clive Diggs on

    Tiger should go buy a Uroclub for his next tourney, then watch golf ratings plummet…Sam could then spend more time on hockey.

  6. Mark n' Miami on

    I heard Milbury ripped him a new one, and rightfully so. A guy who’s visiting a city who just won a Stanely Cup is dumping on them? No class whatsoever. I have lost respect for the guy.

  7. Wow what a d bag. It doesn’t bother me if he isn’t a big hockey fan but does he have to come off like such a arrogant s.o.b.? He plays golf for goodness sakes not exactly the most exciting thing in the world. Well from now on I am going to root against Tiger. He has lost my respect.

  8. tiger woods isnt even a real athlete….the jackass he is

    big deal he is good at golf

    that is like being a great at horseshoes, darts or on a pool table

  9. Uhh..JohnM the Rangers are getting better at drafting. Crosby/Malkin/etc. were #1 overall picks. How about Dubinsky/Staal/Dawes/Callahan/Lundquvist/Tyutin/Prucha/Korpokoski/Girardi(free agent) and yes even Hollweg. What was the last time the Rangers had these many home grown players in a lineup? Back in the days when Ron Duguay was doing Sasson adds.

    Anisimov/Dupont/Byers should get cracks next year, if Alex Bouret pans out, Potter keeps making progress, Sauer can stay healthy, and let Bobby Sags get his first real pro year of hockey. and let them get Cherepanov over here this year…that’s pretty darn solid.

    Sather had to rebuild the entire scouting pool, and even though they haven’t hit a grand slam, they’ve done a pretty good job since 04.

  10. Well…let them get Cherepanov over this year for training camp and next year for real :)

  11. As an avid golfer and hockey player I can honestly say it’s a lot easier to play hockey than it is to play golf.

  12. hey now. I think it takes real talent and skill to play darts and pool, especially when you’ve been drinking. don’t trash them by comparing them to golf.

    the only skill involved in golf is the cameramen that have to follow that tiny white ball against the sky on long drives.

  13. JohnM, just because we missed the playoffs doesn’t mean we were getting high picks. The pens and caps were bottom of the barrel while we hung around 10th or 11th place. We were bad, but not bad enough. Our kids are pretty good although we have no future stars/gamebreakers. But as Detroit has proved, those guys aren’t always in the 1st couple of picks in the 1st round.

  14. Broadway Blue on

    Re: Cherepanov- I was at last year’s draft & happened to be staying in the same hotel as Cherepanov & his entourage. His North American agent is Jay Grossman, who was/is Brian Leetch’s agent. Grossman told us that Cherepanov had an “out” in his contract to leave Omsk after 1 year. The “out” seemed to be handshake deal with Omsk’s then management. Unfortunately for all NYR fans, Omsk’s management changed during the year & it remains to be seen whether he’ll be coming this year.
    Sam, Josh- will you be attending this year’s draft in Ottawa?

  15. Anybody see the pics of NYR # 1 draft picks on the Rangers site? Some of those faces made me cringe. The best drafting period was in the 70’s with Vickers, Middleton, Maloney, Murdoch and Duguay all impact Rangers.

  16. Jeever…if you think golf is that easy then you probably have never picked up a club.

  17. WHO CARES ABOUT TIGER. I’d rather watch Tennis than Golf, alot more action.
    Anyway, a few more weeks until the NHL Draft, then comes the FREE AGENT SIGNINGS.

  18. “Tiger”, please. If I wanted to watch grass grow I’d become a gardener.

    Funny. He plays a sport where a 150 lb overweight drunk like John Daily can beat him.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Golf? Who watches golf? Why would I want to see old fat guys walk aimlessly through long grass when I can throw on Happy Gilmore and watch a real golfer get it done!! Yah!

    LI Joe, June 5th, 2008 at 4:48 pm, wrote:
    is [Drury] overpaid I think so. how much time will tell. we have others who are pretty significantly overpaid as well. Including our goaltender, Tyutin, Shanny certainly was including some of his bonus carrying over.

    Umm, Lundqvist has made about $6.7million for 3 years,TOTAL, all three where he was nominated for the Vezina! That’s about $2.2million per year. Over-paid? I think not. He’s now got a monster contract but the season hasn’t even started and if you’re criticizing him for a season he’s yet to play, then you’re a hypocrite because that’s your basis for why we should not criticize Drury (‘give him some time to prove himself’). Guess what Joe, Hank’s proven alot more than Drury so far.

  20. I think it’s funny that we all think the NHL is being run by a bunch of idiots who have hurt and marginalized the sport and when Tiger Woods essentially says the same thing, we slam him. We bitch and moan about the NHL’s TV deal, but when an incredibly popular and powerful athlete/icon expresses our point, we get angry with him and not with Bettman. What we should be doing is sending the quote to Gary Bettman as the ultimate expression of his failure as commissioner.

  21. Broadway Blue on

    While there can be little argument the Rangers draft history has been less than stellar, they have also experienced some extremely bad luck- with the most recent example being Dan Blackburn. If you remember, Blackburn made the team as an 18 year old. What NYR should have done was to send back to Kootenay, but he stayed & played well. Fast forward a couple of years & Blackburn is forced to retire due to a nerve injury from lifting weights. By all accounts, Blackburn had unlimited potential & if not for the injury would probably be the Rangers #1 goalie at this time. No disrespect to The King, who is my favorite current Ranger, but he would have a fight on his hands with Blackburn. The other recent washout due to a devastating injury was to the #1 pick in I believe, 1987, Stefan Chernesky. A pure goal scorer with a good hockey “head”, Chernesky was the last player cut & sent to Hartford. He suffered what turned out to be a career ending injury on a freak play when his knee guard shifted just before he was taken into boards & suffered a shattered kneecap. Add these freak injuries to the likes of Manny Malhotra, Pavel Brendl, Jaime Lundmark, Jeff Brown & Hugh Jessiman & NYR’s #1 draft history is awful. But, the times they are a changin’ with the likes of Marc Staal, Bobby Sanguinetti & Alexei Cherepanov. Though it would be a stretch, I think going for Jared Staal in the 1st round wouldn’t be bad idea. He’s already big & based & with his gene pool, will probably get a lot better. With 2 of the Staals already here & free agency in place, maybe all 4 would want to play together. A prospect who looks promising is John Carlson, a defenseman from New Jersey who could be around when the Rangers pick at #20. Gordie Clark & his scouts have done a good job recently, no reason why such will not continue.

  22. Sam, you should take that 3-iron and whack Tiger in his healthy knee. I’ve always hated him and this just gave me more reason to hate him.

  23. reginald dunlop on

    Who the hell listens to him anyway, he is all fluff and no stuff………if he is so good, where are all his championships……he should be called kitty or even pussy woods……..not tiger

  24. mike – you had a good point until you named Hollweg should havequit whilw you were ahead.

    john m – can’t include guys like Malkin and Crosby they were no brainers and went by number 2 in draft

    rw & b – I was talking about henrik’s new contract. Look at what Detroit got out of Osgood at far less money. Henrik when he’s on is very very good. He’s not always on. still can get beat up top quite a bit. Of course I want him to do well. As you said time will tell but I do think he’s quite a bit overpaid. I also think Drury’s overpaid. Unlike some people (not you but someone who posts a lot here and is an arrogant a**) I’m not going to harp about drury’s contract hoping I’m right so I can say I told you so.

  25. Literally, yes. Figuratively, not yet ;)

    I’ll tell ya somethin else. It’s been real nice to get away from hockey for a little while. I mean, I watched bits and pieces of games 2-4, all of 5 and 6 of the finals, and it was cool. But the time spent away from digging for anything ‘rangers’ was beneficial to me I think.

    I’m glad I haven’t been part of picking apart each guy on the roster over the last few weeks. It’s a looong summer.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joe, then we can agree on many points. I do think Drury works hard and is a good example for youngs guys on the team (solid 2-way player). But his contract is the fault of Sather and now some of us expect him to perform better than his potential, OR, we’ll complain about how it’s wasted money better spent on real talent. I don’t think the other guys wrong, I agree with him actually. But there’s nothing you, he, myself, or even Chris Drury can really do. Sather signed away a big chunk of change and we have to live with it.

    Osgood was a washed up goalie until Hasek proved he’s washed up too. LOL. Nothing against Osgood, but he played on the best team in the NHL. If Hank played on the Red Wings, the Wings may have only needed 18 games all playoffs…if not 17 or 16 to get the job done.

    Hank’s better than he’s given credit for because although he faces 25-28 shots a night (average) 8-12 of those are breakaways or odd-man rushes. Hank IS, however, lucky the Rangers PK is solid – – led by Bettsy and Drury.

    If Hank gets nominated for the Vez every-year and has this 20-25 game hiccup each year, that still puts him in the best 10 goalies in the league. I think, with age, he’ll figure out why he loses focus during those stretches (when his GAA goes towards 3.00 and SV% down to the .9’s) and he’ll continue to be one of the best 3-5 goalies in the league. As you said, time will tell.

  27. speaking of the previous drafts, we made a smart move drafting marc savard.

    We made an awful move trading marc savard. And I said that when the deal happened and obviously still do since he turned out to be an elite assist man.

  28. MikeA

    A whole lotta ifs in your statement. There are quite a few 3d and 4th stringers for sure. I use Malkin and Crosby names because we have NEVER picked that well. Except for Leetch in 20 years!! Thats just absurd when you think of all the draft picks the Rangers have had in 20 years.

    I like to think the Rangers scouting staff was heading in the right direction when they were drafting Swedish talent overseas. But somehow, that turned to Eastern Europe. Don’t know why. It just did. As far as North American draftees, the Rangers , as you can see by your list, have been horrible in general. Correct to point out Blackburn, Stall, and Dubinski . ButI am not sold on Sanguinetti .

  29. here is a lst of Ranger draft picks that somehow made an impact in the NHL on winning as far as I can remember.

    Leetch, Richter, Granato, Samuelson, Middleton, Park, Kovelev, Dahlen,Beezer.

    I may have missed someone.

  30. Rick, My dad loves golf but your point about golf being hard doesnt mean it takes an athlete to play golf. Chess is hard. Chinese math is hard. It doesnt make them sports. My mom who has never been an athlete in her life took up golf in her 60’s. How many pro hockey players do you see with guts like John Daly? Golf is not a sport in many peoples minds. There have been large debates and articles about that for a long time. Even ESPN has had some discussions on it. They said afterwards that they are Entertainment and sports not just sports. Golf is a sport as much as poker is a sport.

  31. By the way when was the last time Tiger had 18,000-40,000 fans cheering him in person like some hockey games not on TV?

    You think anyone cares about the golf olympics?

  32. Broadway Blue on

    John M- Re: Bobby Sanguinetti- from the offensive perspective, he’s NHL ready now. His shot is a cannon. I have friends in Canada who’ve seen him play & concur with his offensive game being NHL callber. He probably does need a year in Hartford to get used to the professional game’s physical aspect. What a lot of people are unaware of is his physical “problem”. He still has not completely gotten over a problem from birth affecting his right side. I read he still is unable tom fully rotate his right arm. He does everything lefthand except shot the puck, & again, his shot is major league. He definitely has the size & his physical game is progressing. Expect him to be the power play quarterback for many years.

  33. I’d like to see Glen Sather extend an open invitation to Mr. Woods to attend Rangers’ training camp. Sather could even include a “no-contact” promise in his invitation. Tiger wouldn’t be laughing at hockey after trying to play it!

    You know, all those golfers who play hockey in the off-season. They should get to try their hobby against the best;)!

  34. Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest athletes of this century, tried to play professional golf and couldn’t get past a 6 handicap while practicing religiously (not relying on his physical attributes). It is an incredibly difficult game (as is hockey). Mario Lemieux has played both games at the highest level and he has called golf the harder of the 2 sports.

    But I agree with the F Tiger attitude. He of all people should not demean a sport’s audience. I think people take what he says way too seriously making the foreshadowing that his father is famous for possibly coming true. His father had stated that Tiger would become bigger than Jesus one day. So I guess when Jesus starts to rag on Hockey from the Sermon on the Bunker, people listen.

  35. OK so golf is hard. it takes talent to whack a little ball 400 yards into a little cup in the ground. doesn’t mean its a sport, exciting, or fun to watch.

    I could come up with a sport that you have to pick your nose and flick it through a moving tire swing. Sure its hard, doesn’t make it impressive.

    In the meantime, let’s see Tiger drop a 300 yard drive with a 190 pound maniac bearing down on him, and a whole crowd screaming the whole time.

  36. Jeever,

    It may not be a contact sport, the one that you may know, but golf and hockey have remarkable similarities, hence, the reason why so many hockey players turn into great golfers i.e. Alxei Kovalov. Both sports take power and soft hands and obviously (to me at least having played both sports), the motion of swinging is not as dissimilar as you may think.

    When you get older you’ll love it (especially when you cannot play hockey anymore)

  37. and I would love to see Tiger try to hit his 300 yard drive while being checked by a 240 pound Minor League Saskatooner who sells donoughts at mile 40 marker in the summer

  38. I understand golf takes skill and effort and all that… But the idea that somebody who golfs is going to trash an entire league, with players MUCH more dedicated is insulting. Hasn’t he missed majors because of fatigue? Imagine a hockey player saying during the playoffs “I’m too tired to play tonight coach, I’m gonna take a week off and go to Maui with the wife”.

    The same way golfers on this board are saying don’t trash golf just cause you don’t know it, that’s EXACTLY what Tiger shouldn’t have done.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I like the examples somebody else used, and to add to that. Golf is hard, but so is Calculus, Minesweeper (the game), and filling up your gas tank at $4.20 a gallon…doesn’t make them sports, all that entertaining, or a reason to bash a sport where players shoot rockets at 100MPH at a man who stands in the way, INTENTIONALLY!!!

    Golf is nice and all, but it’s usually for guys who can’t physically handle REAL sports (e.g. Old fat guys).

  40. if TFBR can play pile-on so can I… for the people that say the 2 sports are similar and stuff… You see hockey players playing golf to relax. you don’t see golf players strapping on pads and playing D to relax. that’s like saying I drive a car, so I’m gonna trash Indy car racers.

  41. Thanks Jeever, as a race car driver myself, I appreciate you seeing how moronic somebody is who thinks that anybody who drives can be a racer.

  42. Golf may not be easy, but it sure does not require the same level of athleticism as hockey.

    – Athleticism
    – Toughness
    – Endurance
    – Focus
    – Hand Eye speed
    – Anticipation

    – Focus
    – Muscle memory
    – Depth perception
    – Athleticism (low-levels)

    Not even a debate. Sorry Rob L. but you probably suck at hockey. Being able to stand on two skates and shoot a puck doesn’t make you a hockey player — same as if I went to the course and shot a 130, it doesn’t make me a golfer.

  43. “He plays a sport where a 150 lb overweight”


    you guys are saying it well above, but of course I need to chime in that *golf is a game, not a sport by any means*. Above all else, I consider a sport a competition where you can physically defend. Fuck Tiger and those teeth. I have always hated the guy for a variety of reasons, this is just one more. I enjoy a bit of golf here and there but I’m well aware of how gheigh it really is and the fact that a 75 year old man can be a decent golfer says it all. Whoever said it was in the same category as darts and shooting pool was DEAD on.

  44. From the times and I agree with it 100%

    In the Red Wings, a Lesson for the Rangers

    By Lynn Zinser

    Watching the Red Wings drive through the playoffs drove home a point for me. They are the perfect example of a franchise that is built on a philosophy. They decided years ago how they want to play and hired people skilled at finding players who fit an archetype. They are dedicated to being a puck possession team, one that plays a solid and cohesive brand of defense and for the most part ignores the hue and cry for thuggery.

    You can argue with the philosophy and whether you would like to see another style, but the point is, the Red Wings stick to it and have built an amazing team based on it. A lot of people tried to sum up the Red Wings as a collection of talent. But so many of those players were low-round draft picks and unknowns unearthed by good scouting. Unlike the Penguins, they are not stocked with first-round draft picks. They are stocked with players that fit.

    The Rangers, in contrast, have done seemingly the opposite in picking their players in recent years. Instead of dedicating themselves to a guiding philosophy, they have been working on the “take the best player available” model ,and while they have collected a lot of talent, the talent has not fit. There is a serious disconnect between Tom Renney’s coaching philosophy and the team’s player-gathering philosophy. That was their biggest problem this season.

    It is the difference between going to the grocery store with a list of ingredients for a recipe and wandering around in the store looking for things that look good. The Red Wings are tinkering with a gourmet recipe and the Rangers gravitate to things that look yummy. Lots of yummy things mixed together do not necessarily taste good.

    Two years ago, the Rangers signed forwards Matt Cullen, Adam Hall and defenseman Aaron Ward in the offseason. A season later, they had traded all three. None of them turned into new players when they arrived. They were the same players they had always been. But they never fit in.

    Last summer, the Rangers grabbed the best two free agents available, centers Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. They signed them because they could. The Rangers’ goal had been to strengthen themselves up the middle. And while both are excellent players, neither ended up being the No. 1 center for Jaromir Jagr and the Rangers were still casting about late in the season trying to find the right combinations.

    There was no overriding scheme that brought these players together. The Rangers threw them together and hoped that it worked. If measured by the goal of getting far in the playoffs, it did not.

    It is fashionable every year for teams to fall in love with the style of the Stanley Cup champions. Last year, everyone dreamed big and fast and pugnacious when Anaheim won. Now, let’s see how many obscure Swedes get picked in the draft. But the key to success is not necessarily what style a team picks, but its ability to stick to it and build accordingly.

    The best recipes do not change much over time.

  45. Right Salt,

    You probably have never broke 100 in your life. Golf is by far the easiest looking sport for sure. All of the posters, I guaratee you, who have chimed in and have called golf a non-sport, have either played drunk golf or never broken 100. I guess Tennis isn’t a sport also since no one is shooting something at you 100 MPH.

  46. Hey Sam,

    Now the interesting part starts with the draft and free agency only weeks away. Is there any chance that the Rangers trade up to move within the top 10 in the draft? This is suppossed to be a pretty solid draft, so maybe it is worth the move.

    They could use a goalie of the future since Montoya is gone and LaFleur had a miserable season last year. I don’t think Leveneau who they got from Phx in the Montoya deal is salvagable – at least anything more than being an AHL goalie.

    I think we are solid at center with Drury and Gomez locked up for year to come, Dubinsky in the fold and Anisimov on the way, let alone Betts still in the mix for a year or two when his contract ends. If they don’t go for a goalie – my pick is Chet Pikard from the Tri-City Americans – they should get a winger.

    I think they may go for a winger regardless since that is where they have immediate need and need in their system. Outside of Cherapanov (and who knows when he will actually play in North America given the lack of a transfer agreements with the Russians and they fact they are throwing money around like it is going out of style) the Rangers have no scoring threats or snipers in their system.

    With Jagr, Shanny, and Straka either gone this year or next and their offensive numbers dwindling, the Rangers lack scoring up front on the flanks. With a slim free agent market this off season there will be lots of competition and lots of overpayment for available scoring wingers.

    Hossa is the only sure-fire sniper. I would love to have him on the Rangers playing with Gomez up front but I dont think the Rangers will land him. Outside of that there is a huge dropoff with Ryan Malone, Michael Ryder and others as the next tier of free agent wingers. Besides that, the better UFA wingers are all on the downside of their careers such as Markus Naslund and Joe Sakic.

    However, if Shanny and Jagr do not come back, it may be worthwhile to sign a similar player to a 1 or 2 yr deal to still have a veteran presence – my bet would be to sign Brian Rolston who is 34 yrs old, still productive, an EXCELLENT penalty killer and can stil provide some scoring. He would look great on the 2nd line as Drury’s winger.

    What are your thoughts Dubi and other readers?

    Any thoughts on the draft and on any Rangers trades to move up? I think the Rangers should think about moving up if they can. Unless Renney is actually committed to giving Prucha some real playing time on one of the top 3 lines next season, they should see if he still has some value and include him in a trade to move up or get a scoring winger through a trade.


  47. Time to open the checkbooks and ready our offers for July 1st. Sather should let Jagr, Straka and Shanny walk. I would also let Roszival go as well.

    If this is the case, they should target BROOKS ORPIK and do whatever or how much ever it takes to sign him. We haven’t had a young, physical d-man since Buekeboom. We sorely need that presence and he has proved his worth in the playoffs, blocking shots, playing sound defense and making it tough on forwards with his grit and toughness.

    Aside from that, the Rangers will desperately need scoring wingers in the years to come and for now. Before the his playoff performance I was unsure if we should sign him, but he proved his worth as the Pens moved through the playoffs. In addition, it isn’t everyday that you get a consistent 40-50 goal scorer

  48. Nick did you watch the finals. getting good skating d of the Lidstrom, Rafalski type and fast 2 way forwards of the Zetterberg type should be the way to go in the draft.

  49. Zinsser is exactly right. The Rangers finally stopped picking up every big name UFA and developed a whole bunch of their own talent. Now they just have to pick a system and stick with it.

  50. LI Joe, I agree with you. I forgot to omit from my post our need for a puck-moving dman. I know Rafalski wanted to go and play for his hometown team, the Wings, last summer, but the Rangers should have made him a good offer. He is exactly what our defense needs in terms of offense.

    I agree that Sather needs to step up and get a real, true and tested PP QB/puck moving dman. Sather has tried to fill that need with a bunch of crappy players that he hopes may fill the need – see Ozolinsh and Backman. I am afraid he will try to get Pitkanen from the Oilers and we will have the same type of situation as we have with Backman – awful!

    Right as Malik leaves this summer, we get to enjoy his replacement – the mistake prone, defensively inept, not offensively good enough d-man – Christian Backman. Garden faithful, meet your new whipping boy for the 2008-2009 season.

    Maybe the Rangers should trade Prucha and some either current rostered players or system guys to try to get a real puck moving defenseman instead of going the UFA route. We need a sure bet. ANy chance we can pry McCabe from the Leafs??

    I am still cursing Neil Smith for trading away Sergei Zubov, who is still playing excellently on the PP, moving the puck and a extremely effective player in this league for the Stars. If only we kept him…

    Reason enought to have fired Smith!!

  51. You probably have never broke 100 in your life. Golf is by far the easiest looking sport for sure. All of the posters, I guaratee you, who have chimed in and have called golf a non-sport, have either played drunk golf or never broken 100. I guess Tennis isn’t a sport also since no one is shooting something at you 100 MPH.


    Show me where I said it was easy. Show me.

    Thats right, I didn’t say it was easy.

    With that said, eating broken lightbulbs isn’t easy either, but that doesn’t make it a sport just because its difficult. Get with the program.

  52. reginald dunlop on

    as for talent, yes savard is packed with it……but there is a reason why he has been traded so much….. the guy is a cancer in the room…. good deal getting rid of him…….addition by subraction as the old saying goes

  53. who have the rangers passed up on during previous drafts? who have the rangers had a chance to draft but passed up on?

  54. mox, if you look at the year that Hugh Jessiman was drafter by the Rangers in the first round, you would be amazed at all of the other players picked before and afterwards by other teams that are playing and contributing to ther NHL teams now. I believe I saw a quote saying Jessiman was the only one who has not seen an NHL game. Whoever made the decision to draft him with their pick that year should be fired. Maybe it was Maloney and if so, then good riddance!

    Should the Rangers just take the best person avilable with their #20 first round pick or should they draft based on filling a weakness? I fill your need, which for the Rangers is a goalie in their system with some potential. Montoya is gone now and Leveneau from Phx I think will be an AHLer for life. Lafleur, their goalie pick last season, has had an immensely miserable season – so I have no confidence in him.

    Besides a goalie, the Rangers could use another sniper to add some scoring to their wings – ala Cherepanov or at least what he is expected to be? They could also use a power forward, preferably a winger, since their forwards are on the small side and because I dont think Hugh JEssiman will ever wind up being that player, let alone get a sniff of the NHL in his career – what a bust!

    The Rangers could also use another defenseman. Staal, Girardi, and Tyutin are the core already with Sanguinetti on his way in hopefully a year at the most. Maybe they can draft a puck moving defenseman that they desperately need or a physical defensive defenseman.

    You thoughts everyone??

  55. Yet another classless, clue act by Tiger Woods. Someday, people will get past his talent and good looks and see the clueless jerk within.

  56. Apologies for my post. I hit send inadvertently–doubtless due to it being early in the morning, as well as the cold meds I am taking. I may be dumb, but not as dumb as I sound there.

  57. The important thing is to pick a system to play and pick players who can play that system. Doesn’t necessarily have to be the Detroit puck possession system, though that’s the prettiest to watch. Sather picks players regardless of the system they excel at, just getting available players no matter what system they play. The Jagr incompatibility with Drury or Gomez is a perfect example. If the Rangers want to build a dump and chase team, then get players who play that system.

    If the Detroit blueline was replaced by the Rangers blue line, their system would fall apart.

    Although I personally like the puck possession system the best, if the best dump and chase team out there played the best puck possession team (currently the Red Wings), the team that plays their system the best would win.

    That article by Zinzer is the most intelligent hockey article I have read in ages from the NY Times. When Sather starts acquiring and developing players to fit a defined system, I might reconsider my opinion of him as a GM. His record of acquiring players and draft history was so bad before the lockout, that in comparison some consider him as doing a great job now. Improved yes, but is coming from the basement and still has many floors to go before reaching the top.

  58. I like puck possession over the dump and chase game but yeah the team that plays their system the best is gonna do well. So I second that idea of picking a system and draft accordingly.
    I think that at 20 they should fill their need rather than just pick the highest guy out there. If you do that you will still need to trade to fill the hole. (Although drafting at 20 whoever you draft will not be in the NHL next year so he won’t be the solution to the current problem- in that vain drafting the highest guy to trade is a good idea. . . hmm thinking out loud- I know I’m slow here). I still say draft what you need. Whoever is gonna fit your system if he isn’t the highest ranked so be it (unless their is a significant drop off between the talent available at 20 and where the guy you need falls. As for what the Rangers need the most. I say a solid defensemen who can move the puck. This is your PP QB type guy. While its true the offense needs to wake up I think if the defense is solidified and the offensive players don’t have to be so preoccupied with defense we will see their numbers rise. Just think the Rangers are less defensive minded then Devil teams in the past and I believe Scott Gomez put up career offensive numbers. I wouldn’t be to concerned about a goalie because Hank is there for years (the only concern is back up and I think Valli did a great job). So the Rangers could draft a goalie next year. I don’t know right now I ma focused on defense because that will allow Gomez and Drury and Dubi etc to focus more on offense.

  59. How do you all feel about the ice at MSG? I believe that you need to build a team to play in the building you play in. It’s a lot more true in baseball, but also in hockey. MSG has never had great ice, by far it’s better than the 80s, but if that’s the case then I’d say to build a dump and chase pummeling team. It’s always my dream to have the Rangers been nicknamed the NY Ogres and just beat the daylights out of the other teams D, have a power play where a guy is always parked in front of the net and bombs are taken from the point and work hard.

  60. If this is the case, they should target BROOKS ORPIK and do whatever or how much ever it takes to sign him. We haven’t had a young, physical d-man since Buekeboom. We sorely need that presence and he has proved his worth in the playoffs, blocking shots, playing sound defense and making it tough on forwards with his grit and toughness.


    We had Purinton but the game has passed him by. Beukeboom wasn’t too old when he got here but he had some miles. And please, Beuke was a horrible defenseman. I know everybody loved him for being a bruiser, which is what we need now, but he was good for a turnover every period and was constantly beaten to the puck.

    As we saw from last season, we’re not as close to the cup as we thought. Let’s not spend on FA and develope what we have and draft with a purpose.

  61. Dude, Beauke was great. He wasn’t perfect, and he frustrated me a lot, but after Matt Johnson punched him ,you realized how useful he was and the good outweighed the bad.

  62. absolutely not on drafting a goalie in 1st round. that is not the best way to build a team with Henrik already here unless you know you’re getting the next Roy

  63. We already got HL and both Valiquette (hope Rangers sign him) and Wikoman should provide good backup to HL. No to 1st round goalie pick.

    Sather needs to sit down with Renney to see what system they want to play. If they can’t agree, then Sather needs to dump Renney or step down and put Schoenfeld in there. He’ll definitely work a system and if Renney doesn’t buy it? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  64. Jeff Beukeboom was no great shakes defensively. We need someone with far more talent than that, even if they aren’t a bruiser or fan favorite.

  65. Dubie Rules on

    Quick Shifts…

    Sign Brooks Orpik, he’s young and mean and hits HARD, you can’t teach what he’s got.

    You draft the best player available, always, in every sport. 18 skaters and 2 goalies on a hockey team.

    Miika Wiikman had a great year in Hartford, so trading up specifically to draft a goalie makes no sense anyway. Well, that and the fact that Hank is um, good.

    Tiger’s wife is hot, I couldn’t care less what he has to say. I’m not going to trash his game/sport, 90% of the people I know say the same thing and ask why I watch hockey. I don’t care what they say, I know that I love hockey.

    I’d LOVE to see Renney go away with his smug smirk and boring system, but he’s not going anywhere because HE TOOK THEM TO THE PLAYOFFS OMG. Of course it had nothing to do with having Jagr and Lundqvist…

  66. Tiger eats his words again. He said no celebrity would break 100 and Tony romo and Justin Timberlake did just that.

    There are plenty of ex hockey players who reguarly shoot in the 80’s in golf but can Tiger strap on some skates and play a lick of hockey. He would get destroyed in the first 30 seconds and would have 0 chance of scoring a goal or an assist. They have blind guys that shoot hole in ones. They have 72 year old ladies that shoot hole in ones. Tiger plays a game not a sport. You match Tiger up against any hockey player in strength, speed, endurance, etc drills and his puny butt would get destroyed. Match him up vs a chess player and he might have a chance.

  67. How can anyone stand to go to a sport where you can’t cheer until after the play is over,and did you ever hear anyone boooooooo at a golf game (if ya wanna call it a game)
    The answer is no never.
    Whata waste of time to go watch this crap.
    Also if I’m going to go watch anything I”m not gonna go walking all over the frigin course,I want to sit in the stands and watch a game infront of me.
    tennis is at least a litter better but not much.
    If the networks stuffed hockey down everyones throats like they do with Baseball,golf(god awful boring) football whitch i love just as much as hockey,basketball. Our sport would have alot more fans.The networks want it to fail.

  68. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    Come On Sather I am hearing from the Friday’s blueshirt bulletin that Jag’s has not heard from Sather yet. How can that be??? I would hope that Sather and Renny have this figured out by now if they want Jags or not. I mean come on this decision hinges the entire season next year. Sathe rget off the golf coarse and let’s get BUSY.

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Get out of the woods and stay outta the bushes!

    I’m thinking there is in fact a plan and it does NOT hinge around Jagr. Makes sense, don’t it…?

  70. I say we give renney a chance without the old guys. If we get him the players he wants, his system should have a lot of success. I’m not a huge renney fan but I want to see him with a hardnosed grind it out team.

  71. I would love to see Slats lowball Jagr in a silent effort to send him booking a flight on Russian Airlines. Jagr’s heart is clearly not 100% in playing here. I don’t understand how you could possibly want that kind of character wearing your C. Maybe if we were a desperate, fledgling, expansion team looking any type of veteran leadership we could get.. I could see wanting to sign him. Buy we are an Original Six organization and there should be zero tolerance for Jagr’s on the fence stance of whether he wants to play here or not.

    Tell your story walking, centerfold chin.

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