Yankee Stadium out, Wrigley Field in


The latest, according to a report from Comcast SportsNet, says that “Wrigley Field and not Yankee Stadium will be the site of next year’s NHL outdoor extravaganza”:http://www.suntimes.com/sports/hockey/blackhawks/976961,CST-SPT-hawk29.article.

This also means the Rangers would be out of the picture and that Blackhawks and Red Wings would square off in the friendly confines.

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  1. It’d be unwise for the NHL let this opportunity slip through their fingers. What do you think would get more attention (and make more money), a game at Wrigley Field, or the last sporting event ever to be held at the old Yankee Stadium?

    Hmm, let’s see..

  2. no one in the yankees organization wants the last game ever to be played at yankee stadium to be a hockey game.

    yet, everyone acts like they didnt know this…

  3. I read this article over the past weekend in the Post,
    Rangers Game in Bronx on Thin Ice, saying that it’s issues with the city, and that in fact the Yankees do want this.

    It’s such a shame if they get this game.

  4. i dont get the whole “same market” thing.

    the interest in a detroit-chicago game (from the rest of the country) would be about the same for a NYR-NJD or NYR_NYI game, right?

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    No big deal, except that the Chicago venue should be Soldier Field, not Wrigley.

  6. Enough distractions for next year already……Open in Europe, worrying about mass defections of all euro players to the super liga while they are visiting! and oh yes…almost forgot…trying to go further than round 2……

    Plus…I’ll be back with Mapleleafs next year and make life miserable for that Avery charector in front of net

  7. What a shame about Bourdon, he had real potential to be a star in this league for a long time. I can’t imagine what his family is going through.

  8. Dubie Rules on

    For starters, they shouldn’t do an outdoor game at a baseball stadium, last time I checked, a hockey rink is shaped like a rectangle. Number two, doing a game at Wrigley would be even dumber considering it’s capacity is somewhere around 35,000.

    That being said, I would be thrilled about seeing to western conference rivals face off against each other because you might see an EXCITING game. The NHL probably watched some video of how BORING Rangers/Devils games were this year and they certainly don’t want one of their cellar teams to be featured in their marquis regular season event.

    Also, this team will be lucky to make the playoffs this year, there just isn’t enough talent. Tom Renney and Glen Sather still have jobs because some Swedish scout told them to “Take a chance” on this goalie with a twin brother named Joel in the 7th round of a draft.

  9. the game will be held at soldier field, not wrigley, or so thats what I hear. I can post a link later when I’m home.

  10. The Heterodox Economist on

    It saddens me that Shea is not even considered – not every Ranger fan is a Yankee fan now is it?

  11. Tony from AZ on

    Shea stadium doesn’t have the nostalgia that Yankees Stadium does. If any stadium will do then how about Giant Stadium. It holds about 73,000.

  12. onecupin67years on

    This out door venue is starting to get very old fast.
    A one or two time thing is great but the more teams that start to do it will become boring and expensive to promote.Just look at inter-league play in baseball.Even the mets /yanks is old.

  13. I’m bored with this outdoor stuff – its not like i can go, i live the other side of the ocean..!!

    Where’s all the good free agent rumours and the “I saw so-and-so in Banana Republic the other day and he said he was in negotiations to sign for” … stuff. I’m not going to lower myself to reading Eklund’s page – i want real rumours!

  14. onecupin67years on

    I doubt if they’ll even do Wrigley field.
    The cost and logistics are tremendous. You just can’t plop down an suitable ice surface anywhere. But I think the the NHL would rather have front running Detroit vs.Hawks ,rather than the lowly Islander V Rangers ,which would be good for NY but not for the league.The prime example was the Sabre V Pens game which really was the NHL promoting Crosby and Malkin .The league could care less who the pens were playing that day,it was ALL about the Pens. And I still feel that the draft with Crosby was fixed for the Pens because Mario was once the league’s hot star and was in danger of losing the Pens ,so Betman and company rigged the draft in favor of the Pens.

  15. Sam what is up with the money we now owe to Bobby Holik and Jed Ortmeyer? I saw something in the post I think about it. Will that money hit the cap?

  16. This will go down as the coolest thing that never happened. I wish they could please get it done. What a giant mistake to let this opportunity fall through the cracks over a couple million bucks.

    With that said… the league _should_ have a vested interest in showcasing Kane and Toews… but the Yankees stadium Ranger game closing is probably the coolest thing that will never come to fruition. That and signing Joe Sakic 10 years ago.

  17. There is a little buzz going around that Sundin could sign with the Rangers. I don’t really know how I feel about that. Sounds like a step in the wrong direction if you ask me. Any thoughts?

  18. I totally agree… This is a 1 time deal, I don’t think the Yankees would want their field all destroyed with an ice rink, when they’re going to play on it the next Spring. This is a one time thing, and they’re gonna blow it over a couple million…

    I STILL wonder what could have happened if we had Sakic. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

    I don’t see the Sundin thing AT ALL. We have 3 top line centers already, we need wings/D more than anything else.

  19. It was rumored that Sundin would center Jagr and give us a bigger body up front. Drury would be a wing with Gomez and Dubinsky to center Callahan and Dawes.

  20. Sundin and Jagr together? Maybe put Shanny on the other wing, and you could have the Old-timers line out there… Dubs, Dawes, and Cally would be the definition of an energy line.

  21. Well I don’t know how I feel about it at all. For one year maybe. Sundin centering Jagr and Prucha

    Drury Gomez signed free agent
    Avery/Prucha Sundin Jagr
    Dawes Dubinsky Callahan
    Korpi Betts Orr

  22. I know your line combo is 1/2 being hopeful, and not realistic… but the way I see rangers management doing it (not saying this is what I WANT, but what I could see happening).

    Betts-Sjostrom-FA/Hartford call-up

    With Shanny retiring and Avery not getting anything offered. I think Rangers would break the bank (4M-6M per year) on one of the top 3-4 D-men out there, and get a mid-range forward to put on the 2nd line.

  23. I think once the Jagr situation is settled, we will start to see more on the Avery situation and other signings.

  24. Sather picks people based off his emotions a lot. Jed (Ortmeyer) was a Ranger through and through, fan fave, worked his ASS off, great on the PK, but he fought for his bonus, and got shown the door. If Slats is tired of Avery for personal reasons, he wouldn’t even make him an offer. He’s an evil spiteful man.

  25. Sundin for 1 yr tops. better than long term for a forward like Hossa. We don’t have to spend to the cap if it screws us for the next several years.

  26. I think we should offer Washington any single player on the Rangers, a 1st round draft pick, and a bucket of cash for Ovechkin. Maybe we get lucky, they have a brainfart, and we hit the jackpot.

  27. Jeever:
    First off, THIS is the last season the Yanks are playing in the old stadium, so it wouldnt mess anything up for next year since they’ll be playing at the new one. And if they F*#k this up over a few million, which in Yankee and Ranger terms equates to about $1,000 for a normal person, then there dumber than I thought.

    As far as allt hsi Sundin Crap, it is in fact all CRAP.
    He gave an interviewe to Tsn.ca yesterday and said his first choice is returning to the LEafs, and only if they dont give him a fair offer, or none at all, will he entertain goign elswehre. He may not even play next year from what he said.
    And why would we want another center? Who would get shipped out in his place? Dubinsk? I dont think so.

    Nothing is goign to happen til the JAgr question is resolved, and after that, the signings SAther will be making will all be D men, or finishers for Gomez related.

  28. hey Mikey,

    That’s why I said this is a 1 time thing… If they don’t do it this year, THEN, each year after, we’d get shot down because they don’t want us ruining the field… If it doesn’t get done next season, it might never happen.

    They could do it on the Buffalo Bill’s field cause let’s face it, its the Buffalo Bills. They’re not playing in January.

  29. as gheigh as I think it would be…it is also kind of sad that there seems to be ZERO interest in doing it at Shea either…. kind of sad/funny/pathetic…

  30. Terrible news about Canuck kid Bourdon but classy move by NHL to have moment of silence for him tomorrow night

  31. reginald dunlop on

    Par for the course on the league missing the boat on the opportunity to have the last event at world renowned Yankee Stadium……….just comical………you have to do whatever it takes when it comes to getting this done….like a gm who is close to the cup trading prospects for a shot at the cup…..eg: amonte for noonan and matteau….. too bad the suits in the office don’t think the same way

  32. Please! No Sundin. No more old FA. When you realize that the Rangers weren’t as close to winning the cup as we all hoped, it makes sense to fully commit to the youth movement.

  33. Dubie Rules on

    Hey Onecup, I’ve had that same conspiracy theory about the convenience of a closed door lottery which the Penguins won when they happened to be the most publicly bankrupt team in the NHL. Pretty great how they had a stretch of draft picks that went something like this… 5, 1, 2, 1, 2. I’m not sure if anyone else saw the article, but tsn wrote about how the Wings and Pens built from within… Seems a bit strange don’t you think?

    PS the only reason we are in cap trouble is because Sather overpaid for average (Drury) and better than average (Gomez) players. You should have to make an allstar game before you get 7 mil per year contract… ahem, Drury, ahem, overrated.

  34. LOL @ Eklund suggesting that the rangers could make a move to draft stamkos

  35. onecupin67years on

    Hey Dubie , I don’t for a minute doubt the front office cheating doesn’t exist. I don’t think that the Pens scouts found all this talent on their own,I think the league and Bettman “Influenced” the Pens ,I mean a team on the brink of folding or moving gets a miracle to bail out Mario.
    I think Gretzky should get the same favor and might if his owners were “bankrupt”. It was strongly rumored that the Knicks were given Patrick Ewing in the NBA draft in the 80’s.
    Last week the Chicago Bulls won the lottery for the 1st pick,sounds like a Jordan redux to me. The Knicks and the Rangers don’t get the respect because : The league probably hates the Rangers,Knicks,The Dolans,all the cash and the big NY market.So I doubt if either NY team would ever get the 1st pick in the draft.When was the last time? You tell me.

  36. onecupin67years on

    Hey Dubie , I don’t for a minute doubt the front office cheating doesn’t exist. I don’t think that the Pens scouts found all this talent on their own,I think the league and Bettman “Influenced” the Pens ,I mean a team on the brink of folding or moving gets a miracle to bail out Mario.
    I think Gretzky should get the same favor and might if his owners were “bankrupt”. It was strongly rumored that the Knicks were given Patrick Ewing in the NBA draft in the 80’s.
    Last week the Chicago Bulls won the lottery for the 1st pick,sounds like a Jordan redux to me. The Knicks and the Rangers don’t get the respect because : The league probably hates the Rangers,Knicks,The Dolans,all the cash and the big NY market.So I doubt if either NY team would ever get the 1st pick in the draft.When was the last time? You tell me.

    I think the Islanders should be given the same break as the pens were given their franchise is wreck ,but its a NY team so the league has a EFF you attitude towards them as well.

  37. Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal and Fleury were 4 of the most well-known, talked-about, obvious draft picks ever. Enough with the conspiracy crap. I hate Bettman and I think the NHL is terribly managed, but there is no anti-Ranger agenda. The New York market is key to the NHL and anyone who thinks the league is against Blueshirt success is horribly misguided, young, or foolish. And the Rangers don’t get the number one pick because their fan base demands enough quality that they spend enough to stay mediocre — and therefore don’t get the number one pick.

    In my opinion.

  38. onecupin67years on

    Chris F. The pens got ALL the highly touted picks and the rights for the 1st pick.That ain’t strange?
    And ,what does the Ranger fan base have to do with the Rangers not ever getting the first pick,despite lottery draws? Nothing. And LEE Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin and flight 800 blew up on fuel fumes ,right.

  39. Onecup, the Pens got those picks because they sucked. Sucked.

    And the Rangers management has to maintain a decent team so they can continue to justify their expensive seats, etc. They are too valuable a franchise in too rich a market and with too demanding a fan base to ever be truly, truly bad for years, which is what it takes to have top 5 picks for years. If you can’t understand that, I don’t know what to say. Conspiracies are for idiots who’d rather believe a nearly impossible, complicated story than a disturbing, honest and simple truth.

  40. And all the highly touted picks? Yeah? Tell it to AO and his gajillion dollar contract in Washington.

  41. onecupin67years on

    Chris -the pens sucked Mario was losing His money and the franchise was dying-The NHL bailed him out

  42. Rather than the NHL, the Rangers have been their own worst enemies at times. Pitt was the worst NHL team for a while. Can anybody remember the last time NYR finished last in points? I can’t and I’ve been a fan since 1972. Let’s see what Glen “anybody can win with that payroll” Sather does this summer.

  43. I hope DET hoists the silver tonight. I’m looking forward to Sid Bitchious’s “deer in the headlights” look as the final minutes slip away…

  44. Anyone else get the feeling that if the Rd Wings win tonight the headlines tomorrow for NBC versus and the NHL will be “Peguins lose Stanley Cup” not “Red Wings Win”

  45. Speed Ranger on

    Jorek — or, the headline will be dretroit but the photo will be a despondent Sid. lol

  46. Dedication of Detroit Fans!

    sorry you have to copy and paste I couldn’t make it a link.

    By the way I think the NHL would be phenomenally stupid to not go ahead with the Yankee Stadium game! They wnt an exciting game make it a east vrs west game. They can have the Hawks to taught the young guys or the Wings play the Rangers. They are changing the schedule right to make it more balanced so why not? That should bring in a god tv audience. Thugh I am surprised they aren’t trying to get the Penguins in it again.

  47. I gotta laugh at the conspiracy against the rangers thing. Are certain occurances swayed against the NY market in all sports sure. But they know no matter what, the fans will show up. Either way we didnt deserve a top pick even when we missed the playoffs because we weren’t that bad in comparison with the bottom feeders.

    Also we aren’t getting a game because A) it will do nothing to grow the game since its well cultured here, and we have the game in Prague. Chicago is perfect since they have great young players and are trying to win back fans who turned away because or wurtz. The NHL has to look out for all 30 teams. As fans our opinions are swayed. If you were running a business like the NHL, I’m sure you would all think differently at this situation.

  48. hockeymanrangers # 2 on


  49. Speed Ranger on

    re: outdoor game, I have to imagine these games will be most successful where there is the best chance of SNOW. That makes Chicago a better choice.

  50. Will Zaborsky be a direct to HArtford signing or you think he’ll get a shot in training camp?

    Who else from Hartford has a REALISTIC shot at making the team in Sept? Korpikoski obvioulsy, but any other names we know? I know there are alot of UFA coming in a few weeks so, and Ansimov is already gone, I guess we will see.

    Just a new topic instead of the damn outdoor game.

  51. Speed Ranger on


    If up to each of you, who would you draft for the NYR? We have pick #21.

  52. re Zaborsky: I think most likely he’ll be playing in Hartford, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets called up at some point this year.

    and Anisimov is gone? Do you mean Baranka?

    re the draft: STAMKOS.

    oh, wait, do you mean realistically? I like Colten Teubert. Big, solid 2-way D-man. He’ll probably be snagged before we can get him, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  53. Sami Kapanen is retiring to Finland.

    This got me thinking. I know most of you don’t follow soccer, but in soccer, there are pancontinental club championships. The most famous of these is the UEFA (Europe’s governing soccer body) Champions League. I was thinking of a way to do this in hockey. First, I would shorten the regular season by contracting some of the teams. I’d lower the number of regular season games to 70 or so in the process. I’d take the top 4 NHL teams (based on their playoff performances), and the top 2 teams from Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Czech Republic, an the champion of the Austrian, English, French, and Italian leagues (based on whatever criterion their league values) and have them do a 16 team playoff (drawing done at random). The playoffs would be a home and home, with some combination of rules forming a unified rule system, or alternatively, home rules on home ice. The winner of the home and home series would be the team with the highest aggregate goals, just like in the Champions League. The tie breakers will be the same as well, with away goals being the highest tiebreaker, followed by overtime (non sudden death), followed by shootout. The most games any team can play is 8. If the NHL allowed the teams for 4 breaks of about 5 days to play those road games, they could easily go to Europe and come back without suffering too much damage in the regular season. Perhaps the league could also ease salary cap requirements for those games, allowing extra roster players to come up so that a team could choose to play its prospects and not play their full squads overseas. I figure they could get the tournament over by the middle of March, if they start during the preseason, and just have one game a month.

    I left Russia out because they haven’t signed the IIHF transfer agreement. But, were they to join, I would add their top 2 teams and subtract our 3rd and 4th to make the room.


  54. the hockey UEFA league would be great in an ideal world, but realistically would NEVER happen. contraction won’t ever happen. They wouldn’t drop the # of games that much (they’d lose too much revenue). Also, there’s the extra travel expenses for flying to Europe. It might be easier for soccer because they play less frequently, and traveling throughout Europe is like traveling around the States. They’re all so close together, it barely makes a difference (for most teams, I think there ARE some teams that are farther away).

    The only time we ever see real Int’l hockey is the Olympics, and that’ll get taken away soon enough…

  55. hockeymanRangers on

    AwESOME SAVE BY FLEURY. What is it with this game where did the defence go??? Crazy f_____ game. CRAZY

  56. hockeymanRangers on

    Fleury wants this game bad another nice save. End to end crazy stuff going down tonight.

  57. hockeymanRangers on

    Oops he let that go. You can’t let detroit set up at all on their power play. all they need is a second

  58. This has been one of the best periods I have seen in the playoffs this year. This series has given me everything I have asked for, except that it is ending too soon.

    Great hockey, and Congrats to Detroit (whom I am presuming will win this game) and Chris Osgood (whom I am presuming will win the Conn Smythe). You have to love Osgood as a story.

  59. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing NHL layers out of the Olympics originally it was for amateurs and in some sports they are militant about people not making being pros.

    Overtime! Wow what a game! Go Detroit!

  60. onecupin67years on

    Hey I wonder if because Detroit blew the game with 30 seconds left and having to play 3 almost 3 extra periods and being a lot older than the Pens ,will this game have a negative effect on the wings ? We know what happened to the Rangers when they blew the 3-0 lead.

  61. We know what happened to the Rangers when they blew the 3-0 lead.


    dude. you just mentioned the wings in the same sentence as the rangers. let that sink in.

    That said… things just got very interesting. The wings are no doubt going to have a bit of a hard time shaking off the fact that they were *30 seconds away from the Cup.*

    And then you have the whole Sykora calling his goal thing which is insane…

    I hope DET wins in PIT now and I get to see people cry.

    How funny was the booing last night though, after Sykora scored and the harsh reality set in on the DET fans that they missed the Cup by about 30 seconds….then hung around for almost another entire game only to see PIT send it back to the Igloo…. they just BOOED…so funny.

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